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by Scott Johnson  at PowerLine:

In “Robert Mueller would prefer not to” we took a look at Special Counsel Mueller’s reluctance to proceed with criminal case he has brought against Concord Management, one of the three Russian entities he has indicted. There I noted that Mueller appeared not to anticipate that any of the defendants would appear in court to defend against the charges. Rather, Mueller seems to have obtained the indictment to serve a public relations purpose, laying out the case for interference as understood by the government and lending a veneer of respectability to the Mueller Switch Project.

Concord Management appeared through counsel at the Reed Smith law firm before United States Magistrate Judge Michael Harvey to plead not guilty. Bloomberg provides a straightforward account of the hearing here. Reader Techno Fog posted highlights of the arraignment hearing transcript in a series of linked tweets that can be accessed by click.   View image on Twitter

Attorney Eric Dubelier speaks on behalf of Concord Management. Dubelier evinces a sardonic attitude to the case. When discussion turns to the question whether he represents Concord Catering (another charged Russian entity), Dubelier states: “I think we’re dealing with the government having indicted the proverbial ham sandwich. That company didn’t exist as a legal entity during the time period alleged by the government.”

Dubelier, however, is big about it. “If at some later time [the government] shows me that it did exist, we would probably represent them. But for the purpose of today, no, we do not.”

Dubelier in any event entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of Concord Management. We will be following this case as closely as possible.

NOTE:   Be sure to read the information from the prepositional phrase at the beginning of the above article!!…..In “Robert Mueller would prefer not to”



5 Responses

  1. “Muleface” Mueller indicts three Russian businesses without evidence of the crime (s) they are charged with. How could our ‘celebrated’ Special Counsel “Muleface”
    Mueller commit such a mistake?

    “Muleface” Mueller’s bluff was called out by one of the two lawyers representing the Russian company (Concord Management and Consulting LLC) indicted by Mueller, when asked by the judge if said Concord Management lawyer was representing a third company, Concord Catering, listed in Mueller’s indictment. “We are not arraigning them” responded the Concord Management lawyer, “And the reason for that, your Honor, is, I think we are dealing with a situation of the government having indicted the proverbial ham sandwich.” “That company didn’t exist as a legal entity during the time period alleged by the government.”

    It must have been an embarrassing moment for our ‘crackpot’ Special Counsel Mueller and his devious prosecutors to think they could, again, play our judicial system like they have done before. But this judge would not buy into the farce after Concord Management’s sharp lawyer exposed ‘Muleface’ Mueller and his team of legal buffoons by adding that “if at some later time the government shows them that it did exist, they would probably represent them; but for purposes of today, no, they did not.” The no-nonsense judge, well grounded in the law and legal processes, in his own way let ‘Muleface’ Mueller know that it was time to put up, or shut up! “Muleface” Mueller was not expecting the Russian company, Concord Management, coming to DC to refute the charges levied against them by Mueller and his band of hooligans.

    But the Russians are coming, have no doubt about that; the Siberian Bears are growling and “Muleface” Mueller has been caught in the woods with his pants down. These are not defenseless victims Mueller and his legal poachers can easily bag, like the poor fellow Mueller accused for five long years of being the “Anthrax Case” terrorist before he was exonerated and awarded a settlement for his long-suffering just like Jan Valjean at the mercy of the evil Inspector Javert in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables.

    The unrepentant egotist Mueller knew, in the case of the Anthrax Case, that the man he indicted was innocent, yet he had to convict the man to add another win as the toughest cop on the beat. And let us not forget Mueller’s disgraceful conviction of the four innocent men in the Whitey Bolger criminal investigation in Boston, MA. A sordid case involving a rogue FBI agent who was on Bolger’s payroll, who also was providing Mueller with false information on organized crime in MA. Two of the men died in prison before the charges were overturned. I’m told two remain in prison.

    Now, having ample evidence of Mueller’s historical shenanigans as a rogue prosecutor, isn’t it clear that Mueller’s bogus investigation of Trump colluding with the Russians to deny Hillary Clinton the presidency, followed by another attempt to investigate the President for presumably obstructing justice in the firing of the incompetent, corrupt ex-FBI director James Comey, have been devious attempts to overturn the President’s electoral victory? Neither collusion nor obstruction of justice have been proven after more than a year of Mueller’s costly investigations.

    I conclude by reiterating what I have said before, Mueller’s efforts are really to keep the light away from the dark political corridors of the Obama administration; which, so far, has been the most incompetent and corrupt eight years administration in the political history of our nation. For example, who can explain the $145,000,000 donation from the Russian company Rosatom to the Clinton Foundation after the sale of 20% of the US Uranium deposits to Rosatom, a deal approved by Barack Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the added $500,000 speaking fee to Bill Clinton for a speech to a cluster of Russian banking officials in Moscow?

    Add the $150B Barack Obama delivered to the Mullahs in Tehran on their promise to discontinue Iran’s efforts to fabricate nuclear weapons; a capricious deal the US Congress was never asked to review. To that let us add another $1.8B Obama paid to Tehran for the release of five American hostages. Whatever happened to Obama’s funding of the millions of shovel-ready jobs he promised to rebuild our country?

    And why was the Heinz Ketchup man, John Kerry, in Tehran undermining our President’s efforts to scrap the unwise Obama Iran Deal? I say it’s time to end “Muleface” Mueller’s investigation and time to replace the inept Jeff Sessions and his Deputy Rod Rosenstein at the DOJ. Our duly elected President needs to be free of the unwarranted strain posed by these bogus allegations if he is to clean up the mess left behind by the previous administration. We simply have had enough of the Machiavellian machinations aimed to impede our President from moving the country forward. Cjack May 16, 2018

  2. Robert Mueller the Pettyfogger; the government’s “Special Counsel” who employs dubious practices. Wow! Now we know, the rest of the story. We are not a Banana Republic, after all!

    • Cjack….Minnesota man, Banana Republic man, Keith Ellison sure sounds like a Banana Republic loon to me. Minneapolis will reelect him whether among the living or the dead. And then there is the state of Venezuelaism, and the once Golden State of California in Banana Republic free fall….the New York Times and the Washington Post, the American school and university, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and ABC Banana Republics. I eat a banana every day, but that Banana Republic world keeps increasing the size of its peel.
      How many bananas do you eat every day…..Do they relieve you of your American political despair? Just curious……
      I wonder how many bananas Our Donald devours every day. He’s the only guy I know of that makes Banana Republics shake even when he merely mentions their names. ghr

  3. Pettifogger Mueller. Great balls of fire!

  4. My dear Ghr, it’s good to hear from you. I hope you’re enjoying the spectacular rebirth of life in ‘New Scandinavia.’ Cjack.

    BTW, that super-anxious politico Keith ‘Minne-Loon’ Ellison should eat, at least, six (6) bananas a day to fix his mood disturbances. The potassium contained in bananas reduce anxiety and calm the mind. Congressman Ellison may be living in a world of dungeons and dragons.

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