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Why Are All Of These Corrupt Dem Cities Becoming So MURDEROUS?



The anti-police campaign in Minneapolis continues to bear evil fruit. Homicides in the city have skyrocketed:

But it isn’t just that. Serious crime in the cities has spread to the suburbs, with carjacking in particular becoming a plague. As a result, Minnesota, which has always been a low-crime state, now has more serious crimes per capita than the national average:

How bad has it gotten in Minneapolis? Bad enough that neighborhoods are now banding together to hire private security. The Lowry Hill neighborhood is a prosperous area not far from downtown. There have been so many break-ins, carjackings, etc., that the neighborhood has raised money to hire off-duty Minneapolis police officers to provide extra patrols. This effort was controversial, however: anti-police activists, including some on the City Council, didn’t think it was “fair” for some neighborhoods to be policed more than others, even at their own expense. Never mind that they are trying to do away with policing altogether.

One of the organizers of the Lowry Hill self-defense effort is Cam Winton, a Republican who ran for Mayor of Minneapolis in 2013. Last night, Winton was “swatted.” That is, someone called in a false report that a murder had taken place at his home:

About 5:45 p.m. Thursday, police and two EMS rigs were dispatched on a report of a shooting on the 1700 block of Logan Avenue South in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis MN, according to police dispatch audio.

As the squads were responding, the dispatcher indicated to police that the call had not come directly to 9–1–1, that it was transferred to the 9–1–1 call center from a 3–1–1 administrative phone line, the City of Minneapolis’ general information call center.

The dispatcher indicated that the person had said they [sic] had killed their [sic] mom.

Swatting has proved deadly in several instances. Here, it was combined with other harassment of Winton and his family:

We reached out to Winton for further comment on the incident and to ask whether he thinks he was specifically targeted for some reason. Winton provided the following response:

Speaking only for myself, not for any other person or entity: Whoever prank called 911 tonight to make a fake report of violent crime at my home address took other actions simultaneously to harass me and my family members, illustrating that this incident was targeted, not random. If some radical is upset that I stand for public safety, then I wear their disapproval as a badge of honor. To all fellow residents of the city who want peace and safety: let’s all strengthen our resolve to keep building the coalition that’s standing up for order and staring down disorder at every turn. Tonight’s events only strengthened my resolve to do my part.

I don’t pretend to know Cam well, but he is a good guy and a real hero as a civic activist. Minneapolis needs many more like him.

At least one other Minneapolis neighborhood is in the process of hiring private security guards (not off-duty police officers) to try to bring order to a chaotic situation.

Meanwhile, who swatted Cam Winton? I suppose there is an outside chance that it was a criminal, a burglar who doesn’t want to be impeded in his pursuit of loot. But far more likely it was a liberal anti-law enforcement activist, a BLM or Antifa type. These people want disorder and are in favor of crime. Hence the desire to disrupt any effort to provide for public safety.

That is the bizarre situation in which Minneapolis and a number of other cities find themselves.

Is Your Grandfather Still Alive?

Have you ever met your grandfathers? Oh, your parents divorced many years ago?

You’ve never met your real grandfathers? That’s about the way it is in today’s USA!

If your father doesn’t exist….how can your grandfather? or even an aunt…..in today’s Godless, Mindless USA? Our USA is without honest educations whether grade school, high school, or college and most of today’s News on television! INSTEAD….Feminazis seem to dictate!

When did our USA ever have such a jerk, evil-idiot, yet moron, arrogant, crook, truthless creatures in the White House as we have today?…..Even “evil-American fascistic leftist” Barack Hussein Obama, still in our American political shadows selling fascism, wasn’t as criminal!

When did our major press sources, newsprint or television, ever become so criminally dishonest in selling their news as ‘balanced’? Where today are Americans given even a TASTE OF TRADITIONAL JUDEOCHRISTIAN GODLINESS WHICH HAD SO BEAUTIFULLY EDUCATED ITS FOLLOWING IN CHURCH AND SCHOOL UNTIL THE 1960S?









McConnell joins Cheney and Kinzinger in giving aid and comfort to the swamp’s denizens

By David Zukerman at American Thinker:

Mitch McConnell obviously has never met a conservative populist (AKA Trump-supporter) he liked.  That clearly is indicated by his gratuitous defense of GOP turncoats Cheney and Kinzinger.  Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel, in what was an effective statement on McConnell’s harsh words for the GOP base,  indicated by her closing paragraphs, how egregious were McConnell’s harsh words for the MAGA patriots.

Via Townhall:

I firmly believe we are the big tent party, and that disagreement amongst Republicans is welcome and can make us stronger. But what Cheney and Kinzinger are engaged in goes much further than any policy disagreement.  These two have permitted their party affiliation to be weaponized to allow the Democrats gross overreach and abuse of power. In short, they never should have agreed to be part of a committee where Republicans were denied representation. 

As I have repeatedly stated, violence is not legitimate political discourse — whether in the U.S. Capitol or in Democrat-run cities across the country – and neither is abusing Congress’ investigatory powers for political gain. Media outlets pretending that the RNC believes otherwise are doing so in bad faith, and their lies should be called out for the cheap political stunts they are.

That is the statement that McConnell should have made.  Instead, not unlike Cheney, his denunciation of the RNC’s censure of Cheney and Kinzinger could have been based on a Pelosi handout, with talking points for anti-GOP propagandists.  

The Republican Senate leader had to know he would get favorable treatment in The New York Times for denouncing the RNC — allowing for his possible disappointment that his anti-GOP statement got only the second lead, not the lead, in the February 9 print edition:

What more do the Democrats need for anti-Republican propaganda during the midterm congressional campaign than Cheney’s attacks on congressional Republicans, bolstered by McConnell’s attack on the RNC for censuring Cheney and Kinzinger?

Here is the sentence containing the Democrat-propagated lie that the Capitol Hill intrusion, January 6, 2021, was a “violent insurrection” repeated mindlessly by the blundering Republican leader in the U.S. Senate for the New York Times to blare out:

It was a violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election, from one administration to the next. That’s what it was.

That’s what it was not!  No one tried to prevent “the peaceful transfer of power.”  The January 6 demonstrators — by far most of them — were concerned about the wrongful transfer of power.

But it wasn’t enough for McConnell to identify with the radical Democrats who are weaponizing “Jan. 6” in a desperate bid to hold Congress in next November’s elections.  He had to defend the vicious attacks by the turncoats on Republicans, declaring that Cheney and Kinzinger merely have different views from most GOP officials’, and that it was not in the purview of the RNC to censure such views.

What rot.  Only an experienced pol paralyzed by hatred for Donald Trump could spout such nonsense.  McConnell, if he were not unbalanced by his support for the swamp, should have expressed sentiments in accord with Ms. McDaniel’s response to criticism of the RNC’s reasonable action against Cheney and Kinzinger.

One senses that Mitch McConnell has thrown down the gauntlet: “It’s either Trump or me.  If Trump remains the titular head of the GOP after the midterm elections, I’m out of here.”

In that case, the Trump base would have all the more reason to support the conservative-populist MAGA movement next November and beyond.  As for leadership in the Senate, Rand Paul or Josh Hawley would be a welcome change from denizen-of-the-swamp McConnell.

Is The Power Of Evil Conquering Our World?

Why ideology is the ancient enemy of civilization

Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson at the Jewish World Review:

Published Feb. 11, 2022

  Why ideology is the ancient enemy of civilization

Peaceful march of hundreds to the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. TMS

What ultimately destroyed the evil empires of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia were bankrupt dogmas. Crackpot ideology destroyed free expression. It ruined meritocracy and ensured unequal application of the laws — and so paved the way for far worse.

The Nazi idea of a superior Aryan race adjudicated everything from physics to tank design. Soviet commissars did the same, subordinating rational thought to communist agendas.

Zealots in both systems infiltrated the universities and schools to institutionalize indoctrination.

Wokeism, while not yet as lethal, is similar. Racial wokeism posits that the race and gender of the vice president and the next Supreme Court justice subordinate all other considerations.

But will the current vice president and next Supreme Court justice commensurately select their own future surgeons, or their upcoming airline pilots, on the same predetermined race and sex criteria?

What — other than ideology — explains why rejecting nominations of African-American judge Janice Rogers Brown in 2003 and 2005 was not racist and sexist, but blocking Joe Biden’s upcoming nomination of a preselected African-American female would be?

Why were most Antifa and Black Lives Matter criminals who looted, destroyed, and assaulted during the 120 days of summer 2020 not charged, much less tried? Why, in contrast, were the January 6 rioters or the current Canadian truckers treated disproportionately harshly by the media?

Had the same rioters on January 6 been waving pride flags and BLM banners, would some of them have been sitting for a year in solitary confinement and still uncharged?

Had the criminal protestors and looters of summer 2020 been wearing red MAGA hats, would they also have mostly gotten off without charges?

What would have happened had conservative demonstrators cut out a police-free “MAGA Zone” in Seattle rather than the exempted Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone? Would police have similarly left it alone, and the media similarly romanticized such illegality?

One of the reasons the COVID-19 lockdown and mask policies lost public confidence was their utter corruption by ideology.

When thousands in June 2020 brazenly defied quarantines — and yet were excused by over 1,000 healthcare professionals claiming that woke agendas justified violating quarantine laws — then millions of Americans concluded government policy was as much about identity politics as saving lives.

Which politicians in 2020 trashed the vaccine programs and declared they would likely not get inoculations — if they were endorsed by then-President Donald Trump?

If Trump is demonized as a destroyer of election legitimacy, what then are we to say of the beatified Stacey Abrams? She lost the Georgia gubernatorial race by more than 50,000 votes. Yet for years, she has maintained the voting was rigged and the elected governor is illegitimate.

In 2000, who challenged for weeks the vote count, despite numerous public and private audits confirming George W. Bush’s popular vote victory in Florida?

Who in 2004-2005 — for only the second time in history — challenged in Congress the Electoral College vote? In whose party were the 31 House members and one senator who forced a congressional vote in a failed effort to overturn the election?

Who in 2016 ran ads for weeks after the election, beseeching the chosen electors to violate their constitutional duties, ignore their state vote tallies, and instead vote for Hillary Clinton?

And who in 2016 claimed her victorious opponent was elected president illegitimately? Who bragged she was joining the “resistance” to undermine his presidency? Who advised Joe Biden in 2020 not to accept the election result if he lost?

If conservative zealots were ransacking American stores, carjacking innocents in the major cities, and spiking murder rates to historical highs, would the Biden Administration be mobilizing law enforcement to ensure arrests, prosecutions, and incarceration? Would current city and county prosecutors continue to turn a blind eye?

If anti-communist Cubans by the millions were illegally crashing the southern border, would they be welcomed in as are those from Mexico and Central Americans?

If, by 2024, a Republican president enjoys a Republican Congress, what would be the reaction to conservatives who advocated ending the filibuster? Ensuring a national voting law requiring IDs at all the polls? Voting to increase the Supreme Court to 15 justices to guarantee at least six new nominations for the Republican-controlled presidency and Congress?

When ideology in places like Castroite Cuba, the old Soviet Union, and Venezuela warped the application of the law, destroyed the role of merit in assessing qualifications, silenced speech, and unequally applied the law, then society unwound.

In such ideological dystopias, eventually even the shelves empty, the currency becomes worthless, and the nation regresses into poverty and chaos. Is that the future we await?

Scarier still, ideology ensures that such chaos is heralded as success. Critics are demonized and hounded. And the obsequious state media assures the public that things are going just great.

Whitlock: Showtime’s racist documentary, Joe Biden’s crack-pipe giveaway, and Visa’s Olympics commercial point to China’s harmful influence on American culture


February 09, 2022

Showtime’s three-part documentary series “Everything’s Gonna Be All White” should be renamed “The Rebirth of a Nation,” presented by the Chinese Communist Party.

Based on its two-minute trailer, “All White” aspires to be an all-black adaptation of the infamous 1915 racist propaganda film “The Birth of a Nation.” Ibram X. Kendi and his racial acolytes sit in front of cameras and spew anti-white racism.

An older black woman declares: “One of the definitions of American whiteness is ignorance.” The teaser closes with a different declaration from a different black woman: “This is a wild place, y’all. It’s a wild place. I know Harriet (Tubman) and Frederick (Douglass) be up there, just like, ‘What is they goin’ do?’”

It’s unlikely that “All White,” which debuts Friday, will reach the kind of massive audience that flocked to see “Birth of a Nation,” an anti-black silent movie. There was far less competition for eyeballs 100 years ago. But “All White” is part of a collective of movies, documentaries, and TV shows with the same central theme: White people are evil.

When it comes to anti-white racism, Hollywood has been paid to remove all subtlety. From “The Hate You Give” to “Get Out” to “Dear White People” to the endless supply of racial documentaries on Netflix, Hollywood producers are taking checks to hammer the theme that white Americans are the root of all evil.

Hollywood should be renamed Chinatown, a Western outpost for the Chinese Communist Party. Foreign money, particularly from China, continues to pervert Hollywood.

This is not good. Racism, regardless of the target, is unhealthy and counterproductive. It drives domestic division and animus. For making this obvious point, some people will label me a honky-lover, a sellout, a race traitor. My true crime is sticking to the values I was taught as a Christian.

My faith compels me to oppose racism. That has been my passion since childhood. In eighth grade, when my junior high began busing in black kids to further integrate the school, I was chosen as a leader to bring the white and black kids together. I played the same role at my high school, as the captain of our nationally ranked football team.

I saw myself as an extension of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of men and women judged by the content of their character and not their skin color. Much of my work as a journalist from 1992 to 2010 focused on analyzing America’s racial divide through the lens of sports. In 2008, I won the Scripps Howard National Journalism Award for commentary for my ability to “integrate sports commentary with social commentary and to challenge widely held assumptions along the racial divide.”

Many of my critics claim that my point of view has changed drastically over the past 14 years. They claim I’ve become a conservative political partisan and only criticize the Left. I have not changed. I’m not a political partisan. My morals and values have not changed. Journalism and American culture have changed drastically over the past 14 years. Anti-white bigotry has become popular in American culture.

I constantly criticize the Left because the Left has rejected Christianity and embraced racism. I was born in 1967, a year before the assassination of Dr. King. I see myself as a descendant of Dr. King’s dream. Dr. King was a Christian who fought racism. I do not know Dr. King’s political affiliation.

I believe Dr. King would be appalled by the racism that is being sanctioned by the Left. From critical race theory in schools to the New York Times 1619 Project to “Everything’s Gonna Be All White,” the Left and its global corporate partners are aggressively pushing racism. It’s not just anti-white racism. It’s anti-black racism, too.

Visa released a Winter Olympics commercial that analogized being black to having cancer or being an amputee.

My critics claim I ignore the racism of conservatives. They say that voter ID laws are racist and the new Jim Crow. I find that claim a ridiculous distortion of history. It’s not remotely unfair or racist to require voters to show a government-approved ID.

Well, what about January 6, white Trump supporters, and the insurrection?

White Trump supporters are primarily angry at white leftists for demonizing them as the worst people on the planet and ignoring their legitimate concerns. The theory that Trump voters are motivated by anti-black racism is a hypothesis white liberals popularized to blind black people to the bigotry of the Left.

I’m sure there is some portion of Trump’s base that is motivated by bigotry. But those aren’t the people financing Visa commercials analogizing blackness to cancer and being crippled. Those aren’t the people arguing that black people cannot achieve in this country without the charity of white people. Those aren’t the people setting aside $30 million for crack pipes to pass out to black people.

President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services concocted the crack pipe giveaway as part of a racial equity initiative.

Black Crack Matters!

The Left is rolling back the racial progress Dr. King’s generation won. Leftists have turned American society into a mash-up of the iconic racial sketch comedy shows “In Living Color” and “The Chappelle Show.”

Yesterday, rapper Jim Jones posted a video complaining that a Gucci store in California failed to provide him sparkling water and champagne while he shopped in its VIP section. He accused the store of racism and ridiculed the black employee who tried to assist him.

At the behest of homogeneous and racist China, and for the rewards delivered by the global corporations seeking China’s favor, the Left has turned America’s diversity into our Achilles heel. They’re rebirthing our nation by taking us back to a racist future.“Everything’s Gonna Be All White” is just more Chinese propaganda packaged as racial justice. Racism is the tool China is using to screw America.





A physician who was one of the first to identify the omicron coronavirus variant told Germany’s Die Welt that she was pressured not to say that omicron is a mild disease, as reported by the Epoch Times:

Speaking to Germany’s Welt newspaper, Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who is currently the head of the South African Medical Association, said that during discussions with European officials, she was told not to say that Omicron patients presented milder symptoms than prior COVID-19 variants.

“I was told not to publicly state that it was a mild illness. I have been asked to refrain from making such statements and to say that it is a serious illness. I declined,” she told Welt in response to a question about her initial discussions about Omicron with European officials.
She continued: “I am a clinician and based on the clinical picture there are no indications that we are dealing with a very serious disease. The course is mostly mild. I’m not saying you won’t get sick if you’re mild,” according to a German-to-English translation.

Interesting. I think there has been a concerted effort from the beginning to exaggerate the threat from covid. Maybe someday the story of why that happened will be told.

Those DNC Claims Were Lies From Their First Breath!

Tucker hints: The pipe bombs planted at the DNC and RNC on Jan. 6 were a false flag operation

ALLAHPUNDIT Feb 10, 2022 at HotAir:

I’m not sure what his theory is here and I’m not sure he’s sure either. But the nice thing about “just asking questions” is that you don’t need to have a fully formulated theory. You’re … just asking questions.

His question are leading, though, which means he has some suspicions. From what I can tell, his theory is this: The FBI, possibly in cahoots with the Biden campaign, planted the two pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC to divert police resources from the Capitol as the insurrection began, all part of their sinister plot to make Trumpers look bad on January 6. Even more alarming, Kamala Harris ended up visiting DNC headquarters that morning, passing within yards of the still undiscovered bomb. It’s unclear whether Tucker thinks Harris knew the bomb was there or if some mastermind who knew it was there encouraged her to go, but it’s all far too coincidental to be innocent. And it’s weird that the public didn’t know until just last month that Harris was at the DNC that day. There must be a cover-up of sorts happening.

In fairness to him, that last part is pretty weird. Although Occam’s Razor suggests that the reason for keeping it quiet is that Team Biden thought the security lapse was embarrassing and didn’t want to call attention to it. You typically don’t want to signal to enemy powers that the vice president’s security detail may not be up to snuff.

Tucker goes on to claim that the bombs were basically inert, evidence that they were a pre-planned diversion rather than a serious attempt to do harm. That’s not what the FBI says, though:


He also finds it bizarre that the feds have been unable to identify a suspect after a year of investigation, another hint that this was an inside job and that they’re not earnestly looking for a suspect. Is it bizarre, though? The suspect was wearing a hood, a mask, and gloves. The bombs were made with commonly available materials. It took the feds awhile to identify a suspect in the anthrax letters of 2001 even though anthrax is a far more exotic substance, unavailable to the general public. Why wouldn’t it take them awhile to find this guy?

The key to his theory, if I’m understanding him correctly, is the timing. What are the odds that the bombs would be found at almost the precise moment that crowds began to confront police outside the Capitol, drawing the FBI and other law enforcement to the RNC and DNC instead? Could it be that an FBI agent just happened to stumble across one of the bombs at the most opportune moment?

Actually, no. The person who found the bomb at the RNC — which was discovered before the one at the DNC — was a woman en route from doing her laundry. She was walking by the building and spotted something odd:

To reach the laundry room, Younger must walk out the front of her building and walk around to the back via an alleyway that’s shared with the Republican National Committee building, which is located at 310 First St. Southeast.

“It’s an old city block with the buildings flush together,” [Karlin] Younger says. She started her laundry, returned to her apartment, and then around 12:40 p.m. went back out to put her clothes in the dryer.

Younger closed the back gate and as she did so, looked down at what she thought was a piece of garbage or recycling intended for the cans that sit near the gate.

Then she looked a little closer.

“It was right next to the garbage can,” she says. “I saw a tangle of wires. I looked closer and saw a six-inch pipe capped on both ends. Then I saw a timer that was stuck on the number 20. It was a radial dial.”

She told a security guard outside the RNC to come look. He sent a few other guards over and they realized what it was. The police were called, arrived almost immediately, and began evacuating the block. I’m guessing that as word got back to police headquarters that a bomb had been found, they decided to do a sweep of DNC headquarters too. And lo and behold.

Is Younger in on the FBI bomb-planting plot? If not, how is the timing of the bomb’s discovery anything but a coincidence with the start of the insurrection?

Also, if the point of this alleged bomb plot was to divert the maximum number of police away from the Capitol, why wouldn’t the plotters have made sure to detonate the bombs? More chaos means more resources drawn to the scene and more blame unfairly attributed to the patriots who were busy at the time punching cops at the Capitol.

Any false-flag theory about the January 6 pipe bombs should also have to grapple with the case of Lonnie Coffman. Quote: “On January 6, Coffman parked his truck — which contained unregistered firearms, a crossbow, machetes, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a large capacity ammo clip and 11 Mason jars filled with gasoline and Styrofoam — a few blocks from the Capitol.” Coffman wasn’t an agent provocateur, needless to say; he pleaded guilty to federal charges in November and is currently serving time. If we can believe that Coffman was prepared to commit violence against the political establishment in the name of “stopping the steal,” why is it hard to believe the RNC/DNC bomber was in town for similar reasons?

Tucker and other January 6 apologists have spent months trying to advance the idea that the riot was an inside job. Sometimes that means pointing at Ray Epps, sometimes it means dark insinuations about whether unindicted co-conspirators named in indictments of the rioters might be undercover federal agents, sometimes it means casually wondering whether the sitting vice president may have known something in advance about a bomb being planted outside her own party’s HQ. All of that is designed to exculpate the insurrectionists by reframing them as victims that day rather than offenders. But even if it were true that there were FBI agents in the crowd egging them on, Tim Miller asked last year, what would that prove?

Imagine that FBI agents infiltrated the Women’s March, or the March for Life, or an LGBT rights rally. Now imagine that some tough guy crisis actors showed up, waited for the right moment, looked at their fellow protestors and said “Let’s Charge The Capitol!”

How do you think that would’ve played out exactly? Would the well of the Senate have been breached by a rabid mob in pink pussy hats? Would the nice pro-life kids have gone crazy and beaten the cops senseless? Would the Capitol police have gotten glitter bombed and attacked with rainbow flags?

I mean the whole notion is absurd on its face.

There are no magic words that will convince someone to riot if they’re not already very much inclined to do so. But here’s Tucker with the counterargument, that it’s all a deep-state plot.


Black Lives Matter: Tracking $60 Million in Unaccounted Donations

By Robyn Dolgin at American Thinker:

Social justice warriors appear to know when a house of cards is ready to collapse.

Top executives are fleeing the most famous “social cause” network, now that more than one attorney general has come knocking on their door with inquiries about “unaccounted funds” at the non-profit: Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc. (BLMGNF). It’s difficult to know who is in charge, but the organization recently received a demand for an accounting of the more than $60 million collected in 2020, according to a letter from the Department of Justice in California. Other liberal states would soon follow.

Among those who were warned they would be “held personally liable” for the unaccounted donations are the founders and top three executives, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi (all no longer with the foundation). An attempt was made at damage control with the public announcement of two newly recruited candidates — Makani Themba and Monifa Bandele — to replace the former executives. The announcement turned out to be premature, owing to the fact that Themba and Bandele never actually stepped into the executive roles, according to the Daily Mail. They were unable to arrive at “the terms of their employment.”

Founder Patrisse Cullors became one of the first red flags to garner national headlines exposing her $3.2 million real estate portfolio. She amassed four private residences and the “self-trained” Marxist never mentioned how these material holdings match up to her communist doctrine of “…each according to his needs.”

Apparently, Cullors’ real estate holdings represent a paltry sum in comparison to BLM’s transfer of funds to “worthy causes” dating back to 2019: The group has funneled millions of dollars to “other” non-profits, in which those dollars appear to go through a revolving door. A case in point: Reform LA Jails received $1.4 million in which those funds found their way into the pockets of Cullors and her wife, Janaya Khan, for consulting fees ($205,000); and other BLM associates and friends to receive payouts include Christman Bowers, treasurer of BLLM PAC ($270,000); Asha Bandelle, who co-wrote Cullors’ memoir ($211,000); and Damon Turner, founder of Trap Heals LCC and father of Cullor’s child ($86,000), according to the Daily Mail.

The money trail grows murkier with Cullors’ transfer of funds to her activist wife, Janaya Khan. Ms. Khan runs her own social action charity, M4BJ, in Canada, which received BLM funds and recently purchased a $6.3 million Victorian mansion in Toronto for a multi-use social and arts center.

Attorney General Rob Bonta in Sacramento is acutely aware of the controversy swirling around the group’s lack of financial transparency and has issued a “delinquency notice” demanding copies of the organization’s Form 990 required for filing with the IRS for 2020. The group has 60 days to respond to the notice issued on January 31.

The days of indiscriminate spending are certainly over for the top brass at the flagship organization. This would include a luxurious $26,000 stay for “meetings” at a five-star Malibu resort, Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Resort, and use of the adjacent owned Malibu Conference Center. Such luxurious taste led one television commentator, Megyn Kelly, to comment that BLM “must stand for Babes Lounging in Malibu,”  leading some to deduce that self-proclaimed socialists know how to live — even if it’s on the backs of their donors.

Money that had come pouring into BLMGF is now a thing of the past. The group is “prohibited” from collecting funds and must “immediately cease” collection activities, according to a letter issued from the State of Washington. Any violation of the order would result in a $2,000 fine per donation.

If that weren’t bad enough, BLMGNF was labeled an “illegal enterprise” by Indiana attorney general Todd Rokita. He didn’t mince words, saying that there is a clear pattern of misconduct at the organization. “I see patterns that scams (typically) take on: failure to provide board members, failure to provide even executive directors, and failure to make your (financial) filings available.” 

In the meantime, attorneys general in various states where BLMGNF remains out of compliance may find it difficult to deliver notices of action in those states (i.e. California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, and the State of Washington). The group provided the wrong address on previous tax forms submitted to the IRS, where the occupant of the listed building claimed to be receiving numerous in-person inquiries.

Perhaps the mail could be forwarded to one of Cullors’ several residences or the Victorian mansion in Toronto, which was on the receiving end of BLM funds.

It’s About Time The North American Continent RECOVERS FROM LEFTIST FASCISTS!!!

The Cavalry Rides in to Covidstan

Mark Steyn

By Mark Steyn

Published Feb. 10, 2022

The Cavalry Rides in to Covidstan

In Ottawa, attempts by agents provocateurs to provoke violence at the Freedom Rally have gone nowhere. So last night, “anti-hate” buffoon Bernie Farber, friend to censors everywhere, was reduced to hate-hoaxing for Justin by circulating “anti-semitic flyers” sent to him by a “friend” “in Ottawa”. Inevitably, within moments, they were revealed to be from something entirely different in Florida some weeks ago. So Bernie explained that his imaginary friend in Ottawa had seen actual hate flyers in Ottawa but had accidentally emailed him a similar flyer from America or something… These days Farber disgraces even himself.

Meanwhile, the Ottawa police have begun arresting citizens trying to deliver food to the truckers. There is no basis in Canadian law for the actions these goon coppers are taking, but the attitude of their dreadful police chief is: hey, the law is whatever I say it is. So he has ordered the arrest of citizens for “mischief”. By mischief, he means bringing sustenance or heat to protesters passing the night in temperatures of twenty below.

Many parts of the western world are in a very dark place right now, but none more so than Canada. Its unseen prime minister, who came into office promising “sunny ways”, can no longer appear in public and sweepingly, tweetingly declares that he doesn’t need to because the sort of chaps you run into out there are rubes who don’t even know they’re Islamophobes, transphobes, thisaphobes, thataphobes, too dumb even to be aware they’re working for Putin.

As Tucker and I used to joke five years back, across the developed world the elite rise up against the masses: it’s like an anti-1848, prefiguring the post-democratic era that the 2020s will usher in. The present showdown between the Bollywood Bridesmaid and the truckers who deliver his quinoa has made it about as explicit as you can get. The good humour in the face of elite contempt is impressive. Here are a couple of typical “angry” “hate-filled” “white supremacists”:

“We are your white fringe minority!” say two Indian freedom protestors in a message to Justin Trudeau! pic.twitter.com/BLv58gkxAw— Angelo Isidorou (@angeloisidorou) February 5, 2022

Who are the real “Sunny Ways” guys? A serial blackface fetishist is calling the masses racist and the court eunuchs of Canada’s state-funded media dutifully tag along.Sign up for the daily JWR update. It’s free. Just click here.

The truckers are rallying against “vaccine mandates”, which have no justification in science: The Prime Minister, who is as vaxxed, jabbed and boostered as any mammy singer on the planet, is supposedly hors de combat because he’s down with a second dose of the Covid.

Oh, but don’t worry! To be sure, the common understanding of the word “vaccine” is that you won’t catch what you’re being vaccinated against. But what we really mean is that, if you do get it, it won’t be serious, you won’t be in the ICU, and you certainly won’t die of it.

And by “certainly” we mean, well, probably. Israel, en route to be the world’s first entirely fourth-jabbed nation, currently has a daily death toll higher than before it started giving anyone the first jab. There is no public-health justification for making liberty conditional on compliance with the developed world’s failed strategy of coerced vaccines and constant testing.

~Can Covidstan be made to go away? Not without huge sustained mass protests. Danielle Kubes writes:

Three COVID tests in ten days was not enough for the border agent at Pearson airport last week who put a pink sticker on my passport, randomly selecting me for mandatory arrival testing.

So that would be four tests in ten days. Whatever it takes to keep us “safe”, right? Who conducts these tests at the airport? A company called Switch Health:

Switch Health is certainly winning. This Toronto-based start-up, which had only five employees in 2020, won a contract with the federal government worth over $440 million.

Ah. So the tests are now just a racket, like “green energy” and the military-industrial complex and so much else in end-stage western civilisation.