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An American Female Writes:

Ukraine Demonstrates the Need for Gun Protections

It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

By Lauren Farrell at American Greatness:

March 1, 2022

The question of upholding the right of self-defense shouldn’t be political. Even so, supporters of the Second Amendment and our right as free people to arm ourselves are constantly attacked as wild-eyed crazies and “gun nuts.” So imagine my surprise at seeing Ukraine, a country with strict gun laws, “handing out” guns to its citizens for use as protection against the Russian invasion. It’s almost as if guns in the right hands can be used for good.

The siren song of gun control is ever present in the left-wing agenda. But people alleged to be on the Right are also constantly suggesting that we need at least “some” gun control. Because of these ubiquitous sentiments, I believe it’s necessary to point out the obvious:

  • If you are suggesting the answer is “more” gun laws, please know, there are already more than 300,000 state and federal gun laws on the books in the United States.
  • No form of gun control implemented against law-abiding citizens will ever change the actions committed by criminals or the mentally ill.
  • No government, including our own, is ever going to give up its firearms. This seems obvious, but it’s necessary to point out since officials are always seeking to impose more restrictions on us but none on themselves. Citizens are asked to ignore the fact that throughout history those in power, when unchecked by a vigorous and self-governing citizenry, have instructed members of the military and law enforcement to imprison, starve, torture, experiment on, and then, inevitably, commit mass genocide against their own people for the perverted purposes of the ruling class.

Those who are uninformed about guns, and those who deliberately misinform people to further a gun confiscation agenda constitute two very real obstacles to self-government. History has demonstrated that the road to ultimate power is paved by useful idiots and malicious deceivers, leading to the disarming of everyone excluding those in power.  

I can’t help but notice that some of the loudest voices within the gun control movement are conspicuously and constantly protected by people with guns. Joe Biden is the most heavily protected person in our country, if not the world. Yet he has been advocating stricter gun laws for years. Along the way, he has been guilty of spreading uninformed and sloppily constructed opinions, most especially pertaining to the hot topic of AR-15s—or as Joe Biden refers to them, “AR-14s.” 

Remember when Biden advised a woman that AR-15s were “harder to aim” and “harder to use” and suggested, instead, that she should “buy a shotgun”? If you’ve ever fired an AR-15 and also a shotgun, you know there are significant differences between the two—most notably, recoil. As someone who has fired an AR-15 many times, I can personally attest that, given the choice between a shotgun or an AR-15 for defense, I would choose the AR every time. Gun control advocates make simple, uninformed statements like these all the time without anything to back up their claims because they think it sounds good and it pushes their narrative.

But this isn’t about which is better, the AR or the shotgun. It’s about the removal of one type of weapon which will eventually lead to the removal of another after the tactic proves successful. They’re not after ARs, they’re after all guns. The AR is just the one they’re after today. Sensible Americans who understand their right to self-defense should not give them an inch. It’s always going to be used as leverage for the next gun grab. 

Those who would suppress the Second Amendment purposely ignore statistics that prove more guns are used more in self-defense than in criminal pursuits. On average there are 2 million defensive uses of firearms reported yearly and another study shows that women use guns 200,000 times a year to defend themselves against sexual assault.

As a woman, I don’t believe in allowing the government to play God with my life. Years ago, I spent many nights at home alone but I did so without fear because I had a gun for protection. I am of small stature, and I wouldn’t be a physical match against an intruder. But put a gun in my hand with proper firearm training? When I am armed, the field is leveled. 

A recent Rasmussen poll shows Americans believe in stricter enforcement of the laws we already have, not in the addition of more laws like Biden would have you believe. And since the Left outright lies about gun shows having “loopholes” and pushes for federal “red flag laws” let’s examine a few key points: 

  • With every legal gun purchase from a shop or vendor you are required to undergo a background check. Vendors at gun shows are not exempt from this process.
  • You will be denied the purchase of a gun if you’ve been convicted of a felony, domestic violence, or if you are court-ordered adjudicated as mentally defective. 
  • Being court-ordered adjudicated as mentally defective means that a series of steps were taken to declare someone mentally incompetent, unlike what is proposed in Biden’s federal “red flag law,” which would strip you of your guns without due process and deem you guilty until proven innocent based on claims made by someone about you. Does anyone actually believe this process would not be politicized and weaponized against opponents of the Left? 

The uptick in gun purchases over the last couple of years may be a cause for hope, particularly because of the surge in new gun owners. It seems that more people are realizing movements pushing to “defund the police” may leave them in a vulnerable situation. They are learning that they need to arm themselves and not rely on someone coming to save them.  

One of the hardest lessons in life is coming to terms with the reality of good and evil. No matter how good or nice a person you may be, the possibility that you can fall victim to someone with evil intentions is always on the table. 

Maybe an even harder reality is understanding that governments have sacrificed millions of lives over the centuries for greed, power, prejudice, or simply because those in power were malicious. There may never come a time when I need to defend myself, but like the Ukrainians are finding out now, I never want to be in a position where I am reliant on the government to make that choice for me. 

There is adage I live by that sums this up greatly: “It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.” 

Fascistic Obama’s Ambassador SPEAKS OF TODAY’S RUSSIAN HORROR….

Former Obama ambassador to Russia: There are no innocent Russians anymore

ALLAHPUNDIT Mar 02, 2022 5:01 PM ET

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AP Photo/John Minchillo

Ugly phrasing here from a guy who helped craft America’s Russian “reset” in 2009, a policy that led to Obama famously sneering at Mitt Romney in 2012 that treating Russia as a foe was evidence of an antiquated 1980s worldview.

But I do think there’s an underlying truth to what Michael McFaul says below. There’s only one entity that may be capable of forcing Putin to retreat and that’s the Russian citizenry. The military could conceivably do it by deserting in Ukraine but the first deserters will be quickly shot as a lesson to any others who are considering it. Putin’s inner circle could do it by giving him a Caesar-esque exit from the world stage but Putin has likely surrounded himself with only fanatic loyalists at this point.

Mass demonstrations are the only quick and comparatively easy way out. But demonstrating against Putin comes at great personal risk, and I’m not prepared to deny anyone who lacks that courage the right to call themselves “innocent.”

There are no more “innocent” “neutral” Russians anymore. Everyone has to make a choice— support or oppose this war. The only way to end this war is if 100,000s, not thousands, protest against this senseless war. Putin can’t arrest you all!

— Michael McFaul (@McFaul) March 2, 2022

There are many innocent Russians. Some of them may even be carrying guns in Ukraine right now, conscripted into military service because Putin needed warm bodies, then undersupplied and underfed, then thrust into the fight without much training or logistical support. A few months ago the online right swooned over a Russian military recruiting ad that made Russian soldiers look like the second coming of Ivan Drago, honed to chiseled lethal masculine perfection. Here’s what they look like in reality:



Sentiments like “there are no innocent Russians” are destined to have unintended consequences, like encouraging threats towards Russians who very much are innocent. Non-Russians too: A D.C. restaurant called “Russia House” was vandalized a few nights ago because of its name. Neither of its two owners are Russian.

Obnoxious nonsense like this is destined to continue, at least for awhile:


Jack Shafer records a few more examples:

In Londonderry, Vt., one bartender made his geopolitical statement by pouring a bottle of Stolichnaya vodka down the drain in a video — nice one, brainiac, Stoli is distilled by a Luxembourg company in Latvia. State authorities in Virginia, Oregon, Utah, Ohio, New Hampshire, Canada and elsewhere have barred genuine made-in-Russia hooch from distribution. Greece intends to suspend all collaborations with Russian cultural organizations, including a broadcast of the Bolshoi Ballet. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) wants all Russian students in the United States expelled and sent home. Pro-Putin artists and institutions are now banned from the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Peter Gelb, Met general manager, said, “We can no longer engage with artists or institutions that support Putin or are supported by him.” Disney is pulling new theatrical releases from Russia. Newly elected Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has ordered a review of the state purchase of goods and services from Russian companies. And Roanoke, Va., Sarasota, Fla., Chicago, Ill., and other cities intend to file for familial divorce from their Russian sister cities.

That’s the global “cancellation campaign” against Russia at work in its crudest form. No one was going to boycott the film festival if the Russian films were shown; no one is under any illusions that excluding the films will affect the calculus of the Russian government in any way. The point of a cancellation campaign is to signal your solidarity with the group consensus about a moral outrage by making a show of contributing to the collective effort to ostracize. The only contribution to that effort the festival organizers could make was to punish some Russian filmmakers who’d done nothing wrong. Forced to choose between doing the right thing and participating in a mass shunning exercise aimed more at performing one’s virtue than bringing about meaningful change, they chose virtue-signaling.

And they did so at a moment when some brave Russians are protesting Putin’s war. I mean:


That’s as innocent as Russians, or any other people, get. But demonizing them is what happens when a cancellation campaign spills over from social media to meatspace and targets not just celebrity who made a tasteless joke but an entire population. Mob dynamics are loathsome enough when they’re limited to virtual reality.

I return to the point up top, though. If anyone’s going to end this war with minimal bloodshed and economic calamity, it’ll have to be the Russians themselves. The country’s most celebrated dissident, Alexei Navalny, pleaded for his comrades to rise up in protest in a Twitter thread this morning. A taste:



That’s what McFaul meant, I think. Not that all Russians are complicit in Putin’s evil but that Russians alone have the collective power to stop him and should feel an urgent moral duty to do so. He just phrased it in the most jingoistic way possible.

The best argument I’ve seen for global cancellation of everyday Russians is this one at The Atlantic. If the basic problem at the moment is forcing Russia as a nation to internalize its externalities, shall we say, than bringing pain on the population is one way to do that:

It’s easy to see cultural boycotts as more of a symbolic act than a serious threat to Moscow’s geopolitical standing. But by suspending Russia from the world’s largest sporting and cultural arenas, these institutions are sending a clear—and, for Putin, potentially damaging—message: If Russia acts beyond the bounds of the rules-based international order in Ukraine, it will be treated as an outsider by the rest of the world…

So far, the cultural backlash fits neatly within the Kremlin’s overarching narrative that sanctions are proof of the West’s hatred not just of Putin and his oligarchs, but of the Russian people themselves. The longer the country’s cultural isolation persists, however, the more chance such measures have of breaking through the state’s narrative. If ordinary Russians can no longer enjoy many of the activities they love, including things as quotidian as watching their soccer teams play in international matches, seeing the latest films, and enjoying live concerts, their tolerance for their government’s isolationist policies will diminish. Several Russian sports stars, musicians, and other prominent figures have already voiced their opposition to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

It’s certainly true that the west needs a way to break through the Russian government’s narrative at home. There’ll be no demonstrations so long as Russians are in this degree of denial:


How much collective punishment do we want to pile on a population that doesn’t get to choose its own leader, though? The U.S. and EU have already inflicted some of the most brutal collective punishment in modern history by cutting off Russia’s central bank from the west, knowing what sort of hardship that’ll mean for average Russians but hoping that the measures will short-circuit Putin’s war machine. I don’t mean to sympathize with Russians too much — they’ve tolerated Putin for 20 years, after all — but between their leader surprising them with a war they thought wouldn’t happen, then deploying their ill-trained and under-equipped sons to go fight it, then bombing their relatives across the border, then exposing them to economic ruin in the form of western sanctions, kicking them out of film festivals too feels a bit … gratuitous.

And muddled in its messaging. Not so much “Putin is shameful” as “being Russian is shameful.” Which isn’t a great message, especially if the cancellation campaign is supposed to be winning Russian hearts and minds.

Today’s TOXIC SMOKE Champion Trio Of Today’s DEM Goons: BIDEN, PELOSI, AND KAMELA!

MARCH 2, 2022 BY JOHN HINDERAKER at PowerLine:


A couple of observations on two strange aspects of last night’s event that have been widely commented upon. First, Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre actions while Joe Biden was talking about soldiers who were exposed to toxic “burn pits.” What on earth was she doing?


And am I the only one who thinks that, with the plastic surgery she has had, Pelosi has taken on something of the air of a high school girl, as in this performance during the SOTU?

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, in close proximity as they were last night, give off a force field of weirdness.

The second moment: Biden’s unscripted “Go get him!” at the end of his speech. Apparently no one knows what he was talking about, if anything, but it reminded me of the famous scream–“Heee-yaa!”–that led to Howard Dean’s exit from the presidential race in 2004. I never actually saw much wrong with the scream, but it crystallized concerns a lot of people had about Dean, a relatively unknown commodity. In Biden’s case, a disconnected “Go get him!” hanging in the air might well crystallize concerns a lot of people have about Biden’s mental fitness. But those concerns will remain unspoken in polite society.


D.C. Schools: Screw the CDC. The masks stay on in schools

JAZZ SHAW Mar 02, 2022 at HotAir:

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

When the CDC quietly relaxed their guidelines for students wearing face masks in schools, plenty of parents were greatly relieved. The decision seemed long overdue, even if there are still a few counties where infection rates remain stubbornly high. Schools have long been understood to not be “superspreader” locations for the most part at this point. But not all school districts were on board with the new approach. In Washington, D.C., the District of Columbia Public School system issued a statement saying that face masks would still be mandatory for all students, staff, and visitors when entering a school. But as a slight nod to those who might be opposed, the DCPS said that you can now remove the masks when going outside. (National Review)

Washington, D.C., public schools will continue to impose an indoor mask mandate for all students, staff, and visitors in defiance of updated CDC guidance relaxing masking recommendation for regions with low virus transmission, such as D.C.

“Students, staff and visitors will no longer be required to wear a mask when outdoors at our schools, effective immediately. Masks will continue to be required for all students, staff, and visitors while indoors,” a March 1 notice from DCPS reads.

The latest CDC advisory says that most U.S. counties do not qualify as “at-risk” areas for Covid-19 concentration and therefore can drop their mask requirements.

The first response to this announcement from most sane people was probably along the lines of, ‘wait a minute. You maniacs were making the children wear masks outside?’

As noted in the linked report, the CDC is now using a map that breaks down all counties in the United States into three categories. They define areas of “low, medium, and high” virus transmission. Only those categorized as “high” are still encouraged to wear masks indoors. Almost all of the District of Columbia and the parts of northern Maryland fall into the “low” category.

With so many other districts, including many in blue states, throwing in the towel on this issue, what’s up with D.C.? We’re finally seeing a growing consensus in the scientific community that in most cases, the commonly used cloth masks do little or nothing to impact transmission rates. (An idea that would get you banned on Twitter and Facebook if you so much as mentioned it until recently.)

Perhaps one factor is the reality that the District of Columbia is a deeper shade of blue than even most of New York City or San Francisco. They’ve probably indoctrinated all of the teachers (and even a fair number of parents) into such a perpetual state of COVID hysteria that it can’t be switched off on short notice. And they likely have no fear of being replaced through some sort of popular uprising among parents. Honestly, I’m shocked that they even allowed the schools to reopen at all.

It would seem that in D.C. it was never about following the science, and now it’s not even about following the politics. They’re just following the mantra, and they’ve been doing it for so long that they’re incapable of stopping. That’s a shame since the ones who will be paying the ultimate price for this are the children.

Our America THE MISERABLE, 2022AD!

Has carjacking become a teenage fad? (Update)

JOHN SEXTON Mar 02, 2022


When I came across this story today, I immediately thought of Mohammad Anwar, the Uber driver who was killed during an attempted carjacking by two teenage girls age 13 and 15.


That disturbing case wasn’t a one off. In fact, carjackings have been up in cities across the country in the last couple years. And in a surprising number of cases the carjackers were teenagers. Here’s a recent incident from Chicago which involved an 11-year-old.

The NY Times reports this trend may in fact be the equivalent of a game, something teens have turned to during the pandemic. The story opens with the case of Tariq Majeed who was carjacked by a teenager while cleaning a car for his detailing business.

“I honestly believe it’s a game,” Mr. Majeed said. Stolen cars used to be stripped down, with the parts sold for cash, he said. Now people are carjacked, and the cars are often found afterward, crashed or just left on the street. “It’s a game.”…

There are reasons carjacking may have begun proliferating even as robbery rates dropped in 2020: Push-button ignitions have made it harder to operate cars without getting the keys from the driver; supply chain problems boosted the price of used cars as millions found themselves in economic straits; and the pandemic ushered in an army of delivery workers, often stopping in unfamiliar neighborhoods. Ride-share drivers, the police said, have been summoned, then robbed on arrival.

But none of this fully explains what officials say is the most troubling part of the trend: the ages of so many who have been arrested. Fourteen-year-olds12-year-olds, even 11-year-olds have been charged with armed carjacking or in some cases murder.

As with nearly every fad that takes hold of teens these days, some of it is likely the result of social media. During the lockdowns, social media became the only place many teens could interact and that prompted some to look for ways to make their videos go viral.

“The internet just took over,” one 16-year-old boy at E.L. Haynes said. “Everybody tried to go viral, doing stupid stuff.”

The boy, who like other classmates did not want to be named, said that in the early days of the pandemic, he had heard that guys on the street were stealing cars to bring in some money. Then young people started doing it, he said, at first jumping into cars that were left idling and unattended and just driving around. Videos of these rides around the city started showing up on social media.

Before long, “carjacking became a sport,” said one community organizer. “A big bandwagon,” said another.

The pandemic may have created the conditions that led to this fad but lockdowns have been over for months and the fad continues. This isn’t being driven by the pandemic so much as it’s being driven by out of control teens looking for a thrill. Many of the readers of the Times‘ article were making the point that part of the problem is the lack of consequences.

  • “Carjacking is on the rise because there are no consequences. I’m tired of criminals having all the rights, and the rest of us just have to live in fear. Tired of the excuses for criminal behavior.”
  • “When actions have no consequences this is the end result.”
  • “There are zero consequences for stealing a car in Oregon—the person can just claim they “thought” they had permission to take it. There are some, but barely, consequences for carjacking.”

Other readers pointed toward parents who aren’t doing their job as parents.

Yes, our society has let down these kids with limited opportunities and no after school programs, as covered by this article. That said, where are the parents? And ultimately, how are we going to hold these kids responsible? They are making terrible decisions and people in the community are suffering. Everyone struggled during COVID, but only a small group of young kids (I’m assuming almost all boys) decided to go out and commit armed robbery. Let’s not absolve them of their criminal acts.

This is the top comment, from a woman in southern California:

Well, the youth are certainly in crisis. But the idea that the pandemic is driving little children to callous, murderous acts is absurd on its face. As the article itself points out, pandemic restrictions were dropped in most places a long time ago and carjackings persist. I will never in my life shake the sickness in my belly I felt after watching the video of the DC carjackers who killed the Uber driver. After stealing his car and killing him, one of the teen girls wails that she left her cell phone in his car and she needs to go back and get it. No reaction to what she had done or to the lifeless body of the man she had just killed lying in the street. She just wanted her cell phone back. Something is seriously broken in parts of our American culture and we need to have an honest discussion about what it is.

And one more who echoed that sentiment from a man in Washington, DC:

By any reasonable measure, I was a hellion in my teenage years. You name it, I did it, and it was a miracle I turned out as decently as i did.

But let me tell you: 4th of July 2019 I witnessed a level of teenage debauchery in Washington, D.C. that astonished even this former maniac, likely on the same blocks in this article. My wife and I came upon a large group of D.C. teens having an all-out fireworks battle in the street, and unfortunately we were stuck in the middle. Now, I don’t mean just roman candles – which is an antic I myself used to get up to with friends. No, these kids were shooting full on mortar fireworks out of tubes at each other. The scene was something out of the trenches of WWI. No cops in sight, cars damaged left and right, one on fire, people running as fast as they could to get off of that block. And us stuck in our car in the middle. The level of property damage and risk to life and limb was too much even for me, someone exceptionally tolerant of teenage nonsense. They were having the time of their lives, and destroying everything around them in a simulated war zone.

The kids are not alright, and it predates the pandemic.

He’s got a point. Lots of kids were bored during the pandemic. The teens who used knives and guns to steal cars for a thrill have problems that go way beyond needing more after school programs.

Welcome To Truth, Hispanic America! We Need Help!

The Republican Mayor of McAllen Represents the Changing Political Map of Texas

Politicians like Javier Villalobos increasingly appeal to Hispanics in the Rio Grande Valley.

By Tunku Varadarajan

Adrienne Peña-Garza, chairwoman of the Hidalgo County Republican Party in McAllen, Texas.PHOTO: TUNKU VARADARAJAN

Listen to article

Length6 minutes

McAllen, Texas

It’s early evening on a recent Saturday and Javier Villalobos has just poured me a large slug of mezcal, which he tops up with tequila to “make the taste more smooth.” He pours himself the same daunting cocktail as we converse in the private office where he practices law. “Bienvenido a McAllen,” he says: Welcome to McAllen.

Mr. Villalobos, 55, seems much too convivial to be the face of political ferment. He’s the mayor of McAllen (pop. 141,968), the largest city in Hidalgo County, and was elected in June last year, making him the first Republican to capture city hall here in nearly a quarter-century. McAllen and Hidalgo County are, respectively, 85% and 92% Hispanic. By Texas tradition, this should ensure that their voters are almost adamantly Democrat, which is why his election, he says, made international news—“even in Korea and Germany.”

His victory is part of an absorbing new electoral trend in the Rio Grande Valley. Republicans, previously drowning in a sea of Democrats, are starting to swim. In the past, says Mr. Villalobos, the Democrats “would ignore us because they knew this area would always vote for them.” Republicans “would ignore us because they thought we would never be with them.” But now that “we have competition, things are getting a lot more interesting.” He jokes that Greg Abbott, the state’s Republican governor, “seems to be here almost weekly.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton trounced Donald Trump in Hidalgo County by 40 points. Four years later, Joe Biden carried it by only 17 points in the face of unexpected Republican inroads into the regional Hispanic vote. As every Republican in these parts will tell you, Mr. Trump flipped nearby Zapata County in 2020, which had been rock-solid for the Democrats and is 94% Hispanic. Mr. Trump also won over Hispanic voters in other parts of the country. But it was his success in South Texas that fired his party’s imagination and instilled in Texas Democrats a fear of what might happen if the state’s Hispanics start to convert their innate conservatism into support for the Republican Party.

“South Texas is being transformed,” says Adrienne Peña Garza, 43, chairwoman of the Hidalgo County Republican Party. “Here on the southern border, it’s been blue for 100 years. And what happens when it’s just one party in control? There’s no checks and balances.”

The first Hispanic woman to chair the county party, she recalls being insulted at people’s doorsteps when she started handing out leaflets in 2012. She was called a “coconut”—brown outside, white inside—or worse, by Hispanics who couldn’t abide “someone who looked like them” being a Republican. It didn’t help that only 1 in 3 Hispanics in Hidalgo County is literate in English, she says. “They didn’t realize that many of their social values weren’t embraced by the Democrats.” She adds that “there was a stigma, that Republicans were rich, old white people who wanted to deport you.”

Mr. Villalobos appears to echo this last point in his frequent calls for the party to embrace “inclusivity.” Hispanic Americans, he says, “have always been conservative,” but the Republican Party “hasn’t always” made them feel welcome. Yet the party’s changing, he says, not least because Hispanics in South Texas have themselves changed.

Hispanics, by the mayor’s account, have always “gone for the Democratic Party because of our parents, our grandparents.” The community, he points out, is much more educated than it used to be. (Mr. Villalobos is proof of this. He went to law school. His father, by contrast, studied only up to second grade, his mother to seventh.) “There are a lot more who own their own businesses now, and this has made a difference to how they think.”

A third factor is at play, too, Mr. Villalobos says, “a kind of catalyst.” That’s immigration, particularly as framed by Mr. Trump. “A lot of times people think that all Hispanic people want borders open. Here, in South Texas, you don’t hear that. Even the people who were once immigrants, they don’t like migrants just to be coming in at will.” The ones who are here, he says, “did it right, so they want other people to do it right.”

Ms. Peña Garza, the party’s county chairman, is in accord. “Down here, the most important thing to us is border security. Hispanic Americans are not in favor of open immigration.”

The newly competitive Republican Party will be put to the test in the coming midterms, particularly in the 15th Congressional District, which includes McAllen. Redistricting has made the 15th significantly more GOP-friendly than it was in 2020, when Monica De La Cruz, the Republican candidate, lost by a whisker to Democrat Vicente Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez has chosen this time to run in the redrawn 34th District. Ms. De La Cruz, expected to win her primary, will likely face a Democrat of no great heft.

She was endorsed last week by Mr. Trump, who said that she would be “an incredible Congresswoman.” Among his reasons for backing her was his belief that Ms. De La Cruz—whose grandmother fled from Mexico as a child—would “secure our border.”

Mr. Varadarajan, a Journal contributor, is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and at New York University Law School’s Classical Liberal Institute.


WaPo: The great Russian convoy against Ukraine has stalled out

ED MORRISSEY Mar 02, 2022 at HotAir:


AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky

It’s not the only part of Russia’s war machine that has malfunctioned, but this could be the worst of outcomes if it can’t get back underway. The 40-mile convoy into Ukraine had signaled a new all-or-nothing resolve from Vladimir Putin, an escalation to massive urban combat rather than the initial shock-and-awe campaign to force a capitulation of Kyiv. However, as the Washington Post reports, the convoy has stalled out for more than a day — making this major Russian force a long line of sitting ducks, at least at the moment:

U.S. and British officials said a long column of tanks and combat vehicles was stalled roughly 20 miles north of central Kyiv on the sixth day of President Vladimir Putin’s invasion, deepening questions about whether Moscow’s assault will yield a protracted war of resistance with its much smaller, less powerful neighbor.

The convoy, stretching some 40 miles, has moved little over the past day as the Russian forces have grappled with fuel and food shortages, a U.S. defense official told reporters, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive situation. The British Defense Ministry said Ukrainian forces continued to hold the cities of Kharkiv, Kherson and Mariupol, but all three “are now likely encircled by Russian forces,” with air and artillery attacks intensifying. …

Officials say Moscow has now pushed into Ukraine more than 80 percent of the combat power it staged within Russian border areas and in neighboring Belarus in recent months, demonstrating Putin’s determination to cripple a Western-backed government that he maintains has undermined Russian security.

A long, thin line of forces makes for a very attractive target, especially from partisans with more mobility, better terrain knowledge, and much higher morale. That kind of communication line either has to keep moving or have highly mobile flank protection to survive. Thus far, however, Russian forces haven’t exhibited even basic tactical competence, let alone Clausewitz-like imagination. The fact that the main convoy has run out of fuel all but eliminates the possibilities of mobile flank protection, even if Russians had shown any such inclination while their armor has had enough gas to move.

If the Ukrainians had better air competitiveness, this convoy would be a small-scale equivalent to Napoleon’s grand armée going into Russia. As it is, they’re still vulnerable to smaller scale attacks that could freeze both ends of the line and trap troops and assets in a killing zone unless Putin can find a way to get them moving again.

There have been some signs of units arriving on the outskirts of Kyiv, as a siege apparently is Putin’s next move to force capitulation:

Russian forces Wednesday pressed ahead with a wide-ranging but slow-moving offensive targeting key Ukrainian cities, menacing the capital of Kyiv with a miles-long military convoy, launching deadly strikes on the second-largest city of Kharkiv and apparently breaching a strategic Black Sea port city with tanks and troops. …

With President Biden vowing in his Tuesday night State of the Union address to make Russian President Vladimir Putin pay a heavy price for the unprovoked attack on Ukraine, its defenders — a motley mix of regular army troops and ad hoc civilian militias — braced for an expected full-scale attack on Kyiv, a city of 3 million people.

Ukrainians have been bracing for that siege for a few days now, thanks to widespread coverage of the convoy. The more time Kyiv has to prepare, the better they can defend the city, which is another way in which this stall is a particularly bad development for Russia’s military. We have already seen that the morale in the invasion force isn’t high, and at least some reports show that Russian commanders didn’t even prepare their conscript-heavy forces for a war at all. A protracted urban assault on Kyiv will have reluctant and untrained invaders going up against native forces filled with angry, motivated, and in some cases already-tested Ukrainian regulars and militias fighting for their own country. That will turn Kyiv into a Stalingrad for Putin, only with the KGB colonel playing Adolf Hitler’s role.

Can Russia still win such a battle? Brute force and overwhelming numbers will make a difference here, but the better question is what they will “win” even if they seize control of Kyiv. They will have “won” static positions in obvious places that the citizenry knows better than the Russian army does, which will turn occupiers into sitting ducks for years of insurgencies — assuming Russians can hold out even that long.

And right now, Russia can’t even provision their forces properly for a drive on the highway. The longer that convoy stalls, the fewer forces will make it to either end of that line of communication, and the better odds Ukrainians have of outlasting Russia.

“Wonder What Really Happened!”

Chechen forces seeking to assassinate President Zelensky have been ‘eliminated’

JOHN SEXTON Mar 01, 2022 7:20 at HotAir:


AP Photo/Ronald Zak

In the midst of a war it’s not easy to tell what information is reliable but, with that caveat out of the way, the Telegraph is reporting that an assassination attempt on the life of Ukrainian President Zelensky has failed:

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, said an “elite group” of Chechens had arrived in Kyiv to kill the Ukrainian president.

He said they were in two units, one of which was captured, while the other was under fire from Ukrainian forces…

Mr Danilov told Ukrainian television the Chechen units which “came to kill our president” had been “eliminated”.

The information about the attempt is a bit vague but the Mirror has a bit more detail including some intriguing hints about the intelligence that allowed them to stop the Chechen attack.

Speaking on Ukraine 24 TV channel, Danilov said: “We are already aware of the special operation that was to be carried out by Kadyrov forces unit.

“We received the information from representatives of Russia’s Federal Security Service who do not want to take part in this bloody war.

Why would the FSB provide information to Ukraine? This article explains that in more depth. Note that this comes from a news site called Pravda.com.ua which is based in Ukraine and publishes articles in several languages:

According to sources of Ukrainian intelligence services, the neutralisation of the Kadyrovites was made possible by intelligence obtained from an anonymous source who introduced himself as a “Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation officer” who wants to prevent bloodshed. According to this source, and confirmed by intercepted materials, Putin, entrusting Kadyrov with such an important task, in parallel instructed the Federal Security Service of Russia to monitor its implementation. A temporary task force was set up at the Federal Security Service’s headquarters to record every step taken by Kadyrov and people close to him.

After the invasion of Ukraine, a Russian Federal Security Service officer who allegedly opposed the war, and in order to stop the bloodshed as soon as possible, gave the warning information about the route of the Kadyrov column and their role in the special operation against Ukraine to the Ukrainian intelligence services.

On February 26, after reconnaissance using unmanned aerial vehicles, the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted a devastating blow on two Kadyrov locations in the Gostomel area. Magomed Tushaev, commander of the 141st Motorised Regiment of the Chechen National Guard of Russia and close to Kadyrov, was killed.

This part seems a bit far-fetched to me. I can believe there are people in all walks of life in Russia who oppose the current invasion but would anyone within the FSB actually take this risk of leaking troop movements to Ukraine? That would certainly be grounds for an unpleasant death sentence in Russia. On the other hand, there have been reports that the Chechens suffered a defeat on Feb. 26th in which a particularly nasty Chechen general was killed:

But after that report, including apparent confirmation of his death, there were denials which claimed he is still alive. While the details of this story are vague, the general claim that Russia sent soldiers to target Zelensky is not hard to believe. Yesterday, the London Times reported that 400 Russian mercenaries had been sent to Kyiv to kill Zelensky:

The Wagner Group, a private militia run by one of President Putin’s closest allies and operating as an arm-length branch of the state, flew in mercenaries from Africa five weeks ago on a mission to decapitate Zelensky’s government in return for a handsome financial bonus.

Information about their mission reached the Ukrainian government on Saturday morning and hours later Kyiv declared a 36-hour “hard” curfew to sweep the city for Russian saboteurs, warning civilians that they would be seen as Kremlin agents and risked being “liquidated” if they stepped outside.

To be clear, the assassination attempt being reported today didn’t come from among those mercenaries. Still it’s believable that Putin sent multiple groups to Kyiv with the goal of taking out the leadership of the country. Whether or not Ukraine defeated those forces thanks to help from the FSB is another matter.

America’s Vice President QUEEN OF THE DEMS Speaks!

 MARCH 2, 2022 BY SCOTT JOHNSON at PowerLine:


Vice President Kamala Harris explained the Russia-Ukraine conflict “in layman’s terms for people who don’t understand what’s going on and how can this directly affect the people of the United States” during a segment on 93.9 WKYS’s The Morning Hustle yesterday (video below, whole thing here). WKSY holds itself out as “DC’s Source For What’s Hot In The Hip Hop Community With The Best Radio, Local News, Events And Insider Info.”

The New York Post also includes a video of the whole segment in its story on Kamala’s klarifying komments. The Post quotes Manhattan Institute’s senior fellow Brian Riedl: “I’m proud to announce that my 9-year-old daughter was hired last week as VP Harris’ speechwriter.” The Post also quotes Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller. Inspired by the vice president, Miller offered this: “When two countries love each other very much, they sometimes make littler countries. And sometimes as they get older they drift apart and then split up. This is not the fault of the countries really.”


Kamala Explains It All: ‘Ukraine Is A Country’

BY: JORDAN BOYD at the Federalist:

MARCH 01, 2022

Kamala Harris knows a lot about Ukraine™

Our very articulate Vice President Kamala Harris wants Americans wondering about the Eastern European conflict dominating news cycles to know that “Ukraine is a country.”

“So Ukraine is a country in Europe,” Harris explained indignantly in a radio interview on Tuesday. “It exists next to another country called Russia.”

When asked by the “Morning Hustle” radio show hosts what to make of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in layman’s terms, Harris dumbed down her explanation of the complex overseas crisis beyond parody.

“Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically that’s wrong. And it goes against everything that we stand for,” Harris said.

There it is, folks. The international panic over a conflict that could have been avoided if her administration had taken action months ago, explained in just a few short sentences. I’m sure Putin is quaking in his Kremlin boots right now.

After neglecting her duties as czar for President Joe Biden’s Southern border crisis, Harris recently traveled to Germany to negotiate security for Ukraine’s border as Russia threatened to invade. Harris’s quick trip across the pond implies that her knowledge of the Ukraine situation extends beyond being able to name which continent it’s on, yet, the more the vice president tried to delineate Russia’s motives for invading to U.S. listeners, the less informed she sounded.

“There are terms that we use. We say we respect the sovereignty, the territorial integrity of a country, right, their independence. Russia has gone into Ukraine militarily, unprovoked, with no justification other than to exercise its power to take over another country,” Harris said. “So essentially, that’s what’s at stake and we as America are saying that’s wrong. And we will stand with Ukraine in saying that that is wrong. But that’s essentially where we are. That’s essentially the issue and when it comes to what we know to be principles of fairness, we know that what Russia is doing is wrong.”

“Essentially,” Harris’s weird, robotic analysis proves that the same buffoons who botched the Afghanistan withdrawal and are running our country into the ground have no idea what’s going on in Ukraine and they have no idea how to stop it.

“We threatened sanctions to hopefully deter Russia from going in,” Harris insisted. “So we basically you know, like, if you’re a parent, and you tell your children ‘well, if you do this, the punishment is going to be that,’ right. And we hope that by doing that, it will deter our children from doing the wrong thing, right? So that’s deterrence.”

Harris can preach on any obscure radio show about raining “severe consequences and accountability” on Vladimir Putin in the form of sanctions but the truth is the White House and other Western nations missed their window of opportunity to prevent a war.

Neither the vice president nor the president is the most eloquent or coherent communicator our country has heard but Harris’s recent babblings about Ukraine take the cake. Is this garbled, nonsensical word vomit what we get when our politicians choose people for leadership positions based on their sex and race?

Jordan Boyd is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire and Fox News. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordangdavidson.