As the figures below show, attitudes toward Trump may be polarized along party lines, but this information does have noticeable and statistically significant effects on evaluations of Trump’s character. For Democrats, who already see Trump as lacking empathy, this information makes them think of him as even less empathetic. But among Republicans, the information is even more damning, reducing perceptions of empathy by more than 10 percentage points.

On perceptions of business acumen, which are higher across both parties, the information regarding Fred Trump’s role in his son’s business success is equally important. Democrats reduce their perceptions of Trump as a good businessman by 6 points, while Republican perceptions decline by 9 points.

These effects may seem small, but the results demonstrate that this misperception was consequential. And among undecided voters or those on the fence, they could make a serious difference in the 2020 election.

(Note:  Trust truth, beware of rumor!!!   If you have followed anything truthful about Donald Trump’s personal  assets, you’d discover his IQ count is somewhere around 200…..far beyond the American President average.

His quickness of thought, deed, and action in problem solving is remarkable, almost unbelievable, and upon occasion may become a problem…   When it comes to a con-artist actor such as sinister but sweet-appearing, antiAmerican, Barack Obama, or high IQ brain of  White House past, such as Richard M. Nixon,  one might want to think deeply about where ones vote must go.

I never voted for the high IQ politicking  Richard M. Nixon.   I never complained about this until I discovered years later that child, Richard Nixon,  was raised fatherless in a California family so poverty stricken, his  brother died from starvation.

That loss in life is tough going, folks! Republican Mr. Nixon was not a bad person as are even  some Democrats these days who have become fascists for America. He never possessed much charm covered with comfort and  charity.   Neither was he ditsy like Nancy Pelosi and ilk.

Trump, the New York City dad, became financially secure to send his off spring to fancy schools…..Donald had to be transferred a time.  Donald was tops in about everything he ever entered to do.   He was a top athlete, as well as a brain……top enough to be offered a contract with the New York Yankees.

Young Trump declined….He preferred to work with his dad.   It was Donald who made the Trump empire it became.   Fascistic American can’t seem to handle that item of Truth……as well as many others about this remarkable 45th President of these United States.)