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“Biden The Stupid”…..Didn’t Even Know What ‘Taliban’ Was!

Report: Biden had hoped for a “better behaved Taliban”

JAZZ SHAW at HotAir:

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

According to some White House sources speaking with the Associated Press this week, there’s a pressing question on the minds of many analysts observing the American bug-out from Afghanistan. Who could have foreseen how rapidly and brutally the Taliban would retake nearly the entire country? Apparently not President Biden or his military advisers. They had been banking on a “better behaved Taliban” that would conform more closely to international norms in the hopes of gaining international respect and aid. Looking at the reports coming out of the few news outlets still able to safely operate inside the country, those plans simply aren’t panning out at all. Given their behavior over the past twenty years, how could anyone not see this coming?

Taliban conquests in Afghanistan are challenging the Biden administration’s hopes that a desire for international respect — and for international aid and cash — may moderate the fundamentalist militia’s worst behaviors when the U.S. ends its war there.

Showing little interest in a diplomatic settlement, Taliban commanders have sped up their battlefield advances ahead of the U.S. military’s withdrawal at the end of this month. They’ve seized six provincial capitals in the past week.

And while some Taliban commanders have behaved with restraint in newly captured territory, rights groups say others have acted much like the brutal Taliban the U.S. overthrew in 2001.

To be fair, there are some provinces where the turnover of power to the Taliban has gone relatively smoothly and the new leaders appear to be keeping the lights on. But those are generally in the more rural areas that weren’t all that supportive of the government in Kabul, to begin with, and largely conformed to Sharia Islamic law as the Taliban demands. They have been far less forgiving in other areas where residents had openly been working with the Americans. Public beheadings are already commonplace.

There are multiple disturbing reports coming out of the recently retaken provincial capitals, highlighted in the linked report. Taliban leaders have sent out orders for residents to “provide them with females above age 15” for their fighters to “marry.” In other words, young girls are being seized and handed out as prizes to the victorious fighters under the guise of being child brides.

In other areas, residents suspected of having aided the Americans have been rounded up, leading to the killing of large numbers of detainees en masse. They are clearly sending a message as to who is in charge now and how “justice” will be meted out in the future. So how did the Biden administration react to these developments? Jen Psaki was sent out to clear the air.

“If the Taliban claim to want international legitimacy these actions are not going to get them the legitimacy they seek,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday, in one of many such administration warnings.

We’re threatening a massive group of Islamic terrorists with… a lack of legitimacy? That should do the trick, eh?

The other disturbing part of this carrot-and-stick routine is the implication from the Biden administration that ongoing foreign aid to the new Taliban leadership could be on the table if they behave themselves. We’ve apparently reached the point where we have to pay people to simply not act like vicious animals “too much.” It remains amazing to me that anyone failed to see this Taliban response to our departure coming.




Sartell, Minnesota is a small town near the larger city of St. Cloud in central Minnesota. It seems an unlikely place for an ideological controversy, but one has erupted over the application of Critical Race Theory in the Sartell-St. Stephen Independent School District. The District’s administrators hired an outfit called Equity Alliance MN to conduct an equity audit of the school system’s 3rd through 5th grade students.

The audit was conducted by making the kids fill out a questionnaire that in some ways was highly personal and intrusive. It has been said that the students were told not to tell their parents about the survey, but I am not sure whether this is true. In any event, some parents did find out and an uproar ensued.

The complete survey is embedded below. There are actually three slightly different versions of the survey in the document, one for each grade. I encourage you to spend some time with them. They offer a good window into the sick world of Critical Race Theory. Comments on some specific aspects of the survey are below.https://www.scribd.com/embeds/519817538/content?start_page=1&view_mode&access_key=key-99FOpeI0F2sS9HAAb4FHView this document on Scribd

This is a nice question to ask an 8-year-old, without, of course, his parents’ knowledge or permission:

That particular outrage was sex-related, but the survey mostly deals with race. The “equity” consultants apparently thought it likely that 3rd graders would know about these mostly-obscure figures. No doubt the puzzlement reflected in the kids’ answers would be used as justification for remedial “equity” training. (“Equity” is just a euphemism for Critical Race Theory.) And don’t overlook the fact that one of the notable people of color whose glorious achievements should be known to 3rd graders is Keith Ellison:

There is a succession of questions about books by minority authors that the kids may have read as class assignments. This is the “Latinx” question. I’m guessing the most common answer is “none.”

It goes without saying that there is no question about books by white authors.

This question seems odd, in view of the fact that the school district’s enrollment is 88% white, and the percentage of native English speakers would be even higher:

The questionnaire reflects the safetyism that is a hallmark of Woke America:

This one comes from the survey as administered to 4th graders–a little too advanced for the eight-year-olds, apparently. The common thread is obvious. For those who may not be aware, Mankato, Minnesota is where 38 rapists and murderers were hanged after the Great Sioux Massacre of 1862:

There is much more in the surveys, but you get the drift. This story has, for now, a happy ending. A parents’ revolt resulted in Equity Alliance MN being fired by the Sartell schools. But they are active in many other Minnesota school districts, spreading the same poison, and the Sartell administrators who hired them in the first place are still there. Tireless vigilance is required to keep Critical Race Theory out of our public schools.

Is There Any Dem Politician Around Today’s America WHO IS NOT A LIAR?

Cuomo has more to account for than sexual harassment

Nursing home malfeasance, profiting off the government needs to be investigated:

Cuomo claims he has done nothing inappropriate.

In this Saturday, Jan. 23, 2021, file photo, Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks to reporters during a news conference at a COVID-19 pop-up vaccination site in the William Reid Apartments in the Brooklyn borough of New York. More than 9,000 recovering coronavirus patients in New York state were released from hospitals into nursing homes at the height of the pandemic under a controversial order that was scrapped amid criticisms it accelerated outbreaks, according to new records obtained by The Associated Press. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, Pool)
In this Saturday, Jan. 23, 2021, file photo, Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks to reporters during a news conference at a COVID-19 pop-up vaccination site in the William Reid Apartments in the Brooklyn borough of New York. More than 9,000 recovering … more >


Andrew Cuomo has announced his resignation as governor of the state of New York. This came on the heels of a damning New York Attorney General’s report detailing sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations against numerous women. Before his announcement on Tuesday, CBS News reported a state senator revealed that all 63 members of the state’s senate “were likely to vote for his removal.”

Like President Richard Nixon, Mr. Cuomo’s resignation has nothing to do with him suddenly developing a conscience. Suppose he had one. None of this would’ve happened in the first place. What we get instead is a man who resigned because impeachment could bar him from running for state office again. Many remain dismayed, including me, that his policy specifically ordering COVID-19 infected individuals into nursing homes, which may have led to the deaths of 15,000 people, was not part of what led to outrage and resignation. As many observers have noted, this in and of itself has stained our social and political culture.

That said, there are now at least three criminal investigations into Mr. Cuomo and his behavior with women. There remain state and federal investigations looking into various issues, including misuse of state resources regarding his book deal, the cover-up of nursing home deaths to forestall a federal investigation, and reports that he made sure his friends and family had priority access to COVID-19 tests.

What we know about Mr. Cuomo speaks to problems we face with other Democrat grifters and monsters who choose politics as their mechanism to control and abuse people. The malevolence and corruption informing people like Andrew Cuomo, Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, and Lori Lightfoot doesn’t just settle into one area but is reflected in most of what these menaces do. 

A man who would purposely order COVID-19 infected individuals into facilities housing the most vulnerable, and then remove that order from the state’s website to cover up his responsibility, then mislead federal investigators about the number of deaths to avoid an investigation, so dramatically lacks a conscience that malevolent behavior in other areas should be expected. It certainly should not surprise anyone his treatment of women and subordinates was abusive and obscene, and as it appears, criminal.

Mr. Cuomo’s resignation takes effect in 14 days. Many are imploring the statehouse in New York to continue their investigations into his various scandals. His behavior and the corruption that informed his administration cannot now be abandoned simply because of a strategic resignation on his part, the equivalent of a rat diving into the sewer to escape its pursuers.

For some reason, the establishment has a reticence of treating politicians who commit crimes like criminals. The system allows them to slink away, hopefully into obscurity. Perhaps that’s because actually holding politicians to account would put so many others in the system at risk. We do know this: Quitting your job is not accountability.

Today’s America Of Dem Political Ownership IS THE MOST CORRUPT IN OUR HISTORY!

How Many Other Andrew Cuomos Are Elites Covering For?

The media played cheerleader instead of investigator, enabling a powerful man to exploit women and elderly people for personal pleasure and political points. Who else are they covering for?

By Kylee Zempel at the Federalist:

All eyes were on Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday after the disgraced New York governor shockingly announced his resignation. Corporate media waffled between aghast that their pandemic “hero” could be so inappropriate and hopeful that Cuomo would run for office again soon. The Twitterverse buzzed with garden-variety anti-Trump pulp insisting Democrats’ too-little-too-late Cuomo condemnation is evidence of their moral superiority — because, UNLIKE REPUBLICANS, the left holds its own accountable.

The obvious fact is, however, that this corrupt corporate press and the Jennifer Rubin “conservatives” of the world are the ones who propped Cuomo up as “the gold standard,” to use Joe Biden’s words, even describing themselves as “Cuomosexuals.”

Cuomo’s “radical transparency” made him a “terrific bureaucrat,” they said. Cuomo is “inspiring, uplifting, fascinating,” and truly “magnificent,” they insisted. He’s “honest, direct, brave,” and what “real leadership” looks like. Elites gave him an Emmy and blessed him with softball interviews and comedy-hour airtime, with left-wing activists working behind the scenes to discredit Cuomo’s accusers.

Tuesday’s resignation signals it’s the end of the road for Cuomo — for now. But if the media can sit and twiddle its thumbs — or worse, kiss keister and perform comedy sketches with giant Q-Tips — while thousands of elderly folks die in New York nursing homes and women in the double digits tell of a gropey governor’s disgusting habits, we must ask: How many other Andrew Cuomos is the media covering for?

Covering for elite misconduct is a perpetual problem in the media; it didn’t start with Cuomo. As Federalist Political Editor John Daniel Davidson wrote on Tuesday, the media did the same with Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and Theodore McCarrick. Don’t forget Bill Clinton or Roman Polanski, either.

“Everyone knew. No one cared. No one said anything until forced to. Then the feigned shock and outrage, the concern about the treatment of women, the hand-wringing and Me Too-ing, the performances on social media,” Davidson wrote. “As long as sexual harassment, assault, abuse, even the sex trafficking of underage girls stays quiet, then [the media] stay quiet, too.”

The media provided the same cover in the ’80s and ’90s for Ted Kennedy. Allegedly drunkenly rubbing his genitals against an unwitting waitress in the private room of a restaurant in the infamous “waitress sandwich” episode wasn’t enough to get the media’s attention. Nor was plummeting his car off a bridge and leaving a woman for dead in the passenger seat as it sank to the bottom of a pond.

The media framed the “accident” as something Kennedy’s political opponents would use against him in campaigns — your stereotypical “Republicans pounce” spin. “His big heart, sharp mind, and boundless energy were gifts he gave to make our democracy a more perfect union,” Bill Clinton would later say, with Barack Obama adding that Kennedy was “the greatest United States senator of our time.”

We watched the corrupt media put their fingers in their ears during the sexual assault accusations against now-President Joe Biden too. TV networks were reluctant to utter accuser Tara Reade’s name in any context, resulting in a veritable media blackout of the allegations against their preferred candidate. Five weeks and 19 interviews later, Biden still hadn’t been asked a single question about the accusations.

The media’s disregard for potential victims and concurrent air cover for the left’s powerful and promiscuous ruling class means more Andrew Cuomos are surely lurking with impunity in the media vacuum’s darkness — you know, where democracy dies.

Despite the reason for Cuomo’s shameful exit, however, the worst of his sins (that we know of) wasn’t actually getting frisky with his young assistants. It was trapping thousands of vulnerable grandparents in nursing homes to be ravaged by a deadly virus and then trying to cover it up, a sin the corrupt media blatantly ignored.

While we don’t know how many sexual predators the media is covering for at the moment, we know without a doubt there are other Democrat governors and bureaucrats who instituted the same murderous nursing home mandates. They’re still in power, shielded by a media that puffs itself up as a brave class of warriors willing to “speak truth to power.” Meanwhile, that media is wholly uninterested in asking Govs. Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, Phil Murphy, Tim Walz, or Tom Wolf, or former Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine any questions about preventable nursing home deaths.

In fact, while the press opted not to ask Levine about why he removed his own mother from a care facility to protect her while relegating other people’s loved ones to COVID-infested nursing homes where more than 12,000 died, Levine was poached by Biden and promoted to be the assistant health secretary of the entire country.

Where was the media for Levine? For Whitmer, Kennedy, Biden, Weinstein, and Epstein? The same place it was for Cuomo. It played the part of cheerleader instead of investigator or reporter, and it enabled a powerful man to exploit women and elderly people for personal pleasure and political points.

Last week, Cuomo was a media-lauded pandemic “hero.” Today, he’s an alleged serial sexual harasser and a grandma killer.

How many other Andrew Cuomos is the media covering for?

Kylee Zempel is an assistant editor at The Federalist. Follow her on Twitter @kyleezempel.Photo Wall Street Journal/YouTube

(Note: I used to teach Russian and American History to high schoolers a half century ago when America Was Still Beautiful!)

Fascist Dems Stirring In Jersey? Brooke Barnett and Lauren Bonds In Action at NJ.com? Who Knows?

Police should be held accountable for ruining someone’s life | Opinion

Updated Aug 09, 2021; Posted Aug 09, 2021

Qualified immunity op-ed
Brooke Barnett, a civil rights lawyer in Newark, and Lauren Bonds of the National Police Accountability Project, say citizens like former New Jersey resident Hamid Harris, who was unlawfully and falsely arrested and imprisoned for 66 days after an illegal search and seizure, deserve their day in court. Congress can make that happen.

Facebook ShareTwitter Share646sharesBy Star-Ledger Guest Columnist

By Brooke Barnett and Lauren Bonds

We cannot achieve meaningful criminal justice reform without ending qualified immunity. As negotiations continue in the U.S. Senate, we call on Senator Cory Booker to keep up the efforts to end qualified immunity and achieve real reform that will rebuild our law enforcement system, regain public confidence, and restore a pathway for those whose civil rights are violated to seek justice.

U.S. citizens like New Jersey resident, Hamid Harris who was unlawfully and falsely arrested and imprisoned for 66 days after an illegal search and seizure and was the victim of conspiracy and malicious prosecution, deserve their day in court, and their justice is essential to protecting the civil liberties of all Americans. Mr. Harris’s civil rights were violated, and he was deprived of his fundamental liberties and freedoms afforded to him by our Constitution. This deprivation continues as our justice system has failed to offer him a trial. The Trial Court ruled twice that the defendant officers’ unreasonable and intentional actions did not entitle them to the protections of qualified immunity. But still, the case languishes while Mr. Harris waits to hold the officers, the Newark Police Department and the city of Newark accountable as they continue to hide behind qualified immunity.

During Mr. Harris’ time in jail, he lost his job and his reputation in the community was destroyed as news was falsely spread that he was an armed robber. More disturbing, his 8-year-old daughter was exposed to the cruelty of the other parents within their community by perpetuating the stigma that her father was a serious felon causing havoc in their community. Although Mr. Harris has been vindicated from criminal charges, the nightmare has continued. He and his family have left New Jersey but still experience repercussions. Even renting an apartment has been made impossible because a quick background check shows Mr. Harris previously being charged with a string of armed robberies.

As civil rights lawyers, we know how difficult it is to hold officers, police departments, and municipalities responsible. One of the most significant stumbling blocks is the doctrine of qualified immunity, a legal rule created by judges that has left a loophole in the rules that apply to everyone else who causes harm to others when they are doing their job.https://aa8f52c2288bb2ee28af4c873b78d570.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Qualified immunity shields government officials from being held liable for violating the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. Qualified immunity requires a person bringing a lawsuit to prove that their “clearly established” rights were violated — that is, that a court previously ruled that a government official acted improperly in a similar case. Even if a police officer’s conduct is plainly unlawful, such as the actions of Detective Donald Stabile and Officer Angel Romero in the case of Mr. Harris, they can be shielded by qualified immunity if no prior officer has been sued for identical behavior. This rule allows police officers to avoid civil liability, even in egregious cases.

Qualified immunity communicates to police officers that they are above the law and tells them they can act with impunity. As recent experience tells us, it’s difficult to prevent officers from engaging in misconduct without accountability. Recent experience also tells us that there is a growing and broad consensus that police officers should face real consequences when they abuse their authority. With every new report of an abuse of civil rights or, in some cases, death, calls for change have grown.

Lawmakers now have an opportunity to answer those calls. Qualified immunity was created by judges, but Congress can eliminate it. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act must do precisely that. We need officers invested in respecting people’s constitutional rights. That will only happen if qualified immunity is eliminated. We can no longer allow courts to sidestep addressing constitutional violations, and we must keep lawmakers who promised reform after the murder of George Floyd accountable for actual change. Short of that, no set of policies, training or reporting requirements will allow us to realize the full promise of criminal justice reform: ensuring the safety of communities that have suffered for too long. It’s long past time that our lawmakers to hear those calls and respond with true justice.

Brooke Barnett is a civil rights and criminal defense lawyer in Newark. Lauren Bonds is the legal director of the National Police Accountability Project.

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My Minnesota has become a fascistic leftist state of activity over the past thirty years. Truth no longer has respect. Fem Feelings Are In the Wind!

Before Gopherland became fem fascistic. NOTE! THE LEFTISH TITLE OF THE WANT:

“Police should be held accountable for ruining someone’s life!”

Even in our Minnesota fascistic Dem rule of today, especially of fascistic left America of today, courts remain open for any person who has a case of malfeasance regarding police officers.

Minnesota is certainly fascistic Dem similar to New Jersey, but our CRIMES can’t possibly add up to those daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Jersey Dem’s Habits of Crime and Corruption serving its local and New York fascist left state governments over the past half century. ghr


Dear fellow American under age 50……Did you ever think about the ONCE obvious fact, the human female is NOT A HUMAN MALE ANIMAL!

The SHE is programmed to produce children for the sake of the species’ future. The She is NOT BORN to be a practicing killer-defender of the human animal. She was born to BE CAUTIOUS, PROTECTED, AND CLEVER FOR HER SAKE AND THAT OF HER CHILDREN….regardless of continent or color of skin until their puberty!

The “HE” of the last ten thousand plus years, that human male animal was natively programmed to be the species hero, killer, defender, survivor, builder, inventor, dreamer, and usually the father in order to oblige and practice in his duties. He was built to do so by body and brain!

THE HUMAN MALE WAS MADE BORN TO BE CURIOUS, AND TO BE A KILLER to be built to protect for the survival of his kind, the only one he knew! THE HUMAN FEMALE WAS BORN TO BE A MOTHER ANIMAL FOR THE SAKE OF THE FUTURE OF THE SPECIES…..NOT TO DICTATE A NATION’S SCHOOLS TO BECOME CRITICAL RACE THEORY BUREAUCRATS, but to be awake, sly, cautious, knowledgeable as an animal, for her personal survival, but with body and instinct to be a mother protecting her own flesh and blood.

……until the American world of the years after 2000AD when in our world of yesterday’s Uncle Sam, when THE HABITUAL RELIGIOUS DRIVE FOR TRUTH BEGAN ITS COLLAPSE LEADING TO TODAY’S “joe biden and company”…..his world of fanatic Nancy Pelosi fems incapable of being civilized human animals who care about TRUTH, or their children’s future much less that of our American future.


Today’s American Government IS THE PROBLEM! It’s “FREE” Nation Is Rapidly Disappearing Into A Lefty Dictatorship!



President Biden has said openly that one of his main objects is to turn back Ronald Reagan’s famous line from his first inaugural address that “Government is the problem.” Of course, everyone omits the qualifying preface of the entire Reagan quote: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to the problem; government is the problem.” (Emphasis added.)

While we can argue about how Reagan’s qualifier “in this present crisis” should be understood, one thing is clear: Biden is doing everything imaginable to recreate the economic crisis that Reagan responded to in 1980 with his package of economic changes that were soon called “Reaganomics.” But as Reagan noted, when things got better in a hurry, the media and his critics stopped calling it “Reaganomics.”

Now we have upon us “Bidenomics.”

First, let us note that every major economic catastrophe—and many minor ones—of the last 100 years involved policy errors by the Federal Reserve as a primary cause, most famously the Great Depression, the inflation of the 1970s, and the housing crash of 2008. And lots of ordinary business-cycle recessions can be traced to bad Fed policy, too. Keep in mind that when banks are caught trying to manipulate short term interest rates and credit flows, they get hit with a criminal charge. But when the Fed does it, it’s called “quantitative easing” or some other euphemism. Make no mistake: Fed control of short term interest rates, and their massive purchases of credit in the open market, are an attempt at price controls—in this case, the price of money. And like all other kinds of price controls, it creates market distortions that sooner or later have bad effects.

Which brings us to current Fed chairman Jerome Powell, who is up for reappointment next year. President Trump appointed Powell because Powell represented a bias toward easy money and low interest rates—music to the ears of a real estate person like Trump. (Most everyone else favored John Taylor for the Fed chair position, which would have been much better.) So far Powell has mostly not disappointed the easy-money constituency. While it is reported that Biden’s economic team is inclined to reappoint Powell to a second term as Fed chair, there is one group inside the Democratic Party who don’t like him, and are pressuring Biden to pick someone else. Guess who they would be?

Progressive Opposition to Jerome Powell Clouds His Chances for Second Term as Fed Chairman

Members of President Biden’s economic team generally support nominating Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to a second term, but growing resistance from prominent Democrats including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) could lead to his replacement, according to people familiar with the matter. . .

Reappointing Mr. Powell “would be disappointing” for those who care about Mr. Biden’s agenda to address financial regulation, climate change and racial wealth gaps, said Erik Gerding, a senior fellow at Americans for Financial Reform, a nonprofit that argues for tougher financial regulation. “Having Jerome Powell continue would just mean one less vote for sustained and healthy regulation of the banking system.”

You can see here that the left thinks the Fed should be in the business of greater financial regulation (never mind all the other existing regulatory agencies with responsibility for financial regulation), climate change, and income redistribution. Great. What could go wrong?

The main reason the Progressives want a leftist Fed chair is that they want the Fed to accommodate massive amounts of new spending under the doctrine of “modern monetary theory,” which holds that since you’re borrowing in your own currency you can borrow as much as you want without consequence. Back in the New Deal era, the slogan was, “We owe it to ourselves!”

Except in the “That 70s Show” rerun that Biden watches at naptime, the latest inflation reading out today came in at a 5.4 percent annual rate, continuing the acceleration of inflation we’ve seen for several months now.

Then there’s energy. One of the economic problems of the 1970s was energy scarcity (entirely due to stupid regulations) and price increases tied in part to OPEC market dominance. The Biden Administration is trying to strangle fossil fuel production here at home, and thus has had to resort to this today:

The White House urged OPEC to boost oil production Wednesday, saying recent planned increases are insufficient as countries around the world seek to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan said in a statement that recent planned production increases by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries would “not fully offset previous production cuts” made by OPEC and its oil-producing allies during the pandemic.

How about production increases here at home? Also, this part is delicious:

The White House also asked the Federal Trade Commission in a letter to use “all of its available tools” to monitor the U.S. gasoline market and take action against “any illegal conduct that might be contributing to price increases for consumers at the pump.”

Question: how much is the typical oil company profit from each gallon of gas sold at the pump? I believe it is still around 20 cents (or less). How much do state and federal governments make from each gallon of gas sold at the pump from gasoline taxes? Around 45 cents. (Incidentally, every time the government investigates gasoline price markets, as they have since the 1970s, they find . . . nothing. It’s like markets actually work or something. No one ever seems to remember any of this.)

Jimmy Carter was unavailable for comment.

“The Notion That Google Is Unsafe For Black People IS LUDICROUS!”



Sen. Cory Booker, one of the leading phonies of contemporary politics, is trying to shame Google into submitting to an outside audit of the “racial equity” of its policies and practices. Booker and four other Senate Democrats urge Google to hire an independent auditor to issue “recommendations to make the company and its products safer for Black people.”

The notion that Google is unsafe for Black people is ludicrous. The streets of cities controlled by Democrats, including Newark where Booker was once mayor, are unsafe for Black people. Google is perfectly safe for Blacks and everyone else.

What kind of recommendations would an outside auditor make to Google to promote “safety” for Blacks? Probably the same kind it made for Facebook. According to the Washington Post:

After a two-year investigation, auditors tapped by Facebook found that decisions the social media giant made to prioritize free speech above other values constituted a “tremendous setback” for civil rights, and enabled abuse by political leaders.

So, what Cory Booker wants is for Google to de-prioritize free speech so Blacks, or those who purport to speak for them, won’t be offended. But the U.S. Constitution prioritizes free speech above other “values,” including peoples’ feelings. A free society and a well-functioning democracy require this.

If Booker and his pals have their way, Google will make sure that content the left doesn’t like either doesn’t appear at all in Google searches or is hidden so well that few can find it. That’s Booker’s objective, along with enriching race-hustling “auditors” who will do the bidding of BLM and other left-wing interests.

The Post says that “a racial equity audit could broaden the mandate for investigators to also look at a bigger swath of issues, such as a company’s hiring practices and internal inclusion efforts.” But to the extent Google does business with the federal government, its hiring and “inclusion” efforts are already subject to review. And anyone who believes these practices are discriminatory can file a complaint with the EEOC and a lawsuit in federal court.

Again, therefore, the only purposes served by an outside auditor would be censorship of content and full employment for racial scam artists.

So far, Google has resisted Booker’s cynical leftist power play. I wish I could be confident that it will continue to do so.

Good Morning Fascist America! Enjoy Your Day!

Biden “checking” to see if he has the power to mandate masks in all schools

by JAZZ SHAW at HotAir:

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

Yesterday, Allahpundit looked at some of the options the White House is considering in terms of how to thwart Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ ban on mask mandates for schools. The same situation will likely roll over to Texas in the near future. Currently, DeSantis is threatening to cut funding for any schools that move forward with a mask mandate for students, so the first option Joe Biden suggested was the possibility of making federal funding available to make up for the lost money.

It would appear that the funding idea may be hitting a dead end, but that’s not the only option on the table. Now Biden is reportedly considering issuing his own federal mask mandate for schools, overriding the executive orders issued by DeSantis and other GOP governors. Does he actually have the authority to do that? Even the President admitted to reporters that he probably doesn’t. But he might just go ahead and do it anyway. (NY Post)

President Biden said Tuesday that his administration is examining whether he can order universal masking in public schools, overriding Republican governors in states like Florida and Texas.

“I don’t believe that I do [have that power], thus far,” Biden told reporters during an event in the East Room of the White House. “We’re checking that.”

Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended masking for all students, faculty, staff and visitors in K-12 schools last month due to the spread of the Delta variant.

This could quickly turn into yet another case of Joe Biden doing something that he knows is illegal or at least outside of his executive authority, counting on the inevitable court challenges to allow him to get his way until the crisis has largely passed. It’s the same tactic he used with the eviction moratorium.

The argument made during the press briefing was disingenuous at best. He claimed that “some governors” (meaning DeSantis without saying his name) are saying that government should “get out of the way” in terms of mask mandates, but if a school wants to demand proof of vaccination or require masks, they “will nullify that.”

The problem is that DeSantis hasn’t taken the position that local governments or schools boards should make the call on such mandates. He’s consistently said that masking and vaccinations are decisions that the parents should make for their children. Neither DeSantis nor Greg Abbott has suggested imposing a ban on masks or vaccinations. Everyone should be free to get the shot or put on a mask if they wish. They just don’t want the schools overriding the decisions made by the parents.

As we’ve noted here previously, there is no court precedent to guide us as to whether or not a federal executive order could be applied to public school policy across the entire country. That’s because nobody has ever tried it before so there has been nothing to challenge. If Biden tries this he could be breaking entirely new legal ground. And as I already mentioned, all he has to do is get his executive order to last long enough for the Delta variant surge to die down and he could rescind the order with a quick “nevermind,” without the Emily Litella voice.

Exit question: What ever happened to the promise of a return to normality after the “lawless regime” of Donald Trump? I’d swear somebody told me something like that earlier this year.

JUST THE NEWS….Corruption In The Georgia Ballot Boxes Becoming Public!

Georgia ballots rejected by machines were later altered by election workers to count

By John SolomonDaniel Payne and Natalia Mittelstadt at JUST THE NEWS!

Records obtained by Just the News provide unprecedented glimpse into human adjudication of thousands of ballots, where marks for candidates like Trump were sometimes removed so ballots could count for Biden.

A day after the November election, as Donald Trump and other Republican candidates clung to evaporating leads in Georgia, vote counters in Atlanta were confronted by a paper ballot known only by its anonymizing number 5150-232-18.

A Dominion Voting machine had rejected the ballot on election night because the voter had filled in boxes for both Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, an error known as an “overvote.” The machine determined neither candidate should get a tally, and the ballot was referred for human review.

The image of the ballot, obtained by Just the News, shows the voter messily scribbled a large blob in the box to select Trump as president while also putting a thinner check mark next to Biden’s name.  

At 6:10 p.m. ET on Nov. 4, 24 hours after the ballot was first scanned and rejected by Machine 5150, a panel of humans decided the vote should be awarded to Biden, with the notation “mark removed for Donald J. Trump.” You can see that ballot here:File 05150_00232_000018_0.pdf

Scores of additional ballots that same day had checks manually removed next to Trump’s name as well as many other candidates up and down the ticket — Libertarians, Democrats and write-ins alike — and the votes awarded instead to other candidates. 

Welcome to the arcane process known as adjudication, where human judgment is substituted for machine scanning in cases where voters incorrectly filled out a paper ballot. Election officials and official observers have dealt with it for years, with everyday citizens mostly oblivious to the process.

But in 2020, adjudication played a much larger role in states like Georgia, which allowed hundreds of thousands of additional citizens to vote absentee for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In all, more than 5,000 of the 148,000 absentee ballots cast — or about 3% — in Georgia’s largest county required some form of human intervention, according to logs obtained from Fulton County by Just the News under an open records act request.File ORR_5053-2021Adjudication_Activity_Log_11.7.2020.pdf

The adjudication ballots alone are not enough to change a Georgia election in which Biden and Trump were separated by less than 13,000 votes. However, they reveal an imperfect system vulnerable to chaos, subjectivity, or political dirty tricks, especially in a county like Fulton where state officials documented widespread irregularities and misconduct and now want to take over election counting.

Just the News reviewed 1,604 pages of adjudication logs from Fulton County and reviewed 4820 of the 5064 ballot images where human vote counters reviewed or overrode the Dominion Voting machines. The JTN review provided an unprecedented window into the extraordinary discretion accorded adjudication judges to interpret a voter’s intent on a flawed ballot.ADVERTISING

It also raised another troubling question, at least in Georgia, where election regulations create two conflicting imperatives. One regulation, which is quoted on each absentee ballot, emphatically declares that a paper ballot should be deemed “spoiled” and uncountable if a voter makes any mistakes or unauthorized marks.

“If you make a mistake or change your mind or change your mind on a selection do not attempt to mark through the selection or attempt to erase. Write ‘Spoiled’ across the ballot and across the return envelope” and get a new ballot, language on each ballot reads.

Just the News reviewed hundreds of ballots that met the “spoiled” definition — ballots that voters had in some way altered, defaced, or corrected — that were still allowed to count after adjudication. The reason? Another Georgia regulation gives election officials broad discretion to try to determine the intent of a confused voter, and actually encourages them to find a way to make flawed ballots count.

The Georgia code stipulates that voting tabulators must be programmed to “reject any ballot, including absentee ballots, on which an overvote is detected,” with those ballots to be “manually reviewed” by a review panel following their rejection. 

If a voter “has marked his or her ballot in such a manner that he or she has indicated clearly and without question the candidate for whom he or she desires to cast his or her vote,” the state code says elsewhere, then the ballot “shall be counted and such candidate shall receive his or her vote.” 

Yet state law also directs that a ballot should be considered “spoiled” if, in part, a voter has used it to “cast more than the permitted number of votes.” A spoiled ballot “shall not be reinstated,” the code states, suggesting that any ballots deemed as such should not be counted. 

Instructions on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website, meanwhile, suggest that voters have no choice but to declare their ballots spoiled in the event that they make a mistake on it. 

“If you inadvertently make an error, spoil, or otherwise deface the ballot, IMMEDIATELY contact your local county board of registrars or the municipal absentee ballot clerk, whichever is applicable, to receive a replacement ballot,” the instructions dictate.

Just the News identified hundreds of ballots that met that definition but nonetheless were counted as lawful votes after election judges intervened. Some counted ballots even had the word “spoiled” written across them and still were counted.

For instance, “spoiled” was clearly written on ballot number 729-98-76, which had boxes for both Trump and Biden selected. Election judges awarded the vote to Biden and removed the mark for Trump. You can see that here:File 00729_00098_000076Spoiled.pdf

But another ballot, 5162-207-61, had the word spoiled written on it and a vote solely for Trump. But it was rejected by the same process, showing just how uneven the system was. You can see that here:File 05162_00207_000061SpoiledTrumpNoCount.pdf

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office said it did not have an immediate response on whether such spoiled ballots should have been allowed to go to adjudication, saying it was studying the matter. Raffensperger has said, however, Fulton County’s election processes are so flawed he believes the state of Georgia should take it into receivership.

State officials said Fulton County should have adjudicated ballots using a panel of two Democrat judges, two Republican judges and one independent judge, but they did not know for sure whether each ballot went through that process.

Raffensperger’s handpicked election monitor for Fulton County compiled a 29-page report identifying voting irregularities that occurred in the Atlanta vote counting center, including documented problems with spoiled and adjudicated  ballots.

Fulton County refused to answer any questions about the records they provided to Just the News. 

But Bridget Thorne, who has worked for years in various election jobs in Fulton County, said officials there did not have clear instructions for handling spoiled or adjudicated ballots last fall.

“According to a Fulton County Board member, there were no written adjudication processes given to adjudicators,” Thorne told Just the News. “Processes were given verbally. In the event the Democrat and the Republican adjudicators could not agree, [county executive] Ralph Jones would decide. 

“Based on my experience, it is not surprising that they did not have a standard written process for adjudicators,” she added. “An internal audit financial report that came out on Wednesday also states that they are missing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).”

The Just the News review shows adjudication judges have the power to “remove marks” and or “add marks” to reflect a voter’s assumed intention and did so hundreds of times in Fulton County alone. They also can reject them. And at least in Georgia last November, they made such decisions one to four days after Election Day had ended, when preliminary vote counts showed who was leading or losing in close races. The entire scenario makes some extremely squeamish.

Scores of adjudicated ballots ultimately were resolved with the notation “removed mark” next to Trump’s name, in most cases allowing a second mark next to Biden’s name to count. But at times it happened in reverse too, or to the detriment of third-party candidates.

Ballot number 729-4-39, for instance, included blob marks for the Libertarian candidates for president (Jo Jorgensen) and U.S. Senate (Shane Hazel) as well as Democrats Biden and Senate winner Jon Ossoff. The adjudication team awarded the ballot to Biden and Ossof, the logs and ballot images showed. To do so, they had to remove the marks for the Libertarian candidates.

On another ballot, a voter messily scribbled in the bubble to select Donald Trump as president; the voter also gave a small check mark next to Joe Biden. The adjudication log shows the choice being flagged as an “over-vote,” after which an adjudication review awarded the ballot to Biden.

In one particularly striking example, a ballot clearly marked “spoiled” was apparently adjudicated and counted by an election staff worker, raising the question of whether or not that voter or other voters managed to vote twice in the election. In that case, Trump would have been the beneficary.

In all, 1,341 marks were removed from the names of candidates on the 5,000 ballots, a computer analysis of the logs showed.

The alteration and counting of flawed ballots were spread across all races, including state constitutional amendments and local legislative campaigns.

One of the clearest patterns involved the highly watched special U.S. Senate election that pitted Republican incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler against Democratic activist Raphael Warnock. The Just the News review showed the design of the ballot by Raffensperger’s office clearly confused many in the race because it offered 20 candidates, most of them Democrats. Voters often selected two or more of a party’s candidates, causing their votes ultimately to be rejected even after adjudication. Democrats were more likely to be negatively affected in that instance.

Just the News is fighting for adjudication logs in other states like Arizona, where its largest election metropolis, Maricopa County, recently told the news organization there were about 27,000 adjudicated ballots in November but so far has refused to provide the logs or images.

The release of the ballot images comes after a bombshell Just the News report that revealed an election watchdog’s searing criticism of Fulton County’s handling of the absentee ballot counting process at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. The watchdog, Carter Jones — who had been assigned by Raffensperger’s office to monitor the State Farm Arena operations — highlighted what he said were several key security problems with the absentee ballot operation there. 

Jones at one point wrote of witnessing absentee ballots arriving at the arena “in rolling bins 2k at a time.”

“It is my understanding is that the ballots are supposed to be moved in numbered, sealed boxes to protect them,” he wrote, also noting “too many ballots coming in for secure black ballot boxes.”File Unabridged Notes.pdf

Jones also made numerous citations raising concerns about how absentee ballots and spoiled ballots were handled. Here are some direct excerpts from his notes:

  • “My math is still not zeroing out, so I get a staffer to explain it to me and they realize (after I talk to three and no one listens) that their math doesn’t add up, which prompts a search for more spoiled ballots to make up for the missing seven.” 
  • “We missed one ballot! — Found during cleanup → I pointed it out to Ralph, otherwise he would’ve missed it or left it unsecured. → Turns out that it was spoiled but written in small print on the back.” 
  • “Big problem! Rick just called me to explain that Fulton did not verify their numbers on the backend after adjudication last night, so their provisional number is off by 484 from what it should be. Their current plan is to re-scan all of yesterday’s batch to make sure that everything is done properly.”
  • “Press release yesterday said that there were 3,604 accepted provisionals. My count shows that last night they scanned 3,420. Rick says that they’re 484 short, but my math says it’s only 184.” 

With such chaos and mismanagement observed by the state, some wonder whether any of the adjudicated ballots were counted correctly and consistently in Georgia’s biggest metropolis, or other major urban areas for that matter.

“Similar actions took place in Detroit, Philadelphia, Green Bay and other major urban centers in swing states where tens of thousands of ballots were interpreted and counted by review panels,” said Phill Kline, the former Kansas attorney general and head of the Amistad Project, which has filed lawsuits to gain transparency in elections nationwide. “This happens every year. But in 2020 laws requiring both parties to review this process weren’t followed. 

“With COVID as an excuse, election observers were kicked out of the counting room and private billionaires invited in,” Kline added, citing Mark Zuckerberg’s donations to election judges. “Americans deserve to know how this shadow government managed the election, and state election officials, rather than fighting efforts to understand what happened, should open the doors and support the effort to get at the truth!”