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Trump You

By Andrew W. Coy at American Thinker:

Just a quick message from the Patriots to the Progressives…

* For those who said last summer’s deadly, violent, and felonious actions in our cities were “mostly nonviolent” exercises of free speech and democracy and at the same time called January 6 an insurrection by extremists who committed treason and sedition…Trump you.

* For those that think we will allow for Biden and the Progressives to cancel God, cancel  Sunday morning worship, and legislate the Bible as hate speech…Trump you.

* For those that think we will allow Progressive government to deny Second Amendment rights, create a shortage of ammo, make hunting rifles illegal, and take guns away from Trump states while allowing them to remain in Progressive cities…Trump you. 

* For those who thought it unconstitutional and unseemly to put military troops on our borders to prevent illegal immigration during the last four years but somehow believe it’s noble to use the military to protect, house, and transport these illegal aliens on military bases…Trump you. 

* To Major League Baseball, whose managers think it’s somehow wrong to write legislation to protect voter integrity, to make sure elections aren’t stolen, and to make sure Americans trust in the results of our national elections, and thus moved the All-Star Game out of Atlanta while the commissioner of MLB keeps his membership at The Masters — and by the way, it appears MLB is in negotiations for billions in revenue with the communist Chinese government (who puts its own people in internment camps)…Trump you.

* To the NBA that has gone all “woke” on systematic racism and social justice, while at the same time the officials and players have billion-dollar deals with the Chinese government (who has made slaves of its own people)…Trump you.

* To the Progressive media that lied, deceived, and created faux news against President Trump for six years, but now continuously covers up, ignores, and cancels negative news about the Biden administration…Trump you.

* For those in the Progressive media who never gave the Trump family a moment of peace and continually lied about the Trump family, and who are now covering up the multitude of reported felonies committed by Hunter Biden…Trump you.

* To those in the Progressive media who lied for years about President Trump being a spy, dupe, and puppet of the Russian Putin government but now totally ignore the probable blackmail information that the Chinese government has on Biden, Hunter, and the Biden family…Trump you.

* To CNN, which has lied, deceived, and created faux narratives about Florida’s governor DeSantis but continues to block for and propagandize false positive information about New York’s Cuomo and California’s Newsom…Trump you.

* To Nancy Pelosi, who thought it unconstitutional to use our military to put down the murderous insurrections last summer by the likes of Antifa and BLM but now still to this day uses the military to surround the People’s House — the Capitol Building — for her own protection and convenience…Trump you.

* To the folks who wear “My Body My Choice” shirts in their support of abortions at any time, any place, and during any part of the pregnancy but mock and ridicule people who say  “My Body My Choice” when it comes to them refusing the COVID vaccine…Trump you.

* To the American Civil Liberties Union, who in our history stood up for free speech, open expression, and varied opinions and discourse (especially where it’s controversial), but now the ACLU says nothing, absolutely nothing when it comes to our cancel culture, our burning books, muted free speech, destroyed careers, and our indoctrination of politically correct Orwellian speech…a big Trump you.  You guys in the ACLU should know better, and you have failed wickedly. 

* To the “woke” community that now says wanting a “colorblind” society and that somehow quoting the exact words from Dr Martin Luther King is now racist…Trump you.

* To the Progressives who want to raise taxes on red-state citizens to make up revenue to cover the failures and waste of blue-state leadership…Trump you.

* To the globalists who believe that it is simultaneously possible for America to be a welfare state and a borderless nation that survives (which has never happened in human history, ever)…Trump you.

* To the FBI/CIA/NSA leadership in D.C. that proved the last four years that you are no longer neutral, you are a part of the Deep State, and we can no longer fully trust you…Trump you.  What leadership in the agencies are now doing would make J. Edgar Hoover blush. 

* To the leadership of the U.S. military establishment in D.C. — not the soldiers, but the political class in leadership — who did not support your commander in chief and undercut and sabotaged his efforts every chance you got the last four years…Trump you.

* To the U.S. Supreme Court who refused to hear any and all legitimate evidence with regard to obvious voter fraud, voter integrity, and voter abnormalities of the 2020 election, because of cowardness or crookedness or compromising behavior…Trump you.

* To the political leadership of our cities that told our police officers to “stand down” while our cities burned, people were killed, and voters were intimidated, much like Kristallnacht in Germany of the early 1930s…Trump you.

* To the Big Tech oligarchs who have made billions of dollars off the American people and American working class and now censure the populists’ opinions, points of view, and speech without a moments thought of the Constitution…Trump you.

* To the university presidents that are now allowing for race-based dorms, classes, fraternities, and even race-based graduation ceremonies…Trump you.

* To Fauci and the rest of the Deep State experts who have given President Trump no credit and no accolades for “Operation Warp Speed” in getting the China virus vaccine created in record time…Trump you. 

* To the RINO leadership of politicians, consultants, and Deep State turncoats, we will never go back to the Romneys and McCains.  Trump you.

* And finally, to the Progressives who think we are going to allow you to steal, cheat,  and bully your way into winning the off-year elections of 2022 and the presidential election of 2024…never again, and Trump you.

Image: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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Our Sinking America Tries to Challenge THE ATHEISTIC FASCISTS OF OUR DAY!

Red States: Our Last Bastion of Defense

By Richard Moss at American Thinker:

These are treacherous times.  Our principal institutions have been overtaken by the left.  However dysfunctional and disturbed they may be, leftists rule us, and they grow more authoritarian and imperious as we speak. 

The latest example of their audacity and command of our dominant institutions is the response to Georgia’s modest election law (S.B. 202 or the Election Integrity Act).  It included ID requirements for mail-in ballots, banned the practice of giving food or water to voters in line at polling stations, limited the number of “drop boxes,” and shortened early voting, none of which was racial or restrictive in the least.  But the carefully orchestrated mass rollout of hair-on-fire outrage was classic leftist agitprop, perfected through the decades.  So absurd were the accusations that, absent an utterly compliant press, a political movement could never get away with it.

Shortly after Governor Brian Kemp signed the bill into law, President Joe Biden on ESPN referred to it as “Jim Crow on steroids” and supported Major League Baseball moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, where it was scheduled this year.  MLB rolled over instantly.  This year’s summer classic also planned to honor the memory of Hank Aaron, one of baseball’s greatest players, who passed away recently and played with the Atlanta Braves.  That Hank Aaron was a black man and that Atlanta is a heavily black-majority city that would be negatively impacted by the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars seemed not an afterthought.  Biden later called the bill “sick,” “un-American,” and an “atrocity.”  Former president Barack Obama agreed with the sentiments, as did the entire Democrat party apparatus and its poodle media. 

American Airlines and Southwest came out against a similar such election bill in Texas. 

The various election laws passing through Republican states are a result of the election debacle that occurred on November 3, 2020.  Particularly in battleground states, election laws were unlawfully changed in the lead-up to the election because of lawsuits by Democrat lawyers, generally bypassing the state legislatures, who constitutionally have the final say on election law.  Criticisms by leftist groups and the Democrat party invariably accuse the bills of being “restrictive” and causing “voter suppression,” by which they mean the suppression of blacks and other minorities. 

The bills did nothing of the kind.  They were intended to prevent election fraud, which Democrats depended on to win elections. 

The over-the-top reaction to the Georgia legislation was merely a prelude to the passage of the “For the People Act” (H.R. 1 and S. 1), in which Democrats at the federal level, engaging in typical doublespeak, seek to nationalize election law and enshrine the changes they engineered in 2020 in perpetuity, thus ensuring a one-party nation under Democrat rule forever. 

How should conservatives respond?

It is up to the states. 

The response should be vigorous and unapologetic.  Each state dominated by Republicans, where Republicans hold both houses of the state Legislature, of which there are 31, and then the trifecta, which would also include the governorship (24 such states), should pass election integrity laws.  All should eliminate unsolicited mail-in ballots, something done unnecessarily because of COVID, but allow for “absentee” ballots, as always, which must be verified well in advance with proper explanation (illness, disabled, out of state, in the military).  Eliminate same-day registration and motor-voter registration.  Abolish computer systems.  Return to paper ballots, hand-counted with poll-watchers from both parties present.  Require proof of citizenship.  Limit early voting to two weeks, or consider eliminating it all together.  Mandate one election “day,” as was standard until relatively recently, not election “season.”  Declare it a holiday.  Clean up voter rolls regularly.  And, of course, mandate photo ID, something that for Democrats, is akin to daylight for vampires. 

The Democrats may never win a national election again.

But there is more.

No longer can conservatives sit by and allow companies and sports entities, professional or otherwise, to bully and abuse us.  It is time for red states to pass “anti-bullying” legislation against the left and its corporate minions.  Any company, sports entity, and individual athlete or celebrity who disrespects our nation and flag or threaten to or implement a boycott of a red state for passing entirely legitimate legislation should be banned from all future and existing state contracts, tax breaks, set-asides, anti-trust protections (where appropriate), and further business dealings with the state.  Legislation considered within the purview of the state, wholly reasonable, would contain laws and protections involving religious liberty and protecting children and students from the various and sundry depredations of leftist theories and policies, including such gems as transgenderism and Critical Race Theory, bogus refugee and illegal alien resettlement, and ensuring the integrity of our elections.  Consider also forbidding companies, athletes, sports leagues, and entities that have business ties with China’s totalitarian regime from business relations or other benefits, tax breaks, and contracts with the state.  Attorneys general of red states should aggressively pursue litigation against left-wing corporations that infringe on the rights of their states’ citizens, including the enforcement of speech codes; “canceling” individuals who espouse conservative or traditional beliefs; and otherwise prohibiting normal, free, and open expression.  Similarly, they should file suits against corporations that engage in boycotts and threats against the state.

Red states must coordinate their efforts as the left does to be more formidable.  In particular, states like Texas and Florida, with their large populations and economic clout and with supportive governors — notably, Ron DeSantis of Florida — can take the lead, but any state so inclined can move aggressively.  Finally, Republican officials at all levels, state and federal, should demand that woke corporate hypocrites boycott the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

The conservative, pro-founding, pro-American, nationalist movement has for decades been inattentive to our culture and commanding organs.  As a result, it has largely ceded them to the left who have been diligently infiltrating them.  They have completed their long march through our institutions and now control them, as they do the nation.  But we still have power at the state level.  We must fight back as viciously as the left using the tools that we have. 

That means the red states.

It is time to save the country, if it is to be saved at all.

 Richard Moss, M.D., a surgeon practicing in Jasper, IN, was a candidate for Congress in 2016 and 2018.  He has written A Surgeon’s Odyssey and Matilda’s Triumph, available on amazon.com.  Contact him at richardmossmd.com or Richard Moss, M.D. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

OH! The Joy of the Fall of the Soviet Union in 1990. Isn’t It Time We Americans Begin to Work With Russians as ALLIES?

Russia and the New Middle East: Russia’s Predicaments both Foreign and Domestic

By Ted Belman and Alex Maistrovoy at American Thinker:

Russia is beset with predicaments both foreign and domestic.

Three alliances have been formed in the Middle East with which Russia must contend:

  • Iran and its puppets in Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen;
  • Turkey, Pakistan and Qatar, which support radical Islamic groups, most importantly, the Muslim Brotherhood;
  • Israel and moderate Arab regimes (Abrahamic Jewish-Arab Alliance).

Russia maintains the balance of power among these three alliances, in order  to advance its own interests, exactly as the European powers did during their heyday in the 19th century.

One of her main tasks is ousting the United States from the region and simultaneously putting pressure on Washington in the global geopolitical games. (See addendum below) It is calculating, calibrated and clever realpolitik, contrasting with America’s ignorant, chaotic and inconsistent politics based on ideological, mercantile or personal preferences.

Israel is holding back the ambitions of both Iran and Turkey. This is a good thing from Russia’s point of view. In Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean, Israel is allied with the UAE, Egypt and Greece, which are holding back Erdogan. On a different front, Israel is cooperating against Iran and its proxies with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain on all levels. 

Russia is absolutely not interested in the victory of either Iran or Turkey. Below we will explain why Moscow sees the success of these states as a direct threat to itself.

The current alliance with the Oriental despots — Turkey and Iran — is not durable. Historically, Moscow’s relations with these countries have fluctuated in the “cold peace” – “hot war” range. We should remember that Moscow has a long and bloody history of relations with both of them, and all the peoples of Eurasia have a good memory.


Justice and Development Party of Recep Erdogan is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which spreads its ideology among Muslims in North Caucasus, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. The birth rate among the Muslims of Russia significantly exceeds the birth rate of the Slavic population, and in addition to this, gigantic masses of Muslim migrants from Central Asia rush to the Russian megalopolis.

In 2019 Muslim spiritual leader in Russia Mufti Rawil Gaynutdin said that in a decade and a half, up to 30% of Russia’s population will be Muslim. According to Archpriest Dimitri Smirnov, one of the leading figures of the Russian Orthodox Church, “We, as a Russian state, have 30 years left only …. Muslims will live in the European part, and the Chinese in the Asian part.”

The religiousness of Russian Muslims is much higher than that of the Russians themselves.  A militant Islam is rapidly infiltrating through the “soft underbelly” of Russia: the Volga region with ancient Russian cities Izhevsk, Cheboksary, Ufa, Penza, Saransk, and, of course, Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, a large scientific and industrial center in the country.

After the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, “Ikhwan al-Muslimun,” was gaining power, Russia’s Supreme Court was forced to ban it in Russia.

A nationalist Islamist group, Tatar Youth Union, “Azatlyk” (Freedom) has been operating in Tatarstan since 2013. It strives to reestablish ancient Tatar Khanate. Turkey supports Tatar nationalist movements here and in Crimea.

Erdogan favors Ukraine in its dispute with Russia about the future of Crimea.

The interests of Turkey and Russia have collided practically everywhere in the Middle East — from Syria to Libya, and now in the Caucasus. Moscow is extremely concerned about the strengthening of Turkey here and the appearance of jihadist groups in the Karabakh region during the current Armenian-Azerbaijan dust up.

Recently, the Turkish TV channel TGRT, which is considered close to Recep Erdogan, showed a map forecasting the expansion of Ankara’s sphere of influence. This map included not only Greece, the Balkans, Northern Africa and practically all the Middle East, Transcaucasia and Central Asia but even part of Russia itself, including Crimea, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, Rostov and Astrakhan Regions, Kalmykia, other regions of southern Russia, as well as the Donbass Republics of the DPR and LPR in Ukraine.


What about Iran? From the very beginning Iran was a conditional ally of the Kremlin. Moscow used political and military assistance to the Islamic Republic as a lever of pressure on Washington and a tool to assert its influence in Syria.  At the same time, the pro-government media and the Russian expert community have never concealed their skepticism towards this country.

“Russia is a secular state advocating a secular Syria … Iran is focused on strengthening and spreading Shiite influence. 

“Second, Iran regards Israel as its worst enemy, while Russia cooperates moderately with it on security issues. 

“Third, despite the cooperation on Syria, Moscow and Tehran, in fact, continue to remain competitors not only in the Middle East, but in Central Asia and the Caspian,”

wrote in the popular newspaper Rosbalt in 2017.

And there is the most significant argument:

“Iran and Russia are competitors in the hydrocarbon market, and the Iran does not hide its determination to increase oil production, thereby blocking a large segment of the European market from Russia”.

By other words, in certain circumstances Moscow would even be glad to eliminate its rival.

In the context of the dramatic history between two countries (from the assassination famous Russian diplomat and poet Griboyedov in the 19th century by the Persians to the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran in August 1941), such cooperation looks quietly problematic in the long term.

Friction between the two semi-allies is escalating. On September 30, 2020 Russian Lieutenant General Sergey Chvarkov called for a reduction in the Iranian presence in Syria. He said:

“Further large-scale penetration of Iran into Syria will create a number of serious obstacles to the promotion of reforms and the development of the political process in Syria, and will lead to complications in relations with Israel, the USA, Turkey and the Sunni Arab countries”.

The assassination of former pro-Russian militia commander Muhammad al-Masri in early September was, as it appears, the result of a struggle for influence in Syria.

Thus, Russia’s alliance with its eastern neighbors is an alliance of enemies, and nothing more.

Thus, both Turkey and Iran pose a serious threats to the internal stability and integrity of Russia.

And not only them.


China is no less a threat to the Russians in the near future.

Since the 17th century, Russia has constantly clashed with China in the Far East. The first Sino-Russian border conflicts occurred in 1649-1689.

The last hostilities were conducted in 1969 in the area of Damansky Island on the Ussuri River. Russia is well aware of China’s territorial claims, as well as the economic penetration of the Chinese in the Far East and Siberia. The demographic situation in this area is rapidly changing in favor of China.

According to Evgeny Bazhanov, Vice-Rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry,

“… they [the Chinese] continue to believe, it can be read in their textbooks, that once the lands from Lake Baikal and to the East were in the sphere of influence of China and only then came to Russia”.

According to Vice-President of the Center for Political Technologies Sergei Mikheev,

“if Chinese migration continues at the same pace, then the number of Chinese may reach such a figure that they will demand representation in government. As a result, Russia will be forced to adjust its domestic policy to the interests of China.”

Beijing pays cash bonuses to Chinese who marry Russian women, and the bonus increases when children are born. Vladimir Putin:

“If in the near future we do not take practical steps to develop the Far East, within several decades, the Russian population will speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean.”

Despite the peace-loving rhetoric about Russian-Chinese friendship, fear of a powerful giant in the East is growing in the country. “[in Moscow] began to be seriously afraid of China” – Russia underestimated the military ambitions of Beijing,” the analytical publication IA REGNUM writes.

In Russia, the joke is becoming more and more popular: “Everything is calm on the Sino-Finnish border…”.

For Moscow, an alliance with the West would be much safer and much more desirable than a “marriage of convenience” with China, Turkey and Iran, on terms of course that the USA and Europe do not interfere in the internal affairs of Russia and its “Near abroad”.

The USA could, for its own benefit, follow the path of Kissinger – but this time to unite with Moscow against the growing and ambitious China. In such case, Russia could have joined the US alliance with Japan, India, Australia, Taiwan and South Korea. This would make it possible to block the spread of China’s influence.

Unfortunately, the policy of the United States, especially of the Democrats, makes such a scenario impossible. Instead, the West tries to dictate to the Kremlin, imposes its will on it and undermines the interests of Moscow in its “backyard”.

Therefore, Russia is interested in dragging the United States even more into the quagmire of Middle East and international conflicts, in order to weaken and exhaust it as much as possible and distract from the Russian “Near Abroad.” But at the same time, Moscow will further push the US to withdraw from the Middle East. One does not exclude the other. On contrary, one goal complements the other.

As can be seen from the above, Russia has many predicaments to deal with and the US just adds to their burdens.

It follows that as the Biden administration creates daylight between the US and Israel, Russia will be there to fill the void.


Maistrovoy wrote: “One of its main tasks is ousting the United States from the region and simultaneously putting pressure on Washington in the global geopolitical games”

Belman: I don’t understand why this would make it better for Russia. Wouldn’t Russia prefer the US as a partner in Syria rather than Iran.

Maistrovoy: Hypothetically, of course, Russia would no doubt prefer cooperation with the US as a partner in Syria rather than Iran. But in reality, Biden and his administration, as we know, does not want to cooperate with Russia, but on the contrary, makes all sorts of problems.

Belman:  If Biden continues to court Iran, Turkey and China, would Russia not want to court the US.

Maistrovoy:  Russia will not court the United States in any case — this is not the mentality of the Russians, and it is not the mentality of Putin. On the contrary, he will use the rest of the players to weaken the United States. And since the United States is extremely inconsistent, clumsy and inept in world politics, Russia will oust them.

Belman: Or would Russia expect the US to align with each of these countries at Russia’s expense?

Maistrovoy: They will never unite against Russia, because they do not trust the United States in general and Biden in particular. All the more so when the United States reads them moral teachings about democracy, human rights, etc.

Belman: If Russia brought to the table a Syria willing to abandon Iran for the Gulf states, It would be a big bargaining chip.

Maistrovoy: Yes, in theory. In practice, the United States makes Russia its main enemy. How, after that, could Russia be brought to the table? Why would it abandon Iran if Iran poses a threat to America? Russians act on the simple principle: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

China, Turkey and Iran are only temporary allies of Russia. Russia needs them to ease American pressure, nothing more. Today America is the main enemy of Russia, because it seeks to change the Russian regime. It is very, very dangerous for Putin. This leaves Russia no choice but to go with Asian countries. But all of them are not her strategic friends in any way.

Photo credit: Dmitri Sevastopol Pixabay License

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NOTE FROM GLENN: I once was reliably fluent in Russian, speaking in the USSR with a “tsarist” tongue. After all, my major instructors of Russian from 1952 -60 had fled for their lives to America! Their Manchurian homes were stolen by the world’s greatest killer of all time, when that fascist murderer Mao Tse Tung captured China and territory in the late 1940s.

My tsarist tongue was unknown to USSR Soviets of 1966…..Stalin had managed to kill about all of the then educated Russians who dared to remain “home” during his decades of purging. Today’s Americans are stupid regarding this Soviet past. Instead, they elected Joe Biden in 2020 and began Black Lives Matter and Antifa for Stalin Starters.

American citizens these days are mentally vacant of such histories of our recent past. Our universities and colleges began their fascist Soviet style love for leftism in the 1970s causing the source of today’s Biden empty-headed strive to dictatorship from Washington. …..and the end of our American the Beautiful forever!

In 1966 the Soviet citizens I came across in Moscow, Leningrad, Rostov and Sochi, wouldn’t speak to folks with a foreign tongue or look in public. They hardly ever spoke in public among themselves for fear of disappearing into Siberia, for the secret police was about everywhere where people gathered.

On my first day in that USSR, I was smart enough to slip into the silent masses in Leningrad by buying the Soviet uniform of common Soviet man….white shirt with black trousers….I quickly became well received as it turned out, received with common Russian folk out on the streets….as long as we could speak in public as ONE…..all resulting from wearing my white shirt, black pants, and my guts to interfere will local Soviet silence in public, SPEAKING WITH SUCH A BEAUTIFUL RUSSIAN TONGUE…as they’d confess why the dared to agree to talk with me in public in the first place.

Today’s Americans don’t speak to their neighbors anymore where I live among the Minneapolis, Minnesota masses these days. They are lonely and isolated…and don’t speak any politics in public because in the masses they produce, Democrats have owned the states’ leftist fascistic show now for at least two decades.


IGNORANCE OF THE AMERICAN UNDER AGE FORTY, ESPECIALLY THE ‘collegiate’ seems to be universal….including the greedies in the Big Tech fascist crowds.

I was in Kiev in October, 1990, invited to join a group of Minnesota gals in Anoka County who had collected a great deal of money TO TAKE TO THE SOVIET UNION….NOR FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES, BUT FOR JUDEOCHRISTIAN PURPOSES….

They had collected a great deal of money to help the survivors of that horrible Chernobyl disaster earlier that year. They insisted upon delivering the funds directly to a couple hospitals in the Kiev area where hundreds of thousands of victims were struggling for life. The Soviets, in the eve of the Communist dictatorship, agreed.

I have never met more wonderful, more aware people of their state of affairs, than the countless Russian groups I was able to speak to in 1966 and again in 1990….wonderful folks who knew the evil in their fascist country.


Fascist America’s Attack on Minneapolis Police Officer Continues! Let us Pray for the Truth of the Matter! THE CRIMINAL CAUSED HIS OWN DEMISE!!

Another, Clearer Take on the Chauvin Trial

By Clarice Feldman at American Thinker:

I leave it to you to decide why, from the Trayvon Martin case to the George Floyd case, the media has so consistently misrepresented the facts. Whether it is that unskilled reporters are covering these matters, or that the press is simply looking to attract consumers with florid tales, or that the media looks forward to destroying urban areas with false tales of murderous white racists (amid a shortage of real ones), I cannot say. But it was shocking to me to get letters from heads of very good independent schools who had bought completely into the initial media accounts of an out-of-control white cop deliberately murdering a black suspect in his custody. It occurred to me then that if people like these could be sold the false narrative, officer Derek Chauvin was surely in for a judicial lynching.

Once again, I turn to Legal Insurrection, which has consistently provided the most detailed and reliable accounts of high-profile trials and warn readers away from the AP, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and TV and cable news if you have any respect for truth. (I’d also note that it is my experience that reporters’ deadlines often conflict with the way trials proceed, so that too often the prosecution (or in civil matters, the plaintiff) case is presented just before deadline and the cross examination occurs too late to be covered in that day’s edition, leaving only a false, one-sided version of the day’s action.)

There, a highly-skilled defense counsel, Andrew Branca, has been monitoring the trial and has posted so far nine daily accounts of the trial proceeding. Like me, Branca feels the publishing deadlines overvalue the direct testimony and underrate cross examination.

On Saturday, William A. Jacobson, the owner of the site, provided a wrap-up of the trial coverage to date. Here are the key points:

(1 [T]he widely accepted narrative that Chauvin kept his ‘knee on the neck’ for 9 minutes has been thoroughly debunked by the prosecution’s own witnesses and the body cams. There was pressure by Chauvin’s knee, but it was not continuously on the neck, and was mostly on the back and shoulders, according to prosecution medical witness testimony. Recognizing this evidentiary problem, the prosecution case has shifted from the initial several trial days of claiming that pressure from the knee to the carotid artery cut off blood flow to the brain causing loss of oxygen and inability to breathe, a claim rejected by the prosecution’s own medical experts, to a broader claim that Floyd being restrained while handcuffed in the prone position with pressure from multiple officers impaired his ability to inhale.

There are very significant evidentiary problems ignored or misrepresented in the mainstream media as to (1) cause of death, (2) whether Chauvin caused the death, (3) whether the force used by Chauvin was unlawful, and for some counts, (4) Chauvin’s intent. People who only read the mainstream media coverage of the case are ignorant of these issues.
2. The use of force was reasonable under the circumstances. Floyd was larger and heavier than the arresting officer, was resisting arrest, and complaining of being unable to breathe even as they tried to seat him in the squad car.
3. Floyd was high (on three times a fatal dose of fentanyl) and foaming at the mouth and had earlier experienced some of the same symptoms from a drug overdose for which he had been hospitalized.
4. Both fentanyl and amphetamine pills were found in the squad car where he had briefly been placed:
To the extent the drugs ingested by Floyd also contained methamphetamine, however (and we know that the found pills contained both), then they also contained a stimulant, which could explain Floyd’s energized state in forcibly resisting lawful arrest against multiple officers for some 10 minutes.
The meth would also explain why Floyd’s pupils didn’t demonstrate the pin-prick constrictions of fentanyl overdose but were instead dilated — a condition the state used to argue, again, that it could not have been fentanyl that killed Floyd — the dilation would be induced by the meth component of the drugs.
All of this, of course, suggests an alternative cause of death other than Chauvin’s knee, and that is the self-induced overdose of Floyd via that pill ingestion on May 25.
5. The widely viewed video that seemed to show Chauvin had pressed against Floyd’s neck was misleading because of the camera’s perspective. The body cam which had been in the custody of Minnesota authorities revealed that his knee was on Floyd’s shoulder. That is consistent with the autopsy finding that his carotid artery had not been compressed nor had he died of asphyxiation. This should be a consistent warning again of overreacting to videos of disputed events — camera angles can provide misleading versions. Curious, isn’t it, that the government has had this exculpatory evidence in its possession all this time and only produced when required to for this trial, not earlier when it might have checked the rioting?
6. [T]he use of pressure and body weight to restrain a suspect was adopted by the MPD because it was a lesser intensity of force than the prior practice of using strikes — either barehanded, or with batons, or even with weighted gloves — to compel compliance. [snip]
The take home message for the jury is that Chauvin’s knee, far from being a public execution in a public street, was a lesser force than would otherwise have been required.
7. Angry bystanders interfered with the officers’ ability to control Floyd and obtain more quickly medical treatment for him. In effect, they at least contributed to his death.

More colorful than Branca’s daily accounts is Ann Coulter’s who refers to Chauvin as a “white sacrifice.” 

She begins what we knew months ago but was buried in most press accounts:

 In lieu of citing some B.S. media “fact check,” I shall quote directly from the autopsy report by the Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner, Andrew Baker:

“No life-threatening injuries identified —

“A. No facial, oral mucosal, or conjunctival petechiae

“B. No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures

“C. No scalp soft tissue, skull, or brain injuries

“D. No chest wall soft tissue injuries, rib fractures (other than a single rib fracture from CPR), vertebral column injuries, or visceral injuries

“E. Incision and subcutaneous dissection of posterior and lateral neck, shoulders, back, flanks, and buttocks negative for occult trauma”

In short: No bloodshot eyes and no trauma to any part of Floyd’s neck.

And yet, day after day, prosecutors, witnesses, and the media tell us that Chauvin “squeezed the life out of” Floyd. The medical evidence establishes that whatever else caused his death, it was NOT asphyxiation.

She reminds us that in the middle of jury selection the city of Minneapolis gave the Floyd family a $27 million settlement, certainly telegraphing to the jury that their already scorched and torched city would see a repeat if he is not found guilty. Of what we don’t know, the prosecution seems to be stuck on the notion that Chauvin’s treatment of Floyd, already suffering cardiac problems and high on a threefold fatal ingestion of fentanyl (plus amphetamines), makes him guilty of something, and, at the moment, that “something” seems to be having pinned Floyd’s shoulder to the ground four minutes longer than absolutely necessary.

Equally colorful is her description of one of the prosecution’s witnesses, Genevieve Hansen

So Genevieve, the state’s star witness on what the cops did wrong, testified that she would have done pretty much everything the officers did. But she would have been a lot bossier about it.

As much as Genevieve’s one year with the fire department made her an expert on when a police officer should begin chest compressions, the Minneapolis Police Department’s own experts directly contradicted her this week. These were, again, prosecution witnesses.

On Tuesday, Lt. Johnny Mercil, the MDP’s use-of-force trainer, and Officer Nicole Mackenzie, the MPD’s medical support coordinator, testified that it would be appropriate not to provide care to a suspect who had just been fighting with officers, or in the presence of a hostile crowd.

Chauvin had both those circumstances.

Trying to do damage control, the prosecutor asked Officer Mackenzie to define a “hostile” crowd. She said, “a growing contingent of people around, if they’re yelling, being even verbally abusive to those trying to provide scene security.”

Hey — remember those weeping bystanders last week? Their own testimony confirmed that they were “yelling and even being verbally abusive to those trying to provide scene security.”

I don’t see how the city, whose own actions contributed to this case, can avoid more rioting no matter how the case is resolved — either in protest of a not guilty verdict or in celebration of a guilty verdict. Indeed, the geniuses there initially planned to hire six “social media influencers” to fight “misinformation” about the case but have dropped that plan.

And the Washington Post, disseminator of so much false information about the case, ran a piece by its columnist Margaret Sullivan attacking Coulter and Tucker Carlson’s emphasis on Floyd’s drugged state as an attack on the victim, comparing to those who claim a rape victim “asked for it.” She can’t understand why we are concerned about “mob justice.” Of course, she can’t. Her paper helped light the match to Minneapolis.

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I know, it is a silly question. But seriously, some news items over the weekend really make me wonder.

First up, the New York Times—a former newspaper, as Andrew Klavan likes to remind us—has run an “explainer” about the growing universe of potential personal pronouns. The first expansion took us up to something like 60 or so, but now we have moved on to “neopronouns” (seriously), which takes us way beyond “nonbinary” pronouns to a domain that appears infinitely expandable, as this chart suggests:

I can’t make heads or tails of the story, which includes these “neopronoun” choices:

“I chose my bink/bonk pronouns because they remind me of clowns. Clowns and harlequin dolls make me very happy.”

 “I chose the ones I use as I feel a connection to them, EG vamp/vamp pronouns — I feel a connection to vampires and that in a way feels connected to my gender.”

Curiously, I can’t find a comment thread for this story on the Times website, and I’ll bet that is not an oversight. I used to joke that I was going to adopt as my pronoun “Grand Master of the Universe” or somesuch, but I’m sure I’m way behind the curve. I may have to start an “anti-noun” movement, which refers to all persons as “human.” What a concept.

Next up, David “Boss” Hogg, the parkland shooting survivor who has appointed himself the Conscience of the World (though I’m not sure he’s adopted that as his neopronoun yet). You may recall that he was so offended by “My Pillow” guy Mike Lindell that he set out to launch a “progressive” pillow company back in January.

The predictable thing has happened, and it’s only April. Here’s his Twitter thread announcing the news:

1: A couple weeks ago, a very spontaneous interaction over Twitter between me and William LeGate led to us trying to start a progressive pillow company. 

2: The goal was and still is to create a great pillow that is sustainably produced in domestic unionized factories and have a percentage of those profits benefit progressive social causes. 

3: We were met with immediate and overwhelming support. But I soon realized that given my activism, schoolwork, and family commitments, I could not give 100% to being a full time co-founder at Good Pillow 

4: After many discussions with William and my friends, family and mentors, I made the good faith decision to allow William to bring our vision to life without me. 

5: That vision remains an ethical company that produces products that people need while creating good union paying jobs and supporting social causes at the same time.

6: I am incredibly appreciative of those family and friends who reached out to support me, and am thankful for those who supported me in this vision. 

7: Effective immediately, I have resigned and released all shares, any ownership and any control of Good Pillow LLC. I want to thank Will for his partnership and wish him absolutely nothing but success with the future of Good Pillow. 

8: The reasons for my departure rest entirely with me and my own personal commitments and I truly wish Will nothing but the best. 

9: Over the next several months, I will be taking some time to focus on my studies in college and advance the gun violence prevention movement with March For Our Lives and personally. 

10: While now may not be the best time for me, I do deeply believe it is incumbent on our country’s businesses to do no harm and empower the communities in
which they serve. 

11: Serving as an advocate and activist is just one (major) part of my life. I do hope to one day shape our global community to become more aware, progressive and equitable through social entrepreneurship and other avenues in the future.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, one must have a heart of stone to read this without laughing. Progressives can’t even win a pillow fight. But give Hogg this much: he’s well on his way to a brilliant career at the New York Times editorial page, which is where I predict he will end up after Harvard.

Finally, amidst questions about what, exactly, Vice President Harris is doing about the immigration crisis at the southern border, the White House is issuing acres of word salads about how they are focused on the “root causes” of the migrant problem, as though people are still living in 1967 and believed “root cause” nonsense. From NBC News:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has fielded frequent questions on whether Harris’ role includes addressing the current situation on the southern border, while aides to the vice president have quickly shot down suggestions that Harris is focused on anything other than tackling the root causes of migration in Mexico and the “Northern Triangle” countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. . .

White House aides have expressed some frustration with the situation, saying reporters were too willing to conflate the root causes of migration with the situation at the border, leading to initial confusion when Harris’ role was first announced. Harris’ role, aides point out, was advertised as a diplomatic mission from the start. . .

Some White House officials have also argued that part of the confusion around Harris’ role is rooted in the challenge of explaining to the American public the various reasons why people are seeking asylum — ranging from climate disasters to violence and poverty — especially after President Donald Trump spent his time in office demonizing migrants arriving at the southern border.

Today’s LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGES Are Owned by Fems who don’t care about TRUTH. THEY CARE ABOUT FEELINGS!

Have you ‘adulted’ today?

By Eric Utter at American Thinker:

Colleges across the fruited plain are now offering classes that will teach students how to perform basic adult tasks. These “adulting” courses will show students how to properly do things such as wash and dry clothes, dress professionally, tie a tie, clean, cook, and pay bills on time.  (Hint: Pay your bills on time.)  Some even attempt to illustrate proper etiquette when eating, a skill sorely lacking among most younger folks today.  As you might have guessed, these “adulting” classes and workshops are being offered primarily at tech and trade schools and community colleges, not the elite Indoctrination Centers of the Ivy League, Big Ten, Pac 12 and the like.  That’s too bad, as they are vastly more beneficial to the world at large than classes on intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, and gender studies.

It is hard to fathom how we arrived at the point where even the most basic “skills” have to be taught outside the family unit to young adults aged 18–22.  Yet the need is apparently so great that Amazon even offers a 16-month “I Adulted!” calendar with more than 100 full-color “Stickers for Grown-Ups” to mark such landmark achievements as “I wasn’t late!” and “I took a shower today!”

The calendar is available for just $9.99 (get a sticker if you “Paid for It Myself!”) and has thus far received a 4.8 out of 5 rating by reviewers.  (“I Reviewed Something Online Today!”)

Perhaps you know someone from Generation Z who actually made his bed today, or a Millennial who washed her cereal bowl?  Why let such magnificent daily accomplishments go unrewarded?  Why not give them an “I Adulted!” calendar replete with the 100-plus colorful stickers?

Young adults, if you’ve cooked for yourself, emptied the litter box, or brushed your teeth today, don’t you want to give yourself some well earned recognition?  Sure you do!

So, go ahead and proudly post your virtue-signaling messages: “I changed my underwear!”  “I knew how much change I was supposed to get back when paying for my latte!”  “I wrote cursive!”  “I was able to tell time on an old, non-digital, round-faced clock!”  “I only played on my Xbox for two hours today!”  “I didn’t let my pants hang down to my thighs!”  “I didn’t smoke a doobie today…well, not a whole one anyway!”  “Like, I read something today!”  “I’m 36, and I don’t live with my parents!”

Or maybe, “I learned about Cato and Cicero today!”  Fat chance.  But we can dream, can’t we?