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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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May God Bless Our Donald With His Second Term Presidency!!

Joe Biden is a political thug and has been for decades. He is perfect as representative of the condition of today’s fascist Democrat Party….the Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Mazie Hirono, Ilhan Omar etcetera Dem crowd in Washington.

That he is significantly senile softens him as a real man….making him to be a mellow sleeping pill instead. The corrupt DEMS at CNN, PBS, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox’s Chris Wallace love the guy.

I was raised to be a God-fearing JudeoChristian both at home, Church, and the public schools I attended. The more knowledge I could learn in life would make me be closer to God I was told at home, Church, and public school.

All of our urban neighbors and relatives where I was raised were Godfearing Americans especially before and during World War II.

Woman were women who became real Mothers then, None of them ever oinked the ugly sounds made almost universally today by female Americans ages ten to fifty. They copied the sounds of movie stars, Claudette Colbert, Olivia de Havilland, or Bette Davis. Radios and civil movies replaced television then. Families played jigsaw puzzles. Fathers worked Monday through Saturdays while their wives handled their domestic life.

Neighbors talked to neighbors. No one swore in public or among family.

Here is a question I have for all of you readers. Why is President Trump so winsome and charming, a guy who loves problem solving when compared to so many of the animals of our today’s modern American culture?

Why do we who so love him, love him so? by ghr.

A Great President Is In the White House!!

Trump, the American Lion, and the Republican Cowards

By Steve Stockman at American Thinker:

The popular 1960’s cartoon character Pogo said, “We have seen the enemy and he is us.” Nothing could be truer than Republicans’ continued fear of offending some person, media or race. Fear facilitates failure. But this isn’t true of our president, who is a fearless American Lion. He has demonstrated that the way to win is not to be fearful. He is truly courageous.

The example of the fearless Lion’s direct response has fallen on deaf ears of our Republican established leaders. They are fearful to stand up against the leftist journalists, biased aggressive investigations and leftist intimidation. Fear and hubris have put Texas, Georgia and Arizona in great jeopardy of falling into the leftists’ column with the potential of losing the statehouses, or worse, the entire state in each case.

Winning means overcoming fear. Challenging the lies, riots and disinformation is an obligation of all Republicans. The press will not cover the truth. Let’s not forget history. Every four years the Republican presidential nominee is accused of not paying taxes. Romney, the ever-fearful Republican presidential nominee who wants to please his leftist overlords and begging to be liked by them, was falsely accused of not paying his federal income taxes. And none other than the majority leader at the time, Sen. Harry Reid, laughed afterward and said he lied about Romney not paying taxes. Then Sen. Reid added, “Well, it worked didn’t it?”

The end justifies the means.

2018 should have been a great awakening for Republicans… but it wasn’t. Vote cheating, fraudulent donations, big data and social media manipulation, all played a major role in turning the Republican House over to the Democrats, allowing Nancy Pelosi to become speaker.  A closer look at the big data collected by Amazon and TikTok and how it was used should have been investigated.  Many suspect that the data collected by TikTok has been used to increase turnout and use false information to influence the youth vote in swing states. TikTok has vacuumed up tons of data on its users — mostly young Americans. While American social media companies are barred from China, China has free rein here in America

For this election, former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder is collaborating with Biden’s
“army” of lawyers
 numbering as many as 700 to litigate the ballot counting, often suing fellow Democrat officeholders, who then agree to unreasonable demands such as allowing unverified late mail-in ballots days after the election. It’s like suing yourself. Both sides of the negotiations want the same outcome.

Helping Democrats is the ever-fearful Chief Justice John Roberts. He ruled in favor of Democrats’ outrageous late new rules for voting. Ironically his ruling has the potential of turning his beloved Supreme Court into a political circus packed with an additional 3-4 new Democrat activist judges. His fear is greater than his principles. 

We should have followed up with investigations into TikTok, Act Blue and the two Obama nonprofits and the people who funnel funds to them. TikTok’s role in our elections would be true foreign interference and, like the Hunter Biden scandal, it will be dropped either by frightened Republican DOJ officials, or DOJ’s own resistance (deep state) movement, or the media.  Or, if Biden wins, it will be forever buried.  

A Biden win means investigating and targeting every conservative, conservative donors, and Christians. All this creates more fear. As the book, Three Felonies a Day points out, anyone can be charged with a felony — including you.

This election, Obama and his cabal must turn out the African-American vote. In 2016 the Democrats’ African American vote dropped dramatically. Currently, the African American vote is up by 7% over 2016 — driven in large measure by false claims of racism and Republican voter suppression. Fear has kept Republicans from countering the false notion that President Trump is a racist. We created an ad quoting Malcolm X who said, “if you [are black and] vote Democrat you are a chump and a traitor to your race.” It is now posted on YouTube, but it was the white Republicans that originally blocked that quote by Malcolm X because of fear of offending African Americans. In a small test, we had the exact opposite result. They loved the ads and the spot moved African American opinion.

In 2007, I called attention to then Senator Obama using overseas phone banks to raise funds. The BBC’s article that documented the illegal campaign operation was pulled from the internet and two other sites scrubbed. Many of Sen. Obama’s donors were oddly unemployed and the 3-digit CVS code missing, making the donations harder to trace. When I suggested Republicans should file an FEC complaint, I was repeatedly rejected. The fear of being called out as racist outweighed the desire to file a complaint and expose the corruption. 

Now, the washing machine of money laundering called “Act Blue” has some of the same signs of illegal overseas donations. Act Blue has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrat candidates across the nation. Our national community organizer appears to have institutionalized his method of fundraising. Again, no one wants to investigate or challenge Act Blue’s anomalies.

In 2007, being fearful did not solve the problem of overseas donations. Attorney General Barr’s DOJ has already repeatedly shown just how fear or deep state operatives prevent action to clean up the corruption. They sat on Hunter Biden’s laptop, even though it was critical to help defend against the faux impeachment of the president. They did nothing with the laptop. William Barr’s DOJ even refused to indict their own corrupt lawyers who ignored their own OIG report that recommended indictments for their corrupt DOJ employees.

Another example of fear was when I asked our Republican Speaker of the House to request a special prosecutor for the murder of our diplomats in Libya. I was rejected not by Democrats, but by our Republican Speaker. More fear. I fought back against the Republican Speaker by issuing a discharge petition calling for special investigation. The Speaker buried the discharge petition in a locked drawer in a plastic bag and he actually hid the key. There was much more evidence of corruption by Senator, then Secretary, Hillary Clinton than there was for the faux President Trump impeachment. In fact, there was no real evidence for the impeachment.

It was fearful Republicans who blocked a true independent investigation of the Benghazi slaughters. No fear from Democrat Hillary Clinton’s State Department. She issued a gag order to stop the witnesses in the Libya murders from testifying, not allowing them to be questioned by investigators, congress, or the press. 

Republicans’ fear of reforming our government radio NPR has allowed one of largest leftist propaganda platforms to go untouched. Millions of your tax dollars fund NPR, paid by all American citizens – including conservatives and Christians. Even so, the government radio does not have a single conservative in any position on their staff with a voice. Government-funded NPR has spoon-fed its 20 million plus listeners to a steady diet of hate, half-truths, and disinformation. Just as important are the stories they spike. They killed the story about Hunter Biden’s corruption while promoting the false story of Republican voter suppression. NPR ignored and suppressed excellent video proof of Democrat vote-stealing documented by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. 

They even buried the story of Jimmy Carter and James Baker’s joint commission review of mail-in ballots. Not your rightwing radicals. They both called mail-in ballots ripe for fraud. Instead, NPR called President Trump a liar about potential voter fraud with mail-in ballots.  NPR is a mouthpiece for the far-left wing of the Democrat party. They repeatedly make false and unverified claims that President Trump is a racist. They even broadcast a claim that the Electoral College is racist and a way for slave owners to protect their interest. Daily, NPR repeats the talking points of the Democrat party.

Republicans need to reform NPR into a fairer organization, presenting both sides of an argument. The left treats NPR as if it’s their network and not the people’s. But fear by Republicans keeps badly needed reform at bay.

Courage fights fear. In the last presidential election, 25 million evangelical Christians did not vote. Republicans, Christians and conservatives have a great example in President Donald Trump — the American Lion. He sets an excellent example on how to defeat the weasels in both parties. Having courage, strength and commitment to truth in the face of the aggressive onslaught of deception is needed by our candidates and leadership. Join President Trump. Wake the sleeping giant. Speak out and vote. Bring your friends to the polls on Tuesday. Your country depends on you. Ignore it and it will go away — forever.

Conservative stalwart Steve Stockman was twice elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas. Targeted by the corrupt Department of Justice for his fearless opposition to the previous administration’s corruptions, he is now in Federal prison. For more information or to help with his legal expenses, go to www.DefendAPatriot.com

 @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

Canada Kamala Now Speaks “Mississippi”…



I don’t know. The main thing I know about Harris is that she’s an opportunist. If you don’t think so, check with some of the people she prosecuted in California.

The following statements by Harris have been cited as evidence that she’s a Marxist:

Equality suggests, oh, everyone should get the same amount. The problem with that, not everybody’s starting out from the same place. So if we’re all getting the same amount, but you started out back there and I started out over here, we could get the same amount, but you’re still going to be that far back behind me.

In other words, it wouldn’t be enough for every American to receive the same yearly income because some Americans would still have less money.

Harris contrasts “equality” with “equity,” about which she says:

It’s about giving people the resources and the support they need, so that everyone can be on equal footing and then compete on equal footing. Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.

These statements, individually and collectively, do seem Marxist. They also seem incoherent.

On the one hand, Harris seems to want everyone to have equal resources and support so they can compete on an equal footing, which is how she views equity. At the same time, she defines equitable treatment as everyone ending up at the same place. But if there is competition, then everyone will not end up at the same place. There will be winners and losers. Will another massive transfer of resources be required?

Just what is Harris’ vision of an equitable society? Is it one in which there is a massive redistribution not just of wealth but of “support,” so that everyone starts out equally, followed by competition? Or is it one in which everyone ends up at the same place?

Both visions are harrowing, of course. Both entail totalitarianism.

Harris’ definitions also seem confused. Equality is a state in which everyone is equal. This seems to be what Harris is talking about when she discusses “equity.” But Harris claims there is a “big difference” between equality and equity.

Equity means fairness and impartiality. Equitable treatment means that everyone is treated fairly and impartially. It doesn’t mean that “we all end up at the same place,” which seems to be Harris’ test for equitable treatment.

With Harris, one always has to wonder about her sincerity. Thus, it’s not clear that she actually wants the kind of massive redistribution of wealth and other resources she describes.

What is clear to me, and has been all along, is that Harris isn’t very bright. But then, neither is her running mate.

A Biden-Harris team would be the dumbest president-vice president pairing of my lifetime, and quite possibly the dumbest in American history.

Please Pray For The Great Trump VICTORY America Needs!

Analysts predict Trump victories, either a squeaker or a blowout

By Andrea Widburg at American Thinker:

Biden is the least inspiring candidate in at last a century, while President Trump has an extraordinarily enthusiastic base that is, if possible, much larger than it was in 2016.  Still, the polls have been practically unanimous: Biden will win in a landslide.  The polls predicted the same for Hillary in 2016, so we’re suspicious, but the confluence of awful things that’s been 2020 still makes Trump-supporters just a little nervous.  However, two election analysts are predicting that Trump will beat the pants and double-masks off Joe Biden.

Matthew Tyrmand is a numbers guy.  He got his start working for almost ten years on Wall Street as a hedge fund portfolio manager who analyzed and traded health care and telecommunications stocks.  He then became a business consultant.  

In 2016, Tyrmand looked at the numbers and concluded that Trump would get 311 Electoral College votes, a prediction that was off only by 5 (Trump got 306 E.C. votes).  This time around, Tyrmand thinks Trump will get between 342 and 386 E.C. votes:

[A]ll the conventional swing states (NH PA MI WI NV AZ) will go red.

Some of the states purported to be swing states are not even in play this cycle in my view as they are so firmly in the “stop burning down the cities” camp (FL OH GA NC) that they will be defended easily.

States that should not have been in play as they have been consistently dem the last 30–40 years are slam dunk GOP red now (MN NM) and bc of how coercive and disgusting the political/academic/media left has behaved even some states no one is talking about are in play (VA OR CT NJ).

My one crap shoot state is CO — although I think it will follow through red in the pending landslide especially with a 45pc+ national Hispanic electorate voting for DJT (28pc in 2016) — but it is in the grand scheme moving from purple to blue (“the Colorado blueprint” worked — hats off to the Dems on that one).

The popular vote will be a blowout — 10pc+ win for our presidential incumbent with CA IL NY MA MD WA coming in closer in the R/D divide than any other time since the Reagan’84 blowout, with major impact from a sea change positive delta in the black vote going from ~8pc in 2016 to over 20pc or even 25pc this cycle.

I like those numbers.  Additionally, while Tyrmand acknowledges the possibility of fraud and anticipates initial chaos, he thinks Trump’s margin of victory will be so big that it will drown out the fraud.  As he says:

Ultimately, as it always does, it will come down to turnout. And as such, given the enthusiasm gap, it will be a landslide of almost Reagan’84 proportions.

And just to make you more optimistic, Tyrmand also believes that Republicans will take the House back.  It’s a long analysis, and I recommend that you read it all.

Nor is Tyrmand alone in seeing good things.  Inan Dogan, an industrial engineer who holds a Ph.D. in economics, claims that the “Polls Are Biased: Trump Will Again Deliver a Stunning Upset.”  In a long, number-rich post, Dogan takes apart the latest pro-Democrat vote forecast from Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.  According to Dogan, the polls are wrong, and their bias is heightened by the fact that they reflect people’s concerns about Trump having caught the Wuhan virus.

Dogan believes that the pivotal state is not Ohio or Pennsylvania but is, instead, Florida.  According to FiveThirtyEight, Biden has a 3.4-point lead in Florida.  That lead, however, appeared when Trump was diagnosed and is already shrinking rapidly.  Dogan, therefore, predicts a Trump win by 0.6 points.

Having disposed of the pivotal Florida vote, Dogan examines the other states, in each case adjusting the poll results to reflect what he believes are errors in the current polling.  Although Dogan is not as optimistic about the battleground states as Tyrmand is, he still believes that Trump will win enough battleground states to give him an Electoral College victory.

Dogan says that even if Trump can’t win Pennsylvania (where fraud is rife, aided by both the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court), he can still win by taking Michigan and Florida.  Alternatively, Trump can win with Florida plus either Wisconsin or Minnesota.  At bottom, while FiveThirtyEight gives Biden an 87% chance of winning, Dogan thinks the odds favor Trump, albeit not by much.

This is a crazy election year, but Biden’s hidin’, Trump’s smiling, the grassroots rallies are amazing, and the Democrats are depressed.  That’s all got to mean that something good will happen, right?

https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/10/analysts_predict_trump_victories_either_a_squeaker_or_a_blowout.html#ixzz6c8NnG8hi @AmericanThinker on Twitter