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Joy Behar: I might wear a mask indefinitely

ALLAHPUNDIT Feb 17, 2022 4:41 PM ET

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She’s 79 years old. Given her risk profile, it wouldn’t be the worst idea she’s ever had.

Especially since she’s had a lot of bad ideas.

The concern here isn’t that Behar might mask indefinitely due to her age, which is understandable. The concern is that she might mask indefinitely due to her politics, which would be indefensible. Watch.


“Personally, I listen to the little voice in my head that doesn’t really follow 100 percent what they tell me because they keep changing it,” she says at one point. Do I detect a whiff of conspiratorial thinking there? Conservatives have spent the past few weeks accusing Democratic governors of dropping state mandates not because the science has changed but because the polling has. And there’s truth to that, no doubt. What if … the left agrees?

That is, what if hypercautious liberals conclude that mandates aren’t being lifted because the COVID threat has receded but rather because the midterms are approaching and their leaders are suddenly putting electoral concerns above “the science”? Every mandate in the country might fall tomorrow and Democrats could turn around and say, “Sorry, we don’t believe you,” and go right on masking as if nothing has changed. Especially since the experts whom they trust won’t reassure them that it really has become safer lately to unmask.

For some lefties, following “the science” means, and can only mean, taking maximum precautions, at least until Anthony Fauci tells them otherwise. I wonder how many Joy Behars out there will decide to “do their own research” about the ongoing threat once the expert class stops telling them what they expect to hear. And how many might actually turn against their party for relaxing restrictions in the meantime, believing that Democratic governors who ease mandates are being reckless and selfish.

YouGov asked a pertinent question about this in its most recent poll. “Do you think you will still sometimes wear a face mask in public once your community removes mask requirements?” The somewhat surprising results:

Even 40 percent of Republicans intend to continue masking voluntarily. The age split is surprising too:

I would not have expected senior citizens to be *less* inclined to mask voluntarily than twentysomethings are given how widely their respective risk from COVID diverges. But here too we see the power of partisan thinking at work. The 18/29 group split 60/36 for Joe Biden in 2020; the 65+ group split 52/47 for Trump. Instead of letting their health dictate their approach to masking, Americans of all ages appear to be letting their politics dictate it. That’s unfortunate for left-leaning young adults, who’ll end up masking when they don’t really need to. For right-leaning older adults, it’s potentially fatal.

Note, though, that the YouGov question didn’t ask people how long they might continue to mask once mandates are lifted. Some might mask voluntarily for a month after restrictions are rolled back, waiting to see if “the coast is clear” from COVID. Others might do it for much longer. Again, politics probably plays a key role. Check out the spread among the parties when YouGov asked, “When do you think it will be safe to resume normal life activities?”

The most popular Republican answer: It’s already safe! The most popular Democratic answer: Check back next year. Joy Behar, devout Democrat, will probably be masking until New Year’s, at least.

Speaking of geriatrics masking, there’s political news this afternoon:


Attendees will need to wear an N95 and show proof of a negative COVID test the day before. Pelosi had initially limited attendance to 25 members of each party, a potential optics disaster at a moment when many Americans want to pivot to post-pandemic living. Imagine the average voter, having just watched 70,000 maskless fans go nuts at the Super Bowl, tuning into Democrats’ COVID theater at the SOTU with a grand total of 50 people in the House to see Biden speak. Earlier this month I predicted that Pelosi would revisit her scheme: “COVID will be so scant in D.C. by [March 1] and the politics of an empty chamber will be so bad for Democrats as most of the country transitions to quasi-normalcy that she’s destined to rethink her approach in the next few weeks.” Now here we are on February 17, with Washington among the bottom 10 of U.S. states in the number of local COVID cases per 100,000, and the capacity limit on the SOTU is gone. I don’t know what she was thinking by capping attendance in the first place.

Black Voting Has Been Conquered Democrat By Black AND WHITE Racist Democrats Since The 1940s! Figure That One Out!

February 17, 2022

Know Your Black History

By Sloan Oliver at American Thinker:

February is Black History Month, which means it’s important to know black history. Our media, leftists, and Democrats (I repeat myself) such as Biden, Hillary, LeBron James, Jesse Smollet, CNN, Lori Lightfoot, Stacey Abrams, and countless others would have you believe that America was founded on racism, is a racist nation, and has always been a racist nation. Are those Democrats correct? History’s important, so let’s exam some history. 

In the past, America has had racial problems. At first, all colonies allowed slavery. However, by the early 1800s, the northern states had outlawed it. Nevertheless, southern Democrats refused to free their slaves. When Abe Lincoln, a Republican, was elected, southern Democrats fought the Civil War to keep their blacks enslaved. Then, after Reconstruction, southern Democrats implemented Black Codes and Jim Crow laws. “Jim Crow” was the name given to numerous laws passed by Democrats, throughout the South, designed to keep blacks “in their place.” These laws existed from the 1870s to the 1960s. They effectively disenfranchised blacks from the vote via poll taxes, literacy tests, and residency restrictions. Jim Crow laws made blacks second-class citizens who couldn’t vote, serve on juries, or run for office. Other laws created “separate but equal” institutions that segregated blacks from society; and established separate black schools, hospitals, water fountains, restrooms, railroad cars, and sports leagues. If segregation wasn’t bad enough, other businesses simply refused to serve blacks; hence the need for The Negro Motorist Green Book which listed businesses that would serve black travelers. Not only were the Jim Crow laws humiliating, the separate facilities were not equal. Black schools were fewer in number, had few books, and were in terrible condition. Black hospitals left blacks with unequal health care. Democrat president Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) segregated all federal agencies. In the 1920s, the KKK reappeared nationwide. The Democrats’ Jim Crow laws effectively kept the country segregated until civil rights laws were passed in the 1960s.

Since the 1960s, the basis for blacks’ advancement was Martin Luther King Jr’s charge to the nation “to judge one on the content of their character, not on the color of their skin.” MLK’s charge was one of the greatest challenges to any nation, and has benefited more Americans (regardless of skin color) in the ensuing years than any government program could ever hope. His words caused all Americans to look inward, do some soul searching; and ask if we (individually and as a nation) were truly living up to the principle that “all men are created equal.” The result was the 1960s civil rights laws.  

Over the next 30-40 years, blacks made tremendous strides. For example, in 1958, 44% of whites said they would relocate if a black family moved next door; by 1998, that figure was 1%. In 1964, 18% of whites claimed to have a black friend; by 1998, 86% did and 87% of blacks claimed a white friend. Economically, black gains were just as dramatic: in 1940, 60% of employed black women were domestic servants; by 1998 that number was 2.2%, while 60% held white-collar jobs. In 1944 only 5% of black men were employed in non-manual, white-collar work; by 1998, 30% of black men held white-collar jobs. Largely by the late 1990s and early 2000s accusations of racism were no longer heard. Why? Because, thanks to the Civil Rights Laws and the realization that discrimination was wrong, racism had been defeated. Blacks had (and still have) opportunities to excel in any field they desire.

Then, in the early 21st century came our Obamas (Barack and Michelle) and you’d have thought we were back in the 1950s and the Civil Rights Movement had never occurred. Michelle claimed she had never been proud to be an American because of racism. Suddenly, everything became racial. Disagree with Obama, it’s because of racism. (So claimed Jimmy Carter.) A policeman mistakenly arrests a black homeowner for breaking into his own house (2009), it’s because all cops are racist. A black youth tries to grab a policeman’s weapon and gets killed in the process (Michael Brown, Ferguson, MO, in 2014), again, it’s because all cops are racist — burn down the city. Since Obama, chants of racism have only gotten louder and more frequent. Trump got elected because of racism. Stacey Abrams didn’t get elected because of racism. Black COVID deaths exceed white deaths because of racism. Even Canadians aren’t safe. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attacked the Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates, he called them — you guessed it — racists and misogynists. The accusations of racism are endless and always one way — conservatives are the racists. Doesn’t matter if the conservative is black or white, he’s racist. So, Senator Tim Scott, Justice Clarence Thomas, Candace Owens, Larry Elder, Allen West, and the late Herman Cain are all racist (despite being black themselves) because they know their history, escaped from Plantation Democrat, and refuse to accept their victim status.

Actually, in America, apart from the constant accusations of racism, there’s so little racism that racial incidents must be trumped up. Based on a 30-second video, Nick Sandman, the Covington Catholic kid, was accused of racially accosting a Native American. After viewing the entire 30-minute video, it was clear that the Indian had confronted Sandman. Jussie Smollet (a Trump hater) couldn’t find any racist white guys, so he hired two black Nigerians to beat him up so he could claim a racial attack. Bubba Wallace (an anti-Trumper) claimed a pull-rope in his NASCAR garage was a noose placed there to intimidate him. The FBI sent 15 agents to investigate and determined that it was a pull-rope. Last September, racist graffiti at a Missouri high school led 1,000 students to walk out in protest. Turns out a black student admitted he wrote “HOPE ALL BLACK PEOPLE DIE” and wrote the N-word on the bathroom wall. A comment, to the report summed it up very well: “The demand for racist incidents is outstripping supply! Therefore, fraudulent incidents are being dreamt up to bridge the gap!” 

In the past 15 years, almost every single claim of racial hatred and bigotry has been a rush to judgement by Democrats and their media darlings. Beginning before the Civil War and continuing to this day, the most racist group in American history is, and continues to be, the Democrat Party and its voters. So, yes, Obama, CNN, LeBron, and Biden are correct about racism. However, it’s Democrats who are guilty of the systemic racism, and why it’s important to know your black history.

Leo Tolstoy’s ANNA KARENINA, 2022…Abused? How Does That Fit Into Hayward’s War Of Vulgarity, etc. and PowerLine News?



Everyone knows Tolstoy’s famous opening of Anna KarenIna: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

This certainly applies to the Power Line family right now.

Now, I am an old-fashioned WASP that doesn’t like to talk about family matters in public, but having precipitated this crisis, I think I owe some answers to readers who have been writing directly to me and commenting on our site.

I am gratified at the hundreds of people who have written directly to me (or posted on other sites, since this has become a wider spectacle—we’ve even heard from one U.S. Senator) asking me to please stay on. I’ve tried to answer as many as I can personally, but I can’t keep up with my email in-box. One thing I can tell you as a member of the profession of solitary writers is that you can never tell how much readers form a bond, even if you write a best-seller. So this has been very touching. Thank you to one and all.

I want to address first the many of you who have written to me to ask if there is anything wrong in my personal life, because my blast at Paul seems so out of character with my “happy warrior” persona. I appreciate the sincere concern (some from well-attuned clergy, among others), and I can assure you that things are going great for me—and my family—right now. My wife is totally killing it in her current endeavor (which I might feature on a podcast soon), and while I don’t talk much about my missionary work as an “inmate” at Berkeley for a bunch of prudential reasons, I so wish you could all join me in the small seminar I’m team-teaching this semester with Judge Janice Rogers Brown on natural law jurisprudence. We’re only four weeks in, and it is absolutely thrilling. I drive home from class twice a week elated. Now that we are back in person (though masked), students hang around after class to talk more. Very rare at a big place like Berkeley. Intense class prep is one reason I don’t have time for more Power Line posts. My large lecture class last semester on the presidency was equally fantastic. Things can hardly be going better.

I did have significant cancer surgery back in September (which, because it was on a Friday, meant I had to post Week in Pictures two days early), and came through with flying colors. I’ve started running again now that I’ve recovered from that. It is another Baby Boomer lie that “60 is the new 50,” but I can hardly be happier than right now.

The reason I said last weekend that “this may be my last post on Power Line” is precisely that it came out of nowhere, and moreover was completely outrageous and unacceptable in the abstract. Perceptive readers will guess that this has been building for a while and didn’t happen all at once, but I’ll say no more about that. But it is doubtful you can stay on in a small organization after making a blast like that at a colleague. Even if I think Paul deserved it (and I richly do), to come with no warning is at the edge of propriety, if not beyond. My line that I’d sock in him in f—— face if he posted another stupid, ignorant, wrongheaded post about Steve Hanke (who has more ability in his little finger to analyze the COVID scene than Paul will have in 100 years) was meant to channel William F. Buckley’s famous blast at Gore Vidal in 1968, but I think it misfired for anyone not deeply steeped in conservative folklore.

So: I’ll post Week in Pictures on Saturday, because I think the earth might spin off its axis if I don’t. And this afternoon I taped a new episode of the Three Whisky Happy Hour for Saturday with special guest Richard Samuelson that I think was one of our best ever. Reveal: for people who think “Lucretia” interrupts or beats up on me too much, it’s partly schtick folks! But today’s episode was very orderly, and also hilarious because Richard was on his game, big time. Look for it Saturday.

Two more things. I think Paul’s posts on civil rights and related issues (where he has serious expertise) are rock solid. I enjoy his baseball posts, and wish he’d write more about the current MLB season when it is under way. I don’t care much about soccer, but would love to hear him review Ted Lasso. He’s fluent in French: I wish he’d cover the important French elections in April in person.

But I’ll also be blunt. Paul has no clue how much he gratuitously pisses off so many of our readers with his repetitive posts on Trump. He costs us readers, with the Trump posts and also his inscrutably equivocal posts on COVID. (And there are other issues I won’t air here.) More: Paul has no clue how much he pisses off his fellow Power Line writers. Sorry to say this publicly, but it is necessary.

There. There’s our dirty laundry, for everyone now to see. I’m sorry to do this, especially to John and Scott, the founders of the site who certainly don’t deserve this drama. They’d be entirely within their rights to kick both me and Paul off the site, and I’d owe them no ill will at all if they decide to. Paul is a drag on the site, and I crossed a line. In the meantime, not sure whether I’ll continue posting articles here or not, because I share Scott’s struggle with anger management issues when it comes some of Paul’s posts. But I’ll keep up with TWiP and the podcast, which has a growing audience.

Note to Paul: Please don’t comment on this post, and add “WITH COMMENT FROM PAUL” in the headline. You’ll just fuck it up worse than it already is. In fact I think it better if you don’t comment at all, anywhere. Don’t email me either. I won’t open it.

(Shame on the both of you! Get back to real business. Keep up the good work! Paul isn’t the only evil liar about President Donald Trump. Paul has a right to be stupid in freedom in America!……from Glenn H. Ray….a “client”.)


New York mayor Eric Adams accuses the New York media of racism

By Andrea Widburg

Eric Adams, a onetime police captain, promised during his mayoral campaign that his experience as a police officer would see him stem the endless (and escalating) flow of violent crime in New York City.  He also ran as a hard leftist.  Many people (me included) thought he could reconcile those two things.  It’s pretty clear now, though, that he can’t.  Because crime has flourished during his month and a half in office, rather than taking responsibility, he’s openly blaming the New York media for racism.

During the campaign, Adams promised not to defund the police, and, so far as I know, he has not done so.  He began his administration, though, by voicing support for Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s Soros-funded D.A., who, on his first day on the job, announced that he wasn’t going to prosecute most crimes.  Armed robbery, for example, was to be prosecuted, but only as petty larceny, unless someone was seriously injured or at serious risk of harm.  My feeling is that, if someone points a gun at me, I’m at serious risk of harm.

When word got out about his memo ignoring the law and reducing all crimes, Bragg backpedaled a little bit, saying armed robbery would be prosecuted as a felony and that his assistant district attorneys would have some discretion.  Adams eventually criticized Bragg’s approach, blaming Bragg’s policies for an increase in crime.

Then, last week, Adams went to legislators in Albany to change bail reform laws in the hope that doing so would get criminals off the street:

On Wednesday, Mayor Adams pleaded with state lawmakers to roll back portions of their bail reform laws — specifically, provisions allowing most juvenile gun offenders to be prosecuted in Family Court.

“Last year 10% of individuals under the age of 18 were arrested by NYPD with a gun,” Adams said. “Six years ago, that was only 1%. 1%! That is what’s happening.”

The mayor also believes that judges should be allowed to consider whether a suspect is a danger to the community in making bail decisions.

Mayor Adams appeared to throw in the towel on trying to convince Assembly Democrats to roll back the state’s bail-reform law following a closed-door meeting in Albany on Monday.

The same report also quoted Adams saying he’d try to solve the crime problem locally if he couldn’t solve it at the state level.

The New York Daily News also acknowledged that Adams had failed to move the pols in Albany away from their criminal “reform” policies.

Image: Eric Adams.  Twitter screen grab.

As Adams understand the news reports, instead of saying he had a nice conversation — “Black mayor, Black speaker, Black majority leader, coming together and talking to each other” — the papers and other media outlets implied, “It was all hell up there.”

Adams hasn’t figured out that he’s in the big leagues.  He made a promise to reduce crime, but it’s accelerated on his watch.  He went to Albany to press for change and was rebuffed.  These are facts, and, on the facts, his first six weeks as mayor have been a failure.  Now, he could have said, “I’m going to try harder” or “I need more than six weeks to turn around eight years of failure.”  The second would have been the truth.  The first, though, is open to question.

Why?  Because instead of taking responsibility for the facts and reframing them to his benefit while talking about future plans, Adams quite explicitly played the race card:


I’m not saying it out of hate, I’m saying it out of love. I’m a black man that’s the mayor, but my story is being interpreted by people who don’t look like me. We gotta be honest about that.

From that whiny start, Adams challenged the diversity in the newsrooms in New York.

How many Blacks are in the editorial boards? How many Blacks determine how these stories are being written?

How many Asians? How many East Asians? How many South Asians? Everyone talks about my government being diversified, what’s the diversification in the newsrooms?

His point was that if you aren’t Black or some type of minority, you’re not fit to report on a Black mayor.  He went on in this vein for another minute or so and praised himself for stating uncomfortable truths.  These weren’t truths, though.  They were the cheap, shoddy performance of a leftist refusing to take responsibility for his promises and his actions.

One of the absolute truisms in life is that, if you expect little from people, you will get little.  Adams clearly expects little from himself and, even worse, he told all Blacks that, if at first you don’t succeed…blame racism.

I had very little respect for Adams to begin with because he’s a leftist.  I have no respect for Adams now because he’s a poor excuse for a man.

Will America’s Star-Gangster, Madame DeFarge-PELOSI FINALLY BE SENT HOME?

Punchbowl: House Dems’ “exodus” not over yet

by ED MORRISSEY Feb 16, 2022 at HotAir:

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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

How many more House Democrats plan to spend more time with their families? Thirty incumbents have already chosen retirement, one of the highest numbers in decades as it is. With time running out on the recruitment window, Democrats can’t afford too many more, but Punchbowl reports that the “exodus” has not yet reached its conclusion:

Thirty House Democrats have now retired or said they’re not going to run for re-election this November. The most recent was Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.), a 57-year-old former prosecutor in her fourth term in the House.

The Democratic retirement total – 30 – is the highest in three decades for the party. And while the DCCC and the Democratic leadership plays down these departures, we can say that, based on what we’re hearing, there is significant angst among the Democratic rank-and-file as they face the prospect of losing their majority after just four years in power.

“With polling numbers where they are, and the fear of losing the majority, people are heading for the hills,” one House Democrat told us Tuesday evening.

This is the polling that has House Democrats spooked, and for good reason:

It might not even be this polling that’s creating the exodus. I linked it in my earlier post, but Democratic internal polling actually looks worse than this RCP graph on the generic-ballot question. Republicans have potent arguments with voters right now on parental rights and Joe Biden’s pandemic performance, and that reality looks far uglier than this chart suggests:

Sarah Ferris and Ally Mutnick obtained private polling from the DCCC that the committee has been using in presentations over the last two weeks to show that GOP attacks using issues such as critical race theory, “defund the police” and “open borders or amnesty” are “alarmingly potent.” Siren: The DCCC warned that if Democrats don’t respond to Republican attacks on these issues, the GOP’s lead on the generic ballot jumps from 4 to 14 points in swing districts. Where it sticks: Equally alarming for Democrats, the new polling showed the GOP’s attacks are most successful with three groups Democrats desperately need in November: center-left voters, independents and Hispanic voters.

In San Francisco on Tuesday, there was new evidence of what happens when Covid fatigue bleeds into the culture wars. Residents in the liberal bastion overwhelmingly voted to recall three board of education commissioners who angered parents last year by focusing on renaming schools rather than reopening them. “Parents matter,” SIVA RAJ, one of the local activists who started the recall movement, told Playbook last night when asked what he thought the recall meant for national politics. “And governance matters.”

All of that, combined up with Biden’s incompetent and disgraceful handling of his job, has forced House Democrats to reckon with living in the minority. Most of them will ride it out, but others have no desire to show up with no real impact to make on governance. That’s especially the case if Democrats also lose control of the Senate, in which case a House minority will only be useful as a performance-art troupe. Younger members might stick around for a clown show, but older incumbents have better options … and are apparently not shy about taking them now.
How bad could it get for Nancy Pelosi? Kevin McCarthy tells Punchbowl that it could get as high as 40 retirements, matching the record in 1992 by Democrats, who nevertheless had a large majority and held it through the election. Forty retirements in 2022 would produce a much different result, and would create even more chaos for midterm planning than Pelosi is facing already. In the beginning of this exodus, retirements came in districts Pelosi will have no problem in holding and recruiting candidates.  Lately, however, that’s changed:
The other problem for Democrats, of course, is the members they’re losing. Rice’s newly drawn district is pretty solidly Democratic, but it could still be competitive without an incumbent running. It would be a longshot for Republicans, yet who knows in a bad year for Democrats. It will also force House Democratic leaders to play defense in a seat that by all rights should be easily in their column.
Other seats will be tougher for the party to hold, such as Rep. Ron Kind’s southwestern Wisconsin seat, Rep. Cheri Bustos’ Illinois seat or the seat being vacated by Rep. Stephanie Murphy in northern Florida.

And the clock is ticking, too. Filing deadlines start popping up in March, and candidate recruitment and funding requires preparation. The longer House Democrats wait to pull the trigger on retirement, the tougher it gets and the less likely Democrats will be to hold seats that might even be relatively safe under normal conditions. They can pick those back up in the next presidential cycle with a favorable turnout model, but with Biden on the ticket, Democrats have to wonder just how favorable the 2024 cycle turnout will be.

This might not be just a single cycle exodus. With all of these culture-war issues, Biden’s incompetence, and Democrats’ radicalization in play, Democrats could be looking at forty years in the desert, just as House Republicans did in the Cold War era.


Truly Fascist Trudeau IN ACTION!



Well, he isn’t exactly on trial. But he did have to appear in Parliament to defend his policies, perhaps the next best thing. The Daily Mail has a revealing report:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sparked anger on Wednesday when he accused a Jewish MP who criticized in parliament his handling of the truckers’ protests of ‘standing with people who wave swastikas’.
Trudeau responded with scorn to her complaints, saying: ‘Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas, they can stand with people who wave the confederate flag.

This is the same absurd smear that Trudeau and his press minions have used from the beginning of the truckers’ protest. Anyone who has followed the demonstration, even casually, knows that the protesters are displaying a sea of Canadian flags. There are no swastikas, no Confederate flags. One or two people have put swastikas on banners to imply that Trudeau’s measures are fascist in nature, which is a plausible point. But no one involved in the truckers’ protest has asserted, in any way or to the slightest degree, Nazi principles.

Trudeau knows this. His aides and advisers know this. His supporters in Parliament know this. For him to continue to assert these false and tired calumnies against those who want their freedom back is pathetic.

If we want to talk about fascism, or authoritarianism, the finger can only point to Trudeau:

Trudeau has stepped up his crackdown on Freedom Convoy demonstrators, with police now visiting the homes of people who post in support of the protests on Facebook and a woman forced out of her government job after donating to the demonstrations.
[I]n a crackdown on the protests, an Ontario Provincial Police officer knocked on the door of Nadine Ellis-Maffei’s farmhouse last week to hand her a card and a pamphlet after seeing her post her post to the Freedom Convoy’s Facebook group, video of the incident shows.

Ellis-Maffei said in the post that she was considering attending the protest in Ottawa. She said she had not been part of any demonstrations at this point.

‘Because of the protests happening province wide, yes we have been monitoring the protest. So there’s a protest coming up, I’m simply providing information about a peaceful protest,’ the officer said in the video taken last Thursday by Ellis-Maffei.

‘I was flabbergasted,’ said the mother of three, who operates a farm in Ontario’s Peterborough County.

Meanwhile, an Ontario provincial staffer has been forced out of her job after hackers revealed that she donated $100 to the Freedom Convoy protests earlier this month.

Marion Isabeau Ringuette, who was Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones’s director of communications, lost her job 10 days after making the donation, according to the Toronto Star.

After the donor list to a GiveSendGo campaign supporting the protests was stolen and leaked by hackers this week, Isabeau-Ringuette’s identity was apparently deciphered and reported to her employer, although she only used her initials when making the donation.

‘Ms. Isabeau-Ringuette no longer works for the Ontario government,’ Ivana Yelich, Ford’s executive director of media relations, told the Star.

And Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has the nerve to accuse the truckers who comprise the Freedom Convoy of waving swastikas!


ROLL CALL: Is time the Democrats’ friend or enemy?

Voters are increasingly pessimistic, and messaging differently only goes so far

By David Winston at Roll Call:

Posted February 16, 2022 at 6:00am

Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson said, “A week is a long time in politics.” He wasn’t wrong, even more so in today’s age of social media and instant news 24/7. A lot can happen between now and November.

And that is exactly what Democrats are counting on to deliver them from the political abyss potentially facing them this fall. Time.

Time for inflation and gas prices to head south. Time for the GDP and consumer confidence to head north. Time for the coronavirus to fade into history along with Afghanistan. Time for more jobs and less crime. And, of course, time for “Build Back Better.”  

But time isn’t a reliable constant. As Einstein put it, “Time is relative; its only worth depends on what we do as it is passing.” Yes, a lot can change in the next nine months, but at this point, given President Joe Biden’s poll numbers and the Democratic Congress in chaos, will it matter? It didn’t for George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Democratic strategist James Carville famously said of the ’92 election, “It’s the economy, stupid.” He was right, and the Clinton campaign won the election by blaming Bush for the recession of the early ’90s that brought a stagnant economy and high unemployment with it. 

Actually, the recession had ended the year before, at the end of March 1991. In fact, in the three quarters leading up to the ’92 election, GDP growth was 4 percent or higher. But the reality was that voters weren’t feeling the recovery, whatever the GDP numbers said. 

As an election dynamic, GDP matters to voters, but the price of gas or food matters more. While the Bush political environment isn’t a perfect analogy for Biden’s sinking fortunes, one thing remains the same. No matter how many times Biden or his defenders take credit for what they claim is an economic comeback of historic proportions, voters today aren’t “feeling” this recovery either. 

It’s a little like priming an old well pump. It takes some time and effort before the water starts to run, delivering proof that the well is working. That’s where Democrats find themselves today, and their solution to get themselves out of a big hole is to declare victory and hope the electorate buys it. 

What complicates the situation for Biden is that voters are now judging the president and his party’s policies through a lens clouded by questionable competence and credibility. People aren’t buying what he’s selling, in part, because he has left a trail of untrue or, at best, misleading claims of progress over the past year.

He tells the country that the economy is roaring back, eclipsing the rest of the world; but inflation has hit a 40-year high, de facto levying a $276-a-month inflation “tax” on American households, according to Moody Analytics. His decision to roll back U.S. energy production, starting with his halting of construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, has seen gas prices at least $1 a gallon higher than just a year ago. And on Tuesday, the Producer Price Index came in at 9.7 percent, much higher than expected.

Despite Biden’s declarations of progress on the economic front, the loss of real wages and income, exploding inflation and the failure to regain the final 3 million lost jobs as a result of the pandemic are taking a political toll on Biden and congressional Democrats. 

A Gallup survey recently found that Americans are very pessimistic when it comes to the economy, with only 29 percent saying the economy is improving, while 67 percent said it was getting worse.  

It’s clear this election is going to turn on two key factors that are problematic for Democrats. Jobs/income (wages) and the cost of living (inflation). And if one of these isn’t working, then the economy isn’t working for most Americans.

Biden’s credibility and competence took another hit when he all but declared “mission accomplished” by saying in July the country had “gained the upper hand against” COVID-19, leading people to believe the days of masks and lockdowns were nearly over.

When the variants hit, Biden took his own hit in the polls as people realized this president wasn’t prepared for the challenges posed by the new waves of the pandemic and didn’t understand what he was dealing with. It was a problem of his own making.

The pandemic may ease by the election, but voters will be slow to listen to claims of “defeating the virus.” Biden may finally put the fire out in the next few months, but the house may be left in ashes.

Then there was Afghanistan. Ironically, a majority of people probably supported Biden’s desire to get out of the country’s longest war. But he promised not to leave any Americans behind and that our exit would not be another Saigon. 

None of that came true. Instead, 13 American servicemen and servicewomen died. When we needed planes for evacuation, he closed Bagram Airfield and left hundreds of millions of dollars in military equipment behind.

In short, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster and significantly undermined Biden’s credibility with the electorate.

This was followed by the supply chain crisis that the administration now claims credit for “fixing.” But shoppers who can’t find cat food or milk today are only reminded of the days when they couldn’t find cleaning supplies or masks and sanitizers.

Meanwhile, Biden brags on the partisan passage of the American Rescue Plan. Joe Biden, if nothing else, is a creature of Congress who measures success by legislation passed, not by policy outcomes. Legislation is important, but only if people feel its impact, if it changes their lives for the better. Biden is losing the argument.

As the White House and Democratic congressional leaders spout a steady stream of happy talk, they are fighting an uphill battle against their own credibility and competence and a ticking clock. 

“It’s a long way to November,” they tell us, ignoring the fact that voter sentiment rarely turns on a dime, whatever the political environment or economic number. Changing voters’ minds is usually a process driven by credible evidence of progress on issues that matter to them, not an overnight conversion based on messaging.

In other words, time isn’t on their side.


Wokester bloodbath: Blue San Francisco throws out three Board of Education leftists by monster margins

By Monica Showalter at American Thinker:

It wasn’t even close.

San Francisco Democrats turned hard on three far-left Board of Education members who kept public schools on lockdown, focused on changing the names of storied old schools, and told Asians to go to hell on merit-based admissions to the few good ones.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

San Francisco voters overwhelmingly supported the ouster of three school board members Tuesday in the city’s first recall election in nearly 40 years.

The landslide decision means board President Gabriela López and members Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga will officially be removed from office and replaced by mayoral appointments 10 days after the election is officially accepted by the Board of Supervisors.

The new board members are likely to take office in mid-March. The three were the only school board members who had served long enough to be eligible for a recall.
The margins, according to the Chronicle, were 79% to 21% to boot Collins; 75% to 25% to oust Lopez, and 72% to 28% to kick Moliga to the curb. As the Chron notes, they were on the ballot because they could be on the ballot — the rest likely would have been thrown out too, were they eligible. The city will hold new elections in seven months, but San Francisco voters couldn’t wait even that long to let these particular leftists know.
The only word for this is ‘bloodbath.’ It’s Gotterdammerung time for the wokester leftists who’ve turned the city into a dump. Looking at you, Chesa Boudin — whose own recall vote comes on June 7.
News reports focused on the Asian-American turnout, which was high, but that wasn’t the half of it. Most of the San Francisco Democratic Clubs, which serve as the base and muscle for the Democrats in that city, endorsed at least some of the bootings, or could not come up with a strong enough quorum to get an endorsement to ask to keep these sorry creatures. These are all hard-left radical Democrats, activists, none of these people are run-of-the-mill people who just vote Democrat, and they include all races and neighborhoods. 12 of the 22 clubs and other key political outlets such as unions and newspapers had at least one ‘yes’ on recalling these bounders in their endorsement columns, 11 if you subtract the GOP Club. Ten had all ‘no’s, one was mixed endorsements.
Of the 10 that wanted to keep the creeps, 4 had blank spaces on some candidates, meaning, they had some pretty divided voting and could not reach a quorum to endorse. The only clubs and political outlets that endorsed to keep all of these losers were the United Educators of San Francisco (a radical labor union), the San Francisco Labor Council, the SF Latinx Democratic Club (which drew 10 members to its Zoom struggle session to decide the endorsement), the District 11 Democratic Club (which represents the run-down Excelsior and Outer Mission districts — on the grounds of fiscal discipline, you see, and it was pretty clear they were addressing dissenters in their ranks by using those grounds, too, quantifying their endorsement with “regardless of how you feel about the candidates”), the SF Berniecrats (self-explanatory), and the Central City Democrats, who, based on their lousy website, appear marginal. 

The big broad ones and the ones that are big clubs loaded with Asian-American voters — the Edwin Lee Asian-Pacific Democratic Club, the Chinese-American Democratic Club, GrowSF, and the United Democratic Club went all in for throwing the bums out. Suburban white women type clubs such as the Noe Valley Democratic Club (Noe Valley is pretty sylvan even in the middle of the city just south of the Castro) and the Potrero Hill Democratic Club, the Castro district’s Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club, and the Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club, representing ritzy downtown, came very close to full-slate endorsements for recall.

Take a look at this endorsement chart from the San Francisco Standard, a local outlet, here.

So it couldn’t have been a big surprise to the Democrats, who know how their city operates politically, that the voters were against them.

 Collins, who lost by the biggest margin, was an unusually disgusting creature. She repeatedly made racist statements targeting Asian-Americans.

Asians, you see, use “white supremacist thinking” to “get ahead,” Collins opined. “Being a house n****r is still a n****r, she tweeted. “Many Asian Am. believe they benefit from the ‘model minority’ BS,” she kept digging. 


If you’re Asian-American, you’d have to be a masochist to vote for that. 

The issues themselves on education, though, were at the heart of the matter. Much attention has been paid to the focus on the renaming of schools, but the big one appears to be the scrapping of merit-based admissions to the elite schools, based on “overrepresentation” of Asian-Americans, which is about as offensive a term to Asian-Americans of any political stripe as such words can get. See this powerful tweet from a pragmatic and serious Democrat back east named Yuh-Line Niou who is Asian-American here.

You can work your keister off as a kid to get top grades, but it no longer matters — the board wokesters made admission by lottery and if your number didn’t come up, you’d get the crappy, substandard school with the teachers who didn’t care if you passed or failed.

The board has run the district so badly that nearly 10% of the parents have pulled their children from San Francisco’s public school system, and the district faces the loss of state funding as a result. According to Vision Times:

According to San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), the city’s public schools have lost over 1,700 students in the past year. Enrollment was already down by 1,000 at the beginning of the year, and 700 more left during the course of the year.

By the end of the 2021 school year, the district counted 50,955 students, 3.25 percent less than the 52,669 students the year prior. The greatest drop was seen in the number of white students, with enrollment falling by 299 students, or 4 percent, during 2021.

Kindergarten applications from white families fell by a staggering 55 percent, while kindergarten registration overall fell by 374 students to 3,504, a 9.64 percent decline. The loss of kindergarten students will have a sizable negative impact on the school district in the coming decade as students move up the grades, officials said to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Claire Raj, a mother of three, told the media outlet that the district let down schools and students this year. She removed her kids from McCoppin Elementary public school and enrolled them in a private school. “It’s something we had never considered, going to private school. We aren’t Catholic… Once we started considering it, it seemed we just didn’t have any choice,” she said.

The decline in students could result in a loss of up to 20 million dollars for the school district in terms of state funding. The district is already facing a deficit of up to 100 million dollars out of a 1 billion dollar budget in the next few years.

That’s a disaster. If they can’t run a school district that far-left parents want to send their kids to, why are these freaks still where they are? I can’t help but feel that maybe one reason the 18-year-old gold-medal-winning Olympic skier Eileen Gu opted to ski for China instead of the U.S. was that she was educated in these San Francisco schools. [Note: A reader has informed us that Gu attended two very pricy private schools in San Francisco: Katherine Delmar Burke from K-8 and SF University High 8-12. But still, the San Francisco effect is real….] She likely was taught that America was a terrible racist place and needed to go. She likely was taught that one system was as good as another. Combine it with black-on-Asian racism, of which she had been a victim, and the place would have to seem toxic in myriad ways. It’s obviously part of a slew of problems in that school district — and Asian-American parents have demonstrated that they recognize it with this vote, and have the political muscle to demand better.

Ed Driscoll points out at Instapundit that it’s part of the Great Parent Revolt which has galvanized parents across the country to reject wokesterism in education and vote with their feet (and ballots) to get rid of it. Big shifts happened in Virginia in the past gubernatorial election, and now an even more shocking result has rocked San Francisco, which is the bluest city in the nation. Does anyone expect this to die down now that it’s gone bipartisan? If anything, it will get bigger.

Some analysts are pooh-poohing the idea that this election will affect other elections, but that doesn’t recognize the scope of this shift. The next issue to come up is violent crime, which if anything, affects even more San Franciscans, given the low number of kids who have parents who can afford to live in the Bay Area, and the high number of small businesses, and young singles, particularly women, who are often targeted by violent criminals. How could it be anything other than a political earthquake? 

Color this recall election a turning point. If this doesn’t wake up Democrats about the need to start paying attention to something besides wokesterism, nothing will. They’ll get a lot of these kinds of results.