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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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CJack Reviews Zuckerberg’s FACEBOOK Police State Actions against American Conservatives!

—Facebook and the American Left vs. Free Speech in America—

Is it time to break up Facebook before it becomes the surreptitious arm of the DNC’s single-party police state? Is it time to revisit the *Sherman Antitrust Act before “Facebook” become the government’s big gorilla in the chat room? I say yes. In Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder and Chairman of Facebook, the enemies of the American Constitutional Republic have found a ‘deep pockets’ useful fool to monitor and suppress our right to free speech without reservations; a right of free citizens which is under a tsunami of incendiary rhetoric and charlatanry facilitated through social-media technology; a tool much more effective than Stalin’s Pravda and Tass.

But today in America the chat room democratic-socialists are contesting the ‘open borders’ globalists under new totalitarian banners sprung from the bowels of Marx’s communism; yet our overfed and over-entertained nation could care less about the conspiracy to cripple its duly elected President taking place under the bogus investigation by and unconstitutional “special counsel” and his cohorts…while the arch-enemies of free speech in Moscow and Beijing are planning to celebrate the demise of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The anti-Trump ignoramuses in our vitriolic liberal media prefer to foment hate against our duly elected 45th President than to accept the law as stated in Section 4 of the US Constitution: “The President, Vice President, and all civil (nonmilitary) officers of the United States may be impeached and removed from office if convicted of treason, bribery (payment for favors, breaking the trust of office) a crime, or any other high crimes or misdemeanors (crimes considered less serious than felonies).” Therefore, since Mueller’s investigation has not found–after more than 18 months and the mounting millions of taxpayer dollars— evidence of any egregious misconduct against the President for Congress to impeach him. For the sake of the country, this malodorous unconstitutional investigation, conducted by the mal-intended unconstitutional ‘special counsel’ Robert Mueller should be ended immediately. The duly elected 45th President of the United States must be permitted to govern the nation without further petulant and malicious distractions. I reiterate, thus far Mueller has not brought forth any evidence to indict the President for the House to accuse the President and for the Senate to conduct a trial of the President. By the way, Mueller has no power or authority to subpoena the President of the United States. The President would be ill advised by his lawyers to meet with the malicious, unconstitutional ‘special counsel’ Robert “Muleface” Mueller whose attempt is to entrap him.

Let us inform the undercutting liberal media that the duties of the President include receiving ambassadors and other public ministers (representatives) from foreign countries; and to see that the laws of the United States are carried out faithfully. To invite the President of Russia, the Honorable Vladimir Putin, to a White House visit is pragmatic and wise diplomacy if we are to peacefully coexist with Russia. President Trump’s meeting with President Putin in Helsinki was not to publicly vent against Russia, it was simply the right time and opportunity to construct a new staircase for peace in our troubled world. However, for this to happen, we must crack down on the anarchists and hold the liberal media responsible for its divisive racist and political fabrications. We have had enough. Free speech must always be kept in check by our legal and moral boundaries. The idea that under free speech anything goes has been, historically, a losing societal proposition. The French Revolution offers a clear example of the incivility of a liberated citizenry without legal and moral boundaries. The ‘free’ French ended up exchanging a king for an emperor.

The liberal media has deliberately failed to inform the nation that the President, acting under his Constitutional authority, did not obstruct justice when he fired the corrupt, incompetent, leaker ex-FBI Director James Comey; the President’s subordinate. By the way, this was a firing recommended by the current Deputy USAG Rod Rosenstein who unconstitutionally appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel with a suspiciously broad scope and range to conduct an investigation of the President based on a fabricated “dossier” about a Trump-Russia collusion. The infamous “dossier” was a DNC/Clinton/Obama contingency plan in case their “sure-winner” Hillary Clinton lost the election. And it has all backfired.

So I say it is time, since there is no proof of collusion and/or obstruction of justice, for USAG Jeff Sessions to resign or to withdraw his recusal to fire Rod Rosenstein under the charge that he, Rosenstein, has improperly discharged his responsibilities as Deputy USAG. This should be immediately followed by a recommendation to end the unconstitutional ‘special counsel’ Mueller’s “Trump-Russia” investigation, for the good of the country. Yet, having failed to prove collusion, Mueller is now trying to ‘spin’ the fabricated “dossier” by implying that it was really a Trump-Putin conspiracy that wrecked the old mare’s dream of winning the electoral derby.

The President should have turned the tables on Mueller by directing the DOJ to examine the actions of Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Obama’s Secretary of State; the role of Robert Mueller (as director of the FBI) in the matter of the “Uranium One” transaction with the Russian corporation Rosatom; and concurrently investigate the actions of John Brennan during his tenure as CIA Director; and James Clapper, former Director of US National Intelligence. But the “deep state” made it difficult for the neophyte incoming President to quickly assemble his cabinet.

Make no mistake about the intent of Muleface Mueller and those behind this conspiracy to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States; their ultimate aim is to rewrite the US Constitution and the authority and power of the Executive Office. From all indications the transformation of America Obama promised to his blind jubilant supporters gathered at Chicago’s Grant Park on the night of his election to the White House in 2008, was truly a devilish proposition not only to rewrite the U.S. Constitution (because, as he said, it contained negative rights) but to also remodel the US Congress in the manner of yesteryear’s Soviet Union’s Politburo; or, perhaps into something closer to Red China’s current legislative model—(Note: the “Little Red Book” of the late Chairman Mao was discarded after China’s Senior Vice-Premier Deng Xiaoping visited Singapore for a discussion of free-market economics with Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew).

I therefore urge you to defend our values and ideals by firmly rejecting Barack Obama and his band of anarchists, the globalist George Soros’ open borders madness, and Facebook’s suppression of free speech.
At every opportunity I exhort you to help us energize our Conservative base to win this coming November to retain the majority in the House and Senate; and in 2020 to re-elect President Donald J. Trump to a 2nd Term in the White House. Consider this a patriotic call to arms, by way of the vote, to defend the American Constitution, its laws and legal processes. In God we trust.

Cjack, Sentinel on the Gulf, August 8, 2018

*”Sherman Antitrust Act” (federal anti-monopoly and antitrust statute passed by Congress in 1890 under the presidency of Benjamin Harrison as 15 U.S.C., and amended by the Clayton Act in 1914, which prohibits activities that restrict interstate commerce and competition in the marketplace).

Bonus for the readers:

————–To a Bitter Old’ Woman———-
The little old’ woman has gone mad, wild;
Her finger points, she regrets, recriminates;
Alone in her littered castle of empty bottles;
Drunk from the spirits to ease her pain;
She ventures in stupor through the woods;
To curse silent trees, autumn’s falling leaves;
Summer slides into fall; as fall shall to winter;
Cold days of snow an’ ice to sharpen her pain;
For on her way the old woman left many a lame;
Alas, a mad broken old mare at the derby ran;
But a horse from Queens, beat her at the track!

Dedicated to old Hilde Beast, loser…
Cjack: author August 9, 2018

(Thank you, and thank you again you blessed Americans who still believe in Freedom, Truth, and Knowledge over Zuckerburg’s Facebook Feelings!)

YouTube Plays Pravda Against Prager University


For more than two years, YouTube has continued to restrict access to more and more of our videos – simply because they present a conservative point of view. There are currently over 80 PragerU videos that are restricted – more than double the amount of restricted videos since filing our lawsuit against YouTube. Silicon Valley giants like YouTube continue to censor the ideas they don’t agree with. They promote their Leftist ideology and restrict conservative speech.

Help us fight against the censorship of our videos.

From the beginning of this process, we’ve been prepared to pursue our lawsuit against Google/YouTube as far, and for as long as it takes to secure every American’s right to freedom of speech online.

Recently, we officially filed an appeal with the Ninth Circuit Court – giving us another opportunity to argue our case against the tech giant.

We need your support, now more than ever.  

As we continue this important fight – not just for PragerU, but for freedom of speech in America – we need to win in both the court of public opinion, and of course in the courtroom.

We recently launched a public awareness video to bring much-needed attention to the issue.  The video has already been viewed over 10 million times – but we still need to reach more people.

We are continuing to circulate an online petition to help fight back against YouTube.  We already have over 500,000 signatures  — but our goal is to get over 1 million signatures so that YouTube cannot ignore us anymore. With your help we can get there.

Can we count on your support as we fight to end the censorship of our ideas?

The Fascist Left’s Invasion of Illegal Aliens… “Good Morning, San Francisco!”

San Francisco Getting 78 Calls A Day About Human Feces In The Street

The San Francisco Chronicle published a snapshot of how the city is dealing with thousands of homeless people living on the streets and the waste, including drug needles and feces, they leave behind. The good news is that the number of tent encampments is down substantially from two years ago:

The number of tents on San Francisco streets has been cut by more than half in the past two years, but despite the shrinking numbers, the street behavior by the homeless, the mentally ill and the drug-addled continues to be a challenge — with no quick solution in sight.

The city’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Services clocked the number of homeless encampments on streets and sidewalks at 568 in July — compared with 1,200 in July 2016.

But if the number of tents are down, the number of people shooting drugs and using the sidewalk as a bathroom is still remarkably high. In July alone the city received over 1,000 calls about used needles and nearly 2,000 about feces on the street.

The city’s 311 service portal reported logging 1,138 complaints about discarded syringes between July 1 and July 25 of this year — or about 45 a day. During the same period, the 311 line clocked 1,948 calls — or about 78 a day — from people reporting human feces or waste on the streets or sidewalks.

One flash point are BART’s downtown stations, where there has been a growing number of complaints from riders about hypodermic needles littering the transit system.

Four BART riders have been pricked by needles in the past two years, including a mother of two from San Ramon, who claimed she sat on a stray needle in May while riding to San Francisco. She was later tested for HIV and got a hepatitis vaccine shot — but must continue to be tested every three months over the next 1½ years.

Meanwhile, new figures from BART show that since April janitors have cleaned up more than 13,000 dirty needles left behind at the Civic Center and Powell Street stations.

San Francisco recently banned single-use plastic straws but the city gives out millions of single-use needles every year and a tremendous number of those are left behind on the street. From the AP:

The city distributes an estimated 400,000 syringes each month through various programs aimed at reducing HIV and other health risks for drug users. About 246,000 syringes are discarded through the city’s 13 syringe access and disposal sites. But thousands of the others end up on streets, in parks and other public areas, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday…

To address the problem, San Francisco Mayor Farrell has hired 10 workers whose sole job will be to pick up needles starting in June.

I wrote about the situation at BART stations back in April. As you can see in the video below, we’re not talking about one or two addicts tucked in a corner, we’re talking about the entire space clogged with people who are sprawled along the ground, blocking the path of people who are actually using the station.

San Francisco just elected a new mayor, London Breed, who has promised to make homelessness her central focus. One of the items on her agenda: So called “safe injections sites” where the city’s addicts can use drugs away from the eyes of tourists. Maybe that will keep a few more needles off the street but I think the 10 guys whose job it is to clean up this mess don’t need to worry about their job security.



What the Trump administration gets very wrong about free speech


(CNN)“A generation of sanctimonious, sensitive, supercilious snowflakes.” That’s howAttorney General Jeff Sessions described college students in late July.

The Trump administration’s Justice Department is diving into the roiling waters of campus free speech controversies, mounting legal challenges to alleged infringements on speech by public universities, including the University of Michigan and the University of California at Berkeley. But one of the core premises of the administration’s intervention — that the attacks on speech are primarily directed at conservatives — is called into question by a data analysis from Georgetown University’s Free Speech Project that finds that infringements on free speech are just as likely to come from the right as the left.
Of the more than 5,000 college campuses in the United States, the Georgetown study logged only about 60 incidents of suppressed speech since 2016. In analyzing each one, they found limited evidence that conservatives are being targeted unfairly. Most incidents where conservative speech got interrupted or silenced involved the same high-profile voices, in contrast with the incidents from the left covered by the study, who were speakers and scholars with lower profiles. The researchers note that their work is preliminary and not comprehensive, but their findings do suggest that the state of free speech on campus is far more complicated than Sessions and others of similar mind might have us believe.
Georgetown, with funding from the Knight Foundation, built an online tool to analyze these incidents. The Knight Foundation also recently released a report showing that students strongly support the First Amendment.
Campuses have sometimes lapsed in protecting free speech, and the administration is right to stand up for open expression. But Jeff Sessions’ approach to the campus speech debate — which has thus far been one-sided and even insulting — risks fueling the very intolerance that he aims to counter.
Sessions’ latest salvo in the speech wars came in his July address to conservative high school students attending a conference convened by conservative right-wing nonprofit Turning Point USA. He pinpointed what he called a series of campus free speech threats, including policies confining protests to narrow “free speech zones,” speech codes delineating what can and can’t be said and unruly demonstrations that drown out speakers. He also expressed alarm over mandated warnings about sensitive material in course curricula, catalogues of microagressions and enforced “safe spaces.” Sessions opined that, in an effort to make students feel comfortable, some campuses veer too far toward infantilization. Spotlighting the most extreme examples — campus “cry closets” and lounges with play-doh and coloring books — Sessions ridiculed what he characterized as the spectacle of universities aiming to “equip”students to handle tough rhetoric and uncomfortable ideas.
He cataloged a series of prominent instances of wrongful interference with speech, including a Black Lives Matter disruption of an ACLU event at William and Mary in October 2017, violent demonstrations against theorist Charles Murray at Middlebury that March, and a protest against a Jewish group at Brown the previous year. Sessions rightly asserted that “the First Amendment is not a partisan issue. Constitutional rights are for all Americans — not just those in one party or faction.”
But, despite the bipartisan bromides, Sessions has made it clear that the administration’s prime concern is safeguarding space for conservative ideas and viewpoints on campus from an assault by what he has dubbed the “hard left.” During the July speech Sessions goaded the right-leaning students, citing “elements in our society today who want to stop you and silence you. … They want you to feel outnumbered … to get discouraged … to quit.”
The truth is, in the wider society, conservatives are hardly silenced; they enjoy a great deal of political power, with control over all three branches of government. But Sessions has a fair point that many college campuses skew liberal, and some don’t pay enough attention to ensuring that conservative perspectives can be aired without fear of reprisal.
What Sessions left out is that liberal and left-wing speakers are often targeted as well. As the new Georgetown study, based on analysis of more than 90 recent incidents, points out, there is “strong reason to believe that this widespread perception (that most campus speech attacks originate from the left and target conservative speech) is not entirely accurate.” Sessions might have mentioned Fresno State University Professor Randa Jarrar, who was put under investigation this spring after comments critical of First Lady Barbara Bush, or Princeton Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, who canceled speaking engagements when she was threatened over her criticisms of President Donald Trump.
Perhaps the most egregious omission was any mention of free-speech-chilling actions by the event’s hosts, Turning Point USA. Turning Point publishes a “Professor Watchlist” naming hundreds of academics for alleged offenses, including op-eds and course material judged too liberal. The American Association of University Professors has criticized the watchlist as a tool of intimidation.
Sessions is off base when he mocks students as “snowflakes.” Most of the examples of campus speech controversies Sessions touched on — for example, Black Lives Matter and Murray’s use of race to explain IQ differentials — center on issues of race. Student activists drawing attention to policing abuses, discrimination in higher education and other forms of racial injustice have sometimes overstepped, veering into misguided calls to suppress speech activists deemed offensive. But their core purpose — to demand a more equal and inclusive learning environment — is one that the Justice Department should ratify rather than ridicule.
Over the last two years, the Anti-Defamation League has documented a threefold spike in white supremacist incidents on campuses, including an allegedly racially-motivated murder at the University of Maryland that is being prosecuted as a hate crime.
The most notorious incident was the white supremacist march at the University of Virginia the night before the deadly rally in Charlottesville. Sessions’ boss, President Donald Trump, later tried to defend the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who took part, saying there was “blame on both sides.”
While talk of campuses as “safe spaces” might once have been dismissed as a misguided quest for psychological comfort, the rise of hateful gestures on campus raises genuine concerns of physical safety.
Amid these rising instances of the use of racial epithets, display of swastikas and nooses hung in trees, students are rightly demanding that their universities do more to provide a safe, equal learning environment for all. Rather than belittling such efforts, Sessions’ Justice Department should promote constructive measures — such as facilitated dialogues across ideological lines, peaceful counterspeech, and stronger reporting mechanisms for hate crimes — that address hatred without impairing free speech.
While the Justice Department has set forth some legitimate concerns, an ideologically lopsided approach risks compounding an already precarious appreciation of free speech among college students. Some student advocates of racial justice evince a sense of alienation when it comes to First Amendment rights, having witnessed them being invoked mainly in relation to speech that they consider offensive. In his dismissiveness, Sessions surrenders the chance to persuade skeptical students that the First Amendment is a critical tool in their quest for social justice, one they should embrace and defend.
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As a rising generation comes to grips with tensions over free speech, it is essential that they not come to view the defense of the First Amendment as a right-wing weapon being used to strip protections that foster an open and equal learning environment. If the administration’s leading national voice on campus free speech treats the debate as yet another ideological sparring ground, it should not come as a surprise if students come to view the defense of free speech with suspicion. As Sessions pointed out, the First Amendment is not a partisan cause. No one, including Jeff Sessions, should try to make it one.


Joy From Obama Era America!


by John Hinderaker   at  PowerLine:

The Associated Press has a relatively anodyne story, given the sensational facts:

The father of a missing Georgia boy was training children at a New Mexico compound to commit school shootings, prosecutors said in court documents obtained Wednesday.

The documents say Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was conducting weapons training with assault rifles at the compound near the Colorado border where 11 hungry children were found in filthy conditions.

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. Huh. No reference to Islam or Muslims in the AP story. No surprise there. To learn more, we have to go to other sources, like the Daily Caller:

The son of a prominent Brooklyn-based imam was training children at a New Mexico compound to commit schools shootings, prosecutors said in court documents released Wednesday.

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 39, was training 11 children at a compound north of Taos, New Mexico, according to The Associated Press. Authorities raided the compound Friday and arrested Wahhaj, two of his siblings and two other men during a search for Wahhaj’s son, who had been abducted from Georgia late in 2017.
Residents in Amalia, New Mexico, near the Colorado border, had complained for months about the squalid conditions of the makeshift compound before Friday’s raid, according to news reports. Authorities recovered multiple firearms as well as an AR-15.
Wahhaj’s father, also named Siraj, is a controversial cleric with close ties to Muslim rights groups like the Islamic Circle of North American, the Muslim American Society and the Center for American Islamic Relations. The elder Wahhaj was also an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing case. He was a character witness for Omar Abdel Rahman, the so-called “Blind Sheikh.”

A character witness for the Blind Sheikh–what a wonderful concept! The son evidently is following in the father’s Islamist footsteps, trying to murder as many Americans as possible. Let’s just hope that President Trump can re-orient the federal government away from the Obama administration’s promotion of pro-terrorist organizations like CAIR, and toward self-preservation.



Comment:   Only in the Obama America!!