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Conservatives Can’t Let Democrats’ Midterm Assault On Kids And Elections Fall Through The Cracks In Michigan

BY: SHAWN FLEETWOOD at the Federalist:

OCTOBER 13, 2022

person in a boot stepping on the American flag

Michigan Democrats are seeking to enshrine their election takeover and rights to abortion and kids’ trans surgeries in the state constitution.

Author Shawn Fleetwood profile


While highly contested elections in Arizona and Georgia have attracted an abundance of media attention, one battleground state often neglected is Michigan — and it’s a critically important one. Won by Donald Trump in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020, the Rust Belt state is hosting one of the country’s most competitive gubernatorial races that has incumbent Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer facing off against GOP challenger Tudor Dixon.

Despite corporate media’s foregone conclusion that the contest would be an easy win for Whitmer, recently released survey data from more reliable polling firms has shown Dixon giving the Democrat governor a run for her money. According to a late September poll from The Trafalgar Group, Whitmer leads Dixon by roughly 6 points (50.9 to 45.1 percent) among the survey’s 1,075 likely general election voters. Even a CBS/YouGov poll released this past weekend shows Whitmer with a 6-point lead (53 to 47 percent) over Dixon, despite its use of the less accurate “registered voter” model.

In the CBS/YouGov poll’s findings, Michigan voters pegged the economy as the issue they’re most concerned about heading into November, with a majority rating the “state’s economy negatively.” Such statistics bode well for Dixon, who leads Whitmer by 10 points (55 to 45 percent) among Michiganders who view the economy as one of their signature issues.

And while Michigan’s gubernatorial contest is certainly important, voters in the state will be left with even bigger decisions to make on Election Day. In addition to Michigan’s numerous statewide races, two Democrat-backed initiatives will be appearing on the ballot this fall: One seeking to enshrine the left’s election takeover policies in the state constitution, and another trying to do the same with abortion — plus a stealthy addition that would ensure a constitutional right for kids to amputate their healthy genitals.

Michigan’s Version of HR 1

Known as “Proposal 2,” the amendment backed by radical left-wing groups would essentially codify Democrats’ wish list of election policies into Michigan law. As The Federalist previously reported, among the changes to state election law are requirements for “state-funded ‘absentee ballot drop boxes’ and ‘postage for applications and ballots,’” as well as allowances for private “donations to fund elections.” The initiative would also provide voters with a “‘right’ to fill out a single absentee ballot application ‘to vote absentee in all [future] elections,’” which would “keep mass mail-in balloting, the least secure form of elections, in place after such measures caused a chaotic 2020 election.”

Proposal 2 wouldn’t just change the way in which elections are conducted, but also how they’re overseen. Buried within the text of the initiative are provisions that would dramatically increase the power of the Michigan secretary of state in auditing election results.

“No officer or member of the governing body of a national, state, or local political party, and no political party precinct delegate, shall have any role in the direction, supervision, or conduct of an election audit,” the proposal reads.

The proposal heavily mirrors policies found in Democrats’ federal HR 1 legislation, which sought to initiate a federal takeover of state and local election processes.

The Abortion Amendment

Deceptively labeled as the “Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative,” the ballot measure more commonly referred to as “Proposal 3” would allow for virtually unlimited access to abortion with no clear limitations. According to the text of the amendment, “every individual” is granted a “fundamental right” to an abortion, which encompasses the ability “to make and effectuate decisions about all matters relating to pregnancy, including but not limited to prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum care, contraception, sterilization, abortion care, miscarriage management, and infertility care.”

The proposal would also mandate that those seeking an abortion “shall not be denied, burdened, nor infringed upon unless justified by a compelling state interest achieved by the least restrictive means” and that said individual shall not be “discriminate[d]” against by the state “in the protection or enforcement of this fundamental right.”

As noted in an analysis from the Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children, however, the seemingly “tame” language included in the initiative has the potential to “have extremely far-reaching consequences.”

For instance, “Individual is not defined as to age, meaning the provisions in this amendment could apply to children as well as adults,” the analysis says. “What does ‘discrimination’ mean, exactly? Age discrimination is a real thing, so does this mean everything in the amendment applies to children? Rights are typically things that protect you from government prosecution, but this amendment says this right must be enforced by state — enforced against who? Parents? Doctors and nurses?”

Under current Michigan law, parents are required “to consent for their underage child to have basically any medical procedure, from having their tonsils removed to an abortion.” If approved by voters in November, Proposal 3 would undo such a requirement and allow female minors to end their babies’ lives in utero without parental oversight or knowledge.

In addition to its subversion of parental rights, Proposal 3 would also open the door for leftist judges and legal officials to codify Democrats’ radical “trans the kids” agenda into Michigan’s constitution. As The Federalist’s Senior Legal Correspondent Margot Cleveland reported, “The expansive and legalistically worded language of Prop 3, crafted by Planned Parenthood and left-wing backers … extends beyond abortion to create a constitutional right to several aspects of what transgender activists call ‘gender-affirming care,’ despite it being neither affirming nor caring.”

“Under Michigan law currently, minors cannot be chemically or surgically sterilized (or rendered infertile) without their parents’ consent,” Cleveland wrote. But under Prop 3, kids of all ages would be guaranteed the right to “make and effectuate decisions about all matters relating to … sterilization,” and without “discrimination.” She continued:

In less than one month, if Proposal 3 passes, children will have a right under the Michigan constitution to walk into one of Planned Parenthood’s 12 so-called “gender affirming” facilities in the state and, without parental knowledge or consent, obtain puberty blockers. And with Planned Parenthood of Michigan promising “gender affirming” care “via telehealth in the coming months,” Michiganders’ kids won’t even need to leave their house to obtain these sterilizing drugs. 

Passage of Prop 3 will also give boys a constitutional right to be castrated and girls the right under Michigan’s constitution to be sterilized by way of a hysterectomy or the removal of their ovaries — all without their parents’ consent.

Winning Michigan Is a Must

Given the extremely radical nature of Democrats’ ballot initiatives and the disastrous consequences that would ensue if such amendments were approved, perhaps by voters who haven’t read the full text and don’t understand the stakes, state and national Republican-affiliated groups cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to Michigan. If the failed pro-life amendment in Kansas showed conservatives anything, it’s that passivity and poor messaging are a losing strategy.

With left-wing groups such as Planned Parenthood spending millions on pro-abortion ads and early voting already underway throughout the state, investing more financial resources into Michigan must become a priority for conservative groups across the nation. In allowing these amendments to pass, Republicans wouldn’t just allow state Democrats to amass control of Michiganders’ election systems, but also their unsuspecting children. Michigan must be a — if not the — top priority this fall.

Which Party Sells Atheism TO RATTLE ITS NOISE?

October 13, 2022

Non-Partisan Elections Are Non-Existent

By Robin M. Itzler at American Thinker:

In today’s very partisan environment, where Democrats and Republicans have completely opposed views on critical issues, it is imperative to know the political registration of all people running for local offices — especially city councils and school boards.

For most Americans, the political party they are registered with is an introduction to their personal values and core beliefs. Learning a city council and school board candidate’s party affiliation should be the first step in reviewing their bona fides.

However, we can no longer assume party affiliation is enough information. For instance, Liz Cheney is a registered Republican and former Democrat-now-Independent Tulsi Gabbard is a registered Democrat. Which one would you vote for? 

Plus, many Republicans have switched to no party preference (NPP) or Independent.

Once you know their party affiliation, there’s more to do since the Republican candidate might not share your conservative values. The second step is learning their positions on major issues. For incumbents, it means reviewing their voting record. The NPP candidate or Independent (who might even be a former Republican) could have more America First positions than the registered Republican. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger are both registered Republicans. Would you vote for either one based on their positions?

The third step is doing your own research. This includes seeking out knowledgeable and influential people you trust. Ask which candidates and propositions they support.

As founder and editor of Patriot Neighbors, a free weekly newsletter, my influence is primarily with local races that can be won or lost with just a few votes. In 2018, National Public Radio went back 20 years reviewing local races that were decided by ONE vote. There have been many local elections won by fewer than 10 votes.

Since the 1970s, Democrats have used the non-partisan ruse to elect Marxist-leaning candidates — and they are still doing it. This would have continued incognito (long after the Big Guy and his best bud Corn Pop retired to Delaware), but the “plandemic” came and changed everything. Huddled at home during lockdowns, horrified parents discovered what their school board had approved for their children’s curriculum: ethnic studies, critical race theory, gender indoctrination, and the anti-America 1619 project, to name a few topics that can pervert a child’s mental health.

By the time masks made as much sense as a Vice President and Border Czar-in-name-only Kamala Harris word salad speech, conservative parents across the United States were demanding to know what their schools were teaching and what their city councils were approving. With parental rights at the forefront, it now became imperative to elect conservatives. This meant learning each candidate’s position on issues and their party affiliation.

Some districts across the United States have had amazing success returning school boards and/or city councils to conservative majorities. However, more must be done, especially in Blue states. Here are some suggestions for American Thinker readers. Select one or two to help make it a Red Wave on Election Day:

Lawn signs — They can make a “yuge” difference. Neighbors are often persuaded to support candidates or propositions when they see multiple homes with lawn signs throughout their community. If you live in an apartment, place a sign in your front window. 

Lawn signs for others — Pick up a few extra signs and ask family and friends to put one in their yard or window.

T-shirts, hats, and buttons — When you are out and about in the neighborhood wear a t-shirt, hat, or button for your candidate. Just as with lawn signs, it persuades or confirms a decision regarding a candidate.

Social media — Proudly announce who you plan to vote for and include the link to the candidate’s website.

Be a conservative keyboard advocate — Write letters to local newspaper editors and post comments on community websites about why you are supporting a candidate.

Write postcards, make phone calls, knock on doors — Contact your candidate and offer to handwrite personalized postcards. Phone banks and door knocking allow personal conversations that are very important in today’s voice message world.

Distribute flyers — Walk your neighborhood distributing flyers for your candidate.

Bumper stickers — Visible, especially in traffic congestion.

Word of mouth — Simple, easy, and effective.

Call local radio shows — From Bidenflation to surging crime to open borders, share your candidate’s position on these headline issues.

Hold a meet and greet at your home — With a box of cookies and bottled water, open your backyard or living room so neighbors can meet the candidate and ask questions in an intimate setting.

Election Integrity: observing — Volunteer to be an observer at your registrar of voters’ facility or be a poll watcher at a voting center.

Remember, everyone can do something!

MAGAs (or “semi-fascists” as Biden calls us patriots) want candidates who support the America First agenda, and that starts by electing conservatives to school boards and city councils. Lest we not forget philosopher George Santayana’s wise words, “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

Please help get out the vote and make it a Red Wave or even Red Tsunami on November 8!

Robin M. Itzler is a regular contributor to American Thinker.  She can be reached at PatriotNeighbors@yahoo.com.

or…”Rampant Dems Inflate Dim Hopes”

OCTOBER 13, 2022 BY JOHN HINDERAKER at Power Line:


Cost of living data are out for September, and they are grim. The Wall Street Journal reports:

U.S. consumer inflation excluding energy and food accelerated to a new four-decade high in September, a sign that strong and broad price pressures are persisting.

The Labor Department on Thursday said that its so-called core consumer-price index—which excludes volatile energy and food prices—rose 6.6% in September from a year earlier, the biggest increase since August 1982.


Prices rose last month for housing, medical care, airline fares and other services, threatening to keep inflation high for a while.

Everyone’s costs are up, and those cost increases are being reflected in high prices for services. Naturally.

The overall CPI increased 8.2% in September from the same month a year ago, pulled down by a drop in gasoline prices that was partially offset by higher food costs.

But gas prices are rising again.

All of this is bad news for the Democrats. Rasmussen finds that inflation is voters’ number one issue:

With the midterm elections now less than a month away, inflation is still the issue voters are most concerned about.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 89% of Likely U.S. voters are concerned about inflation, including 64% who are Very Concerned.

That is about as strong a consensus as you will see in polling. And voters blame the Democrats:

Sixty percent (60%) now say the policies of President Joe Biden’s administration have increased inflation, a finding just slightly changed since May.

Call me an optimist, but I don’t think the Dems’ endless yammering about abortion will offset the destruction caused by our skyrocketing cost of living.

Caught By The Memory!

OCTOBER 13, 2022 BY SCOTT JOHNSON at Power Line:


At Camp Hail Vale in Colorado yesterday, President Biden gave Remarks On Protecting And Conserving America’s Iconic Outdoor Spaces (the link is to the White House transcript). The Examiner has posted full video along with its story here). He established the Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument.

Biden paid tribute to the 10th Mountain Division and worked his son Beau into the remarks:

Just imagine — and I mean this sincerely. I say this as a father of a man who won the Bronze Star, the Conspicuous Service Medal, and lost his life in Iraq. Imagine the courage, the daring, and the genuine sacrifice — genuine sacrifice they all made.

Beau Biden died at Walter Reed Hospital in 2015 as a result of an aggressive brain cancer that Joe Biden attributes to his son’s exposure to toxic burn pits while serving in Iraq six years earlier. Fox News reports that “has reached out to the White House for clarification on Biden’s comment.”

It’s hardly worth noting the old man’s daily fabrications and falsehoods at this point. They have become routine. We are to be faulted for highlighting them. In this case it is almost cruel. When he said Beau Biden “lost his life in Iraq,” he obviously meant “although I have no proof of causation, I say this as a father of a man who lost his life as a result of his service in Iraq.” There is nothing to see here. Something or other was obviously “top of mind.”


“Gangster” Soros IN DEM MINNESOTA!

Soft-on-crime Soros family gave max donations to Keith Ellison

Soros has spent tens of millions to help elect dozens of prosecutors in major U.S. cities, many of whom take a soft-on-crime approach.

By Evan Stambaugh at ALPHA NEWS:

 October 12, 2022

George Soros, left, with his son Alexander. (Alexander Soros/Twitter)

Since 2018 two prominent members of the Soros family have donated thousands of dollars to help Keith Ellison become or remain Minnesota’s attorney general.

According to a campaign finance disclosure, George Soros and his son Alexander each gave Ellison’s 2022 reelection campaign $2,500 in October of last year.

Ellison appears to be one of the only individual candidates in Minnesota to whom the Soros’ have personally donated money.

Aside from Ellison’s campaign itself, Alexander Soros gave a whopping $100,000 to the People’s Lawyer PAC in June 2018. Per the Washington Free Beacon, the People’s Lawyer PAC was an independent expenditure committee created to help elect Keith Ellison, then a congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives, to the attorney general’s office.

The Free Beacon added in its October 2018 report that Alexander Soros’ donation “represent[ed] slightly less than half of all funds raised by the committee.”

According to FEC data, George Soros has given $250,000 to the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) State Central Committee, the party’s governing body, in both 2018 and 2022.

And in August 2020, Alexander Soros gave $5,000 to the Minnesota House DFL Caucus.


George Soros is the founder and principal funder of the Open Society Foundations, while his son Alexander serves as deputy chair.

According to its website, the Open Society Foundations gives out thousands of grants every year to help “build vibrant and inclusive democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens.”

Critics point out how virtually all of the Soros-connected grants and donations go toward left-wing and even far-left causes. Soros has spent tens of millions to help elect dozens of prosecutors in major U.S. cities, many of whom take a soft-on-crime approach.

The Open Society Policy Center once donated $500,000 to a group supporting the abolition of the Minneapolis Police Department and its replacement with a “department of public safety.” A ballot initiative on that issue, supported by Ellison and other prominent Minnesota Democrats, was rejected by Minneapolis voters last November.

What Republican Leadership?

October 12, 2022

The problem with Republican leadership

By Albert Veltman at American Thinker:

I am a Canadian and I can tell you that the world’s conservatives are looking to America for hope and direction. What we see is a Republican Party that is fractured and rudderless. A party that fails to understand that we are in a mortal conflict with the left. The left understands this and advocates winning this war at any cost and by any means. They’ve told you that and are openly advancing their troops.

Republican leadership believes that all they need are convincing arguments, understanding and the desire to get along. The left does not care, as you can see right now, that at-risk left politicians refuse to debate their GOP opponents in Pennsylvania, Arizona and other battleground states. GOP leadership is relatively silent about this and fails to campaign for these GOP candidates.

In fact, Liz Cheney, who is still supported by Mitch McConnell, has stated she is going to campaign for Democrats in Arizona. GOP leadership is silent.

Innocent January 6 Capital visitors are still in jail and held as political prisoners. Lindsey Graham has said these people got what they deserved. Shameful. Where is the GOP leadership to constantly confront and harass the DOJ, Jan. 6 Committee? GOP leadership allowed Nancy Pelosi to assign Republican members on that committee and there was barely a peep from Kevin McCarthy. No one was allowed to question witnesses. GOP leadership is silent. Three pipe bombs were found on January 5. GOP leadership is silent. Ray Epps? Silence.

The FBI was intimately involved in the planning and operations of the attempted kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer. GOP leadership is silent. FBI involvement in January 6? GOP leadership is silent. 14,000 hours of video on January 6 that could prove FBI involvement and rioters innocent. GOP leadership is silent. The murder of Ashli Babbitt? GOP leadership is silent. Election interference by the FBI? GOP leadership is silent. Oh, Lindsey Graham threatens that when the GOP takes over the House and Senate there will be repercussions. Sure. He’s a spineless Republican. Nothing will happen. Hymn singing abortion clinic protestors are facing up to 11 years in jail. GOP leadership is silent. The illegal and unprecedented Mar-a-Lago raid? GOP leadership including Ron DeSantis? Absent and silent. Hunter and Joe Biden corruption? GOP leadership is silent for the most part.

Lately, I have been introduced to two giant intellectual conservatives, Norman Podhoretz and Herbert London and have been encouraged and impressed by these intellectual patriots. Both were non- Trump supporters, but came to fully support and vote for him. When facts changed, they could change their minds. When facts change, many Republican leaders cannot and will not change. Norman called this fractured GOP, “Muddled”. Norman asked, “Is America a force for good in the world – or not?” He finds it a force for good.

I fell in love with America when I attended Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI from 1961 – 1965.

Republican leadership fails to understand that we are at war with the left. The left understands and have declared openly that politics is a blood sport that they aim to win at any cost and by any means. How does the GOP leadership respond? As Podhoretz says, “It’s muddled.” That leaves American patriots and patriots across the world leaderless and without vision or hope. The only one who provides a clear consistent vision is Donald Trump, no one else does. The deplorables, all red necks, Hungarians, Polish, youth in Iraq, conservatives in Italy and across the world and Canadian truckers understand this war and what’s at stake intuitively. American GOP leadership somehow willfully or ignorantly does not.

I turned against collectivism when I, as an immigrant high school student attempting to learn English, read a book from the school library, I Chose Freedom by Victor Kravchenko. This is not a great book but described the political and human reality in the Soviet Union and helped shape who I am. Much later, reading such books as The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn or the movie, Dr. Zhivago and the Holodomor and the betrayal of the Ukrainian people by the NYT and Walter Duranty stiffened my resolve to oppose socialism/Marxism.

I implore the American GOP leadership to put all differences and egos aside to unite and fully engage in this war that we cannot afford to lose.

(“Welcome to johnkassnews.com”)

Tulsi Gabbard Quits Democrat Party and Slams Dems as “Elitist Cabal of Warmongers.”

Tulsi Gabhard, a former 2020 Democrat presidential candidate hauled off and punched the Democrat Party right in the mouth on Tuesday, then quit and started a podcast, “The Tulsi Gabbard Show.”

The quitting wasn’t much of a surprise, not after Democrats and their media allies rolled in political filth and portrayed Gabbard, an Iraq War veteran, as a traitor and Russian agent for daring to challenge the bi-partisan establishment War Party that seems determined to walk the U.S. ever closer to nuclear war.

And quisling Combine Republicans like the vengeful U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney, the milquetoast of Utah also known as “Reek,” and Jacobin sports media flamethrower Keith Olbermann branding her as a traitor and Putin stooge.

“When powerful, influential people make baseless accusations of treason,” she said in April, “they are sending a message to all Americans: if you dare to criticize the establishment’s narrative, you will be smeared and discredited. If this is allowed to continue, our democracy will be no more.”

But it does continue, aided and supported by media in displays of Orwellian hate directed at those who question the regime.

Yet on Tuesday,  just four weeks until the midterm elections, Gabbard landed a whopping roundhouse punch. You might say that she witch-slapped the Democrats, but she hit them with a closed fist.

The party is deeply in trouble, and is on the verge of losing control of the House of Representatives and the Senate over kitchen table issues that are the result of Democrat policy, from inflation to rising gas prices, the rising cost of food and rising violent crime.

But Gabbard took aim at another issue, her party’s  reliance on what was once an extremely illiberal behavior used exclusively by the McCarthyists of the post-war right, with their blacklists and compulsory loyalty oaths. These new jacobin Democrats became addicted to cancel culture the way the old French revolutionaries became addicted to Madame Guillotine. Rather than rely on the weight of the plunging blade, they silenced their enemies through cancel culture. And they’re still busy, cancelling using their many allies in media to lop the heads.

Gabbard released a statement on a video at Twitter, and further elaborated in a post on her Substack page and podcast


“I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers who are driven by cowardly wokeness who divide us by racializing every issue and stoking anti-white racism, who actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms enshrined in our Constitution, are hostile to people of faith and spirituality, who demonize the police but protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, who believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, are dragging us ever closer to nuclear war,” said the former U.S. Rep. from Hawaii and the candidate who was once gushed over by the media.

Is she wrong in anything she’s said?  No. Particularly the part about America being dragged ever closer to nuclear war.  Just tell me where she’s  wrong. She’s not wrong. And that’s what drives the Democrats mad,

National Democrats are driven by the cowardly woke who play the race card diving the nation at every turn. If you pay attention to the news, if you’re sober and literate, then you know this.

And Biden who foolishly didn’t mind all that much if Putin invaded Ukraine back when Biden was babbling it would be acceptable if it was only “an incursion” has now come unglued. The doddering old man is now talking publicly of “Armageddon” and the bi-partisan Washington War Party that so easily and wrongly condemned Gabbard as a “traitor,” stumbles with him toward nuclear confrontation.

“We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis,” Biden said last week at a fundraiser—he always seems to pop his cork at fundraisers. The Missiles of October crisis of 1962 put the United States and the Soviet Union on the verge of nuclear war for almost two weeks.

What drove Gabbard to hammer at her former party?  I don’t know. Almost immediately she was set upon by Democrat establishment media attack dogs from “Rolling Stone” magazine and elsewhere. The Democrats will feel compelled to burn Gabbard.

I’m sure America’s most well-known political troll, Hillary Clinton, has them gathering up dry firewood for a bonfire to her Clintonian vanity. And in the things you learn while looking up other things department,  the word “bonfire” comes from old English, literally  “fire of the bones.”

So, Clinton was willing enough to torch and destabilize the U.S. by attributing her 2016 election loss to that Russia collusion fantasy she paid for. And she was protected by corporate legacy media. What’s another witch-burning to her now?

A few days ago, Vice President Kamala Harris appeared on late night television with noted Martha’s Vineyard Soy Boy Seth Meyers, and joked with him about how much she loved the new Game of Thrones fantasy. In that softball interview, she commended Biden for his compassion for those convicted of marijuana related crimes before pot became a government revenue source.

“Americans agree,” said Harris. “Nobody should have to go to jail for smokin’ weed, right?”


Yet neither Harris, famous for her word salads delivered with a kitten voice, or Meyers, who played Barack Obama’s wingman at a White House Correspondents Dinner and verbally goaded Donald Trump into becoming president in 2016, bothered to mention the important thing:

As a candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination, Gabbard called out Harris, the former California attorney general for prosecuting almost 2,000 people, for possession of the weed, then put them in jail.

When asked, Harris laughed about it.

The issues in November aren’t all that complicated. And for all the gaslighting going on by media and politicos, they are quite simple.

We measure the cost we paid for things a couple years ago, before the Democrats took control of the government, before the Biden Harris administration was elected. And we compare them to the cost of those same things now. The high cost of food, the high cost of gas to get to work. The price of eggs and of coffee. Of bread for our families. And if you live in a blue city, the high price of violent crime in a blue state.

That might be the highest cost. Gabbard nailed it. That cost of trying to survive in a big city environment with violent crime rising. The cost is violent anarchy and constant threat to your loved ones, even as Democrat public officials demonize the police and protect criminals at the expense of  law-abiding citizens, even to the point of ending cash bail altogether for violent offenders and releasing them rather than keep them in jail.

In crime-ravaged Chicago for example,  in the Democrat political laboratory known as Cook County, the experiments have been ongoing for years now.

And many are now saying what others have said before, even as many tried to ignore it. The corporate media, of course, ignored it as did the political class. But there is no ignoring it now, is there? Gabbard just said it clearly on Tuesday so all Americans could hear.

She didn’t leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left her.

And she’s not alone.

“I have thought that the FBI could be reformed. But this is too much.”

 OCTOBER 12, 2022 BY JOHN HINDERAKER at Power Line:


Scott wrote earlier today about the first day’s testimony in the trial of Igor Danchenko. I want to elaborate on the most significant point that emerged from the testimony of FBI supervisory intelligence analyst Brian Auten: the FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million if he could come up with evidence to support the wild allegations in his “dossier” on Donald Trump. This at a time when the FBI knew that, to date, Steele had nothing.

TechnoFog has a summary and partial transcript of Auten’s testimony, which is worth quoting at length:

Auten was asked about the FBI’s efforts to corroborate the Steele allegations just before the first FISA application was submitted. He stated they looked through “FBI systems to determine whether or not we could verify, corroborate, confirm, or disconfirm the information in those reports.”

Durham then asked about corroboration:

Q: And between September 19th of 2016 and October 21st, when the FBI submitted the FISA application, were you able to confirm or corroborate in any of the FBI system the very serious allegations that were contained in the dossier reports?

A: No.

The FBI also made inquiries with other members of the intelligence community to find corroborative information. They came up empty.

Q: And what can you tell the jurors about whether or not any of the intelligence agencies that the FBI contacted for corroborative information produced any corroborative information?

A: We did receive information back from a number of different agencies.

Q: Then, as to the information that you received back from the agencies, did they corroborate the specificity of specific allegations that were contained in the dossier reports?

A: Not corroborating the specific allegations, no.

Auten was also present for the FBI’s interview of Steele in October 2016, just weeks before the first FISA application was submitted.

Q: When you and Mr. Varacalli, and Mr. Gaeta, and Mr. Guessford met with Christopher Steele in early October of 2016, did Christopher Steele provide any corroborative information for the information that was contained in his reports, in the dossier reports?

A: Not for the allegations, no.

Then Durham asked about the FBI offer to pay Steele to corroborate his information – what we might call the “million dollar” question. Here is Auten’s testimony on that matter:

So Steele brought his “dossier,” which he was paid to fabricate by the Hillary Clinton campaign, to the FBI. The FBI quizzed Steele and found that he had no evidence to back up the anti-Trump allegations in his paper. The bureau carried out its own investigation and could find nothing to support the anti-Trump claims. In a sane world, even assuming the FBI did not know that Hillary Clinton was behind the “dossier,” the bureau would have closed its investigation and moved on.

But no. Apparently desperate to discredit Donald Trump, the FBI joined the Clinton campaign in offering Steele $1 million if he could find something–anything!–on Trump.

We already knew that the Russia collusion hoax was the worst political scandal in American history, by far. But this meddling in a presidential election by federal law enforcement is utterly unacceptable. A number of FBI employees must have known of the offer to Steele, and someone at a senior level must have authorized the $1 million bribe. Auten’s testimony confirms, as we knew, that interest in the FBI’s plot against Trump, which went by the name Crossfire Hurricane, went to the very top of the agency. And we know that mid-level FBI employees like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page schemed to deny Trump the 2016 election or, failing that, to disable his nascent presidency.

Until now, I have thought that the FBI could be reformed. But this is too much. The rot goes too deep, and the FBI’s violation of the public trust is too comprehensive. The bureau should be shut down, the J. Edgar Hoover building should be razed to the ground, every FBI employee should be retired, and a brand new federal law enforcement agency, with new personnel and with far stronger controls to prevent meddling in domestic politics, should be established.