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Never Forget The Crime Against Police Officer Chauvin Exercised BY FOUL LEFT MINNESOTA!




At the end of the motion hearing yesterday morning, defense counsel Eric Nelson expressed his grave concern over the effect of the city’s world-beating $27 million wrongful death settlement in the civil litigation resulting from the death of George Floyd. Nelson cited prejudicial comments made by Mayor Frey and the members of the city clowncil in support of the settlement. With seven jurors selected and released until the beginning of the trial proper on March 29, he complained of the settlement’s “suspicious timing” and “unavoidable headlines.”

Nelson accordingly moved for a continuance of proceedings scheduled for March 29, renewed his change of venue motion, and asked for further voir dire of the seven jurors on their possible exposure to news of the settlement. He also asked for extra peremptory strikes and immediate sequestration. “This should be the subject of a hearing,” Nelson argued, to be added to a hearing on the leak to the New York Times regarding settlement negotiations in Chauvin’s criminal case.

The last point follows from Tim Arango’s February 10 New York Times story. Defendants have filed a dismissal motion predicated on the possible violation of the court’s gag order that the story represents. I am not aware that any hearing has been scheduled on that motion.

In response, Steven Schleicher — one of the several attorneys contributing his services to the Chauvin prosecution — argued that the state had no control over the comments made by city officials. He argued further that the settlement was not coordinated by the state and that jurors have expressed their ability to set publicity aside.

Judge Cahill drily responded: “You would agree that it’s unfortunate.” The defense has “a legitimate concern,” he observed. The only motion he granted, however, was further voir dire of the seven jurors selected so far. As for the rest, he added, “Let’s wait to see if we have a problem.” As I’ve been saying right along, we have a problem, but I’m not sure the judicial system can mitigate it. Judge Cahill concluded his comments by taking the motion for a continuance under advisement. I think the same applies to the defense’s renewed motion for change of venue.

Juror number 51 illustrated one set of prejudice problems. She had inadvertently heard about the settlement over the weekend. She works in human resources and had a sophisticated understanding of the interplay between the civil and criminal litigation. She drove by the Third Precinct on her way to court that morning, she said, as well as past the no-go zone honoring George Floyd at 38th and Chicago. She has been exposed to so much, she said, she is leaning way over to one side. The settlement impacted her as well. She could perhaps be impartial in the case of the other three officers charged with Floyd’s death, but not in this one. So long, juror number 51.

Juror number 52 professed to be “a friendly, positive person.” He works in banking and coaches youth sports. He sounded to me like an extremely decent and reasonable man, but he has views that would have made me want to strike him. He believes that racial discrimination exists “well beyond what the media can report.” He thought that the other three officers should have intervened to stop Chauvin, as has just about every prospective juror, but he professed his ability to be impartial and follow the law as given. He wants to serve as a juror. He would love to be a part of “this historic case,” he said. A black male in his 30’s, he was the eighth juror seated in the case.

Juror number 54 expressed doubt that he could be impartial. A senior citizen who could have been excused as a matter of course by his age, he was excused for cause.

Juror number 55 struck me as dangerous for the defense. She is a white woman in her 50’s who is an executive assistant at a health clinic. On the jury questionnaire she said she has a “somewhat negative” view of both Derek Chauvin and Black Lives Matter. She expressed concerns for her personal safety depending on “the end result.” The question, she said, is how others will perceive the verdict. I read her as a possible leader on the jury. Juror number 55 is the ninth juror seated in the case.

I thought we were on a roll, but no. Jurors number 59 and 62 were excused for cause. Fifty-nine is a school teacher. By my lights, he would probably have been out on that ground alone. He doubted he could grant Chauvin the presumption of innocence. “I’m almost sick to my stomach right now,” he said.

Juror number 62 channeled the concerns I have expressed here and elsewhere about the case. He noted that it would be difficult to confine the decision to the courtroom. He wonders if the safety of his family would be at risk if the outcome of the case were to go “a certain way.” That’s one way to put it. I’ll have to remember that one.

Juror number 60 doesn’t like controversy. He is an undergraduate who would like to go to law school. He doesn’t want to make anybody angry. He seemed to me to understand the intellectual environment he’s swimming in with great acuity. He perceives the college campus as liberal ground. He had no opinion of Chauvin’s conduct. He is also scared he might make the wrong decision in the case. I read him as a classic follower. He would have gone with the flow in deliberations. I thought Nelson wasted a peremptory strike to remove him from the jury panel.


February 5, 2022

GoFundMe shuts down the Canadian truckers’ fund

By Andrea Widburg at American Thinker:

GoFundMe, a site that holds itself out as the go-to place for online fundraising, just shut down the Convoy 2022 Fundraiser, which had passed $9,000,000 (Canadian).  The same organization that funded the violent and illegal Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, as well as myriad other violent BLM organizations, says that, once law enforcement told it that the Convey was dangerous, it was obligated to shut everything down.  Adding insult to injury, GoFundMe is refusing to return the money donated, which runs directly counter to its “GoFundMe Guarantee.”

To give context to just how awful GoFundMe’s behavior is, here are a few facts.  To begin with, this is not the first time GoFundMe has yanked the rug out from under conservative fundraisers.  It’s a sign of the truckers’ political naïveté that they didn’t go straight to GiveSendGo, a Christian-based online fundraising site.

As this Fox Business article details, GoFundMe has repeatedly cut off funding for conservatives. An athlete who believes in marriage (monogamous and heterosexual) had his fundraiser (unrelated to his marriage beliefs) stricken.  GoFundMe also cut off a fundraiser for a bar owner who had dared to call George Floyd — a multi-offending felon who held up a pregnant woman with a gun to her belly and who died after sticking fentanyl up his derrière — a thug.  It’s also shut off people who sought to raise funds after losing their jobs because they refused to get vaccinated.

No conservative or non-leftist group should ever use GoFundMe again.

Also, GoFundMe has freely and happily funded incredibly violent organizations.  It kept open the fundraising platform for the illegal Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, which radicals set up during the height of the George Floyd riots.  It was undeterred even after people got murdered there, along with other acts of extreme violence.

GoFundMe also kept the money flowing to BLM.  We’ve learned now that much of BLM appears to be a giant communist grift, with the leaders apparently siphoning off millions for themselves.

However, while it might not have been immediately apparent to softheaded leftists back in 2020 that BLM was a con job, it was apparent that it was violent.  Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kenosha, Dallas, New York, and other cities all suffered tremendous violence in BLM’s name, with people murdered, whole communities burned to the ground, and both chain stores and family stores looted and destroyed.  None of that deterred GoFundMe.

As I said, if the truckers hadn’t been naïve, they would have avoided GoFundMe from the beginning.  It was inevitable that GoFundMe would cut them off.  It was also inevitable that it would do so at the behest of a leftist politician who lied about the truckers being violent.  Also, that GoFundMe would say, as if it had never funded CHAZ or BLM, that it couldn’t possibly countenance handling money that might go to violent people:

GoFundMe didn’t just cut off the truckers, though.  It’s also refusing to return the money to the donors.  Instead, it claims that it’s going to work with the convoy organizers to find agreeable charities:

Ezra Levant says that this amounts to open theft from the truckers:

Then There Are Those Lefty Biden’s Senile Problems, THE ONES WHICH REALLY STONE HIM!



Joe Biden’s approval in office as measured by opinion polls has been on a more or less steady downward trajectory since about March of 2021. I was told no math would be involved this morning, but that’s roughly since his second month in office. The Pew Research Center posted a good collection of polling data as of January 25 here. As Pew puts it, “his approval rating continues to decline among many demographic and political groups.” What happened? A few unscientific conjectures and observations in no particular order and no claim to originality:

• Biden campaigned nineteenth-century style, hiding out in the basement in Wilmington. But for the debates, he was shielded from view. The reasons for this have become increasingly obvious. He is not up to the job.

• Vice president Harris is not up to the job either, and she does not have the excuse of age. She is an idiot. Biden’s selection of her discredits him.

• Among the Democratic field, Biden appeared to be the moderate choice. In office, he has proved himself a captive of the lunatic left. Whatever he really “thinks,” he has pursued the agenda of the lunatic left. As the shock of recognition has set in, Biden’s approval has receded. Many voters feel they were sold a bill of goods.

• I want to pause over what I call the shock of recognition. Seeing him in office, many voters recognize that he is a captive of the lunatic left whether or not he himself is a true believer. He is a true believer only in himself. But they recognize that the most policies he has pursued are those of the lunatic left.

• I first heard “abolish ICE” advocated as a policy position in June 2018 at the special Fifth District endorsing convention. It was one of Ilhan Omar’s selling points in her remarks at the convention. Biden has institutionalized the functional equivalent of the Omar policy since his first day in office. He has erased our southern border. This policy is popular nowhere but the lunatic left. Thus the suppression of the news to the maximum extent possible.

• The Afghanistan fiasco served as the expressive form for the miasma of the Biden administration.

• The administration’s suppression of energy development in the United States is obviously insane. It also represents the administration’s captivity by the lunatic left, though Biden himself may actually “believe” in the theology of climate change.

• The administration is full of talking points presented by the psychedelic Jen Psaki, but you can’t talk away the inflation that is evident to every sentient citizen. It hits you in the face every time you fill up your car. Combine it with the administration’s suppression of energy development in the United States and you are reminded that the lunatic left is running the show.

• The economy continues to recover from the 2020 lockdowns and Biden predictably claims credit for it. Is there anyone in his right mind who thinks that Biden himself has promoted any policy that fosters economic recovery?

• Biden’s dearly desired multitrillion dollar Bummer Beyond Belief is similarly lunatic in the context of inflation. I think most of us understand that.

• We are in a meltdown of civic order in our urban centers. We see it every day with our own eyes in the Twin Cities and elsewhere. Biden alleges that he does not support defunding the police and is therefore an opponent of the meltdown, but has he said a single word about the lunatic left prosecutors who decline to enforce the law? I don’t think so. They represent the throbbing heart of his party, i.e., the lunatic left.

• Biden could right himself to some extent if he changed course. The prospect is not in sight for reasons set forth above.

• Democrats have limited the damage they will suffer at the polls next November through gerrymandering. We badly need a change in policy and management, but we have a long way to go before we will have the opportunity to secure it. The damage done since January 2021 is almost unbelievable.

• Many observers more knowledgeable than I predict that inflation will come down this year. Without an adjustment in Fed policy beyond that which the Fed has advertised so far, however, I don’t see it. Biden’s new (unconfirmed) appointees to the Fed do not figure to lend a hand.

• The yammering and failure with the epidemic has been painful. Like most of the other bullet points here, it deserves an essay all by itself.

• In Stein’s Law the economist Herbert Stein famously held that if something cannot go on forever, it won’t. Does Stein’s law apply here? The Democrats will put it to the test, but not before they do more damage.




But, Didn’t President Joe Rally 500,000 To ‘Sneak’ Across The Rio Grande This Year TO MAKE UP?

February 5, 2022

Turns out Joe Biden abandoned 9,000 Americans to the Taliban in his chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal

By Monica Showalter at American Thinker:

After Joe Biden, Tony Blinken, and other Biden administration officials blithely assured that the number of Americans left behind in Afghanistan in the chaotic U.S. pullout was minuscule, just a minor rounding error, Congress has come up with a more accurate figure.

According to the Daily Caller:

  • As many as 9,000 American citizens were left in Afghanistan when the U.S. military withdrew from the country Aug. 31, according to a report released Thursday by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
  • In public statements, Biden administration officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, claimed that only 100-150 Americans remained in Afghanistan and had contacted the U.S. government with a desire to leave. The State Department and Defense Department officials stuck to that number, even as the government publicly admitted that large numbers of American citizens were still leaving the country.
  • The report, signed by Foreign Relations ranking member Jim Risch of Idaho, reveals that State Department officials believed that between 10,000 and 15,000 Americans were in Afghanistan as late as Aug. 17. In the next two weeks, only 6,000 Americans were able to escape the country ahead of the Taliban takeover. In testimony in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, however, Blinken claimed that “approximately 100-150 remained in Afghanistan who still wished to depart.”

That’s a bona fide scandal because Biden and his administraton obsessively assured Americans that virtually no American was left behind. He said that, of course, in order to get the issue off the front pages.

“We completed one of the biggest airlifts in history. With more than 120,000 people evacuated to safety, that number is more than double what most experts thought was possible. No nation – no nation has ever done anything like it in all the history,” Biden said in a speech marking the final withdrawal of American forces and embassy officials.

“The bottom line: 90% of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave,” he added.

Ninety percent? It was more like maybe 1% while a huge number of the 120,000 people brought in instead were reportedly bounders and migrants who couldn’t qualify for a U.S. visa otherwise – criminals, terrorists, chiselers, perverts. The whole claim was a lie, the whole airlift was astroturf, and Joe says he has no regrets about the pullout and will “make no apologies” — not even about this.

Optics first and too bad about the abandoned Americans left to fend for themselves among the barbarians.

He might as well have turned tail and skipped the airlift entirely for all the good it did — if he had done that, it would have been cheaper and less hazardous to the mainland American public, yet brought the abandoned Americans the same result. But he didn’t. He launched a multimillion-dollar pullout at Kabul airport that left 13 U.S. service members dead, and after that told the public that the job was all done and almost everyone who needed to get out got out.

This news comes hot on the heels of an Axios report which found documents showing that the Biden team didn’t even get started on figuring out a plan for evacuating Afghan refugees, translators, and collaborators until the Taliban had breached the gates of Kabul and was parading around in stolen American military vehicles, waving their crummy flags. Americans themselves in a sane world would and should have been a higher priority, but the only plan in place for those U.S. nationals was to gaslight the public about some sort of phony mission accomplished and then let Joe crow about his absence of regrets.

It’s a scandal of epic proportions, brought on in part by a media that was all too happy to take this sorry issue off the front pages and the top of the hour broadcasts, and let Joe slide on it, as he went on to mess up the country in other ways. It ought to be on the front pages now, but instead, it’s buried news.

The blame itself belongs to Joe Biden who ought to be impeached for this dereliction of duty and attempted cover-up. The Senate now has the goods on Biden’s dishonesty and gaslightings that have left thousands of Americans in mortal peril. It should be grounds for throwing this clown out come 2022 and 2024. No civilized nation abandons its nationals to monsters.


Lawsuit Claims Foreign Powers Sought To Interfere In 2016 Election To Help Hillary Clinton

BY: MARGOT CLEVELAND…February 04, 2022:

Felix Sater claims the Kazakhstan players were seeking to interfere in the 2016 election to benefit Hillary Clinton.

On Feb. 3, long-time Trump associate Felix Sater filed a cross-complaint in a New York federal court. The complaint alleges that Russian and Kazakhstan-connected individuals and entities conducted “a shadow intelligence operation of Sater and Trump for the purpose of manufacturing information to harm Donald Trump politically,” including by providing Christopher Steele a PowerPoint presentation riddled with lies Steele later fed to the FBI.

Sater’s cross suit comes nearly three years after the City of Almaty, Kazakhstan, and BTA Bank filed suit against Sater, two of the companies he owned, a former business associate, and that associate’s LLCs, in City of Almaty, Kazakhstan v. Sater.

In that lawsuit, filed in May 2019, Almaty and BTA Bank alleged that Sater and the other defendants helped Mukhtar Ablyazov, the former chairman of the BTA Bank, and Viktor Khrapunov, the former mayor of the City of Almaty, launder money the duo had stolen from the plaintiffs. In the case, the plaintiffs sought recovery of millions of dollars in stolen funds, based on claims of fraud, conspiracy, unjust enrichment, and conversion.

While that case has been pending in a federal district court in New York since spring 2019, on Thursday Sater filed for the first time counterclaims against Almaty and BTA Bank. In yesterday’s filing, Sater also added the Republic of Kazakhstan and Arcanum (Asia) Ltd. as parties.

In his lawsuit, Sater claimed that in June 2015, BTA Bank, Almaty, and Kazakhstan, referred to as the Kazakh Parties throughout the court filing, entered a “confidential assistance agreement” or “CAA,” in which they agreed to pay Sater (through his company, Litco) $100,000 per month, plus a percentage of the funds recovered, for Sater’s help in recovering assets stolen by Ablyazov.

The CAA, however, was merely a “guise,” Sater alleged, with Arcanum and the Kazakh Parties instead conspiring “to leak false and defamatory information about Sater to media outlets including ABC News.” “This was part of a concerted effort to falsely (and absurdly) portray Sater, a longtime business partner of Donald Trump, as a Russian agent and Kremlin stooge,” the lawsuit alleged.

Until January 2021, Sater had no reason to know that Arcanum and the Karakh Parties were working against Sater and Trump, according to the lawsuit. It was only then, when the FBI released the 302 interview summary of the FBI’s interview with Steele, that Sater claimed he learned the truth.

In the 302 summary of the FBI’s September 18, 2017, interview of Steele, the agents reported that Steele said that his firm Orbis “was involved in some Kazakhstan-related” work and “some of the material from that work obviously falls within the bounds of the Special Counsel.”

Here, Steele said he “was working on a Kazakh-related project involving an individual by the name of Ablyazov, embezzlement from BTA Bank, pyramid schemes, and connections to Felix Sater and Trump Soho.” According to the interview summary, “Steele said that they want RICO up and running in the United States.”

The agents then noted that “Steele brought along a PowerPoint presentation from the company Arcanum explaining the Sater connection.” The 302 summary added that “this information was slated to be provided to the US Department of Justice and the FBI as it involves a corrupt American official.”

Shortly after Sater became aware of the FBI 302 interview summary of Steele, Sater retained co-counsels John Snyder and Tom Sima in the spring of 2021. According to Snyder, Sater retained the two New York attorneys because they had previously handled sensitive matters involving Kazakhstan and because Sima speaks fluent Russian and has 20 years of experience and contacts in Kazakhstan.

The FBI 302 interview summary of Steele was a “real eye-opener,” Snyder said in an interview, with Sater claiming in his lawsuit that he “was shocked to learn that the Kazakhs [Parties] and Arcanum engaged him under the CAA in bad faith.”

“From the beginning, Arcanum (a private intelligence firm staffed by former officials from the Clinton administration,” Sater alleged, “and their attorneys Boies Schiller (a Democratic Party law firm) intended to use the CAA as a pretext for gathering intelligence against Sater, with the intent of harming Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.”

Sater further alleged that after he learned of the FBI 302, he “investigated further and learned that the Kazakh plot against Sater was coordinated by Karim Massimov, Chairman of the Kazakh KGB and his henchman Kenes Rakishav.” Both “Massimov and Rakishev were actively seeking influence with American politicians” during this time, according to the lawsuit.

The complaint continued: “In 2016, they believed that they would be rewarded for helping the Hillary Clinton campaign (who was considered certain to win the election) by smearing Sater and Trump.” Their “effort to curry favor with prominent American politicians included,” according to Sater, “lavishing money on Hunter Biden, who called Rakishev a ‘close friend.’”

In the middle of 2021, the complaint then explained, Sater “reached out to the Kazakhs [parties] to discuss the FBI 302 and Arcanum’s plot against Sater and Trump.” The parties then proceeded to engage in mediation and settlement discussions, until, according to Sater, unrest in Kazakhstan led to Massimov’s arrest and Rakishev fleeing the country. At that point, Sater learned the Kazakhs were walking away from settlement negotiations.

With his attempts to resolve his differences with the Kazakhs Parties and Arcanum privately stalled, Sater resorted to filing the present lawsuit, according to yesterday’s filing, which set forth five separate claims.

In Count I, Sater alleged Aranum defamed him when it drafted a PowerPoint and other communications that falsely claimed: that Sater was involved in embezzlement from BTA Bank; that Sater was involved in pyramid schemes; that Sater was involved in official U.S. corruption; that Sater committed misconduct with respect to the Trump SoHo project; that Sater had committed RICO violations; and that Sater, a married man, was “involved” with Ablyazov’s daughter.

Count II charged the Kazakh Parties with controlling and directing the activities of Arcanum, including its preparation of the PowerPoint presentation about Sater, which Arcanum then provided to Steele, with the intention that Steele then submitted it to the FBI.

The third count alleged a breach of fiduciary duty claim against Arcanum and the Kazakh Parties. Here, Sater argued he “had a confidential relationship with Arcanum, the Kazakh Parties, and their counsel Boies Schiller,” and that “Arcanum, the Kazakh Parties, and their counsel Boies Schiller had a duty to maintain confidentiality with respect to information supplied by Sater.” Sater then alleged that “Arcanum and the Kazakh Parties breached their fiduciary duty by obtaining information from Sater on false pretenses, then disseminating such confidential information (together with false information) to Christopher Steele and others.”

Sater’s fourth claim alleged a “Fraudulent Misrepresentation” count against Arcanum and the Kazakh Parties. This cause of action was premised on these defendants “falsely represented their purpose and objective,” to “gain[] access to confidential information about Sater, his contacts around the world, his dealings with Donald Trump, and many other subjects.”

“This fraudulently obtained information was weaponized against Sater and Trump,” the complaint then alleged, adding, “as evidenced by the fact that Arcanum assembled a dossier on Sater, which was turned over to Christopher Steele and the FBI.” “The same information was then leaked to ABC News,” according to the complaint.

The fifth and final claim alleged a breach of professional ethics against Arcanum and the Kazakh Parties. It was premised on the defendants’ allegedly fraudulent concealment of “the fact that the Kazakh KGB, Arcanum, and Boies Schiller were conducting an opposition research project against Sater and Trump, . . .”

In an email comment received yesterday evening, Matthew L. Schwartz, a partner at the law firm of Boies Schiller Flexner and counsel for BTA Bank and the City of Almaty, Kazakhstan, said, “Felix Sater’s filing is nothing more than conspiracy theories and desperation dressed up like a lawsuit.” “Before it was filed,” Schwartz continued, “we explained in excruciating detail why it is factually, legally, and ethically baseless—including being contradicted by Sater’s own sworn testimony.” The BTA Bank and City of Almaty attorney added that they are “confident that the court will see through his tactics.”

Schwartz and his legal team will need to file formal responses to Sater’s lawsuit, which will surely elaborate on this theme. But, in addition to BTA Bank and Almaty, the newly sued third-party defendant Arcanum, once properly served, will also need to answer the complaint.

Given that Steele’s 302 interview summary states that the former MI6 agent presented the FBI with “a PowerPoint presentation from the company Arcanum explaining the Sater connection,” what Arcanum has to say in response will be fascinating to see.

Likewise fascinating to watch will be the media’s response to Sater’s lawsuit and his claim that the Kazakhstan players were seeking to interfere in the 2016 election to benefit Hillary Clinton, as well as the allegations of corruption Sater levies against Hunter Biden.

Something tells me, however, that there will be less coverage of Sater now that he isn’t seen as a way to destroy Trump.

Margot Cleveland is a senior contributor to The Federalist. 

The Messiah!

The Most Beautiful “English” Ever Written

“As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more.

But the mercy of the Lord is from EVERLASTING TO EVERLASTING upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children’s children;

To such as keep his covenant, and to those that remember his commandments to do them.

The Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all.

Bless the Lord, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.

Bless ye the Lord, all ye his hosts; ye ministers of his, that do his pleasure.

Bless the Lord, all his works in all places of his dominion: Bless the Lord, O my soul.”

……..Written in English over 400 years ago!