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“Russia could respond to certain U.S. measures in ways that harm….”

March 29, 2022

Russia, China: The Torpedoes Circle Back

By David Archibald at American Thinker:

The situation in Ukraine is like the fate of the USS Tang, a submarine in WW2 with an exemplary record in sinking Japanese ships before she was sunk by one of her own torpedoes that had circled back on her. The tale was told by the nine survivors.

Sometime in the late 1960s, the Soviet Union embarked on a long term influence operation in the United States. Through their ties to US communists they knew of the existance of the young Barack Obama. The Soviet Union fell apart in 1991 but the torpedo they had fired at American values stayed on course and duly started doing damage once he was elected president in 2008, possibly 40 years after the scheme was hatched.

The damage included making American institutions far more progressive. The State Department, to cite one example, became more progressive and adopted regime change as a way of remaking the world in its own image. The first fruit of that was changing out the pro-Russian regime in Ukraine, aided by the sniper of Maidan Square.

The election of President Trump didn’t slow things down much. For example in 2019 the Army Quadrennial Review Office commissioned the RAND Corporation to produce a report entitled Extending Russia: Competing from Advantageous Ground. The report is a discussion of “measures that would stress Russia’s military or economy”, causing the Russians to overspend on defence thus suppressing their domestic economy. It seems that the Army wanted to emulate the success of Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ progam in stressing the Soviet economy.

The problem is that while the Soviets did want to take over the world, the Russian state of the 21st century had more modest ambitions. On page 17 of the RAND report it is noted that:

Significantly, Russian leaders seem committed to keeping defense spending under about 5 percent of national GDP. If this is the case, then the United States will find

it hard to persuade Russia to substantially increase defense spending unless it convinces the Kremlin that new threats to Russian security demand a change to this policy.

A country that resiles from spending more than 5% of GDP on defense isn’t all that bellicose. Note that the RAND report was complaining about that and wanted Russia to waste money by building a bigger military. But the Russian heirachy has also read the RAND report and would have wondered why they were being baited. Russia is paranoid enough to begin with. As this sentence from page 4 of the RAND report notes:

Importantly, increasing Russian fear and anxiety are only instruments in encouraging Russia to overextend itself militarily or economically; they are not ends in and of themselves. In fact, a risk discussed throughout this report is that Russia could respond to certain U.S. measures in ways that harm the interests of the United States or its allies or in ways that reduce stability.

Hello to real world consequences!

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