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Are Today’s Black Lives Matter Fascists Now and Forever? “It Bears Mentioning!”


The roots of this notion polluting our schools that it’s racist to make a black student actually answer the question.

by John McWhorter…… It Bears Mentioning

The organization 1776Unites, founded by my mentor and model Bob Woodson, has tweeted out a video where various black people decry a now fashionable idea that “whiteness” includes being smart. As in, precise, objective, fond of the written word, oriented towards dispassion, on time.

Those things are all manifestations of intelligence, vigilance, discipline. But according to our Elect folk, we black people are best off channeling our Crazy Badass Mothafucka. Because that’s more “authentic.” And, I get the feeling, fun to watch.

Because so many think that the battle that I and others are waging against Critical Race Theory’s transmogrification into education for children is an obsession with something that isn’t a real problem, I want to explore a bit. Someone I deeply respect not long ago surmised to me that the idea that black kids should be exempt from real standards is something being promulgated via mere paper “handouts,” and that the real problem is censorship from the right. I just don’t think so.

First, watch this, the 1776Unites video. Just a few minutes.

And now, as to what we are referring to, it starts actually before last summer. I knew something was really wrong when in 2019 at a conference in New York City for the city’s principals and superintendents, participants were presented with an idea that to teach with sensitivity to race issues meant keeping certain issues in mind.

These included ways of looking at things that are “white” rather than correct: namely, objectivity, individualism, and valuing the written word. Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza was fine with this, happily telling the media that it’s white people’s job to do the “work” of identifying the racist assumptions in how they go about their business.

So: to stand outside of matters and analyze them with one’s own private mind, and perhaps couch one’s conclusions with the considered artifice of writing rather than the spontaneity of speaking, is inauthentic for black and Latino people. It is racist to impose such things on black and Latino (and Native American?) kids. Or at best, brown kids should be taught this uptight “white” business only as a gloomy alternative to the realness of just hanging out sharing passing personal impressions via chatting.

And this goes even further back. I recall reading a black academic casually writing that “linear reasoning” is something somehow “other” for black students as far back as the 1990s. I even encountered him, as a grad student, in an elevator then. This was long before anybody not my friend knew who I was; I had written nothing. But I followed his writings, and asked him very genially what he meant. He very genially said he didn’t remember writing what I was referring to. Maybe he didn’t. It was, for the record – get this – my main inspiration Shelby Steele’s twin brother Claude, a psychologist.

But this Carranza business in NYC was not just an eccentric happening at one meeting in one city one year. It is now, well, epidemic.

The Voice and Speech Trainers Association has posted a “White Supremacy Culture Daily Self-Check-in” ushering members through exactly this kind of mantra, including “The belief that progress is bigger and more” and “Fear of open conflict” as “white” things to cleanse yourself of. In other words, one is supposed to distrust wanting to expand or increase, and one is to cherish people yelling at each other, which, I’m sorry, is a cute way of saying that America needs some ghetto authenticity in the way people talk to each other when they disagree.

If you find this stuff peculiar, talk to someone you know who has attended a school of education and you will likely find that they are quite familiar with the perspective. It is totemically put forth, for example, in a book by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun called Dismantling Racism: a Workbook for Social Change Groups. Note this codeword dismantling – the Elect idea that studiously abjuring, in some abstract sense, “whiteness” is a necessary prelude to a new world order.

This view of precision and detachment as white is a view about, more economically, reason. The idea is that to master close reasoning is suspect. It is exactly the roots of the “Math is Racist” notion, and if you want a whiff of how religiously people can glom on to such ideas, take a look at my Twitter feed in the week after I posted about that here.

Yet, seeing this educational philosophy laid out in the sunlight, The Elect cannot dismiss it as fringe “kookiness” — unless they want to insult the curators of a national museum devoted to celebrating the very black people The Elect live to liberate. At the African-American History Museum in Washington, D.C., for a hot minute or two in 2020 you could see a variation on the Jones-Okun business, an expanded presentation of what we must reject as “white” evil. An educational poster was displayed that slammed not only objectivity, individualism, and writing, but linear thinking, quantitative reasoning, the Protestant work ethic, planning for the future, and being on time.

Yes, this was real – from people who surely bemoan the stereotype of black people as dumb and lazy! Again, only a mental override could explain why the people responsible for this display would allow that emblazonment of precisely the stereotypes lobbed at black people for centuries. Tarring whites as imposers of alien values felt more important than considering that the poster depicted black people as gorillas – and was created by a white woman!

And because this was enshrined at America’s flagship museum of black history, we can’t say that this sort of thing is just “woo-woo” sidebar nonsense. The museum yanked it down when the media got a sniff, but they had made a highly indicative statement in having hung it in the first place. Namely, they subordinated logic – that black people should not embrace being semiliterate, unanalytical and tardy – to the religious score of identifying racism regardless of logic (as in, here, the racism of whites expecting blacks to in any way be “like them”). Let us pray.

The Elect’s last stand will be that this was just a mistake made by a curator or two at that one museum. But the idea that it is unfair to expect quantitative reasoning from black people has taken quite a hold among many black academics.

I have heard a respected black American academic openly assert, to a mostly white audience cowed into allowing it as a valid perspective, that to require black scholars in the social sciences to crunch numbers is racist. The idea seems to be that mathematical reasoning is not “how we black people think” and that telling stories and expressing feelings is of equivalent empirical force to what numbers teach. But no one asks for an explanation as to how, because they know that the response would be their censure on social media as a moral pervert.

She was not the only black scholar I have heard making this kind of argument, and many academics reading this likely have heard it. So, now, have Mr. and Mrs. Reading-Person America. Ibram Kendi is an advocate of the idea that precision, and being able to demonstrate it, is to ask black kids to perform “inauthentically.” That there are ways of “knowing” beyond the kind that require rigorous training to master is behind passages such as his venturing in the Elect Biblical testament How to Be an Antiracist:

 “What if we measured intelligence by how knowledgeable individuals are about their own environments? What if we measured intellect by an individual’s desire to know?”

Anyone who sings of this book as prophecy is saying that a passage like that makes sense, despite it being a savage smack in the face on any black person in America. Translation: we should elevate that which students take in subconsciously without effort – e.g. street smarts, emotional empathy, and “spunk.” If a white man smilingly encouraged black people to be satisfied with this he would look like a bigot in a daguerrotype. Kendi thinks we should redefine braininess as just being “swell.” As opposed to the oh-so-benighted idea of helping black kids do better on tests – but no: to him that’s giving in to “whiteness.” But the world of decentered “whiteness” – i.e. that spunky, funky, holistic, intuitive world where everybody dances to hiphop and does what they feel like and, if they do science, focus on telling the older folks that they need to pay more attention to spunky, funky, holistic, intuitive, hip-hoppyness  — would be one without electricity.

And in this Kendi is not a lone wolf, but a representative of a kind of thinking that has become “a thing” especially in the 2010s. Glenn Singleton is a black man and heads a diversity consultant firm. Asked how this notion of precision as whiteness will prepare brown kids for the world as we know it, he spoke of “a new world, a world, first and foremost, where we have elevated the consciousness, where we pay attention to the human being.” Note that first, this means nothing whatsoever. Note second that if it makes any kind of sense at all, it is as scripture. It sounds like something somewhere between Lost Horizon and The Ten Commandments, and has no more place in a modern educational philosophy than the Rigveda. The “diversity consultant” like Singleton is a priest.

Any white person who embraces the idea that precision is “white” is, quite simply, a bigot.

I pity them because what made them a bigot was infection by a virus idea.

There are worms which, as larvae, burrow into a grasshopper’s brain. (How does he know? I happen to like this kind of stuff – although I suppose it’s all a little precise for a black man …) The worms, as adults, are aquatic. They affect the grasshopper’s brain such that when the worms become adults, the grasshopper’s brain is transformed into driving the poor thing to seek water, dive into it, and drown – but allows the worms to be in water and thrive and reproduce.

Elect ideology makes good, smart white people drown themselves in nonsense.

Wind, Whether Human or Earthy “Are Both Essentially Obsolete Technologies?”



Wind and solar energy are both essentially obsolete technologies. There is a reason why only the very rich or the very adventurous sail across oceans: the wind is unreliable, and at best produces relatively little energy. Nevertheless, liberals have concocted fantasies whereby all of our electricity, or perhaps our entire economy, will be powered by those fickle sources.

There are a number of reasons why this will never happen, but a paper published last week by Center of the American Experiment argues that land use constraints are the most basic reason why wind and solar are inexorably destined to fail. The paper, titled Not In Our Backyard, is authored by internationally recognized energy expert Robert Bryce, producer of the terrific documentary Juice: How Electricity Explains The World and the book A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations

Robert’s paper acknowledges that there are multiple reasons why wind and solar energy will never meet America’s energy needs, but focuses on the particular problem of land use:

Of course, other factors, including the incurable intermittency of renewables as well as the massive amounts of materials, including steel, concrete, copper, and rare earth elements, will limit the deployment of wind and solar. But the biggest barrier is the land-use problem. The ferocity and extent of rural land-use conflicts are showing that any attempt to convert the domestic economy to run solely on renewables is destined to fail.

Why is land use such a problem for wind and solar, but not for coal, nuclear or natural gas? Because wind and solar are pathetically low-intensity energy sources, as reflected in this chart from Bryce’s paper:

Because wind and solar produce so little energy per square mile, an enormous amount of land would have to be devoted to panels and turbines if we seriously tried to get all of our present electricity needs from those weak sources:

Miller and Keith determined that “meeting present-day U.S. electricity consumption, for example, would require 12 percent of the continental U.S. land area for wind.” A bit of math reveals what that 12 percent figure means. The land area of the continental U.S. is about 2.9 million square miles, or 7.6 million square kilometers. Twelve percent of that area would be about 350,000 square miles or 912,000 square kilometers. Therefore, merely meeting America’s current electricity needs with wind energy would require a territory more than two times the size of California.

Suffice to say that this just isn’t going to happen.

For one thing, no one places wind farms in Washington, D.C. or midtown Manhattan. Nor are wind projects slated for Long Island, Marin County, or near any valuable suburban developments. It is rural America that bears the burden of many square miles of wind and solar installations.

And it is a burden: apart from the obvious aesthetic issues, Bryce’s paper reviews substantial medical evidence that the noise produced by wind turbines adversely affects human health. And, of course, wind turbines are fatal to wildlife. As a result of such concerns, rural communities across America–hundreds of them–have risen up to oppose wind turbine developments. These efforts have largely been successful.

Germany undertook to mandate wind energy, but its mandates have fallen flat because of public opposition to specific wind projects. The same thing is happening in the U.S. Robert’s paper includes a database of communities that have moved to reject or restrict wind projects. American Experiment will continue to maintain this database, and make it available to towns, townships and counties that are threatened by wind developments. Public opposition promises to bring the Green New Deal to a screeching halt.

When “green” advocates tabulate the costs of wind and solar energy, they generally don’t include the thousands of miles of transmission lines that are required to bring electricity from the rural areas that are stuck with “green” development to the urban areas where the electricity is used. But such transmission lines represent a huge economic and environmental issue:

Connecting lots of wind and solar to the grid also requires appropriating land for transmission projects. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, converting the domestic electric grid to run on renewables will require roughly doubling the amount of high-voltage transmission capacity in the U.S. At present, the U.S. has about 240,000 miles of high-voltage transmission. Therefore, renewables conversion means adding enough high-voltage transmission lines to circle the Earth about 10 times.

No problem! says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But any attempt to construct 240,000 more miles of high-voltage wires will, like the wind turbines themselves, encounter local opposition that likely will make such an effort impossible.

Please do read Robert’s report in its entirety. Together with research being done by experts like Isaac Orr, it sounds a death knell for “green” energy, which is intermittent, unreliable, low-intensity at best, outrageously expensive, and dependent on vast natural resources that may not exist, or at a minimum would require the greatest explosion of mining, manufacturing and transportation in world history.

So why does the “green dream” persist? In part, because it is inflicted on children from elementary school on. But mostly because there is a great deal of money in it. This chart shows the volume of U.S. tax incentives per unit of energy produced for various energy sources:

“Green” energy holds political sway, which has made a relative handful of people (largely non-Americans and lobbyists) immensely wealthy, while impoverishing utility rate payers and taxpayers–that is to say, the rest of us. This insanity will continue until voters wise up, or–more likely, I am afraid–until the laws of physics, along with land use and raw materials constraints, make it blindingly obvious that the “green dream” is just that. A nightmare.

By that time, an astonishing amount of wealth will have been destroyed.

What Biden Dems Do Is Nearly All a Fraud!

Fraud: Democrats reveal their hand in Arizona vote recount debacle

By Monica Showalter at American Thinker:

Democrats have a way of revealing themselves and their agenda, any time one of their truisms are just a tiny bit challenged.

So no surprise, they opposed a hand-recount of the 2020 voting ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona, which includes large or at least well known cities such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and Mesa.  The vote went to Joe Biden.

Somehow, they didn’t want them recounted.

According to the Washington Post:

Earlier this week, Senate Republicans exercised a subpoena to move voting equipment and ballots from county storage to the floor of the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where they have said a team of private companies will spend the next four weeks conducting a hand recount of ballots and a forensic audit of voting machines.Top ArticlesChina Funds Africa’s Fossil Fuel Renaissance—To Africa’s and the World’s PerilThe UN 'Experts' are Wrong on RaceThe Disunited Identities of America

Senate leaders have said the process is intended only to explore ways to improve the state’s elections, rather than to cast doubt on Biden’s 10,457-vote victory in Arizona over Donald Trump.

But the recount has come under sharp criticism from election observers, voting rights advocates and Democrats, who have said it lacks independent oversight and could be used to further baseless claims about the 2020 election.

Yeah, and what if the recount does show fraud, as the Washington Post assures it does not?  How is it that the in-the-tank paper of record for the Democratic Party would actually know how the recount would come out unless they already knew the fix was in?

Gotcha.  Revealed your hand, lapdogs, and among Democrats themselves, the reveal was even worse:

According to AZCentral:

Just before the Arizona Senate Republicans’ hand count of all Maricopa County ballots cast in the November presidential election begins, Democrats are suing to try to stop it.

The Arizona Democratic Party and Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court on Thursday saying that the audit is unlawful and asking a judge to stop it from proceeding.

The complaint alleges the Senate’s audit, which is set to begin Friday, is violating state election law in numerous ways, including by not setting up proper security to protect ballots, voting machines and voter information.

Since when do Democrats care about election security, or identification for participants (which was part of the lawsuit), or valid voter information?

Up until now, all we have heard is that those things are Republican plots.  The judge, however, agreed with their election security concerns (AZCentral describes several of them, and yes, some seem valid) but explained to them that his role was as part of the interpret-the-law Judicial Branch, not the legislative one, which they didn’t seem to know.  Citing the Senate’s authority to do the recount, he asked the Democrats in objection to post a $1-million bond to cover for any losses should their suit not succeed and their delay add costs.  It made sense, because any Senate maneuver could be subject to just such junk suits effectively halting the work of the elected legislators and subjecting representative democracy itself to the desires of left-wing lawyers. 

They curiously refused, saying they didn’t like the law.

That left the process open to the recount.

Why was their objection so vehement? 

It seems they want to hold on to that “narrative” that there is no such thing as election fraud and can’t allow any room for questioning that, for one.  Why might that be?  This being politics, one can surmise that they benefited from such fraud, if there was any.  There really isn’t any other explanation.

Certain things amplify that thesis considerably.  Number one, the Republicans said it wouldn’t change the outcome of the election.  In fact, they said, truly or not, that they only wanted to find ways to make the system better, and, yes, a forensic audit might be a good place to start. 

So in theory, even if there was fraud, Democrats should have nothing to worry about.

Yet they are worried, and that raises questions as to why.

After all, a Republican outcome in the recount is highly unlikely, given that Phoenix is a big city that’s full of leftists.  It’s not as bad as other places, but if the recount showed a blue result, nobody would be surprised.  So Democrats would have plenty of reason not to worry.

Yet worry they do.

You’d think they’d like to celebrate the vote recount, as it would prove their claims that the 2020 election had no fraud.  But they don’t.

If the recount in fact showed what they feared — a red result, then look out: the fraud was probably there if the result recorded was blue, and there might have been fraud in other places when Arizona as a state unexpectedly went blue for Joe Biden.  The fix could have been in, particularly since some of the news media appeared to be in on it.  Remember: a huge conspiracy to “fortify” the 2020 election was described by Time magazine involving hundreds of elitist players involved in various means of rigging.  All of that could come tumbling down if the recount didn’t match the reported result.

I agree with the Dems and the judge that there should be strong transparency in this, with everyone who wants to permitted to watch.  But Democrats refused to put their money where their mouth is on this argument.  They couldn’t cough up $1 million for a short period of time to comply with the judge’s order?  This sounds as though this isn’t a matter of transparency.  A normal entity concerned about fraud in the recount would shell that cash out fast to make sure the recount was halted if security grounds were that important.  These guys didn’t.  That signals that something else is going on, something else we can’t tell.

All we know now is that they don’t want a recount, and the Washington Post says they fear any fueling of talk that the election did have fraud.

Well, did it?  All we know for now is that they don’t even want us to ask.  And that says more than anything they could say about election fraud charges being “baseless.”  Anyone who wanted to show that would pay for the recount himself.

Image: User: Huebi, via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0


Gretchen Whitmer’s Crumbling Kingdom

In Michigan, a puzzling COVID surge and a cautionary tale about the exercise of power.

SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN – OCTOBER 16, 2020: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer introduces Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden delivers remarks about health care at Beech Woods Recreation Center. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

APRIL 23, 2021| BY MATT PURPLE at American Conservative:

Last Christmas, Governor Gretchen Whitmer released one of the wildest, most mind-warping videos I’ve ever seen. It begins with her shouting, “Thank you for joining us!!” over a Zoom call, before introducing none other than Santa Claus. Several scripted and possibly terrified children then prompt Santa to talk about how he wears a mask at the North Pole and uses hand sanitizer before eating cookies, all while Whitmer hovers imperiously in the corner like some yuletide Big Brother. The video ends with her gently informing the tykes that this year they won’t be able to visit their grandparents for the holidays.

Watching that, I kept expecting the Soviet national anthem to start playing or Whitmer’s eyes to turn into rotating swirls. I believe the editorial line here at TAC prevents me from advocating drug use, but holy moly, that must be some trip. Yet it’s also typical of Whitmer, who more than any other governor has used the coronavirus to exalt herself into a kind of self-unaware epidemiological monarch. Now, her kingdom is starting to crumble. Check the New York Times‘s COVID map and you’ll notice only one state is colored in crimson, indicating a severe level of infection risk: Michigan. Over the last two weeks, the daily average of hospitalizations has increased nationally by 9 percent; in Michigan, it’s 42 percent.

Whitmer claimed she needed unprecedented unilateral power in order to beat back COVID. Now, her state and her state alone is undergoing a deadly surge.

In fairness, Whitmer was dealt a tough hand at the start of the pandemic. Michigan was initially one of the hardest-hit states, and it couldn’t blame those numbers on a massive, densely packed metropolitan area the way New York could. Yet even among Democratic governors, Whitmer’s response was heavy-handed. She prohibited all private and public gatherings of any size; she banned sales of carpeting, paint, and gardening supplies; she halted all golf games and lawn mowing services. And when the legislature declined to renew the state of emergency that granted her this authority, she simply ignored them.

The meddlesome ingrates on the Michigan Supreme Court later affirmed that Whitmer couldn’t simply rule without legislative consent. That stripped away many of her powers, though she circumvented this by continuing to issue edicts through the health department rather than the governor’s office. The result has been the protracted abolition of any serious democratic deliberation over Michigan’s coronavirus response. Everything has been done through the royal prerogative of Her Majesty the Governor, who seems to regard her Republican opponents as might a mad queen about to reach for the trapdoor button.

The old saying about absolute power corrupting absolutely notably does not exempt strong independent women with Dr. Fauci pillows in their offices. And so Whitmer’s reign has brought with it an endless if predictable series of hypocrisies and abuses. Michiganders couldn’t see their families, but their governor could march socially undistanced at a Black Lives Matter rally. They couldn’t go boating, but her husband could try to leverage his position to get a marina to put out his boat during a lockdown. They were to sacrifice for the sake of Michigan’s elderly, yet Whitmer still won’t release all the data on the deaths of those same seniors. As with Andrew Cuomo in New York, she issued an order that strong-armed nursing homes into taking COVID patients, yet unlike Cuomo, she’s received little national scrutiny for it.

Yet her most stunning do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do surfaced only recently. After warning about the dangers of traveling for spring break, it was revealed that the Liege of Lansing herself had taken a trip to Florida to visit her ailing father. (Remember: Florida, in the Democratic imagination, is currently a blasted heath of disease and anarchy.) And then it came out that one of her top aides had gone to a Floridian beach, while the director of her glorious health department had paid a visit to Alabama.

I know the Michigan winter is rough and NFL season up there is rougher, but this is starting to get out of control. Incredibly, Whitmer tried to defend her Sunshine State sojourn by pouting that at least she “wasn’t out partying in Miami.” At which point everyone in Michigan went silent, lest she get any ideas and start banning glow sticks and Solo cups.

What can be learned from this reign of error? One takeaway is simply that aforementioned adage. Power does indeed corrupt. Concentrate authority in an elite political class and you end up with a two-tiered system, divided between those who make the laws and can flaunt them and those who don’t and are bound by them. Another is that unilateral governments, authoritarian governments, aren’t as effective as we sometimes think. Because decision-making is left to a relative few, serious dissent gets shut out, with groupthink and epistemic closure the predictable consequences. Even the experts Whitmer claims to be consulting are not immune to this. If they were, Texas would be a COVID hellhole right now.

The most glaring lesson from across the bloodstained 20th century is this: There is no such thing as the all-knowing, benevolent leader. That’s true no matter how much we might whimper for one during times of crisis. But she’s keeping us safe! Except she’s not, is she? In fairness, the current COVID surge in Michigan can’t necessarily be blamed on Whitmer. Recently she had been loosening her state’s restrictions, perhaps realizing her subjects were growing restless. It could be that the U.K. variant is running its course. Or it could be the fault of those eased regulations (though plenty of states have opened up more than Michigan without experiencing similar surges).

The truth is that we simply don’t know why Michigan is suffering. But we do know this: The reason Whitmer sits in all her radiant splendor is because she said she needed unilateral authority in order to manage the pandemic. Now she’s failed; her rationale is gone. Which entitles everyone else to ask: Isn’t it time her powers were rolled back for good?


Matt Purple is a senior editor at The American Conservative.

The Human Female Animal IS BORN TO BE DITSY!!! Two plus Two Doesn’t Make Four….When She’s NOT IN THE MOOD!

I could have been Ma’Khia Bryant

Like Ma’Khia Bryant, I was exposed to violence at a young age. I needed help, not bullets.

By Tiffanie Drayton  at VOX:

An activist holds a placard protesting the police killing of Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, during a demonstration on April 21 in Columbus, Ohio.

This story is part of a group of stories called

First-person essays and interviews with unique perspectives on complicated issues.

I held my breath for weeks awaiting the verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial. The moment the conviction came in, I exhaled and was overcome with relief. Finally, a police officer was going to be held accountable for killing a Black person in America.

But it was only a few minutes afterward that a headline sent my world spinning into disarray again. Police had shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant at her home. According to her mother, Ma’Khia had called the police herself for an attempted stabbing, but when the officers arrived on the scene, Ma’Khia was brandishing a knife and they opened fire, striking her four times. She died shortly after.

The morning after Ma’Khia’s death, I could barely get out of bed. The heavy, haunted feeling had returned. And with it, a single thought: I’d been in Ma’Khia’s position before, dealing with violence in my own home, and I could’ve easily wound up just like her.

Already, people are viewing the body camera video of the teen wielding a knife and using it to rationalize or justify the police’s deadly use of force against Bryant. Yet police treated Kyle Rittenhouse, a white teenager carrying a far deadlier weapon openly in the streets after killing two people, with kid gloves, not arresting him and even giving him a water bottle. For such people, only the “perfect” victim is worthy of justice, and to them, images of Ma’Khia with a knife prove she deserved to die.

They don’t understand that the victimization of Black lives begins far before the police ever even get involved. Ma’Khia, like far too many Black teens, was a victim of systemic racism before she ever decided to pick up that knife. She was in foster care at the time of her death, a reality that Black children are far more likely to face than their white counterparts, and kids in foster care are often exposed to high levels of violence. Though it is unclear how she came to be in that predicament, we do know that Black children are more likely to come from impoverished and single-parent households and have family members who were swept into the carceral system. This leads to an increased likelihood that Black children will be exposed to abuse or violence in their adolescence.

When I was a teen, I lived in an underprivileged Black community where violence was the norm — the kind of community created by centuries of oppression, redlining, discrimination, and poverty. By the time I was 12, I had already been jumped by a group of girls two times. I had been in so many fights that I lost count. To avoid confrontation, I chose to walk miles to school alone instead of riding the school bus. I lived my life in constant fear of my peers and my neighborhood. Eventually, that fear turned to anger.

One evening, a group of 20 to 30 teens arrived at my doorstep. News of an impending brawl between me and another girl had spread like wildfire, and they all descended to watch.

I remember the sound of rocks crashing through my windows. I was home alone with my brother, who was only a year my senior, and we were both terrified. My mom, a single parent working multiple jobs to make ends meet, wasn’t home. I darted toward the phone and dialed 911, desperate for help. The dispatcher asked if I saw any weapons, and when I said I wasn’t sure, the call ended ambiguously. The police never came.

I felt helpless as the jeers and screams continued outside. Then I felt something I had never felt before: rage.

I marched toward my kitchen, grabbed a pot, and began to boil water on the stove. In my young mind, the scalding water would simply scare the intruders away, not cause serious burns. As the pot boiled, my eyes fell on a shiny object: the kitchen knife. I grabbed it and felt both terrified and empowered. I thought of the way blood tasted in my mouth when a girl kicked me in the face during an earlier fight.

“Help me,” I whispered to myself.

There were no adults around to listen.

As I watched the video of Ma’Khia wielding that knife, I could only imagine how she felt in that moment: the mix of anger, fear, and desperation. Though adults appeared to be around, no one stepped in to offer proper guidance or support. The cops were called because Ma’Khia thought there was a single lifeline remaining. And then officers showed up and took her life.

I am grateful the police never showed up on the day the kids arrived at my doorstep for a fight. As for me, that day did not end without violence. Fortunately, I never went outside with the knife or the pot of boiling water.

I nearly did, though. Existing so close to that alternate reality — one where my life could have ended in the same way as Ma’Khia Bryant’s — fills me with despair. I am fortunate that I didn’t have to use a knife that day. I am fortunate that the cops never came. I am fortunate that my mom eventually moved from that neighborhood to a safer one. I am fortunate that I was able to narrowly escape the trap of poverty and violence.

But not all Black children are so lucky. Too many are stuck in the vicious cycle of systemic racism, which creates the very conditions that lead to poor outcomes and sometimes even death. Such conditions, coupled with a racist police force that is supposed to help stop crime but often mistreats Black people, only compounds violence. No Black teen should be pushed to the brink of life-threatening violence, especially when adult intervention could end with even more harm by police.

What we are fighting for when we say “Black Lives Matter” is not just an end to police killing Black people with impunity but an end to the circumstances that result in altercations that lead to violence. Calls to abolish the police are often met with debasement, but they are sensible. Communities of color need more programs that support youth and single mothers, and promote employment, education, and access to safe neighborhoods. The truth is that by the time the police are summoned, many possible interventions were not available that should have been. And far too often, police do not show up to protect and serve in communities of color.

The jury arriving at the guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin’s deadly use of force against George Floyd is a landmark moment for America — but not for the right reasons. Black people should not have to fight for justice. Nor should we be subjected to fighting for our very survival.

NOTE: According to these ditsy VOX folk, the girl who was to be knifed by this attacking, nutty, vicious female animal, Ma’Khia’, was the one who should have been murdered, and Ma’khia some kind of STAR for fascist fem headlines?

There NEVER has ever been a decade in American history where masses of its human females have been such violent, uneducated, actually acting as stupid feral animals where honor and truth have no meaning….


AMERICA used to have its women at home as Mothers teaching their children to be civilized and honorable to family and nation……..and until the 1970s were very good at it……when the leftist Dem fascists began their surge for fascist power, leading to today’s Barack Obama and Joe Biden. ghr

Biden’s Department of Homeland INSECURITY in Action!

DHS plans big changes to increase number of illegal migrants released into the United States

KAREN TOWNSEND  at HotAir: Apr 24, 2021

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

The Biden administration plans to expand the number of migrants released into the United States after being detained at the southern border. Unable to keep up with the historically high number of asylum-seekers flooding the border, changes will be made to allow more families and women with children to simply be released from custody. It sounds a lot like the catch and release methods used by the Obama-Biden administration.

The surge of migrants illegally entering the United States at the southern border is causing DHS to scramble in order to find places to house them. Instead of reinstating the Remain-in-Mexico agreement the former administration had with Mexico, the Biden administration is looking into some major changes to the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program. ATD began in 2004 through ICE’s Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP). It is not a substitute for detention but it allows ICE to supervise illegal immigrants who are not detained. The number of those enrolled in the program is now a priority for DHS. The Biden administration wants to make some changes to make the program more efficient.

Methods of supervision in the ATD program include check-ins at local ICE centers, GPS monitoring (ankle bracelets), and home visits. The participants are going through the immigration process but don’t have legal status in the U.S. The Biden administration has begun releasing migrants without Notices to Appear in court, just notices to appear at their local ICE offices. Meanwhile, DHS continues to gaslight anyone asking about the crisis on the border – the agency says “the border is not open.” Somehow, the thousands of people coming up through Northern Triangle countries haven’t gotten that message.

“The Biden administration has made it clear that the border is not open,” a DHS spokesperson told Fox News. “Our policy is to expel single adults and families. In situations where individuals cannot be expelled, they are placed into removal proceedings and a custody determination is made, which could result in an Alternative to Detention program.”

Some family units and single adults are being expelled but not those with young children. Mexico began refusing to take those with young children back after the Biden administration put a halt to the Remain-in-Mexico agreement. This was completely predictable – why should Mexico take any of them back if the Biden administration chooses to turn a blind eye and keep the border open to unaccompanied minors and women with young children? The Biden administration still refuses to even call the crisis a crisis. It’s a “challenge”. Biden’s base of support, the media, is only too happy to accommodate his denial of the reality on the border. For example, Politico is demanding its reporters stop using the word “crisis” when reporting on the border.
Politico is the latest news outlet to order its staff not to use the word “crisis” when reporting on the massive influx of illegal immigrants at the southern border, according to an internal memo obtained by the Washington Examiner. The Beltway publication’s edict, which an official characterized as underscoring earlier guidance from the Associated Press, comes despite President Joe Biden’s own use of the term.
“Avoid referring to the present situation as a crisis, although we may quote others using that language while providing context. While the sharp increase in the arrival of unaccompanied minors is a problem for border officials, a political challenge for the Biden administration and a dire situation for many migrants who make the journey, it does not fit the dictionary definition of a crisis,” the memo from deputy production director Maya Parthasarathy reads. “If using the word ‘crisis,’ we need to ask of what and to whom.”
“This wasn’t a company-wide memo — it was an email to relevant employees sharing AP style guidance — the industry standard — which you can find here,” a spokesperson for Politico told the Washington Examiner.

News organizations assume readers are too stupid to understand what is happening. The leftist media is enabling Joe Biden and his administration to go about their merry way denying that Biden’s own actions produced this humanitarian and public health crisis on the border. Their gaslighting game is strong. Now they are bringing back catch and release by changing the ATD program enough to accommodate the thousands of migrants held in shelters on the border.

This is the latest move by a desperate administration looking to ease the crisis on the border. Sponsors are traveling to pick up unaccompanied minors with taxpayer money, ICE is reserving hotel rooms for migrants and DHS is flying them to states further away from the border. Biden and his administration, along with their mouthpieces in the media, can deny the crisis all they want but it’s real and it is growing. Those making the journey to the southern border don’t believe the border is closed or that they will be returned to their home country. Instead of housing them in shelters or other facilities with supervision, they will be released to freely go about their lives. ICE predicts the ATD program will more than double its participants by June.

“The number of individuals enrolled in the ICE Alternatives to Detention program has increased from 50 per day to 200 per day in March 2021,” an ICE document states. “Within 90 days, the enrollment is projected to double to 400 per day. It is because of this unusual and compelling urgency that the Government requires the [emergency family reception sites] to meet the critical mission requirements of housing, feeding, transporting, and providing medical attention to these thousands of asylum-seeking families along the southwest border.”

Trouble in the State of Minnesota?

Minnesota Military Linguist Ensnared in Honeypot “Abandoned Her Country” for Hizballah

by Todd Bensman at Middle East Forum
The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Coaxed by a suitor, Mariam Taha Thompson helped Hizballah and Iran identify the sources who helped the U.S. target Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

When Defense Department Arabic linguist Mariam Taha Thompson’s love affair abruptly ended with her arrest last year, her own hurt feelings paled in comparison to other damage it wrought. The Rochester, Minn. widow’s romance placed the lives of real American soldiers and intelligence informants in harm’s way, disrupted U.S. military operations, and betrayed her nation’s deepest trust.

That’s because her love interest was an acolyte of Lebanese Hizballah, whom she pursued despite knowing he was connected a U.S.-designated terrorist organization serving Iran. She pleaded guilty last month to delivering highly sensitive classified national defense information to an Iranian proxy, through its terrorist proxy group that her man served. Her sentencing is scheduled for June.

Thompson got caught in a classic “honeypot” spy trap.

It turns out that Thompson got caught in a classic “honeypot” spy trap, an operation where an agent poses as a romantic suitor to obtain access to valuable secrets. The lonely widow who worked for the U.S. military in Iraq certainly qualified.

Her boyfriend sought information about eight informants who helped the United States target Iranian Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani in January 2020.

Thompson’s honeypot relationship also put U.S. troops and intelligence officers in the bullseye of vowed Iranian retaliation for the airstrikes that killed Soleimani and a Hizballah militia leader in Iraq. Finally, she turned over American military priority target lists during active operations.

Her terrorist beau, who remains unindicted and is referred to in court documents simply as “the co-conspirator,” had a nephew in the Lebanese Ministry of the Interior, close associations with Hizballah commanders, and once told her he received a ring from Hassan Nasrallah, the terrorist group’s leader. That was all fine by the love-struck Thompson.

“It’s astounding that an American working for the U.S. military overseas would abandon her country in favor of terrorists,” Assistant Director Alan E. Kohler, Jr. of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, which spearheaded the investigation, said in a prepared statement after her guilty plea was announced. “The FBI and its partners placed a high priority on this case because the defendant provided classified defense information to a foreign terrorist organization…that put members of the U.S. military in harm’s way.”

From Minnesota Patriot to Terrorist Turncoat

Thompson was born in Lebanon and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1993, after marrying an American dental technician. The couple moved to Minnesota in 1993 and raised children. Her husband died in 2002.

She began working as a contract Arabic linguist in the summer of 2006, assigned to a Special Operations Task Force facility in Iraq, according to statement of facts in her plea agreement.

In 2012, she obtained one of the highest available clearances for handling and protecting information, Top Secret for Sensitive Compartmented Information. The clearance was granted after intensive background investigations and training about protecting national defense information.

Thompson would return to Minnesota and rotate back to Iraq over the years, but also would occasionally visit her family in Lebanon. It was during one such visit in 2017 that a relative introduced her to “the unindicted co-conspirator,” initially through social media, court papers show. He led her to believe he was wealthy, politically connected and was looking for a wife.

For the next three years, the two communicated several times a day using a video-chat feature on a secure text and voice messaging application. She learned he was a Shia Muslim who associated with Hizballah.

“Thompson eventually decided that she would marry the unindicted co-conspirator after retiring,” the statement of facts said.

Thompson went back to work at the Erbil, Iraq facility in December 2019 as the United States was launching airstrikes against Kata’ib Hizballah, an Iranian-backed force in Iraq that had been designated as a foreign terrorist organization a decade earlier. The month after Thompson’s return to Iraq, on Jan. 3, 2020, an airstrike killed Soleimani and Kata’ib Hizballah founder Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

Right after the strike, Thompson’s beau called her sounding “very emotional and upset about the U.S. airstrikes,” and asked her to provide “them” with information about the informants who helped kill Suleimani and al-Muhandis, the statement of facts said.

“Thompson voluntarily decided to provide classified national defense information of interest to the unindicted co-conspirator and Lebanese Hizballah, believing that if she did not, their relationship would come to an end, and the unindicted co-conspirator would not marry her,” the document said.

She mined Defense Department systems for the informants’ names. At first, she would commit them to memory and use Post-It notes. She gave it all to the terrorist romancer on the video-chat app. Later, she streamlined the process by compiling cut-and-pasted photos and information from other reports inside one she’d create.

To make matters worse, Thompson took photos of incoming messages from the American informants. She passed all of this along to the boyfriend with still other information that could only have thrilled top leaderships in Iran: a list of at least 10 of the American military’s highest priority targets in the region (including one Hizballah operative) before they were struck, a Justice Department statement said.

Thompson’s signed confession

Thompson stipulates to all of these actions in the signed statement of facts.

FBI counter-intelligence agents arrested her in March 2020.

Taken together, all of this translated to a high-grade Hizballah intelligence success.

The terrorist boyfriend would regularly praise Thompson and let her know how pleased his Hizballah contacts felt, to such an extent that he promised to introduce her to a certain commander during her next Lebanon visit.

“Thompson intended and had reason to believe that this classified national defense information would be used to the injury of the United States and to the advantage of Lebanese Hizballah,” the DOJ statement said.


Nothing in the public court record tells of any terrible consequence her betrayals had for American informants or troops. But the Hizballah honeypot operation likely resulted in deaths and disrupted American military strategy in Iraq and Syria.

The United States would have been forced to remove and hide any of the surviving compromised informants and family members that Hizballah did not find first. Whatever intelligence information they provided would have come to an immediate end. The U.S. military would have to identify new strike targets.

The whole episode certainly qualifies as one of many Iran-Hizballah intelligence successes that damaged American foreign policy strategies. Earlier this year, for instance, the FBI arrested alleged Iranian agent Kaveh Afrasiabi for staging a 13-year influence operation inside the United States. The New York-based Iranian wrote opinion editorials for major U.S. media, posing as an independent analyst, and appeared regularly on television spouting talking points shaped and approved by the Iranian regime.

In 2018, U.S. counter-intelligence uncovered significant Hizballah “Unit 910” intelligence collection in New York and Michigan by operatives who had built assassination and attack target lists inside the United States.

About a decade ago, Hizballah penetrated CIA operations in Lebanon and identified at least 10 American officers after surveilling and photographing them meeting with paid secret informants at Pizza Hut and Starbucks. After Hizballah publicly named all of the spies and informants, the CIA’s Beirut office had to be disbanded and reconstructed.

It bears mentioning that the vast majority of America’s Arabic-speaking contractors have worked with American troops with unflinching loyalty. For their service, the U.S. granted thousands of visas for them to live in the United States, ostensibly after much security vetting.

But security vetting obviously is never foolproof. Too many resettled foreign Iraqis who fought with or otherwise assisted American troops were predisposed to succumb to jihadist ideology.

The Thompson case serves as a reminder that implacable enemies at home and abroad will continue to find this American vulnerability.

Todd Bensman is a fellow at the Middle East Forum and a senior national security fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies. He previously led counterterrorism-related intelligence efforts for the Texas Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division.

When Bernie Sanders’ Guy, James Hodgkinson, Shot Up Those GOP GUYS!

Byron York’s Daily Memo: An outrage from the FBI

by Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent |   | April 23, 2021

Daily Memo Default Image

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AN OUTRAGE FROM THE FBI. On June 14, 2017, a team of Republican lawmakers went to an athletic field in Alexandria, Virginia to practice for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity. As they worked out, a man armed with a semi-automatic rifle and pistol approached and opened fire. Representative Steve Scalise, the House Republican whip, was gravely wounded. A lobbyist was also seriously hurt, and a congressional aide and Capitol Police officer were wounded, as well.

The shooter, James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, was an active Bernie Sanders supporter who hated Republicans and particularly hated then-President Donald Trump. “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.,” Hodgkinson posted on his Facebook page. He thought of himself as part of the Resistance. He joined Facebook groups like “Terminate The Republican Party” and “Join The Resistance Worldwide!!”

Hodgkinson came to the Washington area in 2017, living out of a van parked in Alexandria. He brought his guns and developed a plan to attack Republicans. He went to the baseball field with a list of several GOP members of Congress in his pocket, along with physical descriptions of some of them. Before the attack, he asked Republican Representative Jeff Duncan, who was leaving practice early, whether the players on the field were Republicans or Democrats. Duncan said it was the Republican team. A short time later, Hodgkinson opened fire. After a rampage of nearly ten minutes, he was killed by Capitol Police and Alexandria Police.

The attack was a clear act of violent, politically-motivated domestic terrorism. There was simply no doubt about that. And yet last week, Republican Representative Brad Wenstrup, who had been at the practice, revealed that the FBI concluded Hodgkinson was simply trying to commit “suicide by cop.”

“On November 16, 2017, the FBI briefed those of us who were at the field that day,” Wenstrup said last week at a House Intelligence Committee hearing featuring FBI Director Christopher Wray. “Much to our shock that day, the FBI concluded that this was a case of the attacker seeking suicide by cop.”

“We were just astonished,” Wenstrup told me in a conversation this week. “We just went, ‘What?’ I said, ‘There’s no way. If you want to commit suicide by cop, you just pull a gun on a cop.'” Hodgkinson had obviously done much, much more than that. And the suicide by cop theory made even less less sense in light of the fact that the Capitol Police who were at the baseball field that day — the security detail for Scalise, a member of the House leadership — were sitting in an unmarked vehicle, wearing plain clothes. Hodkinson would not have known they were police.

Wenstrup also noted that the FBI had not interviewed the members — the victims — in this case. They never interviewed Jeff Duncan, who had actually spoken to the shooter. “I asked [the FBI], ‘Who did you talk to?'” Wenstrup recalled. “They took my number, called me the next day. I called them back, and never heard from them again.”

At the hearing, Wenstrup noted that, “Both the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence published products labeling this attack as a domestic violent extremism event specifically targeting Republican members of Congress. The FBI did not. The FBI still has not.”

Now, in light of the January 6 Capitol riot, which is widely referred to not only as domestic terrorism but as an insurrection, Wenstrup wonders what the FBI was doing. The attack “could have been a massacre,” Wenstrup noted. “The attacker may have believed he could change the balance of power in the U.S. House of Representatives in one morning.”

The Republican baseball team was lucky that Wenstrup was among the players at the practice. A doctor from Ohio who is also an officer in the Army Reserve and served as a combat surgeon in Iraq, Wenstrup went to Scalise’s aid and is credited with saving his life before Scalise was airlifted to a hospital. And now, Wenstrup wants answers. At the hearing, he gave Wray a letter asking the FBI to examine how it came to conclude that the shooting was not domestic terrorism and instead “suicide by cop.”

“I think what needs to be investigated is what were the motives to come up with that conclusion,” Wenstrup told me. “Because there’s no way you could come to that conclusion. He [Hodgkinson] had the names of Republicans in his pocket.”

Scalise wants an investigation, too. “The 2017 baseball field shooting was not ‘suicide by cop,’ and it is insulting and outrageous that the FBI classified it so inaccurately,” the GOP whip said in an email statement. “The shooter was very clear that he wanted to kill us because we were Republicans, and was not even aware that the plain-clothed officers with me were even police officers. All of us who were targeted that day are calling on the FBI to correct that inaccurate classification.”

The unanswered question in all this is why the FBI, at the time under the leadership of Acting Director Andrew McCabe, did what it did. Even at that time, the bureau was warning Americans of the danger posed by domestic terrorists. And yet the FBI refused to publicly recognize a clear act of domestic terrorism. Was some sort of Trump-era bias involved? Was it bureaucratic infighting? Something else? It’s time the victims in the case — and also the country as a whole — got some answers.

Heil Joe Biden!

Has Joe Biden Committed Impeachable Offenses?

By Dave Agusta at American Thinker:

At the end of President Trump’s first term, congressional Democrats impeached and tried the president, and the one and only article of impeachment was for “incitement of insurrection.” 

The focus of this charge was a statement made by the president telling the January 6th rally attendees that, “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore”, the operative word there being “fight.”  Of course, the assumption was the definition of the word fight can only include physical violence.  The House managers must have never heard anyone say, “I’m going to fight this cancer with all my energy.”  They certainly did not anticipate the president’s counsel playing video showing Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and certain impeachment managers using the word “fight” and not being charged with anything.  The implication was that the president encouraged and incited violence at the Capitol, one of the results of which was the murder of a Capitol police officer.  This charge was specifically included in the article.  We know now it was a lie and there was no evidence then to make such a charge.

The constitutional text covering impeachment requirements includes the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  The generally accepted viewpoint is that this describes any serious abuse of power, including legal and illegal activities.  Any civil officer can be impeached for misconduct, violation of oath of office, or serious incompetence.

Joe Biden, in the early days of his presidency, issued executive orders stopping the construction of the border wall and the Keystone pipeline.  Regarding the pipeline, this order put Americans out of work with the justification being the claim by so-called environmentalists that pipelines cause irreparable harm to the landscape, the animal kingdom, and the climate.  This argument was used decades ago regarding the Trans Alaska pipeline.  One notable claim was that the West Arctic caribou herd would be endangered.  The fact is that since the pipeline was completed, the herd is now four times larger. While this fact alone may say nothing about Joe Biden, it does tell us that his reason for killing American jobs is based on lies.  I would say this qualifies as serious incompetence. We will call this Article 1.

It is clear to everyone that a completed border wall will go a long way toward the goal of stopping massive illegal entry into our country, a goal shared by all sovereign nations that understand the purpose of an established border.  The prime responsibility of a president as head of the Executive branch is to enforce federal laws.  Failure to do so violates the oath of office and is clearly an example of serious incompetence.  Here we have Article 2.

Also, on day 1 of his presidency, Biden issued an executive order requiring everyone on federal lands or in federal buildings to wear a face mask.  Daniel Horowitz explains that masks are designated as experimental medical devices.  Vaccines and face masks have only been allowed for use by the FDA via the Emergency Use Authorization.  The law covering these devices states, “Federal law governing the conditions of authorization of unapproved emergency medical products (21 U.S.C. §360bbb–3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III)) requires the secretary of HHS to “ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed,” among other things, “…of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.”   Stated simply, masks are experimental medical devices and as such their use cannot be required.  I am fairly sure that violation of federal law qualifies as misconduct, violation of oath of office, and serious incompetence — a trifecta and Article 3!

Most recently, the president announced his desire for a guilty verdict in the Chauvin trial saying, “I’m praying that verdict is the right verdict, which I think it’s overwhelming, in my view. I wouldn’t say that unless the jury was sequestered now.”  So, the head of the executive branch, whose job is to enforce the laws, (and to leave judging guilt or innocence to a different branch) has entered judicial branch territory by deeming the verdict he is dreaming about to be the correct one.  This is misconduct at the very least, with oath of office violation and serious incompetence thrown in for good measure.

 Using racist math, we’ve now have a total of four Articles of Impeachment.  That is a pretty good start.

If we want to be thorough, we must consider Maxine Waters for impeachment as well.  As noted earlier, President Trump was impeached for incitement of insurrection.  Auntie Maxie went to Minneapolis to tell reporters and a crowd of protestors, if the former police officer isn’t found guilty of murdering Floyd, “We’ve got to stay on the street and we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”  Waters said she was “hopeful” Chauvin would be convicted of murder, but if he wasn’t, “we cannot go away.”  I think urging a mob to commit violence, masked as “being confrontational,” is greater evidence of incitement than Trump using the word “fight.”  Congressional representatives are also subject to impeachment, so I offer Article 1 for the impeachment of Maxine Waters.

But now, as I snap back to reality, it is obvious to me and anyone who has inhabited the planet for more than two days that neither of these two will face impeachment, thanks to the current makeup of the House of Representatives.  But until Joe Biden issues an executive order banning them, I can at least dream.

Image: Pix4Free.org

To comment, you can find the MeWe post for this article here.

Looney Tune Biden on Immigration Rights

Biden rings another dinner triangle for illegals to surge on in

By Monica Showalter at American Thinker:

In the midst of a border crisis he claims isn’t happening, Joe Biden has a peculiar means of stopping it:

By inviting more of them in.

According to Breitbart News:

President Joe Biden’s administration may provide immigration rights and citizenship to many foreign “climate migrants” who claim they are being displaced by climate change, the Associated Press (AP) reported this week.

Which doesn’t exactly make sense. If the entire Earth is frying up hot from global warming, why would changing the latitude and longitude of a particular group of foreign nationals make any difference to them, or, for that matter, help the Earth to ‘heal,’ as the lefties like to put it? Isn’t the prospect of bringing foreign nationals to hurricane and wildfire zones afflicting the states as a supposed result of global warming, taking them from the frying pan to the fire? Some refugee logic going on there, but that’s far from the worst of it.

The climate-change canard is specifically mentioned in lefty literature as the reason why Central American peasants are leaving their subsistence farms and claiming asylum in the United States.

Never mind that urbanization of this kind has happened all over Latin America, and for many, many years. Climate had nothing to do with it. Poverty did. Where did the favelas of Rio de Janeiro come from? Tell us about the shantytowns of Caracas. For uneducated subsistence farmers, it often makes more sense to leave a hand-to-mouth existence in the zero-infrastructure countryside where the government does nothing, than to try one’s luck on the outskirts of the region’s miserable oversized cities and live on garbage scraps and Chiclet sales. In places such as Bogota, Medellin, and Lima, the countryside refugees flowing into the cities are actual war refugees, escaping communist guerrilla brutality. I’ve been to those places — and I asked.

Joe didn’t include them in his invitation, of course, he just rang the triangle for “climate” refugees. If someone mismanages their land, or wants better salary or a country with rule of law, well then, blame the climate, and come on in.

What’s obnoxious about this is that pretty much anyone in El Salvador, Honduras, or Guatemala can claim that. Climate change doesn’t come for just conuco farms, though, by its own logic it’s supposedly all over. So anyone who lives in those places now, country or city, hard-hit farm, or shantydown, has a right to asylum, on climate grounds, since we’re the bad guys, you see, and we owe it. Quick, get over here, the time is now, get in before Joe changes his addled mind, so the invitation reads.

Let’s also talk about those conuco farms — farms which subsist by burning brush and forest — which is why Brazil and Bolivia had a air pollution crisis a couple years ago. These farms exist all over Latin America. What Joe’s doing is offering asylum in the states to the very people who are contributing to the polluting by burning all the brush. Those carbon emissions from those subsistence farms, blameworthy or not, add a lot of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Joe’s not rewarding greenies with green cards in this current dinner triangle for climate refugees, he’s offering it to the biggest polluters.

And the nonsense about climate refugees itself is nonsense, too. Land mismanagement, a failure of government to issue title-deed to peasants for their property rights, all make the land vulnerable to mismanagement, overuse, and burning. It’s the tragedy of the commons, as the matter is known. Fix that, and you get American-style greenery and bona fide ownership management.

Breitbart noted that Joe didn’t see fit to invite any of the presidents of these Central American countries where the migrants are surging in to the states to his low-viewer conference, you’d think their input might be valuable.

Most hideous of all is that Joe is issuing this climate refugee invitation right in the middle of a border surge.

His previous invitation was to unaccompanied minors, but it’s apparently not been enough. That blunder led to many Latin American presidents condemning his idiocy, as tens of thousands surge over and find themselves in overcrowded government detention facilities, filling not just those but stadiums, convention centers and military bases all around the U.S. 

Biden’s denied that he’s the one responsible, but the double-digit surges in numbers, as well as the news stories of toddlers dumped over the border wall and left alone, killed in high speed car crashes, or abandoned in the desert by smugglers tell another story. Or, you could ask those migrants in Biden t-shirts why they’re coming, they’d point to Biden, too.

There was an incentive offered to do things this way instead of use the legal channel, and now Joe’s encouraging more of it, inviting pretty much all of Central America and anyone else from any country to claim a chimerical climate refugee status.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that Joe Biden really doesn’t care that there’s a border surge and actually wants a bigger one. He’s likely to get his wish with this one, with a bigger surge about to begin. 

Image: Screen shot from video from Sky News Australia, via YouTube, citing thescoop.us and @crazyraiderrad (IG)

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