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Mitch McConnell….Our Republican Cobra!

Rick Scott Savages Mitch McConnell For Trying To Sabotage GOP Senate Races

BY: JORDAN BOYD at the Federalist:

SEPTEMBER 01, 2022

Rick Scott on CBS

Rick Scott ramps up the rhetoric as he prepares for the fast approaching midterm elections.

Author Jordan Boyd profile


National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick Scott wants DC Swamp creatures like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to know that his attempts to squash a GOP victory in the Senate this fall by throwing Republican candidates under the bus are “an amazing act of cowardice” and “treasonous to the conservative cause.”

In a short but fiery opinion editorial published on Thursday, Scott lambasted the “many of the very people responsible for losing the Senate last cycle” who are “now trying to stop us from winning the majority this time by trash-talking our Republican candidates” as “fools.” 

“Giving anonymous quotes to help the Washington Post or the New York Times write stories trashing Republicans is the same as working with the Democratic National Committee,” Scott wrote. “If you want to talk about the need to raise more money to promote our candidates versus the Democrats’ terrible candidates, I agree. If you want to trash-talk our candidates to help the Democrats, pipe down. That’s not what leaders do. And Republicans need to be leaders that build up the team and do everything they can to get the entire team over the finish line.”

He never mentions McConnell’s name, but it’s clear from his writing that Scott is unhappy with the leader’s recent negativity towards his own party.

Scott’s rebuke comes just a couple of weeks after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell downplayed Republicans’ chances at winning back the upper chamber.

“I think there’s probably a greater likelihood the House flips than the Senate,” McConnell said. “Senate races are just different, they’re statewide. Candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome.”

According to Scott, this is just an excuse to keep “trash-talking Republican candidates and Republican voters.”

“Ultimately, though, when you complain and lament that we have ‘bad candidates,’ what you are really saying is that you have contempt for the voters who chose them,” Scott wrote. “Now we are at the heart of the matter.  Much of Washington’s chattering class disrespects and secretly (or not so secretly) loathes Republican voters.”

This DC hivemind, Scott said, wrongly believes that they should control the outcomes of elections instead of voters.

“The D.C. crowd should not choose candidates, and they do not, and they will not,” Scott wrote, noting that his election was strongly opposed by the Swamp,” Scott wrote.

According to Scott, it’s far too early for “the Washington naysayers and their anonymous quotes” to disqualify Republicans’ chances.

“We will beat the Democrats, and we will take control of the Senate this fall. Write it down,” Scott wrote. “…Yes, I’m an optimist. And I’m a cheerleader for our candidates. And I get a lot of crap for it from the D.C. crowd who tell me I shouldn’t sound so bullish or I should do more to set expectations. I’m not playing that game because each one of our candidates presents a stark contrast to the failed agenda of Biden and the Democrats.”

This isn’t the first time Scott bypassed his colleagues in Republican leadership to speak up.

While Mitch McConnell and other top GOP senators sat silent for more than 24 hours after news of the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump broke, Scott was the first Republican in Senate leadership to call those actions “incredibly concerning, especially given the Biden admin’s history of going after parents & other political opponents.”

“This is 3rd World country stuff. We need answers NOW. The FBI must explain what they were doing today & why,” Scott tweeted.

Our Loony Leader Will Speak His wisdom TONIGHT!



Tonight Joe Biden will deliver a speech on the state of America’s soul, or something like that. I take it that the networks will make a campaign contribution to the Democratic Party by televising it. Needless to say, I won’t watch it, and I am sure to have plenty of company. I will hazard a guess that in this nation of 320 million, there is not a single person who looks to Joe Biden for advice on matters of the soul. Not even Hunter and Ashley.

So what is going on here? The most epic gaslighting in American history. We are witnessing a symphonic climax of a narrative the Democrats have been building for years: Republicans as traitorous extremists. It began long ago, with Hillary Clinton’s successful scheme to link Donald Trump to the Russians. It continued with the Democrats’ absurd over-promotion of the mostly peaceful demonstrations on January 6, which were, in the Democrats’ telling, an armed insurrection orchestrated by Trump. It was history’s only armed insurrection to which not a single person remembered to bring a weapon.

The narrative has been fed by DOJ and the FBI, among others, who have repeatedly emphasized the theme that domestic terrorism is our number one security threat, with “domestic terrorists” defined as conservatives. Or parents unhappy with the public schools. That DOJ and the FBI have participated in these fabrications will bring them everlasting shame.

Most recently we saw the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago, part of the Democrats’ effort to paint Donald Trump as a dangerous extremist with possible links to foreign powers. Why else would he have “top secret” documents in his basement? It seems inevitable that this element of the Democrats’ plan will culminate in the indictment of President Trump on grounds relating to alleged mishandling of his own documents. And don’t laugh–the case, if it is brought, will be tried in the District of Columbia to a jury of Trump-haters. He might very well be convicted.

Tonight’s speech will try to advance those narratives. “MAGA Republicans,” a group that seems to include all of us except Liz Cheney, are a threat to “our democracy,” i.e., a threat to the Democrats’ control of Washington.

Of course, beyond the Democrats’ grandiose scheme there are immediate objects in view–namely, the midterm elections. Rarely has a party approached an election season so entirely out of ammunition. Voters are angry at the cost of living, especially gasoline and groceries, and most seem to intuit that their sudden inability to pay their bills has something to do with the Biden administration’s hemorrhaging of borrowed money. Most voters think that we are already in a recession, and the rest worry that we soon will be.

In most areas of the country, voters are worried about crime, and again, it isn’t hard to connect burgeoning violent crime rates to the pro-crime attitudes manifested by Democrats in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Americans have lost faith in the public schools–thank goodness!–and most parents understand that Democrat-ordered shutdowns devastated their children. And the Democrats’ obsession with race, and their even more bizarre obsession with performing genital surgery on children, alienate many millions.

So what to do? Step one: gaslight. The price of gas is coming down! We Democrats are pro-law enforcement! (Defund the police? We were just kidding.) We are on the side of the oppressed, like Harvard Law School graduates! We forgave their student debts. (Tough luck, plumbers.) We are the true patriots, while our opponents are insurrectionists!

Step two: distract. Democrats can’t run on the issues, so they need to divert voters’ attention elsewhere. The Dobbs decision was a godsend, and Democrats are going berserk over abortion regardless of whether abortion is actually an issue in a particular state. But more importantly, this is where the “MAGA Republican” theme comes in. The Democrats want to make the 2022 elections a referendum on Donald Trump.

They figure that is an election they can win, as they did two years ago. Hence the Mar-a-Lago raid, hence the endless yammering about January 6, hence the probable upcoming indictment of Trump. And, of course, Trump is cooperating. He seems to be delighted to be back in the spotlight. Does he understand the game the Democrats are playing? Perhaps, but it is not hard to convince Trump that he should be the center of attention, whether that benefits his party, or the candidates who are actually on the ballot, or not.

Will all of this work, regardless of whether Trump cooperates and no matter what a grand jury may do between now and November? I doubt it.

Most voters are not astute when it comes to abstract questions–thus the enduring popularity of price controls–but when it comes to their own lives, they are not stupid. Everyone buys gasoline and groceries, most people are concerned about recession, a great many are worried about violent crime, and virtually all parents want their children to get a good, non-ideological education. I doubt that the Democrats’ gaslighting and conspiracy theorizing can overcome those far more important concerns.

And I especially doubt that anything the feeble Joe Biden says tonight will move the needle in any direction.

Dems’ Mindlessness Conquering Uncle Sam!

September 1, 2022

The Death Warrant for American Ingenuity

By Janet Levy at American Thinker:

Last September, scores of patent-holders demonstrated in six cities across the U.S. wearing black t-shirts that said, “Homo sapiens inventoris: Endangered Species.”  These men and women of ingenuity were protesting America’s decade of stolen dreams: the years since the passage of the America Invents Act (AIA) of 2011 and the establishment of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), which together have made it easy for big corporations to steal their ideas and profit from them with impunity.

“We’ve had piracy for all the years I’ve been an inventor, but the AIA just put it on steroids, in the context that now you can get PTAB-ed and lose your rights without any due process at all,” said Dan Brown at the Detroit rally.  A professor with more than 40 patents, including inventions used in space shuttles, Brown invented the bionic wrench, a one-size-fits-all wrench that obviates the problem of stripped bolt corners.  He says Sears stole his idea, down to the marketing pitch, and replaced his product on its shelves with a Chinese rip-off.

Participants at these rallies, organized by U.S. Inventor, a non-profit fighting for inventors’ rights, had similar stories.  So do others represented by U.S. Inventor.  Among them are Molly Metz, a jump rope champion whose patented idea for a ball-and-eye pivot mechanism for speed ropes was stolen by a rogue competitor; Glenn Sanders, whose patent on Emmy award–winning wireless video recording equipment was invalidated by PTAB; and Gene Luoma, an octogenarian muscular dystrophy patient who lost his patent and millions in royalties on his Zip-It drain cleaner.

These are individuals who came up with brilliant ideas or solutions, worked on them, built prototypes, set up small businesses, and plowed ahead to sell their products.  But the new patent system under AIA is throttling them.  For them, it is destroying the culture of inventiveness, innovation, and creating original products and solutions that made America great and rocketed it into space.

To understand how that came about, a brief history of American patent law is in order.

As early as during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, our founding fathers recognized the need to promote innovation and finely balance it against the competitive spirit of the free market.  So, under Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, they granted Congress the power to give authors and inventors exclusive rights for a limited time over their writing and discoveries.  They viewed intellectual property as real property and wisely foresaw its protection and nurturing as the road to American prosperity and greatness through creativity.

The third law of Congress was the Patent Act of 1790.  The Bill of Rights of 1791 further affirmed, through the Fifth Amendment, that property rights (which also meant intellectual property, such as patents) were not to be taken away without due process of law or without just compensation.

Then the Patent Act of 1836 gave the first inventor the right to a patent, not the first to file for one.  It also established that the U.S. Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) would issue patents, decide on infringements, and revoke or invalidate patents after holding hearings, and examining expert testimony and material and other evidence.  Though this could entail lengthy and expensive legal proceedings, the system empowered inventors and small businesses with the means to protect their intellectual property.

Two ancillary but relevant facts.  In 1946, the law was amended to change the first-to-invent principle from first to invent in the world to first to invent in America in response to a 1939 SCOTUS judgment (Electric Storage Battery v. Shimadzu) that could have allowed American patents to be invalidated by claims from abroad.  In 1982, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals was created, with exclusive jurisdiction on appeals over decisions by patent appeal boards or district courts, after inconsistencies that raised forum shopping concerns.  The same year, limits were set on the breadth of a patent so that it would not restrict related inventions.

American innovation thrived from the late 18th century onward, with wars and hard times galvanizing invention and myriad spin-offs that have benefited humankind in unforeseen ways.  Incentivizing invention made America a superpower — took it into space and into the molecular-level research that is unfolding the secrets of life itself.  Not for nothing have Yankee ingenuity and can-do spirit become American shibboleths.

But things began to fall apart beginning in 2007.  A sustained and exaggerated campaign by the Coalition for Patent Fairness, an ad hoc organization of Big Tech corporations like Amazon, Google, Intel, and others, sought to alter eligibility doctrine and get rid of the system of injunctions and sanctions for patent violations.  At the same time, Big Tech had been building up the myth of the Patent Troll, against whom “true innovators” — that is, Big Tech and Big Business, which have actually been stealing ideas and used financial muscle to browbeat the solo inventor with litigation  — must be protected.

Unfortunately for America, their narrative has prevailed.  In 2011, President Barack Obama presented the AIA, ostensibly to end frivolous lawsuits, and make the patent process easier, less expensive, faster, and fairer than handling patent suits in courts or before the USPTO.  America also switched to the first-to-file principle, followed worldwide.  The final nail in the coffin was the establishment of PTAB, an administrative body without a lifetime-appointed judge.  PTAB hearings are conducted with little due process — there are instances in which it has refused to admit material evidence — and so far, 84% of its decisions invalidated inventors’ patents.  As retired federal judge Paul Michel says, “[t]hey [Big Tech] got their way with Congress in 2011 with a statute creating an administrative tribunal where it would be easier to kill patents when they could not do so in the courts.”

Jeff Parker, a longtime inventor and CEO of ParkerVision, laments the squelching of the incentive to invent and the end of the cooperative spirit.  In the 1970s, he developed some of the first digital thermostats for air-conditioners and patented several of their features.  Impressed by the achievements of a small company with a limited R&D budget, Carrier approached him to embark on a joint venture.  Such interactions, he says, were the foundation of the U.S. economy then.  The symbiosis between spirited inventors and deep-pocket corporations improved products, solved problems, and benefited consumers.

Later, when a much larger competitor copied their product, down to the text in the instruction manual, all it took was a letter for the copycat to acknowledge wrongdoing and pull down the product for fear of litigation.  But that’s a vestige of the past, says Parker: today, his company would end up before a hostile board.  Big corporations don’t have to invent anything.  They can wait for inventions, scoop them up, and then either get to the patent office first or get the inventor’s patent invalidated.  Patent litigation has already reduced the market cap of Parker’s company from $500 million to $30 million, and the technology he developed can now be used for free.

It’s indeed the death of the American Dream, built on innovation.  Meanwhile, in 2019, China wrested the U.S.’s long-held position of the country which filed the most international patents.  China continued to rank first in 2020 and 2021.  And while America left the solo inventor defenseless, China has strengthened its patent laws and innovation policy so much that Erick Robinson, a patent attorney with Beijing East IP, says, “China may be the best place in the world to file a patent lawsuit.”

Hopefully, H.R. 5874, or the Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act (RALIA), introduced by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), will eliminate the PTAB and provisions of the AIA that encourage patent robbery by Big Business.  That will bring relief to hundreds of ingenious inventors like Brown, Sanders, Parker, and the octogenarian Luoma, whose intellectual property must be protected like physical property.  Just as our founding fathers envisioned it.  Remember, two of them — Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson — were prolific inventors.

Is Breadless Cuba IN CALIFORNIA YET?



It has been a while since we checked in on Fidel’s socialist paradise. You might think that an utterly failed and discredited regime would inevitably be overthrown, but that hasn’t happened, at least not yet. (See also Venezuela.) Meanwhile, when you think things can’t get worse, the decline continues. Babalublog reports: “After Milk and Beef, Bread Disappears from the Cuban Table.”

From the balcony, Yudineya watched dozens of bread and cookie sellers pass by every day in her neighborhood of Los Sitios in Havana, but for weeks they have practically disappeared. The shortage of wheat flour has hit private bakeries hard and has also put state bakeries in check.
In Nuevo Vedado, a colorful private bakery that until recently offered bags of the so-called “ball bread” in addition to hard-crust French bread, baguettes and rolls, now offers only roasted peanuts and egg-white merengue. “We’re not offering bread because we don’t have any flour,” the employee explains. “Sales have fallen a lot, and if we continue like this we’ll have to close.”

It’s hard to get along without bread, especially when that’s all you have left. So Cubans stand in line.

In front of the bakery on Carlos III, one of the few that still sells “released” [unrationed] bread, the elderly, physically disabled, kids, mothers and all kinds of people begin to show up. Neither age nor the numerous ailments exempt the Cuban, who must defend his place in line as if he were in a besieged fortress.

An employee announces that they will soon sell a few breadsticks. …

Invoking strength that they don’t have, battered Cubans, hoping to get a breadstick, stampede to take their place in line. One woman complains, “All we can get is a little piece of breadstick per person.”

Once the “sticks” have been bought and packaged, the crowd recovers its place in the shade. They must keep waiting: in an hour, they think, the bakery will take out a small amount of garlic bread.

Bread line in Havana

Bread lines: the inevitable end point of socialism. And this is the path down which the Democratic Party wants to take us.

“Making Sense and Scaring The Hell Out Of Us!”

September 1, 2022

We Have Been Thinking about This All Wrong

By Kevin Lewis at American Thinker:

For many of us, the path our governmental leaders have recently taken has been perplexing.  Many of the policy decisions that perhaps sounded good (at least to some) have turned out to be not only clearly deleterious, but often catastrophic for our country.  Without hyperbole, I mean catastrophic for our economy, our national defense capability, our national sovereignty, the safety and security of citizens, and our standing among other nations of the world.

We hear that inflation is “temporary,” that “we are not in a recession,” that the administration “feels our pain” at the gas pump and is making a historic effort to bring down prices (though we should really focus on the fact that we are in an exciting “Great Transition”).  Even though our money doesn’t go nearly as far as it used to, our economy is in the midst of a “booming recovery.”  We are told that a massive new spending bill will somehow reduce inflation — (the “Inflation Reduction Bill”).  Even the government’s own CBO stated that it will do almost nothing to reduce inflation.  Most economists say it will make inflation much worse.

These statements don’t seem to align with empirical evidence — our everyday experience!  Sadly, it would not surprise me at all if it were suddenly announced that “due to the racial overtones and white supremacist associations of ‘up,’ in the interest of equity, it will henceforth be considered down.”

One might reasonably ask, “Why are our government officials doing these things and saying these things that don’t seem to help us or our country?”  I believe that asking this question would indicate a basic misunderstanding of our current governmental environment, their views and their goals.  You’re thinking about this all wrong!

There are some simple, obvious explanations that we can see and hear from various political experts.  One such would be the “do the opposite of whatever Trump did” explanation.  That mentality certainly exists.  We have seen this from various individuals on both sides of the aisle — the desire to distance themselves from whatever Donald Trump did, whether good or bad.  Another explanation would be unwavering allegiance to the progressive/Green New Deal contingent of the Democrat party, who, I assume, Joe Biden believes helped get him elected.  There is always the “old standby” Democrat position that more government and more spending are always a good thing.  With regard to the administration’s complete disregard for and puzzling silence regarding the unsecured southern border, there is the conventional wisdom that if individuals come to the U.S. illegally and are given benefits and, more than likely, the chance to stay, they will be beholden to the Democrat policies of which they are beneficiaries, and therefore be lifelong democratic voters, ostensibly keeping Democratic politicians in power forever.

These are all good possibilities, each with a degree of validity, but they don’t seem like enough.  They might explain some things, but not all of them.  When decisions are made that are blatantly unconstitutional, when policies are adopted that do not benefit U.S. citizens, and may even demonstrably hurt them, one might rightly begin to believe that there is more at play here — that there may be an even more insidious agenda afoot.  I believe that there is.  I believe that the goal, simply put, is to make America less, in every respect.

If the U.S. is arguably the most powerful, wealthiest, and most independent nation, with safeguards to avoid tyranny and subversion built into its founding documents, it becomes a major (if not the major) obstacle to a globalist one-world government, wherein all nations have equity.  Some might consider the idea of a one-world government a conspiracy theory espoused by the Alt-Right or some other equally vilified group.  Listening to the narratives from the United Nations’ deliberations or from many of their leaders, it seems clear that it is indeed a real goal.  Many of our own leaders, including several U.S. presidents, both Democrat and Republican, have extolled the virtue of the New World Order.  Whatever you choose to call it, I believe that many (most?) within our government consider the U.S. too wealthy, too powerful — too privileged.  For them, that must change.

The movers and shakers running the government, along with their happily willing figurehead (currently Joe Biden), view all who oppose this “transition” with disgust.  They view anything like an “America First” mentality and certainly the “Make America Great Again” mentality merely as primitive tribalism.

If seen from this perspective, Biden’s perplexing decisions and policies align and make some sort of perverse sense.  America is not just “transitioning” away from fossil fuel toward green and renewable energy.  It is transitioning toward its place as just another nation-state of the world — no better, no worse.  For that to occur, the U.S. must be “brought down” from its current position.  Since citizens would not voluntarily jump on the bandwagon if this goal were stated clearly, it must be done surreptitiously.

Biden didn’t shut down oil and gas production in America (then plead to buy it from other countries) because of the climate or because he was seeking “green energy” (obviously, because we are still using oil and gas, just paying much more for it, and becoming beholden to other countries).  It was done because it was one simple but very powerful way to weaken America (under the pretext of helping the climate or moving toward green energy).  Not only has Joe Biden failed to fulfill his oath of office (to defend the U.S. from all enemies, foreign and domestic), but he (and the obviously intricate network of controlling governmental operatives) has intentionally and specifically disparaged and discarded it.

Now it all begins to make sense, and it scares the hell out of me.

Chicago…In A Greater Mess Than Ever?

Buses of illegal migrants arrive in third Democrat-led sanctuary city as mayor fumes

KAREN TOWNSEND Sep 01, 2022 at HotAir:

(Santiago Covarrubias/Sun Times via AP)

Two buses carrying illegal migrants from Texas arrived in Chicago on Wednesday night. Chicago is the third Democrat-led sanctuary city to receive illegal migrants from Texas.

Governor Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey are sending buses to sanctuary cities to make a point that the Biden border crisis is unfairly burdening cities and towns along the southern border. In order to alleviate some of the overcrowding of shelters and facilities providing care for the migrants, the governors are providing the opportunity for them to travel to sanctuary cities at state expense. In the case of the buses that arrived in Chicago on Wednesday, Texas taxpayers footed that bill for their transportation, as well as their food and water for the trip.

Unlike what the mayors of sanctuary cities would have you believe, the migrants want to take advantage of the free transportation in order to get to their final destination of choice. The fact is that when they arrive in the United States from Mexico and are apprehended, the Biden administration uses catch and release which allows them to remain here and travel freely around the country. They are allegedly given instructions to show up at an ICE office wherever they end up. Some are released on humanitarian parole. Mayor Bowser said she fears they are being “tricked” into boarding buses for locations outside of Texas and Arizona.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City is name-calling Governor Abbott all kinds of things like un-American and unpatriotic, as well as racist, of course, for moving them away from the border. Democrat mayors of large cities like to boast about welcoming everyone with open arms and providing shelter as a sanctuary city until they actually have to handle the arrival of illegal migrants. Then they demand support like from the National Guard and FEMA.

Remember when the previous president sent troops to the southern border in 2018 to head off migrants traveling in caravans? Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said it wasn’t an election year stunt. It was about national security. It was to provide support to DHS and Border Patrol. Joe Biden isn’t worried about national security and how floods of migrants are affecting border towns, apparently.

Governors Abbott and Ducey do not intend to let up on sending buses to sanctuary cities. Washington, D.C. was the first city chosen because that is where Joe Biden and Congress are. Congress is responsible for legislation on immigration and promises of immigration reform is usually a hot campaign topic but never actually happens. Politicians like to have illegal immigration as an issue to motivate voters but they don’t want to do the work once in office. The Biden administration isn’t even carrying out immigration laws already on the books.

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is not happy. Though she says that her city has been preparing for buses of illegal migrants, there was no one to meet the migrants as they got off the buses in Chicago.

“The first two buses of migrants from Texas arrived at Chicago’s Union Station this evening. Many of them told me they’re from Venezuela. They said they were expecting someone to be here to help them when they arrived, but there isn’t anyone here,” Fox News correspondent Grady Trimble said.

Other videos from Trimble show the migrants boarding another bus, which he said he was told was taking them to a shelter.

The Fox News correspondent estimated that there were 80-100 migrants total on the two buses, including around 20 children.

Now the war of words begins between Governor Abbott and Mayor Lightfoot.

“Mayor Lightfoot loves to tout the responsibility of her city to welcome all regardless of legal status, and I look forward to seeing this responsibility in action as these migrants receive resources from a sanctuary city w/ capacity to serve them,” Abbott said in his statement, referring to Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot (D).

Lightfoot responded. She called Governor Abbott racist and inhumane, because, of course she did.

Lightfoot responded by decrying Abbott’s practice as “racist” and saying he is “without shame or humanity.”

“Unfortunately, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is without any shame or humanity. But ever since he put these racist practices of expulsion in place, we have been working with our community partners to ready the city to receive these individuals,” a spokesman for Lightfoot’s office said.

No welcoming committee, Mayor Lightfoot? Surely those community partners have lined up shelters and resources for the new arrivals. Or maybe her claim of being prepared is all a bunch of malarkey. Her office was quick to slam Abbott. She apparently is taking the same route as Adams and responding with name-calling. She said Chicago is prepared. What’s the big deal, right?

The migrants were mostly from Venezuela. There were between 80 – 100 that arrived in Chicago. Of that number, there were between 20 -30 small children. Governor Abbott said that Chicago is the latest drop-off location. Rest assured, there will be more Democrat-led sanctuary cities added to his list.

“President Biden’s inaction at our southern border continues putting the lives of Texans—and Americans—at risk and is overwhelming our communities,” Abbott said. “To continue providing much-needed relief to our small, overrun border towns, Chicago will join fellow sanctuary cities Washington, D.C. and New York City as an additional drop-off location. Mayor Lightfoot loves to tout the responsibility of her city to welcome all regardless of legal status, and I look forward to seeing this responsibility in action as these migrants receive resources from a sanctuary city with the capacity to serve them.”

Good luck, Mayor Lightfoot. These groups of migrants are just a drop in the bucket compared to what border states are dealing with every single day. Spare us your outrage.

Cheating Skyrocketed and…..

August 31, 2022

It’s the Education, Stupid

By Kathleen Brush at American Thinker:

The Biden administration has its priorities for education: bailing out dropouts, deadbeats, and foolish investors in negative-return degrees and schools. Meanwhile, the nation’s primary and secondary public schools are in crisis and the administration has nothing to say. This seems impossible when there is nothing more important to the economy, equality of opportunity, race relations, and reducing incarceration.

Biden’s support for the world’s longest physical school closures didn’t help, but the teachers’ unions donated tens of millions to Democrat candidates in 2020, and Biden faired the best. School kids and Americans will be paying the price for years to come, and it will be a hefty price tag if something isn’t done to remedy the damage. In June 2020, McKinsey fired an analytical warning shot based on remote learning continuing until Fall 2020, January 2021, and Fall 2021. The annual GDP losses varied by scenario, from an estimated $44 billion to $221 billion. The percent of income lost was greater for Latinos and Blacks. Over the affected students’ lifetimes, that’s a multi-trillion-dollar GDP setback.

     During remote learning, three million children never logged in. Cheating skyrocketed. Absenteeism was up on average 39%, and more than a third of students experienced poor mental health. Schools in Washington state stopped counting truancy because the numbers were too high, while others, like Illinois, reported truancy for the 2020/2021 school year at 22.8%. Prior to this, it was next to nil. Amazingly, graduation rates in 2021 reached new highs. Nowhere is this more amazing than in Chicago’s public schools. Graduation rates soared to 84%. For Blacks, it was up 2%, and this occurred when only 7.9% of Black students met or exceeded the math standard, and 9% met or exceeded the reading standard.

Higher graduation levels have broadcast that American schools are so extraordinary that non-participation and remote learning didn’t affect outcomes. The federal government can share in the congrats. Despite dire warnings of the damage from remote learning, they issued assessment and accountability waivers for 45 states for a second school year (2020/2021). Some assessment data is trickling out and it is sobering. Between 2018 and 2021 in Illinois, reading proficiency for Blacks went from 13.9% to 11.7%. Math went from 11.6% to 8.3%. Reading proficiency for Latinos went from 22.5% to 18.9%, and math from 21.4% to 15.4%. For Whites, reading proficiency went from 47.8% to 43.1% and math from 45.0% to 38.5%. In Washington state, reading proficiency by racial group fell 13% to 25%, but math scores plunged further. Math proficiency for Blacks went from 27.9% to 13.7%. That’s a loss of 51%. For Latinos, the fall was 53% from 31.4% to 14.8%. In Washington, these outcomes seem by design. Some schools taught that math is racist. Math proficiency for Asians fell by 20%, from 73.8% to 58.7%. Across the United States, Asian students suffered less, but Asian parents have demonstrated the important roles parents play in their children’s educational outcomes.   

The quality of America’s public education system has been sliding for some time. The faith Americans had in their public schools began to change in the 1980s and 1990s and paralleled the rise in membership in teachers’ unions. At this point, confidence is in the abyss. In 2002, the federal government passed No Child Left Behind, and all schools were to achieve 100% math and reading proficiency by 2014. It’s 2022, and we’re not even at 50%. Per student spend has gone from $9,949 in 2001/2002 to $13,394 in 2020. Would more money help? D.C. schools had a per student spend of $22,856Those that met or exceeded reading, math, and science proficiencies in 2019 were 37.2%, 30.7%, and 12.6%, respectively. Academic performance in Utah ranked 27 positions higher than D.C. with per student spending of $8,000.

In 2021, at 1%, D.C. schools had the lowest in-person enrollment, presenting dreary prospects for imminent proficiency improvements. However, across the nation the prospects are bleak. Right now, most Blacks and Latinos, and many White and Asian students have SAT scores that indicate a lack of preparedness for college. Adults without college degrees are likely to be government dependents.

Recently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis went all out to secure the right candidates for school boards. Some said it was a make or break move for DeSantis to take on the unions, but he came out on top. Floridian voters obviously share his priority for quality education. Education is foundational to any state’s success. In the 19th century, the government prioritized public education. Public schools were essential to unifying the population. Students with origins in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia needed to lose their hyphenated identity to become proud Americans, and curriculums had to stop slandering Catholics and Jews. To facilitate equality of opportunity, there had to be universally accessible, quality public school schools that matched private schools. For democracy, with its commitment to free speech to succeed, schools had to teach critical thinking. Americans had to be able to sort through diverse information and make decisions, and they had to learn skills to become productive, self-reliant members of society.

The performance of America’s students is in the toilet, but the goals of the teachers’ union revolve around equity, social justice, and affirming a student’s right to select their gender. Why aren’t they prioritizing the government’s 100% proficiency goal for reading and math, so necessary to enable equality of opportunity and self-reliance? What about developing Americans rather than hyphenated Americans? Substituting critical thinking skills for safe spaces? Stopping the flow of students to private schools because their quality of education is superior?

Education cannot be the great equalizer if education is not equal.  Education must be on the ballot in 2022 and 2024. Americans must keep educational issues top-of-mind when choosing their legislators and governors. Nothing has been more important to the political, economic, and social success of the world’s most diverse nation than a superior public education system. The Chinese know that. They top the charts for the most educated students. So, China focuses on superior education and America focuses on dropouts and deadbeats. Let’s put the success of the nation’s children on the ballot in 2022 and 2024.

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“one of the few Republicans willing to take on the tyrannical” DEMS!

Ron Johnson Is The Left’s No. 1 Midterm Target Because He Hits Swamp Elites Where It Hurts

BY: JORDAN BOYD at the Federalist:

AUGUST 31, 2022

Ron Johnson

FBI and DOJ allies on the left are gunning for Ron Johnson’s Senate seat, and it’s obvious why.

Author Jordan Boyd profile


For years, American elites and bureaucrats have strategically skirted accountability and dodged tough questions, but not even a Democrat-controlled Congress has been able to stop Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., from exposing the corruption plaguing U.S. institutions.

Johnson first joined Congress in 2011, but it’s in recent years that he’s become one of the few Republicans willing to take on the tyrannical Covid regime, Big Tech censorship, lack of vetting for Afghanistan refugees, Spygate, and the FBI’s laundry list of malfeasance.

His zeal for calling out corruption is not lost on Democrats and the corporate media. That’s why they’ve worked overtime to smear Johnson ahead of his re-election race against radical Democrat challenger Mandela Barnes in November. Politico claims Johnson is “in a bind.” The Guardian questions whether he is “on the chopping block.” Vanity Fair says the Republican’s “Road To Reelection Is Getting Bumpy.”

But for Johnson, his effort to keep the regime’s duplicity at the forefront of Americans’ minds is just the first step on the long road to true accountability and action that voters are demanding when Republicans win back some congressional power.

Big Tech Collusion

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted last week on an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” that his company was pressured in October of 2020 by the FBI to throttle so-called Russian disinformation — i.e. the explosive Hunter Biden laptop story, which wasn’t disinformation. Facebook complied with these requests for information suppression by “reducing [the New York Post’s story] distribution on our platform.”

In a letter written with Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, Johnson demanded that both Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray provide the documents and communications that corroborate Zuckerberg’s claims.


“The FBI’s consistent efforts to falsely paint information relating to Biden family misconduct as Russian disinformation continues to draw serious concerns, and those concerns are magnified by the FBI’s consistent failure to answer congressional inquiries,” the Republican duo noted.

Johnson and Grassley also petitioned Zuckerberg for more information about the Department of Justice and FBI’s pressure campaign ahead of the 2020 election.

“The American people deserve to know whether the FBI used Facebook as part of their alleged plan to discredit information about Hunter Biden,” the senators wrote. “If so, Congress and the American people require clarity with respect to the extent the FBI communicated with Facebook during the 2020 election about Hunter Biden-related information.”

Whistleblower Reports

Since Johnson knows the FBI and DOJ are intentionally difficult when it comes to answering requests for more information, he opened the door for whistleblowers within those agencies to come to him with their worries about corruption.

As a result, multiple government employees with concerns about the DOJ and FBI’s conduct shared that their agencies were being unfairly weaponized for partisan reasons. Several whistleblowers also shared their strongly evidenced allegations that the FBI “intentionally undermined efforts to investigate Hunter Biden.”

That news, Johnson pointed out — compounded with Garland, Wray, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s attempts to “intentionally discredit” Johnson and Grassley’s investigations into Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business dealings — does not bode well for either agency’s credibility.

Hunter’s Foreign Entanglements

Speaking of Hunter, it was Johnson and Grassley who, despite smears from the corrupt corporate media and a lack of transparency from the DOJ, led the investigation into the president’s son’s financial entanglements with foreign enemies.

Even after an “unnecessary briefing” from the FBI and a subsequent partisan leak that framed Johnson and Grassley as pursuing “Russian disinformation,” the pair continued releasing key receipts and reports showing just how deep the Biden family’s profiteering with overseas oligarchs, including those linked to the Chinese Communist Party and the wife of the Moscow mayor, truly goes.

Even when Garland feigned ignorance about whether the DOJ used “extraordinary surveillance tools” on one of Hunter’s former Chinese business partners Chi-Ping “Patrick” Ho, who was convicted in December 2018 for international bribery and money laundering, Johnson didn’t stop asking questions.

He also demanded the White House answer why President Joe Biden shared official business with Hunter via non-government email during the Obama administration, something the same FBI and DOJ that raided Trump’s home over “classified documents” seem to have no interest in exploring.

Political Violence

When violent abortion activists took responsibility for the firebombing and vandalism of several pro-life organizations shortly after the Dobbs v. Jackson leak in May, Johnson demanded to know why federal law enforcement and the DOJ hadn’t stepped in.

“There are currently mobs outside of the residences of the Supreme Court Justices appointed by Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump … and, once again, DOJ, FBI, and DHS have yet to condemn these activities,” Johnson wrote in a scathing letter. “I want to reemphasize that your silence on this abhorrent attack against a pro-life organization is deafening and your continued silence could be construed as a tacit endorsement.”


Last but not least, Johnson’s attempts to hold the corrupt deep state accountable largely started with his relentless evisceration of the Russia-collusion hoax and Trump’s Ukraine phone call.

Once again, Johnson was one of the only congressional Republicans who rejected claims that Trump was colluding with Russians to steal the 2016 election. He spent years investigating and documenting the deliberate failures by the FBI and political motivations that fueled Democrats’ two impeachment attempts. He also spent years blasting deceitful intelligence officials for stonewalling Congress on Spygate oversight.

“Had the public known what the FBI knew at that time, it’s hard to imagine public support for continuing the investigation, much less the appointment of a special counsel four months later,” Johnson said.

He was right, which is why the FBI and DOJ allies in the Democrat Party and the corporate media are gunning for Johnson’s Senate seat. If Johnson isn’t using his congressional authority to ask the hard questions and shake down corrupt bureaucrats, who will?

Dem Fascists Are Destroying Our American Economy!

 AUGUST 31, 2022 BY JOHN HINDERAKER at Power Line


There is no excuse for advanced economies to experience a shortage of electricity, or of energy generally. The world has more than ample supplies of fossil fuels. And, if you buy the global warming hype, nuclear energy is the obvious alternative, although that implies universal use of electric vehicles that are devastating to the environment.

Nevertheless, an electricity crisis is upon us. From the U.K.: “Energy could be rationed ‘for years.’”

Europe faces years of energy rationing without Russian gas, the boss of Shell has warned. Ben van Beurden said it was a “fantasy” to think that Europe’s energy crisis would be resolved soon and he warned that if Moscow were to cut off all supplies, life would be “very hard”.
Gas prices for Britain for this winter closed on Friday at a record high of 827p per therm, more than 16 times higher than the average prices over the decade pre-crisis. Soaring wholesale gas and power prices have already fed through to record household bills, which are due to increase by 80 per cent to £3,549 a year from October.

The current crisis in Western Europe is due in part to the threatened cutoff of Russian natural gas. But countries like Britain and Germany are vulnerable to such a cutoff because they fecklessly failed to provide for their own energy self-sufficiency. That was an incredibly stupid policy, but one that is now being pursued by the Biden administration despite having the Western European example before it.

But how about France? France gets the bulk of its electricity from nuclear power, so Russia’s natural gas should be irrelevant. Right? France 24 reports: “French PM says companies may face energy ‘rationing’ this winter.”

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne warned company bosses on Monday about the risk of energy rationing this winter and urged them to take steps to reduce their consumption.
She said the government was already drawing up contingency plans which included a “quota trading system” that would enable companies to buy and sell power quotas.

How can this be, given France’s unique investment in nuclear power?

France is more sheltered than many European countries from the surge in gas prices caused by Russia’s decision to reduce its exports to Europe after its invasion of Ukraine in February.

France generates some 70 percent of its electricity from a fleet of 56 nuclear reactors, but 32 are currently offline either for routine maintenance or to evaluate corrosion risks.

Not sure what is going on there. But governments, including France’s, welcome the current energy crisis because they think it will facilitate their pet project:

“Every company needs to mobilise and act. I call on everyone to establish their own energy-saving plans in September,” she said, while stressing that the crisis caused by record-high energy prices would help the transition away from fossil fuels.

“The months ahead are just a step in the bigger transition that we need to make,” she said.

No such transition is occurring, nor will it. The chimera of wind and solar energy is a bad joke, but one for which citizens of developed countries are about to pay dearly. This is a topic we have written on many times, but this graphic, which Steve recently posted, conveys the big picture at a glance:

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., we had energy independence–not just independence, but dominance–only a few years ago. It took a concerted effort by the Biden administration to screw it up. But the Left’s war on our prosperity and our way of life is only beginning. In Gavin Newsom’s California, sale of gasoline-powered vehicles is supposedly banned by 2035. Of course, that won’t happen. But the idea is that all vehicles, not just the current tiny percentage, will be electric. So how will all those EVs be charged? Not during the usual charging times, at least for the time being:

Hoping to avoid blackouts, the California Independent System Operator, which manages the state’s power grid, warned Tuesday that it probably will issue a series of Flex Alerts over the next several days. Flex Alerts are voluntary calls for conservation during the afternoon and evening hours, when energy use tends to soar. Residents will be asked to turn up their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, avoid using dishwashers or other large appliances, and hold off on charging their electric vehicles, all during the 4-9 p.m. time frame.

There is no excuse for blackouts in a developed country, but with regard to energy pretty much the entire West is regressing. We have ample sources of reliable energy, but are inexplicably choosing to depend on inherently unreliable, ridiculously expensive, and environmentally damaging sources instead. Eventually Western countries, including the U.S., will come to our senses, but the harm done in the meantime will be incalculable. And you know who isn’t “transitioning” away from reliable sources of power, like coal? China.