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Biden’s Loony-Tune Female Selling False Economics!

Did Warren defend Biden’s student-loan giveaway by endorsing … trickle-down economics?

ED MORRISSEY Aug 25, 2022 at HotAir: 

Yes she did … and a particularly dumb form of so-called “trickle-down” economics at that. CNN’s Bianna Golodryga challenged Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on the massively unfair distribution of the benefits and burdens of Joe Biden’s student-loan “forgiveness” plan, which will cost between $300 billion and perhaps as much as $1 trillion. Why should people who didn’t receive the education benefit pay the tuition for those who did, especially on that scale?

Warren’s answer? All that debt forgiveness will create economic activity that will benefit everyone!

GOLODRYGA: Well, as you know, this hasn’t been received well by everyone in Congress. Senator Mitch McConnell says that this plan is a slap in the face to working-class families.

Let me ask you, what do you say to a family that says, listen, I just spent years paying off my debt, I didn’t have the federal government helping me out, bailing me out, and now I may be doing just that for a family that, at some point, may be earning more than I do?

WARREN: Look, I’m not at all surprised that Mitch McConnell is attacking this. And the reason he’s attacking it is because it is very, very popular, popular among Democrats, independents, Republicans, popular. And you know why? Because I don’t think there’s anybody left in America who doesn’t know somebody who isn’t struggling with student loan debt.

This has become a part of our country now, people for whom their only sin was to want to try to get an education and not be in a family that could afford to write a check for it. And what we’re saying is, as a nation, we can do better than that. We can invest in our people. We can help our people.

And, ultimately, what the data show us is that, because of student loan debt, there are many people who don’t move out of their mama’s basement, who can’t save up money to buy a home, who don’t start small businesses, who don’t start a family.

You relieve the debt burden some for those people, and we have more economic activity. In other words, canceling student loan debt is good for the people whose debt is canceled, but it is also good for our economy and the rest of America.

Ahem. This is a poor man’s version of the same economic theory that progressives and Democrats normally looooove to hate, and never fail to deride when describing their own economic plan. How many times has Joe Biden himself snarkily dismissed criticisms of his incoherent economics with derisive comments about “trickle-down economics”? Too many to count, and this is precisely their conception of it: massive benefits to the wealthy or higher-income segments that generate economic activity with eventual benefits to the hoi polloi.

What’s the difference between this argument for student-loan forgiveness and, say, boosting economic activity with a cut in the capital-gains tax rate? Other than the former gives away other people’s money and the latter lets people keep their own money, that is?

In fact, this is the dumbest version of “trickle-down economics” there is. It would be a parody except that Warren actually endorses it in this exchange. The theory behind supply-side economics (which progressives deride as “trickle down”) is that tax and regulatory policy should be calculated to incentivize capital investment, especially in production. Expanding production (supply) generates jobs, returns on investment, and expands the economy without risking inflation thanks to supply gains that meet or exceed demand growth. By shifting tax incentives to that kind of investment, which has the initial effect of allowing people to keep more of their own capital, the benefits will cascade downward and lift the standard of living for all income levels without creating an inflationary environment. And in that environment, the government actually gains tax revenue as an organic effect of maximized economic growth — the Laffer Curve, albeit a bit too simply.

Warren’s defense of Biden’s policy in this sense is sheer idiocy. Sugar-high stimulus plans have the opposite impact even when broadly distributed because they incentivize consumption rather than production. The last 16 months or so have proven that well enough, and this “stimulus” will make it worse. It will chiefly benefit the people who are at income levels less impacted by the erosion of buying power. The increased “economic activity” of consumption that Warren cheers here will drive prices up even farther because this does nothing to improve supply. That increased demand on the same supply will create more inflation, which will hit the non-beneficiaries of this program the hardest as their income potential is more limited.

All that will happen here is that the poor will get poorer, and the rich will get richer in ways that don’t give any benefit back to the economy at all. That’s modern progressivism for you.

Update: I misspelled Bianna Golodryga’s first name in the initial version of this post, which is now corrected. My apologies to Ms. Golodryga for my error.


 AUGUST 24, 2022 BY STEVEN HAYWARD at Power Line:


One popular theory about the left’s obsession with racism is that they are the largest practitioners of it themselves.

To wit, this report from National Public Radio:

People of color at ‘New York Times’ get lower ratings in job reviews, union says

An analysis of comprehensive data for roughly 1,000 The New York Times employees conducted by members of the union that represents its newsroom found that Black and Latino staffers are far less likely than their white peers to receive strong job ratings.

There are financial consequences to job ratings because they influence the size of employee bonuses, the NewsGuild union says. But staffers tell NPR the differential is even more important because it indicates an underlying systemic problem that the paper is failing to address. It is demoralizing, they say, and contributes to the premature departure of some colleagues. . .

“Being Hispanic reduced the odds of receiving a high score by about 60%, and being Black cut the chances of high scores by nearly 50%,” says the report from the NewsGuild chapter representing employees of The New York Times. The study, shared before its release with NPR News, reflects data stretching back to 2018, when a new rating system was put in place.

Keep in mind that current leftist orthodoxy (or at least Ibram Kendi’s wildly popular version of it) holds that all disparities between races on any metric whatsoever is the result of racism and oppressive power structures. Ergo, the Times is full of racist managers (most of whom have probably confessed their “privilege” already anyhow). It will be worth keeping your eye on the Times as you can expect that employee evaluations are going to recalibrated such that “race norming” will become the new practice, that is, evaluation scores will be adjusted on a relative basis such that minorities at the Times score exactly in line with everyone else, and receive exactly the same salary bumps. At which point someone might get fired for asking, “What’s the point in doing evaluations?”

Meanwhile, in the FYI department, Nicole Hannah-Jones, the impresario of the 1619 Project, hasn’t published a bylined article in the Times for more than two years though she is still on staff as far as I know.

STOP Pelosi’s War Against America

August 25, 2022

The Second American Civil War, and Ways to Win It

By Paul S. Gardiner at American Thinker:

The recent clandestine FBI raid on the home of President Donald Trump leaves little doubt that America indeed is in the midst of a second civil war.  The war thus far is a non-shooting war with multiple “fronts” of attack waged and supported by both domestic and foreign enemies.  If they are successful, they will have effectively nullified America’s constitutional republic and negated most, if not all, of Americans’ cherished constitutional rights and freedoms.

This civil war is being waged successfully against the American republic by multiple organizations and numerous powerful, very wealthy people (“progressives”), all striving to control the manner in which Americans think, speak, and act.  Because Americans’ unique constitutional freedoms and rights are under severe attack, there is an urgent and immediate need for all patriotic Americans to get actively engaged.

This article suggests three actions that patriotic citizens can take to become effectively engaged against the enemies of their republic.  The power of a single citizen can be profound.

America is in dire need of leaders and supporters who care much more about the preservation of the nation’s constitutional republic than about enriching themselves or doing only what their major donors desire.  America needs many more courageous, patriotic leaders like Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who, along with other bold actions, recently fired a George Soros–funded leftist Florida prosecutor.

Governor DeSantis is actively fighting the use of “woke” environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards by financial institutions to determine loans and other financial support for Florida businesses and citizens. Many more chief executives need to demonstrate such courage and conviction.

Strong, DeSantis-type conservative leadership is urgently needed at all levels of government (county, city, state, and federal).  Such leadership is also urgently needed at all levels of America’s educational hierarchy, including K–12 and college and university environments.

Domestic and foreign enemies waging and supporting America’s second civil war include:  

1) The radical, far left–controlled Democrat party.  Today’s Democrat party is controlled by members of the radical far left, who are committed to an ideology (religion!) that says America is an evil country that was illicitly founded by rich, old white men only for their betterment and perpetuation.  These radicals lack and are not the least bit interested in a balanced history of  America’s Founders and founding.  Such an approach will go against their race-based Marxist agenda striving to divide the American population rather than unify the people.

Democrats’ attacks on the American republic include, among other things, a) maintaining an  extremely dangerous, deadly open southern border; b) supporting violent, lawless groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter; and c) deliberately eliminating America’s energy independence, causing super-inflation and risking America’s national security.  Given the above, traditional longtime, patriotic Democrats are choosing to leave the party.

2) The Great Reset agenda of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF).  Members of the WHO and WEF (both substantially funded by Bill Gates and other wealthy “progressives”) have concocted what they call the Great Reset agenda.  This is nothing less than an effort to control people’s lives by controlling their health and money.  The radical far left–controlled Democrat party supports the Great Reset agenda because it is an attack on America’s constitutional republic.

3) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Russia, and other tyrannical governments.  The CCP, Russia, North Korea, and other tyrannical governments are notorious for continual cyber-attacks against America’s infrastructure.  The involvement of the CCP in the development and release of the deadly COVID-19 virus is well accepted by numerous investigators and at least one brave Chinese whistle-blower.

The CCP exerts great influence at many of America’s leading colleges and universities to promote, either directly or indirectly, CCP propaganda against long accepted American values, including family and Christian values.  The deep disdain that the CCP feels for Americans was revealed in a speech given in 2003 by Chinese defense minister (General) Chi Haotian, where he stated, “It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans.  But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century in which the Chinese Communist Party leads the world.”

Actions that patriotic, freedom-loving Americans can take in this 21st-century civil war:

1) Use the tools provided by Act for America that allow citizens to easily contact their state and federal representatives about pending legislation that is being promoted by far-left Democrats.  Various legislators have indicated that it takes hearing from only 40–50 of their constituents to make a difference in critical votes on pending legislation.

Interviews with legislators indicate that many consider a note or call from a single constituent to be representative of 1,000 people.  Thus, a single citizen indeed is potent.

2) Form small groups of military veterans (and other citizen groups) to become active, vocal supporters of bona fide conservative political candidates.  Provide this same support for strong conservative candidates for local school boards and other education positions.  An example of a highly successful, activist veterans organization is American Veterans Vote in Virginia.

3) Parents and all citizens concerned about the education of America’s youth need to insist on viewing the curricula that K–12 teachers are using to instruct students.  Challenge any race-based materials, sexual orientation and transgender indoctrination, and anti-American books and other materials being used.  Continue to appear at school board meetings to demand the end of any Critical Race Theory or derivative instruction being given to students.  If necessary, contact the No Left Turn in Education organization for potential advice/legal assistance.

In conclusion, now is not the time to be complacent about life in America — there is too much at stake.  Citizens who love America with its cherished constitutional freedoms and rights truly need to become active and help win America’s second civil war!

Paul S. Gardiner is a retired Army officer, Vietnam veteran, and graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, and the United States Army War College.

While Minneapolis Burned!

AUGUST 25, 2022 BY SCOTT JOHNSON at PowerLine:


Minnesota’s Freedom Club is launching its Walz Failed video campaign featuring six thematic videos. Timed to coincide with the opening of the Minnesota State Fair, the first of the six videos (below) has just been posted this morning. This is the Freedom Club press release explaining the campaign:

The Freedom Club of Minnesota today launched the “Walz Failed” media campaign highlighting the failures of Tim Walz during his four years as governor of Minnesota.

The first episode in this weekly series showcases Governor Walz’s failure to respond to the public safety crisis in Minneapolis on the evening of May 28, 2020 following the verdict in the George Floyd trial. As the demonstrations turned violent that night, Governor Walz was nowhere to be found – not making any appearance, not issuing any statement, not taking any action – allowing Minneapolis to descend into anarchy with lawless destruction of business and property.

Additional videos in the Walz Failed series will be released on a weekly basis and will showcase Governor Walz’s failures in dealing with Minnesota’s public safety, education and health.

The launch of the Walz Failed media campaign is accompanied by billboards, lawn signs, hand fans, indoor advertising and an aerial banner flying each day over the Minnesota State Fair displaying the “Walz Failed” logo.

Walz Failed is on Twitter here. Our friend Howard Root will join Jon Justice tomorrow morning to discuss the Walz Failed campaign and other items of interest on Jon’s KTLK morning show (6:00-9:00 a.m., live stream here).

(Biden’s Fascist Program Will Be Well Paid For!)

Biden’s 87,000 IRS Agents Set to Become Woke Army of “Equity” Enforcers 

Posted Wednesday, August 24, 2022   |   By AMAC Newsline   |  

AMAC Exclusive – By Katie Sullivan


Many Americans are by now aware of the Biden administration’s plan to hire some 87,000 new IRS agents with $80 billion set aside for that purpose as part of Democrats’ misleadingly titled Inflation Reduction Act. But even more terrifying than this army of new “tax enforcers” prying into the finances of millions of ordinary Americans is the fact that, under the Biden administration’s “equity” agenda, all of them will be trained in the tenets of wokeism and ordered to advance Democrats’ far-left social agenda.

On day one of his administration, Joe Biden signed an Executive Order on “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.” Specifically, the Order directed every federal agency to develop and implement an “ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda that matches the scale of the opportunities and challenges that we face.” Notably, Biden included the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy in the “Equitable Data Working Group” that the Order established.

This move immediately raised the alarm for conservatives, who had by then become all-too familiar with the left-wing concept of “equity.” While the term sounds similar to “equality,” it in fact refers to the exact opposite approach – using government power to dispense unequal treatment among different groups in an attempt to force “equal” outcomes for all. As Vice President Kamala Harris explained in a tweet in November 2020, “equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place.”

The Treasury Department – which oversees the IRS – released its “Equity Action Plan” in accordance with Biden’s Executive Order in October 2021 to little fanfare. But contained within the document are hints at a scheme to radicalize the IRS in accordance with left-wing identity politics – a plan that the agency will soon have the manpower to implement.

Treasury’s Equity Action Plan makes several references to “taxation equity,” calling for a full-scale “detailed analysis” of what equity in tax policy would look like. Just as the federal government considers “equity” when distributing grants, taking into account whether or not an applicant is part of an “underserved community,” it is not difficult to imagine that the IRS may aim to do something similar with tax policy.

In other words, the IRS may soon move to codify a person’s race, gender, or sexual orientation as a determining factor in tax collection or enforcement actions. For those who remember the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups under the Obama administration, such a development likely doesn’t seem so far-fetched, as terrifying as it may be.

One alarming sign that such an effort is already underway are recent moves by the IRS to obtain taxpayer data regarding race, ethnicity, and sex. The Tax Code does not now and has not ever allowed the IRS to collect this data from other federal agencies – but in the name of equity, that may no longer be the case.

Treasury’s Equity Action Plan specifically states that “The imputed data [on taxpayer race and sex] will also allow [the Office of Tax Policy] to evaluate the equity implications of any tax policy proposal considered by the Administration. Other analyses will include assessments of statistical models used to identify potentially non-compliant tax returns for enforcement purposes to ensure the models are not subject to algorithmic bias.” This an astounding statement from the Biden administration – effectively admitting that tax policies will be designed to favor certain racial groups over others and that audits will be conducted not according to mathematical formulas that the agency has supposedly used for decades, but according to enforcing “equity.”

Some left-wing groups that have the ear of the Biden administration have already laid out what this new “equitable” tax regime might look like. For instance, Arnold Ventures Group – a notorious liberal dark money organization – has published a report bemoaning the difficulty illegal migrants have in filing taxes because they don’t have a social security number, further arguing that illegal immigrants should not even be subjected to taxes if they are not eligible for social security. In 2016, the Black Lives Matter organization released its tax plan, which called for “a full scale overhaul on tax policy that increases equity, and is particularly sensitive to racial equity.”

With a gigantic influx of new employees, the IRS will be more than capable of putting such schemes into action. Like every other federal employee, all 87,000 new agents will be subjected to so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) training, the left’s terminology for its indoctrination workshops. Part of the IRS’s DEI training includes a two-hour course in “understanding bias in data” – asserting that even hard empirical data is infected by “systemic racism” if it reflects unfavorably on “underserved communities.”

Since day one, the Biden administration has “gone for woke” in the day-to-day operations of every executive agency of the federal government. Buts its budding efforts to turn the IRS into an enforcement tool for the far-left’s social agenda may just be the most destructive such effort to date.

Katharine “Katie” Sullivan was as an Acting Assistant Attorney General and a senior advisor to the White House Domestic Policy Council under President Trump. She previously served 11 years as a state trial court judge in Colorado.

The Ayatollah Khomeini’s curse on the U.S. when he called our country “the Great Satan”.

August 25, 2022

The U.S. Should Not Negotiate With Iran’s Bloodthirsty, Evil, Dictatorship

By E. Jeffrey Ludwig at American Thinker:

In a recent article about the ongoing Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) negotiations with Iran, the author, Bryan Leib, states: “The Iranian people want liberty, religious freedom and peace with their neighbors.”  

I have some serious questions about whether very many of the Iranian people want any of the things listed in this sentence.

The question as to the validity of this claim has tremendous bearing on our understanding of what is happening with respect to our negotiations with Iran as members of P5+1.  The sentence by Mr. Leib dilutes our understanding of Iran’s governing regime as being evil.  There is a nuanced suggestion here that if only the pure, good people of Iran were in charge this would all bode well.  And it is a way of hinting that a wholesome, honorable Iran is just around the corner, and we should be looking forward to the day that that group provides Iranian leadership.

This one sentence underestimates the depth of the wicked intentions towards other powers which are listed in his article.  The Ayatollah Khomeini’s curse on the U.S. when he called our country “the Great Satan” is still in effect.   We cannot have a drop of expectation regarding the deal’s credibility because of some non-specific hope in an overthrow of the present government of that country. 

We should not forget that there is no suppressed democratic or liberty-loving Iranian base.  The Iranians have had despotisms since the Safavid dynasty beginning in the 1500s.

The Shah, who governed before the present mullah fanatics, while not a terrorist/jihadist, was not promoting liberty, religious freedom, or peace. 

For example, Israel as late as the 1970s before the Shah was overthrown had neither an embassy nor a consulate in Teheran, but was only allowed a mission.

I taught at that time in Iran, and the U.S. mission had huge concrete walls.  Admission for purposes only of getting a visa to Israel required that one be frisked by guards carrying machine guns and then entrance to the mission was through a huge steel door with wheels like one typically sees in bank vaults.  There was only one flight a day to Israel and the plane, encircled by military personnel, was a couple of miles away from the terminal building.  My passport was confiscated by the Shah’s agents upon my arrival in that country.  

Relatively speaking, some naïve souls might propose that the pre-ayatollah country was governed by more enlightened personnel.  What a joke!!

The so-called peace negotiations of JCPOA are about what was referred to six years ago on Arutz Sheva as the “industrial-terrorist complex.”  Aircraft companies like Boeing benefited from the deal made before President Trump because it included an agreement to sell a large number of airplanes to Iran.  Also, under the Shah, various short-range and long-range missiles were manufactured with the support of American engineering companies. 

There is also the issue of petroleum production done by and supported by European, Russian-based, and to a lesser degree, American-based companies.  The earlier deal produced huge profits for certain companies, and we can be sure that payoffs to negotiators proliferated and if repeated will proliferate. Nevertheless, the real cost to the economies of the P5+1 countries is the threat those negotiations pose to the peace and safety of the world —especially Israel and Europe.  

This may be a risk that the profiteer negotiators negotiating with the devilish Iranian regime may be  willing to take because, as the Bible says “[undue] love of money is the root of [all] evil.  Greed (of the non-Iranians) is driving these “negotiations,” but behind their greed the Iranians are religiously motivated by their anticipation of the coming of the Mahdi.  This figure will wreak vengeance/judgment on the enemies of Allah. By buying off the West plus Russia & the PRC the ayatollahs want to position themselves to wreak nuclear devastation which will hasten the Judgment Day. They will break any rule that purports to prevent that from happening.  

And imagine the magnitude of this betrayal by the U.S. as it does the bidding of the  industrial-terrorist alliance as we consider that we are working hand in glove with Russia and the PRC in attempting to reach an agreement with Iran.  We are aiding Ukraine and at the same time collaborating with Russia in these negotiations.  We claim to be interested in the safety of Taiwan and of the Philippines in the South China Sea, yet at the same time we are “partnering” with the PRC with respect to Iran whose terrorism proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah are receiving arms from Iran.  The irony is that Iran is receiving arms from Russia and the PRC — thus, those two members of the JCPOA consortium are actually the ones arming the main Middle Eastern terrorists.  

The lack of rectitude is mind-boggling.  

The involvement of the PRC and Russia with armament transfers to Iran and in turn Iran’s transfer of arms to terrorist groups shows that Iran is not alone in threatening European, Israeli, and American security.  

It should help the readers of this article and the public at-large understand how a relatively backward country like Iran is a threat to world peace.  Iran’s crass, brutal, and fanatical religious/political leaders are not acting alone.  Western commercial interests are involved in Iran’s “success” because through increased sales they will benefit.  And the PRC and Russia are also part of the evil network.  To the extent that the U.S. is participating in these negotiations, sadly, the U.S. is tainted by this evil mix of interests.  

JCPOA was crass and wrong-headed under Obama.  If we can know it, how much better was the Obama administration and now the Biden administration able to understand this dynamic.  

Our participation in the JCPOA negotiations is part of an ongoing struggle for survival in a world where there is much hostility to the U.S. and to Europe.  President Trump stopped our participation in these scurrilous negotiations.  He understood that the so-called negotiations are stacked against France, Germany, and the U.S., and thus the negotiations are inherently bogus.  However, this dark charade goes forward as the grim architects of hate, of Judaism, of Christianity, and of liberty plot our demise.

The Confused Liz…

August 24, 2022

Note to Liz Cheney: You’re No Lincoln

By Lauri B. Regan at American Thinker:

Much has been written about Liz Cheney and her motivations for blowing up her congressional career over a seemingly psychotic obsession with Donald Trump.  But there are aspects to the analyses that are missing the larger point that Cheney was not motivated by high principles and a quest to save our country.  She was motivated by hatred, self-interest, and vengeance.

In a Wall Street Journal column entitled “I Don’t Donate to Politicians, but I Will to Liz Cheney,” frequent contributor Joseph Epstein displayed his anti-Trump bias through a vapid argument about Cheney’s “principled stance against Trump,” jumping to conclusions based on meaningless anecdotes and unsubstantiated inferences about Cheney’s motivations for her self-interested positions.  Although he never met Cheney, Epstein justified his conclusions on his “pleasant history” with her parents.

Unlike Epstein, I have met Liz Cheney (and her parents) and have an actual basis on which to question her ethics and political motivations.

After I sat next to her at a luncheon about a year into Obama’s first term, she invited me to an intimate and private dinner with two of George W. Bush’s former national security advisers.  The four of us spent several hours discussing Iran, Iraq, al-Qaeda, and Israel, and it was clear that Cheney was preparing to launch her political career, for which she had high aspirations.  She asked me to write a white paper on why Israel is a strategic asset to the United States and offered to pay me $2,000 for my product.  I spent one month thoroughly researching the 6,000-word paper, which was edited by a highly respected former NSA official, foreign policy expert, journalist, and conservative thinker. 

After receiving the final paper from both of us in separate emails, Cheney never responded.  She went completely MIA.  To this day, I have no idea if she ever used the paper in her campaign or work in Congress.  She never thanked me, never paid me, and never reached out to me again.  I would call that rude, unprofessional, and certainly unethical.  It showed a lack of character and morals, but it also showed hubris — the kind we often see from politicians like Obama and Hillary, who not only believe themselves above the law, but believe they are entitled to their power and the rest of us are here to serve them.

What Epstein and others who blindly believe that Cheney is motivated by upstanding morality and principles are missing is that Trump Derangement Syndrome, from which she clearly suffers, is a psychological illness.  It has led to formerly sane, smart, respectable individuals flying off the handle into irrelevance and disreputability while they pursue destructive and delusional agendas motivated by animus and hate.

Cheney’s former colleague at the Emergency Committee for Israel, Bill Kristol, whom I also had met and spoken with many times prior to his TDS, and the destruction of The Weekly Standard as a direct result, is another example.  When Cheney and Kristol founded ECI in 2010, their message was that the Obama/Biden policies presented an emergency that required immediate attention in order to help Israel survive in the face of a dangerous U.S. administration.  A decade later, these same individuals supported Biden in 2020 despite his record on Israel and obsession with joining a nuclear deal with an Iranian regime that continually threatens Israel’s annihilation.

Did Biden’s danger to Israel simply vanish, or did TDS blind Cheney to the real dangers facing our country and our allies?  For Cheney, the emergency committee on Israel morphed into the emergency committee to destroy Trump, who she now claims presents the greatest danger to our republic.  And we’re supposed to take her seriously.

Never mind the axis of Russia, China, and Iran taking hold across the world (following our disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan), threatening our national security.  Who cares about fatwas issued against former Trump officials who are no longer safe without being surrounded by Secret Service.  Biden handing Iran nuclear weapons (and $1 trillion!) in the midst of all of this is no longer a concern for Cheney.  A woke military that can no longer recruit soldiers at required levels, let alone maintain its readiness to fight our enemies as Democrats continue to weaken its strength and resolve, is small potatoes for this congresswoman singularly obsessed with destroying the former president. 

Never mind our open southern border, where drug- and human-traffickers, warlords, terrorists, and millions of illegal aliens are flying across, setting us up for more 9/11s; crime on our streets; fentanyl overdoses; tent cities; and taxes required to pay for all of the free stuff and services provided to noncitizens.  Cheney does not see a threat to our nation from all of this.

Never mind a lawless federal government, which, coupled with the Resistance movement that began the minute Trump came down the escalator, set out to destroy a duly elected president.  Never mind that justice is not blind and that conservatives are treated as threats to the republic, while liberals and progressives walk free without punishment for their crimes.  Threats to conservative Supreme Court justices?  Silence from Cheney.  Black Lives Matter protests that destroyed our cities?  No investigations from Cheney.  Soros-funded prosecutors, bail reform, and criminal-friendly laws that threaten everyday Americans as they walk down the streets, simply trying to live their lives safely?  No action by Cheney.

Never mind a Democrat party that has been hijacked by progressives who seek not just to transform our country into a socialist, Marxist banana republic, but also to brainwash our children in order to form an army of Marxists that will not be easily reversed.  Cheney has no problem with Democrats’ promises to end the filibuster; pack the Supreme Court; pack the Senate with four additional Democrat senators from the new states of Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.; and kill the Electoral College while passing election reform legislation that will ensure Democrat rule for eternity.  And yet we’re supposed to believe her that she is the savior of the Republican Party.

The threats to our democracy are seen everywhere but even more so since Biden entered office, yet Cheney psychotically is singularly — and proudly — obsessed with destroying Trump.

This would be bizarre if we ended there, but there is a deeper reason why Cheney has made her raison d’être to “ensure Donald Trump is never again anywhere near the Oval Office.”  This is personal.  Trump upended the Republican establishment that created Bush/Cheney empires that would have led to Cheney achieving what Hillary Clinton was unable to accomplish.  Trump didn’t just prevent Hillary from becoming the first female president.  He prevented Cheney from becoming the first female president, and for both of those women, it was their entitlement.

Dick Cheney filmed an ad for his daughter in which he bizarrely claimed, “In our nation’s 246-year history there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump.”  Wyomingites are far smarter than the Cheney family, who, along with the Bushes, have not hidden their disdain for Trump (who also upended Jeb Bush’s quest for the White House), and Liz has been marinating in anti-Trump animus and lies alongside them for years.

But that animus is because Daddy Cheney’s plans for his mini-me’s political future were destroyed by an outsider undeserving of the position.  The Republican establishment has never accepted Trump as president and continues to fight him with contempt, ire, and hate because its plans were sidelined by a non-establishment deplorable who “stole” its power.

The problem is that Cheney’s war on Trump is not limited to Trump.  Because of her political entitlement — she was the true heir to the Republican establishment — Cheney is seeking to destroy the Republican Party as well.  While mini-me Cheney calls the Republican Party “sick,” Bush/Cheney insider and former CIA director Michael Hayden agreed that Republicans are the most “nihilistic, dangerous and contemptible” political force in the world today.  How in the world are these people supposed to help the GOP when they rant ad nauseam about their disdain for Republicans to anyone who will listen?  

Would that Cheney, et al. understood that the evolution of the Republican Party is a direct result of the establishment’s ignoring the needs and concerns of the average American, who didn’t grow up in a life of privilege on a ranch in Wyoming or Texas.  But they don’t understand or care, so they join forces with the elites in the Democrat party, notwithstanding what this means for our futures.  It’s not about the country; it’s about their power.  And people who believe psychotic fantasies or harbor animus due to personal entitlement should never hold the reins of power.

Some suggest that Cheney has developed delusions of grandeur, and while anyone who has the audacity to compare herself to Abraham Lincoln can easily be considered delusional, there is more at work here.  Cheney was bred to achieve what her father did not — the highest office in the land — and it began long ago.  She is furious that Trump interrupted her march to the White House, and she is seeking revenge.

Cheney may truly believe she is following in the footsteps of Lincoln, but for most Americans who aren’t psychologically blinded by irrational hatred of a great (but flawed) president, Cheney is the one who is a danger to our nation.