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Handel’s Messiah!


“Democrats’ universal health care fantasy must be stopped so we can save our citizens from health care shortages and suicide.”

Universal Health Care Ends With The Government Telling You To Kill Yourself

BY: KENNETH SCHRUPP at the Federalist:

DECEMBER 30, 2022

Justin Trudeau speaking about Canada's health care system and MAID

Democrats’ universal health care fantasy must be stopped so we can save our citizens from health care shortages and suicide.

Author Kenneth Schrupp profile

Today, Canadians are experiencing a three-word addition to what Ronald Reagan called the nine most terrifying words in the English language: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you kill yourself.”  

Soon after the announcement that Canada would expand its medically assisted suicide program to include those with mental illness, the popular Canadian department store chain Simons issued a new advertisement celebrating the policy. The video features a woman saying, “Last breaths are sacred; you just have to be brave enough to see it,” over a montage of her being wheeled to places of natural wonder. The department store’s logo is featured prominently at the end of the commercial. 

Amid global outrage over the video and the policy, the Canadian government has announced it will delay the program’s expansion, but the battle is far from over, as the underlying issues driving the policy remain unchanged. Having produced a fantasy health care system that ultimately deprives Canadians of basic physical and mental health services, the Canadian left now offers medically assisted suicide as the compassionate and fiscally responsible solution to their failure. 

In 1984, the Canadian left slapped together a single-payer health care scheme by which citizens would pay into a provincially administered, federally and provincially funded health-care system that provides access to most health services at no extra cost, with a mission to “protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well-being of residents of Canada and to facilitate reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers.” 

But maintaining a low-cost, easy-access, government-run health-care program in a large, democratic country with a growing dependent-to-workforce ratio just isn’t working out for Canada. Low pay for medical professionals, who still have to pay for college and medical school, has created an acute shortage of doctors in a country that once boasted one of the best doctor-to-population ratios in the world.

Doctors can only bill the government $31 per patient; they can only see a maximum of 50 patients per day; and they can’t bill for time-consuming tasks like checking labs, writing referrals, and conducting physical exams. Because raising taxes to pay for more doctors is democratically unpopular and obliterates the promised cost savings from government-run health care, growing health-care expenses are deducted from the general budget, which leaves less money for every other program and results in more government borrowing.

As a result, federal debt has exploded, inflation has shot to record highs, and Canadians now must wait half a year to see specific physicians, by which point they’re either feeling better already, suffering greatly from lack of treatment, or dead. In this grim situation, reconciling leftist goals of providing no-extra-cost care for all with fiscal reality requires a shocking technocratic solution: eliminating the excess population to relieve them of the suffering inflicted by progressive utopianists. 

This isn’t an over-exaggeration. According to the National Post, the woman in the advertisement, the now-deceased 37-year-old Jennyfer Hatch, “only opted for assisted suicide after her years-long attempts to secure proper health care failed.” For ten years, Jennyfer was bounced from specialist to specialist, and when she could even see one none had a background in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, the genetic but manageable illness from which she suffered. 

Before her death, Jennyfer took to Canadian television, saying, “I feel like I’m falling through the cracks, so if I’m not able to access health care, am I then able to access ‘death care?’ And that’s what led me to look into MAID.”

As Canada’s health-care system experiences more challenges and its suicide program expands over time, cases like Jennyfer’s will tragically become even more widespread. Given that one out of five Canadians experiences mental illness in a given year, that means eight million Canadians could be eligible for suicide; anyone experiencing depression from losing his job due to Covid vaccine mandates or being unable to find affordable housing due to increased demand from recent immigrants paired with a shortage of skilled construction workers and progressive-driven building labyrinths will soon be encouraged to put themselves out of state-induced misery. 

Medically assisted suicide may soon become more prevalent in the United States as prominent members of the Democratic Party are moving ahead with promoting a universal health care morass of their own. If the widespread adoption of assisted suicide in countries with universal government health care is any indication, there’s little doubt the “Medicare for All” plan supported by leftist luminaries like Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren would soon include “Suicide for All.”

Indeed, medically assisted suicide is a Democrat-supported issue and has been adopted in 10 Democrat states and is being pushed for in more. Should Democrats gain enough votes to pass universal health care in Congress, they’ll have enough votes to approve assisted suicide. 

To save millions of our citizens from the humiliation of health care shortages and suicide, Democrats’ universal health care fantasy must be helped to its end.

Kenneth Schrupp is a Young Voices contributor writing on the intersection of business, politics, and media. He’s a public affairs consultant and serves as editor in chief of the California Review, an independent political journal.


December 31, 2022

Under Wokeism, Animal Farm Comes to Life

By Allan J. Feifer at American Thinker:

Have you read George Orwell’s perennially popular and spookily prescient book Animal Farm?

Written in 1945, it is recognized as one of the most foundational books of the 20th century and the book’s satire vs. the reality of today is striking.  The story tells of farm animals who collectively decided they would no longer give their productive efforts for the benefit of the farm family.  The animals drove out the farmer.  Then they divided up the “profits” of the farm to each animal, purportedly according to its needs.  After the overthrow of the farmers, the pigs ultimately became the new overseers and enslaved the lesser animals.    

Animal Farm addresses the problem of who believe society is unfair and are convinced in their own minds that there must be a better way.  Except there isn’t.  The moral of the story is that collectivism and socialism do not work.

It takes intellectual rigor to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.  It is challenging especially for the young and those who:

  1. Did not acquire a good grounding in reason or academic discipline through education
  2. Have never experienced real suffering or failure
  3. Have been deprived of appropriate role models    

Yet, warts and all, since our country was created, we’ve seen an unbroken string of generally successful adults, until recently. 

Where did we go wrong, and how can we fix our shortcomings?

We all want our children and families to enjoy happiness, health, and success.  Yet too often, there is no good life plan or clear direction.    What has changed for so many who don’t seem to be able to make a go of their lives anymore, while most of us over 40 made it?  How did so many of our young get off track? 

There are no easy answers to this vital question.    

If it were simple, we’d have fixed the problem by now.  How do the following statements/concerns fit into our concerns?

  1. The rapidity of change generally frightens youth and prevents them from making the right decisions too often
  2. Social media has created an alternative universe that has become a kind of “default” proxy substitution for real life
  3. The ability to survive without gainful employment either through parental support, government entitlements, subsidies, or by continuing formal education while debt accumulates
  4. Underachievers achieve social acceptance because so many others are merely treading economic water.  There is no stigma, no adverse judgment to contend with any longer.
  5. Victimhood of all kinds. Fault and failure have been eliminated from the equation, and Safe Spaces have replaced all the bad things one used to face in the absence of tangible success.

I recently spoke with a well-known writer who is intelligent, thoughtful, and knowledgeable.    

Minnesota Residents Are Using This $49 Device to Heat Up Homes Almost for Free

Alpha Heat

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Trump Issues Free 2024 Camo Hat to All Supporters, (Liberals Demanding It Be Ban


Tommy Chong Reveals for the First Time: Why I Went Cold Turkey

But neither of us had an answer as to what will swing the pendulum back to earlier, more productive times.  We could not identify a specific impetus that may change the current dynamic.  Addressing our societal failures might require writing off 50 million young people if we don’t figure this out otherwise.

One reason why we have so many developmental problems now is the pervasiveness of substance abuse such as the massive amount of fentanyl crossing our borders which has become proof of an undeclared war against us.  And so is the sedition, subversion, and treacherous behavior of those knowingly subverting our young and our institutions.  These destroyers possess the complete knowledge and foresight for the destruction of our society they hope to achieve.  We’ve endured these attacks for so long that we never seem to understand that our way of life is under a relentless and violent attack.  By the hundreds and thousands, our people die at the hands of these destroyers each day through suicidedrug overdoses, and by making other tragic life decisions.  Millions more never reach their potential.

We should understand that the people behind these actions commit prosecutable crimes by advocating for our country’s effective overthrow and dissolution.   Advocating the overthrow of the United States is a high crime, punishable by 20 years in prison. ( 18 U.S. Code § 238.)  We dare not let this stand.

We are witnessing the destruction of our country daily.  Where is the national debate on what to do to defeat the destroyers?  I support a national debate on the legality of wokeism, which is destroying us as surely as if we had been nuked.  We must unmask those who intentionally sell what amounts to intellectual fentanyl before our young are all gone!    

The siren song of social media is almost as destructive and deadly as shooting someone in the head. Wokeism is not just wrong or misguided; it is promoted by treacherous individuals, organizations, and countries that have deliberately invaded the psyches of millions.  It takes away their independence and their American legacy, replacing those principles with a belief in false prophets.   With fentanyl easing their pain, unearned money to keep their bellies filled, and leisure time spent in aimless pursuit of social media acceptance, their lot is misery.  Those who knowingly did this to our young must be punished within the bounds of our Constitution.  We must have the guts to recognize the treachery and respond before it’s too late.

The conspirators win if we remain passive and disbelieving in what we know to be true and correct.  The other side understands what they are doing.  They rely on our system of liberal government and maintain that their work is nothing more than protected free speech. It is not. This is no ordinary thief.  We have been infiltrated by a cabal of unknown origin who work daily against us, using our protections to hide in plain sight while daring us to hold them accountable.  They take our money as consumers. Universities and NGOs take grant money from our government and use it to sharpen their knives.  They celebrate how they have manipulated so very many of us.  They are like fleas you can’t get rid of for fear of killing the host.

Think I’m over the top?  If you are over 40, remember how we used to live.  Put aside the mistakes we made but recall the successes, achievements, and good our country has been able to accomplish in the past: all that is now a quickly receding memory. 

There is no easy way forward, but there is one legitimate way forward.  We must stop those hiding in our midst from continuing to destroy us under the guise of free speech.  Are we farm animals, or do we wish to be Americans again?  The choice is ours.

Allan J. Feifer is a patriot, author, businessman and thinker. 


If Your Kids Are Unhappy, Take Them To Church

BY: MARY ROSE KULCZAK at the Federalist:

DECEMBER 28, 2022

Altar boy praying in church with his rosary

A huge burden could be lifted from our children if they had a place to go each week that offered them grace and refuge from anxiety.

Author Mary Rose Kulczak profile

It seems like every time I turn around, an editor assigns me a story related to the mental health crises of our children. Most of the health experts I speak to correlate Covid lockdowns and our children’s fragile state. Closing schools played a major role in this phenomenon, but what if other crucial factors are being overlooked?

Another story, seemingly unrelated to the mental health crisis, is making the rounds in the corporate press. Church attendance is on a rapid decline. The “nones,” survey respondents who say they have no religious affiliation, are the fastest-growing group in the United States every year. We now have a generation of adults that grew up not attending worship services weekly, and they are raising their children in a similar fashion. 

The “nones” seem to prefer a parenting style that says: “We’re fine without church and worship and religious instruction and institutions, thank you very much.” But they are not fine. Their children are not coping and managing the day-to-day stresses and inconveniences thrown at them. They are fragile and increasingly so. 

The “nones” will tell you it is because we need to better embrace children’s differences and preferences (like their pronouns) while empowering them with positive affirmations and encouraging personal acceptance through self-esteem workshops. We clutter their calendars with sports, theater, STEM clubs, and dance classes. If none of that pans out, we allow our kids to self-medicate with hours spent on social media.

Parents will do all of this, but won’t take their families to church. Yet research shows that children who attend weekly worship services have higher GPAs, score higher on standardized tests, and are less likely to be held back a grade. They also are more likely to achieve a bachelor’s degree in college.

So why aren’t parents taking their children to weekly worship?

When surveyed, parents often respond that their children and teens do not want to attend worship. This democratic approach to family decision-making only seems to apply to church attendance, however. For other important decisions like wearing a seatbelt or vaccinations, parents balk at giving their children voting privileges. A child’s vote carries more weight when it aligns with a parent’s desire to stay home in pajamas on a Sunday morning.

Why should church attendance be considered a powerful tool for parents to boost their children’s mental health? We can look to the research for the answer.

In a 2018 study, Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health found some surprising benefits to children and adolescents who attend weekly worship. It turns out that children and teens who attend church grow up to be young adults with higher rates of reported happiness and life satisfaction. They were less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, less likely to use illicit drugs, and less likely to engage in early sex and contract sexually transmitted infections.

In addition, these same young adults were more likely to embrace volunteering and reported feeling a sense of mission and purpose than their non-church-attending counterparts.

With all of these positive outcomes for children who attend weekly worship, should we be surprised that children who do not have a similar structure in their lives experience an inverse phenomenon? Is it any wonder that anxiety and depression among children and teens are on the rise when every day, their still-forming brains are bombarded with information about doom and destruction while they drown in a sea of gender confusion and racial animus?

We think we can combat all the negativity by telling children: “You are perfect! You are awesome! You keep being you!” We put these pithy platitudes on T-shirts and backpacks and stickers with unicorns and rainbows. At the end of a bad day, our kids know that this is no substitute for the real deal.

Each of us knows these sentiments are superficial. We are poor, miserable sinners in need of forgiveness. Where do we go with all our baggage when the church is not an option? We go to therapists and pharmacists, but trends show that the last place parents want to go is the place actually offering a solution.

What could families find at church that they won’t find anywhere else? Hopefully, something that is woefully lacking in the world around them: the truth.

Newsflash, kids! You are not perfect! You know that mean thing you did to your classmate in the cafeteria? That was a sin. And that nasty thought you had about that person? That was a sin. And the snide comment you made to your mom when you were hangry? Yep. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Good news: you’ve come to the right place! Jesus came for sinners. As a matter of fact, the church is filled with them. Each week, they come to hear the message that even though we are sinful human beings, Jesus died for those sins. When we confess those nasty thoughts and horrible things we did, we can receive forgiveness — a clean slate! 

Will we mess up again on Monday? Of course. But that’s why we can look forward to church. Can we try harder to be better people? Kinder people? Yes, we can. Does our forgiveness depend upon what we do and how we perform each week? Nope. You are forgiven because God loves you that much, so much that he sent his son to take the punishment that should have been yours and mine.

Imagine what a burden could be lifted from our children if they had a place to go each week that offered them that grace. How much better could they cope with a bad day, knowing that each moment offers a fresh start? How much more resilient could our children become?

Parents, we put our children at a disadvantage when we do not give them the very thing they need for their mental and spiritual health. It is time to put a new priority on the family calendar every Sunday. If we won’t do it for ourselves (and we should), let’s do it for our children. The next generation depends on it.

“Xi’s policies have left the Chinese population vulnerable to Covid-19 variants due to low immunity levels.”

China’s Dictatorial Political System Is The Root Cause Of Its Disastrous Covid Policies

BY: HELEN RALEIGH at the Federalist:

DECEMBER 30, 2022

People in China protesting 'zero Covid' policies

The Chinese government’s mishandling of Covid and its chaotic reopening have exposed its assertion of political superiority as a lie.

Author Helen Raleigh profile


Beijing abruptly abandoned its cruel and unpopular “zero Covid” policy in early December after it had wrecked China’s economy and caused the Chinese people countless miseries that eventually led to mass protests. China’s reopening has been a disaster. It does not validate the government’s prior “zero Covid” policy but illustrates everything wrong with the nation’s dictatorial political system.

On March 19, 2022, while Covid-19 spread worldwide like wildfire, China’s dictator Xi Jinping declared he had won the “people’s war” against the pandemic. Such a victory was meant to serve as indisputable evidence that China’s one-party political system is superior to the democracies of the West.

Xi’s declaration of victory was premature. After putting the Chinese people through almost three years of hell with mass testing, invasive contact tracing, prolonged lockdowns, forced quarantine, and economic hardship, China was the last major economy to reopen, and its reopening in the wake of the “zero covid” policy has been chaotic and scary

Hospitals have reportedly reached capacity with overflowing patients and mortuaries nationwide working overtime as bodies piled up. Pharmacies have emptied shelves as they run out of basic cold and fever medicine such as ibuprofen. Factories face shortages of workers as many of them call in sick.

American companies in China have also been affected. For example, Tesla had to shut down its factory in Shanghai between Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 amid rising Covid infections among its employees. Zhejiang province, a manufacturing hub where many Apple suppliers reside, struggled to keep its factories open as it reported one million new Covid cases on Christmas day. 

A leaked document from an internal meeting of China’s National Health Commission showed officials estimated that about 250 million Chinese people, or 18 percent of the Chinese population, might have been infected with Covid in the first 20 days of December. Yet the Chinese government’s official report insisted that Covid cases fell 47 percent to 4,666 in December, and the last seven days’ daily new death toll was either zero or a single digit.

Because Beijing’s official Covid data has been widely ridiculed as untrustworthy, Chinese health officials finally admitted they had changed their method of counting deaths caused by Covid-19 infections. Since the Chinese authorities have already undercounted Covid death tolls throughout the pandemic, the latest methodology change renders China’s official Covid data meaningless. Probably knowing no one trusts its numbers, China has stopped publishing daily Covid data since Christmas.

China’s disastrous reopening is not a validation of Beijing’s “zero Covid” policy but a refutation of it and an indictment of China’s political system. The nation is ruled by one party under one person, Xi, who officially made himself a dictator for life at the 20th Party Congress. By declaring a premature victory in early 2020 and tying the elimination of Covid-19 to his legacy and the supposed superiority of the Chinese Communist Party’s governance, Xi left no room for policy debates. His will became policies, no matter how preposterous they were.

Xi decided to close China’s borders and impose prolonged lockdowns, despite evidence from other countries showing such approaches are ineffective in containing Covid and have caused more harm than good. Driven by nationalist fever, Xi has refused to import foreign Covid vaccines even though they are more effective than ones manufactured in China.

According to Nikkei, “The vaccination rate among elderly people, who are more likely to become severely ill, is especially low because Chinese in their 60s and older grew up distrusting their government,” and they don’t want to get jabbed with made-in-China vaccines.  

Xi’s policies have left the Chinese population vulnerable to Covid-19 variants due to low immunity levels. According to foreign experts, “the low immunity — down to poor vaccination rates and a lack of previous infections” are driving China’s current Covid surge. No matter how powerful Xi is, he cannot order a virus to disappear at will as he treats political dissidents. 

China’s dictatorial political system also explains why the nation’s reopening has been so chaotic due to poor preparation. Chinese bureaucrats know too well that loyalty to Xi rather than competency will be rewarded, and their political survival depends on how well they serve Xi, not the Chinese people. These bureaucrats are known to hide the truth and bad news, avoid making decisions, wait to be told what to do by their superiors, and never challenge an order from the top, no matter how ridiculous it is or how much suffering it may cause the people.  

For three years, China has told the Chinese people and the rest of the world that its draconian “zero Covid” policy was necessary to prevent a surge that would overwhelm the nation’s already inadequate health-care system. For example, as of 2020, China had 3.6 critical-care beds per thousand people, compared with 7.1 in Hong Kong.

Yet Xi’s “zero Covid” policy really increased his control over the Chinese people, not the virus. Therefore, during the last three years, Chinese officials focused on mass testing, building useless mass quarantine centers, controlling people’s movements, including welding doors to apartment entrances, and relying on a mandatory health app on smartphones to track everybody’s whereabouts. 

Meanwhile, not enough was done to prepare the nation’s health-care system for reopening. New hospitals were not built, and crucial medications were not restocked. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2021, the number of hospital beds in China was up less than 4 percent from a year earlier.

As late as mid-November, Xi still insisted publicly his “zero Covid” policy was here to stay. Thus, when he suddenly abandoned that policy, his underlings scrambled to carry out his order. The lack of preparation for reopening is evident as overflowing patients have overwhelmed the nation’s health-care system, and there are shortages of even basic cold and fever medications. But with no free press and no election, there are no mechanisms to hold Xi and his underlings accountable.

The Chinese people are not the only ones suffering from Xi’s destructive policies. Beijing announced that in early January, it would eliminate all Covid-19 quarantine measures for international and domestic travelers.

Public health officials and experts outside China warned that China is an “‘ideal’ breeding ground for risky variants because of how it has been sheltered from previous waves and has a low vaccine uptake.” If a new and more risky variant emerges and carries to the rest of the world by either Chinese travelers or those who traveled to China, it will have “the potential to send the world back to square one in its fight against the virus.”

China often proclaims that its one-party political system is much more efficient and capable of handling challenges such as a pandemic than western democracies. The Chinese government’s poor handling of Covid in the last three years and its chaotic reopening today have exposed its assertion of superiority as a lie.

Getting To Know Your Crooked President Better Yet!

Biden’s Top 10 Blunders Of 2022 That Prove He’s In Cognitive Decline

BY: JORDAN BOYD at the Federalist:

DECEMBER 30, 2022

Joe Biden wearing aviators behind presidential podium

‘I’d say it’s, it is, I haven’t… look. I have trouble even mentioning, even saying to myself, in my own head, the number of years. I no more think of myself as being old as I am than fly.’

Author Jordan Boyd profile


It’s no secret President Joe Biden is no longer in his prime physical and cognitive state.

The 80-year-old isn’t just a serial liar. He’s a chronic gaffe machine who puts the country at risk pretty much every time he opens his mouth. The president is so bad at giving speeches that Generation Z made some of his most notable verbal stumbles into a TikTok trend.

Contrary to corporate media claims, these blunders aren’t just byproducts of Biden’s childhood stutter, they are signs of a bigger problem. Here are 10 gaffes from the grandpa in the White House that should make every American question whether he’s just a figurehead.

1. Biden Forgets What Year It Is

Biden started off 2022 strong with a New Year’s-themed White House address in which he forgot what year it is.

“There’s a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020,” Biden said.


2. Biden Cusses Out Fox Journalist on Hot Mic

A hot mic caught Biden calling Fox News’s Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b-tch” during a White House photo op in January of 2022.

“Do you think inflation’s a political liability in the midterms?” Doocy asked as reporters were rushed to the exit.

“It’s a great asset, more inflation,” Biden said. “What a stupid son of a b-tch.”

3. Biden Calls For Regime Change in Russia (and Meant It)

Hardly a slip of the tongue, one of Biden’s most problematic statements came in March when he publicly called for regime change in Russia.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden declared about Vladimir Putin during a speech in Warsaw, Poland.


Regime change in Russia is the unofficial policy of our ruling class, but the corporate media, unwilling to admit it, called Biden’s outburst a “gaffe.” The White House, similarly, couldn’t decide between standing by Biden’s comments or downplaying them as simple “moral outrage” toward Putin.

4. ‘Repeat the Line’

In July, during a speech about his new abortion-focused executive order, Biden struggled to properly vocalize the script on his teleprompter.


Clips of the speech clearly show the gaffe-prone president saying, “End of quote. Repeat the line.” The White House transcript of Biden’s address, however, claims Biden said, “End of quote. Let me repeat the line.”

When pressed about the retroactive edits, White House Assistant Press Secretary Emilie Simons tried to gaslight her Twitter followers into believing Biden wasn’t really reading cues directly from the teleprompter.

“No. He said, ‘let me repeat that line,’” she wrote.

5. Biden Falsely Claims He Had Cancer

In a “climate crisis” speech about fossil fuels in Massachusetts in July, Biden incorrectly claimed he has cancer caused by oil pollution. Biden said that growing up, pollution in Delaware was so bad that his mother had to use windshield wipers to “get literally the oil slick off the window.”

“That’s why I and so damn many other people I grew up [with] have cancer,” Biden said.


The White House physician rushed to release a statement clarifying that Biden does not, in fact, have cancer.

6. Biden Says American Troops Are ‘Selfish’

During a trip to the Middle East in July, Biden mixed up the words “selfish” and “selfless” at the most inconvenient time possible.

“We’ll always honor the bravery and selfishness — selflessness,” Biden said. “And sacrifices of the Americans who served, including my son, Major Beau Biden, who was stationed in Iraq for a year.”

7. Biden Calls the Holocaust Honorable

During a visit to Israel, Biden claimed he was there to “keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust.”

“And continue — which we must do every, every day — continue to bear witness, to keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust,” Biden said.

He later corrected himself by saying the “horror of the Holocaust.”

8. ‘Where’s Jackie?’

Perhaps the worst of Biden’s 2022 blunders was when he tried to call upon Rep. Jackie Walorski weeks after she died in a car accident in her home state of Indiana.

“Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? She must not be here,” Biden said at the Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health on Sept 28.


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to brush off Biden’s mistake by claiming Walorski was “on top of mind.”

“These moments of confusion are happening with increased frequency, Karine,” one reporter, unsatisfied with Jean-Pierre’s answer, shouted above the hubbub.


Polling conducted shortly after the Jackie incident found that a majority of Americans, including Democrats, were at least “somewhat concerned” about Biden’s mental state.

9. A ‘Mental Focus’ Word Salad

Biden isn’t particularly fond of people questioning his cognitive abilities, and his attempts to convince Americans he is mentally equipped for office, or even a walk in the park, fall short.

“How would you say your mental focus is?” CBS’s Scott Pelley asked during a “60 Minutes” interview in October.

“Oh, it’s focused,” Biden replied. “I’d say it’s, it is, I haven’t… look. I have trouble even mentioning, even saying to myself, in my own head, the number of years. I no more think of myself as being old as I am than fly.”


During an interview the following month, Biden appeared to fall asleep mid-answer.


10. Biden Gets Lost on Stage

Even when he’s not speaking, Biden shows severe signs of mental impairment. Shortly after his speech during the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment Conference in New York, Biden appeared to get lost on the stage before eventually finding his way down.

Getting To Know Our President’s World Better?

Morning Greatness: Biden Signs $1.7T Government Spending Bill Into Law

By Liz Sheld at American Greatness:

December 30, 2022

Good Friday morning.

Here is what’s on 46 agenda today:

  • The President has no public events scheduled.

News roundup:
Biden signs $1.7 trillion government spending bill into law
Biden torched for vacationing at home of billionaire donors in St. Croix: ‘A double standard I’m not OK with’
Biden admin bows slightly to European pressure in trade clash
Republicans rage over White House plans to slow investigations
White House officials met with Sam Bankman-Fried four times this year: report
Chinese jet came within 10 feet of US military aircraft, US says
Brazilian soccer legend Pelé dead at 82
US Census Bureau redefines meaning of ‘urban’ America
Lack of info on China’s COVID-19 surge stirs global concerns
Israel swears in most right-wing government in its history
Southwest says flight schedule will “return to normal” on Friday
Diabetes rates may surge in US young people, study finds
World population expected to hit 7.9 billion on New Year’s Day
Canceled Seattle flight costs Patrick Holland chance at heart transplant
Greta Thunberg, Andrew Tate trade barbs in viral Twitter spat
Democrat wins Arizona attorney general race after recount
Companies Moving To Pull Manufacturing From China Due To COVID, Political Pressures
Protesters gather at Orlando venue to oppose ‘Drag Queen Christmas’ show under investigation by DeSantis
Lawsuit alleges Apple Watch’s blood oxygen sensor ‘racially biased’
Arizona border agents seize 1.2 million fentanyl pills
Protesters clash outside Drag Story Hour at Queens library
Here’s How The Military Dropped Its Standards In 2022 To Address A Major Recruiting Crisis

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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About Liz Sheld

Liz Sheld is the senior news editor at American Greatness. She is a veteran political strategist and pollster who has worked on campaigns and public interest affairs. 

And Churches Began To Disappear Nearly 70 YEARS AGO!

December 30, 2022

What we know now: The CIA and FBI have been corrupt for seventy years

By Patricia McCarthy at American Thinker:

On December 26, Lew Rockwell wrote a column about Tucker Carlson’s December 15 program in which he discussed the most recent batch of documents that relate to the JFK assassination.  Some are still withheld by the State Department.  Why?  Carlson said he had spoken to someone familiar with the remaining documents, who told him unequivocally that the CIA was indeed involved with the killing of Kennedy.  We all know the basics — that within forty-eight hours of the assassination, Jack Ruby had killed Lee Harvey Oswald on camera.  Oswald was himself killed shortly thereafter.  We were told that Oswald was the lone assassin despite volumes of evidence that showed that that could not have been true.

A week after the assassination, Lyndon Johnson chose thirteen men to “investigate” the crime.  They were called the Warren Commission after Chief Justice Earl Warren.  Who were these men?  One of them was Allen Dulles, a former director of the CIA, who had been fired by Kennedy two years earlier after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.  It was Dulles who had founded MK-ULTRA, a top-secret CIA project in which the agency conducted hundreds of clandestine experiments — sometimes on unwitting U.S. citizens — to assess the potential use of LSD and other drugs for mind control, information-gathering, and psychological torture.  Though Project MK-ULTRA lasted from 1953 until about 1973, details of the illicit program didn’t become public until 1975, during a congressional investigation into widespread illegal CIA activities within the United States and around the world. 

Also on the commission was Richard Helms.  Helms was the official liaison to the CIA and soon to become its director.  Neither of these men ever told the others on the Commission that they ran MK-ULTRA, nor did they ever reveal that psychiatrist Dr. Louis Joylon “Jolly” West, mentioned in Rockwell’s column, was one of their assets, who was probably a psychopath himself; he experimented on people, often without their knowledge, using LSD and other drugs in conjunction with hypnosis.  West had visited Jack Ruby in prison, alone, and then announced that Ruby was certifiably insane.  None of the other psychiatrists who had previously examined Ruby came to that conclusion, but after West visited him, he did appear to have suffered a psychotic break.  One theory is that West somehow created that psychotic break; Ruby could never speak sensibly again.

Eventually, numerous other illicit activities of the CIA and FBI came to light — COINTELPRO, for example, an infiltration program very much like what the current FBI has mounted.  Agents infiltrated groups they believed to be subversive, like the Black Panthers in the 1960s, the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys under Joe Biden, and perhaps incite them to commit crimes.  For example, the FBI planned the Whitmer kidnapping and recruited some easily manipulated men to carry it out.  January 6, 2021 was most likely a CIA-orchestrated event, Ray Epps likely a CIA or FBI asset

A.G. Merrick Garland eschews going after criminal illegal migrants and violent rioters of Antifa and BLM and instead goes after parents who show up at school board meetings to oppose pornographic curricula.  He arrests people who peacefully protest at abortion facilities but not those who set pregnancy centers on fire.  To Garland, these are subversives.  The programs that CIA doctors like West involved themselves in were usually funded by virtuous-sounding outfits that are actually CIA fronts.  Joylon West, the psychiatrist, operated as an asset for the CIA for nearly thirty years.  He is likely responsible for many deaths.

The truth of what the CIA and FBI had been up to for decades came to light in 1975.  Senator Frank Church chaired the Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, known informally as the Church Committee.  It was tasked with investigating alleged illegal activity by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and National Security Agency (NSA). Abuses including assassination plots in foreign countries and widespread surveillance and harassment of political activists and public figures in the United States were uncovered.  The committee’s recommendations led to reforms such as the creation of congressional committees to oversee intelligence activities and an executive order banning assassinations. 

The Church Committee was a very big deal and allegedly led to major reforms, but, given what we know now, the FBI’s and CIA’s fabrication of the Russia Hoax at Hillary Clinton’s bidding and all that it entailed, nothing changed.  They have clearly facilitated election fraud — they helped create a coup that brought down a president, just as they did in 1963.  Illegal acts abound, like the raid on Mar-a-Lago, phony impeachments, suppressing any speech that deviates from the official narrative, on COVID, vaccines, elections, LGBT issues, etc.  Our FBI and CIA are as crooked now as they were in the 1950s and 1960s.  They consider themselves to be above the law and have no respect for our Constitution.

Much of this dot-connecting comes from a terrific 2019 book, Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret History of the Sixties by journalist Tom O’Neill. O’Neill began his study of the Manson murders in1999; the book is the result of twenty years of investigation.  He learned that the CIA asset/psychiatrist Louis Joylon West, for example, was in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco at the same time as Charles Manson lived there, recruiting girls for his infamous “family” (1967-68).  West went there to “study” the effects of LSD on the thousands of young people who moved there during the “summer of love.”  Manson and his “girls” used LSD and other drugs around the clock.  They all visited the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic on an almost daily basis.  The clinic was a no-judgment place that treated overdoses, STDs, etc.  West, the CIA asset, ran a drug hangout around the corner in which grad students “observed” the behaviors of the “hippies.”  West’s obsession was to discover if humans could be made to commit violence without any memory of it and to learn if he could implant false memories using drugs and hypnosis.  Did West and/or the clinic provide the drugs?  He claimed to have succeeded on both counts.  Both the free clinic and West’s hangout house were funded by CIA fronts.  Read the book.  There is so much more to suggest the use and abuse of unwitting subjects who were victims of West’s and the CIA’s skullduggery.

The assassination of JFK was as traumatic a shock to the nation as the Manson murders that happened six years later.  Those of us who are old enough remember those events clearly; they are imprinted on our psyches.  But we could never have imagined that there was a common thread that linked them all together: CIA and FBI corruption. 

Sure, we’ve seen films like Three Days of the Condorthe Bourne filmsClear and Present Danger, and the documentary A Thousand Pieces.  There are likely many others that we may have assumed were pure fiction, but the FBI and CIA corruption in those movies was based on bits and pieces of the truth.  What these agencies did, have done, throughout the last seventy years was from the outset illegal and unconstitutional, yet they did these things and continue to this day to operate outside the law with impunity.

When those fifty-one former intel agents wrote and signed that letter published in the NYT averring that the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation,” we all should have known that they were lying and that they knew that what they were saying was not true.  They thought nothing of publishing that lie; a few to this day say they are proud that they prevented Trump’s re-election.  Bottom line?  The entire D.C. establishment is corrupt to its core.  Nothing demonstrates that more than the passage of the horrific, traitorous omnibus bill.  That, more than anything else of recent weeks, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the swamp cares not one bit about the American people.  These people are intentionally spending us into incalculable debt in order to line their own pockets.  Lobbyists win, we lose, probably always with the help of the FBI and the CIA.

Surely there are fine and honest people within both agencies, but unless they choose to become a whistleblower, they are voiceless.  They do their jobs honestly but are often thwarted by the higher-ups who run the place.  Both agencies collaborated to suppress the truth of the Biden family corruption, notably Biden’s collusion with both China and Ukraine in order to enrich his family.  Frank Gaffney believes that Biden is a “controlled asset” serving China.

Our beloved United States is no longer a representative republic; we have been lulled into an authoritarian corrupt version of socialism, thanks in part to the corruption of the CIA and the FBI. 




We have just lived through a respiratory virus epidemic and many are wondering, Why did our government and the social media platforms block any intelligent discussion of the virus that was making its way around the globe?

In an ideal world, doctors would communicate freely about treatments for a new disease that they have tried, and how, and under what circumstances, those treatments have succeeded or failed. This is called the scientific method.

But the scientific method has not prevailed over the last few years. Instead, the public square has been dominated by government-dictated dogma that often turned out to be wrong. The result was that many people died needlessly, while a far larger number–young people, for the most part–had their lives blighted by irrational government action.

So what do the data actually show about the covid epidemic, and about the means that have been taken to combat it?

First, some have argued that anti-covid vaccines have caused serious health problems. Some have even claimed that the vaccines are part of a plan to reduce the Earth’s population to “sustainable” levels. But there is no evidence for this. The most current data on the vaccines’ safety is here. The linked study addresses people over 65, those most at risk. Kevin Roche comments:

Somewhat surprisingly, there were no safety signals in regard to the Moderna or J & J vax, surprising only because the Moderna vax is a higher dose than Pfizer and the J & J vax has had more reports of issues. The Pfizer vax initially had a signal, meaning there appeared to be more than the background rate of events, for pulmonary embolism, heart attack and two clotting issues, although the excess rate was small. On adjustment for the seasonal variation and other factors, only the pulmonary embolism event remained statistically significant, and at a low level. In addition, the Pfizer vax had a much greater use among nursing home residents and this was not adjusted for which may explain the pulmonary embolism finding. Other confounding factors also not were included. There was no time clustering of events in the windows immediately following the vax date. (Vax Article)

Here is the clear bottom line, for the elderly, this very, very large study shows only one potential safety signal, which likely would be eliminated on further analysis. So don’t pay any attention to the safety bullshit on the internet.

And then we have the question of how covid should be treated. A variety of treatments emerged while the covid virus was raging. They included Hydroxychloroquine and others, like Ivermectin. Liberals denounced Ivermectin as a “horse dewormer,” even though it had been approved by the FDA for human use. It turns out that “Ivermectin Is Safe and Effective.”

In a meta-analysis of 63 studies of ivermectin versus COVID-19 in humans, 100% of these have shown positive results. Studies were from all continents except Antarctica. Considered individually, 29 of those studies were found to be statistically significant regarding use of ivermectin alone. Over the 63 studies in meta-analysis, pooled effects showed 69% improvement in early treatment, and prophylactic use showed 86% improvement. Of those studies in the meta-analysis that were peer-reviewed, overall improvement in early treatment was found to be 70% (64% in randomized controlled trials), and 86% of those in which ivermectin was used prophylactically showed improvement (84% in randomized controlled trials).

Mortality from COVID-19 over all time periods of delay in treatment was 76% improved over controls (69% in randomized controlled trials), whereas mortality was improved 84% in early treatment of COVID-19 (82% in randomized controlled trials). Forty studies were excluded from the meta-analysis for complicating factors or insufficient detail reported, and these also showed 100% positive results.

It is estimated that the likelihood of an ineffective treatment showing such positive results as the above results in the 63 studies in the meta-analysis to date is exceedingly small. That probability is estimated to be one in one trillion.

But the Biden administration, the FBI, and the liberal social media behemoths viciously suppressed online discussion of all of these issues. How threatening is the covid virus, actually? Do the vaccines work? Do the vaccines cause serious side effects? What treatments are available, and how effective are they? Does hydroxychloroquine work? Does Ivermectin work? What else might work?

Openly debating these issues and bringing forth new data to shed light on them is the essence of the scientific method. But science was suppressed by America’s Left, which effectively shut down debate on the most vital issues relating to the covid epidemic. This is a lesson that we never should forget. There is a reason why free speech is important: if you want to get the right answer to a question, the best approach is to open it wide and let competing views fight it out.

People have known this for thousands of years, and this ancient wisdom is enshrined in our Constitution. Yet entrenched interests are always opposed to free speech. The critical value of freedom needs to be rediscovered in each generation.

“But like The Wizard of Oz, it is all show and no substance.”

Why globalism is the enemy of freedom

Like The Wizard of Oz, it is all show and no substance

December 29, 2022


(Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

Written by:

Roger Kimball at the Spectator:

Iwas recently asked to say a few words about “Globalism and Freedom” at a conference sponsored by Hillsdale College in Boise. Globalism, I said, is the enemy of freedom. Why? Because globalism systematically attacks and undermines the moral and political filiations that make genuine freedom possible.

In order to understand why this should be so, we must begin by pondering the word “globalism” and its adjectival personification “globalist.” Neither occurs in my thirteen-volume edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, which dates from the early 1960s. What does that tell us?

For one thing, it tells us that the term “globalism” and its cognates are neologisms. Neologisms come into being for a couple of different reasons. Sometimes they are invented to describe new states of affairs brought about by social or scientific innovations. Sometimes, however, neologisms are confected not so much to describe new realities as to help bring them about. Such, I believe, is the case with “globalism.”

“Globalism,” that is to say, is the name of an aspiration not yet a reality. At the center of that aspiration are two impulses, one critical or negative, the other constructive.

The negative side can be summed up in the great antithesis of globalism, which is national loyalty. The constructive side of globalism can be summed up in a single word, and that word is utopia.

Utopian fantasies are as perennial as they are vain. They insinuate themselves everywhere in the economy of human desire, not least in our political arrangements. Noticing the imperfection of our societies, we may be tempted into thinking that the problem is with the limiting structures we have inherited. If only we could dispense with them, we imagine, how much better things might be.

What a cunning, devilish word: “might.” For here, as elsewhere, possibility is cheap. Scrap our current political accommodations and things might be better. Then again, they might be a whole lot worse. Consider the host of tyrannies inspired by that disciple of airy possibility, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. “Man was born free,” Rousseau declaimed, “but is everywhere in chains”: two startling untruths in a single famous utterance.

Rousseau was keen on “forcing” men to be free. But we had to wait for his disciples Robespierre and Saint-Just to discover that freedom in this sense is often indistinguishable from what Robespierre chillingly called virtue’s “emanation,” terror.

Something similar can be said about Karl Marx, that other acolyte of unfettered possibility. How much misery has he underwritten, promising paradise but delivering tyranny, oppression, poverty and death?

It wasn’t so long ago I had hopes that the Marxist-socialist rot — outside the insulated purlieus of humanities departments at Western universities — was on the fast track to oblivion. Has any “philosophy” ever been so graphically refuted by events (or the number of corpses it created)?

Maybe not, but refutation, like reason, plays a much more modest role in human affairs than we might imagine. In fact, the socialist-inspired utopian chorus is alive and well, playing to full houses at an anti-democratic redoubt near you. Consider the apparently unkillable dream of “world government,” a sort of farm-team try-out for what we now call “globalism.” It is as fatuous now as it was when H.G. Wells infused it with literary drama toward the beginning of the twentieth century.

A sterling contemporary example is the Great Reset, recently proposed by the Davos-based World Economic Forum, which seeks — and I quote — “to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.” Exploiting the panic caused by the Covid-19 crisis, the WEF demands that “every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.”

Here at last was an opportunity to enact a worldwide tax on wealth, a far-reaching (and deeply impoverishing) “green-energy” agenda, rules that would dilute national sovereignty and insinuate politically correct attitudes into the fabric of everyday life. All this was being promulgated for our own good, of course. But it was difficult to overlook the fact that the WEF plan involved nothing less than the absorption of liberty by the extension of bureaucratic power.

The true political ends of such elite enterprises are generally swaddled in emollient rhetoric about freedom and democracy — what we have recently been taught to call “our democracy.” Thus the PR surrounding the WEF’s Great Reset is festooned with talk of “stakeholder capitalism,” “equality,” “sustainability,” and other emetic items from the lexicon of socialistically oriented political obfuscation. The reality is far darker.

The globalist alternative dangled before us is a version of utopia. But like The Wizard of Oz, it is all show and no substance. Or rather, the substance is an erosion of traditional sources of strength and identity together with an assault on the middle class and its “deplorable” values as an impediment to the realization of beatitude.

Increasingly, Western societies are reverting to a species of bifurcated society in which a tiny group of elites rules over a docile but imperfectly contented mass. What happens when the engines of prosperity falter is anyone’s guess. The commentator John O’Sullivan has spoken of the advent of “sacrificial utopia.” Only someone innocent of the writings of Orwell, and the machinations of communist despotism, will think that an ironical designation.

This article was originally published in The Spectator’s January 2023 World edition.