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Where’s The GOP Leadership From SHADOW MITCH MCCONNELL?

March 14, 2022

Democrat leadership has devalued America beyond recognition

By Terry Paulding at American Thinker:

Elections have consequences.  How many times have you heard that?  It’s certainly true.  The world has been watching our country tilt to the dark side, which set things in motion that have consequences far beyond our own society.  I see what is happening in Ukraine, at least in part, as the result of our dishonest left’s manipulation, leading to the emasculation and degradation of our once well ordered society.

I was reminded of this while reading this article on ZeroHedge about what’s happening in Ukraine.  It makes a bunch of points (i.e., that the West is wrong in its understanding of events there and wrong in its approach, and that we are heading for a global realignment, etc.), but only one has stuck with me.  Although this point is addressed obliquely, it’s still clear: we Americans have lost our right to claim the moral high ground — and along with it, our ability to influence others positively.  As to that, the essay has a point.

People worldwide can see right through our BS, unhampered by the filter of our own media’s propaganda.  Just as we watch the bombing in Ukraine, Russians watched the Russiagate witch-hunt against Trump, the manipulation of “facts” to fit the story, and the way we used their country in the process.  They see our gaslighting, canceling, and censorship of anyone who doesn’t toe the current party line, and they also can see our collapsing military, which is preoccupied with all the wrong things.

The world watched us taking our own people as political prisoners, locking them in the dungeon, and throwing away the key.  They saw that happen after watching our cities violently burn, with those perpetrators suffering no consequences.  Slowly, we’ve shifted from being viewed by the world as the arrogant paragon of a virtuous life to simply arrogant fools.  Recent events in Poland, when our vice president struggled to make simple, declarative phrases, have reinforced negative impressions completely.

Unless we change, this idiocy will be our downfall as a country.  The stage is set for our tumble to happen quickly.  Vacant leadership, rampant inflation, a lack of energy production, and a collapsed supply chain will combine with the consequences of the COVID scam, the climate scam, Russiagate, our open border, the violence of BLM and Antifa, to ensure our downfall.

Ukrainians certainly have no reason to have faith in us.  We’ve provided zero actual leadership to help them deal with the Russian invasion.  They are aware of our manipulation of their own national leadership during the Obama years, especially Biden’s role.  They’ve watched us turn our national border into a joke while pretending to help defend theirs as sacrosanct.  They know that our words have no clout behind them.  They’ve observed us over time, seeing our “equity” scam play out, how it pits Americans against one another in increasingly violent ways.  They’ve watched as half our country, probably more, has lost faith in our government.  I’m guessing they see and disapprove of our extreme national gender dysphoria as well — certainly, multiple “genders” is an alien concept to them, as it ought to be to anyone with a working mind.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine should have been stopped before it started.  If we’d been capable of taking our once-strong leadership role with our European allies, we would have seen the huge threat to Putin if Ukraine joined NATO right on Russia’s border and retreated on that point rather than pushed it.  In great part because of our lack of perceptive and sure leadership, thousands of people are being killed and displaced.

I may be a cynic, but if I’m not mistaken, this all ties in with the naked globalist aim to diminish our world population by a billion or so.  WW3 would certainly fit the bill.  After all, the Great Reset requires far fewer inhabitants warming the Earth.  The globalists would survive, given their unlimited financial resources.  For the rest of us, those of us not privileged to be “movers and shakers” in the world order, but the pawns — well, they don’t really care very much.  If Russia uses a nuke, oh, well.  They’ll be watching from a safe perch.

Once upon a time, long ago, when I was young and the Cold War had us practicing duck and cover at school, we Americans were sure we held the high ground, and our free-market economy and thriving society demonstrated moral superiority over communism.  The Russians — Soviets, then — had thuggish leaders who pounded their shoes on the table, unwieldy five-year plans, empty store shelves, and a poor and downtrodden populace, collectivized and profoundly unmotivated.  They were not allowed ownership or pride of accomplishment, existing under the thumb of an ever-richer dictatorial leadership they reviled.

We, on the other hand, had our free society — freedom of speech, an open invitation to better ourselves through hard work and personal achievement, and a system of law and order that was based on fairness, not who greased the most palms or gaslighted the most.


March 14, 2022

Ukraine’s Truth

By Thomas Rose at American Thinker:

Krakovets, Lyviv Oblast Ukraine:   As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine now targets military bases and supply lines here in the far west of Ukraine just miles from one of the busiest Polish border crossing, the letter Z has morphed from a proud symbol of Russian arms symbol into of the mark of Russian terror. What did the nearly two million women and children passing through this corridor ever do to have their homes, hospitals, and factories destroyed by Russian artillery? 

Ukraine’s guilt is manifold. She is guilty of not surrendering; guilty of defending herself against impossible odds; guilty of standing up to the tyrant of a mighty and aggressive neighbor. She’s guilty of celebrating her national identity and independence and worst of all, she’s guilty of not succumbing to the ever-growing terror from the east nor the neglect from an uncertain and terrified west, led by the United States.

Ukraine officially now puts the number of its dead war fighters at nearly 1500, but as in all wars, the heaviest price is paid not by those who bear arms, but those who cannot fight back. Those who can’t find refuge even in the hospitals and apartment blocks Russian heavy guns now target. 

Ukraine’s armed forces are now joined by a tragically growing army of inconsolable mothers and orphaned children. Recently vibrant urban landscapes are rendered lifeless by Russian armor. Tanks are parked where cars should be. Churches are without spires. The longer it takes Russia to occupy Ukraine the more it is turning this country into ever-growing heaps of uninhabitable rubble. The more valiant the Ukrainian defense stifles Putin’s plans, the more his war becomes a war of vengeance that Russia has by no means yet lost. 

What must go through the minds of Russian soldiers as they are given their orders to fire upon civilian neighborhoods. Do they think it to right the wrongs against a Russia more sinned against that sinning? Do they think of themselves are actual victims of real western aggression? One can only wonder what it is they see themselves fighting for as they traduce the fields villages and cities of Ukraine. Not to mention whether they think it worth dying for.

Such is not the case among those they are fighting against. If they didn’t before, Ukrainians certainly now know what they are fighting for. Like the citizens of Russian-occupied Maritipol, who by the thousands surround Russian tanks outside city hall chanting “bring back our men.”  

Putin may question the right of Ukraine to exist as a free and sovereign nation, but with every shell he lobs into parks filled with pram-pushing mothers, every cluster bomb be targets on maternity hospitals, Putin makes their case for them better than they could themselves. As never before, Ukraine’s identity as Ukraine is being forged on the anvil of this brutal and unforgiving war. 

The opera company of Odessa serenading citizen volunteers working round the clock filling sandbags to defend this historic Black Sea city from an expected Russian naval assault with the Ukrainian national anthem proves yet again that history is not destiny and the so-called fate of man is but the necessary fiction of those who seek to deny others the freedom to prove otherwise.

Putin’s entire rationale is that the Ukraine we see with our own eyes, does not in fact exist. Ukrainians are not Ukrainians at all, says he, but Russians longing to be reunited with the Motherland and are prevented from doing so by a gang of Nazis, led of course by a Jewish president. But then why are these supposedly nonexistent Ukrainians fighting like fearless lions against their deluded liberators? 

If the war is, as Putin says, about the very existence of Ukraine, then Putin has already lost. and today, as the entire world knows, Ukraine most certainly does exists and will fight to its last man to keep existing. 

To those Blame America Firsters who proclaim that it was NATO that somehow provoked Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, how is it that none of those the thousands who pour through this border every hour believe so? As former Vice President Mike Pence asked during his visit here, were it not for NATO, how far west would Russian tanks be today? Would the Baltics states still be free?”

Blame America Firsters might want to recall that NATO is an open and purely defensive alliance that has repeatedly invited Russia herself to join. The Russians themselves were signatories to the 1991 German Reunification Act that included folding the former East Germany into NATO. In 1994, addition to signing the Budapest Memorandum in which Russia herself solemnly agreed to guarantee Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, Russia also joined the “Partnership for Peace” program which established a pathway for Russia herself to join NATO. In 1997, Russia signed the “Founding Act” of on mutual relations, cooperation and security with NATO, and in 2002, Russia cofounded the NATO-Russia Council which gave Russia a permanent seat in Brussels NATO HQ. The notion that NATO provoked Putin’s invasion is nothing more than a revisionist expression of Blame America Firsters.

Not to mention that the very notion that Russia, the world’s largest country that stretches across 11 times zones and encompasses 10% of the earth’s landmass is herself in need of buffer states. What threat of invasion does Russia face and from whom? Estonia?

To those who breathlessly speculate what might come next, they need look no further than Syria for It’s the self-same Vladimir Putin who is behind Grozny, Aleppo, and Homs but with one key difference. In Syria, while Russian chemical weapons and barrel bombs were dropped from Russian planes, on the ground it was Syrians slaughtering other Syrians. That isn’t so here. Not only are bombs being dropped from Russian planes, but it is Russian soldiers killing Ukrainians on the ground. 

Russians and Ukrainians are not enemies, or at least they didn’t used to be. While they went their separate ways after the fall of the USSR, they did so as friends, neighbors, and families. Ukrainians and Russians are to each other in many ways what Americans and Canadians are to us. Kindred peoples, who share nearly identical lifestyles, languages, and cultures, but who are distinctly different nations. 

Putin’s everlasting legacy will be his turning of these long fraternal peoples into blood enemies. 

The freedom and security we take for granted don’t spontaneously emerge nor do they independently sustain themselves. There is no historical process that preordains them. There come moments in time when individual choices are essential. This is one of them. For each day Ukrainians resist gives the rest of us another year of the kind of life our forebears sacrificed to bequeath to us. Every day they fight allows us to reflect on their struggle in a way that helps us recommit ourselves to defending what we have. 

Putin’s vision rejects the idea of peoples’ capacity to create things anew. Putin’s vision is all about the past. That what happened in the past must determine what will happen in the future. Ukraine shows this is to be true. Ukrainians lived under the same tyranny as Russians when part of the Soviet Union, worse in fact. Yet Ukraine chose differently and fought repeatedly to protect their independence.

It is to Ukrainians that we owe not merely thanks and gratitude for reminding us of these hard-learned truths. We owe them our support.


March 13, 2022

The Signs of our Socialist Times

By Philip Crossing at American Thinker:

The future of our civilization is under threat from those who are trying to dismantle our cultural heritage.  There is much confusion as to why we are at this point in our history and what is behind the radical social changes that are flooding our institutions.  The cause is a spiritual sickness called “socialism.”

The rise of socialism has followed a curious trail through modern Western history.  Feminist, trade unionist, and eugenics movements of the early 20th century were succeeded by the “flower power”[i] generation of the 1960s.  From this hallucinogenic, shallow mindset of anti-war and free love came our original virtue-signalers and their preachy pop music. 

Today, we recognize socialism’s chosen people by their overt “wokeness” and feigned moral superiority, which is their primary weapon for killing off our culture.  Their utopian goal is a dehumanized world that either bows to their will or dies, both of which options are much the same thing.  Woke virtue-signaling is contiguous with the human penchant for self-justification in that it proclaims that the cause is for the common good of all.  However, the woke cause diminishes the common good through the callous destruction of the individual and our cultural history.  It is rooted in hubris.

Taking Igor Shafarevich’s four pillars of socialism, we can see more clearly how these woke political and social constructs have been driving the utopian agenda.  By comparing Shafaverich’s analysis with modern culture and institutions, we are able to establish the status of Western culture in relation to socialism.  These programs attack individual sovereignty, and subsequently, they aim to reduce humanity to a homogenous nothingness. 

The abolition of private property: One of the most powerful global wealth controllers, the World Economic Forum (WEC), has openly declared its commitment to socialism under the “Great Reset.”  According to the WEC, in the future, you will own nothing, and you will be happy about it.  The global electronic currency system in combination with bureaucratic and corporate big data are well positioned to make this a reality.  Governments have raised the possibility of removing physical cash entirely.

Aside from this open declaration of globalist intent, decades of pernicious taxation by Western governments have been shifting private property into the public sphere at an ever-increasing share of the economy. Putting aside debate on the productiveness of resultant public services, much of this private wealth is simply redistributed in various forms as “social security,” or to fund impoverishment policies such as “anthropogenic global warming” mitigation.

Public budgets are nearly always funded through debt.This places every citizen in debt, transferring all of the citizens’ private wealth into public hands.Ultimately, it is private money that must pay off loans and interest through taxation, inflation and potentially outright property theft.

The abolition of the family: Family is perhaps the most uplifting and supportive social structure for the individual, not only providing protection from the vagaries of life, but also standing as a powerful barrier to collective interference from governments and other corporate interests.  A society with strong familial structures is replete with self-reliance and suggests a community of people who feel valued and confident in who they are.  These traits are anathema for the socialist.

Feminism and the promiscuity drive have been powerful progressive social forces against the stability of the family structure within Western society, abetted by legislation that delegitimizes and communalizes family such as redefining marriage, no-fault divorce, and three-person parenting.Support for family is further weakened by abortion on demand.The marriage rate in the USA is at a historical low.

Hostility toward religion:  One of the goals of enlightenment humanism was to rid philosophy of the transcendent God and replace it with god-like man in a continuum with nature.  Both Darwinism and Marxism were flawed attempts to leverage science to invalidate the claims of God as the source of ultimacy and creativity.  Darwinism in particular, and it’s Lyell-ist long-ages shadow, has proved to be universally comforting to humanists in spite of its feeble and consistently failed narrative in the face of evidence.  Darwinism is the pseudo-intellectual pacifier of humanist nihilism, but it has wrought havoc against biblical authority among the uninformed wider population.

The war against God has now come to its practical fulfillment in the West, as modern man trusts in human authority rather than the transcendent.Government and politics are now the sources of ultimate authority, meaning, and reality.As orthodox Christian church attendance has plummeted, the church’s political and social influence has waned to its lowest ebb.

Anti-discrimination laws, emergency health orders, and atheistic secularism in schools and colleges all target Christianity, which is now widely viewed as an archaic superstition that is discriminatory, elitist, and intellectually indefensible.

A need for communality or “sameness: Social engineering ideologies have become standard political policy.  Multiculturalism denies the validity of value judgments among different cultures, rendering all cultures ethically “equal.”  Open-border immigration is a practical solution for multiculturalism, invalidating the unique sovereignty of cultural citizenship of the USA.

The de-sexualization of individuals through “transgenderism” and homosexuality eradicates meaningful natural differences among people.

Critical Race Theory aims to undermine individual immanence and defines the person as a racial category in a common pool of meaninglessness.

Feminism undermines the ability to acknowledge natural and sociological differences between men and women and has damaged the ability of the sexes to interact sensibly, dissolving society into a communal pool of isolated individualism.

This brief analysis clearly indicates that socialism is not just a threat from the future, but the reality of our past and present.  All of these policies are individually, and in combination, pushing us farther into a life of socialist collectivism, in which the individual person becomes a valueless nothing in the cause of commonality.

The past two years of worldwide public health authoritarianism, which leveraged the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak from China, have been deliberately excluded from this summary.  COVID-19 hysteria was built on the solid foundation of socialism that was already in place, and in a much magnified and accelerated fashion, it has encompassed all of Shafarevich’s four pillars.  Perhaps the best indicator America has of its descent into socialism is the general public acquiescence to this, the most overt socialist political agenda in the West’s history.  The COVID-19 response has not so much been an escalation of socialism, but is instead a result of the world we already lived in.

But we’re not quite dead yet.  Perhaps Donald Trump’s lasting legacy may not be anything he did as president of the USA, but that he successfully galvanized the American people into action.  Socialism is a spiritual war against the soul of the individual, and Trump became the standard-bearer in a new resolve to fight back.  It is now, and increasingly, the individual’s lot to uphold liberty against collectivist totalitarianism.

Philip Crossing is a pen name.

U.S. Working Without A Brain IN THE WHITE HOUSE!?

The Russian military’s debacle in Ukraine

ISAAC CHOTINER Mar 13, 2022 at HotAir:

Was there anything you meant specifically when you said you worry about long-term U.S.-Russia relations and how the two nuclear powers are dealing with each other?

Absolutely. American sanctions, together with those imposed by Europeans and other countries, have profound effects. What Putin has done is an economic catastrophe for Russia. He directly infringed on the stability and future of his regime. I’ve worked in this field now for quite some time and, for the first time, I’m really questioning the longevity of his regime. I think it’s the beginning of the end. And I’m equally worried about the implications. Aren’t you?

You’re implying that, if his regime is coming to an end, he’s potentially more dangerous?

We have to ask what asymmetric forms of retaliation he’s going to pursue in response to these sanctions against the United States and European countries, especially if the crisis worsens and the situation of Russia’s economy and domestic political situation worsen as well. How’s that going to color Putin’s thinking and his choices? These are important considerations.

One of the profound problems I’ve encountered in this field is that we often don’t do well with nuance. I spent years talking about how the Russian military wasn’t twelve feet tall, right? This war right now—Russia’s poor performance in the early part of the war—has interesting similarities, or at least some parallels, with the winter war of 1939-40, and the Soviet invasion of Finland and the Soviets’ rather poor performance back then. And one of the big concerns I have with additional impressions of the problematic Russian performance is, first, that it’s already clear to me that I’m going to spend the coming years talking about how the Russian military is not four feet tall, either, because the pendulum in terms of military assessments is going to swing very, very sharply to the other side. I hope we don’t take some of the wrong impressions that Germany, for example, took looking at the Soviets’ performance in that particular conflict.

How Ignorant Has Today’s American Female Become? Why Did They WORSHIP MORON BIDEN TO CONTROL THEIR NEEDS?

House Progressives: Screw it. Let’s have Biden do everything by executive order

JAZZ SHAW Mar 13, 2022 at HotAir:

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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

You can almost smell the sense of panic setting in among the various progressive alliances in the House these days. With the midterms fast approaching, they haven’t managed to send much of anything to Joe Biden’s desk aside from the COVID relief bills, a couple of stopgap spending measures, and some routine housekeeping. All of the Democrats’ big-ticket, sweeping social reform and climate agenda items have been hopelessly stalled, with prospects for success before November looking slim at best. That’s why this week’s developments during meetings of the House Black, Asian, and Progressive caucuses should have been predictable. Democratic leaders from these groups took their case directly to Biden, asking him to forget about the legislative process and just start firing off even more executive orders so they can have something – anything – to show to their base as some sort of a “win.” (Associated Press)

Top Democrats are pleading for President Joe Biden to act alone on some of the party’s core legislative priorities, viewing executive action as their best hope of delivering on their promises and energizing liberal voters they worry are going to sit out the elections in November.

In areas like voting rights, police reform and immigration where Democratic bills have been thwarted by GOP opposition in the Senate, the leaders of the influential Black and Asian American caucuses made their requests directly to Biden during a recent meeting at the White House, urging him to issue executive orders that could push their proposals forward without votes in the House and Senate.

The pleas come at a particularly desperate moment for House Democrats, who are heading into a difficult midterm election season where the loss of only a handful of seats will end their majority.

As America’s Senile Joe Sleeps!

A message to NATO: Russia bombs base in western Ukraine that hosted Americans

ALLAHPUNDIT Mar 13, 2022 at HotAir:

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AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko

The symbolism of this attack is obvious, coming on the same day that the Russian foreign ministry warned that western arms shipments to Ukraine were “legitimate targets.” The base is only 20 miles or so from the Polish border. The fact that American troops were there just last month to train Ukrainian soldiers is icing on the cake.

But there may be more to it. Some believe that the worse the war is going for Russia, the more likely Putin is to try to drag NATO into it. Which is counterintuitive: The last thing the Russian military needs when it’s struggling to defeat Ukraine is for western militaries to intervene. NATO would eat them alive. War with the west would, however, give Putin an opportunity to “escalate to deescalate” by using tactical nuclear weapons to shock NATO into suing for peace.

If he’s desperate for a way out of his misbegotten war and believes a limited nuclear exchange is the only way to end it in a manner that will let him save face, by displaying strength, then drawing NATO in might be the pretext he needs.

At least 35 people were killed and another 134 wounded in last night’s attack, per the Ukrainian government. The Pentagon says there were no American casualties, and a NATO source told WaPo that no personnel from allied countries are inside Ukraine at the moment. But our guys know this facility well:

The center in Western Ukraine had been home to a rotating presence of U.S. troops who were training and advising Ukrainian forces about a half-hour drive from the Polish border. The unit, Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine, most recently included about 150 members of the Florida National Guard, who were reassigned elsewhere in Europe.

Among the facilities on the base that appear to be hit are trailers where U.S. troops lived while deployed and a U.S.-funded simulation center used to train Ukrainian soldiers, said a member of the Illinois National Guard who was deployed there from June 2020 to April 2021 and reviewed available imagery Sunday.

An active-duty U.S. soldier who worked at the base on and off from 2014 through 2017 said it has been used for several training programs and was a likely Russian target. “I’m surprised it took them this long,” the soldier said. “Expected it much sooner.”

A reporter for Time magazine put it this way:


Jake Sullivan was asked this morning about the attack on the base and attributed it to “frustration”:


Putin is frustrated, no doubt. But if it’s true that the clock is running down on his army’s effectiveness, he’d understandably be desperate to stop the weapons shipments to Zelensky’s military. Last night was a shot across the bow at NATO. The next shot may be more direct.

Another benefit for Putin in dragging the west further into the conflict is that it would boost domestic support for the war as the economy begins to reel from western sanctions. Russians are destined to feel ambivalence about brutalizing their cousins across the border in Ukraine, something which Putin and his deputies are clearly worried about:




They would be less ambivalent, at least at first, about a fight against NATO and the evil Americans. No doubt many Russians think we’ve got it coming after decades of propaganda about the United States being the font of all the world’s troubles and the Russian army being invincible.

In fact, I wonder if we might see an “escalate to deescalate” strategy play out with conventional weapons. One way for Putin to create a face-saving pretext for ending the conflict would be attacking NATO — bombing a weapons convoy, say — and then immediately announcing that, in the interest of preventing a terrible escalation between east and west, he’s magnanimously willing to end the conflict at once if Ukraine will pledge not to join NATO and concede all of the territory currently held by the Russian military. Those are the current Russian demands and represent a step back from Putin’s initial insistence that nothing short of toppling Ukraine’s government will do. If he hits NATO and then gives the west an off-ramp by pledging to withdraw if his terms are accepted, will Zelensky be able to say no?

I’m sure he’d like to. But would he, with leaders across the western world pressuring him to say yes and spare them a world war?


Putin’s pride requires that this war can’t end unless some degree of Russian prestige is intact and the only way that happens is with further escalation. God help us.

Evil Big Tech ….Our America’s Daily Curse!

Ukraine invasion proves yet again that Big Tech can’t be arbiter of ‘truth’

By Kyle Smith at the New York Post:

March 11, 2022  

In light of the Ukraine War big tech has been attempting to control the flow of information.
In light of the Ukraine war, Big Tech has been attempting to control the flow of information.

People can be forgiven for missing this point when artillery shells are flying, but a lesser-noticed detail emerging from the fog of the Ukraine war is that the info-policing policies of Silicon Valley are a total failure: They’re unworkable, have no consistent thinking behind them, and are subject to sudden reversals driven by the heat of political passions rather than principle.

Facebook, for instance, has a policy against death threats. Or at least it used to: Now there’s an exception for Vladimir Putin. Call for his assassination, and as of this week, that’s okay with Mark Zuckerberg. Also, it’s fine to use Facebook to call for violence against Russian soldiers, even the ones who are wondering what the hell they’re doing trampling on a sister country and would love to find a way to put down their weapons without getting shot for desertion.

Putin is indeed a bad actor, but once you replace the question, “What neutral principles do we stand for?” with “Which side are we on?,” things can get complicated rather quickly. Facebook has just unbanned a fringe, fascist Ukrainian group called the Azov Battalion because they’re “on the right side” when it comes to fighting Putin, albeit very much on the wrong side when it comes to most everything else, considering their ranks contain neo-Nazis and their emblems have a Nazi-ish tinge.

Azov batallion
Facebook has unbanned the neo-Nazi group Azov Batallion.
Ukraine war map
Map of Russian attacks in Ukraine as of March 11, 2022.

Especially in wartime, all sorts of false claims get made, and those claims were widely disseminated on giant tech platforms. The “Ghost of Kyiv” story sent out by Ukraine’s official social media channels about a brave Ukrainian pilot supposedly shooting down 10 Russian jets last month logged millions of shares on Twitter and Facebook, even though it’s obviously fake, having been built around stock images, a sequence from a video game and a Photoshopped headshot of a lawyer from Buenos Aires.

On the other side, Google’s brother YouTube hosted Russian propaganda videos claiming the terrified Ukrainians were begging Mother Russia to come and save them. One researcher estimated 115,000 sock puppets were spreading propaganda about Russia on Twitter and Facebook, and the number of such accounts skyrocketed 11,000% in mid-February as Putin prepared the invasion.

Get the latest updates in the Russia-Ukraine conflict with The Post’s live coverage.

When you set out to determine what is true and false for billions of eyeballs, you might as well try to control the wind. And it is supreme arrogance for the censors and algorithm-fiddlers of Google, Facebook and Twitter to decide that they and their armies of 24-year-old content managers are graced with the wisdom to sort out what’s accurate, especially when perceptions of truth so often depend on the question, “Which side are you on?”

Vladimir Putin
Facebook has amended its hate speech policy to allow for death threats against Vladimir Putin and Russian soldiers.

Nailing down truth is now and always will be a central source of human conflict, and no centralized Ministry of Information can hope to settle the question. Ultimately truth is settled by letting people slug it out in the Thunderdome of ideas. Facebook should have no more involvement in what people are saying using its service than Verizon or UPS does.

Instead, Silicon Valley seems to make decisions based on whoever is yelling the loudest. Facebook and Twitter suppressed The Post’s true and accurate reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop, then instead promoted an outright fiction promulgated by Trump-hating ex-intelligence officials and many major media outlets that the laptop story was “Russian disinformation.” Silicon Valley put “Which side are we on?” before the facts. Twitter even banned The Post’s other, unrelated stories for more than two weeks. Its CEO Jack Dorsey later said “Oops” about all of this.

Ukraine war
Google and YouTube hosted thousands of Russian propaganda videos prior to the invasion.

What he and the other hand-wringers in the Valley should be saying is, “We’re a digital public square. We can’t be the arbiters of truth. You figure out what to believe.” But then again, taking such a stance would require transparency, bravery, and the quality that is most lacking in Silicon Valley: humility.


March 13, 2022

The Unsung White House Official Who Warned President Trump in 2017 that the Deep State Was Trying to Prematurely End his Presidency

By John Dale Dunn at American Thinker:

No President of The United States ever before faced anything comparable to the organized effort of officials within his administration to sabotage Donald J. Trump’s presidency and drive him from office.  The Memo by Rich Higgins [216 pp, Kindle 9.99 Hard Copy 22.34 ISBN‎-0999705938‎ Washington D.C. Calamo Press 2020] is a first and only book by an American soldier and patriot who exposes the deep state and the anti-Trump coup activities.

Rich Higgins earned his early reputation as an ordnance (explosives) expert in Iraq during and after the War for Iraqi Freedom of 2002 and 2003.  Higgins went from being an ordnance man to becoming an expert on insurgency warfare, since explosives were the favored weapons of insurgents.  They are usually outgunned and out manned so they retreat to asymmetric (guerilla) warfare heavily dependent on hit and run and explosives, which demoralize and disrupt the efforts of the larger force. 

It was Higgins’s job to deter explosive disruptions planted and detonated by the opposition and that meant he developed an understanding of insurgents — their motives, strategies, limits, patterns of behavior. His depth of understanding was very valuable in Iraq and the Middle East but also at home. He transferred to the White House to provide security. He also developed a high level of expertise on IEDs and how to track and neutralize the insurgent efforts. 

Higgins was convinced that George W. Bush and those military and State Department officials who parroted his position were colossally ignorant when they asserted that Islam is a Religion of Peace.  Higgins was well informed about Islam and Islamist fanatics, and he knew that the adherents of Islam were committed to conquest and terror — obliged by their religion to wage war against the infidel and to enable by force and political action the worldwide Caliphate.

He also learned that there was a widespread tribal and family culture in the Islamic world and that made a big difference in the dynamics.  When the Baathist insurgency in Iraq in 2004-5 got to the point of Muslim Baathist insurgents forcing Muslims to cook and eat their children, the opportunity to reverse the insurgency came around for the American soldiers, particularly the Marines, who had a strategy for the counterinsurgency: take advantage of building relationships with Muslims on the ground and working to create security for them and their families — a concept scholars of asymmetric warfare advocated and the Marines in particular had adopted.  Counterinsurgency builds support and cooperation of the local population by creating security for the citizenry and reducing the suffering of population from the savagery of the insurgents.

American defense experts made a big deal about the “surge” in 2007, but Higgins asserts that the turnaround in Iraq was due to Marine-led community contact and confidence developing projects. Classic counterinsurgency strategies.  That does not change the morale building efforts of the Higgins group to reduce the impact of the increasingly deadly and devastating impact of Improvised Explosive Devises (IEDs).  He helped develop sophisticated counter measures to reduce the havoc of the IED attacks.

The experience for Higgins in Iraq committed him to forever consider the “religion of peace” position to be insane and counterproductive.  Higgins also was convinced by his experience that Islamic doctrine would always be the enemy of Western Civilization. There was no place in his vision of the world for a Muslim deception that they were people of peace.  

Higgins served a time as explosives security expert in the White House. He later also became a student and then a scholar expert in matters of counterinsurgency and the study of insurgency movement tactics and strategies.  Rich Higgins was the vice president of a private security consultancy, Unconstrained Analytics.  He was an executive in intelligence and national security company, RED, LLC, a company that developed, tested, and evaluated new combat resources for Department of Defense special operations and intelligence activities. In 2004, he formed the Department of Defense (DOD)’s Irregular Warfare Support (IWS) program office and served as the organization’s first Program Manager until June 2010. From 2010 to 2011, he served as the chair of special operations and low-intensity conflict at the National Defense University.  In this role, he was directly responsible for the creation of several new strategic and operational capabilities.  He separated from the Army and for a period of time he was in the private sector as a security analyst and consultant, an expert in asymmetric warfare problems and security solutions for state and private concerns.

Donald Trump attracted Higgins’s support when he ran for president in 2015 with his eyes wide open about the Muslim threat.  That made Higgins commit to political advocacy on behalf of Trump, who was finally a political figure who agreed with Higgins on security, Islam, communism, and insurrection issues and would put the United States on a more sensible course vis-a-vis the many anti-American opponents around the world and the danger that they represented that would inevitably present as asymmetric guerilla war activities.  

After serving in the National Security Council in  the Trump administration for less than 3 months Mr. Higgins assessed the situation as dire for the Trump policies and the Trump administration, with a chance of a coup and he wrote this MEMO that nailed down the dangers for Trump and those who wanted him to succeed.

Creepy Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

March 12, 2022

Look How Washington is Spending Your Money

By Rajan Laad at American Thinker:

While the media is focused on the conflict in Ukraine, Congress has been occupied debating another massive $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill.

This is perhaps the last of attempts by the Democrats to push their agenda through before the GOP is expected to take over early next year.

The bill they have got in front of them is divided into two sections:

  • $730 billion dedicated to total non-defense spending, which was passed with 260 votes for and 171 against.
  • $782 billion dedicated to defense funding, which was passed with 361 votes for and 69 votes against. 

Within these bills, the GOP was able to retain $2 billion of previously-allocated border wall construction funds.

The bill also dedicates an additional $370 million to “enhanced border security

Did the GOP compel the Democrats to spend more on the U.S. border? Was this a moment of triumph?

Before you leap with joy to celebrate, the borders being fortified are those of Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Oman, Nepal, and Pakistan.

There are all kinds of vaguely worded programs, some of which may be good but also may be useless pork, or even worse, wokester pork.

Under the ‘Economic Support Fund’ section dedicates over $40,000,000 for ‘democracy programs for Venezuela.’

The bill provides around $10 million for improving television and radio broadcasting capabilities in countries such as Cuba.

The bill includes a provision that expands diversity, equality, and inclusion at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The bill also dedicates $6 million to Russians “engaging in free-market development, humanitarian activities, and civic engagement” but will “not be used for Russian government officials.”

The bill also dedicates $66 million for the “Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health.

The bill dedicates over $100 billion to Green New Deal initiatives, and advance “racial justice” through Department of Agriculture programs.

The bill dedicates $78.3 million for the Department of Agriculture to study the impacts of climate change and research on clean energy technologies and greenhouse gas reductions.

NASA receives $7.6 billion for scientific research on topics such as changing climate.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gets $100 million for environmental justice activities.

$26 billion has been dedicated for food stamp funding.

$75 million has been allotted to low-emission vehicles.

$26 billion have been dedicated for food stamp funding.

The legislation contains $575 million to fund programs that combat abuse and sexual assault against women.

The spending bill provides a 2.7% salary hike for all active-duty troops.

The bill originally had $15 billion in coronavirus aid; however, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi moved to remove the item following both Democrat and GOP opposition to the measure.

The package delivers $14 billion in emergency funding for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

$3.5 billion for sending new military equipment and $3 billion for deploying U.S. troops to Ukraine.

This goes against Biden’s promise to not put boots on the ground in Ukraine.

The bill could have been released in an easy-to-understand Excel Sheet with items and the corresponding amounts.

But no, the bill is over 2,700 pages and was released at midnight on Tuesday by the Democrats, just 12 hours before the vote.

If a regular citizen attempts to read the contents of this bill deep slumber or boredom certainly will occur.

Washington purposefully makes it wordy, complex, and tiresome. The goal is to prevent you from clearly understanding where your money is gratuitously spent.

The aim is to make wear you off with boredom.

You either rely on biased news organizations for a pre-digested version. Even reading an article such as this may seem rather tiresome because it is about figures. So people opt for escapism and binge the latest horror show on Netflix.

This is nothing short of outrageous because all of this is your money.

What is worse is most of the foreign aid and other cosmetic spending could be a legalized form of corruption.

A group of lawmakers can dedicate billions to a cause. Some of this money ends up boosting companies that donate to the lawmaker’s campaign. If the lawmaker decides to give up politics, one of these companies offers then handsomely paid employment

We have a specific instance.

The bill dedicates $3.5 billion for sending new military equipment abroad. This military equipment will be bought from private firms. These private firms donate to political campaigns. Perhaps employ relatives. Perhaps find innovative ways to circulate the fund around in such a fashion that it is almost untraceable. Perhaps a book deal or a speaking assignment is given to the lawmaker after retirement. It also has to be remembered that money dedicated to an item is not necessarily money spent.

Money spent is not necessarily money spent in the right places.

The two billion dedicated to the wall doesn’t mean the border wall will be built with ease. There will be impediments and local issues.

In all this chaos the concern about the citizen is often the last priority. Over the past year, the American citizen has suffered dues to inflation, lawlessness, a breakdown of law and order, vaccine mandates, and an uncontrolled influx of unvetted migrants and refugees.

This occurs irrespective of party and ideology.

This is what President Trump rightly called a swamp.

A self-serving, self-promoting and self-preserving body that cares very little about the people beyond.

The deal is empty symbolism and sloganeering to deceive their base that they care.

They say BLM but do nothing about the lawlessness that affects black people.

They claim to care about the environment but travel solo by private jet.

They talk about the need to address income inequality while they host private fundraisers with billionaires where shady deals are struck and the items end up in a spending bill.

They claim to care for the little guy but order you to make ‘sacrifices’ by paying more for petrol for the sake of democracy in Ukraine

How can we drain the swamp?

We first bring about term limits for all lawmakers and for the administrative services.

Washington has to be desegregated and spread all over the country, especially those places they pejoratively call ‘flyover country’

Do not expect Washington to sign their own death warrant.

For that to happen, the voters will have to send a group of brave, honest, and upright freedom-loving conservatives to Washington.

Washington will vilify these lawmakers, they will be called racist, sexist, and white supremacist merely to stop them from making any changes. Sadly, most succumb to pressure and are gobbled into the Washington machine.

It will hence take decades of commitment by voters to elect the right sort of people who will eventually begin dismantling the unholy Washington establishment.

As for the omnibus bill, it now heads to the Senate, where lawmakers will continue negotiating and deal-making, it finally ends at Joe Biden’s desk.