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February 27, 2022

Leftist Journalism is Coming to a Town Near You!

By Rebecca Behrends at American Thinker:

For years, local journalism has been collapsing.  Between 2018 and 2020, nearly 6,000 journalism jobs and 300 newspapers vanished, a longstanding trend which accelerated with the COVID pandemic. But, not to worry, help is on the way.

Enter Report for America, an initiative of the GroundTruth Project, a nonprofit organization. They are “a national service program that places journalists into local newsrooms to report on under-covered issues and communities.”  They will pay half of the salaries of the “talented” journalists they propose to place in your communities.  Plus, they assist local news organizations to raise the other half of the salaries through local donors. They have reporters now in 49 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam.  They had 300 reporters placed in 2021 and plan on increasing that number to 1000 in 2024.  Hundreds of foundations and donors support this initiative including Facebook, Google, and the Ford Foundation among others.

Not to be outdone, especially since Democrats are now in charge, the feds jumped in as well.

The Local Journalism Sustainability Act was passed in 2021 to provide a pathway to financial viability for local newspapers around the nation through payroll tax credits.  In essence, journalists would “have Uncle Sam picking up half the tab for their salaries” to the tune of over a billion dollars.  Keep in mind, the majority of these local newspapers overwhelmingly support Democrats. 

It takes no stretch of the imagination to perceive the financial lifeline that local newspapers require comes with strings attached, namely, left-leaning journalists.  And just in time for the next presidential election in 2024!

According to Thomas Lifson, co-founder and publisher of American Thinker:

“In my experience, local newspapers, which mostly employ younger and cheaper journalists than bigger papers, are even more biased than the New York Times or WaPo.  Their heads filled with propaganda in J-schools, the youngsters seek attention and maybe even a job offer from the industry’s bigger fish by supporting what they (correctly) perceive as the norms of the industry: make conservatives look evil and stupid, and make progressives and Democrats look heroic.”

States Newsroom is another leftist nonprofit organization that jumped in to fill the void of a “dire shortage of reporters covering state government.”

States Newsroom Network states that their goal is to provide local communities with free “hard hitting reporting and commentary to shine a spotlight on state government decision-making and to ensure elected officials are being held accountable for the impacts that their decisions have on communities.”  They do not disclose the identity of their grassroots donors or philanthropic supporters.  They called on NewsGuard ratings agency not to endorse “the work of outlets that promote conspiracy theories and white nationalism such as Breitbart, the Daily Caller, TheBlaze and Fox News.”

In response, CEO Steven Brill of NewsGuard said the following:

“We love local journalism, especially “hard hitting” journalism. We love philanthropic journalism. What we don’t love is politically-funded organizations with an undisclosed agenda and undisclosed funders posing as journalism. I know that your reporters are well-credentialed and well-meaning. But their journalism is not “free.” It has been bought by people with a political agenda. At the least, your journalistic pedigrees should make you insist on disclosing who they are and what that agenda is — i.e., that you are “hard hitting” as long as the hard hits don’t come at the expense of your funders’ political goals. Meantime, your lofty, deceptive pronouncements on your “about” pages are the kinds of claims that undermine the similar mission statements of real local newsrooms that have not been rented out to one political side or the other.

You’ve urged NewsGuard to “stand up for real journalism.” By identifying politically-funded, non-transparent organizations that use deceptive mission statements to pose as real journalism, that’s what we’re doing. You expect those you write about to come clean. So should you.”

At least there is someone in the corporate world who sees fake news for what it is.

The prevailing mainstream news media promote the notion of “advocacy journalism.”  Since the notion of “objectivity” has been trashed in the moral arena by “relativism,” it has likewise taken a nose dive in the realm of journalism.  Conservatives have long held grievances against the biased mainstream media.  So, the MSM has responded with — “yes, we are biased.  And proud of it!  All in support of noble social and political purposes.  The ends justifies the means.” 

Thus, leftist nonprofit organizations train cadres of young journalists to do their bidding.  They learn to spin narratives faster than a figure skater.  They are primed to go after what they term the “pink slime” journalism of local news.  This is their label for right-wing propaganda.  Since they determined that there was just too much “pink slime” in the wake of the 2020 election, it is their job to be modern day muckrakers and clean it out. 

What they don’t seem to understand is that millions of Americans are not buying their deceptive tactics.  Their version of truth is to cherry pick news that suits their political agendas and ignore those that don’t.  What ever happened to the Hunter Biden laptop story and the China connection?  It wasn’t pink slime that buried that one!  The blatant fraud and illegality witnessed at the TCF Center in Detroit in the election of 2020 was steamrollered by mainstream media.  But groups such as Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity just won’t buy the notion that the 2020 election was the “most secure in history.”  Their assertion is that it was, in fact, “the least secure election in history.” 

Leftists are notorious for mission creep.  They have been chipping away at the foundations of America for years.  They have gaslighted the public by coming in the back doors a little at a time with tons of money, savvy strategists, teams of technocrats, and professional know-how. 

This reminds one of the statement by Jean-Baptiste Colbert as it applies to taxes but could equally apply to political indoctrination:

“The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers, with the smallest possible amount of hissing.”

Leftist journalists may think that they can keep the “hissing” of conservative Americans under the radar.  Those days are gone.  A roar is about to be unleashed in 2024.  Stay tuned!

Rebecca Behrends, M.D. is a retired ED physician and vice president of research for Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (MC4EI.com).



I was born in America’s Depression of the 1930s. I was well educated by well educated single old ladies who loved their country and were educated to do something about it. (But, I WAS BORN DYSLEXIC….AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO READ A NOVEL IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I COULDN’T REMEMBER WHAT I READ.

(Yet, I own more that 2,000 books I have purchased in my life time in order to reach a page or two in which I seek to read. (That, I can and have been able, to manage.)



Miss Koeneman of German decent was my sixth grade teacher was 90 years old to look at but was in full charge of teaching important home and world knowledge….and then on until 1947 when high school GIs in their 30s who survived the War took over. They meant business….they had been in WAR, but NEVER wanted to talk about it.!

The stupidities of today’s feminized didn’t exist then. The culture of that day’s female was led by JudeoChristian MOTHERHOOD…..NOT BY DEM FASCISTS WHO PLAY BUTCH FOR LIFE.

The Nancy Pelosis weren’t born yet.

Most American males I knew then worked six days each week with a week off in Summer. Not my Dad, however. He owned a charming, well received but small Drug Store at Selby and Snelling in St. Paul…..one of about 1,000 in the Twin Cities then. Mothers mothered then, and were good at it in our neighborhoods…..On the seventh day, Sunday, Churches were filled by countless thousands to be at Church in the morning and at home with family the rest of the day, and on Saturday, Synagogues serviced the same wonderful family and country civility.

Charlie Schumer hadn’t been born yet.

Believe it or not, guess who today and on that November day of election, 2020, in our American public arena, WHO FITS THE FATHERS OF MY LIFETIME?



(Was America’s truth and decency destroyed by that November, 2020 Tuesday election? WOULD COMMUNIST RUSSIA BE BOMBING THE UKRAINE TODAY!? What about tomorrow?)


And then there are our GOP stupids who want to earn their money, but have been so poorly educated in our leftist fascist universities and colleges they don’t recognize the evil around them.

America was beautiful whether black or white when I was a child. Being male, even a very young one at age 11, because of the World War II especially , I was born and programmed to be curious. I worked my paper route in our peaceful, wonderful, modest friendly neighborhood, but serious War began again in 1950!

War movies included Negros then. Mother loved to take my sister and me to downtown St. Paul yesterday’s movies…..at ten cents per unit. My dad managed a downtown huge St. Paul Liggett Drug Store with thirty or so employees of all levels from 1939-1946. I’d go with him dozens of times….loving to be with him, but even more, I loved working like I thought adults did….not knowing much about what they were doing, of course.

The drugstore was beautiful…huge, tile floors, gorgeous fans, marble walls, twenty or more tables fitting four each for lunch, salads, chocolate malts and sundaes. I still can see pictures of it this very moment. Ten druggists who managed the prescriptions were located on the second floor.

But, best of all for me, as the drugstore boss’s son, I, when eight years old, was placed to work with the floor manager….. a young “Negro” fellow in his upper teens or mid twenties named “Rochester”. I usually showed up on Saturday’s and holidays when he was floor manager. Guys worked six days a week then, and had Sunday’s set free for Church in the mornings.

Rochester always had me with him…..he, a wonderful human, a good worker, honest, and totally reliable whatever he did, which included talking to me regularly as he had me work with him.

Years later when I had my local paper route, in the summer after delivering about sixty afternoon newspapers to nearby neighbors, I’d sneak toward downtown on a street car with a ten cent token to stop off at Selby and Dale, the beginning of Negro America of St. Paul, Minnesota in Spring and Summer.

I also came across horrible slums in that area those day, of both white and colored. Lots of kids everywhere…..I NEVER WAS FEARFUL….NEVER, NOT ONCE, regardless of the color of the slum.

Compared to today, Churches then were crowded no matter what the color of visitor or worshiper might be.

Where today do Americans have families where decency is rigidly taught by mothers and fathers? Where are the families?….MOST OF ALL, WHERE ARE THOSE WONDERFUL MOMS WHOM I KNEW WHEN I WAS A YOUNGSTER IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD?


There Still Remains Beauty In Life And Soul!

Soviet Russia’s Putin Thug And Dem America’s Biden Moron…WHAT A PAIR FOR OUR WORLD!



Vladimir Putin and others insist on our understanding the rape of Ukraine in a certain context. The context consists of components including the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe, and Putin’s high anxiety.

If anyone has supplied the context from Ukraine’s perspective, I missed it. I doubt that it’s ancient history in Ukraine. Ukraine’s subjugation by the the Soviet Union was an unhappy experience. Although he chides Stalin for being too generous with Ukraine, Putin thinks that Stalin was quite a guy. He has sought to rehabilitate his reputation. He seeks to restore the glory of Stalin and the Soviet Union under his rule.

Ukrainians see Stalin in a somewhat different context. They recall that Stalin inflicted the so-called Holodomor (“hunger extermination”) on them in 1932-1933. Stalin of course did what he could to suppress the story.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times correspondent Walter Duranty was happy to help out. As the Times’s man in Moscow, Duranty covered up Stalin’s terror famine in the Ukraine.

Reflecting in the first volume of his autobiography on his experience working for the Manchester Guardian alongside Duranty in Moscow, Malcolm Muggeridge wrote: “If the New York Times went on all those years giving great prominence to Duranty’s messages, building him and them up when they were so evidently nonsensically untrue . . . this was not, we may be sure, because the Times was deceived. Rather it wanted to be so deceived, and Duranty provided the requisite deception material.”

The terror famine is one of the horrors of the twentieth century. The great Robert Conquest was the first historian I know of to reconstruct the story, as he did in Harvest of Sorrow (1987). Conquest implied that Stalin killed 5.5 million ethnic Ukrainians out of a population of 34.1 million at the beginning of the trouble, or 16 percent.

Peter Wiles reviewed Conquest’s book for the New York Review of Books. They engaged in an exchange about the numbers in a subsequent issue.

Most recently, Anne Applebaum reconstructed the story in Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine (2017). According to Applebaum, Stalin’s terror famine killed nearly 4 million Ukrainians. Applebaum explained that the numbers have been difficult to calculate because the Soviet system tried to cover up the famine immediately after it happened, even going to the extent of covering up and hiding a census that was taken in 1937 (because it showed the large numbers of deaths).

Putin’s anxiety to the contrary notwithstanding, you can see why Ukrainians might not want to be colonized again by Russia or to become Putin’s subjects.


Is the top Republican on the Senate intelligence Committee trying to tell us something about Putin?

KAREN TOWNSEND Feb 26, 2022 at HotAir: 

Al Drago/Pool via AP

An unusual tweet caught my attention last night. Senator Marco Rubio posted a veiled reference to Putin as he said he wished he could share more but…

I wish I could share more,but for now I can say it’s pretty obvious to many that something is off with #Putin

He has always been a killer,but his problem now is different & significant

It would be a mistake to assume this Putin would react the same way he would have 5 years ago.

Marco Rubio reports:

I wish I could share more,but for now I can say it’s pretty obvious to many that something is off with #Putin He has always been a killer, but his problem now is different & significant. It would be a mistake to assume this Putin would react the same way he would have 5 years ago.

Sure, anyone could see that Putin is a maniacal killer, a former KGB agent who is deluded with thoughts of a new day for the old Soviet Union, even before he invaded Ukraine. It must have been a huge surprise to find the kind of unwavering resolve coming from Ukrainians that has slowed his path to Kyiv and seizing control of Ukraine. The question is, is Vladimir Putin descending into mental decline now?

It is very unusual for someone like Rubio, privy to classified information, to be saying something so damning against a world leader without offering more context. Rubio is the vice-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and a go-to person in Republican foreign policy discussions. Has he heard something in a closed session meeting from a spy or infiltrator that provides some evidence of the possibility of Putin’s mental decline? Perhaps we’ll learn more when the time is deemed appropriate.

One thing that is apparent is that the Ukrainians are fighting for their country and are having some success against Russian attacks. Putin doesn’t appear to have thought-out his strategy. His propaganda campaign to the Ukrainian people has failed spectacularly. Ukrainians have blown up their railroad tracks to deny Russians access into Ukrainian territory. Men and women are taking up arms and pledging to fight.

Putin’s inner circle went along with a #UkraineInvasion plan they knew was unrealistic & could lead to a quagmire Soon the may have to decide whether to go along with new orders that will make them internationally wanted war criminals for the rest of their lives.

Kira Rudik, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, posed on social media yesterday, holding a Kalashnikov rifle. She is doing interviews with cable news networks and stating that she is staying and fighting. She says it is her duty as a member of parliament.

I learn to use #Kalashnikov and prepare to bear arms. It sounds surreal as just a few days ago it would never come to my mind. Our #women will protect our soil the same way as our #men. Go #Ukraine!


Rudik said today on FNC that she thinks Putin expected a “blitzkrieg” yet that is not what happened. She said to stay tuned for more surprises.

Rudik spoke to Fox News Saturday about the ongoing advance on Kyiv as Russian troops advance on the Ukrainian capital. Defensive forces have managed to keep the invading military – which includes tank columns – at bay, at least for the moment. Ukraine’s continued efforts have surprised officials around the world, many of whom did not expect the tiny nation to last against the Russian superpower.

“I’ve received messages from all the political leaders throughout the world, saying, ‘Yeah, Kyiv will fall this night,’ and watch us. We did not,” Rudik boasted. “We have more surprises coming for Putin’s army and the world how Ukrainians can stand for their country.”

“As of the last three to four hours, there has been no sirens and no going to bomb shelters, which is a rare case in Kyiv these days,” Rudik said. “Since the Parliament announced martial law, all in all there has been more than like 13 attacks on Kyiv, where the sirens were on and people had to go to the bomb shelters.”

Putin has underestimated the sense of duty displayed by Ukrainian elected officials, as well as private citizens. Most of all he has underestimated President Zelensky. The world is turning against Putin and it is possible Putin will fail in his mission. I’d like to believe that, anyway. Ukrainian civilians are pleading for help from Biden and from NATO countries. As I write this, it looks as though Germany has lifted its opposition to removing Russia from SWIFT, though no such news is coming from the White House. Biden is in Delaware this weekend.

Blinken announced more financial support for Ukraine’s defense today. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said defense aid will include anti-armor, small arms and various munitions, and body armor and related equipment.

“I have authorized, pursuant to a delegation by the President, an unprecedented third Presidential drawdown of up to $350 million for immediate support to Ukraine’s defense,” Blinken said Saturday. “This brings the total security assistance the United States has committed to Ukraine over the past year to more than $1 billion.”

This morning Rubio notes that Zelensky and Ukrainians are uniting Americans, and people around the world, against Putin.

Though it is hard to shake thinking about Biden’s long career and his historically wrong take on foreign affairs, let’s hope he can do better with Ukraine than he did in Afghanistan. Remember, it was former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates who served in the George W. Bush and Obama administrations who warned, “I think he’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Gates also said he didn’t know if Biden could be an effective commander-in-chief. He said he thinks Biden “had some issues with the military” as vice-president. So, there’s that.




This is one of the more striking poll results I have seen in a long time:

A new Harvard Center for American Political Studies (CAPS)-Harris Poll survey released Friday found that 62 percent of those polled believed Putin would not be moving against Ukraine if Trump had been president. When looking strictly at the answers of Democrats and Republicans, 85 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats answered this way.

However, 38 percent of all Americans polled believed that Putin would have invaded Ukraine even if Trump had been president.

This report comes from The Hill, which tries rather amusingly to stick up for Joe Biden and to impugn Trump. But the verdict is clear:

A majority of Americans polled — 59 percent — also said they believed that the Russian president moved on Ukraine because Putin saw weakness in President Biden, while 41 percent said that it was not a factor in Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.

If these numbers are even remotely close to public sentiment, Biden is already a lame duck. If most voters have sized Biden up this way–and I think they are probably right–it is hard to imagine what he can do to rebuild his standing.


The West Could Have Prevented The Russo-Ukrainian War, But Chose Not To

BY: JOHN DANIEL DAVIDSON at the Federalist:

FEBRUARY 25, 2022

NATO US Army helicopter training

President Biden and our European allies closed every off-ramp for Russia while misleading Ukraine into thinking we would defend it.

Author John Daniel Davidson profile


Not every war is unnecessary or avoidable, but history might well judge the Russo-Ukrainian war as both, not least because the United States and its European allies could have prevented it, but didn’t.

The decision to go to war was Russia’s, and Russia bears ultimate responsibility for what happens now. But that does not absolve the West of its strategic incompetence and complacency, and it does not mean the United States and its allies are guiltless in all of this.

At multiple points leading up to the current crisis, there were ways for the United States and Europe to create off-ramps for both Moscow and Kyiv, to shepherd a negotiated settlement so that both sides got a minimum of what they needed, and some of what they wanted.

What might that have looked like? For Moscow, a recognition of its strategic claim on Crimea and the port of Sevastopol as the home of its Black Sea Fleet. For Kyiv, the promise of political independence and greater integration with Europe in exchange for territorial concessions.

The West should have also considered the folly and recklessness of floating the idea of NATO membership for Ukraine, something no serious person ever thought Russia would accept without going to war to prevent it. And yet as far back as 2008, the United States openly discussed the possibility of Ukraine’s membership in NATO, even as Kyiv still claimed sovereignty over Russia’s most important naval base in Sevastopol. Under these conditions, the idea of Ukraine joining NATO was preposterous.

Instead, for years now the West has encouraged Ukraine to take a hard line on Russia, with false promises that the U.S. and NATO would stand up to Moscow and defend Ukraine when it came down to it, or that Ukraine would become a NATO member and thus secure its untenable borders.

As the political scientist John Mearsheimer argued back in 2016, the West has been leading Ukraine “down the primrose path, and that the end result is that Ukraine is going to get wrecked. … What we’re doing is encouraging the Ukrainians to play tough with the Russians. We’re encouraging the Ukrainians to think they will ultimately become part of the West, because we will ultimately defeat Putin and we will ultimately get our way, time is on our side.”


That encouragement — false encouragement, as it turns out — made the Ukrainians unwilling to compromise with Russian or consider Russian demands that were not unreasonable, given the historically unique circumstances of modern Ukraine’s borders and the problems those borders have always presented.

What’s more, the West’s encouragement of Ukraine did not match up with the West’s policies toward Moscow. You don’t tacitly commit to defending Ukraine from Russia while simultaneously making your nation energy dependent on Russia, as Germany and other European powers have done over the past decade, or flood your financial sector with billions from Russian oligarchs, as London has done.

The Biden administration not only encouraged European energy dependence on Russia (by waiving sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline last May) but substantially contributed to it by reversing the Trump administration’s achievement of U.S. energy independence. As my colleague Tristan Justice explains, President Biden’s energy policies have taken away the ability of the U.S. and its allies to sanction Russian oil exports, a key source of the Kremlin’s wealth:

“From Russia, the United States still imports nearly 600,000 barrels of oil every day. In contrast, the Keystone XL Pipeline Biden shut down was supposed to transport 830,000 barrels at peak capacity. Biden didn’t sanction the Russian energy sector, because he couldn’t have. Trump could have, and probably would have.”

All of this adds up to an historic failure by the West. For many years, the U.S. and its NATO allies knew that revisionist powers like Russia and China were unhappy with the post-Cold War international order, determined to revise it according to their strategic ambitions. It was up to the West, and especially the United States, to ensure that those attempts at revision did not take the form of all-out war, either on the European continent or in Asia.

Already, though, we see Beijing extending a hand to Moscow, calling for negotiations that could at this point only end with Russia achieving its strategic aims in Ukraine. 

Simply put, the West has not done what is necessary to preserve the U.S.-led international order, and now that order is unraveling in real time.


February 26, 2022

The Collapsing Covid Narrative is Being Replaced with Putin and Ukraine

By Vasko Kohlmayer at American Thinker:

Game-changing news has emerged out of Iceland.

As of this week, Iceland is the first country in the world to completely drop ALL Covid measures. There will be no lockdowns or social restrictions. There will be no mandatory Covid testing and if you happen to catch Covid you do not have to isolate. There will be no vaccine passports and no vaccine mandates. Anyone regardless of their vaccination status can travel to the country with no test required. The unvaccinated will not face any form of discrimination or exclusion from society.

Iceland is returning to going back to life as it was before Covid.

This by itself would be astounding enough given that Iceland is in the midst of a massive Covid surge and posting record cases even as we speak.

If you did not know, the vaccination rate in Iceland is some 80% of the total population which means that around 90% of the adult population is fully vaccinated.

Obviously, the vaccines have done absolutely nothing to stop or even slow down the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Quite on the contrary, they seem to have led to its increase.

Not only has the government of Iceland decided to drop all Covid restrictions and vaccine requirements, but the Ministry of Health issued remarkable new guidelines on how to deal with the virus. The country’s health authorities have advised the Icelanders that “as many people as possible need to be infected with the virus as the vaccines are not enough.”

Do you hear this?

Iceland’s government now tells its people that it is good to contract Covid. In other words, Iceland’s government has decided to handle Covid through herd immunity derived from natural infection.

This marks the complete negation of the official Covid narrative which was accepted as the conventional wisdom by nearly every government for the last two years.

The narrative ran something this: People should try to avoid getting infected at all costs and instead wait until they can get injected with the hastily concocted experimental vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and such.

Now, however, governments are increasingly encouraging their citizens to forget about the vaccines and instead go out and take on the virus with their own immune system.

What in the world?

They are saying this after two years of heavy-handed lockdowns, restriction and closures that have caused untold economic, social and psychological damage.

They have changed their mind after having conducted a global vaccination crusade that saw more then 60 percent of the Earth’s population injected with inadequately tested vaccines that have proved to be less than effective and that have needlessly killed what could be millions of people worldwide.

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest debacles in the annals of man.

There were scientists who advocated herd immunity through natural infection at the outset. Those voices, however, were ridiculed, censored, discredited, fired and cancelled.

Instead, one after another, governments across the world seized the false narrative and proceeded to impose a cascade of disastrous measures that inflicted unprecedented damage on the human race.

In the weeks ahead they will try to excuse themselves by claiming that the virus has changed and that it is less dangerous now that it was at the outset. This is true to some degree. The fact, however, remains that the virus never posed a great danger to most people. Its survival rate for non-confined individuals was some 99.7 percent. It posed virtually no threat to healthy children. It posed only relatively low risk to active healthy people of productive age. Certainly, the threat was not sufficient to justify wide scale school and business closures and other onerous measures.

Nor did it justify indiscriminate mass vaccination of children and healthy people with the dangerous and deficient vaccines.

These policies were a gargantuan mistake that cost untold trillions of dollars and countless lives.

Now that the false narrative is collapsing, those responsible for this debacle should be asked to explain themselves. These people, however, are very cunning and they are already in the process of skilfully diverting the public’s attention to another place with a new narrative.

Today they are all talking about Vladimir Putin as the greatest threat to mankind. They hope to inflame people’s passions so they will not notice that Covid has somehow gone away even though a short while ago we were allegedly all in danger of dying from it.

Now Vladimir Putin is the greatest evil we have ever faced. And as the added bonus, they will be able to blame him for the inflation, depression and other catastrophes brought by two years of destructive Covid policies.

The Covid-19 crisis was a government-imposed disaster from beginning to the end. The virus – which was created by the Chinese state in cooperation with Dr Fauci and his friends – either escaped or was released from the biolab in Wuhan.

The Ukrainian crisis is likewise a government induced disaster. The feckless Joe Biden, Antony Blinken and their globalist cronies provoked Putin by pushing the idea of NATO at the doorstep of Russia. This was as unacceptable to the Russians in the same way that Mexico entering the Warsaw Pact would be unacceptable to the United States.

Putin asked for assurances that there will be no more NATO’s countries on the Russian border. This was not an unreasonable request, but they told him to go home and pound sand.

We should not be surprised at Putin’s anger. If he overreacts, the ensuing catastrophe will have been sparked by the provocateurs who were needlessly poking the Russian bear in the eye.

Both Covid and Russia are false narratives. In a way they are one of a piece. The passions and emotions evoked by the latter are being used to hide and obscure the collapse of the former.

Vasko Kohlmayer was born and grew up in former communist Czechoslovakia. You can follow his writings by subscribing to his Substack newsletter ’Notes from the Twilight Zone’. He is the author of The West in Crisis: Civilizations and Their Death Drives.


February 26, 2022

Black Lives Matter’s True Colors

By David Horowitz at American Thinker:

It’s been almost two years since the summer of violent Black Lives Matter insurrections and cop-hating crusades.  The actions of that summer inflicted $2 billion in property damage in 220 American cities, killed scores of people, and spiked record homicide rates in a dozen municipalities run by Democrat politicians and supporters.  This unprecedented eruption of hatred and violence was fueled by a racial hoax claiming that there was an “open season” on black lives, despite the fact that there is no evidence to support this claim, whether statistical or circumstantial.

Apart from affirmative action, which was given a pass by the Supreme Court, and despite the false claims of the president, there is no systemic racism in America today.  If police departments, for example, were systemically racist, there would be massive lawsuits invoking the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which specifically outlaws institutional and systemic racism.  There are no such massive lawsuits because there is no systemic racism in police departments.  Although the accusation of systemic racism is the main currency of the Black Lives Matter hate campaign — and, shamefully, of the rhetoric emanating from the White House itself — there is no factual basis for this slander.  None.

The time that has elapsed since the launch of the left’s racial witch hunt has provided ample opportunity to expose the malicious, self-serving criminal agendas of the Black Lives Matter movement.  These have nothing to do with the welfare of black communities, which have not received a penny of the tens of millions of dollars raised in their name.  Contributions to Black Lives Matter have gone to line the pockets and enhance the real estate portfolios of its leaders.  Meanwhile, the chief victims of the homicides unleashed by their actions have been poor black inner-city communities — with no show of concern by Black Lives Matter and its allies.

A week ago, a Black Lives Matter activist named Quintez Brown attempted to assassinate a Jewish mayoral candidate in Louisville.  Without any hesitation, Black Lives Matter provided a $100,000 bond to get him released within two days of his arrest.  It was not the first instance where Black Lives Matter showed its solidarity with political and racial assassins, or its support for domestic terrorism.  When a black assassin murdered five cops in Dallas, and the assassin was blown up by a police robot, Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors portrayed the murderer as a black-skinned martyr because he was “the first individual ever to be blown up by local law enforcement.”  She ignored the fact that the assassin was a homicidal maniac, and the order to blow him up was made by the Dallas police chief, who was black.

As an emblem of the Biden Democrats’ support for the anti-white, anti-law racists of the left, Biden recently appointed political consultant Minyan Moore to advise him on his selection of a black woman to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer.  Minyan Moore is a director of the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation.  Worse, she is a close friend and promoter of Kimberle Crenshaw, the creator of Critical Race Theory, which indicts America’s constitutional order as “white supremacist” from its inception and concludes that no American laws or institutions should be respected because of those origins.

To have Moore as the presidential adviser on a Supreme Court nomination epitomizes the anti-American, anti-democratic agendas of Black Lives Matter’s “trained Marxists.”  In addition, Moore has been a political consultant to the Clintons, Kamala Harris, and the race-hustler Jesse Jackson — an indication of how the Democrat Party has reverted to its roots as the party of slavery, racism and segregation.

David Horowitz is the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of I Can’t Breathe: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America.

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