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FBI’s Corrupt Rosenstein Exposed as Another Obama Fascistic!


by John Hinderaker  at  PowerLine:

Judicial Watch has pried loose a small quantity of Rod Rosenstein’s emails (suspiciously small) from the Department of Justice. They cover a few critical days in May 2017 when Rosenstein was in the process of appointing Bob Mueller as Special Counsel.

I am on an airplane (headed for another White House meeting tomorrow) and can’t comment on the emails in detail, but if you read through them, a few impressions jump out at you.

1) Rosenstein was a darling of the Democratic Party news media. His email exchanges with reporters from the New York Times and the Washington Post, who fawn over him, are striking. He gets to review news stories in draft form so as to correct any misimpressions the reporter may have formed. Stories are modified per his off-the-record input. Suffice it to say that this is not how reporters treat conservatives!

2) Reading emails to Rosenstein about the imminent appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate the Trump campaign conveys a sense of how pretty much the entire establishment has been arrayed against President Trump from the beginning. The self-righteousness–over a purported issue that we now know to be entirely fabricated–is nauseating.

3) This laughably pretentious email by Rosenstein, to a lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis, says it all. I would love to cross-examine Rosenstein on what he means by Mueller “sharing his view.” Click to enlarge:

4) Rosenstein acted as a political operative, behind the back of his putative boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. No doubt he would say this was appropriate because of Sessions’ recusal. Still, this is childish at best, sinister at worst. You get the sense of Rosenstein and Mueller scheming together. Again, click to enlarge:

5) In the emails, there is one voice of sanity: Carter Page, the most innocent man in America! Once again, click to enlarge:

It is a very small window on to a very corrupt culture.


Rod Rosenstein Exposed

One Response

  1. —“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.”—

    Ghr, nothing in favor of the President will come of all this political show staged by the reprobates in the House.

    While Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama directed his “deep state” operatives, the foolish Trump-appointed USAG Jeff Sessions was bamboozled by ‘potato-pancake’ deputy USAG Rosenstein, ‘string bean’ James Comey and that “special counsel’ legal-bluffer ‘mule face’ Mueller. In the end the infamous Mueller, known for his wrongful prosecutions, was reduced to a mumbling fool with a faulty memory.

    The Obama/Clinton/DNC/George Soros conspirators, since the night of Hillary’s humiliating defeat by Trump, have had our nation on a carousel of lies to cover up the Obama administration’s corruption and sedition. Yet no one at Fox News and the GOP will denounce Putin’s biggest moles—Obama, “Mata-Hari” Hillary Clinton & John Brennan et al now working for that stink-hole network CNN.

    Lamentably we have a bright, patriotic and courageous commander-in-chief with just a few brave soldiers to take the fight to the enemy. Our corrupt anti-Trump left-wing 4th estate propagandists seem to control the battlefield.

    Alas! Small triumph as it may be…Trump has exposed the corrupt, useful fool Joe Biden who has implicated Obama; a Marxist who from a very young age was trained by his racist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, and his radical left-wing mommy Ann Durham, to manipulate, deceive and conceal.

    So here we are in the nascent 21st century about to resurrect Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao now to wreak havoc in America. Yes, Russia, China, Iran, and our misguided politicos in the Democratic National Committee are beating the war drums…and Vicente Blasco Ibañez and “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” are watering their horses in Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Syria and Iran. Trump does not want America involved in a war anywhere in the world; so they’ll impeach him because the DNC is under orders to impeach our president because Obama must not be exposed and the Pentagon needs to test its new weapons.

    In my opinion, Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama is even more dangerous than George Soros, who Trump should make a case against to revoke his naturalized US citizenship and deportation.

    The evil gnome Adam Schiff should be removed from the US House of Representatives, altogether; never again to run for office. Moreover, he should never again be allowed to practice law! I’m certain he was not instructed, neither at home nor in the synagogue, to raise false testimony.

    Obama and Hillary should be investigated and convicted for crimes against the nation. Oh, yes, these two have committed high crimes against the United States.

    And I just can’t believe we have not investigated the Russians’ $145,000,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation following the “Uranium One Deal” and Bill Clinton’s $500K fee for a speech to a Russian business group in Moscow connected to the uranium one transaction. Oh, well, it was all in a week’s work for the corrupt American ex-president Clinton and his spouse Hillary Clinton, Obama’s Sec. of State.

    I just came to the realization the ex-FBI director ‘string bean’ James Comey was bought by Obama, Bill & Hillary for a fist full of dollars.
    C’est la vie, Jacques!

    I say, put our seditious first ‘mulatto’ president and his corrupt administration on trial and let the left-wing radicals shout racism! We have had enough of it; we’ll be deaf to their shouting. The disorderly crowd will be met by our combat-ready paratroopers of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. Oui!

    After that, a military “junta” will clear the debris and fix the broken land. When the laws of our land are trampled by the tyrant and his disorderly mob, they shall be put down with overwhelming force!

    And don’t tell me about the French revolutionaries who in the end exchanged a king for an emperor. Nay, I say. In our land we’ll preserve, by arms, if necessary, the government of the people, by the people, for the people. Let this be known to those who wish to trample our Constitution, its laws and legal processes. Bill Barr is on the watch!

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” —John Adams
    Best regards.


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