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Another View of President Biden:

Biden is dishonest, delusional, and dangerous

By Drew Allen at American Thinker:

As the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, the president of the United States went into hiding. Biden’s most recent disappearing act in a moment of crisis proved once again that he’s not leading the nation and that America is without a commander-in-chief. But his belated and disgraceful address to the Nation served to highlight the 3 D’s that define the modern Democratic Party — dishonesty, delusion, and danger.

It was an embarrassing and feeble display from the start. Biden, an allegedly fully vaccinated man, removed his face diaper for the cameras as he made the ten foot walk from offstage to the podium.

But right out of the gate Joe Biden lied to the American people. He announced, “My national security team and I have been closely monitoring the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and moving quickly to execute the plans we had put in place to respond to every constituency including and — contingency — including the rapid collapse we are seeing now.”

The truth is Joe Biden had no plan — no contingency; certainly not for the rapid collapse. Afghanis clung to a U.S. military plane as it took off from an airport in Kabul. It was a frenzied exodus — Ashraf Ghani, the former Afghan president fled, and U.S. embassy personnel were rushed out of the now-abandoned embassy. 

Thousands of U.S. citizens currently remain trapped in Afghanistan as the Taliban hunts them down. Yet Joe Biden lied and claimed a contingency plan was in place for “the rapid collapse we’re seeing now.” It’s dishonest. Joe Biden is a liar.

As a matter of fact, per CNN, Biden ignored military leaders’ warnings that his hasty withdrawal would likely result in the collapse of the Afghan government and a Taliban insurrection in the capitol. He didn’t plan for every contingency. He dismissed this one — the one that happened.

But so too is Biden delusional. He claimed that “I am president of the United States of America, and the buck stops with me.” And yet at no point in his teleprompter address did he accept responsibility for this disaster. Instead he blamed Trump and the Afghani people. Trump isn’t president and the Afghani people aren’t responsible for the evacuation of American personnel in Afghanistan. Biden is. But he cares more about ice cream than he does about the American citizen. He spends more time choosing his flavor of ice cream than he does planning a responsible evacuation of Afghanistan. 

It is Biden who publicly announced in July that the military mission would end by August 31. It is Biden, who ignored the council of his military advisors, and ended the mission even ahead of schedule. It is Biden who abandoned the Afghani people in the dead of night without having the decency to notify the Afghani commander at Bagram Airforce base of America’s sudden departure back in July.

Per the AP, “The U.S. left Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years by shutting off the electricity and slipping away in the night without notifying the base’s new Afghan commander, who discovered the Americans’ departure more than two hours after they left, Afghan military officials said.”  

Despite this betrayal, Biden had the audacity to claim in his teleprompter address that, “when I hosted President Ghani and Chairman Abdullah at the White House in June, and again when I spoke by phone to Ghani in July, we had very frank conversations. We talked about how Afghanistan should prepare to fight their civil wars after the U.S. military departed.” Apparently Biden wasn’t very frank, because the Afghani commander of Bagram Air Force Base didn’t learn of our departure until after we’d left.

But lies and delusion coincided when Biden made the claim that, “We’ll continue to speak out for the basic rights of the Afghan people, of women and girls, just as we speak out all over the world.” The Taliban routinely executes gays, and stones women. Biden cozies up to the Chinese while they torture and kill Muslims in their internment camps. Biden and the Democrat party don’t speak up for anyone’s basic human rights all over the world. They only invent non-existent violations in the United States.

Biden’s irresponsible abandonment of Afghanistan is also dangerous. Not only are Americans in Afghanistan presently in danger of losing their lives because of his recklessness and incompetence, but future Americans will also be in danger of losing their lives at the hands of the Taliban.

Our mission in Afghanistan was to neutralize the threat of the Taliban and al Qaida; to prevent a future terrorist attack. Biden claimed that “I’m adamant we focus on the threats we face today, in 2021, not yesterday’s threats.” 

But yesterday’s threats are now today’s threats. We spent 20 years fighting against the Taliban, who sheltered Osama Bin Laden as he plotted the 9/11 attacks. 20 years later the Taliban has overtaken Afghanistan in a matter of days. What was the point?

Biden doesn’t care. He’s already resumed his vacation. Then again, per CNN, the Taliban is “just chanting ‘Death to America’ but they seem friendly at the same time.” Meanwhile the DHS has issued new terror threats for Americans opposing COVID measures.

Biden and the Democrats are dishonest, delusional, and dangerous.

Drew Allen is the host of “The Drew Allen Show” podcast. He is a Texas-bred, California-based and millennial author, columnist, and political analyst. His work can be read and seen and heard at drewthomasallen.com

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    Only in America does the left’s dishonesty continue its ride. Other countries run their dishonest politicians out of their country. Are the left voters too genteel to take a stand?



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