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Light Headed Biden Plays LOTS Of Politics Now That He Plays Loony President



Joe Biden never misses an opportunity to politicize any issue, including the relatively benign Delta Indian variant of Covid. Today, Biden tried to blame Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis–coincidentally, both Republicans–for the Indian variant’s inevitable spread:

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday urged Republican leaders in Florida and Texas – home to roughly a third of all new U.S. COVID-19 cases – to follow public health guidelines on the pandemic or “get out of the way” as the country struggles to contain the rapid spread of the disease’s Delta variant.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has opposed strict COVID-19 restrictions. On Friday, he issued an order blocking mask mandates in the state’s schools. Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an order last spring that would impose fines for mask mandates.

“Some governors aren’t willing to do the right thing to beat this pandemic, and they should allow businesses and universities who want to do the right thing to be able to do it,” Biden said, without referencing the two men by name.

Of course there is no evidence that mask mandates do anything to prevent any covid variant from spreading. Rather than criticizing Abbott and DeSantis, Biden should try to learn from them. Both Texas and Florida have been more successful than neighboring states with regard to covid. Here is the map, per the CDC, of fatalities per 100,000 population. Click to enlarge:

Texas, at 179 deaths per 100,000 population, has a lower covid death rate than any adjoining state. Likewise, Florida, at 181 deaths per 100,000, has the lowest rate not only of any adjoining state, but of any state in the Southeast. Rather than trying to score political points off these very successful red states, whose economies are booming even as they leave most blue states in the dust with regard to covid, Biden should look to them for lessons in best practices.

But that raises the question: are there states that have done unusually badly with regard to covid fatalities? Yes, indeed there are. They are mostly in the liberal northeast, but one southwestern state stands out. Arizona has suffered 250 covid deaths per 100,000, more than three times the rate in Utah, more than two times the rate in Colorado, and far more than the rate in Greg Abbott’s Texas.

Why might that be? The obvious answer is that under Joe Biden’s anti-American immigration policies, hundreds of thousands if not millions of Central Americans, Mexicans and others who have not been vaccinated and in many cases are infected with covid are streaming across the Arizona border. Joe Biden has deliberately allowed covid to spread to many thousands of Arizonans and other Americans, in blatant violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws of the United States be faithfully executed.

It is tempting to say that Biden is so slow and so senile that there is no point in trying to hold him accountable for anything. But he is the President of the United States, and we should hold him to the same standard that would apply to a normally functioning politician. If Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in 2022, as looks likely, they should impeach Biden for his blatant violation of the take care clause of Article II.

Troubled Governor Cuomo In Fascist Mode:

In full fascist mode, Gov. Cuomo wants businesses to do what the law cannot (yet)

By Andrea Widburg at American Thinker:

Fascists are communists who, rather than doing away with the private sector, allow it to function provided that the government calls the shots.  Keep that in mind as you think about Gov. Andrew Cuomo urging businesses that are open to the public to have “vaccinated-only admission.”  Behind that lies the assumption that all of the business’s employees are vaccinated.  Businesses in New York understand full well that this is an iron hand in a velvet glove suggestion.  After all, Cuomo controls the agencies that issue their business licenses.

In this video, you can see Cuomo frame the issue as a matter of profit: if you bar entry to the hoi polloi, the unvaccinated public, you’ll have all the customers you want at your local bar.  And remember that Cuomo worked so briefly in the for-profit private sector that even Wikipedia doesn’t have the data.  Here’s the video; then my thoughts:

First, we know that the panic about vaccinated people spreading COVID comes from an analysis of a wild gay party and sex weekend in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Second, if you examine the facts that the tech tyrants and the mainstream media are so desperately hiding, the reality is that the vaccines have issues, not the least of which is breakthrough cases of COVID.  (There is some evidence that, even if vaccinated people catch COVID, their cases are less severe.  Lindsey Graham claims that’s the case with him.)  As long as the government, tech tyrants, and media conspire to hide information from Americans, many Americans are going to be suspicious that the entire American leftist infrastructure is up to no good.

Third, it’s one thing when businesses work with the government to create needed supplies during a crisis, as happened when Donald Trump was able to get an enormous number of ventilators and masks made for hospitals early in the pandemic.  It’s an entirely different thing when the government conspires with businesses to deprive fellow citizens of access to the amenities of life.

Fourth, since Joe Biden is so fond of bandying about the concept of “Jim Crow,” let’s talk about what the left is doing here: it is planning on systematically excluding non-vaccinated people from participation in all aspects of American life.  Leftists are doing so despite (a) the vaccination’s dubious effectiveness; (b) the unaddressed risks the vaccination poses, from short-term reactions to long-term negative changes to the immune system; (c) the millions of people who had COVID, thereby acquiring natural immunity, who may be at serious risk from the vaccine; (d) new cases already dropping nationwide, from a daily high of about 90,000 last week to about 60,000 this week; and (e) deaths remaining low, with a daily high below 500 nationwide:

Image obtained on 8/2/21 using this Bing search for nationwide COVID mortality.

We are no longer in a crisis.  We are in a flu season.  And the vaccination works much like a flu shot, providing limited protection that lasts for a limited time against one variant of the flu.  The difference is that the flu vaccine doesn’t have the potential to make women sterile, damage people’s hearts, or create serious immune disorders.

Nevertheless, Cuomo wants New York state businesses to close their doors to anyone who is not vaccinated.  CNN’s vacuous Harvard graduate, Don Lemon, has suggested that unvaccinated people be barred from all places of business and institutions, including cutting them off from buying groceries.  And Vox’s Ian Millhiser believes that a 99% tax rate should be imposed against unvaccinated people.  This is Jim Crow writ large; it’s not hypothetical.  It’s what Democrats are actively seeking to impose on the American people.

Oh, speaking of Jim Crow, I forgot one more thing: the Democrats’ punitive plans will affect the more than 50% (on average) cohort of Blacks and Hispanics who are resistant to the vaccine.  Thanks to the infamous Tuskegee Experiment, they are wise to the ways of government-paid Democrats in control of minorities’ health care.

I listened today to Dave Rubin interviewing Ben Shapiro.  Whether you like Shapiro or not, I highly recommend that you listen to what he has to say about the Democrats’ vaccine plans and individual liberty.  Indeed, listen to the whole thing.  It’s a loud warning about the authoritarian Democrats on the move today:

“Star” Bragging Dem New York Governor “Attacked” By Human Females?

New York AG’s Report on Cuomo’s ‘Pattern’ of Sexual Harassment Is Devastating

By ANDREW C. MCCARTHY at National Review:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo before getting vaccinated at a church in the Harlem, N.Y., March 17, 2021 ( Seth Wenig/Reuters)

Letitia James’s report is a thoroughgoing disaster for Cuomo.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLEIt is difficult to imagine that Governor Andrew Cuomo can survive the devastating report, finding him to be a serial violator of sexual-harassment law, issued today by New York state attorney general Letitia James and her outside investigators.

The report concludes that the governor violated federal and state laws, as well as executive-chamber rules. It was synopsized at a press conference this morning by AG James and the two investigators, Joon Kim, a former top federal prosecutor, and Anne Clark, a highly experienced employment and gender-discrimination litigator.

In lurid detail, James and the investigators laid out allegations by eleven different women, all of whom were found to be credible and their stories found to be corroborated, to a greater or lesser extent. The victims included current and former state employees, as well as executive-chamber staffers, and even a state trooper on the governor’s security detail.


Cuomo was found to have engaged in nonconsensual touching, including groping of some of the women’s intimate areas. He was found to have groped one unidentified staffer’s breast under her blouse. She reported having been hugged a number of times, and, Clark asserted, Cuomo “grabbed her butt” — a phrase the investigator used more than once in connection with the governor’s misconduct.

Cuomo was also found to have engaged in seemingly ceaseless banter and overtures of a sexual nature. This made for what Kim described as a “toxic” work environment — invoking a word he said had been used by several witnesses and victims. Cuomo, for example, is said to have told the state trooper that he was looking for a woman “who could handle pain.” He asked a staffer whether she’d cheat on her husband, adding “what I’d do to you” if she were single.

The governor’s behavior, the investigators concluded, constituted a pattern of disturbing and humiliating misconduct, creating a hostile work environment for women, in violation of state sexual-harassment law.

NOW WATCH: ‘Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple State Employees in Violation of Law, New York AG Report Finds’Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple State Employees in Violation of Law, New York AG Report Findshttps://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.473.0_en.html#goog_2042385830Volume 0% 

The breast-groping allegation, moreover, had already been referred by the executive chamber to the Albany Police Department, as required by chamber rules. Nevertheless, the investigators found that Cuomo’s closest staffers repeatedly ignored reporting rules in order to protect the governor; Melissa DeRosa, Cuomo’s top aide, was specifically named at the press conference in this connection.

Significantly, Cuomo and his aides were also cited for retaliating against people who came forward, including at least one victim, Lindsey Boylan.

The investigators found that after she went public with her harassment allegations, an internal state document alleging uncorroborated misconduct against Boylan was circulated internally to arm Cuomo sympathizers to speak in his defense. Furthermore, a letter attacking Boylan was circulated, and state employees were encouraged to sign it.

Though the letter was never formally published, it was shared with at least one member of the media. Cuomo originally argued to advisers that the letter should be released. He was talked out of it, however, upon being convinced, the investigators said, that “victim-shaming would be a bad strategy.”

The AG’s report is a thoroughgoing disaster for Cuomo, who currently plans to seek a fourth term as governor next year. While there were many victims, and investigators found significant corroboration for their accusations, it is important to grasp why the report is so damning.

AG James’s investigators did not see their mission as doing anything but conducting an investigation and publishing findings. James repeatedly said her office’s work is concluded — there will be no civil suits or criminal prosecutions by her office. She explained that the report is being published, so it will be there for the consideration of further legal and political action by others — including police, prosecutors, potential civil claimants, and the state assembly, which is conducting a plodding impeachment probe of Cuomo.

Nevertheless, the attorney general will take no action based on the report. (She did acknowledge that she is continuing to investigate the self-laudatory book Governor Cuomo published a few months back, regarding his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.)

When prosecutors investigate a case with an eye toward bringing charges, they only formally allege and publicly announce criminal misconduct that they believe they can prove in court beyond a reasonable doubt. Similarly, civil litigants are limited to pleading what they have reason to believe they can establish in court. For these reasons, public charging instruments and pleadings tend to include only part of the misconduct that an investigation has turned up. Frequently, some disturbing incidents that have been uncovered are nevertheless excluded because evidence of them fails to satisfy the criminal or civil standards of proof.

James and her investigators operated under no such limitations. Since they are not trying to prove a case, they chose not to limit themselves in what they could say publicly. Consequently, if they found misconduct within the four corners of their mandate to examine sexual harassment, they published it.

This is catastrophic for the governor because most people will accept the findings of an official investigation by a state attorney general, conducted pursuant to state-law authority by well-regarded lawyers, as if these findings had been proven in court. But of course, they haven’t been. There has been no presentation by the defense, no opportunity to cross-examine witnesses, and no other side of the story.

It was ironic, then, for James to criticize Cuomo and his sympathizers who, she observed, had tried to “politicize” her investigation. This exercise is nothing if not political. Cuomo is a political casualty — he has not even been indicted or sued, much less convicted of a crime or held civilly liable.

Did I mention that Letitia James is rumored to have gubernatorial aspirations?

ANDREW C. MCCARTHY is a senior fellow at National Review Institute, an NR contributing editor, and author of BALL OF COLLUSION: THE PLOT TO RIG AN ELECTION AND DESTROY A PRESIDENCY@andrewcmccarthy

Peggy Noonan: The Four Foot Half Pint Saturday’s W.S. Journal Ditsy Who Covers President Trump With Stupid Words!

The Problem With Peggy

Trying (hopelessly) to bury Donald Trump isn’t the answer. Restoring integrity to the electoral process is.

By Conrad Black at American Greatness:

August 2, 2021

Peggy Noonan’s column in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday is a very clear exposé of the profound political division in America today. Her position is that Donald Trump is a deadly combination of crazy, dishonest, and incompetent, that there can be no possible question that he was and is unsuited to be president, and that he was unquestionably honestly defeated in the presidential election. More, he deliberately incited a violent assault upon the U.S. Capitol on January 6, his party is afraid of him even though his support is thin and diminishing, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s investigation into the events of January 6 must be pursued with energy and thoroughness, for the chief purpose of ensuring that Trump never returns to public office. 

This is the epiphany of the comparatively civilized Trump-hater and it is almost entirely false.

At no point does Noonan dispute the accomplishments of the Trump Administration, and I do not recall that she has ever disputed them. The near elimination of illegal immigration and of unemployment and the sharply rising incomes in low-income ethnic minority areas, reduced taxes, the identification in sober terms of the Chinese challenge, the elimination of oil imports, the extermination of ISIS, shaping up of NATO, the Abraham Accords in the Middle East, and the pressure on Iran and de-escalation of the confrontation with North Korea; to the best of my recollection as a regular reader of hers, Noonan never disputed any of this.

And yet previously she has compared Trumpism to metastatic cancer. This and similarly extreme strictures establish her as one of the most perfervid of the respectable Trump haters. 

President Trump’s stylistic infelicities grated on all those who were not so disgusted with the former Bush-Clinton-Obama bipartisan triarchy that they found Trump’s rollicking style a refreshing change from the malapropisms of the Bushes, the sleaze of the Clintons, and the somewhat anti-American flippancy of Obama. An undoubted majority of Americans approved of Trump’s policies but enough of them were so appalled by his public personality that an apparent bare majority of Americans rejected him at the last election.

But Noonan knows as well as anyone that there is real doubt about the integrity of voting and the fairness of the vote-counting system in key parts of six swing states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. On the pretext of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, 44 million ballots were mailed or dropped with seriously inadequate or no verification; millions of these were “harvested,” meaning they were collected and submitted by people other than the voters themselves. Election Day was extended to weeks. The vote-counting procedures were absurdly inadequate in a number of key polling places. In many cases, the changes to the electoral rules in these states were taken by the executive or by courts and not by the state legislatures to whom the Constitution entrusts such changes. 

Noonan also knows as well as anyone else that the judiciary ducked crucial legal questions. There were 18 lawsuits on matters of the integrity of the election itself plus the action of the attorney general of Texas supported by 18 other states and for process reasons, some of them spurious, none of these lawsuits was tried on the merits. 

Instead the entire national political and social media, unable to face the prospect of an overturned election, particularly one in which Donald Trump would be the beneficiary, locked arms and declared that the election result had been duly judged in peerless impartiality and the apparent result had been sustained. For good measure, a great deal of gratuitous obloquy was disgorged onto Trump’s admittedly somewhat undermanned and unserious legal team.   

In fact, it is an election whose genuine result is more open to question than any in American history except that of Rutherford Hayes and Samuel Tilden in 1876, which was resolved by a commission and by agreement between the candidates, both men of unquestioned stature and integrity. 

Noonan is absolutely correct in writing as she did on Saturday: “If we have a future in which such attempts” (as the attack on the Capitol on January 6) “become commonplace, everything will fall apart: no future presidential outcome will be assumed to be settled, no transfer of power peaceful. That would be a disaster.” 

Bingo. It wasn’t a demonstrably fair election and approximately half the American voters believe that it was a rigged election result, despite an almost totalitarian effort by the national political and social media to suppress and ridicule any doubt of the accuracy of the election result. 

In the circumstances, the country should be grateful to Trump and his supporters that they didn’t really organize an assault on the Capitol by armed people, and didn’t respond to the election-rigging efforts with equivalently disruptive measures. Half the country agrees with Joe Biden that Trump’s allegations of election irregularities are “The Big Lie,” and the other half agree with President Trump that what happened was “The Crime of the Century.” 

No confection of Pelosi’s, no commission composed entirely of Trump-hating previous impeachers of him, will achieve anything useful. The efforts by Noonan, George Will, and others to promote calling the incident “1/6” and liken it to 9/11, is fatuous.   

It has already been well-established that President Trump did not seek any violence at the Capitol nor condone any of what occurred. Most of his followers were angry at what they believe to have been a rigged election and a cowardly abdication by the judiciary up to and including the Supreme Court. Yet Noonan wants a commission of rabid Trump-haters to follow faithfully upon the outrageous Trump-Russian collusion investigation and the two spurious impeachments of Trump to continue to persecute and torment a former president because of the widespread and well-founded fear that he may be reelected. 

Noonan laments: “The melee, the whole crisis of 1/6, made America look unstable, hollow, all façade.” She hit the bulls-eye again. That is how it looks when such questionable elections take place, the courts abdicate, and the media and the social platforms sandbag the aggrieved candidate. (What does she think the world thinks of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?) It was established within a few days of the episode that if Pelosi and Washington’s egregious mayor, Muriel Bowser, had paid any attention to the Capitol police chief’s desperate requests for reinforcements, none of it would have happened. Trump asked the crowd to behave peacefully; Chewbacca and the other feathered lunatics were hooligans not revolutionaries, and hundreds of people have been detained inexcusably and doubtless sweated unmercifully in the customary American prosecutors’ efforts to extort inculpatory testimony.

The real problem for Noonan is that she begins to realize Trump’s support is not fading; the Republican Party is his party now, and she and the other NeverTrumpers have lost everything: they were useful idiots for the Democrats and must now wear their responsibility for the probably dishonest election of the most incompetent administration in American history. 

Completely unsustainable masses of unskilled people are pouring across the southern border, the rates of crime and inflation are skyrocketing, the administration waffles on everything as it appeases the woke radicals, and having crucified Trump unreasonably as he developed vaccines more than two years ahead of what the high priests of science said was possible, the tandem of the wax works president and a vice president permanently convulsed in laughter is sinking into the COVID quagmire that they themselves maliciously helped to invent. 

Trump’s policies were right in almost every area. He or a candidate approved by him will pick up the pieces when this nightmare in the White House ends. Trying (hopelessly) to bury Trump isn’t the answer; restoring integrity to the electoral process is. The last election was the closest the United States has come to tanks on the White House lawn. Any such recurrence could produce the real thing—if the generals aren’t too busy teaching “antiracism” to the ranks.TwitterFacebookParlerShare onTwitterFacebookParler

About Conrad Black

Conrad Black has been one of Canada’s most prominent financiers for 40 years, and was one of the leading newspaper publishers in the world as owner of the British telegraph newspapers, the Fairfax newspapers in Australia, the Jerusalem Post, Chicago Sun-Times and scores of smaller newspapers in the U.S., and most of the daily newspapers in Canada. He is the author of authoritative biographies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, one-volume histories of the United States and Canada, and most recently of Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other. He is a member of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour.

Getting To Know A Biden Better!

How to speak Bidenese

By Thomas Lifson at American Thinker:

What if we assumed that Joe Biden knew what he was talking about when he addresses the country and examined the words he used as if he were a fully functioning adult?

The video embedded below from Not the Bee is hilarious.  Because it was new to me when a reader sent it to me, I thought I ought to share it with our readers.

It simply treats what our serving president of the United States says in public as if he were expressing coherent thoughts, speaking actual words, and teaches viewers how to say them.

It asks for three minutes of your time.

If you haven’t seen it, watch and enjoy:

Photo credit: YouTube video screen grab.

Is New York Today’s Garbage Dump Of America?



So far, Governor Andy Cuomo has seemed to ride out the dual storms of the nursing home scandal and multiple claims of sexual harassment. On the latter front, a lot depended on what New York’s Attorney General, a political rival of Cuomo, did. That shoe dropped this morning, as AG Letitia James held a press conference and announced the release of a report on her office’s investigation of Cuomo.

The report is brutal, as described by James:

Cuomo says he will not resign, and Attorney General James says she will not bring criminal charges, but will leave that to relevant local authorities. So we may be at an impasse for the time being. Still, it is hard to see Cuomo riding out this storm.

A Note From Hugh Hewitt’s Page!


There Is A Time

https://www.facebook.com/v9.0/plugins/like.php?action=like&app_id=238487032964007&channel=https%3A%2F%2Fstaticxx.facebook.com%2Fx%2Fconnect%2Fxd_arbiter%2F%3Fversion%3D46%23cb%3Df112f73e528f6cc%26domain%3Dhughhewitt.com%26origin%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fhughhewitt.com%252Ffc2add436217d8%26relation%3Dparent.parent&container_width=0&href=https%3A%2F%2Fhughhewitt.com%2Fthere-is-a-time%2F&layout=button&locale=en_US&sdk=joey&share=true&size=large&width=160 Tweet Email Print

This tweeted by a friend:

Very bizarre to have been living in the UK when Delta surged and move back to the US as it rises here. UK: schools stayed open, kids didn’t wear masks, and adults generally went on with their lives. US: incomprehensible hysteria.

It is difficult to know how to react to that other than to ask, “What is the difference?”  Some, of course, is media misrepresentation of what is really going on in most of the nation.  There is hysteria in the media centers and teacher’s union offices, but not in most of the nation.  One is tempted to comment on a media devoted to the public benefit versus one devoted to the most hits this minute.

But it is Sunday morning and I am trying to focus my thoughts elsewhere. So my question is what to do about the “hysteria.”  As I thought about it, this came to mind:

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”

And then this:

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

Perhaps Britons know better when it is time to be silent, time to be still?  Regardless the best thing to do about the hysteria is to be silent, to be still – to know that God is God and to trust His timing.

All the pieces are in place to deal with covid and delta.   Let’s go to church this Sunday morning with a mind to let God use them as He sees fit.

Time To Defund The American School?

Masks And CRT Are Just The Start: It’s Time To Break The Public Schools (And Here’s How)

Defund the schools for real. Take the amount of money that every public school is spending, per pupil, and put it under the direct control of parents.

By Christopher Bedford at the Federalist

(Watch the video for a monologue on this article and an interview with the executive director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life, Arthur Milikh, on breaking the power of public schools.)https://d2e5ada642a94f838a2a16d7807a5ccd.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

It’s looking to be a miserable fall for school children, at least in the nation’s blue states.

Sure, they’ll finally be back for in-person classes, but thanks to the heroic stupidity of our Centers for Disease Control and local health departments, millions of kids will be forced to wear masks — all day and every day — to protect themselves from coronavirus. That’s a disease we all knew children are at virtually zero risk from. We’ve known this from nearly the very beginning of this. That’s still the case, as a study from John Hopkins proved just last month.

What does this mean for kids? You were a child once. Try to remember how long every day felt, how even a few minutes of unpleasantness felt like an eternity. Even as an adult, wearing a mask literally all day is deeply unpleasant. For millions of kids, it’s torture. And now it’s entering its second year for no reason except that our leaders are too weak to let life return to normal — and they’re too cowardly to admit that COVID-19 won’t vanish with the perfect combo of health policy.

As one satirical headline in The Babylon Bee put it last week, “To Defeat Delta Variant, Experts Recommend Doing All The Things That Didn’t Work The First Time.”https://d2e5ada642a94f838a2a16d7807a5ccd.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Of course, even without masks, there’s another big danger in schools that we’ve heard all about by now: critical race theory. Technically, that’s a theory that our laws need to be re-examined because, since we’re all equal, any difference of outcome between black communities, white communities, Asian communities, and Hispanic communities means racism, regardless of any other context.

Once that examination is completed, we must design the laws to work for black people (and some hastily added allies) at the expense of everyone else. It’s the kind of thing that leads to fake scholars like Ibram X. Kendi (born Ibram Henry Rogers) suggesting a new amendment to the Constitution that makes it so any difference in racial success rates over a certain threshold is unconstitutional. The amendment would also make “racist ideas” by “public officials” illegal; as ambiguously dangerous a standard as there ever was.

Critical race theory started at the academy decades ago, spread a little under President Barack Obama, and accelerated dramatically under President Donald Trump.

A few states have banned critical race theory from being taught in public schools, although most have not. Some, like Washington state, have made teaching it the law. Both major teachers unions touted it on their websites, andn both wrote in favor of it being taught in public school classrooms. The American Federation of Teachers promised in The Washington Post to legally defend teachers who want to teach CRT in states that have made it illegal. But then something funny happened.https://d2e5ada642a94f838a2a16d7807a5ccd.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

The same American Federation of Teachers reversed course and said they’re not actually teaching critical race theory. The National Educators Association erased its defense from its website. Experts started to show up on CNN and MSNBC to say the same thing. There’s no critical race theory in our schools! Fact-checks started appearing saying that Washington state’s laws mandating CRT in public schools aren’t really mandating CRT in public schools. Rep. Jim Clyburn did an interview last week in which he said the same.

“It’s just a college thing, you guys. CRT? Never heard of her. Hasn’t been here.”

Therein lies a problem, because they might actually get away with this. Not in real life, of course — they’re lying right to our faces — but in a court of law, maybe. Because, technically speaking, critical race theory is a legal framework. It’s the law stuff our friend Kendi was writing about.

Right now in elementary schools, they’re lining children up, telling them to close their eyes, and then asking them questions, and they step forward or backward in order to highlight the racial and economic differences between little kids. They’re teaching them that equality of opportunity is racist. The thing is, that’s not a legal philosophy, it’s just downstream of the legal philosophy.

The founders of critical race theory know this. In fact, they’ve bragged about how so-called
“privilege walks” are downstream of their ideas. They approve of them. But now, they’re aware of how incredibly toxic the CRT brand is, how noxious it is to parents of all races and all income brackets throughout all of America.

They’ve been beset by a parental revolution spurred on by Zoom cameras in classrooms and children doing their ridiculous and racist homework assignments at the kitchen table. So now, its proponents backtracking and claiming that critical race theory is just a right-wing myth that isn’t really being taught.

That’s nonsense, of course. It’s the equivalent of saying that you aren’t really teaching Catholic thinking in Catholic schools because you aren’t teaching children the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas. See the absurdity? Everyone knows Catholic morals and virtues are still being instilled in Catholic schools (or at least ought to be).

The proponents of critical race theory know that its decidedly un-Christian values and virtues are being taught in schools. You don’t need to teach the legal framework to instill the central philosophy, and they understand this. Until recently, they bragged about it.

The Big Picture Is A Big Problem

All of this is irrelevant, and here’s where we hit a serious wall on what we can actually do to stop this. Is the problem with our schools really just masks and critical race theory? No, of course it isn’t.

Our schools — from preschool all the way to graduate programs — have gone seriously astray in a way that no single law can ever hope to fix. Masks, “critical race theory,” or whatever you want to call it, are basically just visible sores on our schools. They’re painful symptoms of a much deeper sickness.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if your children are attending a Christian school, a non-denominational one, or a public school. All of them are attending a religious school, it’s just a matter of what religion is being taught — and our public schools are teaching an evil one.

It’s a religion that tells them that “male” and “female” are just chosen identities, like a costume, and you can be one or both or something in between at any time. It’s a religion that tells them their country is wicked, that its history is just one atrocity followed by another. That the country’s heritage can be broken down into a handful of discrete identity groups, and some races or religions are good and others are bad.

You can’t fix something like this by just banning critical race theory and calling it a day. If your children were spending all day in the hands of a dangerous schizophrenic, could you fix the danger by passing a law telling him not to talk about just one of the voices in his head?

Of course not, your children are still spending all day with a mentally ill person. And that’s our public schools right now. Every year this country spends $640 billion on public K-12 education, and a huge share of that money is going to people with evil ideas who want to poison your children to think the same way.

Think Bigger

So what’s the solution? The answer is to think bigger.

Conservatives spent most of the 2010s promoting school choice. Charter schools, open enrollment, easier homeschooling. All this was done in the name of helping children escape failing schools, attend better ones, and, through the magic of competition, encourage all schools to be better.

While homeschooling is up, school choice isn’t quite the hip new fad it used to be. It’s time to revive it in a big way, and this time to shatter the power of the public education monsters. Public teachers unions have long accused anyone who advocates breaking their monopoly of wanting to destroy them. That wasn’t the case then, but since that time they’ve revealed their true selves. It’s time to do it.

For decades, teachers unions and principals have hoarded ever greater amounts of money and bragged that no matter what you try to teach your kids around the dinner table or at church on Sunday, they get them for eight hours a day throughout their most formative period.

Stop letting them win by default. Here’s what we should do: Defund the schools for real. Take the amount of money that every public school is spending, per pupil, and put it under the direct control of parents. Parents can use their slice of education dollars to pay for private school tuition. If instead they’d like to support a homeschooling co-op or buy tutoring, let them. Also allow them the choice to forgo that money and send their kids to the default public schools.

Laws ought to be simultaneously crafted to protect home schools, religious schools, charter schools, and others from government meddling, but it always comes. For this reason, some people will not want to take federal money, and that’s their choice. If they forgo it without sending their kids to public school, the public schools do not get that money by default.

Public school teachers hate this possibility, and that’s one of the best arguments for doing it. It’s certainly not unprecedented: Nevada, a purple state, passed this exact policy six years ago. It only stopped because of an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit and a bad ruling from a state judge. But rulings can be overturned, and we have 49 other states to work with.

Try to think about education from first principles. Suppose we didn’t have a school system at all, and had to set one up. Would you really choose to create a system where your children spent eight hours a day in the mostly unsupervised hands of ideologues who will preach against your country, your values, your religion, your race, and in many cases, you personally?

Would you make this system the default option, where the only way out is to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a year? Money the average person doesn’t have?

Of course you wouldn’t. Yet that choice is the decision we make every single year when we choose to maintain the public school system as is. It’s time to make a new decision. It’s time to go big. It’s time to raise our next generation with the education and the values we want for them. It’s time to smash the system.Christopher Bedford is a senior editor at The Federalist, the vice chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, a board member at the National Journalism Center, and the author of The Art of the Donald. Follow him on Twitter.

Alexandria, Thou Art Today’s Typical Loony Fascist U.S. Woman!

AOC, in middle of a packed crowd, dons a mask when the cameras start rolling

By Thomas Lifson

It’s mask theatre time again, as the latest attempt to panic the public into accepting limits on our freedom and an experimental gene therapy gathers steam. In countless locations, Americans are being hectored to wear face masks, and don’t you dare point out that most of them are useless in preventing the transmission of microscopic droplets of the COVID virus. How is Nancy Pelosi supposed be able to color coordinate her outfits with an N94 mask, after all?

But Democrats and nearly all the media go along with the charade, even when it is blatantly obvious none of them believe the masks are effective.

Consider the case of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Yesterday, she was there in front of the US Capitol, demonstrating with a densely-packed crowd to demand an extension of the eviction moratorium on tenants who don’t pay their rent. Until she knew she was going to be photographed, she was perfectly okay with being unmasked in the midst of the crowd. But when she thought the cameras were about roll, she hastily put on a mask.

 A video of the entire scene is embedded below, but this sequence of 3 screengrtab pictures captures the utter artificiality of her dedication to masking.

Gee it’s fun demanding free stuff!

Oh, we’re going to be photographed?

Well, let’s fool the dummies into thinking masks work

Delta variant is going to kill us all unless we mask up and submit to an experimental drug!

She really does think her supporters are that stupid. And she’s right.

Here is the entire video:

Ben Domenech: “Are You Woke Or Are You Awake?”

By Jordan Davidson at the Federalist:

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said Americans must decide if the woke agenda will dictate their lives or if they will choose to stand up for themselves.

“The irony of the term woke is that it is designed to keep you asleep. Asleep to the reality of what’s going on around you, sedated from having to do anything to fix a real problem. Woke messaging demands you obey and break faith with your heritage of freedom, but it also serves as a religion that demands little more than that obedience,” Domenech said on Fox News Monday night.

Domenech gave the example of how public schools fail black and Hispanic Americans.

“Just accept the narrative of systemic racism in your heart as your Lord and Savior. Just wear the ribbon. That’s all,” Domenech said before showing the iconic ribbon clip from “Seinfield.”

“For wealthy suburbanites, as long as you don’t share the wrong article or like the wrong tweets, you can keep sending your kids to their expensive private school. No Zoom lockdowns looming for them, of course,” he said.https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?creatorScreenName=FDRLST&dnt=true&embedId=twitter-widget-0&features=eyJ0ZndfZXhwZXJpbWVudHNfY29va2llX2V4cGlyYXRpb24iOnsiYnVja2V0IjoxMjA5NjAwLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjpudWxsfSwidGZ3X2hvcml6b25fdHdlZXRfZW1iZWRfOTU1NSI6eyJidWNrZXQiOiJodGUiLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjpudWxsfSwidGZ3X3NwYWNlX2NhcmQiOnsiYnVja2V0Ijoib2ZmIiwidmVyc2lvbiI6bnVsbH19&frame=false&hideCard=false&hideThread=false&id=1422354992447557637&lang=en&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fthefederalist.com%2F2021%2F08%2F02%2Fben-domenech-are-you-woke-or-are-you-wide-awake%2F&sessionId=71a50e8eaeea9f146b6dad7a7fa9bfcd962fc1a5&siteScreenName=FDRLST&theme=light&widgetsVersion=1890d59c%3A1627936082797&width=550px

Domenech likened “the performative quality of wokeness” to Aldous Huxley’s fictitious drug used to keep those in “Brave New World” happy and “pleasantly obedient.”

“And if ever, by some unlucky chance, anything unpleasant should somehow happen, why, there’s always Soma to give you a holiday from the facts,” Domenech said. “Today, Soma is in great supply here in America. It’s been properly corporatized with woke capitalism combining with state pressure to ensure you can find a way of feeling superior to others. Just look away from the real problems, and go watch a woke lady superhero. You’re not one of those people, you’re an ally. The sign in front of your house says it in all the right colors.”

One way to “stand up to a brittle corrupt leadership that seeks to force you to trade your freedom for the self-satisfaction that no mob will ever come for you,” Domenech said, is to examine the Wide Awakes from the 1860s.

“You may not know about the Wide Awakes, but you should,” Domenech said. “There were hundreds of thousands of them in 1860 and their organizations stretched from Maine to California. They were a militaristic fraternity dedicated to human liberty. They had banners and marches and baseball teams. They carried oil lamps, wore capes, and wielded bats, and they stumped for a rising Republican rail-splitter named Abraham Lincoln.”

While the Wide Awakes were often looked down on by political elites, Domenech noted that “there was never in this country a more effective campaign organization than the Wide Awakes.”

“They were there at the massive rallies that supported Lincoln, acting as security to prevent the harassment of pro-liberty speakers across the country. Their symbol was a giant eye opened to see the truth. Whether passionate abolitionists or just fed up with the out-of-touch Democratic President James began, the Wide Awakes were united under the belief that they could no longer tolerate the corrupt old order that ran the country. They were awake to the deep reality of this corruption, and they understood, there could be no compromise with a regime of slavery. No looking away anymore,” Domenech said.

Now, in the 2020s, Domenech said Americans need to evaluate whether they are woke or wide awake.

“The woke want you asleep, locked down, docile, tamed, subdued. They want you to turn away from the truth and embrace a comforting lie but it is time,” Domenech concluded. “It is time for all of us as free citizens to wake up. It is time to demand our leaders wake up. It is time to turn to your fellow citizens and ask them ‘are you woke or are you wide awake?’”https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?creatorScreenName=FDRLST&dnt=true&embedId=twitter-widget-1&features=eyJ0ZndfZXhwZXJpbWVudHNfY29va2llX2V4cGlyYXRpb24iOnsiYnVja2V0IjoxMjA5NjAwLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjpudWxsfSwidGZ3X2hvcml6b25fdHdlZXRfZW1iZWRfOTU1NSI6eyJidWNrZXQiOiJodGUiLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjpudWxsfSwidGZ3X3NwYWNlX2NhcmQiOnsiYnVja2V0Ijoib2ZmIiwidmVyc2lvbiI6bnVsbH19&frame=false&hideCard=false&hideThread=false&id=1422355894424199171&lang=en&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fthefederalist.com%2F2021%2F08%2F02%2Fben-domenech-are-you-woke-or-are-you-wide-awake%2F&sessionId=71a50e8eaeea9f146b6dad7a7fa9bfcd962fc1a5&siteScreenName=FDRLST&theme=light&widgetsVersion=1890d59c%3A1627936082797&width=550pxJordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.Photo Fox News/Photo