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March 13, 2022

The Unsung White House Official Who Warned President Trump in 2017 that the Deep State Was Trying to Prematurely End his Presidency

By John Dale Dunn at American Thinker:

No President of The United States ever before faced anything comparable to the organized effort of officials within his administration to sabotage Donald J. Trump’s presidency and drive him from office.  The Memo by Rich Higgins [216 pp, Kindle 9.99 Hard Copy 22.34 ISBN‎-0999705938‎ Washington D.C. Calamo Press 2020] is a first and only book by an American soldier and patriot who exposes the deep state and the anti-Trump coup activities.

Rich Higgins earned his early reputation as an ordnance (explosives) expert in Iraq during and after the War for Iraqi Freedom of 2002 and 2003.  Higgins went from being an ordnance man to becoming an expert on insurgency warfare, since explosives were the favored weapons of insurgents.  They are usually outgunned and out manned so they retreat to asymmetric (guerilla) warfare heavily dependent on hit and run and explosives, which demoralize and disrupt the efforts of the larger force. 

It was Higgins’s job to deter explosive disruptions planted and detonated by the opposition and that meant he developed an understanding of insurgents — their motives, strategies, limits, patterns of behavior. His depth of understanding was very valuable in Iraq and the Middle East but also at home. He transferred to the White House to provide security. He also developed a high level of expertise on IEDs and how to track and neutralize the insurgent efforts. 

Higgins was convinced that George W. Bush and those military and State Department officials who parroted his position were colossally ignorant when they asserted that Islam is a Religion of Peace.  Higgins was well informed about Islam and Islamist fanatics, and he knew that the adherents of Islam were committed to conquest and terror — obliged by their religion to wage war against the infidel and to enable by force and political action the worldwide Caliphate.

He also learned that there was a widespread tribal and family culture in the Islamic world and that made a big difference in the dynamics.  When the Baathist insurgency in Iraq in 2004-5 got to the point of Muslim Baathist insurgents forcing Muslims to cook and eat their children, the opportunity to reverse the insurgency came around for the American soldiers, particularly the Marines, who had a strategy for the counterinsurgency: take advantage of building relationships with Muslims on the ground and working to create security for them and their families — a concept scholars of asymmetric warfare advocated and the Marines in particular had adopted.  Counterinsurgency builds support and cooperation of the local population by creating security for the citizenry and reducing the suffering of population from the savagery of the insurgents.

American defense experts made a big deal about the “surge” in 2007, but Higgins asserts that the turnaround in Iraq was due to Marine-led community contact and confidence developing projects. Classic counterinsurgency strategies.  That does not change the morale building efforts of the Higgins group to reduce the impact of the increasingly deadly and devastating impact of Improvised Explosive Devises (IEDs).  He helped develop sophisticated counter measures to reduce the havoc of the IED attacks.

The experience for Higgins in Iraq committed him to forever consider the “religion of peace” position to be insane and counterproductive.  Higgins also was convinced by his experience that Islamic doctrine would always be the enemy of Western Civilization. There was no place in his vision of the world for a Muslim deception that they were people of peace.  

Higgins served a time as explosives security expert in the White House. He later also became a student and then a scholar expert in matters of counterinsurgency and the study of insurgency movement tactics and strategies.  Rich Higgins was the vice president of a private security consultancy, Unconstrained Analytics.  He was an executive in intelligence and national security company, RED, LLC, a company that developed, tested, and evaluated new combat resources for Department of Defense special operations and intelligence activities. In 2004, he formed the Department of Defense (DOD)’s Irregular Warfare Support (IWS) program office and served as the organization’s first Program Manager until June 2010. From 2010 to 2011, he served as the chair of special operations and low-intensity conflict at the National Defense University.  In this role, he was directly responsible for the creation of several new strategic and operational capabilities.  He separated from the Army and for a period of time he was in the private sector as a security analyst and consultant, an expert in asymmetric warfare problems and security solutions for state and private concerns.

Donald Trump attracted Higgins’s support when he ran for president in 2015 with his eyes wide open about the Muslim threat.  That made Higgins commit to political advocacy on behalf of Trump, who was finally a political figure who agreed with Higgins on security, Islam, communism, and insurrection issues and would put the United States on a more sensible course vis-a-vis the many anti-American opponents around the world and the danger that they represented that would inevitably present as asymmetric guerilla war activities.  

After serving in the National Security Council in  the Trump administration for less than 3 months Mr. Higgins assessed the situation as dire for the Trump policies and the Trump administration, with a chance of a coup and he wrote this MEMO that nailed down the dangers for Trump and those who wanted him to succeed.

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