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The Left, All The Way Back To Lenin, CONSIDERS TRUTH A CURSE!

May 19, 2022

The New Racial Hatred

By D.F. Mulder at American Thinker:

America has truly reached Soviet levels of mass delusion and absurdity. The official lines on the most important subjects of the day are not just inconsistent with reality, they are the complete inversion of it.

Last week, NPR published an article titled, “Has Tucker Carlson created the most racist show in the history of cable news?” The article is not your everyday propaganda piece; it is almost humorous in its mendacity. Tucker Carlson diligently avoids anything that can be intrepreted as “racist.” He repeatedly denounces racism on his show and repeatedly affirms that he judges individuals as individuals, by their character and its content, and not by their skin color or their membership in any particular demographic group.

But can we say the same about America’s leftist ruling class? Hardly. These are people brainwashing white elementary schoolchildren to hate themselves, their own skin, and their own history. These are people who believe blatant racist discrimination against whites is necessary and good, and is in fact “anti-racist.” These folks truly believe white people are ineluctably racist, on account of being ensnared in a culture of white racism. Whites cannot help being immoral! They are an irredeemably awful race! These people want whites to literally kneel before non-whites on account of history or something. That is the price whites must pay for so unceremoniously existing. They have given white people the Sophie’s Choice of hating non-whites or themselves. There appears to be no other option. Whites must either loudly and aggressively denounce themselves or do violence against black and brown bodies through silence. These people call themselves “anti-racists”, but they are not “anti-racists” so much as deranged white-hating zealots. Their unmistakable racism is not racismwhereas Tucker Carlson’s non-racism is racism to the nth. Confused yet?

The regime’s opposition to Carlson is not actually due to Carlson being a racist, it is that Carlson, subconsciously or by implication, stands athwart their diabolical plans. Its incessant condemnations and attempted cancellations of the man are also not the result of Carlson stating anything evidently or provably untrue. Indeed, the regime’s own propaganda makes plain that truth matters not at all to it. Many media outlets label “replacement theory” a conspiracy theory even as they acknowledge its occurrence, indeed celebrate the ongoing replacement/cleansing of whites throughout America. But why would one celebrate what is a crazed conspiracy theory? Something does not compute here.

The power structure’s opposition to Carlson, its disdain for him, is not about the truth. It cannot be. The truth is with Carlson after all. That opposition is about the effects of his words and the words of other honest dissidents on the right. Our elites fear that such words might inspire young whites to resist their own dispossession and/or extirpation. The regime wants white people to disappear, but most importantly, it wants us to disappear quietly.

One common refrain uttered by educators and others against rightist critics of Critical Race Theory is that CRT is “just the teaching of American history,” nothing more. This is another complete lie. Critical Race Theory is a Marxist academic “discipline” (undisciplined as it is), like all “critical theories.” It is the telling of American history through the lens of the relentless racial exploitation and maltreatment of non-whites by wicked white oppressors. It is myth, but it is a popular myth on the Left. White people are uniquely evil, white people are uniquely racist, white people oppressed and continue to oppress us all. Well, that is not “just the teaching of history”, which is to say facts and the like. That is a highly ideological teaching of history. It is the teaching of history from a very specific, quintessentially Cultural Marxist viewpoint.

The Left claims Critical Race Theory is not actually being taught anywhere. It claims this even as it shrieks that legislatures are banning the teaching of the theory in many of our public schools. But why would you be outraged by a prohibition on something you are not doing? That makes about as much sense as celebrating a great replacement which is not really occurring.

Black-on-white racist attacks occur all the time in America. Yet the U.S. power structure treats the hatred behind many of those acts as something mostly, if not fully, justified. If white people are oppressing you, surely some amount of violent resistance is due. The problem is, white people are not oppressing anyone. White supremacy was a spent force in America a full century ago. The U.S. power structure is not only not white supremacist today, it is viciously and committedly anti-white. The treatment of interracial violence in this country demonstrates this definitively.

White victims in mass-killing events committed by black mass murderers are never given the same level of sympathy or support as black victims of white mass murderers. And black perpetrators of mass murders against whites are never given the same kind of infamy or odium as white perpetrators of mass murders against blacks. The disparity is glaring. Black-on-White acts of violence are given a fraction of the media coverage given to events like the Buffalo shooting involving Peyton Gendron, or the Charleston shooting involving Dylann Roof, despite Black-on-White violence, including murder, being significantly more common. Furthermore, the racial and ideological motives behind those crimes are systematically ignored and/or downplayed, and not just by the media, but by law enforcement as well. The opposite would be true in a genuinely white supremacist nation. Again, reality is being inverted.

It goes on and on. In America today, either you believe the most brazen of lies, or you are a dangerous radical, which means anyone with any sense or integrity is now a “dangerous radical.” The Cultural Marxist power class aggressively peddles narratives that are the complete inversion of the truth, and it demonizes, slanders, banishes, and cancels anyone willing to speak the truth. Lies on such a scale are deeply destabilizing to any society.

Violence and radicalism are increasingly inevitable given the dishonesty of our bottomlessly corrupt ruling class. Resistance is inevitable. It seems everyone intelligent knows something is horribly amiss in America today. After all, how much nonsense can a people really tolerate?

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