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Getting To Know George “the world thug” Better!

PolitiFact is to Fact What Pravda was to Truth

[…] PolitiFact is owned by the Poynter Institute, a left-wing organization funded in part by George Soros. The primary purpose of Poynter and PolitiFact is to malign conservatives, just as they did me. But the real punk in this story is Brian Levin, director of the hate center known by its Orwellian name, the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Let him provide an equal or greater number of true examples of N-word graffiti and nooses on campuses placed by white supremacists. If he doesn’t, he is lying. Which would not be surprising. As I’ve said all of my life, truth is a liberal value and it is a conservative value. It is not a left-wing value.

The above was sent by Mark Waldeland.

As Glenn Ray, once a teacher of Russian, I came upon Soros 50 or 60 years ago!

Knowing foreigner fascistic-communist multi billionaire devious free market business hater, skilled sneaky closeted anti-American George Soros better is difficult for ones’ soul, but not for ones hope and knowledge. (He was born in Hungary and is closing in on age 100….) ghr


May 17, 2022

The Significance of Ukraine

By M. E. Boyd at American Thinker:

Some observers think that the United States has committed acts of war against Russia through sanctions, provisions of war materiel, and intelligence and that we are, therefore, partly responsible if Russia is “driven” to attack us with nuclear weapons. This is not true. That we are involved in the defense of Ukraine does not make us guilty of acts of war.

The United States signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994, along with Great Britain and Russia, guaranteeing the sovereignty of Ukraine after she left the Soviet Union in 1991. In this Agreement, Russia acknowledged Ukraine as a separate nation. Her defense was promised by all three parties.

In 2014 and then 2015, the Minsk Accords were signed to help end the separatist war in the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine as negotiated by the Russians. The Accords included “withdrawal of all foreign armed formations, equipment, and mercenaries.” Russia now claims the Minsk Accords do not exist. Russia now claims that Ukraine was to have “symbolic” not actual sovereignty.

Russia also claims that her “special operations” are not an invasion. Russia claims she is merely trying to de-Nazify Ukraine for the good of the Ukrainian people and take the Donbas Region of Russian loyalists, crucial ports on the Black Sea, and anything else she can conquer, as the true sovereign of Ukraine.

Goodness. If these explanations are not enough, the Russian propaganda arm is in full swing scaring the daylights out of people with the veiled threat of nuclear war. The United States is not committing acts of war, though. Instead, we are honoring an agreement we signed with Russia and Great Britain to defend Ukrainian sovereignty.

Let’s be clear: NATO itself is not a military alliance for offense. The European Union is not composed of ruthless dictators waiting to injure Russia. And, while Ukraine is corrupt, that’s because it was part of Communist Russia since 1922 and Russia is corrupt. Never forget, though, that communist Russian leaders, beginning with Stalin, starved the Ukrainian people from 1932 to 1933. To finish them off Stalin shot or deported to Siberia almost all Ukrainian writers, thinkers, and professionals in the 1940s.

Image: Russians shell Mariupol steelworks. YouTube screen grab.

No one blames Russia for thinking that Ukraine would surrender quickly as the best and brightest Ukrainians have been murdered or starved by Russian leaders for 100 years. But guess what? Ukraine is fighting back. Ukraine was stripped of its defenses by the international community but, instead of cowering, Ukraine is standing tall. The Ukrainian people voted out the Russian lackey and by some miracle, a true Ukrainian patriot has emerged.

The United States saw no hope for Ukraine and offered to take their President out of the country. He said No! The American people saw the atrocities and said No! as well. The current administration, not wanting to offend Russia as it negotiates for the United States on behalf of a treasonous agreement with Iran, threw a few meaningless sanctions on the Russians and made a few statements but had no intention of actually helping.

Time has passed. The Russians were supposed to make a quick invasion and the American administration could say that it did all it could while really hoping Russia defeated Ukraine with all due speed. We were HELPING the Russians, not committing acts of war against them.

What happened?

Against all odds and because of some very brave reporting, the world can see what Russia is all about. The genocide of Ukraine, begun one hundred years ago, still goes on. Mass graves – hands tied behind the back – rape – deliberate civilian extermination – starvation – millions of refugees – dogs and cats scrambling for food – shelling of homes, maternity hospitals – cluster bombs, and on and on.

Surrender! says Russia. No! says Ukraine. We don’t need wars of choice! say prominent American commentators. This isn’t a war of choice! say the American people. The current American administration is so incompetent they cannot be making the right call! claims ardent detractors. We are headed for WWIII! cries the NY Times while they leak information that harms international efforts towards peace.

Let’s be clear. America is helping Ukraine because the American People are demanding we help. Our strength has emboldened Great Britain and Germany to step to the plate. Finland and Sweden, always reluctant to side with the United States, are coming around. The Red Cross is trying its best. Volunteers are everywhere. Private militias are trying to rescue, trying to train and fight alongside.

The War Crimes you see are Russia’s crimes. The American People will not allow nuclear extortion to prevail. Russia’s plan to join Communist China on an international Belt and Road project through Ukraine, controlling crucial commerce through the Black Sea, taking over Moldova and Turkey in an attack on Europe and the West must be stopped.

The current administration would have allowed this plan to happen. The American People will not. Ukraine can win this battle for her existence. The American People know that her win is a win for our own survival. The Sovereign is bringing a reluctant and compromised administration around.

For victory to last, the United States must also offer to provide Europe with the oil and gas she needs to survive. We need to make that offer now, as perhaps the best chance for peace. No nation produces energy as cleanly and as efficiently as the United States. We must provide the energy the world needs immediately or the Chinese/Russian/Iranian alliance will be impossible to stop.

“The left’s inquisition against Donald J. Trump”

May 16, 2022

House Republican 5 should defy the Jan. 6 committee subpoenas

By David Zukerman at American Thinker:

The following assertion appeared in a Politico article on unprecedented action by the “Jan. 6” inquisitorial cabal issuing subpoenas to members of Congress: “The panel believes that these five GOP lawmakers have insight into Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election, an effort they say amounts to a coup attempt.”  

Note the accusation by the inquisitorial panel that President Trump made “a coup attempt.”  This is an example of projection of the left of its own mindset and conduct onto its political targets.  What was the conduct of the left — ranging from false accusations that Donald Trump was a Putin puppet, including the base and baseless Steele dossier to vows of resistance, including an aberrant impeachment trial in 2019, and culminating in an impeachment farce post-Trump presidency in 2021 — if not a series of coup attempts?

And still the attempt at an anti-Trump coup continues — by means of the Jan. 6 inquisition, not to mention the plethora of actions brought by various prosecutors against the former president — apparently for the purpose of preventing a third presidential run by Mr. Trump and, in all likelihood, to block a seismic political shift this November to GOP control of House and Senate.

The left’s inquisition against Donald J. Trump and MAGA adherents is laughingly seen as the work of “progressives.”  But what is “progressive” about the totalitarian context of the left’s program?  (One hesitates to call it “Biden’s program,” as he seems simply the left’s useful tool to put finis to the liberty-loving spirit that gave birth to this Republic.)  The label the left applies to itself may well be “progressive,” but the reality is that their program, hearkening back to pre-representative government days, is fiercely regressive.  And do not be fooled: the illegitimate subpoenas against five House Republicans is Creature Pelosi’s opening attack on representative government.

How will the House Republican Five, including GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Rep. Andy Biggs respond to the illegitimate subpoenas that have regularly been issued by the Jan. 6 inquisition to many others, and now to members of the House of Representatives?  Should they file complaints in federal court?  Lower courts perhaps would uphold the illegitimate Jan. 6 panel — which should have been nullified by courts long ago, as an unconstitutional abuse of power by the House majority.  The Supreme Court would likely keep hands off, not wanting to enter a “political thicket.”

I suggest that the House Republican Five ignore the subpoenas, while educating the American people how the Jan. 6 inquisition panel is a poisoned governmental tree, with all of its fruits, including its subpoenas, highly toxic in constitutional terms.  The House Republican Five should be backed by all Republican senators with lengthy speeches of support on the Senate floor — lengthy speeches that, yes, smack of a de facto filibuster.

What is that creature in the House speaker’s seat (to apply the insult to the originator) going to do when the House Republican Five stands firm in defense of free, unfettered representative government?  Expel them?  It is time for Republicans to act on the basis of an inaugural observation of Franklin Roosevelt, March 1933: “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Republicans in Congress must stop fearing Democrats, turncoat Republicans, the Deep State, the media, and Big Tech to act on the basis of constitutional principle and free representative government.    In this regard, they would do well to take a page out of Donald J. Trump’s playbook:  respond to attack — effectively and with vigor.  And trust in the good sense of the American people to heed their call.

Black Lives Matter Is A Gang Fraud!



We have written several times about the fraud that has been perpetrated by the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, e.g. hereherehere and here. Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation raised a reported $90 million, mostly from large corporations. In truth, however, no one knows how much money the operation pulled in, since it hasn’t filed its legally required reports. The whole thing has turned out to be a farce, with millions upon millions going to enrich BLM’s founders.

This is perhaps the last straw:


There is a lesson here. The major corporations that funneled money to BLM obviously didn’t know, or care, where their donations were actually going. They perceived that they were paying protection money: if they shoveled millions at BLMGNF, they wouldn’t be attacked by that group or its affiliates. What was actually done with the money was no concern of theirs, just as a business that pays protection money to the Mafia doesn’t inquire into what the criminals do with the money they extort.

Have You Ever Been In Finland?

Putin’s backfire: Finland parliament nearly unanimous on NATO membership; Sweden signs application

ED MORRISSEY May 17, 2022 at HotAir:

Vladimir Putin’s humiliating backfire on his “special military operation” has nearly reached its final stage. Despite threats and saber-rattling aimed at cowing Finland and Sweden out of NATO, his invasion of Ukraine and subsequent threats have completely destroyed the political consensus for neutrality in both countries. In Finland, only eight members of the 200-seat parliament objected to Finland’s formal application for NATO membership this morning:

Finland’s Parliament has overwhelmingly endorsed a bid from the Nordic country’s government to join NATO.

Lawmakers at the 200-seat Eduskunta legislature voted 188-8 Tuesday to approve Finland seeking membership in the 30-member Western military alliance.

The vote was seen a formality as Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced the intention on Sunday, and lawmakers’ approval wasn’t necessarily required. However, both Niniisto and Marin stressed that it was important for the Parliament to weigh in on the NATO bid, described by the Finnish head of state as “historic.”

Finland is now expected to sign a formal application and file it to NATO headquarters in the coming days together with Nordic neighbor Sweden where the government announced a similar NATO bid on Monday.

The parliament vote was a smart political move from both Niinisto and Marin. Just in terms of longer-term repercussions from the NATO application, such as Russian trade actions and threats, having everyone on the record now will insulate Niinisto and Marin from criticism when those impacts get felt more fully. More importantly, though, the near unanimity sends a signal to Putin and to Russians more broadly that their actions have irreparably ruptured their previous collegial relationship. The sudden move into NATO isn’t just a whim by a few politicians, but the clear consensus will of the Finns.

And for that matter, the Swedes as well. Earlier today, Sweden signed its formal application to join NATO, starting what will likely be a short consideration process before both Sweden and Finland gain full membership:

Sweden on Tuesday formally applied to join NATO, the country’s SVT and TV4 news channels reported.

Both outlets published footage of Foreign Minister Ann Linde signing what they said was the application to the military alliance. Sweden’s application is to be submitted alongside Finland’s, SVT reported.

The countries announced their intention to join NATO and bolster their defenses after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Finland shares a long border with Russia, while Sweden neighbors Finland.

Jazz wrote earlier about Putin’s apparent retreat from some of his earlier saber rattling over the NATO expansion at yesterday’s Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) meeting. The venue for that retreat seems curious, since the CSTO exists as Putin’s counterpart to NATO, where the collective strength of his alliance would normally be used to express and project competing power.

The word “alliance” may not apply well in this case, however. Only one of the CSTO members — Belarus’ Alexander Lukashenko — expressed any support for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. In fact, Lukashenko scolded the other former Soviet republics for their infidelity to the tsar:

Speaking first in the televised portion of the summit, President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko of Belarus — who has supported Mr. Putin’s war but has not sent troops — criticized other members for having insufficiently backed Russia and Belarus in the face of Western sanctions.

He pointed to the alliance’s decision to send forces to Kazakhstan in January to protect the government from protests — yet argued it had left Russia largely on its own over Ukraine.

“Are we just as connected by bonds of solidarity and support now?” he asked, after mentioning the alliance’s support of the Kazakh government. “Maybe I’m wrong, but as recent events have shown, it seems the answer is no.”

Kazakhstan has said it would not help Russia circumvent international sanctions. In a United Nations vote on March 2 condemning the invasion of Ukraine, Belarus was the only post-Soviet country to take Russia’s side.

“Look at how monolithically the European Union votes and acts,” Mr. Lukashenko said at Monday’s summit, sitting at a round table with the other leaders. “If we are separate, we’ll just be crushed and torn apart.”

As if to confirm Mr. Lukashenko’s point, the leaders of the other members — Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan — did not mention Ukraine in their televised remarks.

The New York Times reports that one reason the other CSTO members aren’t enthusiastic about supporting Putin in his Ukraine adventure are the economic sanctions themselves. They need access to Western markets for their own economic survival, especially now with Russia almost entirely isolated. Second, the other republics could be forgiven for not wanting to jump on Putin’s bandwagon over an invasion on which they hadn’t been consulted in the first place. Pottery Barn rules apply here — Putin broke it, and so he bought it, not the CSTO.

Even more basic than that, though, is the question of who’s next on Putin’s hit list. When will Putin find Nazis in their midsts, and when will the Russian invasion of their states come when Putin needs a distraction for Russians from his corruption and maladministration? Finland and Sweden aren’t the only neighbors of Russia that have to recalculate based on Putin’s now-naked imperialist ambitions. Putin’s backfire may echo all over Eurasia by the time it finishes.

Question Dear Reader….Have you ever been in Finland?

I, Glenn Ray, have…both in of them…..in Finland, Minnesota in 1954 when I was majoring in Geography at the University of Minnesota. And then there’s Finland, Europe, when I spent three days recovering from a month I and twenty fellow teachers spent living in good old fascist European USSR.

I was teaching Russian in a Minneapolis High School then. The Soviets needed a lot of money. I didn’t have any, but President Eisenhower did when he was President years earlier. He had made a deal with the Soviets who needed a lot, a lot of money to keep their military threats above water….

Eisenhower had passed on the loan money the Soviets requested, but the Soviets’ in those earlier days did not allow American teachers’ teaching Russian in US schools to VISIT the USSR.

I was one of those fortunate American school teachers of Russian in 1966, the time when the Russkies needed more money to keep floating for their bullying in Eastern Europe. Their population was well under control by the Soviet fascists at that time.

We twenty three American teachers of Russian did spent a month there however late it was. We exited from Moscow quietly, profoundly searched by Soviet police and landed in Finland, Helsinki, it’s capital city….where folks were quiet but free on the streets where they could chat and shop and etc.

When we landed safely in Helsinki, as we exited our Soviet flight, nearly everyone of us teachers released our Soviet tension by kissing Finnish soil, not by plan, but by drive to freedom. The first American teacher exiting the Soviet plane displayed the relief returning to a beautiful free world country!


May 14, 2022

Victor Davis Hanson’s Magnum Opus

By John Dale Dunn at American Thinker:

Victor Davis Hanson is one of the most respected historians/intellectuals of the conservative movement; I have been an enthusiast of his work going back to my first experience with his erudition and eloquence—The Western Way of War (1989, 2nd ed. 2000), an explanation of why citizen soldiers are so effective and why Western Armies have been so lethal.  Now he is past 24 books and hundreds if not thousands of essays as well as appearances regularly on TV that all provide sober, thought-provoking, and insightful political commentary.  Any observer of VDH cannot help but be impressed with his solid and thoughtful analysis of political and social issues, probative and measured.

 I reviewed Dr. Hanson’s book on WWII at American Thinker in 2018, but I am late to the party on his latest book The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America by Victor Davis Hanson  433 pages Kindle $17.99,  Hardcover  $21.37  ASIN ‏ :  B08W4ZZTTP ‎ (Basic Books 2021).  Two reviews have already appeared at American Thinker by Richard Baehr and Terry Scambray that are excellent, but when I read the blurb by the distinguished Roger Kimball that named Dying Citizen Hanson’s magnum opus, I was compelled to make the pitch again to readers about the importance of Hanson and his compelling argument for good citizenship as the basis for western civilization and the western ideal of elective self-governance.

Dying Citizen revisits The Western Way of War theme, the importance of the citizen in a western community/society.  The importance of the citizen as opposed to the role of subjects of a regime, king, prince, emperor, chief, or khan, and the advance of society that is made when citizens govern.  The beginning of Western Civilization is the city-state citizen-dominated political entities of Greece.

Dr. Hanson is a 3rd generation raisin grape farmer in Selma California, the Central Valley, just outside of Fresno. Classics trained at Stanford, he formed the Classics program at California State University Fresno and became an outstanding author, essayist, and commentator as a fellow of the Hoover Institute of Stanford University.  He favored the presidency of Trump as a reinvigoration of American values and a rejection of dangerous elitist states and globalism. This book was written, I believe, to educate the reader on the unique nature of American citizenship and the importance of the development of citizenship through history. 

Chapter One is about peasants (think subjects) and the importance of the development in society of an influential middle class.  Without a vibrant middle class, citizenship cannot develop because the society is composed of the noble/master/oligarch group dominating the serfs/peasants/proletariat.  He points out why the decimation of the middle class in America threatens the civic societal American unity.  Welfare statism and dominance by the ruling class elites take the vitality out of a nation.

The Second Chapter borrows on the basis of one of Hanson’s other successful books, Mexifornia (2003), which warned of the destructive danger of unfettered immigration and the creation of a resident rather than citizen class because of immigrants who have no intention of assimilation and becoming loyal and contributing American Citizens.

Hanson raises the question: do these illegal and even legal immigrants have in mind becoming American citizens or are they just moving to a place that offers benefits and protections and looks better than where they came from?  Sure, people want a better life, but will they become good citizens or just parasites?

Moreover, the open borders crowd sees the immigrant population as a political lever that will allow Democrats’ power with no end that fits with the non-assimilating parasitic nature of the immigration flood.  In fact, Hanson points out the devolving situation of tribalism and ethnic/racial/religious divisions that will destroy the concept of American Citizenship and allow a growing group of people who refuse to become loyal and contributing citizens of their adopted country.  (Think of the Mexican crowd booing the American Soccer team in a Los Angeles stadium or the La Raza movement.)

The third chapter hits on the most serious threat to American Unity: tribalism and racism in the populace energized by Marxist ideologues. The content of the chapter traces the negative impact of tribalism through history and how it destroys national and societal unity and the spirit of effective citizenship. Hanson puts a deft touch on this discussion because of his deep and comprehensive erudition and his orientation in the foundations of self-governance, Classical Western History, and the legacy of the Greeks and Romans.  But he also offers some examples of how things fall apart due to divisions created by nascent tribalism and racism. America is now in the squeeze created by tribalism and racism and Hanson properly exposes the elements of danger and the consequences of failing to extinguish the fires of division.

In this chapter, Hanson also provides an insightful look at the dangers of the modern “equity” political movement that is just reverse racism and allows state action to impose limits on individuals that should not exist in a free society.  Statism, collectivism, and racism all act in concert to destroy the American Iconic Land of Opportunity.  Moreover, the ideological tenets of the movement are founded on the assertion that America is evil and flawed and deserves nothing but condemnation and destruction—not a good foundation for promoting citizenship.

Chapters 4 and 5 focus on the impact of what Angelo Codevilla and Hanson have both put on the front burner, the development of an elite and arrogant oligarchic ruling class both elected and not, and the division between the country class and the ruling class.  In Chapter 4 Hanson exposes the negative aspects of the administrative state.  In Chapter 5 he discusses the poorly disguised collectivist socialist evolutionists who would discard the America of the founders, all the founding documents, and the republican form of government in favor of a mobocracy.

Chapter 6 goes after the mostly American globalists who are now ensconced as elites and would endeavor to push America to become a pawn in the globalist agenda.  I can’t go on. These jackasses are advocating a move for the American surrender of their sacred constitutional rights and the Constitutional Republic created by the founders.

Hanson wrote a final chapter (epilogue) to this Magnum Opus that cannot be ignored.  He explained that Trump advocated for the principles that underlie the Constitutional Republic, support of nationalism, the citizens, the middle class, and rejection of the deep state that is anti-American, concern for the middle class and the American occupants of that middle class, an effort to straighten out the tax and economic and foreign policy/trade situation that would restore an American Middle Class that would also restore citizens to their rightful position as rugged individualists, the foundation for American success.

A few accolades are appropriate, considering the inadequacy of my book review—and I am not uneasy in this effort, I enjoy it:

“Mr. Hanson, an accomplished classicist and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, is one of the great amalgamators of American political writing. He has a particular gift for bringing together a dizzying array of events, controversies and ideas and making sense of them by advancing a coherent argument that incorporates thousands of years of history—Wall Street Journal

“As Victor Davis Hanson shows in his learned, powerful, and troubling new book, The Dying Citizen, the steady devolution of citizenship speaks volumes about where we are today and where we seem to be heading… Hanson lays out this grim diagnosis with his usual clarity and brilliance, moving easily from his deep specialized knowledge of the ancient Greek and Roman world through savvy observations about present-day politics and American society.”―The New Criterion

“Hanson is well-positioned to describe the evolution of citizenship from ancient times through the modern era, and especially the assumptions about citizenship underlying America’s constitutional order….  Hanson presents, clearly and concisely, a case that critics will struggle to refute. His troubling argument has far-reaching implications. The Dying Citizen is a book that all Americans should read, then discuss with friends and neighbors.”―Claremont Review of Books

“Politicians often speak to “my fellow citizens,” implying a kind of common project among all citizens.  In America, that project is our shared devotion to our founding principles.  Victor Davis Hanson explains in The Dying Citizen, however, that this uniquely American concept of citizenship is imperiled—whether from ancient threats“. .. . Victor Davis Hanson shows how so many contemporary problems—identity politics, the border crisis, bloated government, etc.—have only worsened for the lack of a vigorous and clarifying idea of citizenship. In this deeply democratic idea, Hanson points to a way beyond what ails us.” ―Shelby Steele, author of Shame

“The great glory of the democratic revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was extending the blessings of citizenship to anyone and everyone who embraced the principles and responsibilities of self-governing nations. As Victor Davis Hanson explains, by subtle degrees we’re reversing course, the hour is late, and we have Hanson to thank for this capacious account of what we need to recover.”―Steven F. Hayward, author of Patriotism Is Not Enough

“This is not a drill—this is the real thing. If you don’t believe that the survival of the American republic hangs in the balance, you must read Victor Davis Hanson’s relentless exposition of the facts. America’s free citizenry is at imminent risk of defeat at the hands of an unelected Deep State allied to globalist elite that flouts. . Get this book into the hands of everyone you know.”―David Goldman, deputy editor of Asia Times and author of You Will Be Assimilated

“. . . Victor Hanson is deeply educated in the classics, where knowledge of regimes was first developed. It also requires a close observation of what is happening today, about which he writes insightfully and in profusion. In this book, Hanson demonstrates yet again his command across time and for our time. This book and he are a treasure.”
 ―Larry P. Arnn, president of Hillsdale College.

Who am I to praise this great man, this patriotic American?  My praise is inadequate.

John Dale Dunn is a retired emergency physician and inactive Lawyer in Brownwood, Texas

Is The Putin Attack A DISASTER?

“Stupidity”: Russian bloggers shocked by fiasco on Donets River

ALLAHPUNDIT May 16, 2022 at HotAir:

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AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda

Ed mentioned the rout on the river near Bilohorivka in a post last week but you can’t appreciate the magnitude of it until you see it.

The Russian army was attempting to cross the river on pontoon bridges, crowding dozens of armored vehicles manned by hundreds of troops near the riverbank in anticipation. The Ukrainians attacked, destroying the pontoons and leaving the Russians trapped.

The result was a turkey shoot unlike any seen in war in many years.



The Institute for the Study of War estimates that some 550 Russians from 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade were involved in the operation and that close to 500 of them were killed or wounded. ISW’s best guess at what went wrong: “The unit’s command and staff may have failed to recognize the dangers that Ukraine’s improving artillery capabilities posed two months later, or may simply have been incompetent or unable to control their troops.” Right, it may be that the Russians thought the Ukrainians were based far enough away from the river that their artillery couldn’t reach it. And it wouldn’t have — earlier in the war, before NATO countries began showering goodies on Zelensky.

Retired Australian Gen. Mick Ryan explained a few days ago how complicated river crossings are, typically involving no fewer than six phases. And because they’re complicated, they’re usually only undertaken if the army believes that the success of the operation is worth the risk. Which means this is likely an even bigger fiasco for Russia than at first appears:


The footage of the riverbank being turned into a tank graveyard apparently caught the attention of Russia military bloggers, who are normally eager to signal-boost the Kremlin’s line but who were taken aback in this case at the scale of the massacre.

“I’ve been keeping quiet for a long time,” Yuri Podolyaka, a war blogger with 2.1 million followers on Telegram, said in a video posted on Friday, saying that he had avoided criticizing the Russian military until now.

“The last straw that overwhelmed my patience was the events around Bilohorivka, where due to stupidity — I emphasize, because of the stupidity of the Russian command — at least one battalion tactical group was burned, possibly two.”…

“Yes, I understand that it’s impossible for there to be no problems in war,” he said. “But when the same problems go on for three months, and nothing seems to be changing, then I personally and in fact millions of citizens of the Russian Federation start to have questions for these leaders of the military operation.”

Another blogger sneered that the operation was tactically so inept that it amounted to “direct sabotage.” I assume the Russian population is past the point of believing that the war is going well, having already seen what was supposed to be a 72-hour operation to seize Kiev turn into a three-month grind. But the Donets disaster may have driven home to them in a way nothing yet has that victory isn’t a matter of time but is no longer assured.

Particularly since the Ukrainians were able to cross the same river without a problem within the last 24 hours:


Experts spent the weekend considering a fateful question: How bad are things for Russia in Ukraine right now?

They do seem to be quietly finding and sending reinforcements into battle, notes Phillips O’Brien. But if this is true, they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel:


Putin declined to order a full mobilization of the Russian population during last week’s Victory Day parade, which O’Brien takes as a sign that he fears an uprising if he were to do so. For all the hype about Russians rallying behind the “Z” symbol and against Ukrainian “Nazis,” the Kremlin apparently isn’t confident enough that a national draft aimed at replenishing the ranks and overwhelming the Ukrainians would be tolerated by the people.

He may not have a choice in the end. The UK estimates that after less than three months of fighting, Russia has lost a third of its combat force. Either there are enough 44-year-olds in Russia to plug that gap or there aren’t.

I’m betting on “there aren’t”:


The operation to encircle and destroy Ukraine’s forces in the Donbas seems to have failed decisively now that Russia’s forces in the north have retreated from around Kharkiv. Ryan believes that the entire Russian campaign in Ukraine may soon culminate, in fact — while adding that “culmination” doesn’t mean defeat. What it would mean is that Russia would give up trying to advance and switch instead to a defensive posture to protect the territory it already holds in the east and south. There’s already evidence of that happening:


Ryan believes the Ukraine have an opportunity in the northeast, near Kharkiv, to advance into Russian-held areas and potentially cut the supply line to the eastern front, endangering Russia’s position. But time is of the essence:


The toughest nut for Ukraine may be the area around Kherson in the south, which the Russians have occupied since the start of the war and where they’re now building fortifications. There’s already a puppet government in place there insisting that Kherson is part of Russia, with rumors about a sham referendum to be held at some point to make the area’s annexation “official.” One Twitter pal claimed a few days ago that he has a friend in Kherson who’s witnessing the “Russification” of the city and the surrounding province firsthand:


The Russian army has reportedly deported more than half a million Ukrainians from cities seized during the war and, it seems, is bringing in Russians to take their place in sites like Kherson. You could call that population transfer if you like but it’d be more accurate to say it’s a version of “light” ethnic cleansing, making occupied territory less Ukrainian and more Russian in order to enhance Russia’s claim to annexation of the south. If and when there’s a peace deal offered by Moscow, that’s sure to be part of it. They’re not moving all of these people around for nothing.

Do Republicans Prefer HIDING IN THEIR CLOSETS?

May 16, 2022

Seizing the Narrative

By Steve Feinstein at American Thinker:

We need to talk about why Republicans don’t talk about the most important and visible issues in front of the electorate at any given time. As a party, Republicans are incredibly bad about not getting in front of the narrative-du-jour and shaping the public discussion. Instead, they continually let the Democrats and the liberal media set the parameters, define the rules and control the ball. The Democrats and their media allies dominate the communications game and conservative Republicans are always playing catch-up and never quite getting there.

Here are some good examples from the recent past:

Hands up, don’t shoot

In the August 2014 Michael Brown incident, Brown (a young black man) was shot by white police officer Darren Wilson. Brown had committed a crime and was stopped by Wilson. While Wilson sat in his car, Brown punched him and attempted to take his gun, resulting in the confrontation in which Brown was shot. No such “Hands up, don’t shoot” moment ever occurred. This was a total lie put forth by the usual progressive race-hustlers and eagerly swallowed up by the leftist media.

The media used this event to portray all police officers (and by extension, all conservatives) as racists who unfairly and indiscriminately shoot blacks at their whim. Republicans never bothered to mount any meaningful public counter to this false narrative, even after multiple investigations and extensive testimony showed that Brown was clearly in the wrong and the shooting was totally justified. Instead, this incident is widely credited with the founding of the divisive BLM movement.

Tax Cuts for the Rich

This one is a favorite of liberals everywhere. Both the major tax cuts under President W. Bush in 2001 and 2003 and the big 2018 tax reduction under President Trump have been derided oh-so-predictably by liberals as “tax cuts only benefitting their rich donors.” That’s hogwash, of course. (Even the very liberal yahoo.com says President Trump’s tax cuts benefitted the middle-income earners the most.) The rate reductions benefitted all taxpaying Americans, in every income bracket. The salient point is that Republican politicians never refute the Democrat lies about “tax cuts for the rich.” Why don’t they? This should be an easy one — the numbers are irrefutable.

Overturning Roe vs. Wade

This one is huge. A draft of the decision to overturn Roe v Wade was deliberately leaked by an unethical Democrat operative for the purpose of casting all Republicans as “anti-women.” By demonstrating that the conservative-leaning Supreme Court would outlaw the pivotal Roe vs. Wade ruling, Democrats hoped to bring abortion to the fore as a 2022 election issue, thus diverting attention away from the utter debacle of Democrat governance in every single economic and foreign policy category.

In point of fact, the Court’s Roe proposed ruling (still a draft, not a final decision) merely says that the original 1973 case was wrongly decided and that the Court actually didn’t have the legitimate jurisdiction to fabricate a Constitutional “right” to abortion based on any so-called privacy clause of the Constitution. Instead, the issue of abortion should be one of states’ rights, decided by the voters and legislature of each respective state. The Court’s proposed ruling does not “outlaw” abortion nor take away access to abortion.

Everyone knows that, both Republicans and Democrats alike. Yet Democrat politicians are all too willing to perpetrate the hoax that “Republicans are outlawing abortion” in order to leverage that lie for political gain.

However, are there any daily Republican press briefings and statements that unequivocally set the record straight, that prove that abortion rights and access will simply be returned to the states, and in all likelihood, very little will change anywhere, especially in the deep-blue states? No, Republicans are silent, as they let Democrat politicians and the liberal media paint them as anti-women.

2020 Election Fraud/2000 Mules/True the Vote

Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2000 Mules delivers ironclad visual proof of Democrat “mules” stuffing ballot drop boxes at all hours of the day and night, fraudulently adding to Democrat vote totals in the swing states that would have been more than enough to sway the vote. And remember, this movie is just about the “mules/ballot box stuffing” aspect of the 2020 fraud. This movie doesn’t touch upon the “ballot boxes coming out from under the tables at 2:00 a.m.” nor the “tractor-trailer truck showing up from out of state with thousands of phony ballots” aspect of the fraud, nor does it even mention the several counties that somehow had more votes counted than there were registered voters.

But once again, Republicans are silent. They don’t speak. They make no effort to wrest the narrative away from the Democrats.

Why? This is the $64,000 question. Perhaps it is because Democrats know that most of their policies are fundamentally disingenuous and therefore they’ve learned how to deceive voters over the years. Lying is just part of their playbook, a required skill for a Democrat politician to make the team and they know the liberal media will back their lies.

Republicans, naively, still think that the merits of the issue will carry the day with the electorate, foolishly believing that voters will display the requisite initiative to research the details of the matter and thus be able to discern truth from deception. Maybe that’s the logic of a “conservative” by-the-book mindset. Maybe being devious and misleading doesn’t come naturally to Republicans the way it does to Democrats because Republicans aren’t trying to sell bogus issues like race quotas or multiple genders to the electorate.

However, a winning strategy always involves getting inside your opponent’s head and understanding their thinking, their motivations. Republicans had better do some serious reflection and start talking the talk, or they will find themselves talked right out of any future election victories.

Mark Waldeland Sends A Minnesota Review…

Rumor has it there will be a Capitol Bonding Bill
It used to be that even years were for bonding bills and odd years were for budgets, but in recent years, the legislature hasn’t let conventional wisdom slow down their spending or borrowing. As of May 15, one week before adjournment, neither the House nor Senate had released a bonding bill. But rumor has it a deal is in the works for a bonding bill and perhaps a supplemental budget as well.

In 2020, the legislature and Gov. Walz agreed to a record $1.9 billion borrowing bill right before the November election. Gov. Walz proposed a whopping $2.7 billion bill this year, calling it his Local Jobs and Projects bill. Governors love to characterize borrowing bills as job creation vehicles, even though their job creation claims can never be verified.

In fact, Gov. Mark Dayton exaggerated his job claims so much that the legislature passed a bill requiring a report from the Office of Management and Budget each year on the number of jobs created by bonding. Unfortunately, MMB never actually produced a report, and the legislature gave up and repealed the reporting requirement.

With billions of dollars floating around the Capitol, look for Democrats and Republicans to negotiate another huge borrowing bill. Debt service continues to be one of the fastest growing parts of the state budget, but no one seems to care about spending. American Experiment is still forwarding emails to Gov. Walz and legislators in our Give It Back campaign. Now is the time to put the pressure on.

Minneapolis teacher strike costs finally revealed
Discussion of the Minneapolis School District would not normally belong in a Capitol Watch newsletter, but the aftermath of the Minneapolis teacher strike does have implications on the state budget. That is, if union leaders get their way.

Remember, the strike was about more than Minneapolis — it was about gaining statewide support to spend the $9.3 billion surplus on K-12 schools. It’s been almost two months since the strike ended and they’re finally releasing details about the agreement’s impact on the district budget. This is by design. The immediate news out of the strike was all about teacher raises, support for mental health staff and helping teachers of color. Union leaders praised the deal as a victory for teachers, even though they knew many teachers would be laid off because of the huge financial hole created by the new contract. The superintendent signed the deal and promptly resigned.

According to the Star Tribune, the settlement will add $27.1 million to their current deficit of 59.1 million, and that’s after using $125 million in one-time federal COVID relief funds. That means the deficit will grow exponentially in the next budget once those federal funds are gone. These numbers assume the loss of another 1000 students next year, and since state funding is based on enrollment, you can see how Minneapolis is stuck in a funding death spiral.

But fear not! Gov. Tim Walz will surely come to the rescue and save Minneapolis (and other school districts) from their unsustainable teacher contracts. State teacher union president Denise Specht implored the legislature this week via Twitter to “Spend the rainy day fund. It’s raining.”
  It’s raining only because Specht and other union leaders seeded the clouds above Minneapolis by demanding contracts the taxpayers can’t afford. The House Democrat K-12 spending bill was drafted to answer the demands of the striking Minneapolis teachers — they didn’t even pretend to hide it. They would spend an additional $1 billion on K-12 schools with money for teacher salaries, retention bonuses, mental health supports and teachers of color. House Republicans criticized the bill for giving twice as much money to Minneapolis than outstate schools.The Walz plan is similar to the House DFL and includes an additional $1.8 billion for childcare programs. Walz’s own budget office reports his revised two-year budget now spends $60.7 billion dollars, leaving only $257,000 on the bottom line. Remember kids: permanent spending is ok, permanent tax cuts are dangerous.Senate Republicans were content to let last year’s huge increase in education spending work its way to classrooms before using the surplus to add even more. They did pass a modest $30 million package focused on literacy and reading.Education spending is one of the big things to watch in the last week of the legislative session.
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Finland, Sweden Apply for NATO Membership, Angry Vlad Sends Nuclear-Capable Missiles to Border

By Bob Hoge | May 16, 2022 4:45 PM ET

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(AP Photo/Virginia Mayo, File)

First Finland and now Sweden have announced their plans to apply for membership in the North American Atlantic Treaty Organization after decades of neutrality. The move immediately incensed Russian President Vladimir Putin, who threw a hissy fit by reportedly sending nukes to the Finnish border.

From DailyMail:

Sweden has said it will join Finland in bidding for membership of NATO, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted an ‘historic’ shift away from decades of neutrality.

Magdalena Andersson, the Swedish prime minister, announced the move on Monday – just a day after Finnish counterpart Sanna Marin tabled her own bid.

Finland and Sweden have been bound to codes of neutrality since at least the Second World War, in return for security guarantees from Moscow that it will not attack them.

On Sunday, a day before Sweden’s official announcement, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg applauded the idea in a meeting of foreign ministers of alliance members:

President Putin wants Ukraine defeated, NATO down, North America and Europe divided. But Ukraine stands, NATO is stronger than ever, Europe and North America are solidly united.

Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced he will meet with the Swedish Defense Minister at the Pentagon later this week.

APTOPIX Russia Ukraine Tensions
Sergey Guneev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been openly opposed to the NATO applications, responded with a tantrum, reportedly moving mobile, nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to Russia’s 810-mile border with Finland Monday. From the Sun:

  • The mobile short range ballistic missile is capable of carrying cluster munitions or fuel-air explosive enhanced-blast warheads.
  • With a range of up to 310 miles, the Iskander can also be deployed for bunker-busting and anti-radar missions.
  • The movement of the lethal missiles comes after Russia warned Finland and Sweden that their decision to join NATO was a “grave mistake with far-reaching consequences.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is also opposed to the applications, saying on Monday that Sweden was a “hatchery” for terrorism, and even had terrorists in its parliament. “Neither of these countries have a clear, open attitude towards terrorist organizations,” Erdogan said. “How can we trust them?”

Further provoking Russia, a reported 15,000 troops from 14 NATO countries will conduct a huge military drill in the Baltics starting today. Soldiers from Finland and Sweden will participate in the exercise dubbed ‘Siil’ or ‘Hedgehog’ today, which will take place just 40 miles from the nearest Russian base.

Some here at home are questioning the wisdom of provocations like these as well as the further expansion of NATO. After all, one of Russia’s justifications for invading Ukraine was the encroachment of NATO towards its western borders.


Vlad had already been talking tough even before the applications were announced, saying helpful things like Russia could wipe out Finland in “ten seconds” if it wanted to, and that Sweden and Finland’s entry into NATO would certainly “trigger a response.” We’re apparently already starting to see what that response might look like.

NATO has been an important security block for the West since its creation after the Second World War, but is all this expansion making the world more dangerous, not less? We certainly wouldn’t let Canada or Mexico join a Russian security alliance; why would we think that Putin would take kindly to being almost surrounded?

Keep poking a bear, and eventually, it will swipe back.