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The Ayatollah Khomeini’s curse on the U.S. when he called our country “the Great Satan”.

August 25, 2022

The U.S. Should Not Negotiate With Iran’s Bloodthirsty, Evil, Dictatorship

By E. Jeffrey Ludwig at American Thinker:

In a recent article about the ongoing Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) negotiations with Iran, the author, Bryan Leib, states: “The Iranian people want liberty, religious freedom and peace with their neighbors.”  

I have some serious questions about whether very many of the Iranian people want any of the things listed in this sentence.

The question as to the validity of this claim has tremendous bearing on our understanding of what is happening with respect to our negotiations with Iran as members of P5+1.  The sentence by Mr. Leib dilutes our understanding of Iran’s governing regime as being evil.  There is a nuanced suggestion here that if only the pure, good people of Iran were in charge this would all bode well.  And it is a way of hinting that a wholesome, honorable Iran is just around the corner, and we should be looking forward to the day that that group provides Iranian leadership.

This one sentence underestimates the depth of the wicked intentions towards other powers which are listed in his article.  The Ayatollah Khomeini’s curse on the U.S. when he called our country “the Great Satan” is still in effect.   We cannot have a drop of expectation regarding the deal’s credibility because of some non-specific hope in an overthrow of the present government of that country. 

We should not forget that there is no suppressed democratic or liberty-loving Iranian base.  The Iranians have had despotisms since the Safavid dynasty beginning in the 1500s.

The Shah, who governed before the present mullah fanatics, while not a terrorist/jihadist, was not promoting liberty, religious freedom, or peace. 

For example, Israel as late as the 1970s before the Shah was overthrown had neither an embassy nor a consulate in Teheran, but was only allowed a mission.

I taught at that time in Iran, and the U.S. mission had huge concrete walls.  Admission for purposes only of getting a visa to Israel required that one be frisked by guards carrying machine guns and then entrance to the mission was through a huge steel door with wheels like one typically sees in bank vaults.  There was only one flight a day to Israel and the plane, encircled by military personnel, was a couple of miles away from the terminal building.  My passport was confiscated by the Shah’s agents upon my arrival in that country.  

Relatively speaking, some naïve souls might propose that the pre-ayatollah country was governed by more enlightened personnel.  What a joke!!

The so-called peace negotiations of JCPOA are about what was referred to six years ago on Arutz Sheva as the “industrial-terrorist complex.”  Aircraft companies like Boeing benefited from the deal made before President Trump because it included an agreement to sell a large number of airplanes to Iran.  Also, under the Shah, various short-range and long-range missiles were manufactured with the support of American engineering companies. 

There is also the issue of petroleum production done by and supported by European, Russian-based, and to a lesser degree, American-based companies.  The earlier deal produced huge profits for certain companies, and we can be sure that payoffs to negotiators proliferated and if repeated will proliferate. Nevertheless, the real cost to the economies of the P5+1 countries is the threat those negotiations pose to the peace and safety of the world —especially Israel and Europe.  

This may be a risk that the profiteer negotiators negotiating with the devilish Iranian regime may be  willing to take because, as the Bible says “[undue] love of money is the root of [all] evil.  Greed (of the non-Iranians) is driving these “negotiations,” but behind their greed the Iranians are religiously motivated by their anticipation of the coming of the Mahdi.  This figure will wreak vengeance/judgment on the enemies of Allah. By buying off the West plus Russia & the PRC the ayatollahs want to position themselves to wreak nuclear devastation which will hasten the Judgment Day. They will break any rule that purports to prevent that from happening.  

And imagine the magnitude of this betrayal by the U.S. as it does the bidding of the  industrial-terrorist alliance as we consider that we are working hand in glove with Russia and the PRC in attempting to reach an agreement with Iran.  We are aiding Ukraine and at the same time collaborating with Russia in these negotiations.  We claim to be interested in the safety of Taiwan and of the Philippines in the South China Sea, yet at the same time we are “partnering” with the PRC with respect to Iran whose terrorism proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah are receiving arms from Iran.  The irony is that Iran is receiving arms from Russia and the PRC — thus, those two members of the JCPOA consortium are actually the ones arming the main Middle Eastern terrorists.  

The lack of rectitude is mind-boggling.  

The involvement of the PRC and Russia with armament transfers to Iran and in turn Iran’s transfer of arms to terrorist groups shows that Iran is not alone in threatening European, Israeli, and American security.  

It should help the readers of this article and the public at-large understand how a relatively backward country like Iran is a threat to world peace.  Iran’s crass, brutal, and fanatical religious/political leaders are not acting alone.  Western commercial interests are involved in Iran’s “success” because through increased sales they will benefit.  And the PRC and Russia are also part of the evil network.  To the extent that the U.S. is participating in these negotiations, sadly, the U.S. is tainted by this evil mix of interests.  

JCPOA was crass and wrong-headed under Obama.  If we can know it, how much better was the Obama administration and now the Biden administration able to understand this dynamic.  

Our participation in the JCPOA negotiations is part of an ongoing struggle for survival in a world where there is much hostility to the U.S. and to Europe.  President Trump stopped our participation in these scurrilous negotiations.  He understood that the so-called negotiations are stacked against France, Germany, and the U.S., and thus the negotiations are inherently bogus.  However, this dark charade goes forward as the grim architects of hate, of Judaism, of Christianity, and of liberty plot our demise.

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