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Democrats Continue Their War Against President Trump and America

Democrats Disgrace Themselves Interrogating Trump’s CIA Nominee

by Elise Cooper  at  American Thinker:

“Anyone who watched the confirmation hearings of Gina Haspel should be astonished at the way most of the Democrats treated her.  KSM, the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks, and the Senate intelligence panel”s Democrats both agree that they are against the nomination of Gina Haspel to lead the CIA.  He has written a letter to them giving information about Haspel, who in 2002 was a chief of base at a black-site prison in Thailand, where detainees were subjected to enhanced interrogation.  Waterboarding was a big issue, but none thought to mention that it happened to only three terrorists.  Maybe the Democrats should call KSM as a witness, since they appear to be singing the same tune of Kumbaya.

At best, these Democrats were playing Monday-morning quarterback, but more likely, the takeaway is that they are politically correct, while appearing to sympathize with the terrorists.  New Mexico senator Martin Heinrich asked her, “Do you think that a transcript that says the detainees continued to scream has the same gravity, the same reality of an actual video?”

Is he kidding, or does he believe that Americans will ever feel sorry for these jihadist extremists who brutally killed 3,000 Americans?  This just shows how out of touch the Democrats are with reality.  Maybe Heinrich should think about the screams of those 3,000 people on 9-11 as they plunged to their deaths, were burned alive, or were dismembered.  After all, KSM said how his brothers would relentlessly continue their attacks: “[e]ventually America will expose her neck to us for slaughter.”

Democratic senators on the Intelligence Committee – Heinrich, Feinstein, Warner, Harris, and King – ignored the legality of the Rendition, Detention, and Interrogation programs by calling them immoral.  They had the attitude of Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who asked over five times if Haspel “believed the previous interrogation techniques were immoral” and Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.), who stated, “It is not enough that you have committed to the rule of law?” and called it “a get out of jail free card.”

They refuse to remember the fear of a ticking time bomb.  As Jose Rodriguez, Jr., the former director of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, previously told American Thinker, “to prevent a second wave of attacks, the detention and interrogation program was formulated.  We made sure that we vetted information.  Everything was based on legality, a training manual, strict procedures, and guidelines.  There were reports that bin Laden had met with Pakistani nuclear scientists, there were attempts to smuggle nuclear weapons into New York City, and al-Qaeda was trying to manufacture anthrax.  This program led to the disruption of terrorist plots that saved American lives.  It contributed to helping us learn more about al-Qaeda, including the best way to attack, thwart, and degrade it.”

The Democrats seem to be playing right into KSM’s hands, since they frame what the CIA did as morally wrong.  Maybe someone should point out to them that KSM considers responses like theirs “one of Allah’s gifts.”  “The long war for Islamic domination wasn’t going to be won in the streets with bombs and bullets and bloodshed, but would be won in the minds of the American people.”

Haspel was pressed by the Democrats to throw her fellow CIA peers under the bus.  Speaking of moral courage, it is so obvious she has it all over the Democrats.  She stuck to her beliefs, refused to play their political game, and should be admired for doing this.  Her response: “It was the CIA who identified and captured the mastermind of 9-11 [KSM] in a brilliant operation.  I am proud of our work during that time, which allowed us to defend this country and prevent another attack.”

She went on to say, “Under my leadership and watch, the CIA will not start the RDI program.  I support the higher moral standard that this country has decided to hold itself to.  I would never take the CIA back to an interrogation program.  We followed the law then; we follow the law today.  I support the law.  I would not put CIA officers at risk by asking them to undertake controversial field activities again.  The CIA has learned some tough lessons from that experience.”

Former CIA director Michael Hayden previously noted that he was afraid that congressional actions would create a risk-averse environment.  He stated in an earlier interview, “This organization is in a lose-lose situation.  The curse of American intelligence officers is that we are criticized for not doing enough when the nation feels endangered and are criticized for doing too much when everybody feels safe again.”

Senator Jack Reed (D-R.I.) had the audacity to compare a CIA officer to a terrorist when asking, “If one of your operation officers was captured and subjected to waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques, would you consider that to be moral and good tradecraft?”

Really!  These bona fide American heroes, among whom Gina Haspel is included, men and women who serve in the intelligence agency, never get the heroic welcome or thanks they so rightly deserve for the risks they take.  Their names will never be known, and they will never receive the public gratitude so many others get.  There are no parades for these quiet professionals.  Maybe Senator Reed should be reminded that the first person to die in battle, defending this country, right after 9-11 was Mike Spann, a CIA paramilitary officer, who was beaten to death by the Islamic extremists in Afghanistan as they screamed “Allah akbar.”  Note to the senator: Waterboarding would be the least of the CIA’s problems, considering that the terrorists enjoy beheading people.

Gina Haspel was put through the ringer, while in 2013 many of these same Democrats had a love-fest with John Brennan during his confirmation hearing. Surprisingly, even some Republicans voted for him, including Arizona senators John McCain and Jeff Flake.  Even though he was the fourth person in charge at the agency during those turbulent times, never was Brennan asked about his role, or why more information was not de-classified.  In fact, Senator Heinrich agreed with Brennan – “I would just say I agree with you that sources and methods, and many of the operational details, absolutely should never be declassified” – while denouncing Haspel for not declassifying.  Senator Warner described Brennan’s dedication, selflessness, intelligence, and patriotism but did not use those terms of endearment for Haspel.

Americans should feel anger and frustration toward the Democrats who are obviously hypocrites for disparaging a patriot such as Gina Haspel.  She has made sacrifices, put herself in harm’s way, and faithfully served her country.  Why?  To protect her fellow citizens.

Although Michael Hayden did not make this statement about the current Senate Democrats and the confirmation of Gina Haspel, it is applicable today.  “It feels like September 11th never took place, that Americans are living in the bubble of September 10th, 2001.  Americans need to wake up and not forgot the real dangers under which we are living.”

(Glenn’s note:  These Democrats ‘turned fascist’ were despicable distorting  their snotty faces and phony noises pretending this woman’s life service to her country made her unworthy of CIA leadership because she was honest enough not to join these lying leftists in concocting their sudden disdain for water boarding.

I was one of the proud watching the Dianne Feinstein and friends display their leftist vulgarities every moment of their turn to belch fascistic disdain against Donald Trump’s administration by attacking one of the most admirable candidates ever selected for American public service leadership in Washington, Gina Haspel……what a credit to the ideal American public servant class this candidate displayed reeking with earned honesty,  confidence, service, and devotion to duty!)



Lefty Loonies Love Minnesota

AFTER ALL…..THE LOON IS GOOPHERLAND’S STATE BIRD!    Thank you Paul Wellstone!   Keith Ellison!

Deep Thoughts From Minnesota Dem: Why’d We Bother With Independence Anyway?

Old and busted: Make America Great Again! New hotness, Minnesota Democrat-style: Make America British Again! Richard Painter, a former Bush administration ethics officer turned Democratic Senate candidate in Minnesota, has made opposition to Donald Trump his singular focus of his campaign. Painter’s so disgusted by Trump, and by the lack of socialized everything, that he wondered on Twitter why we’d bothered with independence from the United Kingdom at all.

Deeeeeeeeep thoughts, man:

  What was the point of the Revolution if subjects of the British Crown get single payer health care and university education at a fraction of what it costs us and we are stuck with a President guilty of treason, bribery and other crimes, and a Congress unwilling to  get rid of him?
A quick perusal of Painter’s Twitter feed indicates that Trump-doom is a consistent theme for the DFL hopeful, even if this goes farther into the weeds than most. His previous tweets in this series argues that not only should Democrats discuss impeachment as part of their 2018 electoral argument, they should positively embrace it — and include Mike Pence in it as well. “With few exceptions,” Painter intoned earlier, “the party label shows who supports Trump-Pence. But,” he adds, “the party label doesn’t show who is willing to do what is necessary to get rid of them.”

And yet, in the same thread, Painter laments the decision to seek out independence in 1776 based on the results in 2018.  Does he think that monarchies are more responsive to radical changes and voter dissatisfaction? My history may be a little rusty, but the colonies didn’t have any recourse to impeachment when it came to King George III, nor did the king have a term limit and regular elections. In fact, the colonies didn’t have representation at all in Parliament, a point which came up once or twice in the issue of independence.

Trump will be gone after eight years, maximum. Guess how long George III remained “in office”? Nearly sixty years.

To answer Painter’s extremely silly and hyperbolic question, the point of independence was self-governance. The reason why we have been resistant to government-run medicine and other forms of socialism is that same respect for self-governance. Painter may not like that outcome, but it’s quite understandable in context, and the virtue of self-governance rises above any policy outcomes or election choices. We live with our choices, but they are our choices. The fact that this has to be explained to a candidate for high office in the United States of America is nothing short of stunning.

No one expects all candidates for Congress to support the current administration; otherwise we wouldn’t need elections at all. But is it too much to ask that they support American independence?

Finally, let’s recall that Democrats are trying to run away from the impeachment question for very good reasons. Trump isn’t nearly as unpopular as they predicted, and thus far the Russia-collusion investigation hasn’t produced any evidence of criminal activity by Trump or in his campaign. The economy has picked up, and Trump’s foreign policy appears to have advanced American interests in some areas. If they turn the midterms into a referendum on impeachment, they’re likely to lose their best opportunity in a decade to take control of the House. And yet Painter not only wants to set up that referendum in Minnesota — where Trump came within two points of Hillary Clinton — but punish other Democrats who refuse to play along. Looks like it’ll be a fun primary here in Minnesota.