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That Cheney Disgrace…

Internal poll: Cheney trails Trump-backed primary challenger by 28 points

ALLAHPUNDIT Jun 09, 2022 at HotAir:  

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

The poll was conducted by her challenger’s Super PAC but there’s no reason to doubt the results. It’s in line with a separate poll conducted last week by the Club for Growth, which found Cheney trailing Harriet Hageman by 30. And according to Republican “insiders” who spoke to NBC, it “closely tracks” other polls of the state.

The January 6 crusade has always been a kamikaze mission for Cheney. You can survive in the GOP if you criticize Trump *once* and then dutifully prostrate yourself anew once the base complains…


…but you can’t survive if you refuse to prostrate yourself altogether. This is the party of Ryan Kelley now. You’ll be tolerated if you’re neutral on the insurrection, but being chronically, stridently anti-insurrection?

That’s a career-ender, buster.

I suppose it’s true that Cheney isn’t “really representing Wyoming anymore” inasmuch as her top priority for the past year has been holding Trump accountable for a coup plot that would have caused the greatest constitutional crisis since 1861 had it succeeded. Hageman will be more in tune with Wyoming’s values.

“I think the race is kind of getting baked in here against Cheney,” said Republican consultant Bill Cubin. “It wouldn’t be so much that she’s participating in the Jan. 6 Committee — and yes a lot of Republicans are uncomfortable with that — but there’s this feeling she’s not really representing Wyoming anymore.”…

“Not only is Cheney getting creamed in the ballot, but Wyoming [Republican primary voters] are clear that there is no room for her to get back into this race,” [Tony] Fabrizio wrote in a memo obtained by NBC News. “A huge 71% majority say they will vote against her, including 66% who will definitely vote against Cheney no matter who she runs against. With only 26% saying they will definitely or probably vote for Cheney, she has hit her ceiling on the ballot.”

Anything can happen in politics but typically the person who’s 47 points underwater in net approval loses.

Jonathan Last has a piece out today urging Democrats to celebrate Mike Pence as an American hero for thwarting the coup attempt on January 6. That’s not because Last feels Pence hasn’t gotten his due; rather, he thinks Dems forcing the congressional GOP to take a position on whether Pence is a hero would pit Republicans against each other and possibly convince some righty voters to ditch the party. Reading it, it occurred to me that Cheney is executing a similar strategy by running for reelection, whether deliberately or not.

Pence’s attempt to salvage the Republican Party won’t succeed. It will fail not because of any intrinsic problem with the party itself—political parties are merely vessels for the will of the people—but because the problem with the Republican Party is Republican voters. They’re the ones who wanted Trump. They’re the ones who approve of January 6. They’re the ones who insist that Trump actually won in 2020. They’re the ones who are clamoring to nominate him again in 2024…

But political parties are not monoliths. About one-third of Republican voters have a relatively clear-eyed view of what happened on January 6. About one-fifth of Republican voters know that Joe Biden won a sacred landslide victory over Trump in 2020. About one in 20 Republican voters prefers Pence to Trump for 2024.

Democrats ought to be trying to pry these voters away from the Republican Party in the event that Trump runs again. By making it clear that the Democratic Party appreciates Mike Pence as a hero of democracy—and that GOP lawmakers do not—they might just persuade a small but crucial percentage of these Pence Republicans to cross over in 2024.

That’s the story of the last year of Liz Cheney’s life, no? Every Democrat in the House has warm things to say about the courageous stand she’s taken by joining the January 6 committee. And virtually every Republican in the House besides Adam Kinzinger is either silent about her or contemptuous. If you’re a Republican voter who feels even a small pang of disgust at Trump and the insurrection — and there are a few, as Last notes — it’s impossible not to find the wider party’s reaction to her revolting. Cheney is no Pence in the sense that she’s far less well-known than he is and never faced a single momentous choice the way Pence did, but I’d bet good money there are some centrist Republicans who’ll reconsider what’s left of their party affiliation after she loses by 50 points or whatever in Wyoming.

I’ve always thought that’s why she insisted on running despite the long odds, in fact. It’s not just a matter of her being a “fighter” who refuses to retire in the name of ducking a battle with Trump. It’s a matter of her wanting to show the “soft Republican” voters across the rest of the country what the GOP is now. If she gets obliterated in her primary, some of those voters may ask themselves, “Do I want to be a member of a party that prefers Ryan Kelley to Liz Cheney?” How many of those people cross over in 2024?

I’ll leave you with another interesting poll with January 6 undertones that’s circulating today. The Deseret News finds that Mike Lee leads Evan McMullin in Utah by just four points, 41/37, with 19 percent undecided. Democrats shrewdly decided not to nominate a candidate in Utah this year, indirectly steering their voters to support McMullin instead. McMullin leads Lee among independents at the moment and takes 29 percent of the Republican vote, giving him a fighting chance. Utahns are a little different from the rest of America in that they seem not to have totally lost their civic bearings, which may make Lee’s insurrection-curiosity more of a liability than an asset there. I suspect he’ll hold on and win but it’s good that he has to sweat a little, at least.


Mexico tries to quell migrant caravan with visas

by JAZZ SHAW Jun 09, 2022 at HotAir:

AP Photo/Marco Ugarte

As Karen reported last week, what is believed to be the largest ever caravan of illegal migrants crossed into Mexico and began the trek northward toward the American border. Initial estimates put the size of the human wave at somewhere between 6,000 and 11,000 people. A few days later, Mexican government officials said that the caravan had already shrunk in size, claiming that there were between 5,000 and 8,000 migrants. It’s unknown whether that was because some had been turned away or some simply gave up and went home. There were likely some in both categories. But now the Mexican government has come up with a plan to shrink the caravan even further by offering 1,000 humanitarian visas to those who are willing to take up residence in Mexico. (Washington Examiner)

The Mexican government will attempt to quell a massive caravan of migrants traveling through the country to the United States’s southern border with the issuance of 1,000 humanitarian visas that would allow only a small number of the migrants to reside and work in the country legally.

A caravan of between 6,000 and 11,000 people departed Tapachula, a city near Mexico’s border with Guatemala, on Monday. Its organizer, Luis Garcia Villagran of the Center for Human Dignity, made the announcement to reporters Tuesday. The number has dropped to between 5,000 and 8,000 just a day into the march, he said.

“Yesterday, we talked to the director of immigration, Paola Rodas. We are awaiting her promise to come through with 1,000 humanitarian visas,” Villagran said, according to an independent reporter who translated from Spanish.

We should give credit where due to the Mexican government for at least making some sort of effort to shrink this caravan and every migrant who abandons their plan to reach the American border is helpful. But 1,000 visas, even if they find that many people who will accept the offer, is really a drop in the bucket. That’s particularly true if the higher estimates are more accurate and there really are closer to 8,000 people in this army.

When Donald Trump was dealing with AMLO on this issue he negotiated for a lot more cooperation from the Mexican government. Federal Mexican troops were dispatched to their southern border to turn people away. Others were apprehended on the road as they made their way north. Mexico’s new position seems far weaker by comparison.

Has Joe Biden actually been in touch with AMLO about doing more to turn this flood back? I realize that they aren’t on the best of terms at the moment because of how badly the White House handled the Summit of the Americas, but it’s a subject that remains in our mutual interest to tackle. If not Biden, has our “Border Czar” Kamala Harris been on top of these developments? I haven’t seen any recent headlines suggesting that she’s been having meetings with them.

The Biden border crisis has already overwhelmed our resources at the southern border to the point where they are shipping illegal immigrants all over the country and releasing them into unsuspecting communities. If another 8,000 show up at once in a couple of weeks there is no way that CBP will be able to deal with those numbers. And we have almost no room left to detain and screen the ones we manage to apprehend. Thousands will likely just stroll into the country and disappear. How many are truly seeking refuge versus those coming here with criminal histories and bad intentions of smuggling children or fentanyl is unknown.

This situation is beyond frustrating and it is unquestionably dangerous. Build the damn wall. Stop spending money on Ukraine’s borders and take care of our own. Fully fund the border patrol and expand the staffing of our immigration courts to handle the backlog. None of these things are impossible, but our open borders president appears to have no interest in cleaning up this mess of his own making.

Charming Joe At The Kimmel Show!

JUNE 9, 2022 BY SCOTT JOHNSON at PowerLine:


A would-be assassin sought to take out Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the early morning hours yesterday. Later that President Biden appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live to yuk it and ramble in the style to which we have grown accustomed. One might have thought this was a poor time to yuk it up on late-night television, but the show must go on.

The Kimmel audience cheered wildly for Biden, as though he were the most popular and successful president of modern times, thought it seems to have been masked while doing so. So there was that. I have posted the 23-minute video at the bottom.

FOX News is on Biden’s mind. Biden’s opening yuk: “I thought maybe you just wanted me to stay on FOX News all the time.”

Biden inserts FOX News throughout the conversation as a motif. I would like to adapt Emerson’s adage to the occasion: FOX News is the hobgoblin of small minds. Or, FOX News is the hobgoblin of shrinking minds. After several mentions Biden identifies it as a “death star.”

For those disinclined to follow Biden’s wandering train of thought for the full 23 minutes, RNC Research has pulled a few clips. In the clip below Biden churns up a golden oldie from the windmills of his mind. What is he talking about? Hope for the future!


Biden inadvertently puts a new twist on expressive form as he discusses failure to communicate.


In addition to FOX News, sun, wind, and wind pumps are running through the windmills of the old man’s mind as he is powering down. He works in a “plug” for electric vehicles. Family budgets are tightening, but you too can be the proud owner of a low end Tesla Model 3 for $50,000 or so.


This isn’t funny.


This is the show’s summary of the hilarity:

President Joe Biden talks about the 27 school shootings in America in 2022, why he believes nothing has been done so far about gun violence, an overwhelming amount of Americans supporting background checks, meeting with families after the tragic events in Uvalde, Texas, the idea of passing an Executive Order, the strides made in regards to Climate Change, Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema’s voting record, housing, food and gas prices being very high and what he intends to do about inflation, the negative impact that the pandemic has had on families and the need for mental health care, being optimistic about this generation of young people, changes in the press, his process for flushing documents down the toilets, what his intentions are if Roe v Wade does in fact get overturned, and his hopes for America.

After the jab at FOX News, Biden gets right to the task of attacking Republicans in frequently rehearsed lines. Jimmy Kimmel himself is a core Biden voter of the low-information variety. He did what he could to lob slow-pitch softballs and rescue Biden when necessary. Kimmel asks, “Shouldn’t we demand that every Senator in the United States sit with those [Uvalde] families?”

Among the anecdotes Biden regurgitates is his frequently-told tale of traveling 17,000 miles with Xi Jinping. The Washington Post awarded that one three Pinocchios shortly after Biden’s inauguration last year.

The whole thing is extremely unfunny. Indeed, it is infuriating. On the evening of the day that the would-be assassin came looking for Justice Kavanaugh, Biden complained about “this potential decision from the Supreme Court. I mean, it’s awful.” Toward the end of the interview Biden warned that the prospective overruling of Roe v. Wade is “just the beginning.” There is worse to come! In addition to his other faults, the president is a moral cretin.

Quotable quote (fact-check this): “For example, our oil companies, oil companies instead of everybody says ‘Biden won’t let them drill,’ they have, they have 9,000 drilling sites that they’ve already owned, that are there. They’re not doin’ it. Y’know why? Because they make more money not drilling and buying back their own stock.”

Getting To Know Chuck Schumer “THE REPULSIVE” Better…

Democrats Wanted To Intimidate Justices. Now It’s Getting Dangerous

BY: DAVID HARSANYI at the Federalist:

JUNE 08, 2022

Chuck Schumer

An attack not only on separation of powers, but also basic norms of civility.

Author David Harsanyi profile



“I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

Those were the words of the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, one of the most powerful elected officials in the nation, in March of 2020. After spending years cynically delegitimizing the high court, Schumer had moved to openly threatening life-time appointed judges, by name, because he feared they would knock down the concocted constitutional right to an abortion.

Initially, Schumer refused to walk back those remarks. His spokesman ludicrously claimed the statement was “a reference to the political price Republicans will pay for putting them on the court.” Of course, the senator hadn’t singled out the Republican Party, or any Republican. He called out the two newest justices by name. “You” and “you.”

Yet, it is almost surely the case that the coverage of a California man carrying a weapon and burglary equipment near Brett Kavanaugh’s home, reportedly there to murder the Supreme Court justice over the leaked opinion in Dobbs, will not be tied to the rhetoric of Democrats like Schumer. CNN political reporters will not walk from one Democratic senator to the next, asking them if their rhetoric is responsible for inciting a man to show up at the Supreme Court justice’s home with a tactical knife, a Glock, ammunition, pepper spray, and zip ties. We will not have a national conversation about the specter of leftist violence.  

When in 2017, James Hodgkinson walked onto a baseball field in Alexandria, Va., and opened fire, with the intention of massacring Republican leadership, few outlets even mentioned that he was a big fan of socialist Bernie Sanders, a man who tells minions that the nation is on the precipice of fascism. No one in the media blamed Sanders for the actions of a madman. The standards of culpability for political violence differ from situation to situation.

When cosplay Nazis rioted in Charlottesville, Va., every Republican was asked to take ownership of a movement that had nothing to do with their beliefs. When leftist unrest across the nation causes billions in damage and destroys thousands of lives, one could barely get anyone in the media to admit it was even happening. When a goofy (largely FBI-hatched) kidnapping plot on Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was stopped, it was a major story, framed as a microcosm of MAGA terrorism. Today there is a slew of attacks on pro-life centers across the country, and it barely gets any notice.  

And normally I wouldn’t blame Democrats for the actions of extremists, either. The problem is that not only does the left continues to push the boundaries with Schumer-like threats, but they are engaged in the relentless, daily smearing of their political opponents as seditious, vote-stealing, child-murdering, fascists and insurgents. If this were true, violence would be justified. But it’s a sinister lie.

Moreover, though most people abhor violence, there is a concerted effort to intimidate justices. When Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki if activists posting maps to homes and doxxing Supreme Court justices was the “kind of thing this president wants?” she responded: “Look, I think the president’s view is that there’s a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document.” Kavanaugh’s would-be murderer told the FBI he got the idea to kill the Supreme Court justice after finding his address posted on the internet.

And let’s not forget that the White House encouraged people to go to the justices’ homes to protest. This is an attack not only on separation of powers, but also basic norms of civility. The same people who are clamoring to limit free expression, can’t even ask their people to observe basic decency. Biden, not long ago, argued that harassing Kyrsten Sinema in the bathroom to pressure her to support Build Back Better was “part of the process.” The people who promised to bring back norms are engaged in abnormal behavior.

As of this writing, House Democrats have still refused to vote for the Supreme Court Police Parity Act, passed a month ago by the Senate, which would offer enhanced protection for all justices. It is not unreasonable to assume that those House Democrats want justices to feel intimidated. That was almost surely the goal behind the Dobbs leak and the reason Schumer stood on the steps of the Supreme Court and threatened two justices by name. Unless grownups take over, things are going to get out of hand.

Do Today’s Dems Know How Truly Corrupt THEY ARE?

June 8, 2022

Progressive America is the Twilight Zone

By J. Robert Smith at American Thinker:

The dilapidating state of our culture, institutions, and politics (the order is deliberate) has been decades in the making.  Blame Boomers — the culture definers among them — for getting the ball rolling downhill in the highly romanticized lied about 1960s.  They spawned the decadent counterculture, which set in motion every society-rotting development we’re grappling with today.  Bill and Hillary Clinton are the aging avatars of counterculture radicals who turned into establishment exploiters.  

Real Clear Politics’ average for “Direction of Country” polls is currently an eye-popping wrong track, 70.7%, while right direction stands at a paltry 22.4%.  Other than D.C. lifers, welfare moochers, and people wanting their college debt loans erased, who are these 22%?  And who, this side of lobotomies, is the smaller percentage of “not sure?”       

America’s accelerating tumbling is the handiwork of a corrupt, ideologically driven, incompetent — dare say, venal — elite.  Don’t doubt that most of the incompetence stems from an irreparably flawed leftist worldview and age-old, mind-twisting power- and money-lust.        

A calamitous, destructive, painful descent is happening before our eyes.  We’re witnesses to history — but the imperative is to be actors against what we’re witnessing.  Winning elections, though critical, won’t alone fix things.  The culture needs to be retaken.  Institutions need to be recaptured — or routes around them created.  

The attack on American Civilization is multi-fronted.  Progressivism — an Orwellian inversion if there ever was one – is reminiscent of the classic TV show, The Twilight Zone.  In the show’s opening title, Rod Serling would say, in part, about the world of imagination that viewers were to enter: “It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.” 

That’s where America is now, between light and shadow.  But there’s nothing imaginary about America’s degradation.  Despite the propagandists’ efforts to gaslight us, we see, touch, smell, taste, and hear ruin.  It intrudes upon us.        

Climb any summit and take a look.  What you’ll see is a path this nation is being dragged down by the most dissolute concentration of human beings ever produced on these shores… a route that at its terminus is the “pit of man’s fears.”  That pit is where they’ll dump us unless we defeat these terrible people. 

America’s troubles aren’t from “We the People.”  We the People are decent, law-abiding folk.  We’re working jobs and raising our kids.  We’re good neighbors.  We play between the lines, as they say. 

We’re being crushed, increasingly daily.  Inflation climbs, while energy shortfalls cause gas and grocery store prices to soar, stretching family budgets.  How far off is the breaking point for tens of millions of people living paycheck-to-paycheck?  Biden just shrugs and blathers.      

The U.S.-Mexico border – what border, you say?  What’s replaced the southern border is a Biden-created superhighway for illegals and gangbangers.  Fentanyl, meth, and other poisons ride that highway with ease.  Drug overdoses killed 107,000 Americans in 2021.  What will the grim tally be this year?     

Crime grows worse and keeps spreading.  How about the mass shootings in Philly, Chattanooga, and other cities last weekend?  Yet, Democrats neuter cops and their DAs protect thugs.   

Is an ominous, long, hot summer in the offing?  The Department of Homeland Security warns “yes.”  But do we trust Biden’s DHS?    

From Fox News, June 7:

“Threat actors have recently mobilized to violence due to factors such as personal grievances, reactions to current events, and adherence to violent extremist ideologies, including racially or ethnically motivated or anti-government/anti-authority violent extremism,” DHS said. [Italics added]

The department stressed that “foreign adversaries — including terrorist organizations and nation state adversaries — also remain intent on exploiting the threat environment to promote or inspire violence, sow discord, or undermine U.S. democratic institutions.” [Italics added]

Is DHS hinting that hordes of white supremacists and American First patriots will cause mayhem in an election year?  Curiously coincidental, no?  Or is DHS suggesting that Antifa and BLM will take to city streets again, as they did in 2020, instigating worse violence and destruction?  Ah, but DHS is too partisan and woke to suggest that. 

And those “nation state adversaries?”  Doesn’t that stink of “Russia, Russia, Russia?”  Are we being set up for false-flag events?

Thanks to our scheming, corrupt elites, we can no longer take what any federal government department or agency says at face value.  Ask Peter Navarro about the gross injustice of Biden’s Justice Department.  Michael Sussman walked free from a D.C. court presided over by a Democrat-appointed judge (who cut the defendant slack via admissibility of evidence) and a D.C. jury populated with Democrats, including some Hillary Clinton contributors and one or two with casual connections to the defendant. 

The nation’s leadership class has destroyed trust in government, and when trust vanishes, we’re playing a dangerously unpredictable game loaded with wild cards.

Biden’s misbegotten administration is the last of the Democrats’ trademarked “deals”: New Deal, Fair Deal, New Frontier, Great Society, and whatever other branded scam they’ve sold voters since.  Biden won’t ever surpass FDR as the greatest progressive president ever, per his deluded aspiration.  The question is, will he be regarded as the worst president ever, dropping lower than James Buchanan (another Democrat) who idly watched as fellow Democrats hatched the Civil War?    

Careful, though.  What follows the fall of progressivism isn’t necessarily a rebirth of freedom — unless we fight hard for that.  Democrats keep moving left into darker precincts.  The communist and fascist-inspired liars that they are, they’re pushing everything from authoritarianism to totalitarianism under the guise of “democracy.”  A federal takeover of elections, SCOTUS court packing, skirting the 2nd Amendment, COVID lockdowns, mask mandates, reckless spending, weaponizing the DoJ and FBI against political opponents… Where do you think Democrats are trending?      

We have 100-plus years of history informing us what fates befell Russians, Chinese, Cubans, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Venezuelans, Jews, and so many others when anti-liberty forces prevailed.  The naïve among us insist that “America is different.”  But it’s irrefutable: evil is afoot in this country.  Human nature crosses all boundaries.  Good or evil are choices. 

The 2020s contain the battlegrounds where America’s future will be decided.  Will the country emerge a free, culturally healthy, and prosperous nation or will it sink into a facsimile of L.A. or Chicago — or something far worse?  As to the ruin of Democrat-run cities, the bottom hasn’t been reached yet.   

Good or evil are, indeed, choices.  Freedom is a choice.  Tyranny happens when good men choose merely to be witnesses… choose to do nothing else… choose not to act from fear.  Often, those who start as witnesses end up forced to dig graves for the very rights and liberty that distinguishes them as human beings possessing intrinsic worth and dignity… God’s creatures, not anyone’s chattel.      

Let’s finish with Rod Serling’s closing narration from the Twilight Zone, Season 3, Episode 9, “Death’s-Head Revisited”:

“There is an answer to the doctor’s question. All the Dachaus must remain standing. The Dachaus, the Belsens, the Buchenwalds, the Auschwitzes — all of them. They must remain standing because they are a monument to a moment in time when some men decided to turn the Earth into a graveyard. Into it they shoveled all of their reason, their logic, their knowledge, but worst of all, their conscience. And the moment we forget this, the moment we cease to be haunted by its remembrance, then we become the gravediggers. Something to dwell on and to remember, not only in the Twilight Zone but wherever men walk God’s Earth.”    

J. Robert Smith can be found regularly at Gab @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.             

“Democrats can expect to continue to see their fortunes slide right along with Biden’s.”

Floored? Sliden’ Biden hits new Morning Consult low on job approval

ED MORRISSEY Jun 08, 2022 at HotAir: 

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Just what is Joe Biden’s polling floor? More and more polls put Biden’s approval ratings into the 30s, and now we have a new entrant to that club. For the first time, Biden’s job approval sunk below 40% in Morning Consult’s regular tracking, and his disapproval hit a new high at the same time:


The latest survey found that 58% of voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance and 39% approve. It marks the 46th president’s lowest approval rating and highest disapproval rating in 62 weekly surveys conducted since he took office in January 2021.

For comparison, Biden’s latest numbers are worse than Donald Trump’s were at this time four years ago, when 45% approved and 52% disapproved of the former president. Biden’s popularity, or lack thereof, mirrors Trump’s standing in June 2020, when the nation was grappling with the twin crises of the pandemic and the response to the murder of George Floyd.

As always, there is a big partisan gap on this question, but it’s not what one would expect. Morning Consult hasn’t released the crosstabs as of the time this post was written, but they offer this look at the partisan demos on Biden’s job approval. He’s only impressing a little over a third of his own voters at the moment:

Republicans are far more strident in their disdain for Biden than Democrats are in their support: 80% of GOP voters “strongly disapprove” of Biden’s job handling, compared with 37% of Democrats who “strongly approve” of it.

Interestingly, the survey also shows that the generic ballot question is a jump ball at 42/42. If that seems a bit counterintuitive, Morning Consult’s Eli Yokley tries to explain it as a function of Democrat voter compartmentalization of Biden. “An aversion to Biden,” Yokley writes, “doesn’t necessarily mean a vote against the Democratic Party in November.” Perhaps, but the results of primaries in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and now California strongly suggest that Biden’s holding down voter enthusiasm in the party, and likely leading to a large number of defections.

But is that a reasonable conclusion from this poll? The actual data shows that only 14% those who disapprove of Biden plan to vote for a Democrat in the midterms, while 70% of those who disapprove will vote for a Republican. With Biden’s disapproval at 58% of this sample, that’s going to include a significant number of Democrat voters, and likely a large number of independents too. (Also, let’s remember that Democrats really need more like a +5 on the generic ballot to compete in midterm House elections, thanks to historically consistent structural issues in apportionment.) And how many of the voters who are unhappy with Biden and Democrats will actually show up at all?

Let’s get back to the issue of Biden’s floor. Some might be inclined to see his decline into the thirties as an outlier, but his RCP average today nearly has Biden below 40% already:

Biden’s getting back out to the gap he had in mid-January. He broke the 40% plane briefly in early February and got down to 40.0% a week ago, but his disapproval numbers are ticking up more now, too. Morning Consult is part of this average, but it may also be a leading indicator as to what we can expect coming from other pollsters. And from the results we’re getting in primaries, Democrats can expect to continue to see their fortunes slide right along with Biden’s.