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School Shootings Will Likely Increase In Our USA!

School Shootings Aren’t Caused By Faulty Gun Laws But By The Collapse Of The Family

BY: JOHN DANIEL DAVIDSON at the Federalist:

MAY 27, 2022

Until we are willing to address the breakdown of family and community, nothing will change, the massacres will continue.

Author John Daniel Davidson profile

At a press conference Wednesday in the aftermath of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott almost said something profound. Almost.

Asked by reporters about gun laws in Texas, Abbott responded by talking about the need for more “mental health-resources” — a catch-all term often bandied about by Republican politicians in the wake of mass shootings like the one in Uvalde, in which 19 elementary school kids and two teachers were killed by a deeply disturbed 18-year-old. 

Abbott, though, began going in a different direction with his response. He noted that 18-year-olds have been able to buy rifles in Texas for more than 60 years, and then asked: “Why is it that the majority of those 60 years we did not have school shootings and we do now?”

But then he stopped short, saying, “The reality is I do not know the answer to that question.”

Maybe Abbott really doesn’t know. Maybe it’s too much to expect an unimaginative politician like him to delve into the myriad forces of social and cultural decay that produce 18-year-old mass murderers. Maybe he was just trying to deflect questions from a hostile press corps.

After all, in the wake of school shootings, GOP politicians tend to snap into a defensive crouch as predictably as Democrats tend to regurgitate irrelevant talking points about gun control, as President Biden did earlier this week. So maybe that’s all this was.

But whether he meant to or not, Abbott’s comments approached the heart of the matter. Indeed, he could have made an even more expansive claim. Texas has been awash in firearms of all kinds for two centuries, ever since the first American empresarios began arriving in Texas at the invitation of the newly formed Mexican Republic. For the past 60 years or so, there have been no major technological advances in firearm lethality. So why is it that only now, over the past two decades, do we see the kind of mass shootings we saw this week in Texas?

Abbott can pretend not to know, but I suspect that he, along with most everyone else in America, knows perfectly well the answer to that question. It has nothing to do with gun technology or gun control laws and everything to do with our corrupt culture, and especially with the collapse of the family.

Indeed, the Uvalde shooter was a walking advertisement for the moral bankruptcy of modern America and the hollowing out of the American home. Salvador Rolando Ramos was apparently raised without a father and until recently lived with his single mother, who reportedly struggled with drug addiction. Neighbors recall blowups between her and Ramos, and police occasionally being called to the house. For the past few months, Ramos had been living with his grandmother, who called the cops after he shot her in the face and left her for dead.

Ramos has been described by former classmates in news reports as a loner who was bullied over a speech impediment, got into fights at school, and took solace in video games and chatting with strangers online. It was to one of these online strangers that he apparently confessed or hinted at what he was planning to do just before the attack on the elementary school.

A broken home, no father or father figure in his life, no church or community of any kind, no real friends except those he met through social media. Here we have, in brief sketch, not just a profile of a school shooter, but an indictment of our entire culture. It was the same in Parkland, and Sandy Hook, and many other places. Something is very wrong out there, and it is manifesting itself in the proliferation of mass shootings by alienated young men. 

Politicians and pundits don’t want to talk about these things partly because there’s no law we can pass to fix it. It’s not a problem with an obvious solution. But they need to start talking all the same. We need to confront, collectively, the social maladies that create young men who murder indiscriminately, and chief among these maladies is the collapse of family and community.

Two years ago in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, amid nationwide protests and riots led by Black Lives Matter, corporate media were eager to talk about so-called “systemic racism,” police brutality, and a host of other perceived social ills. But almost no one, except a few conservatives like Glenn Loury, was willing to talk about the number one social ill afflicting black communities in America: the absence of fathers and the prevalence of single-parent households.

To his credit, Loury argued that until we’re willing to talk about that, we’re not really serious about helping black Americans or reviving black communities, we’re just using them for political advantage. He was right.

So too with school shooters like Ramos. Uvalde is a small town. People know each other there, as press reports have revealed in stark and heartbreaking ways in recent days. The brutal killing of so many schoolchildren has touched nearly the whole town in some way.

But for as tight-knit as Uvalde now seems, Ramos himself was not very well known, not tied to others in the community by strong bonds. He was on his own, and left to his own devices he became consumed by evil intent.

This is not to single out Uvalde, but to call to mind communities like it across the country, where other young men like Ramos are struggling in obscurity. It’s a difficult thing to confront, this failure in our neighborhoods and towns and communities, because it’s above all a failure of charity, of neighborly love, and we are all guilty of it.

Our leaders, though, bear special responsibility for making these cultural problems worse. Ramos had just turned 16 years old when the Covid lockdowns and school closures began. Those policies, enacted by leaders who don’t really care about the weak and powerless, made all the problems teenagers like Ramos face unfathomably worse.

As Anna Zeigler argued in these pages recently, “The total disregard for the welfare of children, children who were isolated, ignored, and needlessly masked for two years, is not unrelated to the matter of school shootings.” We could secure our schools the way we secure “places that are frequented by adults deemed to be important people,” she writes, but we don’t. “We do exactly what was done for the last two years: ignore the needs of children and cater to caterwauling unions.”

It’s quite possible that the response to the Uvalde massacre will be meaningless gun legislation that assuages the consciences of our political leaders but does nothing to address the underlying causes of such violence, just as the Covid school closures assuaged their consciences while making life worse for everyone else. You’ll be able to tell the politicians who understand the real problem and take it seriously; they’ll be talking about the need for fathers, intact families, and neighborly love.

Abbott says he doesn’t know why we have school shootings today when we did not have them 60 years ago. But he knows. We all know.

“It was a Trump 2020 flag.”

Stolen Elections: A Tale of Two D.C. Courtrooms

Regardless of the verdicts for Sussmann and Hale, it’s increasingly clear Americans continue to live in two separate and unequal systems of government. 

By Julie Kelly at American Greatness:

May 26, 2022

The Elijah Barrett Prettyman Courthouse in Washington, D.C. is center stage this month to two competing tales of stolen presidential elections.

In the courtroom of U.S. District Court Judge Christopher Cooper, federal prosecutors have presented a detailed account of the greatest scandal in U.S. political history: the conspiracy of the country’s most powerful interests to fabricate the Trump-Russia collusion hoax in order to sabotage Donald Trump before the 2016 election. 

Michael Sussmann, a lawyer formerly employed at Perkins Coie, the influential law firm that funded the infamous Steele dossier on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, is on trial for lying to the FBI. Sussmann is accused of presenting phony data alleged to prove a connection between Trump and a Russian bank to the department just weeks before Election Day 2016.

The sinister collaboration, exposed years ago by reporters and bloggers on the Right but now confirmed by Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation, involved Democratic Party honchos including the candidate herself; top officials at the Department of Justice, who used the dossier as evidence for a warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign; FBI officials and informants; the Central Intelligence Agency; and of course, the national news media.

Russia’s interference in the 2016 election to rig the outcome in favor of Trump was accepted as truth not just by the same interests responsible for the hoax but by tens of millions of Americans. Roughly half the country openly refused to accept the fact that Trump won fair and square. Media-fueled accusations that the new president and Russian President Vladimir Putin “stole” the election prompted the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in May 2017, a move supported by most Republicans in Washington.

Trump’s first two years in office were severely hobbled by the nonstop collusion drama as Mueller’s team systematically rounded up Trump allies on unrelated charges to produce breaking headlines and speculation that Trump would be the next one in handcuffs. Even after Mueller in 2019 finally admitted his prosecutors found no evidence of election-altering collusion, 84 percent of Democrats still believed Trump had been in cahoots with the Russians. For four years, Democrats proudly displayed #NotMyPresident hashtags on social media platforms.

And to this day, Hillary Clinton insists the 2016 election “was not on the level.”

But that sort of talk has not been designated the “Big Lie” by the news media or criminalized by the Justice Department. Any suggestion that the 2016 election was “rigged” or “stolen” remains safely under the purview of protected speech and in many quarters, is still considered an indisputable fact.

Not so for those who doubt the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Which is why, just a few floors below Judge Cooper’s courtroom, Timothy Hale is on trial for his participation in the protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

While the wheels of justice turn excruciatingly slow for Trump-Russian collusion schemers such as Sussmann, the government has moved at lightning speed to round up dissidents of the Biden regime. More than 800 Americans who protested Biden’s election on January 6 face criminal charges; the Justice Department announces new arrests every week.

Unlike Michael Sussmann, who walked free for five years following the commission of his alleged crime, Tim Hale has been in jail under pre-trial detention orders for more than 16 months.

Yet Hale’s alleged offenses were far less damaging to the country than the crimes Sussmann and his accomplices are accused of committing. On January

6, Hale, an Army reservist, drove to Washington after working the night shift at a New Jersey Naval station to hear President Trump speak. Later that afternoon, Hale walked to Capitol Hill. He entered the Capitol building around 2:14 p.m. through a set of open doors; Hale carried no weapon and didn’t assault anyone. On at least two occasions, Hale is seen interacting with police officers, who did not attempt to arrest either him or those around him.

After 40 minutes, Hale exited the building and drove back to New Jersey in time to start his night shift again. One week later, after his roommate agreed to secretly record a conversation for NCIS, Hale was arrested by at least a dozen armed FBI agents. (His roommate subsequently was paid $4,000 by NCIS for producing the two-hour recording.)

Since then, Biden’s Justice Department has devoted untold human and financial resources to prosecute Hale, who was indicted on four misdemeanors and one obstruction felony. Federal taxpayers have paid to keep Hale, who has no criminal record, incarcerated at a D.C. gulag set aside for Trump supporters. Numerous prosecutors, assistants, law enforcement officers, tech experts, private contractors, and witnesses spent over a year building the case against Hale.

A jury this week finally heard all the evidence in the courtroom of Judge Trevor McFadden, a Trump appointee responsible for keeping Hale behind bars since last spring. But prosecutors spent more time litigating Hale’s political views than arguing his guilt related to his nonviolent excursion through a public building on January 6.

During testimony Wednesday by an FBI agent, prosecutors asked the witness to identify Hale in a clip of video taken inside the building. The agent pointed out that Hale was one of the men carrying a Trump flag. With that, the prosecutor handed the agent a large box containing a government exhibit. The agent pulled the item from the box and showed it to the jury.

It was a Trump 2020 flag.

There was no reason to show jurors, residents of a city that voted nearly 94 percent for Joe Biden, the flag. It wasn’t used as a weapon and didn’t even belong to Hale; he picked it up off the ground on his way out. The government’s only purpose was to dramatically remind the D.C.-based jury that the defendant supported Donald Trump.

Prosecutors then grilled Hale’s roommate, who used the pseudonym “Mike Jacobs” at trial, about Hale’s political views. Jacobs told the jury that Hale believed the election was stolen. The threat to America, Hale believed, was “inward not outward,” Jacobs explained. Big Tech, the Republican Party, and “Jewish” interests also earned Hale’s enmity.

But this testimony, just like the Trump flag, had nothing to do with Hale’s alleged criminal conduct on January 6. Prosecutors weren’t attempting to convince the jury Hale was guilty of trespassing or obstructing an “official proceeding.” Hale, in the eyes of Biden’s Justice Department, is guilty of the unforgivable crime of voting for Trump.

Jurors in both cases are expected to begin deliberations on Friday. Unfortunately for Hale, D.C. juries have returned unanimous guilty verdicts on all counts in record time for January 6 protesters.

Regardless of the verdicts for Sussmann and Hale, it’s increasingly clear Americans continue to live in two separate and unequal systems of government. One side enjoys a protracted legal process that ultimately results in a slap on the wrist, favorable—or buried—news coverage, and a sympathetic jury pool among other benefits. The opposite side is hunted, incarcerated, and humiliated, left to the nonexistent mercies of a ruling class that views them with palpable contempt.

A “stolen” election for thee but not for me.

About Julie Kelly

Julie Kelly is a political commentator and senior contributor to American Greatness

“The Sorry State Of Today’s Lower Class African-Americans…”

May 27, 2022

Bad Imitations of MLK

By David R. Carlin at American Thinker:

On a few occasions, I have ventured to make public observations about the sorry state of today’s lower-class African Americans.  It’s a large lower class — much larger as a percentage of all blacks than lower-class whites are a percentage of all whites.  It makes up roughly one-third of all American blacks.  Another third is made up of people who are doing well: they have good educations, good jobs, good incomes, and good housing.  A middle third is made up of people who teeter on the brink: many of them will rise to the well-off class, many will fall into the lower class, and many will just continue to teeter.

Whenever I’ve said something along these lines, I have been accused, not surprisingly, of racism, even though I said nothing more than that lower-class blacks suffer from a dysfunctional and self-destructive subculture.  I don’t see how anybody in his right mind can deny this.  It is a perfectly obvious truth, almost as obvious as the truth that water is wet.  All the same, it’s something you’re not supposed to say.  Conventional good manners (otherwise known as political correctness) ban assertions of this kind.

The reason these assertions are banned is that they are heretical; they contradict one of the articles in the orthodox creed of present-day “progressivism” — the article according to which all misfortunes of blacks are due to white racism, a racism that is almost universal in that section of American society occupied by non-progressive or non-liberal whites.  If a black thug from a crime-ridden ghetto happens to murder your grandmother, you may not answer, when asked what happened to your grandmother, “A ghetto thug murdered her.”  You’re expected to recognize that he was driven to this crime by four hundred years of white racism, an evil that continues to flourish today.  And since you yourself, being white, are probably a racist, it may be said that you compelled this unfortunate young man to kill your grandmother.

I should note in passing that your grandmother, if she’s white, will almost certainly not be murdered by a thug from the ghetto.  Such thugs murder ghetto-dwelling grandmothers only.  Almost all violent black crime is black-on-black crime.

Fully realizing that to say an “incorrect” thing about African Americans is a horrible sin from a liberal-progressive point of view (almost as bad a sin as saying there is something weird about same-sex marriage, another sin I’m prone to commit), I shall now proceed to compound my offense by suggesting that the career of Martin Luther King was more of a misfortune than a benefit for American blacks.

Before I explain, let me put on record that I view King as a truly great man.  As a leader, he was the only non-president to be in the same league with our greatest presidential leaders, such men as Washington, Lincoln, and FDR.  King changed America for the better in two ways: one, by leading blacks to demand their rights; second, and even more important, by convincing whites that they had to rid both their hearts and their institutions of anti-black racism.  He freed blacks from suffering racial injustice, and he freed whites from what is even worse, doing racial injustice.  (I think it was Plato or Socrates who first said that doing injustice is worse than suffering it, an idea Christianity agrees with.)

The misfortune came when subsequent black leaders — Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, and a hundred minor demagogues — felt that they must establish their leadership credentials by imitating King.  How does one do that?  Well, King fought against white racism, didn’t he?  So the epigones too will have to fight against white racism.  But suppose King did such an effective job of fighting white racism that he largely destroyed it?  Suppose he persuaded whites of the wrongness of racism?  Supposed he convinced them to give up racism and not to pass it on to their children and grandchildren?  What then?

Remember that saying attributed to Voltaire — “If God did not exist, we’d have to invent him”?  Well, the MLK epigones have said, “If white racism no longer exists, or if it has become a relatively minor phenomenon, we’ll have to re-invent it.  For there is no other way to do an imitation of MLK, and doing that imitation is our raison d’être, not to mention that it’s our bread and butter.”

And so these demagogues — “civil rights leaders” as the mass media call them — have taught American blacks, especially those of the lower classes, that their many misfortunes are the result, not of any inadequacy among themselves or in their way of life, but of the continuing unfairness of a society in which “white privilege” reigns.  Instead of teaching individual and family and group self-reliance, these demagogues have taught the opposite.

There once was a great black leader who did teach lessons of self-reliance, Booker T. Washington.  From the 1890s until the modern civil rights era, Booker T. was almost universally regarded as the greatest American black.  In the 1960s he was removed from that pedestal and replaced by MLK because, instead of being an anti-racism crusader, BTW had accommodated the Southern regime of racial segregation.  BTW was a realist, and he understood that if blacks in America were ever to rise to the level of equality with whites, this would not happen through the benevolence of whites.  Blacks, while taking advantage of whatever help whites like Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and Theodore Roosevelt might offer, would have to achieve this equality through self-reliance and self-improvement.  And so, they improved themselves according to the BTW script, until by the 1950s they were able to follow the leadership of MLK.

Of the two, King was probably the greater man.  Nonetheless, black Americans, especially those from the lower classes, would be far better off if black leaders today would give up imitating MLK and instead imitate BTW. 

Are You Sure You Want Do Dance With Walz?

 MAY 27, 2022 BY SCOTT JOHNSON at PowerLine:


Minnesota Governor Tim Walz declared Covid-based emergency rule in March 2020. In a series of executive orders, Walz promulgated a moratorium suspending evictions and landlord-initiated lease terminations from March of 2020 through June 30, 2021. Landlords remained obligated to pay property and other taxes as well as mortgages. Of course.

At Alpha News Liz Collin reports a Minneapolis landlord’s story. The story presents a vivid case study in irresponsible government and predictable consequences.

Quotable quote (Liz Collin): “The governor’s office did not respond.”


MAY 26, 2022 BY SCOTT JOHNSON at PowerLine:


Yesterday at the White House executive-order signing ceremony commemorating the death of George Floyd, President Biden unleased a false bromide that he has often repeated (transcript here):

I spent my career, as chairman of the Judiciary Committee and as Vice President, working for commonsense gun reforms — as I said, as a senator and a Vice President.

While they clearly will not prevent every tragedy, we know certain ones will have significant impact and have no negative impact on the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is not absolute. When it was passed, you couldn’t own a — you couldn’t own a cannon, you couldn’t own certain kinds of weapons. It’s just — there’s always been limitations.

Jonathan Turley notes several previous occasions on which Biden has shot off this falsehood “that many of us have corrected in the past,” as he did here last month on April 12. Today he reiterates his research:

Once again, there were no federal laws barring cannon ownership when the Second Amendment was enacted. Gun laws remained local matters and I do not know of any bans on cannons or other gun types until much later in our history. Early local laws did control concealed weapons, though concealed cannons were not part of those ordinances.

Indeed, the Constitution itself supports private cannon ownership in the case of privateers. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 allows Congress to “grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal.” That allowed private parties to privateer on the high seas with . . . cannons.

Its almost funny. As Ed Driscoll put it at Instapundit on a previous Biden misfire this past February: “The gaslighting will continue until morale improves.”

NO NATION IS PERFECT! But, CIVILIZED America Seems To Be Disappearing!

May 26, 2022

Don’t laugh off the left’s attempts to change history

By Blaine L. Pardoe at American Thinker:

This week, Nikole Hannah-Jones of the 1619 Project tweeted, “Black people posed a danger to the country’s idea of itself; they held up a mirror into which the nation preferred not to peer.  So the inhumanity visited on Black people by every generation of white America justified the inhumanity of the past and the inequality of the present.”  She added, “The North did not fight the Civil War to end slavery.” 

At the start of the Civil War, she was, technically correct.  The Union Army was just that: an army raised to preserve the United States.  However, on January 1, 1863, President Lincoln changed the context of the war with the Emancipation Proclamation.  For the next three years, the North was fighting to put an end to the institution of slavery and to bring the rebel states back into the fold.  Let’s not forget that the South initiated the secession because of the fear that President Lincoln and the North would abolish slavery in the first place. 

This isn’t the first attempt by the Progressives to rewrite our history. Most of these instances, such as the one above, are laughable — at least on the surface.  Conservatives tend to view them with scorn.  Instances like this latest tweet are glossed over and mocked.  Yet they are out there, propagating a twisted narrative.

What is that narrative?  The United States was never a great country.  It was built by slaves and other oppressed people.  It was flawed from its inception.  Our country’s iconic heroes such as Washington, Jackson, Jefferson, and others should be cast down because they owned slaves.  Capitalism is a system of racial and social oppression that, by its nature, makes it corrupt and evil.  There is no American dream.  To the Progressives, America is so deeply corrupted that it must be changed from the ground up — starting with the history of the nation. 

George Orwell wrote, “Who controls the past controls the future.”  The far left has adopted this mantra and is running with it.  Leftists intend to reboot the United States.  Our history, our true history, stands in the way of that.  So do our American values, our love of country, and the moral center that our religions provide.

On the historical front, their solution is eloquent and dangerous: change the history as the basis for forging a new Progressive future.  This is not just about rewriting history books.  They will alter our money, removing the “undesirable” presidents and replacing them with approved Progressive icons.  Monuments are already toppling and have been for years.  It is easy to imagine the left demanding that the Washington monument be renamed, or that the Lincoln Memorial be replaced with something they deem more socially and politically acceptable.  To underestimate how far they are willing to go is a mistake we cannot afford.  

Our nation is not perfect.  We have flaws, but we constantly strive to overcome them.  Our leaders are far from being saints.  In my lifetime, race relations are better than they have ever been.  Some business people are corrupt, but our economic system has given millions the opportunity for a better life.  We are one of the best nations to live on the Earth.  We have fought wars around the globe to liberate oppressed people.  We are a nation where anyone can become whatever he desires…if he puts the effort into it.  We are prosperous, hardworking, and a deeply convicted people.  The American glass is not half-empty; it is almost full.  Yes, things could be better, and we are willing to undertake that work. 

A nation that alters its history to fit current imaginary social constructs is doomed.  Erasing a people’s past does not make anything better; it serves only to foster division and hate.  Tearing down works of art because you don’t like the politics of the people they represent is the act of radicals and anarchists.  No nation that has cast aside its past to fit an agenda has ever achieved lasting greatness.

Conservatives need to take a harder stand against these efforts.  History is not a plaything for politicians with narratives to fulfill.  History exists for us to learn from.  Lying about it, altering its context, and attempting to change it for nefarious reasons will ultimately tear this country apart.  History can be added to — but it is not there to be treated as a plaything.  We run the risk of an entire generation of our youths not understanding where they come from, what they represent, or what they stand for.  If we do not take a stand, they will be taught a story that has no bearing on reality — which means we will have already lost them.  

Blaine L. Pardoe is author of Blue Dawn: The most chilling “what-if” in history…the progressive overthrow of the United States and The Democratic Party Playbook, Election 2022 Edition.

Trouble in Florida?

May 26, 2022

The Divorce Monster Has Its Claws in Both Parties

By Stephen Baskerville at American Thinker:

The “fatherhood bill” of Florida governor Ron DeSantis is predictably attacked by the radical left.  This is because the left is clever and the right is foolish.  That is why the left is in power.  Leftists attack even their own policies in order to skew the public agenda ever farther left.  The right defends anything the left attacks, however misguided or counter-productive (or even leftist).

DeSantis has impeccable credentials as a defiant conservative.  The fact that even he was hoodwinked demonstrates how conservatives are outmaneuvered on many issues, especially the family.  The bill exemplifies how Republicans are routinely fooled into enacting Democrats’ measures.  In fact, it lays the groundwork for understanding how they invited the extreme left to seize control of the U.S. government two years ago.

The bill can do nothing for either fatherhood or the family.  It is modeled on useless programs devised by the Clinton administration based on the distorted research of liberal house intellectuals like David Popenoe and especially David Blankenhorn and his federally funded Institute for American Values.  Blankenhorn describes himself as a liberal Democrat.  His background is in Saul Alinsky community organizing (quasi-communism).  Yet for years he dominated family advocacy groups like the Family Research Council and Heritage Foundation before endorsing the redefinition of marriage. 

These programs did not and could not ameliorate the fatherhood crisis.  Later rebranded as “promoting marriage” by the Bush administration, they proved equally ineffective and even counterproductive.  Several conservative politicos were implicated in financial scandals involving federal funds.

The bill defies common sense.  How does government “promote fatherhood” and “encourage good fathering” (or later, “promote marriage”)?  The programs distribute government largesse to psychotherapists, most of whom are hostile to both fathers and marriage and keen to “redefine” both out of existence.  Anyone who trusts “parenting education” (Sect. 5[1][d]5) from professional therapists and social workers to be anything other than ideological indoctrination is ignorant of what happened under Clinton and Bush.  (Programs also inculcated “relationship skills” and “child behavior management.”)

But the larger purpose was and is to deputize private groups with lucrative grants to collect child support — a program predicated not on children having fathers, but on children being separated from their fathers, often forcibly.

Should nonprofit groups, including “faith-based” organizations, really be recruited as agents of federal law enforcement? 

If this is worthy, why is it being disguised?  In fact, child support enforcement has repeatedly been exposed as a dishonest and destructive bureaucratic boondoggle that creates the very problem it claims to solve by encouraging more fatherless homes with all the social pathologies that ensue.  The system has been plagued with numerous ethical improprieties, conflicts of interest, and scandals, including criminal fraud, as well as unconstitutional and authoritarian practices that violate Americans’ constitutional rights.  Advertised as a program to provide for children whose fathers have “abandoned” them, the reality is a system where “a father is forced to finance the filching of his own children.”

Child support enforcement was Bill Clinton’s answer to welfare and promoted to save taxpayers’ money.  In fact, the program consistently loses billions.  Moreover, no need for it has ever been demonstrated, since the preponderance of child support is paid automatically by wage withholding.

Far more serious, the money subsidizes and therefore proliferates single-parent homes.  Numerous scholars (at least those not profiting from the system) have demonstrated that the livelihoods of child support officials depend on broken homes and that “child support enforcement policies have a negative effect on contact between non-custodial parents and their children.”  Attorney Jed Abraham describes the apparat as “a veritable gulag, complete with sophisticated surveillance and compliance capabilities such as … license revocation, asset confiscation, and incarceration.  The face of this regime is decidedly Orwellian.”

Diabolically, it even gives state governments a vested financial interest in encouraging as much divorce and single parenthood as possible.  State governments fill their coffers with child support money and federal payments based on the volume of child support they collect.  Not delinquent support — all support.  (Imagine the effect of the federal government paying states money according to the amount of income tax they collect.)  This incentivizes them to encourage family breakdown and multiply fatherless homes at taxpayers’ expense.  Shockingly, “[i]f the state needs more highway funding,” as one commentator puts it, accurately, “all they need to do is raise the state’s level of child support and they can spend their resulting welfare incentive increases on highway projects and remain in perfect compliance with the relevant programs funding requirements.”

Now they are spreading the largesse to private organizations, with generous grants to collect child support.  This gives “fatherhood” and “family” groups a stake in encouraging broken homes and fatherlessness.  Ever wonder why all those Christian groups that advertise themselves as “pro-family” and “defending marriage” never make the slightest effort to reform our easy and predatory divorce laws?  It is because they are making money from divorce as shills for the child support apparat.  Republican lawyers, who earn huge sums from divorce cases, also profit from child support collection.

Florida’s Legislature approves this because, like every state house in America, it is controlled by lawyers, with a heavy contingent of divorce lawyers from both parties who have no desire to bring the divorce epidemic under control.

A more ruthless family-destruction machine could hardly be devised — replete with the financial payments that co-opt and corrupt potential opposition groups.  It is why — decade after decade — the fatherhood crisis never abates, but only worsens.

As always, government programs create the problem they claim to be solving and simply enrich and empower welfare apparatchiks.  Yet conservative Republicans readily sign on to this one.

One of the most insidious features of the divorce regime (like the welfare machinery from which it sprang) is this power to suck otherwise decent people into the operation, place them on the payroll, and make them active agents in destroying other people’s marriages, families, children, and lives.  Those advertised “for the children” are the worst.

This also provides the model for today’s bureaucratic takeover of the U.S. government.  The far-left insurrections of 2020 were overwhelmingly driven by rebellious, dysfunctional, and fatherless adolescents, who have been effectively raised by the functionaries of the welfare state. 

If Governor DeSantis really wants to ameliorate the fatherhood crisis, he will show real courage and break the power of the welfare behemoth and crooked family courts that routinely confiscate huge numbers of children from perfectly fit, legally innocent fathers, who are then plundered and incarcerated without trial or record by the child support gendarmerie.  He will allow fathers to raise their own children, without the “services” of busybody government bureaucrats. 

Stephen Baskerville is Professor of Political Studies at the Collegium Intermarium in Warsaw.  

What the majority of lying black fascists support:

Two Years After The Murder Of George Floyd, America Still Won’t Change The Way It Polices Black People

by Candace McDuffie at yahoo/news:

George Floyd African American man who was a victim of police violence in the United States, killed by Derek Chauvin

Derek ChauvinAmerican former police officer who murdered George Floyd

George Floyd artwork is seen on East 12th Street in Downtown Manhattan, New York City.
George Floyd artwork is seen on East 12th Street in Downtown Manhattan, New York City.

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd died at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who kneeled on his neck for 9 and a 1/2 minutes. As Floyd pleaded for his life, even letting out an exasperated “I can’t breathe,” shocked bystanders looked on—one of them even recorded the murder.

Darnella Frazier, who was just 17 years old at the time, captured the ordeal on her cameraphone and it immediately went viral on social media. It also galvanized the nation into action. Millions of demonstrators took to the streets—across the country as well as the world—to protest a stark reality that Black Americans have always known: we die at the hands of cops at higher rates and always for no reason.

Despite the breakthrough surrounding public consciousness, Black people are still being murdered on camera by cops with no end in sight.

Calls to defund the police led Minneapolis City Council members to announcing tentative plans to replace their local department, though voters rejected the ballot measure. No-knock warrants were banned in Florida, Oregon, Connecticut and Virginia while other states severely limited how they could be used.

A total of 17 states, including Minnesota, enacted legislation to ban or restrict chokeholds. Earlier today, President Biden signed an executive order designed to reform federal police practices and establish a national database of police misconduct. However, past tools that have been implemented—such as body cameras—do nothing to prevent cops from killing Black people.

“I know progress can be slow and frustrating and there’s a concern that the reckoning on race inspired two years ago is beginning to fade,” Biden said. “This is a call to action based on a basic truth: public trust, as any cop will tell you, is the foundation of public safety. Without trust, the population doesn’t contribute, doesn’t cooperate.”

What Biden has failed to address is that there is no fixing a historically racist and corrupt institution like law enforcement. That real action from Congress would be way more effective in addressing America’s policing crisis. That countless Black people continue to be murdered at the hands of cops and have rarely been held accountable.

Chauvin wound up receiving 22.5 years in prison for Floyd’s death and undoubtedly that sentence was an indirect result of public outrage. His punishment won’t bring Floyd back nor undo the trauma his loved ones—and Black people everywhere—have suffered.

As the Biden administration insists it’s making progress when it comes to how they treat Black folks, the ones they have murdered after the Floyd protests stand in contrast to these erroneous claims. Daunte WrightAmir LockeJim RogersPatrick LyoyaTracy Gaeta and numerous other innocent victims lost their lives at the hands of racist police officers; officers who continue to face no repercussions for their heinous actions.

The legacy of George Floyd is a complex one. Two years later, not only has this country failed to honor his memory—it disrespects it by pretending to change a system that profits off the bodies of Black people.


Check Out The Bravest Gun Rights Speech You’ll Ever See


MAY 26, 2022

Vikki Buckley

Secretary of State Vikki Buckley welcomed the NRA conference attendees to Colorado with a breathtaking speech on gun rights.

Author Mollie Hemingway profile


The National Rifle Association is hosting its leadership summit in Houston on Friday. Following a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school Tuesday, many corporate media outlets are suggesting politicians should cancel their planned speeches there.

ABC News tweeted:


“Houston Mayor Says He Can’t Cancel NRA Convention After School Massacre,” wrote Bloomberg. “Trump will keep ‘longtime commitment’ to Texas NRA event despite school shooting,” wrote the New York Post.

Why would an organization of law-abiding defenders of the U.S. Constitution cancel an event on account of a horrific school shooting committed by an individual with no regard for constitutional principles, readers might ask. Nevertheless, the pressure from the media and others opposed to gun rights will be intense.

It is reminiscent of a previous attempt by the media and other partisans to blame law-abiding gun owners and their defenders for gun violence. On April 20, 1999, two high school seniors murdered 12 students and one teacher at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The NRA was slated to hold its large convention in Denver just days later.

Everyone in the political and media classes warned the NRA to cancel their convention. Many immediately pushed for gun control as the only valid response to the murders.

President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton immediately called for limits on gun rights, as did many other Democrat politicians. The Democrat mayor of Denver, Wellington Webb, repeatedly told the NRA attendees that they weren’t welcome anymore.

Weak-kneed politicians canceled their planned appearances. More than five dozen Colorado business leaders signed a full-page ad published in local newspapers asking the convention organizers to cancel. Thousands of anti-gun rights activists descended on the convention.

Nevertheless, a few brave gun rights proponents stood strong. Charlton Heston — the actor and civil rights activist who was by then president of the NRA — opened up the convention in Denver on May 1, saying it was “absurd” and “offensive” to act as if supporters of Second Amendment rights couldn’t gather.

But what happened next was breathtaking. The top-ranking Republican in the state at that time was Gov. Bill Owens. He declined an invitation to speak. Secretary of State Vikki Buckley, a black Republican in her second term, welcomed the attendees to Colorado with a breathtaking speech on gun rights. “I greet you as Secretary of State of Colorado and I welcome you to Colorado, a state where some of us believe strongly in the entire Constitution of these United States, including the Second Amendment.”

Buckley was the first black secretary of state in Colorado and the first black Republican woman elected statewide in the Centennial State. The mother of three sons, she had once been on welfare to support them, eventually becoming a clerk typist in the secretary of state’s office in the early 1980s.

Her campaign pitch was to tell people that if she didn’t win the race, she’d have to train whoever did win. She defeated four other candidates for the Republican nomination in 1994 on the strength of a floor speech, even though hardly anyone at the convention had heard of her previously.

Buckley mentored young women and spoke to international women’s organizations about building stronger communities. She helped homeless children and worked to end the scourge of gang violence.

One of the children killed at Columbine was Isaiah Shoels, an 18-year-old black senior. His murderers had used racial slurs before killing him. Buckley had spent time with his parents and quoted Isaiah’s father about the scourge underlying violence.

“Guns are not the issue. Hate is what pulls the trigger of violence,” she said. She talked about “new age hate crimes,” such as raising children “without a value system which places a premium on human life,” or sending children to school “without a value system which teaches the difference between right and wrong.” She listed the ways in which children were not prepared for socioeconomic success, saying, “raise as much heck about that as you did about the NRA, and you will have saved more lives in five years than are taken with guns in a century.”

Buckley then shared the painful story of how she was the victim of gun violence. “I know firsthand the pain and fear–but that experience has not made me an opponent of the NRA or the Second Amendment,” she said. She called for resources to be spent against violence and hate, then said, “But we must stand ever strong against those who would ignore sections of the U.S. Constitution which they do not like. We are a strong democracy because the guiding principles of our Constitution and all of its amendments including the Second must be adhered to in its entirety, not selectively. Thank you and God bless America.”

The thousands of attendees roared to their feet and gave her a standing ovation. You can watch the speech here.

Rabid anti-gun rights activist Jake Tapper — yes, that Jake Tapper — attacked Buckley and her ideas. The Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, suggested Buckley was set for greater political heights.

It was not to be. Buckley died unexpectedly of a heart attack just two months later. Her courage and leadership is remembered.


May 26, 2022

A Dark Age in America

By Sandra Friedemann at American Thinker:

America has been fundamentally transformed — and not for the better.

In 2022, America is divided and poorer; personal safety and our children are at greater risk than ever.

Racism is rampant.  Not only is racism accepted, but it is celebrated.  With Critical Race Theory, schools teach children to hate anyone who looks different, to feel guilty if they’re white, or empowered because they are not white.

Children barely out of diapers are being taught to question their sex before they are capable of comprehending what sex is.

Our southern border is nonexistent, and politicians are loath to do anything about it.  Illegal aliens pour across and then demand — as if it were their God-given right — support and acceptance.  If they’re intercepted by Border Patrol, they get medical care and free transport to wherever they want to go.  Without background checks, security checks, or anything other than a rudimentary health screening, they are handed documents telling them to report for a sanctuary hearing at some far-future date.  Then they’re released.

Of course, none will show up for that hearing.  They will remain and be given driver’s licenses, de facto voting rights, EBT cards, housing, and ongoing medical care — all at taxpayer expense.  And that’s now, before Title 42 is repealed!  Then a floodgate will open, exponentially compounding the problem and the cost.

Children of illegals fill our schools, slowing education as they are taught just enough English to be able to do their lessons at the expense of American children.

With the illegals flows a river of drugs.  Every five minutes, one person in America dies of fentanyl.  Yet our government does nothing.  Our politicians ignore it.  It doesn’t exist, isn’t a problem.

Supermarket shelves are empty. Parents cannot find baby formula.  Other basic consumables aren’t available.  Because of a fertilizer shortage, our farmers cannot grow our food.

In 2020 and 2021, COVID disrupted the supply chain, but what about 2022?  COVID is under control.  Why are store shelves still empty?

Under President Trump, year-over-year inflation was at 1.36%.

Since Biden took office inflation has exploded. From January to November 2021 inflation leapt to almost 7.5%.

As of April 2022, inflation stands at 8.4%.  While this is down approximately 1% from the March high, we are still 7% higher than we were just fifteen short months ago.  American families are being forced to make tough choices: put gas in the tank to go to work or food on the table.

The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by one-half of a percent with more increases to come.  Now a credit card with an 18% APR adjusted to 18.5% means that for every dollar you owe, you are being charged $0.155 more per month.  At one hundred dollars, that’s $1.55.  A thousand equals $15.50.  If you have debt of $10,000 or more, that is $155.00 per month more than you used to pay, compounding every month you can’t afford to pay off your credit cards.

Nationally, gas averages around $4.30 per gallon — $1.37 more than last year.  Anyone working an hourly job at $15.00 must work almost five post-tax hours to buy ten gallons of gas.

In California, the average price for regular gas is $5.22.  In Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, prices are at or near $6.00 ($1.58 higher than May 2021).  In those areas, $15 requires more than eight hours of work for ten gallons of gas.

Higher gas prices are a direct result of Joe Biden’s day-one E.O. that shut down American drilling, production, and the XL Pipeline.  Instead of lifting those sanctions to help Americans, he and his administration refuse.  They cannot allow domestic drilling and production because it interferes with their Green Agenda.

They lie about it.  “We’ve issued more leases!” — ignoring the fact that without permits and a rollback of onerous environmental regulations, those leases aren’t worth a dime.  Without permits, producers can’t drill.  With the regulations, the cost of compliance is prohibitive.  There is no profit in drilling.

Under Biden, trans-shipping is the only way to transfer oil to a refinery.  With diesel hovering around $6.00 per gallon, that cost to truckers is extraordinary, which is why food prices are so high.

Democrats are ramming their Green Agenda down our throats and burdening us with its costs.

Biden’s administration knows that renewables are not yet capable of filling the gap between fossil fuels and our country’s energy needs.  Just look at California and Texas.  Yet this is the path we are being forced to follow.  All while ignoring the negative impacts of solar farms and wind turbines.

This all leads to the questions: are we being groomed?  Are we being boiled like a pot full of frogs?

“The Great Reset” is real.  Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum are behind this.  The Great Reset ties directly into the U.N.’s Agenda 2030.

On the surface, it all seems so benign.  A close, critical read, however, discloses the evil inherent in this mad scientist’s plan.  All around us are signs that this evil, anti-social, anti-societal movement is in train.

Canada’s government now encourages people to euthanize themselves — part of the depopulation aspect of the Great Reset and Agenda 2030, along with widespread famine (baby formula and fertilizer prices).

Open borders, too, since Agenda 2030 calls for merging nation-states and abolishing sovereignty.

Gender equality is another of the goals; thus, we get transgenderism and sexual grooming of our children.

Wasn’t there a remarkable coincidence between October 2019’s Event 201 — a tabletop exercise that just happened to revolve around a “theoretical” SARS-COV outbreak and COVID in 2020?  The draconian lockdowns of COVID weakened or destroyed many of the world’s economies, and drove the poor farther into poverty, while the wealthy grew wealthier.

Digital currencies as called for in the WEF plan are the next major shift.  Digital money, couched as “freedom from cash,” is nothing but enslavement.

If no one has cash, if we are all reliant on binary code in an “account” someplace, government has absolute power.  If we do as they say, a push of the button adds funds, rewarding us.  If we rebel or try to stand up for basic rights — as was done in Canada during the not-so-distant revolt against mandated vaccines — government will block your account, take your wealth, and leave you with nothing.  This is a digitized form of Stalin’s rule during the 1930s.

 Everything happening in America today points directly to the dark lessons of the past.

Unless we change course and quickly, America, along with the rest of the world, is doomed to a long, perhaps centuries-long, Dark Age of enslavement and genocide at the whim of our rulers — Klaus Schwab and his ilk.