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    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
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“Why are liberal nonprofits crumbling and ceasing to function?”

JUNE 17, 2022 BY JOHN HINDERAKER at PowerLine:


This liberal video podcast is sponsored by The Hill. I’ve never seen it before, but a friend sent me the link to this episode. It is titled “Elephant In The Zoom: Meltdowns Inside Progressive Organizations Are CRIPPLING The Left.” It addresses the question: why are liberal nonprofits crumbling and ceasing to function? Because they are under attack by young wokester employees who essentially have ground things to a halt. There is considerable entertainment value as the host and his guest fret over this phenomenon, and don’t worry–it’s only 13 minutes long:

At one point, the host asks whether right-wing organizations are beset with the same problem. As someone who runs a conservative nonprofit, I can answer the question: no, we are not.

That Con-Artist President With A Big Smile!

June 17, 2022

The incredible expanding lies of Joe Biden

By Eric Utter at American Thinker:

President Biden blamed congressional Republicans for record-high inflation while addressing the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) in a recent speech in Philadelphia.  Biden pathetically argued that his economic agenda, which relies on massive government spending, would help tame inflation.  He also lamely — and falsely — blamed Republican obstruction of that agenda for the country’s current economic woes.  (It seems Biden is an alumnus of the Hillary Clinton Institute for Excellence in Blame-Shifting and Denouncement.)

Biden boldly — if comically — stated, “Under my plan for the economy we made extraordinary progress and put America in a position to tackle a worldwide problem that’s worse everywhere but here: inflation.”

As if that wasn’t a big enough lie, he added: “The problem is, Republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down costs on ordinary families.  That’s why my plan is not finished, and the results aren’t finished, either.”

Now tell us the one about the three bears.  (Okay, I’ve used that one before.)

Apparently, Biden is also a graduate of the prestigious William Jefferson Clinton School for the Advancement of Prevarication.  First off, overspending is a primary cause of inflation, not a cure.  Secondly, (relatively) moderate Democrat senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona also opposed the plan, effectively killing Biden’s Build Back Better social-spending bill at this time — taking Republican opposition into legislative relevance.

If Biden’s “plan” is to fight inflation by dramatically increasing the already drunken-sailor rate of federal spending, he will make us all pine for the halcyon days of the Carter Era.  That is akin to bloodletting for the sick.  It would be like fighting obesity by ramping up your caloric intake or fighting STDs by engaging in more frequent anonymous sexual encounters.  In a word, it is preposterous.

But then a great many things are in the Biden Era.

“Barack Obama described his own agenda on the eve of his 2008 election, was a criminal waiting to strike.”…..and more!



In this bracing essay, David Horowitz calls out the Left for what it is–criminal, racist, and sometimes fascist. David argues that conservatives need to understand the utter bad faith with which the Left conducts itself, and stand up bravely to defend our country from the ravages of the Left.

The crisis currently facing our nation is a crisis of faith – faith in the Constitution that has shaped our destiny, faith in the rule of law, and faith in the principle of equality before the law. The root cause of the lawlessness that is consuming our country is the monopoly of the executive power in Washington by a political party that has fallen under the control of the radical left. This left describes itself as “progressive,” but is focused on the goal of “re-imagining” American institutions and principles, in other words of dismantling the constitutional order that created the prosperity and freedoms that have shaped this country since its beginnings.

Having been born into this political left and then rejected it, I have acquired an intimate perspective on its nature, and the threat it poses to the American future, which is grave. I was raised by Communists who always referred to themselves as “progressives,” and were sworn enemies of America and its institutions, as was I. We saw ourselves as warriors for social justice, acting on the “right side” of history.

We could not have been more mistaken. The “moral arc” of history is not “bent towards justice,” as progressives like to say. If it were, the 20th Century would be the most enlightened instead of the scene of the greatest atrocities and oppressions on human record. Worse yet, for this progressive myth, these atrocities and oppressions were perpetrated by progressives in the name of “social justice.”

The practical achievement of the revolutionaries was the dismantling of whole societies, and their reconstruction as national prisons, and slave labor camps. Supported by progressives everywhere, Communists bankrupted whole continents while killing more than 100 million people – in peacetime – in order to realize their radical schemes. Their atrocities and failures continued until the day they saw their progressive future collapse under its own weight. This failure was entirely predictable because as every similar attempt to “re-imagine society” and change it by force has shown, it is simply beyond the power of human beings to create a “just” world.

Forty years ago, a series of tragic events that I have described in my autobiography, Radical Son, stopped me in my tracks, and caused me to re-evaluate what I had believed until then. These second thoughts turned me against the cause to which I had been devoted since my youth, and which I now saw as a threat to everything human beings hold dear. Most of my generation of radicals, however, chose to continue on their destructive course. Over the next decades I watched the radical movement I was born into infiltrate and then take control of the Democrat Party and the nation’s cultural institutions, until one of its own, Barack Obama, became President of the United States.

From the moment I joined the conservative right forty years ago, I was impressed – and also alarmed – by the disparity in political rhetoric used by the two sides fighting this fateful conflict. My radical comrades and I always viewed these battles as episodes in a war conducted by other means – even as our opponents did not. Our rhetoric proclaimed our goals to be “peace,” “equality” and “social justice.” But this was always a deception. We used terms that demonized our opponents as “racists,” and “oppressors” because we believed our goals could only be achieved by vanquishing our opponents and destroying America’s constitutional order.

The Constitution valorized political compromise and was built on the defense of individual rights – most prominently the right to own property. America’s founders regarded property ownership as the basis of individual freedom. As radicals, we regarded property as the root cause of the evils that oppressed us. Consequently, the principles we operated under were not the same as those we gave lip service to in order to win public support.

The Bolshevik revolutionary Leon Trotsky explained our attitude in a famous pamphlet called Their Morals and Ours1. “Their” morals, he denigrated as bourgeois morals. They were morals based on class values that served the oppressors. One can hear the same sophistry today in the left’s attacks on meritocracy and standards as “racist,” and in their demands for equal outcomes regardless of whether they are earned or not.

While “their morals” served a ruling class, “our morals” served the people, and therefore social justice. Because we believed these propositions, “our morals” were by default Machiavellian: The end justifies the means.

Trotsky’s pamphlet was, in fact, a desperate attempt to avoid admitting that there was anything amoral or immoral in this cynical outlook. He did so by denying the existence of moral principles, claiming instead that all morality was self-interested and designed to serve a class interest. “Whoever does not care to return to Moses, Christ or Mohammed,” i.e., to accept universal moral standards, Trotsky argued, “must acknowledge that morality is a product of social development; that there is nothing invariable about it; that it serves social interests; that these interests are contradictory; that morality more than any other form of ideology has a class character.”

But this is just an admission that “our” morals were indeed accurately summarized as, “the end justifies the means.” The future we imagined we were creating was so noble that achieving it justified any means to get there, which included the lies that hid our destructive purposes, and the atrocities they led to.

The full import of this belief was brought home to me in the spring of 1975 when our so-called “anti-war movement” forced America out of Indo-China, allowing the North Vietnamese and Cambodian Communists to win. For more than a decade, we had claimed to care about the people of Indo-China, championed their rights to self-determination and condemned the war as a case of American imperialism and American racism oppressing Asian victims.

By the time America withdrew from the conflict and abandoned its Indo-Chinese allies, I already knew that Communism was a monstrous evil. But I remained a supporter of the “anti-war” cause, and of the rights of the Indo-Chinese to self-determination. To defend the commitments I had made, I deluded myself into believing that self-determination meant the Vietnamese and Cambodians should be able to choose even this evil if they wanted. This was so much sophistry because I knew that the Communists would not give them an inch of space in which to breathe free. The end that justified my position was that I believed America was the world’s arch imperialist power and its defeat was an absolute good.

What I was not prepared for was the moral depths to which the movement I had been part of had sunk. These depths were revealed in the events that followed the Communist victory. When America left Cambodia and Vietnam, the Communists proceeded to slaughter between two and three million peasants who were “politically incorrect” and did not welcome their Communist “solutions.” It was the largest genocide since Hitler’s extermination of the Jews. In Cambodia they killed everyone who wore glasses on the grounds that as readers they would transmit the oppressive ideas of the past and obstruct the Communist future. But there was no resistance to these atrocities from the “anti-war” left.

As the genocidal slaughter proceeded, prominent leftists like Noam Chomsky provided cover for the Communists’ crimes by denying that the atrocities were taking place. More disturbingly, there was not a single demonstration to protest the slaughter by the activists who claimed to be “anti-war” and to care about the Cambodians and Vietnamese. This silence unmasked the true agendas of the movement I had been part of.

My comrades’ abandonment of the peoples they claimed to defend, showed in a definitive manner that the anti-war movement was never “anti-war.” It was anti-American. It wanted America to lose and the Communists to win. Progressives had lied about the nature of their movement and its agendas in order to accomplish their real goal, which was the “fundamental transformation” of America and the creation of a socialist state. I had known this to be the case for many years, but had accepted the lies because they served what I imagined was a noble end. But when the lies led to the embrace of genocide, my eyes were opened to the realization that the movement I had been part of my whole life was evil.

On my way out of the left, I spent several years re-thinking what I had believed, and trying to understand the nature of the cause that I had served. Perhaps, my most profound and certainly most disturbing conclusion was that revolutionaries were by nature – and of necessity – criminals, who would routinely lie and break laws to achieve their ends. Every radical who believed in a “revolution” or a “re-imagining” of society from the ground up, every progressive who believed in a “fundamental transformation” of America as Barack Obama described his own agenda on the eve of his 2008 election, was a criminal waiting to strike.

America’s Constitution includes methods to amend it, and therefore to reform the American social order when and where changes are needed. In making such changes there are procedures to ensure that these changes represent the will of the American people, and are done lawfully. But revolutionaries do not respect a constitutional order created by rich, white men, many of whom were slaveowners. Radicals believe instead that “social justice” requires them to dismantle the social order, and “due process” along with it. Radicals are not “reformers.” In the name of social justice, they refuse to be bound by the laws and procedures that an unjust and oppressive “ruling class” has created. The end justifies the means.

Before President Obama – a constitutional law professor – decided to break America’s immigration laws and grant 800,000 illegals resident status, he admitted to his fellow Americans on twenty-two public occasions that he had no constitutional authority to do so – none. Creating such an amnesty by executive order was illegal and unconstitutional. And he knew it. But he did it anyway because to him and his party, violating the fundamental law of the land was justified because the system that had created the law was oppressive and unjust – racist. In committing this crime against the nation he led, Obama was guided by a radical ideology that justified the illegal means as a victory for “social justice.”

As a former radical I understood how high the stakes had become with Obama’s election. Since the right was defending America’s freedoms while the left was paying lip-service to patriotic pieties but intending nothing less than the destruction of constitutional order, I also understood that the rhetorical disparity between the two factions posed a grave threat to America’s future.

In fighting this cold war, progressives regularly demonize Republicans as racists, white supremacists, insurrectionists, Nazis and traitors. Republicans respond to these reckless attacks by calling Democrats “liberals” and similarly tepid descriptions. For example, they describe Democrats as “soft on crime.” Democrats are not soft on crime. They are pro-crime: Democrat prosecutors have systematically refused to prosecute violent criminals; Democrat mayors and governors have released tens of thousands of violent criminals from America’s prisons, and abolished cash bail so that criminals are back on the streets immediately after their crimes and arrests; Democrat mayors supported the mass violence orchestrated by Black Lives Matter in 220 cities in the summer of 2020, provided bail for arrested felons, de-funded police forces, and instructed law enforcement to stand down in Democrat-run cities, which allowed “protesters” to loot and burn, and criminal mobs to loot and destroy downtown shopping centers.

Democrats regard the criminal riots that took place in the summer of 2020, as social justice. The riots cost $2 billion in property damage, killed scores of people and eventually thousands as their “De-Fund the Police” campaign triggered a record crime wave in America’s major cities. Democrats regard criminal lawlessness and mayhem as understandable responses to what they perceive as “social injustice” – courts and the law be damned. To them, mass lootings are “reparations,” and individual robberies and thefts a socialist redistribution of wealth.2

If you are in a battle of words – which is the nature of political warfare – and you are calling your enemies “liberals,” portraying them as not really understanding the gravity of what they are doing, while they are calling you “white supremacists” and “Nazis,” you are losing the war.

Why are Republicans so self-destructively polite? Why do they fail to see, or to identify their opponents as the criminals they are – or, at least, when they are?

Ever since Donald Trump won the Republican Party’s presidential nomination in 2016, Democrats have conducted a verbal war against white America. This war has been so effective that Gallup polls show that 61% of Democrats think Republicans are white racists. At the same time the Biden administration has made “Equity” a centerpiece of its policies and programs. “Equity” is a weasel word to cover a socialist agenda. The White House defines “Equity” as privileging select racial groups with government largesse on the basis of skin color – a policy that is racist, inequitable, unconstitutional and illegal.

Even when it is the government doing the redistribution and not street mobs, “social justice” – the policy of equalizing outcomes among politically select groups, regardless of merit, is another name for theft. Redistributing income on the basis of race is not equity, it is racism. Joe Biden is the first overt racist to occupy the White House since Woodrow Wilson – who not coincidently was also a progressive Democrat. Yet Republicans avert their eyes from this anti-American travesty. Why don’t Republicans call Democrats out for their racism?

Over the years I gave a lot of thought to these questions, and eventually I came up with an answer that should have been obvious in the first place. The disparity in rhetorical voltage between the two political parties stems from a fundamental disparity in outlooks, and more importantly in attitudes towards the future. The left’s obvious goal is a “fundamental transformation” of American society.3 Such a transformation, as I have already observed, requires a dismantling of the existing social order. To justify this destruction, the left creates narratives that provide it with ways to condemn and delegitimize the present and its defenders, and justify its criminal agendas.

Today’s left is driven by a Cultural Marxist ideology, which is itself a product of the transformation of America’s universities and schools into one-party training and recruitment centers for the political left. A similar colonization of America’s philanthropic institutions and corporate cultures has taken place enabling this ideology to become a conventional wisdom nationally and the strategic outlook of the Democrat Party.

Cultural Marxism, also known as Critical Race Theory, and also encapsulated in the historical travesty called “The 1619 Project,” has led to a narrative in which America is portrayed as a white supremacist, systemically racist nation since its inception. Cultural Marxists regard the Constitution as a white supremacist document written by slaveowners, and therefore not to be respected. Worse, according to The New York Times editors who sponsored the 1619 Project, its purpose is to demonstrate, “that nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery.” This disgraceful slander against an entire people is an American version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which is still used in many parts of the world to justify a genocide of the Jews.

From this script, it is relatively effortless for progressive activists to lift a single negative incident or atrocity from the complex history of the American Republic and frame an indictment of America’s very existence. The script always leads to the same conclusion: America is a society whose institutions are “systemically racist” and must be first demolished, and then “re-imagined” according to the dictates of “social justice.”

Conservatives approach politics from a diametrically opposed perspective. Unlike progressives, conservatives are not wedded to abstract ideologies that imagine a perfect future and use it to delegitimize an imperfect present. Conservatives seek to conserve the values of a remarkable Constitution, whose principles in actual practice have made America the world’s most prosperous, most tolerant and most free nation, and have inspired her to be a beacon of freedom throughout the world.

One consequence of conservatives’ regard for the proven virtues of the U.S. Constitution and the social order it made possible is the very diffidence conservatives and Republicans exhibit in their political battles with progressives. A primary concern of the American founders was the threat of “factions” whose outlooks and agendas did not encompass the well-being of the whole society but merely their own divisive interests and claims. A main theme of America’s founding documents, therefore, is the importance of compromise. The founders regarded attacks on the spirit of compromise as threats to the social order itself. The demonization of opponents by the Democrat Party is therefore anathema – or should be – to anyone who believes in the wisdom of the constitutional order. In other words, conservatives’ instincts are to willfully tie their hands behind their backs in order to support the well-being of the civic whole.

The Electoral College, to take one important example, is an institution the constitutional framers envisaged as a means of forcing compromise between warring political factions. Election by the College instead of the popular vote, compels contending parties to compete in states where they don’t have natural majorities, and therefore need to compromise their agendas to win victories in “battleground” states. But radicals who abhor compromise are determined to abolish the Electoral College, justifying its abolition by smearing it as “racist.”

Another target of their anti-compromising zeal are the filibuster and the United States Senate which they denigrate as “undemocratic.” Of course, the Senate is undemocratic but that’s what the founders intended it to be. By giving lower population states equal senatorial power with higher population states, the founders ensured that the more populous states would not overwhelm the less populous ones and establish a “tyranny of the majority.” America is not a democracy; it is a republic, and that’s what the founders created –– and that’s why individual freedoms have been protected, and Americans have prospered.

The federal system and decentralization of power, vital to the freedoms Americans enjoy, are also instruments of compromise, and also abhorred by progressives who have been busily proposing legislation to federalize elections and police forces, and put them in the hands of a single centralized faction. The Democrats’ campaign to pack the Supreme Court and destroy the independence of the judiciary is yet another attempt to dismantle the constitutional system and consolidate power in the hands of a single faction. Their assaults on the First Amendment are equally sinister attempts to establish a one-party state.

Conservatives and Republicans are reluctant to use terms like “criminal” and “racist” and “fascist” to describe Democrats whose policies are criminal, racist and fascist because to do so would threaten the constitutional principle of compromise, on which civil peace and civil freedoms depend. Well and good, but in the current crisis defenders of America need to find a way to develop a stronger rhetoric, along with a more realistic attitude towards the enemy they are facing, if America is to survive at all. As long as conservatives continue to respect and enforce “due process” – which the Democrats have abandoned – there is no danger that they will follow in the destructive path the Democrats have chosen.

The principal weapon progressives have developed to advance their destructive agendas is race. But in responding to their attacks, Republicans – and conservatives generally – have displayed an unsteady hand. For example, Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell have referred to slavery as “America’s original sin,” in an effort to provide a compromising view. And they have often conceded that America had a regrettable racist past, and wrung their hands over it. Well and good, but to leave it at that does a grave injustice to the American reality. For there never was a moment in American history when there was not a white movement calling for the abolition of slavery and racism, and even willing to lay down their lives for it.

To put this history in a more accurate perspective: America didn’t invent slavery, and accounted for less than one percent of the global slave trade. If slavery is anyone’s “original sin” it is Africa’s, where slavery existed for a thousand years before a white man ever set foot there. Virtually, every slave shipped to America was enslaved by black Africans and sold to Americans at auctions. America’s founding fathers – Washington, Jefferson, Madison – deplored the slave system but saw no way to abolish it immediately without a war with England and the South, which they would have lost. Eventually their heirs did fight a war to free the slaves that cost more American – mainly white lives – than all America’s subsequent wars combined. Every black descendant of slaves in America owes his or her freedom to white Americans like Thomas Jefferson, even though Jefferson was a reluctant slaveowner, or to Abraham Lincoln and the 360,000 Union soldiers who gave their lives to free the slaves.

Is there in all history a comparable example of one race making such a sacrifice to free another? I am unaware of one. No American, mindful of their history, should turn their backs on this record, or bury it in silence, or compromise its truth.

When America’s racial past is viewed as a whole, Americans have no need to be ashamed. People who demand reparations for a slavery they never experienced, should sue the Confederacy, which fought to preserve it. They should not sue the United States government which made such enormous sacrifices to do the right thing. And no American patriots should make apologies for an American past that was shaped by lovers of freedom who set a standard for ending slavery not only in America, but also in the Western Hemisphere, and finally on global scale. For more than 60 years following the Emancipation Proclamation, America joined white Christian powers like Britain and France who sent gunboats throughout their empires to end the global slave trade. They were opposed by brown and black potentates who defended the institution and refused to free their human chattel.4 Black and brown slaveowners still thrive in Africa today.

The fact that these facts have been buried by progressives who control America’s cultural institutions, and who have replaced them with slanders worthy of America’s enemies underscores the enormity of the threat we face. The Democrats are now a national lynch mob. They have spent the last seven years in one attempt after another to destroy a president, whose political signature is “America First,” by libeling him, his supporters and the country they love as “white supremacist” and “systemically racist,” when there is no sound basis for either charge. They have broken precedent, tradition, protocol, and the law, and violated the Constitution to hang Donald Trump and demonize his supporters as “domestic terrorists” and “insurrectionists” – traitors – all in order to advance radical policies that have destroyed America’s borders, triggered record crime waves in American cities, and blown up the best economy in our lifetimes.

To defend our country against these radical destroyers, Americans need to get a firm grip on the facts of their heritage and the realities of their present. In particular they need to understand that America never was a racist nation – even during the brief 20-year period when slavery was legal in the North, and the 76-year period when slavery was legal in the South. Not the alleged “400 years of slavery” as its ignorant and malicious enemies like Al Sharpton maintain.

Slavery in America was an English implant and the extension of an African business. There were 500,000 free blacks in America on the eve of the Civil War. That is inexplicable if America was actually a “white supremacist” nation. The slavery issue only became an issue of racial oppression when Southern slaveowners chose to defend their system in a nation dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, by arguing that blacks were not. What was distinctly American, however, was the declaration of equality, not the racist defense of slavery by soon to be defeated owners of slaves in the South.

Given the prejudices and bigotries that are endemic to human beings of all races, Americans can be proud of their racial past and its contribution to human freedom. The raw facts are these: Slavery was an inherited system, which Americans abolished in little over a generation. There never was a successful revolt by the slaves themselves. If whites had been as universally racist as leftists maintain, blacks in America would still be slaves, and not the most prosperous, most privileged and free-est blacks in the world today, including all of black Africa and the West Indies.

Above all, conservative, patriotic Americans need to stop compromising the truth to appease their political enemies who want to destroy them and the country they love.

1 https://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/1938/morals/morals.htm
2 I examined the lack of substance to Black Lives Matter’s inflammatory claims of police racism in I Can’t Breathe: How A Racial Hoax Is Killing America. Regnery 2021
3 I have documented the Democrats’ anti-democratic, anti-constitutional efforts to create a one-party state in my books, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America, Humanix 2019 and The Enemy Within: How A Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America, Regnery 2021

How Corrupt, FOR HOW LONG, Will Our Fascist Dems Remain Fascist?

Van Jones: If Biden’s not “ready to go” in 2024, Dems need to let us know

ALLAHPUNDIT Jun 16, 2022 at HotAir:

There’s no plane of reality in which Democrats admit that the president isn’t up to the job due to his advanced age. “He’s not ready to go” will never escape the lips of an elected official from Team Blue publicly, and not just for reasons of rank partisan loyalty. Admitting that the commander-in-chief can no longer perform his tasks would be a national security crisis in the making. Imagine how that admission might affect, say, China’s calculations about Taiwan.

Of course, the Chinese can and do watch Biden’s public appearances on television like the rest of us. I’m sure they have an inkling that he’s seen better days.

What Jones means here, I think, is that Biden needs to make a decision about 2024 soon. And since the prospect of an 86-year-old Joe Biden governing America in 2028 is surreal to literally everyone, it’s clear what that decision should be.

It seems significant that a well-known Democratic commentator is on TV wondering openly whether there’s “something else” that might explain Biden’s flubs apart from a stutter.

It’s no coincidence that there have been more stories in the media lately citing Democrats whispering that Biden shouldn’t run. It’s not just because he’s irreparably damaged goods due to the inflation horror America is currently suffering through. It’s because his decision about 2024 will need to be made sooner than most people think. Biden and his party won’t breathe a word about him thinking of retirement before the midterms, knowing that early lame-duck status might kill whatever chance he has left to push major legislation through Congress before January. He’s still trying to make a deal with Joe Manchin on a climate and energy bill, remember.

But the second the votes are in on election night in November, Dems will begin twisting his arm behind the scenes to announce his retirement. If Joe Biden were at the top of his game cognitively, he’d probably still be the strongest hand Dems might play in 2024, inflation notwithstanding. That’s what a painfully thin bench (and the advantage of incumbency) has left them with. But if American swing voters are convinced that he’s no longer fit for office, he’s unelectable. As grim as the prospect of nominating Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg or whoever might seem to the left, at least they have their wits about them.

If Democrats are destined to endure a wrenching contested primary in which the first black woman vice president faces a number of white challengers, they’ll want to know and get on with it as soon as possible. The sooner Biden announces he’s a lame duck, the sooner Dem candidates can build their campaign teams and begin fundraising. And inasmuch as there’ll be hard feelings within the left about ambitious Dem politicians seeking to deny Harris her “turn in line,” it’s better for the party that those feelings are dealt with early. That way, maybe they’ll dissipate by November 2024, in time to ensure maximum Democratic turnout in the general election.

The media effort to nudge Biden into retirement continues today with a piece by Mark Leibovich at The Atlantic: “Why Biden Shouldn’t Run in 2024.”

Stepping aside would permit Biden to shed the demands of being a disciplined candidate (never his strong suit). It would be immediately liberating, allowing the president to focus on what he’s extremely well suited to: being a familiar mensch and champion and consoler to a country in dire need of one. He could off-load all of the burdens and suspicions that come with electoral ambitions. Nothing buys goodwill for a politician like self-removal from consideration…

As a point of professional comparison, Biden would be enjoying his 15th year of retirement if he had spent his career as a commercial airline pilot, or his 24th year if he had been an air-traffic controller. There’s a reason the FAA mandates compulsory departure times for these positions (65 for pilots, 56 for controllers). These are life-and-death tasks that demand peak stamina and mental acuity. The pressure can be crushing, burnout is rampant, and no one wants to see grandpop in the damn cockpit…

Aside from reinvigorating the Democrats, Biden could instantly burnish his own legacy by opting out of 2024. He would be praised for knowing when to step aside, for putting the interests of his party and country before himself, and for selflessly turning things over to the next acts. Gratitude would flow, maybe even from some of the Republicans he talked about doing business with. Everyone loves an elder statesman. A historic credit would be due to Joe Biden.

There are other reasons for Biden to quit while he’s ahead. (Well, while he’s behind.) If he runs again, he’s likely to face a primary challenger from the left — not a serious one but one that might force him to slog through two exhausting campaigns in 2024 instead of one. Announcing his retirement would spare him that. It might also defang the new House Republican majority, which is planning to investigate his son, the Afghanistan withdrawal, what the White House knew about inflation before passing the COVID relief bill last year, and all manner of other subjects that will further damage Biden’s chances of reelection. Once he’s a lame duck, the chief motive for Republicans to pursue those matters will melt away. That’s not to say they might not do it anyway — they need a way to pass the time during a period of divided government — but public interest in their findings will lag once it’s known that Biden won’t be back on the ballot.

Democrats will want a firm answer about his intentions by, say, March or April of next year. Buckle up.

What Is Senile President Joe UP TO DAY BY DAY?

JUNE 17, 2022 BY SCOTT JOHNSON at PowerLine:


We have an overabundance of Biden stew to digest today. The president sat down with his friends at the Associated Press for a long-awaited interview. Woo hoo! Josh Doak writes it up here. The AP has separately posted the transcript here. For its headline the AP extracts the quote that a recession is not “inevitable.” No, it could be a something worse.

The AP quotes Biden: “People are really, really down.” Why might that be?

“[T]heir need for mental health in America has skyrocketed because people have seen everything upset,” Biden said. “Everything they’ve counted on upset. But most of it’s the consequence of what happened, what happened as a consequence of the, the COVID crisis.”

Wrong! It’s you, you big dope — as the interview illustrates several times over.

The administration has done what it can to suppress production of fossil fuels. It promises to do more. Indeed, it seeks to end the industry as we know it. Yet it now jawbones the industry to ramp up production and lower prices.

At The Pipeline, Steve Hayward considers the contradictions in “Biden’s Bottomless Energy Foolishness.” He posted a graphic postscript here on Power Line.

The contradictions were vividly on display at yesterday’s White House press briefing (video clips below). I can’t find a transcript in the usual place at the White House site. As I write this morning, the most recent transcript posted comes from the June 15 briefing. However, the White House has posted the full 45-minute video of yesterday’s briefing here on YouTube. Peter Doocy is called on at about 9:00 of the video.

Something does not compute. It is not the fault of press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that she cannot square the circle. No one could do it. It can’t be done. Who says A must say B. This is madness.

Via Nick Arama/RedState.



Your Kids Are in Grave Peril From the Predators in the Transgender Cult

BY MATT MARGOLIS JUN 16, 2022 at PJMedia: 

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens, File)

The transgender movement is coming for your children. The younger they are, the more impressionable they can be. They’ve succeeded in making it trendy to be non-binary or queer or whatever other buzzwords they come up with, and they’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to bring your kids into their cult.

And they’re going to come for them at increasingly younger ages. There’s even a transgender “health” association that is actively trying to legitimize gender transition treatments to begin at younger ages. The Associated Press reports the World Professional Association for Transgender Health is bumping up its “recommendation” for hormone “treatments” for kids by two years. Now, the group recommends starting the process at the age of 14 and says the mutilation stage of transitioning kids can be done as young as 15. According to the report, the group “acknowledged potential risks but said it is unethical and harmful to withhold early treatment.”

These updated recommendations come on the heels of a study linking allowing kids access to “gender-affirming care” without parental consent to an increase in youth suicides. But this is all part of the plan: the normalization of mutilating kids and pumping their bodies full of dangerous drugs to create an illusion that one has changed from a boy to a girl or vice versa.

During a recent interview with NPR, Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary of health, claimed that “there is no argument” about “gender-affirming care” among pediatricians and doctors who specialize in adolescents. “There is no argument among medical professionals – pediatricians, pediatric endocrinologists, adolescent medicine physicians, adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. – about the value and the importance of gender-affirming care,” he said.

His claim is even more bogus than the longstanding myth that 97% of scientists believe in man-made climate change. There are plenty of brave voices in the medical community and even within the transgender community who have spoken out about how they rush kids into undergoing irreversible procedures when evidence shows most children who experience gender dysphoria grow out of it at puberty.

We here at PJ Media will call out the LGBTQ cult as it targets impressionable children and convinces them to make life-altering decisions without the consent or knowledge of their parents. These people are predators and child abusers, and we will not back down. We know that boys are boys, that girls are girls, and we don’t care about preferred pronouns. We will not normalize this insanity. We will always stand up for protecting kids. Sadly, not even Fox News is immune from promoting transgendering kids. We won’t cave to the woke mob, and so we need your help, because any time we speak out about this cancer that is spreading rapidly through our culture and society we are likely to be subjected to censorship from Big Tech.

Join us as we seek to protect our children from the dangerous transgender cult that is sweeping the nation by becoming a PJ Media member todayVIP members have access to a wealth of exclusive content. VIP Gold subscribers get even more. With VIP Gold, members can access all of the VIP content across the Townhall Media family (Townhall, RedState, PJ Media, and more) and live chats with their favorites like VodkaPundit and Stephen Kruiser—a nearly $300 value.

With your support, we can continue exposing the truth about these predators who are after our children and want to destroy your family. Use the promo code WOKE for a 25% discount today.

Why Is Dem’s Fascist Communism Growing In America?

June 16, 2022

The Communist Plot behind School Shootings

By Carole Hornsby Haynes at American Thinker:

The Uvalde, Texas school massacre did not happen because an 18-year-old had access to guns.  Instead, it was a walking testimony to the moral bankruptcy of modern America and the hollowing out of the American home.  A broken home, no father or father figure in his life, a mother who reportedly struggled with drug addiction, no church or community of any kind, no real friends except those he met through social media.  We found such profiles in the school shootings at Parkland, Sandy Hook, and many other places.

This is more than a profile of a school shooter; it’s an indictment of our entire culture.  America has become an immoral society caused by “liberal policies that encourage out of wedlock child birth, divorce, single-parent households, and amoral values that undermine respect for life.”  John Adams, one of our Founding Fathers, understood the consequences of immorality: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

In my childhood, we always had guns in our house, as did my relatives.  My father and young brother would head out to the woods in Tennessee on Saturday mornings to hunt.  As an adult, I carried a gun to protect myself because I had been robbed twice. 

Until more recent decades, boys as young as nine or ten were able to buy guns COD through mail order to hunt with their friends.  High school students, who brought trucks to school, carried rifles on racks in the back.  Yet we didn’t have school massacres.  What has changed?

For decades, Communists have been working underground to take down America.  This was documented in the 1958 book, The Naked Communist, by FBI special agent W. Cleon Skousen.  He provided research showing the rise of communist powers and presented the communist agenda for America.  His list of 45 goals has become legendary, to the point of being officially read and recorded in the 1963 congressional hearing.

Nearly all of the goals have been achieved.  Let’s look at those that have more directly affected our children.

Because education is always a key vehicle for totalitarians to instill left-wing ideology early, Goal #17 calls for gaining control of schools and dumbing down the curriculum.  Although subversion has been going on subtly for decades, it is now front and center with Common Core, Critical Race Theory, and the 1619 Project.

Goal #19 calls for student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations under communist attack.  Public school students are taught how to become America’s “Red Guards.”  Following the Parkland school shooting in Florida, teachers encouraged students to publicly advocate for gun control.  Student negativity toward guns and our Second Amendment is not surprising.  They are taught that there is no God and, therefore, there are no God-given rights, such as those enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Goal #42 is to create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition — that students and special interest groups should rise up together to solve economic, political, or social problems.  We see this played out across the nation, with teachers encouraging students to protest gun ownership and youth engagement in the violent protests of Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Goal #25 breaks down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity.  The origins of radical sex education date back a century to a Marxist program implemented in Hungarian public schools to destroy Christianity in Western Europe.  Continued exposure to atheism, radical sex education, and rebellion against authority turned Hungarian students into bullies, thieves, murderers, sex predators, and sociopaths who disrespected authority. 

The graphic instructional materials found in Texas government schools are considered illegal porn on the street.  Despite Texas law and parents’ furor, the school library at the elementary Blackshear Fine Arts Academy in Austin hosted a drag queen who had been convicted of prostitution charges.  American public schools are churning out students who exhibit the characteristics found in the Hungarian youth — violent, murderers, sociopaths, sex predators, and God-haters.

Goal #26 is normalization of homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity.  For America to fall, the traditional family structure — the foundation of civilization — must be destroyed.  Homosexuality is the vehicle.  Students are taught that being gay or transgender is normal.

Goal #27 discredits the Bible, while Goal #28 eliminates prayer and any religious expressions in schools.  Secularism has replaced Christianity in public schools.  Until the 1960s, common behavioral problems among students were minor, like tardiness, talking in class without permission, and chewing gum.  After the 1980s and the ban of religion in public schools, there were worse problems, like excessive drinking, drug abuse, fornication, pregnancy, suicide, gang activity, and even indiscriminate shootings.

It’s okay to teach the five pillars of Islam and take a field trip to a local mosque.  Yet trips to a Christian church or synagogue, bringing a Bible to class, reading one’s Bible during free time, praying, or mentioning Jesus can get a kid in serious trouble.

Goal #39 calls for domination of the psychiatric profession and the use of mental health laws against dissenters.  In 2015, a Republican-led Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act, which codified Common Core and replaced academic learning with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) as the primary purpose of public schools.  Texas schools now have mental health clinics on campus to address the problems that government schools are causing.  Through SEL programs, students are being mentally assessed and then referred for treatment, including prescription drugs

Goal #40 discredits the family.  Teachers tell students not to tell their old-fashioned parents what they’re learning or that they’re pretending to be the opposite sex or insisting on opposite-sex pronouns.  Schools discredit the Christian values of parents.  Consequently, after leaving high school, 75–85% of students from Christian families leave the church and cancel out their parents and their beliefs. 

Goal #41 takes children away from the “negative influence of parents.”  UNESCO, the education arm of the communist U.N., was created in 1945 to secure government control over children.  Even though President Trump withdrew the U.S. from UNESCO, its pernicious tentacles were already deeply embedded in the fabric of our schools.  So now we see government school boards telling parents they have no rights over their own children’s education.  Government pre-K and kindergarten are another communist tactic to gain control of children at an early age.   

A red wave in 2024 is not going to save America.  The moral decay and destabilization is already in place.  An immoral nation can never hire enough police to keep its people safe.  We can arm teachers and teach them to defend their classrooms.  We can arm guards and “harden” the schools.  We can add more mental health services.

We can bring in loads of experts for strategic planning.  Yet none of these will eliminate the causes of school shootings. 

To solve the cause of school shootings and myriad other problems engulfing our nation, the American people will have to turn the ship of state back toward its founding principles.  

Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. is an education policy analyst.

Who Is America The Beautiful SHOOTING?

June 16, 2022

Why Are They Shooting?

By Jacob Fraden at American Thinker:

From the beginning of 2022 to mid-June there were 254 mass murders in the U.S., and 611 last year: more than ever before (according to the Gun Violence Archive, which defines a mass murder as a case where at least 4 people, not including the perpetrator, were killed or wounded). Like all statistics, these numbers can be misleading, for they include the entire spectrum of gun deaths: shootings among all sorts of gangs, drug dealers, street shootings in black neighborhoods, family scandals, etc. However, far more concerning are the senseless shootings of completely innocent people in public places – shopping malls, schools, churches, and synagogues.

In this essay I will not discuss the broadly proposed solutions to this problem. What I will try to discuss here is not the solution, but some of the causes of the epidemic of shooting random people in public places that is sweeping the country.

The first question is: Who is shooting? The racial composition of criminals is as follows: about half of the shooters are white (52.3%), black (20.9%), Asian (6.4%), Hispanic (8.1%), and others. As we can see, there are far more black shooters than the proportion of blacks in the population (12.2%).

According to a study done by the US Department of Justice the typical homicidal shooter has four characteristics: 1) psychosis, 2) a childhood mental trauma, 3) a recent emotional turmoil and 4) the availability of firearms. As we see, three of the four characteristics are abnormal mental states. Well, this conclusion is quite obvious — a normal person would not kill innocent people. Yet another question arises: why has this become an epidemic in the U.S.?

According to the UN registry, there are now 195 countries on our planet (including the Palestinian State, which is not really a state), but nowhere in the developed countries are there as many mass killings and wounding of random people, as in America. Take Israel, for example, which is permanently living in an atmosphere of Muslim terrorism, where the population has a large number of firearms on their hands. However, there are a tenth as many shootings there than in the US (in proportion to the population). So it’s not about whether people have guns, it’s about something else, namely the mental state of people.

What is the reason that makes, say, not gangsters or drug dealers, but seemingly ordinary Americans mentally unstable and prone to senseless crimes? The nature here is beautiful, the climate is very good, the political system — so far nobody has invented anything better, the standard of living is one of the highest in the world. What else is there? That leaves us with a peculiar American way of life which is so different from the rest of the world.

First, let’s look at other nations. In European, Asian and Latin American countries, people traditionally live in communities. In the cities, it’s not uncommon for several generations to live in the same house, or even in an apartment, with grandparents under the same roof. People gather not only during holidays or birthdays, but communicate daily, often go to see each other on different occasions, they meet in the streets, in churches, cafes, transportation, places of work, their children play together in yards and playgrounds, attend Sunday schools and community events. The concept of “my home, my fortress” practically does not exist there. In towns and villages where families live in individual houses, such as in Switzerland, France or Germany, people do not stay in isolation in their “fortresses” but are in constant contact with one another. Churches serve as links and focal points, while centuries of tradition rule the social fabric of daily life. Consider, for example, the Italian “passagiata,” when from 5 to 8 p.m. Italians put on their best clothes and stroll around town to socialize, see others and show themselves off — unheard of behavior in America.

A natural condition for an active and profound social life is the ethnic and linguistic homogeneity of the population, which is the case in most of European and Asian countries. It’s not uncommon for families to live in the same cities or towns for decades or even centuries, to speak the same language, to know their neighbors intimately, to belong to the same churches or temples and participate in community events. People there rarely relocate. Migration from other countries is comparatively small — newcomers in Europe (mostly from Muslim countries) tend to settle in big cities, forming “ghettos,” not mixing with the “natives,” while migrants rarely reside in small towns and villages.

To summarize: in most countries people socialize and communicate with each other often and actively. Man, by his nature, is a social creature. Interaction with other people develops in him a kind of a psychological immunity against stress and neurosis, and that is why in many parts of Europe and Asia people are mentally healthier.

Now let’s look at the American way of life. Here the picture is the opposite. In the U.S., there are some large cities, such as New York and Washington, where the lifestyle resembles that of the European cities and the degree of human socializing is quite high.  But the real America is a single–family dwelling: it is either the suburbs of big cities, or thousands of small towns, or huge “villages” like Los Angeles with millions of single-family homes. It is in this America that random mass shootings take place most of the time. How is it different from similar townships in other developed countries where this shooting problem does not exist to the same extent? The essence of the difference is the lack of close ties between people, and as a consequence, the poorer mental health of the American population as compared with other high income countries. Let’s look at the probable causes:

1. The failure of the Melting Pot. The idealistic dream that immigrants from different parts of the world would live together in America, enriching each other and creating some kind of a unique American culture, has hopelessly failed. These dreams existed until about the mid-1960s. In reality, the U.S. became not a “melting pot” with a hitherto unseen cultural fusion, but rather a “salad bowl”, where all the vegetables are merely mixed up, yet all pieces remain on their own.  The United States is a multi-ethnic country, where masses of relatively recent immigrants do not want to “fuse” with their neighbors, but live in distinct groups: the white descendants from Europe, black descendants from Africa, migrants from Latin America, Arabs, Chinese, Indians, and many others. All these groups may literally in the same neighborhoods, but in spite of that they communicate even with the next-door neighbors in very limited ways. Ethnic and linguistic diversity fractures the population into non–fusing pieces.

2. The failure of the Great Society. In the mid-1960s, President Johnson announced the Great Society program to reduce poverty, eliminate racial injustice, reduce crime, and protect the environment. While some of the original goals were achieved, the results of this experiment were very disappointing. One of the worst results was the destruction of the black family. Whereas before this program, America’s black population was making steady progress closing the racial gaps owing to their moral, industrious, and religious tendencies, Johnson’s initiative short circuited the process. Through attempts to compensate for racial inequality with free handouts and other privileges, The Great Society incentivized fatherless families and vastly increased the number single-parent female-headed households.

Today, more than 80% of black children do not know who their fathers are, and the level of education is obscenely low (only 15% of black 8th graders can read plain text, compared to 42% of whites, which, by the way, is also shamefully low). The results of fatherlessness and lack of education are higher crime rates, impaired intellect, and blacks dropping out of public life. Black teenagers are the most frequent victims of shootings in black neighborhoods.

3. The polarization of society.  In our time, a sharp polarization has arisen in the American society, which under Obama grew to unprecedented proportions.  Confrontations between conservatives and the progressive left have reached an extreme intensity, almost to the level of religious fanaticism. There are fundamental disagreements on nearly every issue facing the country: gun control, border protection, abortion rights, and so on. In essence, the country is in a state of cold civil war, emotional tension is rising and as with two electric charges of the opposite sign at a sufficiently high voltage — a lightning strike is unavoidable. A mentally unstable person of low intellect is unable to perceive logic and think rationally, feeling the desperation of the situation, may taks up arms as the only understandable way to resolve the mental conflict.

4. The widespread use of antidepressants. In the U.S. 18.1% of the population suffers from various kinds of mental disorders. Approximately 5% of schoolchildren are diagnosed as depressed, and in such cases, doctors usually prescribe antidepressants. These drugs, however, are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they help with depression, but if for some reason the patient stops taking them, he/she can develop dangerous symptoms, including manic psychosis, violent mood swings, suicidal thoughts, and even personality disintegration.

5.  Population mobility. Americans are a very dynamic people. Each year more than 9% of the population moves from place to place. There are many reasons for moving, but the main cause is a job change. The average American employee works in one place for about 5 years, and then changes job and sometimes moves their residency. Businesses also relocate and take their employees with them. Because of frequent relocations, families don’t have time to anchor and put down roots, friendships are severed, traditions don’t develop. People live quite lonely in the new places, making only a small number of acquaintances and friends, thus having very anemic social life.

There are also other characteristic features of the American way of life, but the above is enough to make the key point clear: American society is fragmented, people live isolated in their homes, with few contacts with neighbors and acquaintances, and loneliness provides fertile ground for emotional problems. Unlike Europe, where the saying goes, “Europeans work to live, but Americans live to work”. There are comparatively fewer contacts with neighbors, coworkers (outside of work hours), or friends. Church is attended at best only on holidays. Children after school stay alone in their rooms, playing computer games, where one has to quickly “shoot” on the monitor screen as many “bad” characters as possible.

If a lonely person has emotional stress or other mental problems, he usually doesn’t find soothing or resolution at home or community. keeping the problem locked up inside the mind. Loneliness is not conducive to peace of mind, emotions seek an exit, and the exit can take different forms, sometimes very nasty and dangerous ones. The outburst can be a scandal in the family, a conflict with the boss, onset of depression, etc. In extreme cases, an emotionally unstable person may even commit suicide or grab a gun to pour out their feelings on complete strangers. In cases when depression takes violent form in a lonely teenager having a mind with a blurred borderline between reality and a computer game, without thinking rationally,  he can get a firearm to kill as many as possible real people, that incidentally look alike to the virtual ones on the game monitor.

I am afraid this problem has no solution — it’s impossible to change the way of life in the country.

Author’s website: http://www.fraden.com