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Why the Wuhan Flu Up in the Midwest?



Many are hysterical over the second COVID wave that has hit a number of states, and governors are responding with harsh shutdown orders. Here in Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz blames our citizens for not wearing masks, deeming it self-evident that if his brilliant anti-viral strategies are not working, the fault must lie with us. That is, to the extent that the fault does not lie with our neighboring states; the Sturgis motorcycle rally, along with Wisconsin’s more laissez faire approach, has assumed a Goldstein-like level of villainy in the Walz administration’s press briefings.

What is really going on? This map, from the New York Times, shows new cases per 100,000 people over the last week:

It is pretty obvious what is happening. The Wuhan flu is surging in the Midwest, especially the Upper Midwest. Why? Because the weather has gotten colder. The cold and flu season is under way. The states where cases are rising fast cover the gamut from harshest restrictions (like Minnesota and Illinois) to least intrusive (South Dakota). These factors–shutdowns and mask mandates–make no apparent difference. There aren’t so many new cases in the Northeast, where the weather is also getting colder, I assume because those areas where hit much harder earlier this year.

Note, in particular, that Tim Walz’s repeated assertion that Minnesota’s lax neighbors are dragging his state down are ridiculous. It would be at least as easy to argue, from the data, that Minnesota is infecting neighboring states. But, as Walz says, “It’s not about numbers. It’s not about data. It’s about neighborliness.” In other words, he just makes stuff up.

Mask wearing is a particular focus of social posturing these days. In many parts of the country, venturing outdoors without wearing a mask risks being accosted and yelled at by strangers. But is there actually any correlation between wearing pieces of cloth over our faces and rates of COVID infection? It doesn’t seem so.

This map, from Carnegie-Mellon University, shows the current percentage of people who wear masks most or all of the time while in public, based on Facebook surveys–which are certainly not infallible, but are the best data I know of:

If you compare the states in these two maps, there is no evident correlation between mask wearing and new Wuhan infections. In particular, Tim Walz’s repeated assertion that Minnesotans are letting him down is shown to be ridiculous. According to the Carnegie-Mellon survey, Minnesota has a 93% rate of face masking, one of the highest in the country, which doesn’t appear to prevent it from having a higher new-case rate than Wisconsin or the Dakotas. In truth, though, mask wearing doesn’t seem to vary much–from 96% in New York and Massachusetts to 79% in South Dakota and 75% in Wyoming, states that have never had a mask mandate.

In my opinion, the current surge in COVID cases is a good thing. The virus needs to work its way through the population, and delaying its progress, if that is even possible, can only increase the damage done by the virus and the measures taken to “fight” it. Meanwhile, there is little reason to think that the supposedly urgent restrictions being put on our freedoms are doing any good, even if we assume that slowing the spread of the virus is desirable.

Big Business Biden “Won” With 12,000,000 PHONY Ballots!

73 million people can be a formidable group

By John Watson at American Thinker:

While the number may be even higher when the smoke clears, we know that at least 73 million people voted for President Trump’s re-election.  We also know this is an honest number.  Regardless of the outcome of the fraud challenges, these 73 million people need to think about what they can do.

There are those in the Republican Party who opposed Trump all along, the self-styled NeverTrumps.  Despite the president’s enormous successes, these still oppose anything Trump.  Sadly, their hatred for one man was stronger than their love for their country.  They just don’t see the writing on the wall that a healthy portion of America, Republicans and even some Democrats, were fed up with do-nothing politicians.  They wanted someone who would fight for them and push back against the left and the Deep State.  That man was Donald Trump.

The Republican Party has something of a dilemma on its hands.  To survive and fight for America the way President Trump has done, the party will have to change.  Either the NeverTrumps need to leave the party, or the 73 million Trump-supporters will.  If we, as I am in that latter group, leave and form a new party, be it the American Party or whatever, I submit that a lot more people who have identified as Democrats would join us, given that the Democrat Party has been hijacked by radical leftists.  A recent Rasmussen poll showed that approximately one third of Democrats believe that the election was stolen from Trump.  No one likes cheaters.  There are more than enough good people who still love America for such a new party to be a success.

What can 73 million people do?  We now know that the big tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and the like are supportive of the left.  If a good portion of these 73 million people simply got off Facebook and Twitter and stopped buying from Amazon, the impact would be huge. 

Similarly, it is obvious that the so-called MSM essentially elected Joe Biden by hiding the Hunter Biden stories that show corruption if not bribery in the Biden family.  Recent polls have shown that many Democrats said that, had they known about Hunter Biden and Joe’s corrupt dealings, they would never have voted for Biden.  This number is large enough to have denied Biden a victory or would at least have required even more cheating.

It’s time to end their power.  Trump and his supporters should establish news outlets that report all the news and totally abandon network news, leftist newspapers, and cable news.

The same goes for Hollywood, the NBA, the NFL, and any other entity that tries to tell us how to think.  Close accounts with those financial institutions who say they will not finance or do business with anyone in the firearms industry.  Don’t deal with companies who cave to the P.C. crowd.

Yes, 73 million people can be a formidable group.  The enthusiasm is there.  Let’s harness their power for the good of the nation.

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That Vile Corruption in Georgia…Will It Continue?

Dominion in Georgia: What Happened?

By Anne-Christine Hoff at American Thinker:

Sidney Powell made waves last weekend when she said that the lawsuit being filed on behalf of Trump in Georgia would be “biblical.” Frankly, this entire election has had a biblical quality to it. When speaking about it, pastors reference the Book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar, the times of Jeremiah, and other prophetic books. If I were to cast a real-life character as the biblical figure of Judas, that man would definitely be Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who calls himself a “passionate Trump supporter” but whose actions prove otherwise.

There is an explosive investigation in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) regarding the Dominion Voting Machines (DVM) and Brad Raffensperger’s role in easing the security surrounding those machines. According to the AJC, in October the Secretary of State’s office was responsible for weakening the system’s defenses, disabling password protections on a key component that controls who is allowed to vote.

Just days before the early voting started, on October 12th, according to the AJC, Raffensperger’s office “pushed out new software to each of the state’s 30,000 voting machines through hundreds of thumb-drives that experts say are prone to infection with malware.”

According to the article, the features that make this new software vulnerable to hacking would “not be detected without an audit after the election.” The software has a feature where voters verify their selections as a paper ballot and then the ballot is fed into an optical scanner by an election official. For reasons that are difficult to understand, the scanner doesn’t record the text of the ballot. Instead, it reads “an unencrypted quick response” or QR barcode that is indecipherable to the human eye.

That feature, according to the AJC, makes it possible either to tamper with individual voting machines or to infiltrate the state’s central election theory. In theory, hackers could alter the barcodes to change votes and there would be no way to detect the changes. 

What was the purpose of this software update? Why did Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger spend more than $100 million of taxpayer money to roll out the Dominion voting software at the same time that the Texas’ Secretary of State’s office released a report saying that the machines were vulnerable to manipulation?

And now look at the results:

Texas was deemed a battleground state, and yet without the help of the Dominion voting machines, Trump won Texas easily, winning 89% of Texas’ 254 counties. Governor Greg Abbott called the state for him on election night because there was just no ambiguity surrounding the results.

Powerful people in Georgia must have really wanted the DVS machines, since the DVS machines were rushed out in Georgia despite multiple objections that there was not enough time for a complete overhaul of the voting system before the March 24 presidential primary. According to the AJC, the rollout in Georgia was “the largest rollout of election equipment in US history.”

On Friday Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger certified the election results in Georgia after a recount that many Trump supporters viewed as largely useless as it simply recounted vote tallies that had not been audited. In a news conference at the State Capital on Friday, Raffensperger claimed his engineering background had led him to understand that “numbers don’t lie.”

There are some other numbers that are worth keeping in mind: Biden is said to have won the state of Georgia by just 12,670 votes. Biden, who has multiple times at major events referred to himself as “Joe Biden’s husband.”

Just as in Minnesota, this shift is anomalous, considering that in 2016 Trump carried the state of Georgia by 211,141. I have personally seen Biden at a rally in Atlanta calling himself “Kamala’s running mate.” I have watched him struggle to keep the crowd’s attention. Thanks to Dominion’s presence in every single county in Georgia, thanks to Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger pushing through the Dominion machines, and the Secretary of State’s office weakening the password protection just days before early voting, this state has been delivered to a corrupt man who can’t speak without a teleprompter and who skims off the top for his family at every turn.  

Anne-Christine Hoff is a proud American whose father lived through the propaganda of Nazi Austria. She considers the big lies being peddled today as dangerous as the ones peddled during the 1930s and 40s Nazi period. Her work has appeared in New English Review, American Thinker, Middle East Quarterly, and LifeSite News.  You can also find her political commentary on her YouTube channel Scarlet Pimpernella.

Image: Dominion

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Have Dem Fascists Illegally Grabbed the Presidency?

This is War!

By J. Robert Smith at American Thinker:

We are at war with enemies of liberty, domestic and foreign.  Domestic enemies are now pressing relentlessly.  Why shrink from the word “enemy,” the simple definition of which is “one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent.”  Who other are these warmakers?       

This war is much more than disputes over fraudulent elections, though that would be cause enough.  The Democratic Party is a means.  The new war has been imagined, developed, and phased in over decades by the left.  It’s unconventional, asymmetric, and cunning.  It’s insidious, and has been about stealth and infiltration more so than outright confrontation — until this year, when state shutdowns have been imposed to test the limits of tyranny… to gauge the level of tolerance of unconstitutional centralized rule over a free people.  Targeted violence has been employed in cities to engender angst, a sense of helplessness, and, consequently, to demoralize us.     

The left’s warfare — underwritten by coastal plutocrats, chiefly — is comprehensive.  The target now are our politics.  The aim is to capture our national and state governments.  Dominating the means of government nearly ensures its ends, which have nothing to do with our freedoms.  Capturing governments is an endpoint — the crowning achievement in the left’s long march. 

What would follow leftist consolidation of power in the United States is the hoped-for realization of the leftist-globalist dream of a “Great Reset,” whereby the United States is subsumed in some oligarchic-Marxist transnational utopia.  As the history of the last 100 years teaches us abundantly, the left’s quests for utopia resolve in hells.  The body count reaches into the millions, thanks to leftist slaughter.  

The new war has and is being waged principally against our culture — against our values, beliefs, and mores.  It has been and is against the fundamentals of a healthy, free, and civil society.  The assaults are against what’s organic to a vital society: marriage, family, and children, neighborhood and community.  The tissue, bone, and sinew of American society must be separated and destroyed for the enemy to reconstruct society according to its perverse vision.    

In the name of public health, our churches, synagogues, businesses, and schools suffer shutdowns at the whim of petty tyrants like Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio.  Tens of millions of Americans are injured as a result.  All of us have been injured by degrees in assaults on our God-given rights.  We’ve been forced to wear masks to “stop the spread,” but, in fact, to compel subservience. 

Our voices are increasingly silenced in social media.  The tech giants are imperious gatekeepers of speech; they’re eager facilitators of the gathering tyranny.  Step out of line and face restrictions or cancellation. 

Men and women who dare to speak out and dissent — or simply do their duties — are cruelly doxed.  Cancel culture — another means of censorship and punishment for noncompliance — spreads like cancer into corporations and organizations.  White Americans are unjustly branded racist.  Demands for reparations and calls for reverse discrimination are commonplace among “woke progressives.”

Leftists, and even establishment Democrats, call for “truth and reconciliation” commissions to force patriots to repudiate their support for President Trump and express fealty to leftism’s strictures.  Failure to comply will be met with punitive actions along the lines of communist China’s evolving — and sinister — social credit system.           

It’s good to understand where the leftist-oligarchs draw their intellectual firepower and conviction.  Three sources come readily to mind, all of whom have made critical contributions in modernizing Marxist war on America and Western Civilization.             

The assaults, in part, are rooted in the works of Marxist Italian intellectual, Antonio Gramsci, whose thinking is summed up:

The defining Gramscian concept is that of hegemony. This denotes a level of political domination that extends beyond control of a state or a parliament into the realm of culture and ideas.   

In the Frankfurt School — a school of thought — whose principals:

[snip] “are known for their brand of culturally focused neo-Marxist theory—a rethinking of classical Marxism updated to their socio-historical period. This proved seminal for the fields of sociology, cultural studies, and media studies.”  

And in Maoism.  Mao, who waged a pitiless Cultural Revolution using China’s youth as avengers.  Per Andrea Widburg

James David Banker’s article about the Cultural Revolution describes how schools were turned into places of propaganda rather than knowledge and how the indoctrinated students brutally turned on their teachers, their families, and their friends. 

The new war being waged has less to do with a classic Marxist focus on economics and wealth disparities.  It’s the totality of Western experience that’s in the crosshairs.  The evisceration of the West is the goal.  The left desires to strip away the protections a free society affords to rule our very souls.             

Many of us have termed what’s occurring here a cold civil war.  The last cold war the nation fought was a 45-year struggle against Russian communism.  It contained some of the elements we’re seeing in this civil war.  Disinformation, propaganda (the mainstream media’s domain), subterfuge, betrayal, and subversion, among other facets.  While the last cold war had enemies within, in this cold civil war the enemy within is diffuse, occupying positions of power in virtually every sector.  In fact, in sectors like tech, education, the media, arts and entertainment, whole populations are hostile to traditional America.

This enemy is formidable.  It’s entrenched with tentacles that reach throughout the country.  But we must keep in mind that American revolutionaries were up against a British Empire as formidable in its day.  But for God and the French, the Revolution would have likely foundered and failed.  Today, we still have God — and we have a growing righteous anger at the injustices being done us — but we await time and events to see if the equivalent of the French materializes.  Yet, we can say this with confidence: “If God is for us, who can be against us?”   

Military strategists will tell you there’s a tendency to fight the last war.  It’s a disastrous error.  To win this war, we must first accept that we are at war, that the enemy is real and homegrown, and grasp why and how it’s being waged against us.  We must resist the temptation to believe that the full-blown tyranny described really can’t happen here.  We’ve received no pass, no exemption.  We face the most perilous challenge ever to our liberties.  We must accept the reality of this fight and engage with steely resolve and vigor or perish as a free people.  

As Lincoln once remarked, “America will not be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” 

Though we prize our individuality, we must, compelled by circumstance, unite, fighting as one.  As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “We must hang together or, surely, we shall hang separately.”

Consider this: Perhaps the Good Lord, in His infinite wisdom, is allowing the threat of tyranny to arise on these shores precisely because we’ve been chosen to vanquish it.  Are we David to the left’s Goliath?  It’s also said that to whom much is given, much is expected.  We are now expected to bear the coming burdens — to willingly accept costs and sacrifices — to defeat an ancient enemy newly disguised, thereby restoring the fullest measure of freedom to our nation, and to again provide a beacon of liberty in a darkening world. 

J. Robert Smith can be found on Twitter @JRobertSmith1and Parler @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.           

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