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“Voter fraud is an important element of the Democratic Party’s strategy.”



Paul has been covering the tight race between Republican Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia. Youngkin has pulled even or ahead in some polls, and the formerly confident Democrats are beginning to panic. Now they want to change the election rules in the middle of the game:

[T]he Democrat-dominated Fairfax Board of Supervisors has asked Gov. Ralph Northam to waive the witness signature requirement that Virginia law stipulates for all absentee ballots. Board Chairman Jeffrey McKay insists that the waiver is necessary due to the threat of COVID-19, yet cases are declining.

This is the same fraud that the Democrats perpetrated in something like 15 states in the 2020 election. Using covid as an excuse, they illegally changed election laws, via collusive litigation, to delete the requirement of a witness signature on mail-in ballots–in many states, the only safeguard against mail-in voter fraud.

Why did they do this last year, and why are they doing it again in Virginia? Because voter fraud is an important element of the Democratic Party’s strategy. They know that if they make fraud easy by eliminating safeguards like witness signatures, some of their voters will cheat. How many? No one knows. One consequence of eliminating safeguards is that it can make it impossible to identify fraudulent ballots. But enough, certainly, to make the difference in a close election, which is why the Democrats have once again trotted out this corrupt stratagem. More:

What’s actually worrying McKay and other Virginia Democrats is the necessity of returning to normal election rules during a Governor’s race in which their candidate appears to be floundering. Terry McAuliffe is a Clinton consigliere with decades of political experience and was a relatively popular governor of Virginia prior to being succeeded by fellow Democrat Ralph Northam. All of which caused McAuliffe and his staff to underestimate his opponent, businessman Glenn Youngkin, mistaking political inexperience for incompetence. McAuliffe then compounded that mistake by committing the colossal blunder of publicly declaring, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

McAuliffe has been caught up in the whirlwind of opposition to teaching Critical Race Theory and similar far-left, anti-American doctrines in the public schools. The Virginia governor’s race could be a useful indicator of how massive the backlash against CRT will prove to be.

4 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together and commented:
    We have said for nearly a year, that if the Democrats cheated before (2020) and got away with it (they did) they’d certainly do it again (looking ahead). We got a call from the National Republican Committee, for a donation. NOPE, they (the Republicans) don’t do enough (not much of anything) to stop the Leftists Democratic Socialist Party from taking over this nation, turning us to Socialism. Why would I support the Republicans who share in the mess this nation is in, by standing by and letting it happen! (Arlin Report comment)

    • It seems as if, in our today’s ignorant America, the GOP prefers to remain in its closet, the one without hangers, but housing spiders and webs and odors. They have no clue of what America’s Donald J. Trump had accomplished before the rise of Biden Crimes. Their leaders seem to be ignorant of the Americana within that President Donald J. Trump achievements and goals…..A PROBLEM SOLVER OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE!
      Both of our political party hacks couldn’t stop him until the stench of that November phony election of 2020 when OUR CROOKS SWIPED THE CASE…Dems swiped and GOPs said okay….ghr

  2. Reblogged this on boudica.us and commented:
    H/T Arlin Report

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