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Is Veep Harris As Sensible and Intelligent as Joe Biden? No, But She Laughs Often!

Harris tells reporters administration “singularly focused” on Afghanistan, from …


AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

To quote Inigo Montoya: I do not think that word means what you think it means. Either Kamala Harris botched this comment in the middle of a strangely conceived trip, or perhaps the Vice President wants to distance herself from the Biden administration’s stench on Afghanistan.

Not a bad idea, that:

Vice President Harris said Monday that the Biden administration is “singularly focused” on evacuating American citizens, Afghan allies and at-risk Afghans and that questions about the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan would be answered after that mission is complete.

“I think there’s going to be plenty of time to analyze what has happened and what has taken place in the context of the withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Harris said during a news conference in Singapore alongside the country’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong.

“But right now, we are singularly focused on evacuating American citizens, Afghans who worked with us, and Afghans who are vulnerable, including women and children,” she said.

Ahem. If the administration is “singularly focused” on evacuating Americans, then what is Kamala Harris doing in Singapore? Are there Americans requiring evacuation from Singapore?

The dumbest part of this statement is that the White House sent Harris to Singapore and Vietnam explicitly to prove they could sustain multiple points of focus. That’s why they took the risk of making the Saigon collapse analogy even more pertinent with Harris’ appearance in Hanoi later in the trip. The White House even leaked that rationale last week when announcing that the trip would take place as scheduled despite — or because of — the collapse in Afghanistan:

A White House official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the trip was proceeding as planned and Harris would be continually briefed on the situation in Afghanistan while abroad and join deliberations on next steps.

“Given our global leadership role, we can and we must manage developments in one region while simultaneously advancing our strategic interests in other regions on other issues,” the official said. “The United States has many interests around the world, and we are well-equipped to pursue them all at the same time.”

So much for walking and chewing gum at the same time, I suppose. Harris has a tougher job convincing these countries that the US has any focus on them at all. The Biden administration hopes to get Singapore and Vietnam to hang tough with them against China, but the Washington Post reports that the administration’s singular catastrophe in Kabul against seventh-century militias isn’t exactly building their confidence:

A question facing the Biden administration is how far it will be able to do that — and maintain credibility among U.S. allies alarmed by the collapse of the U.S.-backed government in Afghanistan and with memories of chaotic diplomacy under President Trump still fresh. Vice President Harris’s visit to Singapore and Vietnam this week, only her second foray internationally, is emerging as a test of Washington’s ability not just to lead but counter an increasingly aggressive Beijing.

“The current narrative now is that America is withdrawing, which puts even more pressure on her trip,” said Huong Le Thu, a nonresident fellow with the Southeast Asia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “[The U.S.] needs a win.”

If so, Harris is coming away empty-handed:

Some of the partnerships announced Monday in Singapore came without a specific start date, or were nonbinding memorandums of understanding. Chong Ja Ian, a political scientist at the National University of Singapore who studies U.S.-China competition in the region, said the developments were “incremental.”

Pledges to work together on climate change and supply chains “sound nice, but it’s the substance rather than the sticker and packaging that matters, especially at this moment,” he said. “Think about the promises made to Afghanistan from last year.”

No one trusts the Biden administration to follow through on its promises any longer, especially not after watching Biden capitulate to the Taliban — hardly a formidable geopolitical foe. More tellingly, few will trust Biden to competently look after their interests after watching the US fall apart in Afghanistan. Even our long-term allies in the West have started openly imagining a new security arrangement that foresees a non-leadership role for the US, and Europe doesn’t sit on the edge of China’s military power. It’s not difficult to imagine what’s going through minds in Vietnam and Singapore as to which Pacific power has the ability and the means to play hardball and to play it longer.

You’d better believe that they’ll be singularly focused on that question, too.

Who Were The Liars; The Press That Sold Joe Biden As Lucid, Honest, Intelligent?

He was a thug in Congress for decades……

Biden’s Pandemic Record: More Spread, More Death

AUGUST 23, 2021 By Eddie Scarry

Here’s a startling fact: Almost 200,000 people have died of COVID-19 on President Joe Biden’s watch. And that number can and will only go up.

Another way of looking at it is that in the 215 days since Biden was sworn into office, nearly 1,000 people have died of COVID on average every 24 hours.

It’s not especially fair to lay every single one of those deaths at his feet, but since when did anyone reporting on the pandemic numbers ever care about fairness? The media certainly didn’t when Donald Trump was president.

But even if it’s not exactly fair to blame Biden, it’s more fair to blame him for any one death on his watch than it was to blame his predecessor for any of the ones that occurred in 2020. Trump had no idea he would be finishing his term dealing with a highly contagious, airborne virus that has confounded scientists across the globe.

Biden knew what he was getting into. He not only told the voters to leave it to him, but he promised that he would “shut down the virus.” He wanted this responsibility, so why shouldn’t he be required to own it?

Viewing things from that perspective, Biden’s performance on the pandemic has been abysmal. And it apparently hasn’t gone unnoticed. A new NBC poll published Sunday showed 53 percent of U.S. adults approve of Biden’s “handling” of the virus, down 16 points since April.

That shouldn’t be a surprising development. Look at what has happened in that time. Biden came into office with two beautiful gifts. One of them was that new daily cases of infection were in sharp decline on Inauguration Day, with a seven-day average of 195,000, down from a peak of almost 260,000 on Jan. 8.

That trend continued to Biden’s benefit all the way through June, and the president had also successfully secured another multitrillion-dollar welfare package (sometimes referred to as “COVID relief”) to artificially boost the income of millions of workers.

Compounding Biden’s great fortune were the vaccines, the manufacturing of which his administration had nothing to do with. The hard work of getting just one viable vaccine, let alone three, was done by others. All Biden had to do was push it out to the public as quickly as possible.

The distribution was clumsy, and Biden pushed his vice president out to look ridiculous claiming they had been set back by the lack of a vaccine “stockpile.” There’s no reason a stockpile would have existed of a vaccine that needed to be created quickly and distributed immediately. Making things worse, a sizable portion of the population was and is hesitant to receive a shot after Democrats spent weeks saying the vaccines might have been rushed for political reasons and therefore might not be safe.

Now, since the start of July, we’re seeing a steep climb in new cases of infection, creating a wave of hospitalizations that looks a lot like the one we saw in the fall and winter. The New York Times reported last week that “more than 90,000 coronavirus patients were in hospitals nationwide, more than in any previous surge except last winter’s” and that we’re “averaging more than 800 newly reported deaths a day, about twice as many as in early August.”

This is the landscape brought to us by the guy who promised to “shut down the virus.” This is the guy who made the corny promise that he would “follow the science” and made a big show about how he would “listen to Dr. Fauci.”

That’s Biden’s pandemic record, and it sucks.Eddie Scarry is the D.C. columnist at The Federalist and author of “Privileged Victims: How America’s Culture Fascists Hijacked the Country and Elevated Its Worst People.”

A Dull Brain Attacked From All Sides!

The Drossy Touch of Joe Biden

A cognitively challenged Biden is pulled in every direction, by left-wing politicos collecting their debts, by his own spite, by his trademark narcissism, and by his hatred of all things Trump. 

By Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness:

August 22, 2021

Almost everything Joe Biden has touched since entering office has turned to dross. None of his blame-gaming, none of his distortions, none of his fantasies and unreality can mask that truth.

The Afghan Catastrophe

 Seven months ago, Afghanistan was relatively quiet—with about 10,000 vestigial NATO troops, including 2,500 Americans, anchored by the Bagram Airfield. They were able to provide air superiority for the coalition and Afghan national army. With air power, NATO forces, if and when they so wished, could have very slowly and gradually withdrawn all its remnant troops—but only after a prior departure of all American and European civilians, coalition contractors, and allied Afghans. 

The transient calm abruptly imploded as soon as Joe Biden recklessly yanked all U.S. troops out in a matter of days. Many left in the dead of night, leaving no one to protect contractors, dependents, diplomats, and Afghan allies. In Biden’s world, civilians protect the last Western enclave while soldiers flee.

Three weeks ago, Joe Biden and a woke and politicized Pentagon were assuring us that Afghanistan was “stable.” Now the country is reverting to its accustomed premodern, theocratic, and medieval chaos. It will likely soon reopen as the world’s pre-9/11-style terrorist haven—an arms mart of over $50 billion in abandoned U.S. military equipment. Thanks to the president of the United States, terrorists and nation-state enemies can now shop for arms and train there without hindrance. 

The NATO coalition-builder Biden also dry-gulched his European allies, whose soldiers outnumbered our own. The humanitarian “good ole Joe from Scranton” deprecated the thousands of Afghan military dead who had helped the Americans. The families of the American fallen and wounded of two decades were all but told by Biden that the catastrophe in Kabul was inevitable—no other way out but chaos and dishonor. Why did he not tell us that earlier, when he was vice president, so many dead and wounded ago?

“Get over it,” was Biden’s messaging subtext. If Americans want to hear the blame game, he told us to scapegoat Barack Obama, or all prior presidents, or especially Donald Trump, or the intelligence services and military, or the Afghan army, or we naïfs who somehow think things are a mess right now in Kabul—or anything and everyone but Joe Biden.

Was Biden’s idea simply to get the United States “officially” out of Afghanistan and let the abandoned 10,000-plus Americans manage as they can? 

Was Biden angry over our 20-year presence and thinking the Afghans would deserve what followed? Was he so delusional that he really believed the NATO forces could easily deter the Taliban with sanctimonious lectures from National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman? The latter is a former head of EMILY’s List and an architect of the Iran Deal, so were she and others especially scarifying to naughty theocrats when they warned they might lose their slot in the “rules-based world order”? Or did Biden believe the Taliban would be deterred by Sherman’s exclamations, such as her ominous warning, “This is personal for me!” 

The Inflation Fiasco

In January, Biden inherited a rebounding economy that was fueled by $1 trillion in stimulatory federal red ink. Given natural pent-up consumer demand, why did Biden need to print yet another $1 trillion, seek to green-light another $2 trillion for “infrastructure,” and raise even higher unemployment compensation to the point of discouraging employees from returning to work?

At the same time, he has alarmed employers with braggadocio threats that higher capital gains, income, payroll, and estate taxes are all on the way. More lockdowns only further eroded small businesses. The result was price inflation of all the stuff of life—homes, lumber, gas, food, appliances—as well as historic shortages of everything from cars and houses to the work of contractors and electricians. Any

increase in wages due to labor shortages was soon erased by spirals in the consumer price index.

So, what was Biden thinking or, rather, not thinking? By paying workers not to work he would be evening out the ancient score with employers? Did workers need a vacation from the quarantine? Printing money was a way to spread the wealth—and diminish what the rich possessed? Was a $2 trillion deficit and $30 trillion in aggregate debt a way of bragging to Trump that he doubled the Trump red ink in less than a year? Would he pile up more debt than both Barack Obama and George W. Bush in half the time?

The Border Disaster

Biden took a secure border, along with increasingly legal-only immigration, and then destroyed both. He stopped construction of the border wall, encouraged an expected 2 million illegal entries over the current fiscal year, promised amnesties, and resumed “catch and release.” He did all that at a time of a pandemic, exempting illegal aliens from all the requirements of COVID testing and mass vaccinations that he had hectored his own citizens about getting. With planned mass amnesties and millions more invited to cross illegally in the next three years, was Biden seeking to found a new American nation within the now passé old American nation?

Did he believe that Americans did not deserve their citizenship and newcomers from south of the border were somehow more worthy? Did he see the 2 million new residents as instant voters under new relaxed rules of balloting? Did he think in a labor-deprived economy they would supply nannies, gardeners, and cooks to bicoastal elites? We strain to imagine any explanation because there is no logic to any. 

Energy Insufficiency

Biden did his best in just seven months to explode the idea of American self-sufficiency in natural gas and oil. He canceled the Keystone Pipeline, froze new federal energy leases, put the Anwar oil field off limits, and warned frackers their end days were near. 

So, what drove Biden? Did he object that motorists were saving too many billions of dollars per year in decreased commuting costs? Or was the rub that we had slashed too many imports of oil from the volatile Middle East and no longer would launch preemptive wars? Or perhaps the transition to clean natural gas instead of coal as a fuel for power generation had too radically curtailed carbon emissions? Did Biden feel that Middle East producers, the Russians, or the Venezuelans could better protect the planet while extracting oil and gas than could American drillers?

The Race Calamity

Biden blew up race relations by greenlighting the new hunt for the mythical “whiteness” monster. Were a few buffoonish white rioters who stormed the Capitol the tip of the spear of a previously unknown massive white supremacy movement, the most dangerous, he swore, since the Civil War?

Biden took affirmative action and the Civil Rights-era “disparate impact” and “proportional representation” ideas and turned them into disproportionate representation and reparations on the cheap. Biden made it acceptable to damn “whiteness,” as if all 230 million white Americans are guilty of something or other in a way that the other 100 million “nonwhite” are not. 

So why did Biden kick the sleeping dog of racial polarization? To stir up his left-wing base? To alleviate his own guilt over the Biden family’s long history of racist insults, from “clean” Barack Obama to “put y’all in chains” to the “Corn Pop” sagas to “you ain’t black” and “junkie” to Hunter’s n-word and Asian racism? Did Biden see countries like Iraq, Lebanon, Rwanda, and the former Yugoslavia as positive models for diversity emulation?

The Crime Explosion

After Biden entered office, violent crimes ignited from the embers of the 120 days of mostly unpunished looting, arson, and organized violence in the streets of America’s major cities during summer 2020. Under Biden, jails were emptied. Federal attorneys and emulative local DAs exempted offenders. Police were defamed and defunded. Punishing crime was considered a racist construct. 

The result is that Americans now avoid the Dodge City downtowns of most of America’s crime-ridden blue cities. They accept that any urban pedestrian, any driver after hours, any commuter on a bus or subway can be assaulted, robbed, beaten, raped, or shot—without any assurance that the media will fairly report the crime, or that the criminal justice system will punish the perpetrators. In Biden’s America looters prance into drug stores and walk out with shopping bags of stuff, under the terrified gaze of security guards who guesstimate at least they did not steal more than $950 of loot. 

Was Biden’s plan to let the people redistribute ill-gotten gains? Or was he convinced that disproportionate criminal activity was karmic payback, or penance for the death of George Floyd? Did he really believe that we were far too overpoliced? Did he believe that the general public should experience, at last, the crime of the inner-city to ensure equity and inclusion?

So why does Biden so willfully exercise this destructive touch that blows up anything he taps?

There are several possible theories:

1) Biden is non compos mentis. He has no idea of what he is doing. But to the degree he is alert, Biden listens—sort of—only to the last person with whom he talks. And then he takes a nap. When Afghanistan blows up or inflation roars or the border becomes an entry door, his eyes open, and he becomes bewildered and snarly—like an irritable and snappy Bruce Dern waking up in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” 

Biden has no clue about the actual destructive implementation of his toxic policies, and no concern upon whom these destructive agendas fall. He vaguely assumes a lapdog left-wing media will repackage every Biden incoherence as Periclean, and every daily “lid” as Biden’s escape for presidential research, deep reading, and intensive deliberation. Biden appears to be about where Woodrow Wilson was in November 1919.

2) Or is Biden a rank opportunist and thinking he will ride woke leftism as the country’s new trajectory? He resents his prior subservience to Obama, and now feels he can trump past signature leftist administrations as the one true and only socialist evolutionary. He is not so much the manipulated as the manipulator.

Biden fantasizes himself as a hands-on dynamic leader who bites at reporters, snaps from the podium, and issues his customary interjections. He is therefore “in command” for four or five hours a day. He enjoys acting more radical than Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, or “the squad.”—and especially being far more leftwing than his old and now passé boss Barack Obama. Joe is in control and that explains the dross touch. For the first time in his life, such an incompetent has complete freedom—to be powerfully incompetent. Biden is then not demented as much as delusionally running things.

3) Biden is unfortunately what he always was: a rather mean-spirited plagiarist, liar, and nihilist, from his Clarence Thomas character assassination infamy and Tara Reade groping to his foul racist talk and his monumental habitual grifting. His disasters are the same old, same old Biden trademark, performance-art screw-ups. 

Biden likes the idea of conservative outrage, of chaos, of barking at everyone all the time. Biden accepts that no omelets can be made without broken eggs, and sort of enjoys screwing up things, as Robert Gates and Barack Obama both warned. “Wokening” the Joint Chiefs of Staff, encouraging hundreds of thousands to pour across the border, and abandoning our NATO allies in Afghanistan—who cares when tough guy, brash-talking Joe on the move jumbles stuff up? The disasters in the economy, foreign policy, crime, energy, and racial relations? Biden is just shaking things up, stirring the pot, baiting people to watch Mr. “Come On, Man” in action, as he blusters and preens and leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.

4) Biden is nothing much at all. He’s just a cardboard-cut out, a garden-variety Democratic Party hack, who is against anything conservatives are for. He assumes he will undo all that Trump did, on the theory it is simple and easy for him in his lazy, senior moments. And he is tired anyway of thinking much beyond such Pavlovian rejectionism. A closed border is bad; presto, open borders are good. Improving race relations is bad; deteriorating relations must be good. Energy independence bad; dependency good. Biden works on autopilot in his minimalist day job: just cancel anything that Trump did and worry nothing about the effects on the American people 

5) Biden is a hostage of both the Left and Hunter Biden. His task is to ram down a hard Left agenda, in the fashion of a torpedo that itself blows up when it hits the target. The Left ensured the base would not bolt in 2020. So, he owes them. Biden, more or less, signed his presidency over to the squad, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and the Obama holdovers. They hand him a script; he tries to read it; and they follow up with the details. He is the old “Star Trek’s” tottering John Gill.

The Left may hope their own nihilist agenda sort of works. When it inevitably does not, then Joe, the delivery man, is blamed: so much more quickly, then, will be Biden’s necessary exit. They kept their part of the bargain by getting the basement denizen elected. Now he keeps the deal by handing over the presidency. Biden’s utility had about a six-month shelf life. 

Now ever so slowly the leaks, the West Wing backstabbing, the furrowed anchor brows, and the unnamed sources will gently ease him out with 25th Amendment worries (e.g., “Perhaps President Biden might find taking the Montreal Cognitive Assessment of some value after all, for his own benefit, of course.”) Kamala Harris is not so inert as we are led to believe.

Hunter Biden, smeared and ruined with scandals of every imaginable sordidness, now embarks on his masterpiece con: peddling his kindergarten art at a half-million dollars per painting to “anonymous” quid pro quo rich foreign grifters. Why does Hunter pose such brazenness and unnecessary danger to his father, the president? Because the former addict can, and just for the f—k of it?

Hunter’s malicious behavior is an implied threat that if Joe’s staff slaps Hunter’s hand, he threatens to spill the “beans” on the “Big Guy” and “Mr. 10 Percent”—given he plays the wounded fawn as the underappreciated bad boy. Hunter was the bad-seed family money man without whose grift none of them would ever have lived in such mordida-generated splendor. 

A cognitively challenged Biden then is pulled in every direction, by his own senility, by left-wing politicos collecting their debts, by his own spite, by his trademark narcissism, and by his neanderthal hatred of everything Trump was and did. 

The problem for America is that theories one through five are not always mutually exclusive, but more likely force multipliers of the present insanity. At some point, some brave congressional representative or Senator will finally have to say to Biden, in the spirit of Oliver Cromwell and Leo Amery:

“You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

Civilized Americans Have Always Wanted Our Presidents TO WIN!

Who Wants Biden to Fail?

By Charles Lipson at RealClearPolitics: (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Oh, for the days when trolls were mythological creatures, living in Nordic caves. Today, they live online, poking us with bitter invective instead of intelligent arguments. That’s what some of President Biden’s defenders are doing, now that he is struggling. With only a weak defense to offer, most are in hiding. The few who venture out in public have turned to a last resort: trolling anyone who dares to criticize the president. Their favorite taunt is “Do you want the president to fail?”

The point here, apparently, is to try and inoculate Biden against any criticism by suggesting that to question his actions is tantamount to wanting the new president to fail and the country with him.

It’s an odd attack coming from the same people who began launching a four-year barrage of invective against Biden’s predecessor before he even took office. Odder still to see the patriotism card played by those who applauded athletes kneeling for our national anthem, endorsed a distorted “1619” history that denies our country was founded on aspirations for freedom, who declare America remains thoroughly racist, and who normally argue that our country is a malevolent force in the world.

I will ignore the trolls’ hypocrisy and bad faith, some of it directed at me, and answer the question anyway. I do not want the president to fail, but I do think some of his ill-conceived policies are bound to. A few deserve to. That’s on him, not me.

Like all decent people, I wish Joseph R. Biden Jr. good health. His job is arduous, and he is doing it for all of us, whether we voted for him or not, whether he is competent or not. Wishing him well is a simple act of human kindness.

Second, I do not want failures abroad. I want the U.S. to deter our principal adversaries — China, Russia, and Iran — from their malicious goals. I want policies and intelligence that prevent terrorists from attacking America and its friends. Who doesn’t? In all those areas, I want the Biden administration to succeed.

Do I think Biden is pursuing the best policies to accomplish those goals? No, and the unhappy results of his policies are starting to pile up. In my view, it is a grave error, for instance, to cut real military spending when we face a rising threat from China. Yet that is what Biden proposes. It was an unforced error to let Russia complete its natural gas pipeline to Germany, overturning President Trump’s tougher policy and weakening his sanctions on senior Russian officials. This energy project will make Germany more dependent on Russia and gives the Kremlin more money to pursue policies that harm America. In return, Biden got nothing more than a hearty handshake from departing German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Biden also erred in signaling Iran that the U.S. was eager to reenter the joint nuclear agreement without major concessions. He compounded his mistake by appointing the same Obama-era negotiators who struck the original “pallets of cash” deal with the mullahs. The only good news here is that the Biden administration has been unable to seal the deal. As for Afghanistan, do I gloat over the human misery inflicted by Biden’s tragically inept exit? No. Pointing to these failures and misguided policies is far different from wishing for bad outcomes. It is simple honesty.

Do I hope Biden fails on immigration? It’s too late to ask. The answer lies huddled in refugee camps on the Texas border and will soon be coming to a city near you. Biden’s policies have already failed. He seems to have learned nothing from those fiascos, except to avoid visiting the border. He’s sticking with the same failed policies that produced the most illegal border crossings in decades, overwhelmed Border Patrol agents, and are crushing the small towns absorbing the migrants, many of whom are COVID-positive.

This chaos seems to have been driven by the dual impulse of pushing progressive ideology and reversing actions taken by Trump. The problem is that some of Trump’s policies were working. The Biden administration made a fundamental mistake when it unilaterally terminated his predecessor’s agreement with Mexico, requiring asylum-seekers to stay there while the U.S. processed their applications. Soon after, migrants resumed their trek north, knowing they would face little resistance entering the U.S. illegally and could remain here for years awaiting a court date. Coyotes began recruiting migrants again in Central America.

Terminating the “stay-in-Mexico” agreement also effectively ended that government’s commitment to keep some 15,000 troops near the U.S. border, where they deterred human traffickers and interdicted drug smugglers. Those troops are gone, with predictable results. Gone, too, is construction of Trump’s border wall, which was working well. Biden ended construction immediately, even stopping portions that had already been paid for but not yet built. Biden’s goal may have been symbolic, but the effects are real. On immigration, then, it’s not a matter of hoping Biden fails. He already has, and he is doing nothing to change his broken policies or fix the mess he created.

Turning to inflation, I certainly don’t want to see the Biden administration fail. Who does? But his determination to pass a second, huge “infrastructure” bill makes failure much more likely. It will pour money into an already overheated economy and drive up prices. The only good news is that Biden’s plummeting popularity means it will be much harder to pass the bill.

Do I want the Biden administration to work with Democratic-controlled states and end “emergency” payments for people who aren’t working? Yes. Those were defensible only during the worst of the COVID pandemic. Continuing them in an economy where employers are desperately seeking workers is slowing the recovery. It is also fundamentally unfair to taxpayers who must work to pay for them.

Likewise, Biden’s effort to suspend repayment of student debts and stop the accumulation of interest on those loans should fail. It’s foolish and unnecessary now that the economy is coming back. It’s probably unconstitutional, too. So is Biden’s fiat that renters cannot be evicted for non-payment. We can debate whether those policies were sensible (or legal) during the worst days of the pandemic. But even then, such major policies should have been voted on by Congress. Biden himself publicly acknowledged that the policies don’t meet constitutional standards. But he cynically decided to implement them anyway, figuring it would take courts months to declare them unconstitutional. Those policies deserve to fail.

Do I want the biggest failure of all? Should President Biden be removed before his term ends? Not unless he is clearly unable to carry out the duties of his office (which the 25th Amendment addresses) or is impeached and convicted for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” such as participating in family corruption. Bad policies are not enough to remove a president.

For Americans concerned about preserving our Constitution and its fundamental procedures, it should be troubling to see the 25th Amendment being floated so readily, as Florida Sen. Rick Scott did last Monday. That amendment has a specific purpose: to remove an incapacitated president. It should never be used as a quick-and-dirty way around the impeachment process, notwithstanding how Democrats and some bureaucrats bandied it about during Trump’s presidency.

Biden does face legitimate questions, however, about whether he has suffered some cognitive decline. He could resolve those questions by taking a standard cognitive exam and releasing the results.

To return to the trolls’ questions: Do Biden’s critics want the president to fail? I don’t. I want our foreign enemies deterred, inflation contained, and the border secured. I wish Joe Biden good health. Where his policies are failing, as so many are, I want him to change them—or pay a heavy price on Election Day. That’s democracy. In 2022 and 2024, voters can assess the results, go to the polls, and send Biden and his party a sharp, clear message. Yea or nay.

Charles Lipson is the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Chicago, where he founded the Program on International Politics, Economics, and Security. He can be reached at charles.lipson@gmail.com.

That Retarded Dem President In Action WITHOUT A CLUE WHAT TO DO!

Afghanistan Evacuations – But Who Exactly is Being Evacuated?

By Brian C. Joondeph at American Thinker:

Afghanistan is a mess, despite vain attempts by Democrats and the media to spin it otherwise. We left behind a trove of weapons and intelligence secrets in our abandoned airbases and embassy. This was a gift to the Taliban, overnight making them one of the best-equipped military forces in the world. They reminded America and the world of this fact by recreating the famous photo of US soldiers raising the American flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

People were left behind as well, American civilians, contractors, and other support staff necessary for the 20-year war which President Joe Biden surrendered, waving the white flag in a manner that not even France would do.

Our military, formerly the best in the world, has not received orders to, or is incapable of or unwilling to, rescue American citizens stranded in Kabul, one day telling them to head to the airport, the next day telling them not to, in the flip-flopping manner of Dr. Fauci and his latest masking recommendations. Yet the French, caricatured as the surrender brigade, are bravely rescuing its citizens from Kabul, along with the British.

YouTube screen grab

We see articles and headlines like this one from CNBC, “More than 18,000 people have been flown out of Kabul since the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital, a NATO official said on Friday.” Notice how they say “people” without specifying in the article who these people are.

The AP is also vague regarding these “people.” “Pentagon says that about 3,800 civilians have been evacuated from Afghanistan over the past day.” Who are these “civilians”? Further in the article, they get more specific, “Of the 17,000 people evacuated since Aug. 15, just 2,500 have been Americans. U.S. officials have estimated there are as many as 15,000 Americans in Afghanistan but acknowledge they don’t have solid numbers.”The US military is certainly evacuating “people” but why are only 15 percent of evacuees Americans? Who are the other 85 percent? Obviously not Americans.

The Daily Mail is more specific, “Hero airmen reveal they flew 823 Afghans out of Kabul including 183 kids after scrapping red tape to cram record number of people on C-17 jet.” Any Americans or just Afghans? They went on, “The US has removed 9,000 people since Sunday but only around 1,000 of those are US citizens.” It seems Americans are not high on Biden’s evacuation priority list.

The Daily Mail also claims, “The State Department doesn’t know how many Americans are still in the country.”  Are they looking? It didn’t take long for the FBI to round up hundreds of January 6 “insurrectionists,” mostly innocents wandering around the US Capitol as the Capitol Police acted like tour guides, letting them in, giving them directions, and chatting in a friendly manner. Yet the State Department claims ignorance of how many Americans are in a war-torn country that America just deserted.

Did the Biden and the military plan for this? For the Afghans, the answer is yes. Operation Allies Refuge is, “A massive eleventh-hour airlift to ferry thousands of Afghans who worked for the U.S. out of Afghanistan before they are subject to retribution from advancing Taliban forces.”

Was there a similar plan to rescue Americans? Yes, until Biden scrapped it. The Trump administration created a “Contingency and Crisis Response” for this purpose which Biden’s State Department canceled. Americans last, not first, the theme of the Biden presidency.

President Biden, reading from his teleprompter, vowed to get out “any American” in Afghanistan who wants to leave the country. As USA Today reported, “On Thursday alone, about 5,700 people were evacuated by military transport planes. That includes 350 U.S. citizens, family members, special immigrant visa applicants and their families and other vulnerable Afghans, according to a White House official.”

This evacuation was 6 percent American. Who are the other 94 percent? We certainly have a moral obligation to help Afghan nationals who helped the US war effort, but not at the expense of American citizens.

President Trump, in his interview with Sean Hannity, mentioned a figure of “as many as 40,000 Americans” in Afghanistan. At that 6 percent ratio, by the time we evacuate 40,000 Americans, we will have evacuated 651,000 Afghans.

Did we have that many Afghans helping us in our war efforts, and should they be prioritized over Americans? Biden’s “Operation Allies Refuge” plan was for evacuating “thousands” of Afghans, not half a million. Who are the extras?

How will those half-million plus be vetted to be sure they mean America no harm? Will the US State Department be asking the Taliban for background checks on all these individuals? Or will it be like the US southern border, anyone from anywhere is welcomed into the US, a permanent guest of the US taxpayer?

What could go wrong? Ask Austria, “Austrian authorities have arrested three Afghans as suspects in the rape and killing of a 13-year-old girl.” That was last month. Or ask Germany, from a year ago, “Outrage in Germany after Afghan migrant who was arrested for raping an 11-year-old was released after 12 days then raped another girl, 13.”

It seems these evacuations are a concerted plan to flood the US with unvetted migrants, Cloward-Piven style, some of whom may hurt or kill Americans. Are there any Taliban or ISIS fighters among those being evacuated? Why travel halfway around the world to Mexico to cross into America when Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin sends a plane for you.

Biden will resettle these migrants across America, not in Martha’s Vineyard or Chevy Chase, but in your town. And you or your elected officials won’t be able to do anything about it as Biden rescinded Trump’s executive order giving jurisdictions veto power over resettled migrants.

Watch how the media frames the evacuations. “People” are being evacuated and only if you read into the meat of the article will you see how few Americans are actually part of the evacuation. If you question this, you are a racist.

This is how the media treats sex scandals based on political party affiliation. Compare two headlines and notice which one mentions the political party of the accused.

From MSNBC, “Why the scandal surrounding the GOP’s Matt Gaetz is so very odd.” And from NPR, “Conyers resigns amid sexual harassment allegations.” One headline reminds readers which party the accused belongs to, one does not.

It’s the same for evacuations, describing “people” rather than “Americans” in a transparent attempt to hide the fact that Biden is more concerned about loading up America with migrants, which some Republican governors are eager to host in their states, rather than moving heaven and earth to get American citizens out of harm’s way and back home, as other countries are doing for their citizens.

So much for America and Americans first. Once again, the Democrats are screwing Americans in favor of the rest of the world. And the media is dutifully providing cover.

Brian C Joondeph is a physician and writer. He is on sabbatical from social media.

Biden’s New Taliban Buddies In Action!



Joe Biden’s new Taliban friends do not appear to be in an accommodating frame of mind. They are intent on celebrating the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 in their own style. They therefore want the United States to have completed its exit by the date certain of August 31. According to this BBC update this morning:

The Taliban will not extend the 31 August deadline for the current evacuation mission, a spokesman has said.

The 31st was a red line, Suhail Shaheen said. He said President Biden had said troops would be out by that date, and extending it meant extending Afghanistan’s occupation. He warned of consequences if that were to change.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been expected to use an emergency G7 meeting on Tuesday to ask President Biden to delay the US troop withdrawal to allow more time for evacuations from Kabul airport.

Thousands of Afghans and foreign nationals are still scrambling to get on flights out of the country.

And the Taliban don’t want to take any chance the materiel we left behind falls back into American hands.

Shaheen’s Twitter feed, by the way, is accessible here. Shaheen self-identifies as “Member of Negotiations Team and Polit. Office Spokesman for International Media.” President Trump is still sidelined from the platform.


However bad things were before, they’re worse now

By Bruce Robinson at American Thinker:

They’re doing it again—scrabbling through the dustbins of recent history in search of solutions that have never worked. The Bible says it best: “As dogs return to their vomit, so fools repeat their folly” (Proverbs 26:11).

Since he took office on January 20, President Biden has issued scores of executive orders, memoranda, and proclamations in a cascade of paper-tiger efforts to return to the “good old days” of the Obama administration.

Biden’s Cabinet picks have also reflected his nostalgia for familiar faces and fallacies. Most of them are Obama-era retreads like Sec. Austin at Defense, Sec. Blinken at State, and Sec. Yellen at Treasury. Apart from the old-timers, the one governing principle here seems to be that each candidate has been chosen to ensure maximum diversity of race, ethnicity, sex, and gender preference. Apparently, it’s all about identity politics. Dr. Martin Luther King must be spinning in this grave.

There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with only one idea unless it’s a man with too many ideas. Our desperately groping leader has way too many ideas. Among the worst is the notion that, when the country you’re trying to lead has too many unhappy citizens, the best way to fix the problem is to open your borders and bring in more unhappy people from all over the world. That has proven to be a political and fiscal time bomb.

If we take a closer look at the details of Biden’s growing library of executive orders and proclamations, we see a sinister future for both the United States and the rest of the free world. Consider these two lists of radical changes in our nation’s foreign and domestic policies:

Foreign Policy

  1. Stopped building or maintaining the border wall
  2. Implemented open borders for all, including Middle Eastern terrorists and Central American drug cartels
  3. Restored Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran
  4. Ignored Trump’s peace deals with Saudi Arabia, etc.
  5. Restored U.S. support for the Paris Climate Accord

Domestic Policy

  1. Kept Section 230 immunity for Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.)
  2. Supported the 1619 Project in all schools and colleges to promote Critical Race Theory
  3. Endorsed unlimited abortion, “sex change” procedures, and euthanasia
  4. Raised the income tax on all millionaires to more than 40%
  5. Shut down all fossil fuel production and replaced these energy sources with solar and wind power.

Whatever the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer triumvirate’s future plans for global “equity” may be, their current policies are already disastrous. Their open-borders immigration policy is triggering an unprecedented flood of illegal alien children that will overwhelm our health care and educational systems, and their clean energy drive is wrecking both our domestic economy and our foreign policy. As economist Stephen Moore observed back in February, “[w]e will reverse the energy independence achieved under former President Donald Trump to dependency on OPEC nations under Biden[.] … [T]he Saudi oil sheiks, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and the communists in Beijing … are going to make out like bandits.”

Just when we thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, we now have Biden’s calamitously botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. When, on August 18, Pentagon military leaders Austin and Milley announced at a Pentagon press conference that there was nothing they could do to save the American citizens still in the custody of the Taliban, it became clear to many that the current situation in Kabul is far worse than our desperate withdrawal from Saigon in 1975.

Reaching out to a contemporary (whose name must remain anonymous for his own protection), I elicited this response:

Regarding the Austin-Milley press conference, yes, I watched it as well and have been trying to keep up with the whole process[.] … My impression is that the whole process seems to suffer from poor decisions from the top. The president said there was no way to have conducted the draw down without chaos. This is only marginally true.

Simple common sense says you take out the civilians and refugees first while the military is kept there in the necessary size force to maintain overall area control. That includes all areas where we have to gather people and get them to the airports. Both airports were necessary for such a large action initially. The embassy should have been kept open to help with communication, processing records, and coordination with Afghan leaders. …

What I described is simple common sense, but that is not how our leadership chose to proceed. They needlessly and unnecessarily assumed and relied on the Afghan army and government, which was inflated and shaky at best, to provide protection and support. Worse yet, it is reasonable to assume that, since the Taliban control all the country outside the one U.S.-controlled airport and since admittedly at least 15,000 personnel are under Taliban control, and since a smart enemy would realize they now have 15,000 hostages to bargain with, then they will not let any valuable assets return to the airport. They are too valuable as political prisoners. To give the enemy this advantage over us is beyond foolish.

Although the news media will cover it up and try to make it seem reasonable, it is in fact foolish, given the history and motivational failures of which we had ample knowledge. This is like watching the mistakes made in the Vietnam draw down all over again, but this is much worse than the Vietnam situation. …

Finally, the world is watching us closely. Our allies, our enemies, our veterans, our citizens, if they are lucky enough to find out the truth, or even care, as they are distracted by the COVID-created diversion. Will we watch China take over Taiwan soon? I predict it will happen before November 2022.

Isn’t Kamala Harris More Evil Than Joe?

Biden must go


Biden’s evident incapacity to keep up with events — and his belligerent denial of the facts and his responsibility for them — have become so evident that even the media, which covered for his debility in the 2020 elections and have protected him since, have turned on him. CNN and the BBC are now fact-checking their savior. On Saturday night, ABC’s Jonathan Karl bluntly said that what Biden is saying ‘simply don’t comport with reality’.

Donald Trump would never have let this happen: he is too vain. If Trump had gifted Blackhawk helicopters and a lifetime supply of Humvees to our enemies, condemned thousands of our allies to the nastiest of fates and made the United States military and diplomats a laughing stock before the entire world, the media and the Democrats would be calling for impeachment and dusting off the articles of treason.

If Trump had confused his Vice President with a ‘general’ or fumbled with his cue cards because he couldn’t match a scripted question to a scripted answer, as Biden did at his press conference on Thursday; or shown the bizarre callousness and failure of short-term memory in his ‘That was four days ago, five days ago!’ outburst; or spontaneously abandoned the policy of strategic ambiguity on Taiwan in an interview with ABC, as Biden did with George Stephanopoulos on Thursday, the psychiatrists would be lining up outside the cable stations to explain why the 25th Amendment needed to be deployed now.

The painful truth is now undeniable!

Dominic Green

Joe Biden is unfit to be president of the United States. It was obvious when he was running for office that he lacks the physical stamina and mental acuity for the job. It has become increasingly obvious since January that the part-time president has either hidden from the media or stumbled through the kind of scripted press conferences that Americans rightly used to deride as the hallmark of banana republics.

The handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan has exposed Biden’s incapacity. The painful truth is now undeniable. He must go — even if that means Kamala Harris, who has been similarly wrong about Afghanistan and much else besides, taking over.

They say success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan. This failure is a two-parent family. One is the mother of all institutional failures: the inadequacy of technocrats, so convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority that they respond to the intrusions of reality with snark and pique.

An administration exquisitely sensitive to pronouns, bathrooms and fictitious forms of self-identification has shown itself to be brutally insensitive to the fate of Afghans who have risked all by self-identifying as allies of the United States and everything it once stood for.

This is a disgrace to the United States. Hard as it may be to believe, people all over the world still look to the United States as the last, best hope. The administration’s response, blaming it on the media, only adds further shame.

Biden, the King Lear of the Beltway, is the father of this failure. Not because for decades he has tacked back and forth with the foolish wisdom of the hour in Washington, and thus bears responsibility for the misconceived war for imperial democracy. Not because his appeal last November, to his party and the voters, was heavy on old-school Scrantonite paternalism. Not even because he put his hand up with a risible ‘buck stops here’ speech that lobbed the buck at everyone else. But because on the occasions when he hasn’t been dozing at the switch, Biden has made decisions that have chronically worsened the situation.

The picture of arrogance and incompetence that is emerging would tax the painterly skills of a Hunter Biden. The President insisted on rapid withdrawal despite warnings from the State Department, the Pentagon, and the intelligence services — then repeatedly denied that he had been warned.

The President insisted that all American citizens and American-allied personnel would be extricated from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, as the hapless spokesmen of the State Department and the Pentagon admitted that no one had any idea of how many people needed extraction, scenes of unspeakable tragedy play out at Kabul airport.

The President claimed on Thursday that the US’s allies were forewarned and supported this precipitate flight, yet they are openly disgusted at being abandoned.

The President claimed on Friday that he’d heard ‘no questioning’ from allies — yet the British parliament made global headlines when it held the leader of its closest ally in contempt.

The President also claimed on Friday that anyone who waved an American passport at the gates of Kabul airport would be admitted. Meanwhile, we watched people being crushed to death, babies being passed over barbed wire, and tear gas being used by our side, along with reports of the Taliban, who are now, it emerges on our side, randomly beating and shooting people.

Biden’s evident incapacity to keep up with events — and his belligerent denial of the facts and his responsibility for them — have become so evident that even the media, which covered for his debility in the 2020 elections and have protected him since, have turned on him. CNN and the BBC are now fact-checking their savior. On Saturday night, ABC’s Jonathan Karl bluntly said that what Biden is saying ‘simply don’t comport with reality’.

Donald Trump would never have let this happen: he is too vain. If Trump had gifted Blackhawk helicopters and a lifetime supply of Humvees to our enemies, condemned thousands of our allies to the nastiest of fates and made the United States military and diplomats a laughing stock before the entire world, the media and the Democrats would be calling for impeachment and dusting off the articles of treason.

If Trump had confused his Vice President with a ‘general’ or fumbled with his cue cards because he couldn’t match a scripted question to a scripted answer, as Biden did at his press conference on Thursday; or shown the bizarre callousness and failure of short-term memory in his ‘That was four days ago, five days ago!’ outburst; or spontaneously abandoned the policy of strategic ambiguity on Taiwan in an interview with ABC, as Biden did with George Stephanopoulos on Thursday, the psychiatrists would be lining up outside the cable stations to explain why the 25th Amendment needed to be deployed now.

It’s that simple. The buck really does stop with the President. The world has always seen Biden’s incapacity, and now the American people can see it too. He carries direct responsibility for a disaster so undeniable that even a partisan media can no longer deny it. He can neither speak truthfully nor accurately. Not so much the emperor with no clothes, as Lear’s fool on the heath, naked and shivering as the kingdom comes to the ‘great confusion’.

By Dominic Green

Dominic Green, PhD, FRHistS is a critic, historian and the deputy editor of The Spectator’s World edition. The author of four books, he writes widely on the arts and current affairs, and contributes regularly to the Wall Street Journal and the New Criterion. His next book, The Religious Revolution, is forthcoming with Farrar, Strauss & Giroux.

Crooked Joe Was Never Bright, But Blabby And A Money Hunter!

Joe Biden, Sinking into the Sand

By Doris O’Brien at American Thinker:

In his sonnet “Ozymandias,” poet Percy Bysshe Shelley tells of a traveler who comes upon a desert ruin that was once an ancient empire. All that is left of it are “two vast and trunkless legs of stone” and a sneering imperial stone “visage” half-buried in the sand. Etched on a pedestal are the words: “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair.”

Joe Biden is a latter-day Ozymandias, with a tremendous thirst for power and a misplaced sense of invulnerability. But unlike the ancient royal ruler, it will not take eons for Biden’s power to erode. Even as his smirk remains, he is diminishing before our very eyes.

Put bluntly, Biden is not as advertised. He was supposed to bring a divided nation together. He promised to govern not with an iron fist, but with a velvet glove. Now that hand has trouble finding his mask. Joe represented himself as a serious candidate, well versed in affairs of state. Instead, we are saddled with a cipher in the White House, a compromised head of state who takes in teleprompter content through his beady eyes and drones it out through his thin lips.

In many U.S. states, there are “lemon laws” that provide a remedy for purchases of cars and other consumer goods to compensate for products that fail to meet standards of quality and performance. If the home you buy comes with unhappy surprises, there are legal remedies. The Federal Trade Commission enforces truth in adverting laws. Nothing like this applies to politicians who disappoint.

After Trump’s victory over Hillary in 2016, one of my college classmates wrote to her like-minded liberal friends, “How can we have let this happen?” I suspect that a similar query is being voiced by deluded Biden-supporters whose judgment at the ballot box was blinded by their irrational hatred for the Orange Tweeter.

Despite the sizable lineup of candidates in their primaries, Democrats eventually opted for old Uncle Joe Biden. If he didn’t seem all that good in the debates, at least he looked promising on paper. His résumé was long, if not impressive. He was Barack’s buddy, supposedly tapped for his wide experience with international issues. He had name recognition. And surely, one can’t spend almost a half-century in the swamp and not learn the dangers of bucking the tide.

Over his long political career that began in 1973, Biden faced few challenges — and fewer challengers. He was re-elected to the Senate six times. He glad-handed folks, securing their loyalty through longevity and privilege. He became a familiar face in Washington, not because he did so much, but because he did so little for so long. As a result, he became impervious to criticism. He found it easy enough to weasel out of unpopular actions, such as the 1994 legislation he authored and pushed, intending to reduce crime but resulting, instead, in massive incarceration, particularly of blacks.

Biden kept a rather low profile during his years as “second in command” in the Obama administration. That’s how “Barack” liked it: an older “yes man” rather than a vital competitor to the charismatic president. Biden knew how to bulldoze his way through the Washingtonian corridors of power. And more importantly, he knew where the bodies were buried.

Joe made three runs for the presidency. The third time was the charm — but not for America. He might have been the “real deal” in Dover, but he didn’t particularly resonate with voters beyond his home turf. In the first campaign, he was forced to drop out after being caught plagiarizing. On his second try, he garnered about 3% of the primary vote. It was only when the veneer of Obama’s popularity rubbed off on him that Biden was more or less taken seriously by the country at large.

Obama once remarked that Old Joe didn’t have a mean bone in his body. What he neglected to point out, however, is that Biden’s backbone has gone missing. The perennial bureaucrat went giddily with the flow, as long as its course led to personal enrichment for himself and his family. In his years in Washington, Joe became very wealthy, and so did his siblings and younger son, Hunter.

Biden turned the tiny Diamond State of Delaware into an attractive tax haven for corporations, and they loved him for it. Once entrenched in office, Joe breezed through his re-election campaigns. Voters felt understandably sorry for the horrific loss of his first wife and daughter. And he made political hay over the fact that he Amtrak-ed back and forth between home and capital, fulfilling his dual obligations to his sons and constituents. It is ironic that a man who personally suffered such loss seems humdrum about his role in causing the collective grief of so many other families in Afghanistan.

Biden may seem grandfatherly and low-key, but he exhibits a scathingly short temper toward those whose opinions differ from his own, such as Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork, distinguished candidates for the Supreme Court. He humiliated Thomas, a black jurist who had pulled himself up by the bootstraps from an impoverished Southern family.

 As for Bork, Joe ironically opposed him because he feared that the conservative judge was racist — a concern in sharp contrast to his longtime friendship with powerful West Virginia senator Robert Byrd, a onetime muckety-muck in the Ku Klux Klan. From then on, all conservative high court applicants have been “Borked.”

Fortunately for Biden, his contradictions, outbursts, flubs, and gaffes were rarely taken any more seriously than he was. Even some of my Republican friends excused his missteps as just “Joe being Joe.” Would the NeverTrumps tolerate forgiveness because Trump was just being Trump?

Now that Joe is president, the chickens of his sketchy political past are coming home to roost. Accustomed to coasting through his career without much criticism, Biden seems now to have landed in a place that befuddles him. His speechwriters may insert Harry Truman’s famous phrase, “the buck stops here,” but don’t expect Joe to put that plaque on his desk in the Oval Office anytime soon.

Still, Biden is fond of boasting, “I am the president of the United States,” and “This is America, for God’s sake,” as though presumably anything is possible with him at the helm. His current shortfall is exacerbated by creeping dementia. He finds it hard to play the role because somewhere along the line, he lost the script. He was never one to lead the pack, and at this point, he seems unable to do so. The effects of his impairment may vary from day to day, but the condition never goes away. It only gets worse with time.

Unfortunately, Biden’s confusion and inability to deal with problems spell big trouble for our country. Over his years in office, he had come to expect immunity for his misbehavior, as was the case with his quid quo threat against the Ukrainian government. He has grown accustomed to weaseling out of sticky situations — such as inappropriately fondling women and young girls. And an accommodating press has been covering up his son Hunter’s various scandals.

 In fact, until now, Biden has not been taken to task by most of the mainstream media. Not for side-stepping the border crisis. Not for putting mandated masks above mayhem here and abroad. Not for his craven capitulation to the far left of his party, even concurring that the United States is “systemically racist.” He has even been given leeway to point his bony finger of blame at everyone but himself.

This pattern of scapegoating others for his own shortcomings has badly damaged Biden. More importantly, it will likely damage America for years to come. Recently, his growing petulance and irrational rants were on full display during a televised ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos.

Clearly, Biden has no business being president of the United States. During his unimpressive campaign, he failed to inform Americans about his mental decline. If he did not know about it, surely his doctor and family did. Failure to fully disclose his condition should be grounds for his resignation or impeachment.

During the Vietnam war era, opponents gathered outside the White House, chanting, “Hey, hey, LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?” Maybe it is time to descend on the White House, shouting, “Joe, Joe, you gotta go!” (That is, if he hasn’t already gone…off to Camp David or his home in Wilmington, Del.)

There is a lesson to be learned from Shelley’s poem. If Biden and his buddies continue in power, our country could — with unimaginable speed — become a shadow of its former self. We must not underestimate such an eventuality the way Biden did with the swift advance of the Taliban. Without a course correction, America could hopelessly find itself sinking into the sands of oblivion.