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Kushner’s Speech in Jerusalem

Jared Kushner in Jerusalem: “Those Provoking Violence Are Part Of The Problem, Not Part Of The Solution”


Senior WH advisor Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were among the American delegation at a ceremony marking the embassy’s official opening, which happens to fall one day before the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the state of Israel.

Kushner spoke publicly for only the second time since he started work at the Trump White House, between Israeli President Rifkin and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“The United States stands with Israel because we both believe in freedom,” he said, and: “The United States is ready to support a peace agreement in every way that we can.”

“When there is peace in this region, we will look back upon this day and remember that the journey to peace started with a strong America recognizing the truth,” he said.

JARED KUSHNER: Thank you, Ambassador Friedman. You’ve really done a great job today and you’ve done a great job as an ambassador, but today’s really been spectacular. So thank you very much.


I’m so proud to be here today in Jerusalem, the eternal heart of the Jewish people.


And I am especially honored to be here today as a representative of the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.


I also want to thank Prime Minister Netanyahu and Sara for being with us here today to celebrate this historic occasion.

Thank you very much.


I’d like to ask all of the members of Congress who are here on the delegations to rise and be recognized.

Today would not be possible without your advocacy throughout the years.


Thank you, Deputy Secretary Sullivan, for leading our delegation, Secretary Mnuchin for your leadership and for your friendship.

And of course, Ivanka, thank you for all of the great work you do to help so many people in our country and throughout the world, including me. So I love you.


I also want to acknowledge Vice President Mike Pence for his tireless efforts to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship.(APPLAUSE)

KUSHNER: In December of last year, President Trump announced to the world that the United States would finally recognize the truth that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.


He also declared that we would soon move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And just five months later we are standing on these grounds.


While presidents before him have backed down from their pledge to move the American embassy once in office, this president delivered, because when President Trump makes a promise, he keeps it.


But today also demonstrates American leadership. By moving our embassy to Jerusalem, we have shown the world, once again, that the United States can be trusted. We stand with our friends and our allies. And above all else, we’ve shown that the United States of America will do what’s right, and so we have.


Israel’s a sovereign nation with the right to determine its own capital, the same right that is enjoyed by every other country in the world.

In taking this action, the United States has also chosen to strengthen the bond between our two countries. Our special bond is the envy of nations throughout the world. This bond is forged through shared history, sustained through shared interests, and immortalized through shared principles. KUSHNER: The United States stands with Israel because we both believe in freedom. We stand together because we both believe in human rights. We stand together because we believe democracy is worth defending. And the United States stands with Israel because we believe — we know that is the right thing to do.


When stand together for the principles and the values we share, we shine the light of justice unto the world.

Israel proves every day the boundless power of freedom. This land is the only land in the Middle East in which Jews, Muslims and Christians and people of all faiths participate and worship freely according to their beliefs.

Israel protects women’s rights, freedom of speech and the right of every individual to reach their God-given potential.

These are the same values that the United States cherishes. These are the values that bind us together.

These are also the values that made Israel one of the most vibrant nations in the world. This tiny population has spurred advancements in technology, medicine and agriculture, making the world a healthier, safer and more prosperous place. These are the blessings we hope Israel can one day share with its neighbors.

Last week, President Trump acknowledged another truth and kept another promise. He announced his intention to exit the dangerous, flawed and one-sided Iran deal.


Thank you.

Iran’s aggression threatens the many peace-loving citizens throughout the region and the entire world. From Israel to Jordan to Egypt to Saudi Arabia and beyond, many leaders are fighting to modernize their countries and create better lives for their people. In confronting common threats and in pursuit of common interests, previously unimaginable opportunities and alliances are emerging.

I am also proud to be here today as a member of the team that President Trump has entrusted to lead the efforts to bring peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. It has been an honor to work with our new secretary of state, Mike Pompeo…


… National Security Advisor John Bolton…


… our ambassador, David Friedman…


… and our special representative, Jason Greenblatt, who really does so much for U.S. (ph).

I also want to acknowledge Ambassador Nikki Haley, who really has created a new day for Israel at the U.N.


On December 6th, President Trump was very clear that his decision and today’s celebration do not reflect a departure from our strong commitment to lasting peace, a peace that overcomes the conflicts of the past in order to give our children a brighter and more boundless future.

As we have seen from the protests of the last month and even today, those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution.



The Jerusalem Business


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Today the U.S. opened our new embassy in Jerusalem. It is about time: for quite a few years, Congress has resolved that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, but one president after another has deferred recognizing that reality, deferring, apparently, to the international consensus that every country on Earth except Israel has the right to designate its capital. I wrote here:

The location of Israel’s capital is a question of fact, not opinion, and it is up to Israel. The Arabs may not like it, but Jerusalem is Israel’s capital: the Knesset is in Jerusalem, the Supreme Court is in Jerusalem, the Prime Minister’s office and official residence are in Jerusalem, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and most other government offices are in Jerusalem. To deny that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is as silly as denying that Paris is the capital of France.

All credit to President Trump for making good, once again, on his campaign promises. Prime Minister Netanyahu was almost giddy at today’s ceremony:

“What a glorious day,” Netanyahu told the crowd at the new embassy building in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Arnona. “Remember this moment, this is history. President Trump, by recognizing history, you have made history.”

“Today, the embassy of the most powerful country on earth, our friend and ally, the United States of America, opens in Jerusalem,” he exclaimed.

“We have no better friends in the world,” Netanyahu told the American guests.

Addressing Kushner and Ivanka Trump, he said, “Your presence here today is a testament to the importance of this occasion,” and thanked them for their “pursuit of peace.”

Ivanka standing next to the plaque on the embassy wall:

It was a great day, a festive day, a day when reality triumphed–at least for the moment–over the ugly cloud of anti-Semitism that insists Israel must not be treated like every other nation.

Hamas tried to mar the occasion by inciting some of its benighted followers to a suicidal charge against the Israeli border. Inevitably, some of them were killed. Death follows Hamas like a bad smell. But the terrorists’ futile gestures did nothing to diminish the historic events that took place in Jerusalem.

UPDATE: One more thing. Note that the plaque says, “Jerusalem, Israel.” Well, yeah. But that too is a step forward, when compared with Trump’s pusillanimous predecessor:

Earlier today, the White House released a transcript of President Obama’s remarks at the memorial service for Shimon Peres, which took place at the Mount Herzl cemetery in Jerusalem. Later, the White House sent out a “corrected” transcript that struck out the word “Israel” after “Jerusalem.”

Here is the Obama White House’s “correction.” The word “Israel” is struck out of the dateline:

Then there is the whole passport controversy, as our State Department refuses to recognize Jerusalem as a part of Israel. As in so many other areas, the swamp will resist the President as long as it can.

Comment by ghr:  I remember listening to  President Harry S. Truman announcement on radio in 1948  that our United States recognized  the state of Israel as a sovereign nation.   That was the beginning of  the Islamic wars to wipe the Jewish state off the map.   That side of  warriorhood  seems to be still at it….and then there is the Irani fascisti Islamists to whom that  American President with the Islamic name, Barack Hussein Obama donated billions of dollars of American tax money to develop their nuclear weapons to make the Jewish independent state of Israel disappear.
About 70% of the American Jewish population religiously votes leftist, that is Democrat ever since I was born…..almost feverishly during Obama time in Washington playing tootsie with the most obnoxious fascists in Near East.
 Adam B. Schiff, a Congress occupier from California is far, far  more devious and dishonest  than crooked Hillary every time he stars on television.
I followed today’s Jerusalem ceremony  on Fox Business this morning.   Conservative Prime Minister Netanyahu, my Israeli hero,  was overwhelmed with joy throughout the entire event……especially when referring to our American President, Donald Trump who made the home of our American Embassy in Jerusalem, the Jewish capital city finally a reality.