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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
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    • Racism
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    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Dems Grieve Losing Leftist Tool, Jeff Sessions as Attorney General


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Two years ago, it would have been hard to find anyone the Left detested more than Senator Jeff Sessions. When Sessions was appointed Attorney General by President Trump, the Democrats outrageously smeared him by alleging, among other things, that he was a racist. That was a warm-up for their contemptible anti-Kavanaugh campaign. It is easy to see why liberals hated Sessions: in the Senate, he was a warrior for conservatism on the budget, immigration and other issues.

But now the worm has turned. President Trump is replacing Sessions as Attorney General, and liberals are up in arms. MoveOn.org and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC have encouraged liberals to take to the streets. Who could have anticipated this headline? “Soros-Funded MoveOn.Org Plans Mass Demonstrations Thursday to Protest Sessions’ Firing.”

What is going on here? Two things. First, the Democrats were delighted to have an Attorney General who recused himself from all matters relating to the Trump presidential campaign, including but not limited to Russia, broadly construed. That left career DOJ Democrats in the driver’s seat. Now Sessions will be succeeded by a Trump appointee, starting with interim AG Matthew Whitaker, who can supervise and perhaps–perish the thought!–terminate Bob Mueller’s Switch Project.

So Democrats like Chuck Schumer have claimed that the President’s firing of his Attorney General represents, or may soon represent, a constitutional crisis. This is absurd–cabinet officers serve at the pleasure of the president–but it isn’t pointless. Democrats have been propagating, for some time, the entirely non-constitutional idea that the Department of Justice is independent of the president.

That is a ridiculous claim. DOJ is part of the president’s Article II executive branch, and the Attorney General and his subordinates report to the president. The “independent DOJ” theme is intended to weaken President Trump and succeeding Republican presidents, and Mueller’s Switch Project represents an institutionalization of Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, in permanent opposition to the president whom the American people elected. The theory of an independent DOJ will not apply, naturally, to future Democratic presidents who, like Barack Obama, view their Attorney General as a “wing man.”

It is truly said that politics makes strange bedfellows, but I never imagined that conservative stalwart Jeff Sessions–whose resignation many Democrats demanded not long ago–would find himself a hero of the George Soros/Rachel Maddow crazy left. But that is where we are in today’s America.





I am a Prager fan, and have been since I first met him via radio in 2004 and better yet, in person those years he had his Prager booth at the Minnesota State Fair.

He is an indoor man, flies around the country,  and being a modern American, knows nearly nothing about the outdoors.  I love him anyway.  He loves classical music and is not a Jewish leftwinger, the kind I had been circled around throughout grade school, high school, and college life, AD Sept 1939-June 1952.  Yet, as antiChristian this pesty group was throughout those years, I benefited  profoundly within their presence in my learnings, my understandings of life, and respect for the Jewish misfits who were my best friends in those days.

I was raised well educated primarily by old maid school teachers who loved teaching.  They were, unlike today’s feminist animals, very well educated and so, were allowed, expected to share their learnings with their students  because problem solving, not problem creating human males dominated  the nation’s business and scholarly environment.  American females, Negro and white,  in those days were wonderful mothers and neighbors in their communities.

When I began my university Liberal Arts years, I was supposed to absorb knowledge for the sake of seeking Truth, be God fearing and so, closer to God, as it was then understood, in order to secure a wiser, more peaceful, JudeoChristian neighborhood in our nation and the world, and be a protecting Father for my wife and children.

Divorce then was limited to the nation’s wealthy.   A husband was expected to honor and protect his wife and children!  FAMILY had meaning in those days.

I managed to catch the third session of Dennis’ program today.   Apparently earlier in the program,  the question arose why the major God of the human animal is always MALE?

I learned the correct answer to that in 1948 when I was in ninth grade English class where we were taught Shakespeare by  Mabel Wicker,  68 years old going on 100…about 4’10” in height, 80 pounds in weight, wearing  a 1930’s version of a red wig, and 40 ‘misfits’, mostly boys who had  potential to achieve good grades, but issues regarding learning…Most of us couldn’t read!

As I remember, she had asked for an answer to her question, “Why IS God Male”, and supplied us with the information that among  Mohammedanism  and other major  world religions then,  the God of gods was always Male……”Why?”

She answered that God is male because…..

“Man is programmed by our Creator to be THE protector, the builder, the provider by body and mind to provide a future to the species!

“The woman is programmed to be the deliverer of the future of our species!  Her man is biologically programmed to protect her and their offspring  for the survival of the species.”

Any questions?   That was 70 years ago, folks, when JudeoChristianity not leftist atheism flourished.


Another Jewish Extreme Leftist Fascist Bigot, Adam Serwer, Falsely Smears Conservatives With Racism

America’s Problem Isn’t Tribalism—It’s Racism




Fascist Liars at Daily Kos Celebrate the Price Sen. Susan Collins Paid for Her Recent Heroic Speech Defending Truth, Honor, and Judge Kavanaugh

What did Susan Collins get back home for her Kavanaugh betrayal? A 9-pointapproval drop

by Joan McCarter  at  Daily Kos

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) traded her reputation and principles away for the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court fight for an overall loss of 9 points in her approval rating. Morning Consult polled Maine and found that ” the political ground has shifted beneath her ahead of a potential 2020 re-election run.”

Forty-five percent of Mainers approve of her job performance post-Kavanaugh, a 9-point drop since Morning Consult last surveyed over the summer. She picked up a lot of Republicans: “68 percent approved and 25 percent disapproved—a net 43-point jump.” She could make that shift because Republicans disliked her before, displeased with her general bipartisany persona and her anti-Obamacare repeal vote.

She’s 32 points underwater with Democrats, having gone from a 39 percent disapproval to a miserable 63 percent bad rating. She’s not likely to be able to court many of them as she has in the past. She’s fared slightly better with independents, her disapproval rating jumping just 4 points from 31 to 35, but her approval dropping from 56 to 41 points. An awful lot more independents have decided they’re undecided about what they think of her.

The “Kavanaugh bump” for the Republican base was pretty short-lived, so we’ll see how long they still like Collins, given the hardest core of them have looked on her as a sellout for most of her career. She burned bridges with many of them long ago.

The bridges she just burned with Democrats, with Independents, and particularly with women, her staunchest supporters, aren’t going to be rebuilt. Every heinous decision out of the Supreme Court that Kavanaugh signs on to is going to rebound on her, forever. Between that and the $3.7 million war chest that the grassroots has raised to hand over to her 2020 Democratic challenger, she’s going to have a very uncomfortable two years. We’ll make sure of that.