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The Mike Wallace Arrogance at CBS: “It’s conceivable that I made a mistake…”


by Steven Hayward  at PowerLine:

Scott’s two posts on his and Victor Davis Hanson’s treatment by The New Yorker calls to mind one of the first and most important lessons I learned from my mentor in journalism, the great M. Stanton Evans. Most “mainstream” journalists are not merely biased, but have a narrative story line in mind when they begin “reporting,” so that when they call you on the phone, they aren’t looking for actual information and perspective—they are looking for a specific quote to drop in their story that fits their narrative. The point is: when you deal with the media, it is not just their innate liberalism you need to be on guard for—you need to keep in mind that they already have their story written.

There’s nothing Scott could have done to alter the Wallace-Wells attack on him since it is obvious that he had his story line already done. There’s another especially egregious example of ventriloquist journalism going on right now besides Scott and Victor’s experience that I’ll come to in a moment.

Stan Evans had a typically great label for this—he called it “ventriloquist journalism.” Reporters have in mind a specific quote they’d like to have from you, and have developed great skill in teasing it out of people. Think of it as just one aspect of fake news. I had quite a bit of first-hand experience with this during my years in Washington, and I got good at spotting the technique and having the discipline not to give in to the usual reporter’s tricks. Often I’d get a call from a reporter wanting my comment on something the Bush Administration was doing, and the question, in substance, was usually: “Don’t you think the Bush Administration is doing the wrong thing?” (Though always more artfully put than that.) And when I didn’t give the answer the “reporter” was looking for, they’d keep asking the same question over and over again in different forms, because what they needed for their story was a way to say something like, “But even a conservative at the American Enterprise Institute thinks Bush is making a mistake. ‘Bush is making a mistake,’ said Steven Hayward. . .” Sometimes a reporter would keep me on the phone for 30 minutes or more, hoping I’d give in. I learned the discipline of never giving in to this trick, and what do you know? I was never quoted in any of the stories that “reporters” like this filed. Nor did any of the information or analysis I had about the issue make it into the story, because background information and perspective was not what the reporter was looking for.

Right now you can see this at work in the media coverage of Stephen Moore’s appointment to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. I’ve stopped compiling the stories where conservative economists are going on record trashing Steve, and every case I am certain that whatever good things people may have told “reporters” about Steve were not even put down in the reporter’s notebook. The fact that so many news stories quote mostly conservative economists—but only very few liberals who of course would dislike Steve—is a dead giveaway about what is going on. That, and the fact that none of these hit piece “news” stories bother to explain differences people might have with Steve Moore about the substance of economic policy. All they include are snarky comments about Steve. I won’t name names, but some of these people, whom I know in some cases, ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Everyone likes to see their name in print, and many reporters are very skillful at exploiting this natural tendency. It took a long time for me to come to like not being in a news story, though I do make exceptions, which I’ll explain shortly. But I’ve come to detest reporters so much as a general class that, in a few instances, I have adopted not just a no comment policy, but a direct “go to hell” policy just so my contempt is made clear. I used to get contacted occasionally by NPR, and my standard answer now is: “Every time I have ever gone on NPR I was sandbagged in various ways [which is true], such that I refuse ever to go on any NPR program again. Good day.” This usually elicits whining and protestations that whatever my past experience, they pinkie-swear promise that they’d be different. To which I retort that I see no reason to trust any such assurances from such a plainly biased and untrustworthy “news” entity, and please go away and never bother me again. Happily, I never hear from NPR any more.

There are some exceptions. There were several New York Times reporters I got to know and trust (they’ve all taken buyouts and left the paper by now however). I wish I could say the same for the Washington Post, but their environmental “reporter,” Juliet Eilprin, is a complete hack, and no one else there (with the exception of one Outlook section editor I knew) stands out as straightforward and trustworthy. You need to do your due diligence about any reporter who contacts you. I try to look up stories by any reporter who contacts me to see if I can divine their slant or predominant practices.

There is one other piece of advice I give to everyone: always run your own complete audio and/or video recording of any interview you do with a reporter. Then you have your own complete record to use in follow ups with editors, or if you want to do you own story about how it really went down.

Roll your mind back to the famous incident from 1982 where CBS “60 Minutes” legend Mike Wallace got caught remarking about low income minorities who signed mortgage documents with adverse language: “They’re probably too busy eating their watermelon and tacos.” This came about because the bankers being interviewed ran their own videotape of the entire interview, and according to the New York Times account of the incident, the 60 Minutes camera crew had stopped taping for a moment, probably to reload the cameras, but the bank’s cameras kept rolling when Wallace made the comment, almost surely hoping to soften up his target. As the Times reports, Wallace tried to get the bank to erase their tape. Is there any doubt that if 60 Minutes had caught on tape one of the bankers saying something like that, it would have been the centerpiece of the story, while Wallace’s bait would never have seen the light of day?

Although the Times story is pretty embarrassing to Wallace and CBS, it is likely that the full story was even worse for CBS. A few years later, I happened to meet one of the bankers involved in the story who was responsible for coming up with taping the entire proceedings themselves, and he told me Wallace tried to bargain with them, offering to soften the story if the bank would erase the tape. They said no, and released that great tidbit to the press.

”In hindsight,” [Wallace told the Times], ”it’s conceivable that I made a mistake.”

Yeah, you got caught. Everyone should similarly arm themselves in all dealings with the media.



Joe Biden Sabotages His Presidential Campaign for 2020 with Classic Biden Stupidity

Biden apologizes for ‘white man’s culture’

Former vice president Joe Biden went in full pander mode on Tuesday night, telling his audience he regretted the impact of “white man’s culture” and said it must change.

Biden made the remarks while apologizing for his role in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing in 1991, where Anita Hill accused the justice of sexual harassment.

The former vice president and potential 2020 Democratic candidate said Hill, who is black, should not have been forced to face a panel of “a bunch of white guys” about her sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas.

“To this day I regret I couldn’t come up with a way to give her the kind of hearing she deserved,” he said Tuesday night, echoing comments he delivered last fall amid debates about sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation process.  “I wish I could have done something.”

Social media exploded at that comment, with several commentators pointing out that Biden was the chairman of the committee at the time:

Hill’s allegations were believed by some, but when several other female staffers for Thomas stepped forward saying he never laid a hand on them or harassed them, the matter was left hanging, and Thomas was confirmed.

Biden blamed “white culture” for violence against women:

Biden called on Americans to “change the culture” that dates back centuries and allows pervasive violence against women.  “It’s an English jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture.  It’s got to change,” he said.

The former vice president also repeatedly denounced violence against women during his remarks, which spanned more than a half-hour.  It’s a topic he knows well.  As a senator from Delaware, he introduced the Violence Against Women Act in 1990.

“No man has a right to lay a hand on a woman, no matter what she’s wearing, she does, who she is, unless it’s in self-defense.  Never,” he said Tuesday.

This is one of the silliest things Biden has ever said.  White man’s culture “allows” pervasive violence against women?  First of all, what the hell is “white culture” anyway?  If Biden means our English judicial system, what exactly does he want to change?  Trial by jury?  Should a defendant be guilty until proven innocent?

Few cultures “allow” violence against women, and “white culture” isn’t one of them.  Biden is right that it’s never appropriate to hit a woman for any reason, just as it’s inappropriate for a woman to hit a man — a far more common occurrence than most groups advocating to stop violence against women ever acknowledge.

But what makes Biden’s apology for white culture so ridiculous is his call for “change” — as if culture changes because of an election or demonstration, or by “heightening awareness.”  “Culture” is always changing, the result of tens of millions of individual decisions made by human beings in their daily lives.  To believe that this process can be controlled simply by announcing change is worse than delusional; it’s nuts.

No doubt, Biden impressed the racialists who hate whites as much as white supremacists hate blacks.  But he may have damaged his standing with white working-class voters who have no intention of apologizing to anyone about anything, much less “white culture.”  Biden is the Democrats’ “Great White Hope” to win those voters back in Midwest battleground states like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

He’s certainly not helping his cause any.



A note from ghr regarding  today’s fascistic Feminazi Leftists  who own the teachings at  today’s American schools:

Former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, is one of the many, many  Democrat  candidates for the 2020 Presidency election.    Likable, but  often  loony  Biden, is a former Senator from tiny Delaware who recently, as above,  speaks  as if he is a  black racist in order to secure the black voter.

Over 600,000 white American men died in our American “War Between the States, 1860-1865 to put an end to the war and slavery……The vast  majority of black slaves in the rebelling states of America were  sold to white Americans below the Mason-Dixon line by AFRICAN BLACK MUSLIMS WHO COLLECTED THEIR ‘CHATTEL’  FROM CENTRAL AFRICA for over a century.

Over 200,000 white Southerners killed in that war defending their Confederate States of America had no slaves of any color, shape, sex, or size.  They fought because their “Country”, their “State”, was invaded by ‘foreign’  troops.

Nearly  all of the men fighting in the war were believing and practicing Christians.

Joe Biden is NOT a today’s American leftist, fascist, feminist practicing Democrat competing to occupy the White House in 2021 like his Dem competitors are.   He’s been too much of a light weight all those the 40 years which made him popular.   He only had Delaware to conquer most of his competition time.

He is too flaky, too ditsy, too unfascistic and undisciplined  a con artist to overcome the Democrat Party’s nastier candidates fighting to become leader of  the fascistic “ticket” this coming 2020.

Do Corrupters at the New Yorker Arise From the Water They Drink, From Fascist Democrats They Love, or the University They Attended?

I have never met the folks at PowerLine.   I know them only from what I read from their site.  I have read from their site  for almost a couple decades.   John Hinderaker is my favorite among the PowerLine crowd.  He’s Jewish.  He’s honest.  He’s a conservative American.  Most Jews in America today are leftists.  Here in Minnesota they’ve been Democrats all of my life.   I was raised in a Jewish part of town.

Today the more fascistic leftist ones carouse around New York and Los Angeles and/or work for Democrats, feminists, and  at university, the television and  newspaper world, the entertainment industry, or the George Soros world where big, big  money is.   (But, no one in our United States is supposed to, allowed to  expose that Truth……No matter how truthful this paragraph is, it is verbotten to be expressed in the America I know and live in, and has been all of my life.

Yet, the greatest Americans teaching American  to  Americans today  are American JEWS! They’re folks who happen to have risen from sectarian dogmas of the past or survived  the last century being  too busy like the rest of our families of those days, living and dying through the Depression and War of our  lifetime.

These courageous Americans of today’s conservative saviors SAVING AMERICA begin  with  Dennis Prager, David Horowitz,  John Hinderaker and kind on the broad front…..(and my good friend, Marion Levy) , who have managed to survive the singe of  hate  displayed from  their arrogant, intolerant, fascistic-leftist kinfolk throughout the country and in their  neighborhoods in Minneapolis!

Keep up your good American work, Powerline folks!  Freedom and Truth need to survive!