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At Home Is Despot Joe Losing Control?

February 3, 2022

When a despot begins to lose control, he starts ‘warfear’

By Jack Gleason at American Thinker:

The Russian people are not happy with Vladimir Putin, who has been running his kleptocracy for his oligarchs at the expense of the country and its resources for the last twenty years.

Jacob Fraden is an electronic engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, educator, artist, and writer who emigrated from Russia to the United States in 1977.  In a recent article in American Thinker, “Why a War Over Ukraine is Unlikely,” he explained how things really work in the former Soviet Union.

[A]lmost all Russian nouveau riche got their money through financial fraud or by stealing it from the collapsed USSR.  Ever since Stalin’s time, the structure of the country’s government has been modeled after the Mafia, where everything is ruled from the top by a “godfather.”  Any opposition to the “family” leads either to a physical elimination of the renegade or to his imprisonment.

Those who try to look into the affairs of the mafia and their possessions are eliminated mercilessly (many murdered Russian journalists, the attempts to poison Skripal, Navalny, and others).  The plundered country has long produced nothing but weapons.  Alas, the weapons that they produce are based on the old Soviet-era designs, while most of the parts and materials are sourced abroad.  All the supposedly newest weapon systems are nothing more than fiction to feed their own naive populace.

He explains that the brain drain from Russia left the country with plummeting social and medical services, rampant inflation, and product shortages.  He suggests that the only way the kleptocrats can keep stealing is to put on a show to convince the Russian people that there is something worse than Putin: the evil Americans. 

The “Things going poorly?  Start a war!” technique has been used throughout the centuries.  The problem is that Russia is so degraded that the cost of a real war would be more than it could bear, and things would get even worse in the homeland.

So it’s all about posturing, distraction, and bluster.  Putin hopes to get the U.S. and the Europeans to give in on some minor detail and declare victory over the “evil West” so he can keep the stealing going for another few years.

The problem is that there’s another country with an unpopular leader experiencing plummeting social and medical services, rampant inflation, and product shortages.  It’s the United States, headed by Joe Biden, reeling from his Afghanistan disaster and widespread corruption and incompetence in his administration.  He, too, is playing a game — this one called “The evil Russians are going to attack any day now!”  Biden’s first response to the Ukraine threat was to try to look less weak by sending 8,700 troops to NATO countries.

In a call to the Ukrainian president, Biden warned Zelensky that an imminent invasion is a “distinct possibility.”  But Zelensky told Biden to “calm down the messaging,” warning of the financial impact of panic and stated that he disagreed with Biden’s dire assessment.

The good news is that Russia can’t afford the cost of invading and occupying a country the size of Ukraine.  The bad news is that Biden has already given Putin all his concessions without anything in return.  He shut down the Keystone pipeline and ruined U.S. oil production, leaving Russia to swoop in and control oil and gas production for all of Europe.  Oil prices went from $53 a year ago to $88 today, an increase of 66%, putting millions of extra dollars into Russian pockets.  When Biden dropped opposition to the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline, he made Putin’s advantage in Europe permanent.  Biden has nothing left to give, yet he can’t afford to appear any weaker than he already is.

This is like two drivers playing chicken on a long highway.  In this case, the scarier it looks, the better both do, but neither can back down.  It’s a battle between the feckless and the soulless, both desperate to keep the game going to stay in power.

Ukraine is stuck in the middle.

Where this game stops, nobody knows.

Confusion About The Past and Present!



Almost completely ignored by conservative media (never mind the mainstream media), there is a growing generation gap emerging within young conservatives that in some ways resembles the “generation gap” of the 1960s which saw the new left “hippie” generation emerge from liberal homes, as Midge Decter explained in her early book Liberal Parents, Radical Children.

Now it is happening on the right. The postwar conservative movement that we baby boomers grew up with is not attractive or relevant to the generation coming of age now. I started picking up on this story with Michael Anton’s long essay almost three years ago on the phenomenon of the underground but highly popular book Bronze Age Mindset, which, it must be said, is a very different book from The Conservative Mind or The Road to Serfdom. Then I started following a group of mostly younger conservatives who participate actively on Twitter, and sometimes in live chats on the “Spaces” platform that Twitter has launched. Most of this younger cohort participate online under a pseudonym, because in the age of cancel culture their politically incorrect views, and moreover their transgressive humor (they actually make George Floyd jokes, which is worse than Helen Keller or Anne Frank jokes), would get them instantly censored if not worse.

I reached out to one of the ring leaders of this circle, “Athenian Stranger,” on Twitter (@athens_stranger) and rounded five of these mostly younger figures to come on this podcast to explain their disgust with our “woke republic,” and their disappointment with the ineffective resistance of the established conservative movement. Since I’m a stodgy baby boomer, I recruited Glenn Ellmers, author of The Soul of Politics, to join me as the special guest-host for the episode. He and Joshua Lippincott have just this week published an important article about this topic, “Boomers, Meet the Based.”

The other four participants are “Astral” (who goes by @Astrikos10 on twitter), Aionian, “Lucky” (Resurrected Luck), and Doug Kuular.

Settle in for a long conversation. We had some technical difficulties with recording this large a group, and thus there are some abrupt edits throughout on account of sudden crashes and disconnections. But it couldn’t be helped.  Glenn and I do a short “postgame show” at the end to try to tie some loose ends together.

The episode is quite long as there is a lot to cover. Do give it a try though. Think of it as what a classroom seminar with a group of bright conservative students would be like today. As always, listen here, or hobble over in your walker to our hosts at Ricochet.

Learning Some Russian Stories Of The Recent Past!

February 3, 2022

Why Putin May Be Hesitant to Invade

By Marion DS Dreyfus at American Thinker:

Prior to World War II, the population of Russia, still then called the Soviet Union, was approximately 170 million, plus about 24 million from territories Russia had incorporated.  The protracted war, harsh weather conditions, and the falloff in the Russian birthrate conspired — along with poor health choices like significant vodka and liquor imbibement as well as massive nicotine habits — cut the population of this superpower to just under 146 million, according to its last census, in 2021.

The bloodletting during that World War cost Mother Russia millions of men.  Russia was left with myriads of unmarried women and widows.

That shortage exacerbated the population’s dwindle to such an extent that when we stayed in Russia, a short decade ago, the government was earnestly providing bonuses for babies, even going so far as to provide what, in less formal terms, might be classified as…um, coitus rooms to encourage Russian couples to procreate, no secret, to rebuild the human “rolling stock” severely depleted by the adverse perfect storm of war; the earliest mortality rate in all of Europe, at a mere 50 years for men; and the scarcity of viable marriageable males.

Women in Russia, not surprisingly for a forensic anthropologist to notice in strolling cosmopolitan streets in the major cities of Russia, responded by an energetic upsurge of visible “advertising” in terms of none-too-modest attire, makeup, and quite evident competitiveness for husband material.  Russian “girls” became a featured advertisement far afield as prospective brides, sight unseen, for American and British husbands-to-be.

Mail-order brides.  The answer to few men in the immediate environment.

Famous river overpasses with heavy locks fastened on the metal pilings and bridge railings were sagging with rusting Russian pledges to remain faithful forever.  There were few shiny new locks promising everlasting fidelity: far fewer people were marrying.  Or having those much-needed bundles of schast’ye — happiness and joy.

Thanks to constant alerts and bulletins on the airwaves, online, and via social media, we are all too aware of the military manpower buildup along the Ukrainian perimeter of in excess of 150 to 170 thousand combat-ready soldiers.  These are very recently augmented by massive blood-banking silos and medical basics, bandages, and ancillary supplies indicating Vladimir Putin may be prepping for combat involvement with the 44-million-strong nation of Ukraine.

Putin is famously horny to reconstitute Russia’s stature as Europe’s hegemon.  He works from the fading but still alluring image of the past puissance of old, considering Ukraine (like Taiwan and Tibet to the CCP’s Xi Jinping).  To that end, President Joe Biden has boosted Putin’s star considerably by crippling the U.S. energy supply and helping Putin regain its premier place as Europe’s supplier of gas.  As a gift to our rival and longtime enemy, Mr. Biden awarded Severny potok, the Nord Stream1 pipeline, to the growling bear, while oddly canceling our Canadian pipeline along with its 11,000 jobs, on his first, inauspicious day in the Oval Office.  A stroke of his Mont Blanc, and poof: President Vlad gains millions of rubles per day from the sale of oil, while the United States loses its energy self-sufficiency in an eyeblink, no particular rationale extended to the untold thousands downstream of those 11,000 initial job-losers and their suppliers and contractors.

Even with the enormous den’gi, the monetary influx from the sale of all that Russkie oil out of Gazprom oil and gas to clients German chancellor Olaf Scholz and his E.U. buddies, Putin is emboldened to make a run for — what?  Ukrainian territory, potential husbands for Russian ladies-in-waiting, and those vaunted pink-fleshed bundles of future Russian workers, soldiers, and patriots.

Looked at in the cold stats of human capital, a plausible drain of more than 1% of the Russian populace means 175,000 male soldiers — no small number.

President Biden’s priming the pump in consistent ill-timed encouragement of Ukraine invasion has to be a strategic risk: the loss of these men would be a marked decrease of marriages, babies, future workforce.  Not a pretty prospect for a tough-guy aspirational leader like KGB alum Putin.  And scurrying to erase jumping-the-shark announcements about the U.S. possibly “overlooking” a “minor incursion” or so, the arms and weaponry have been airlifted, pending a commencement of hostilities Mr. 46 himself urged and abetted in awkward spillage he likely did not mean to voice aloud.  But.  But.  

Is the prospect of losing thousands of Russia’s finest in olive drab and khaki blue what adorns Putin’s nighttime fantasies?  Assuredly not, no matter his brawling image on horseback, bare-chested and all.

Yet there it all sits: the ticklish impasse at the border, squatting uneasily in his cool, steely tactician brain.  Is the probable loss of men and materiel worth the effort?  What, in the end, does he stand to gain if, urged into unwonted premature belligerence by a foreign prod from the albino ghost from Delaware, he vanquishes Ukraine?  Aside from a bolus of 44 million angry, non-compliant rebels spoiling for a do-over?  

Maybe not ironically, the derivation of the word Delaware, from the French de la werre, or de la guerre, is gender-neutral Norman French for “of the war.”

“….the Biden administration spent at least $340 million transporting border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S. interior”.

FEBRUARY 3, 2022 BY SCOTT JOHNSON at Power Line:


One might think the fact and cost and multifarious impact of the Biden administration’s redistribution of illegal immigrants around the United States would be big news, but we know it isn’t. It is somehow a preserve of the right. The left favors it and would prefer that those in the middle be kept in the dark. They like it this way just fine. We thus turn to Breitbart News for John Binder’s story “Biden’s Flights of Illegal Aliens into U.S. Cost Taxpayers $340M in 9 Months.” Binder reports:

President Joe Biden’s transportation of border crossers and illegal aliens into the United States interior cost American taxpayers at least $340 million in the first nine months of 2021, federal data reviewed by Breitbart News reveals.

The data, obtained by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) following an inquiry to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), shows the extent to which Biden’s massive illegal immigration inflow into the U.S. is costing American taxpayers.

From January 2021 to September 2021, for instance, the Biden administration spent at least $340 million transporting border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S. interior.

This figure, though, only applies to border crossers and illegal aliens whom DHS considers “detention-related transportation” and may not include the taxpayer money funneled to federal contractors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are facilitating illegal immigration.

The cost is of course the least of it, but it is not insubstantial, it should be known, and it is of interest. Whole thing here.

The American World As It Is Today?

Russian Appeasement Was a Left-Wing Monopoly

Forgotten in the Left’s hypocrisy on Russia is the terrible damage done to American security, institutions, and the lives of innocents. 

By Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness:

February 2, 2022

One way of understanding the 2009-2014 Obama Administration policy of “reset” with Vladimir Putin’s Russia is to recall two iconic incidents. 

The first was the 2009 “reset.” 

Newly appointed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that she would pursue a “reset” détente with Russia. America would relax the prior Bush Administration’s mild ostracism of Russia after its 2008 invasion of Georgia and softly start anew. 

The second was President Barack Obama’s hot mic moment in March 2012 in Seoul, South Korea. Obama got caught asking Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to reassure Vladimir Putin. 

Or as Obama put it: “After my election I have more flexibility . . . On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space . . . This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Both Obama and Putin apparently got their quid pro quo wishes.

Obama was reelected in 2012. The United States was abandoning missile defense in Eastern Europe. Vladimir Putin gave space and so did not invade Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea—until 2014.

During this 2009-2014 reset, a confused United States invited Russia back into the Middle East after a nearly 40-year hiatus. It refused to provide a beleaguered Ukraine with offensive weapons. 

NATO members increasingly ignored their promised military contributions. The United States cut defense spending. 

Obama discouraged domestic gas and oil production. The world price of oil soared, enriching Putin’s Russia. 

At a time when Secretary of State Clinton was overseeing a controversial sale of North American uranium deposits to a Russian-affiliated company, her spouse Bill Clinton mysteriously received $500,000 for a single speech in Moscow. 

Renaissance Capital, a Russian bank with ties to the company, put up the cash. During the reset period, Russian-owned or affiliated companies gave several million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Contemporaneously, Hunter Biden, son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, received a mysterious $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina. She was supposedly the wealthiest woman in Russia and the widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow who had strong ties to the Putin government. 

The Obama Administration internally expressed concerns about the Biden family’s connections  abroad, worried about the appearance of undue foreign influence on U.S. policies.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign funneled money to Christopher Steele, an ex-British spy. In return, he concocted Russian-related dirt on then presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

The ensuing “Steele dossier” was lavishly funded by Clinton. But her payments were hidden by several liberal firewalls—the Democratic National Committee, the left-wing Perkins-Coie legal firm, and the opposition political operation Fusion GPS. 

The “Russian collusion” hoax that followed was based largely on Steele’s fabrications, gleaned from Clinton’s friends and associates in Washington and Moscow. The scam fed wild rumors in the media and was seeded among the Obama Administration intelligence, investigatory, and diplomatic corps. 

It took nearly two years and $40 million for special counsel Robert Mueller and his liberally biased “dream team” of government lawyers to disprove, begrudgingly, the obvious Russian collusion hoax. 

When the fraud was finally discredited, the FBI, the CIA, and the Department of Justice were discredited along with them for their roles in trafficking in the malicious Russian yarn. about:blankReport Ad

In contrast, from 2017 to 2021, the Trump Administration pumped lots of oil. The world price crashed, to the detriment of Putin’s Russia. 

In 2018, U.S. soldiers fought Russian mercenaries in Syria who attacked American installations.

Trump got out of an asymmetrical missile treaty with Russia. He increased U.S. defense spending. He hectored NATO into upping aggregate military expenditures. And he sold offensive weapons to Ukraine. 

Vladimir Putin did not invade his neighbors.

Then Joe Biden became president in January 2021. 

Within months, he cut oil production—only to beseech Putin to help pump more to lower escalating world oil prices.  

Biden also requested that Putin order Russian hackers to keep key U.S. infrastructure “off limits” when attacking America. (He even gave Putin a list.) The humiliation in Afghanistan further eroded both U.S. deterrence and NATO unity,

Senate Democrats recently filibustered attempts to sanction the Russian-German Nordstrom II pipeline deal. 

Given all that, are we surprised that once again Putin is eyeing Ukraine and resuming his aggressive behavior of 2014—after his quietude between 2017 and 2020?

There is an Orwellian moral to U.S.-Russian relations over the last 13 years. 

The American Left has appeased Russian autocrats. Key iconic Democratic political families profited from Russian companies, regardless of the appearance of quid pro quo arrangements. 

Yet the culpable Left falsely accused the Trump campaign, transition, and administration of “collusion.” That charge instead best summarizes Democratic years of accommodation with Putin’s Russia. 

A psychiatrist would call this self-serving deception “projection”—the pathology of falsely accusing innocent others of what the accusers are guilty of themselves. 

Forgotten in this hypocrisy is the terrible damage done to American security, institutions, and the lives of innocents. 

Trouble In Television City?

NY Mag: Come on, why is Zucker *really* leaving?

ED MORRISSEY Feb 03, 2022 at Hot Air:

Color New York Magazine’s Shawn McCreesh skeptical about the publicized reasons for Jeff Zucker’s sudden fall at CNN. One has to admit a certain curiosity about the timing of Jeff Zucker’s departure, after all; both his affair with subordinate Allison Gollust and the network’s dismal ratings had been an “open secret” for years. Even linking everything back through to the Cuomos seems obvious in retrospect. So why now, McCreesh wonders, especially with Zucker on the cusp of a big payday in the Discovery-Warner merger?

Maybe that question answers itself, but CNN staffers aren’t buying the official line either, McCreesh notes:

But for many CNN staffers, something isn’t adding up about Zucker’s surprise resignation on Wednesday. The network’s president said in a statement that he failed to disclose a romantic relationship with his No. 2, Allison Gollust, before it was raised during an investigation into Chris Cuomo. (Gollust used to work as Andrew Cuomo’s communications chief before she moved to CNN and was replaced by the notorious Melissa DeRosa.)

For starters, Zucker and Gollust’s relationship was one of the biggest open secrets in media. CNN staffers awkwardly navigated the pairing, since every time they dealt with her, they were keenly aware that she was involved with the boss. They were rolling their eyes at Gollust’s own statement that said “recently, our relationship changed during Covid.” It had been going on for much longer: Page Six would wink at it from time to time, and the two have known each other since they worked together at NBC decades ago. As Katie Couric wrote in her dishy memoir: “I had to wonder why Jeff was angling so hard to bring Allison on board” at Couric’s talk show, Katie. “She and her husband and kids had moved into the apartment right above Jeff and Caryn’s — everyone who heard about the arrangement thought it was super strange.”

So how could WarnerMedia, CNN’s parent company, not have known? A source close to Jason Kilar, the outgoing boss at WarnerMedia who accepted Zucker’s resignation, claims he didn’t know the rumors to be true until the Cuomo investigation surfaced them. The source says Kilar had first heard about the relationship when Radar Online put up an item in December but thought it was just rumormongering. (This is why you shouldn’t hire a Silicon Valley person to run a New York media company — they don’t even know the good gossip.) The honchos did not get along: Zucker was infuriated by Kilar’s scrambling the company’s org chart so that Gollust and other senior CNN staffers would report directly to WarnerMedia. “It’s like Allison and Jeff were on some sort of codependent power trip,” says someone who has known the pair since their NBC days.

Could someone who worked for almost two years as the CEO of CNN’s parent company have somehow missed that “open secret”? Especially since the two didn’t get along in the first place? CNN staffers apparently suspect that Kilar might have just decided to leverage this knowledge at the exact point when it would be most useful in a power play:

Indeed, Zucker was about to be in the catbird seat: Discovery, run by his pal David Zaslav, is in the final stages of merging with WarnerMedia, and Zucker’s continued reign seemed all but assured. “Everyone thinks this is Kilar taking his succession swipe back at Jeff,” says one CNN staffer. “I feel like people didn’t think that this didn’t need to be this way; Jeff said he would stay till the merger, and that’s just around the corner.”

It’s quite interesting to hear all this sympathy for a man who brought his mistress into his organization and repeatedly promoted her over other candidates. In any other organization, this wouldn’t be a “succession swipe,” it would be the end of sexualized executive management and undue favoritism, if not a flat-out hostile environment. As McCreesh notes, employees had clearly noticed the Zucker-Gollust “co-dependent power trip” as far back as 2013 when Zucker first took over CNN.

Oddly enough, no one seems to want to talk about that now, but that may not last long. Zucker’s departure left one piece of unfinished business: Gollust’s status. So far she’s kept her job, but for how long? Megyn Kelly says the other shoe will drop soon:https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?dnt=true&embedId=twitter-widget-0&features=eyJ0ZndfZXhwZXJpbWVudHNfY29va2llX2V4cGlyYXRpb24iOnsiYnVja2V0IjoxMjA5NjAwLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjpudWxsfSwidGZ3X2hvcml6b25fdHdlZXRfZW1iZWRfOTU1NSI6eyJidWNrZXQiOiJodGUiLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjpudWxsfSwidGZ3X3NwYWNlX2NhcmQiOnsiYnVja2V0Ijoib2ZmIiwidmVyc2lvbiI6bnVsbH19&frame=false&hideCard=false&hideThread=false&id=1489224011431223300&lang=en&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fhotair.com%2Fed-morrissey%2F2022%2F02%2F03%2Fny-mag-come-on-why-is-zucker-really-leaving-n446026&sessionId=a873bdb1a0433e6df35459f4f51945874233429f&siteScreenName=hotairblog&theme=light&widgetsVersion=0a8eea3%3A1643743420422&width=550px

Some will undoubtedly claim that Gollust is less culpable as the junior member of this “co-dependent power trip.” That’s arguably true, but Gollust didn’t come out of the blocks yesterday sounding terribly credible either. NY Post columnist Emily Smith blasted Gollust last night for obviously lying about their affair in her statement:

Ousted CNN boss Jeff Zucker’s affair with his colleague Allison Gollust was the “worst-kept secret in TV” but they conspired to keep it out of the media for years with a web of lies, sources told the Post.

Rumors have circulated for years that CNN’s two most senior executives, who made the decision to fire anchor Chris Cuomo, have been having an affair, which played a part in ending both their marriages.

Multiple sources claim CNN president Zucker and Gollust, the network’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, have been involved in a secret romance for more than 10 years, even as they lived in the same Manhattan building on consecutive floors with their former spouses.

And as the pair took vacations together, went apartment hunting and went into each other’s hotel rooms for alleged “meetings,” Gollust has spent years lying about their affair, blasting reporters on numerous occasions for being “sexist” by suggesting she was sleeping with her boss.

The affair between Zucker and Gollust — who have worked together for 25 years — stretches back to when they both worked at NBC, according to multiple sources. TV insiders call them “the odd couple” because Gollust towers over Zucker.

The risible statement from Gollust claimed that their relationship had evolved during the COVID pandemic. Apparently they both figured that CNN staffers would continue to be secret-keepers for their co-dependent power trip.
McCreesh is right — there’s more going on here than meets the eye. And there will be more to come. CNN will need to clean house top to bottom, and I’ll have more on that in an upcoming post.

Communism’s Dem Woke Gods ARE CRAZY!

February 3, 2022

Communism’s Woke Gods Must Be Crazy

By J.B. Shurk at American Thinker:

It’s no wonder that one of the first acts of all communist regimes is to round up and murder anybody not hysterically committed to the “cause.”  Communism, like its COVID-1984 kissing cousin, only thrives when mass formation psychosis takes over.  In practice, this entails killing an awfully large number of people who are too old or experienced to believe in fairy tales told to them by government agents with one hand on a loaf of bread and the other on the butt of a gun.  

And you say if we collectivize our farms, we’ll be able to feed the whole nation?  An end to property rights will bring about utopia in our own time?  Tell me, what kind of mule kicked you in the head, son?  Hey, wait, let me go…

It is a sad fact that communism depends on the young, naïve, or brain-dead to push an ideology that brings nothing but poverty, unhappiness, and death.  “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world,” Vladimir Lenin boasted.  Transform?  If not for friends of freedom, perhaps so.  But by capturing generations of children, he was certainly capable of breaking their futures into pieces.  Venezuela, China, Cuba, Cambodia, Korea — wherever communism is allowed to draw breath, mass murder and dystopia follow in quick succession.  

Barack Obama spoke endlessly of “fundamentally transforming” the United States, and given that America was founded and forged in a dedication to liberty and a rejection of government tyranny, it was always clear which side of that dichotomy he fervently supported.  For his efforts, the American population has rarely been more divided, urban crime and murder rates have spiraled out of control, and the Department of (in)Justice has descended into a death spiral of wretched partisanship.  As if Americans needed any reminders, the ridiculous double standard in the way Black Lives Matter and other darling “activists” of the political left are celebrated by the U.S. government and regularly absolved from the repercussions of their criminal conduct while J6 Capitol protesters are politically persecuted and held in solitary confinement should shock the conscience of anyone committed to due process and the rule of law.  Likewise, Republican politicians not vociferously denouncing this vile double standard (or worse, actually condoning it as Lindsey GrahamDan Crenshaw, Liz Cheney, and Adam Kinzinger have done) have made it clear which side of the freedom/tyranny battlefield they’ve chosen to defend.  

As with any communist system, social division is the price of conquest.  Cultural unity in the U.S. was shot in the back of the head, so that Obama and “wingman” Eric Holder could segregate black and white Americans from each other, tear open gashes in the body politic that had mostly healed after many decades, and rub enough salt in those fresh wounds to ride artificially-constructed public anger to electoral victory.  Obama spoke of nothing but “hope,” spread nothing but hate, and left America in nothing but shambles.  It may have been the “Chicago way” of politics, but it was most certainly the “communist way” of stoking imaginary grievances until the social fabric could be torn asunder and replaced with something “new.”  And by “new,” I mean the same old putrid rancidness of Lenin’s communism but dressed up in the paper-thin disguises of “racial justice,” “climate justice,” “equity,” “fairness,” “multiculturalism,” and all the other false idols worshiped by the “woke” pagans on their Marxist journey to salvation.  Obama was glorified as a false messiah by his devout followers, and like any false prophet, he brought them misery, death, and war, instead of peace.

What he did give his political disciples, though, was a grand lesson in the efficacy of propaganda, punishment, and power.  If you repeat lies long enough, many former skeptics will start to believe.  If you punish your enemies savagely enough, you can convince some to accept many implausible things.  And if you toss justice, law, and morality out the window and concentrate exclusively on the applications of propaganda and punishment, you can accumulate power quickly without fretting over the existence of political opposition.  He got socialized medicine, open borders, and a Supreme Court too cowed to stop the expansion of the administrative state.  American citizens got the worst economic growth since the Great Depression, fractured communities suffering from illegal immigration, and a repurposed national security deep state dedicated to targeting ordinary Americans who dared to object to the government’s new authoritarianism on steroids.  And anybody who called out the Obama government for its blatantly un-American policies was ridiculed from all quarters of the mass media complex as being racist, nativist, sexist, homophobic, unenlightened, deplorable, or even Russian (irony alert).  

So that they alone control the flow of information, communists on the march usually take over a nation’s radio and television stations before worrying about winning physical battles.  In America, too, this is exactly what has happened.  Our corporate news propagandists have become a veritable Ministry of Truth.  We are treated to endless lies about Russian collusion, secure elections, and the life-or-death imperative of COVID (which magically arose in nature but certainly not anywhere near China) compliance.  For the Ministry of Truth, freedom is always the enemy, and duty to the State is always virtuous.  Unnamed and anonymous government sources should always be trusted (when they serve the Marxist cause), and critics of the State should be publicly targeted, “cancelled,” and ruined.  Gun crimes are always the gun’s fault, unless a non-Marxist can first be blamed.  Mass illegal immigration is always capitalism’s fault for creating “climate refugees.”  Crime is never the fault of the criminal, unless the criminal happens to be a police officer accused of excessive force.  And anyone who opposes official proclamations from State “scientists” is a “denier” deserving of being deleted.  We now live under the yoke of censorship where anything at odds with the Marxists’ worldview is summarily condemned as “disinformation” or “misinformation” and yanked from the public sphere, while the Ministry of Truth corporate news pumps out actual disinformation and misinformation all day long.  Where the corporate propagandists fail to convert the masses, Hollywood steps in to finish the job, and it has never been happier to play its part.  There’s a reason La-La Land gets along so well with the genocidal maniacs of Communist China: They share a common communist cause.

What Obama unleashed has now snowballed into a world fit only for the deranged — a cage with rubber walls where delusional men who believe they’re women are treated as heroes and people who refuse to share those delusions are treated as crazy; where parents are “domestic terrorists” for protecting their children’s education; where COVID communists refuse healthcare to the unvaccinated in the name of “saving lives”; where people who demonize oil and natural gas are flabbergasted when the cost of food skyrockets; where people who protest government power are called “fascists” and government authoritarians are celebrated as “democrats”; and where anyone who questions that a corrupt, senile, and unpopular “president” legitimately received the most votes in history is considered a “threat to democracy,” while the political operatives caught stuffing drop boxes with mail-in ballots are ignored completely.  If you went back fifteen years and tried to convince people this is where America was headed, they’d call you crazy.  Now they call you crazy for not succumbing to the madness

Thus has it always been with communist regimes: The State’s first victim is the truth.  As the truckers in Canada protesting that oppressive regime know well, this is the time to “speak now or forever hold your peace.”  There are no second chances.  Because after publicly executing all truth, the communists have only the sane to eliminate next.

Hat tip to the knights of the road.

Don’t Hold Your Breath, But Some “Liberals” Seem To Be Awakening!



Earlier this week, I noted that some on the left are turning against lockdowns. More evidence of this development comes in this column by Leana Wen.

Wen has become the Washington Post’s go-to analyst of the pandemic. I believe she frequently opines on it for CNN, as well. Here in the D.C. area, many liberals consider her views nearly authoritative.

Wen’s latest column argues that “we should lift [covid] restrictions now.” Her column comes with caveats, the most important of which is discussed below, and her rationale strikes me as odd — lifting the current restrictions would provide Americans with a respite in case restrictions need to be imposed against a new variant. But it’s still encouraging to see a leading liberal authority on the pandemic calling for the lifting of restrictions.

I assume Wen is sincere in offering her caveats and her rationale. It’s true, though, that without them Wen would alienate a portion of her readers and perhaps lose some of her status. As I said, liberals are only starting to turn against restrictions. (You can get a sense of leftist pushback against any liberal who departs from the ultra-cautious party line (i.e., “covid hawkery”) in this article by Matthew Yglesias and some of the comments.)

By urging an easing of restrictions in the name of paving the way to reimpose them later if a deadly variant emerges, Wen makes the case for an easing without upsetting covid hawks too much (or so might hope). It’s not the case I’d like to see her make, but any case for easing by a prominent liberal analyst is welcome, as far as I’m concerned.

I also believe that if restrictions are lifted it will be harder, not easier, to reimpose them if/when another serious variant emerges. As one of Ygliesias’ commenters wrote: “I feel like a bad liberal for saying this, but I’ve recently been pretty happy about living in a red state.”

Wen does continue to insist on the importance of vaccines. She writes:

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that unvaccinated people ages 65 and up are 52 times more likely to be hospitalized from covid-19 than those who are vaccinated and boosted. For those between ages 50 and 64, the difference is 46 times.

This information seems to be at odds with Minnesota data John presents here. But, as John says, his numbers “confirm that even if vaccination does not prevent one from contracting covid, it does give some protection against severe disease.” He characterizes the protection as “modest.” To me, it looks significant. Wen’s numbers, if accurate, show very significant protection.

This leads me to Wen’s most important caveat. She wants restrictions ended only for the vaccinated:

Keep vaccine requirements and drop everything else. The vaccinated, who have done everything right, should not have any restrictions placed on them; it’s not fair to them and it disincentivizes vaccination. . .Provide proof of vaccination, and you don’t need to mask, quarantine when exposed or test before traveling.

To me, the wisdom of this policy depends on how much risk the unvaccinated pose to others, especially to those who are vaccinated (and therefore have not assumed the risk of eschewing the vaccine). It’s not enough to show that the elderly pose a risk to themselves by not getting the vaccine. People should not be restricted for the purpose of “incentivizing” them to take better care of themselves.

Wen’s statistics do not speak to the risk the unvaccinated pose to others. Therefore, I don’t think she has made a case for limiting the lifting of covid restrictions to the vaccinated.

She makes a case, albeit not the best case, for lifting restrictions for the vast majority of us, however, and that’s a start.



Young Americans: Leave Those Creepy College Covid Camps And Start Your Careers Now

BY: JOY PULLMANN at the Federalist: FEBRUARY 02, 2022:

The ‘everyone should go to college’ mantra is brittle, false, failing, and harmful.

espair is in the air. Three-quarters of Americans believe their own country is in decline.

Trafalgar Group, December 2021

It’s hard to dispute that when you see things like junkies destroying U.S. infrastructure while governors who liberally micromanage law-abiding people throw up their hands.

I do think there are major problems in our country that are not likely to get seriously addressed in the near future. I do think they matter, and that because of rampant terrible American leadership (and acquiescence to such leadership by the people), millions will continue to suffer.

Yet I also think there are lots of amazing opportunities happening right now that people need to awake to and seize. To seize these opportunities, Americans must break out of societal conventions, ways of thinking, and life scripts that clearly don’t work any more but feel comfortable and without viable alternatives. The people who are willing to take such risks to make fresh choices that fit our new reality will overall be handsomely rewarded.

That brings us to college. The “everyone should go to college” mantra is brittle, false, failing, and harmful. Deep down, we all know it, and we’ve known it for a long time. Those promised returns to income from starting life in deep debt are simply not materializing like they used to. That Boomer windfall is long gone, if it ever existed in the first place.

But lots of young people and their parents don’t know their other options, or they know about them but are scared of the social pressure to live by failed narratives. Other great options are in fact plentiful, and partly because of our societal decline. Pertinent to the college discussion is the desperation of employers to find talent and their motivation to train that talent. It has never been higher in my lifetime (I’m “in the middle of our life’s journey” as an older millennial) and in the lifetimes of most working-age people today.

If you haven’t heard, employers are starved for employees thanks to stupid lockdowns and stupid attempts at medical coercion. A friend in the trades recently told me he knows hiring managers in construction who are combing active build sites to try to find people to hire and train for skilled labor jobs that are lifelong career opportunities.

He sent a recruiting flyer boasting jobs in plumbing, welding, HVAC, and the like starting at $30,000 plus benefits worth some $20,000 more per year, and by the fifth year of employment — or when a comparable peer would be finishing college — a salary of $60,000 plus benefits. That’s making more than the U.S. median household income in five years of work, with no college debt or timewasting. It’s well above the typical white-collar job trajectory, and can lead to salaries of six figures annually after a decade or so, as well as the possibility of starting one’s own business.

Not to mention, the work has excellent prospects. Plumbing and welding can’t be outsourced to China or India, and the average age of trades workers is well above the U.S. median. This is just one illustration of what’s happening in hundreds of thousands of companies and industries, and it’s an amazing shift in the job market.

When I was looking for my first job during the Great Recession, employers generally didn’t want to train people. They wanted people to walk onto the job ready to go. They would train, but not extensively. Employers wanted employees to ideally spend years of free labor and training in college and unpaid internships just to get an entry-level professional job. Employers wanted other people to pay the price of training potential hires.

But now, many employers will take almost any warm body that moves. They will train it, dress it, pay it, and smooch it good morning every day if it just shows up to work. This is an amazing opportunity for everyone who needs a better or more substantive job, or whose school or employer is abusing him with political ideology and none-of-their-business surveys about what injections he’s recently put into his body and what’s up at the tippy top of his nasal cavity.

This is also an opportunity to rip apart the damaging “go to college, everyone” paradigm. A college education can be useful for some people, but let’s be real: Most colleges do not provide an education, they just provide a very expensive and largely socially wasteful sorting function for big corporate. This is very well established with good data, and has been true for decades.

On the flip side of the “go to college, get set in your career for life” false claim are the real costs that the college-for-all mentality imposes on young people right as they are the most vulnerable and inexperienced in their adult lives. Most notably is the debt college puts young people in, which damages their lifetime happiness by retarding and even completely aborting their family formation.

There are also other less-remarked and just as significant costs to pushing young people into not just four-year but also now graduate degrees. One is soaking up young people’s wonderful energy into make-work for four, five, six, seven, eight of the most energetic and potentially productive years of their lives.

College-for-all converts young people from potentially creative producers, doers, and entrepreneurs into passive consumers, not just while they are stashed in dorm rooms but also for the decade or more after college it takes to pay the debt they accumulated for a degree that will not put millions of young people ahead in their lives or careers.

This is a massive waste of time and talent. Significant research has shown that the majority of young people exit college having learned nothing or actually losing intellectual ground.

Instead of treading water intellectually, professionally, and personally until their mid-30s, young people can instead use these amazing first two decades of their adulthood to develop real skills, professional relationships, and authority. They just have to get a job and use it to learn skills instead of wasting their lives in college. Or they could lean into a skill or useful hobby and see if they can develop it as a side hustle and ultimately their own business.

Today there is even more weight to this situation because, amid the Covid panic, colleges have turned into internment camps. Truly, some college Covid policies are or have been on par with the literal Covid internment camps in Australia and China. Some send security to grab young adults and lock them away alone for two weeks based on being a “close contact” who in almost all cases will never develop Covid during this insanely abusive and utterly unprecedented “quarantine” of the healthy.

College-age Americans are at a near-zero risk of disastrous outcomes from a bout with Covid. According to world-famous epidemiologists, it would have been far better if the young, healthy, and low-risk had been set free to create natural societal immunity to protect the vulnerable sick and elderly instead of restricted with lockdowns. So not only have the colleges treating them this way put the young people in their care at risk from the ill effects of quarantining the healthy, they have increased the Covid risks to the vulnerable.

As with K-12 school shutdowns, quarantines, and masking, the mass higher education abuse of young adults negates whatever intellectual and moral credibility they had left after decades of defrauding students of a genuine education while charging their futures for this injustice. It’s high time for young people and their families to stop allowing this disgustingly corrupt credentialing industry to hold their entire life cycle hostage to lies.

The corruption is real, but so is the opportunity to make something good of your life. You don’t need these disgusting educrats to certify your worth. In fact, you are better off having nothing to do with them.

“Socialism Ruins Everything!”

More secret flights? Biden administration quietly begins flying Venezuelan migrants to Colombia

KAREN TOWNSEND Feb 02, 2022 10:01 PM ET Share Tweet

by Karen Townsend at Hot Air….February 2, 2022:

Remember when Joe Biden pledged to have the most transparent administration – evah? Good time, good times. Time and time again reports have come out that prove this administration is one of the most secretive ever in recent times. Another example has come to light as it pertains to the Biden border crisis. DHS is quietly flying illegal Venezuelan migrants to Colombia.

Why are they flying to Colombia instead of their home country? Because their country will not accept them back. The Biden administration is using Title 42 to expel them back to South America. Illegal Venezuelan migrants who lived in Colombia before coming to the U.S. are going back to Colombia. Though they entered via Mexico, Mexico will not accept South Americans.

We know about the unprecedented flood of illegal migrants at the southern border. From time to time the surge of illegal migrants is mostly single adult migrants from countries that Mexico will not accept once they are expelled from the U.S. This is one of those times that the administration admits to having such a problem. The majority of illegal migrants fluctuates between a majority of unaccompanied minors, and of families, and single adults, mostly males. This latest quiet action coming from the Biden administration is to remove the Venezuelans to help get the flood of migrants under control. There has been an explosion in the number of Venezuelan migrants in recent weeks.

The flights of Venezuelans to Colombia, which have not been previously reported, marks another effort by the administration to try to stem the flow of migrants, pushing those who arrive further away from the US-Mexico border including those seeking asylum.

In December, US Customs and Border Protection encountered more than 13,000 single adults from Venezuela on the US southern border, compared with 96 in December 2020, according to agency data.

There is a lag in the reporting coming from the administration on numbers of migrant apprehensions and of those who are considered ‘got-aways’, too. The most transparent administration – evah- doesn’t really want us to know just how bad the situation on the southern border is. So, they let as much time pass as possible before finally releasing the information. These flights were not previously reported.

Venezuela is a failed state because socialism ruins everything. Socialism has never succeeded and will never succeed, though attempts are made now and again to test that theory. Look at what Democrats are doing to our own country now. Venezuela is a good example of a once economically thriving country that has been destroyed by corrupt leaders and socialist policies. The situation in Venezuela became so desperate for Venezuelans that Colombia granted temporary legal status to Venezuelans who fled there. This allowed them to work and support themselves. However, some have opted to continue on to the U.S.-Mexico border to seek asylum in the United States. Now they find themselves back in Columbia with no possibility of asylum in America.

There isn’t much in the way of bipartisanship in Congress these days but the collapse of Venezuela is one that brings both sides of the aisle together. Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez introduced a Senate resolution last year expressing alarm over the situation in Venezuela.

This new kind of secret flights coming from the Biden administration is starting slowly.

Last Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security returned two Venezuelan nationals to Colombia, where they had previously resided, the department told CNN, adding that flights to Colombia are expected to take place “on a regular basis.”

“As part of the United States COVID-19 mitigation efforts, DHS continues to enforce CDC’s Title 42 public health authority with all individuals encountered at the Southwest border. However, DHS’s ability to expel individuals may be limited for several reasons, including Mexico’s ability and capacity to receive individuals of certain nationalities,” DHS said in a statement, adding that the department has removed migrants to third countries in the region where they had lived or had status.

DHS has also acknowledged the precarious situation in Venezuela by granting a form of humanitarian relief for Venezuelans already in the United States.

At that rate, it will take years to expel the increase in migrants from Venezuela. That may be by design as the other actions by this administration are. There is a real dereliction of duty from Biden when it comes to his top responsibility, which is to keep the homeland and Americans safe by security the border. He simply doesn’t care.

Migrants from Venezuela are crossing into the country at Yuma, Arizona after first flying into Mexico and then heading to the border.

In December, US Customs and Border Protection encountered 24,819 Venezuelans at the US southern border including single adults, families and minors, up from the previous month and continuing an increasing trend. As a point of comparison, in December 2020, CBP encountered only around 200 Venezuelan migrants, according to agency data.

Some migrants from Venezuela crossed the border in Yuma, Arizona — often flying to an airport in Mexico and then crossing at a gap along the Colorado River, cutting the journey down to just days. It’s the most viable option for many Venezuelans and Brazilians, for example, who can’t obtain a visa that allows them to work in the US — or can’t afford the years-long wait for the legal immigration process. Mexico recently put new visa restrictions in place for Venezuelans traveling to Mexico.

The US has previously taken measures to try to lower the number of migrants at the US-Mexico border. Last year, the administration started flying migrants apprehended at the southern border and subject to the Trump-era border policy linked to the pandemic to the interior of Mexico.

This administration has a fondness for secretly moving illegal migrants around using air flights. In order to ease the overcrowding at the southern border, the administration now puts the migrants on planes and flews them into further into the country, into states away from the border. Some are moved back to their home countries, though not nearly enough. We’ll see how this latest plan to send migrants back to Colombia goes. In the meantime, some actual transparency from the administration would be nice.