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March 14, 2022

Democrat leadership has devalued America beyond recognition

By Terry Paulding at American Thinker:

Elections have consequences. How many times have you heard that? It’s certainly true. The world has been watching our country tilt to the dark side, which set things in motion that have consequences far beyond our own society. I see what is happening in Ukraine, at least in part, as the result of our dishonest left’s manipulation, leading to the emasculation and degradation of our once well-ordered society.

I was reminded of this while reading this article on Zero Hedge about what’s happening in Ukraine. It makes a bunch of points (i.e., that the West is wrong in its understanding of events there and wrong in its approach, and that we are heading for a global realignment, etc.) but only one has stuck with me. Although this point is addressed obliquely, it’s still clear: We Americans have lost our right to claim the moral high ground—and along with it, our ability to influence others positively. As to that, the essay has a point.

People worldwide can see right through our BS, unhampered by the filter of our own media’s propaganda. Just as we watch the bombing in Ukraine, Russians watched the Russiagate witch-hunt against Trump, the manipulation of “facts” to fit the story, and the way we used their country in the process. They see our gaslighting, canceling, and censorship of anyone who doesn’t toe the current party line, and they also can see our collapsing military, which is preoccupied with all the wrong things.

The world watched us taking our own people as political prisoners, locking them in the dungeon, and throwing away the key. They saw that happen after watching our cities violently burn, with those perpetrators suffering no consequences. Slowly, we’ve shifted from being viewed by the world as the arrogant paragon of a virtuous life, to simply arrogant fools. Recent events in Poland, when our Vice President struggled to make simple, declarative phrases, have reinforced negative impressions completely.

Unless we change, this idiocy will be our downfall as a country. The stage is set for our tumble to happen rather quickly. Vacant leadership, rampant inflation, a lack of energy production, and a collapsed supply chain will combine with the consequences of the COVID scam, the climate scam, Russia gate, our open border, the violence of BLM and Antifa, to ensure our downfall.

Ukrainians certainly have no reason to have faith in us. We’ve provided zero actual leadership to help them deal with the Russian invasion. They are aware of our manipulation of their own national leadership during the Obama years, especially Biden’s role. They’ve watched us turn our national border into a joke while pretending to help defend theirs as sacrosanct. They know our words have no clout behind them. They’ve observed us over time, seeing our “equity” scam play out, how it pits Americans against one another in increasingly violent ways. They’ve watched as half our country, probably more, has lost faith in our government. I’m guessing they see and disapprove of our extreme national gender dysphoria as well—certainly, multiple “genders” is an alien concept to them, as it ought to be to anyone with a working mind.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine should have been stopped before it started. If we’d been capable of taking our once-strong leadership role with our European allies, we would have seen the huge threat to Putin if Ukraine joined NATO right on Russia’s border and retreated on that point rather than pushed it. In great part because of our lack of perceptive and sure leadership, thousands of people are being killed and displaced.

I may be a cynic, but if I’m not mistaken, this all ties in with the naked globalist aim to diminish our world population by a billion or so. WW3 would certainly fit the bill. After all, the Great Reset requires far fewer inhabitants warming the earth. The globalists, of course, would survive, given their unlimited financial resources. For the rest of us, those of us not privileged to be “movers and shakers” in the world order, but the pawns—well, they don’t really care very much. If Russia uses a nuke, oh, well. They’ll be watching from a safe perch.

Once upon a time, long ago when I was young and the Cold War had us practicing duck and cover at school, we Americans were sure we held the high ground, and our free-market economy and thriving society demonstrated moral superiority over communism. The Russians—Soviets, then—had thuggish leaders who pounded their shoes on the table, unwieldy 5-year plans, empty store shelves, and a poor and downtrodden populace, collectivized and profoundly unmotivated. They were not allowed ownership or pride of accomplishment, existing under the thumb of an ever-richer dictatorial leadership they reviled.

We, on the other hand, had our free society—freedom of speech, an open invitation to better ourselves through hard work and personal achievement, and a system of law and order that was based on fairness, not who greased the most palms or gaslighted the most.

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