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“They have failed miserably in their duties”.

December 2, 2022

Our Republican Leaders Have Failed Us

By Jack Gleason at American Thinker:

We need to replace the current leaders of the Republican Party — RNC chair Ronna McDaniel (niece of Mitt Romney), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. They have failed miserably in their duties.

But we can’t insist that they recount the votes or complain that they didn’t support Trump candidates. They’ll just dismiss us as “right-wing extremist election-deniers.”

Instead, we need to use their own rules against them.

First, they violated the sacred rule that the party members choose the candidates in the primaries, not the leadership elites. Primaries are where new and exciting candidates are discovered and developed.

Kevin McCarthy interfered in the primaries on a massive scale. On September 27, the Washington Post detailed his efforts to “systematically weed out GOP candidates who could either cause McCarthy trouble if he becomes House speaker or jeopardize GOP victories in districts where a more moderate candidate might have a better chance at winning.”

Second, they accepted donations from outside the party.

McCarthy used his Congressional Leadership Fund — a super-PAC with over $165 million — to help “moderate” primary candidates and incumbents succeed over challengers from the “far-right” and “election-deniers.” Reporters were able to dig through public finance records to uncover the links between McCarthy and others supporting “moderate” Republicans over MAGAs. One group was…  “mostly funded by Riot Games executive Marc Merrill and Cathryn Murdoch, the wife of former Fox News executive James Murdoch, who are both major donors to the Democratic National Committee.”

Third, you don’t oppose your own members of Congress. In North Carolina, McCarthy tried to unseat Madison Cawthorn, a conservative firebrand endorsed by Trump.

The fourth rule is “don’t bring shame to the GOP.”

McCarthy has a disturbing connection with FTX, the cryptocurrency giant that recently filed for bankruptcy of $3.7 billion. In the Cawthorn race, millions were spent to defeat him — “$700,000, came from Ryan Salame, an executive at crypto currency exchange FTX U.S., a major donor both to McCarthy’s own operation and to other groups backing McCarthy’s favored candidates. West Realm Shires Services, the corporate name used by FTX U.S., gave $750,000 to CLF in August… Mark Wetjen, the head of public policy and regulatory strategy at FTX, was invited with his family to McCarthy’s August donor retreat in Wyoming.”

National File reported McCarthy used left-wing oligarch money to fund a “secretive,” anti-MAGA campaign within the GOP to protect his establishment speaker ambitions.”

Armed with corrupt FTX crypto money, Kevin McCarthy spent the 2022 midterms picking winners and losers, with his long-term speakership fantasies at the top of his agenda…

The seats they were fighting for were surrendered to Democrats, and conservatives “in the know” spoke of a “power-sharing” agreement between McCarthy and Democrat leadership, which now appears to be materializing.

Mitch McConnell is also tied in with FTX and worked to derail MAGA candidates on the Senate side. Open Secrets reported a $2.5 million FTX donation to his Senate Leadership Fund.

As more information comes out about FTX and their part in laundering American donations to Ukraine back to Democrats, both McConnell and McCarthy are vulnerable to charges of being involved, potentially causing embarrassment for the GOP, something the mainstream media would be delighted to exploit.

McConnell was censured by the Alaska GOP for interfering in the primary there. On October 22nd he pulled funding from Senate candidate Brigadier General Don Bolduc in New Hampshire, despite the closeness of the race, to give to Murkowski. He also refused to fund Blake Masters in the Arizona senate race and ended the election season with $40 million in unspent funds.

McConnell is now meeting with Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer who said, “I’m going to say to the Republicans in the Senate who are not the MAGA Republicans, stop letting them lead your party. Work with us to get things done. I intend to sit down with Mitch McConnell and express that.”

Both McConnell and McCarthy were called out by Chronicles for their war on MAGA Republicans. Their heavy-handed interference in the way the GOP chooses candidates in the primaries proves they serve their own interests, not those of Republican party members or the good of the country.

The fifth argument is basic incompetence.

Ronna McDaniel failed in her duties to support the party in 2022. She did nothing to correct the problems from the 2020 election, almost guaranteeing a repeat of vote counting hijinks in 2022. The 2021 Committee on Election Integrity came up with a report that she ignored. The Gateway Pundit made a list of steps she should have taken to ensure election integrity, none were accomplished.

McDaniel also failed to support conservative GOP primary winners in the general election, leading to losses that were totally unnecessary. In political campaigns, data is king. But the RNC database was so inaccurate that it did more harm than good by wasting valuable volunteer time reaching out to persuade leaning voters and ensuring conservatives made it out to the polls. Instead of looking at the voter rolls to eliminate the dead and relocated, the GOP did nothing.

“Wisconsin canvassers went to a door where a dozen people lived.  They knocked or rang the bell asking for Bill and Sally, on the voter roll, leaning GOP.  “What, says the ancient resident?”  “I’ve lived here 12 years and never heard of them!”

“This happened so much, canvassers communicated with the local voter integrity team noting how dismal the lists were.  One senior member of a statewide race said they knew they were “screwed when our canvassers reported back.”

Then, she abandoned her party’s candidates after the polls closed…

When questionable results came in, particularly in Arizona… “orders came down from Washington, DC, and the office of GOP Chairwoman, to stand down. They left the Arizona candidates and voters on the field to bleed while they scampered back to DC or went on vacation.”

The result was that the problems from 2020 occurred in 2022 — odd stoppages of vote counting, mishandled ballots, voters told they’d already voted. The massive GOP lead in the polls prior to 2022 evaporated, and our leaders seem content to go back to being the minority party and working with Democrats.

Still, over 100 of 168 elite RNC members have signed a letter endorsing her again for party chair. The good news is that she is being challenged by Lee Zeldin, who performed very well in New York state, and even Trump supporter Mike Lindell has thrown his pillow into the ring.

McCarthy is currently talking like a very strong conservative in advance of his run for Speaker of the House on January 3rd. It’s what he will do if he wins that is worrisome.

We don’t need wimpy GOP leadership motivated by self-interest at the expense of our nation’s survival. We need warriors who will oppose the radical policies of the Left. There are good alternatives who can unite the party, aggressively investigate the Democrats, and expose the blatant corruption of our current president.

Instead of voicing your opposition based on their acceptance of 2020 election fraud and their opposition to Trump, simply argue that they broke their own rules by meddling in primaries, accepting donations from hostile parties, and may be embroiling the GOP in an embarrassing scandal with their ties to FTX. But the best argument is their incompetence. By their actions they turned the “Red Wave” into an electoral disaster, and can’t be trusted to run things any longer.

Just say, “after two major failures it’s time to try new leadership for the GOP.”

Once we have true conservative warriors in place, ending electoral fraud will be their top priority, because without free and fair elections, America is lost.

“the data worth passing along:”

 DECEMBER 2, 2022 BY STEVEN HAYWARD at Power Line:


I know we have previously shared data on the sharp downward trend in climate-related deaths over the last century, which is exactly the opposite of what the climate hysterics and their stenographers in the media claim daily. I think we used this chart before:

Here’s a new look at the data worth passing along:

Meanwhile, you know the leading climate-related case of death is? Cold weather, especially when you can’t keep your house warm because of expensive (or intermittent) “green” energy. Here is The Economist magazine’s projection of elevated death rates in Europe this winter because of costly or rationed energy:

Crooked Biden RISES TO HIS TOP!

Right After Biden Successfully Buys Votes With Student Loan Bailout, Supreme Court Will Weigh In

BY: MARGOT CLEVELAND at the Federalist:

DECEMBER 02, 2022

Biden speaking behind podium

Biden might not even care if the Supreme Court strikes his loan forgiveness program. If already worked to get out Democrat midterm votes.

Author Margot Cleveland profile


The Supreme Court will decide whether the Biden administration acted lawlessly when it authorized the cancellation of hundreds of billions of dollars in student loans. The high court announced on Thursday that it would expedite an appeal brought by the Biden administration challenging a lower court’s injunction freezing its loan “forgiveness” program, promising a hearing in February on the issues.

Until then, the Supreme Court will let stand the injunction the Eighth Circuit issued in Nebraska v. Biden. That injunction prevents the Biden administration from cancelling student loans of up to $20,000 per borrower, pending resolution of the legal challenge to the debt-forgiveness plan brought by six states: Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Carolina. 

In petitioning the Supreme Court for relief, the Biden administration initially sought an order vacating the Eighth Circuit’s injunction, but the administration argued alternatively that, if the high court declined to dissolve the injunction, it should instead hear the case on appeal on an expedited schedule. The Supreme Court’s decision to take the case on appeal presents a unique situation, given that the Eighth Circuit has not yet addressed the merits of the states’ lawsuit. 

Come February then, the Supreme Court will need to decide whether the lower court erred in finding that the states lacked standing to challenge the Biden administration’s cancellation of student loans. The states present an array of arguments for why they had standing, or the legal ability to sue, with Missouri advancing the strongest argument for standing.

Specifically, Missouri maintains loan forgiveness will harm the state because the state, throughout its Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority, or MOHELA, raises funds to support grants and further loans by processing student loans. Fewer student loans to process, because of loan forgiveness, means fewer resources flowing to MOHELA, according to the state, and thus Missouri has standing, they argue. 

If the Supreme Court concludes at least one state has standing to sue, the case can proceed. Then the question will be whether the Biden administration had authority under the HEROES Act to bail out the loans. The HEROES Act is a federal statute Congress passed following the 9/11 attacks that, among other things, authorized the secretary of education to “waive or modify any statutory or regulatory provision applicable to the student assistance programs” when the secretary deems it “necessary in connection with a war or other military operation or national emergency…” 

Because the HEROES Act defines the term “national emergency” to include “a national emergency declared by the President of the United States,” the Biden administration maintained that its secretary of education can “modify” the student assistance programs by cancelling the principle of those loans. The states, as well as other plaintiffs who have challenged the loan-cancellation program, counter that canceling student loans is not a “modification” or “waiver” of a program and that, in any event, Covid did not cause the debtors’ financial difficulties. 

Those challenging the Biden administration’s loan bailout also rely on “the major-questions doctrine,” which teaches that “a federal agency may regulate on issues of immense ‘economic and political significance’ only with explicit congressional authorization.” Because the student-loan forgiveness plan has immense “economic and political significance,” but the HEROES Act contains no explicit authorization to eliminate student loans based on income levels, the states argue the HEROES Act cannot be read to authorize the loan cancellation.

These arguments, while seemingly mundane, present a political risk to Biden when the Supreme Court hears the case in February, first because the Biden administration purposefully crafted the loan-cancellation program in a way to prevent anyone from obtaining standing. Such gamesmanship seems unlikely to impress the Supreme Court and, in fact, risks censure by the justices.

Likewise, oral argument over the scope of the HEROES Act seems likely to prove embarrassing to the Biden administration, given that its economy, policies, and runaway inflation hold more direct responsibility for the hardships experienced by many debtors than Covid. The justices will likely also push the Biden administration on separation-of-powers concerns, on Congress’s refusal to pass a loan-forgiveness plan, and on the president’s political posturing related to student loan cancellation.

The Biden administration may also face more tough questions if, before February’s hearing, the Supreme Court consolidates the government’s appeal of a Texas district court decision vacating the loan-forgiveness program. In that case, Brown v. United States, debtors filed suit against the administration arguing the government exceeded its authority under the HEROES Act and acted arbitrarily. The district court agreed and “vacated,” or declared a nullity, the loan cancellation plan. 

The government appealed the district court’s decision and sought a stay pending appeal in the Fifth Circuit. In its filings to the Supreme Court in Nebraska v. Biden, the president explained that if the Fifth Circuit denies a stay, the Biden administration intends to seek relief from the high court. If it does, it is likely the Supreme Court will consolidate the Brown case with the Nebraska case.

The Biden administration will then face a doubly tough appeal because the Brown plaintiffs present a separate theory for standing. Namely, they claim that as students denied full loan cancellations, they suffered an injury. The Brown plaintiffs also expose the arbitrariness of the loan-forgiveness program, with one of the plaintiffs earning substantially less than the earnings cap, but still limited to $10,000 in loan forgiveness because the borrower had not received any Pell Grants while in college — a requirement established by the Biden administration to qualify for $20,000 in loan forgiveness.

The Biden administration might not care about losing in the Supreme Court, however, as it succeeded in rolling out the loan cancellation plan before the midterms. And if the Supreme Court eventually strikes the plan down, Democrats can pretend they kept their pledge to college students and place blame instead on the conservative justices — just in time to make the Supreme Court an issue for the next election.

Margot Cleveland is The Federalist’s senior legal correspondent. She is also a contributor to National Review Online, the Washington Examiner, Aleteia, and Townhall.com, and has been published in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

“Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, one of the most vicious members of the Democratic Party, and the IRS”:



The Daily Signal reports on a production of correspondence between Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, one of the most vicious members of the Democratic Party, and the IRS:

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., called for revoking a tax exemption for a conservative group for not masking up and socially distancing during the pandemic, insisted on a slew of investigations of other conservative groups, and pressed for the Internal Revenue Service to expand its reach.
In a letter dated Jan. 19, 2021, Whitehouse asked IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig to revoke the tax-exempt status of Turning Point USA because the conservative organization held an event at then-President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club without masking and social distancing.

Putting aside the fact that masking and social distancing proved to be of little or no value, they have nothing to do with an organization’s tax-exempt status. If there is a violation of local health-related ordinances, it is up to local authorities to enforce them. The IRS has nothing to do with it.

“Tax-exempt status provides a substantial benefit to charitable organizations and reflects the federal government’s endorsement of an organization’s activities,” Whitehouse wrote to the IRS chief. “Organizations that knowingly put in danger minors entrusted to their care should not enjoy the benefits of tax-exempt status. Accordingly, I urge the IRS to review whether it should revoke Turning Point USA’s tax-exempt status.”

Whitehouse is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but can he possibly be this ignorant? Tax exempt status does not “reflect the federal government’s endorsement of an organization’s activities.” The federal government is not in the business of endorsing the efforts of charitable organizations. In many instances, charitable organizations pursue diametrically opposed objectives, so that it would be more or less impossible to “endorse” the activities of both.

Taken as a whole, Whitehouse’s correspondence with the IRS “makes it very clear that a U.S. senator is attempting to essentially encourage the IRS to investigate his political opponents,” as Tom Jones of the American Accountability Foundation put it.

The good news is that the IRS seems to have resisted Whitehouse’s effort to bring the power of government down on conservatives. Thus, when Whitehouse and other Democrats wanted the IRS to collaborate with other agencies in seeking out violations of campaign finance laws by Republicans, the IRS commissioner refused:

Congress has not authorized the IRS to enforce campaign finance laws. In addition, Section 6103 of the Code strictly limits the IRS’s ability to share tax information with other federal agencies. Accordingly, the IRS cannot disclose any names or addresses of substantial contributors to other federal agencies for non-tax investigations, including campaign finance matters, except in very narrowly prescribed circumstances. Unauthorized disclosures may lead to civil and criminal liability.

That is reassuring. But I think everyone assumes that the Democrats’ desire to hire 87,000 new IRS agents is driven largely by their intention to hobble conservative nonprofits by tying then up in tax investigations.

Fifth, redefine crime as one rich man’s crime, another poor man’s necessity.

If You Really Wanted To Destroy the U.S., Then…

By Victor Davis Hanson at RealClearPolitics:

December 01, 2022

First, you would surrender our prior energy independence.

Reduce new gas and oil leases on federal lands to the lowest levels of any president in history. Cut back production at precisely the time the world is emerging from a two-year lockdown with pent-up consumer demand.

Make war on coal and nuclear power. Drain the strategic petroleum reserve to make the pain for consumers more bearable for midterm election advantage.

Cancel the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge oil and gas field. Block pipelines like the Keystone oil pipeline and the Constitution natural gas line.

Overregulate and demonize frackers and horizontal drillers. Ensure there is less investment for their exploration and production.

Make use of internal combustible engines or fossil fuel power generation prohibitively expensive. Achieve a green oil-dependency along the lines of contemporary Europe.

Second, print trillions of dollars in new currency as the lockdowns end, demand rises, and consumers are already saturated with COVID-19 subsidies. Keep interest rates low, well below the rate of inflation, as you print more money. Ensure that passbook holders earn no interest at the very time prices skyrocket to the highest per annum level in 40 years.

“Spread the wealth” by sending money to those who already have enough, while making it less valuable for those deemed to have too much. Ensure runaway high prices to wean the middle class off its consumerism and supposedly to inspire them to buy less junk they don’t need. Damn the rich in the open and in the abstract, court them in the concrete and secret of darkness.

Third, end America’s physical boundaries. Render it an amorphous people and anywhere space. End any vestigial difference between a citizen and resident. Up the current nearly 50 million who were not born in the United States – 27 percent of California’s population — to 100 million and more by allowing 3 million illegal aliens to enter per year.

Fourth, destroy the public trust in its elections. Render Election Day irrelevant. Make proper auditing of 110 million mail-in/early ballots impossible. Normalize ballot harvesting and curing.

Urge leftist billionaires to infuse their riches to “absorb” the work of state registrars in key precincts to ensure the correct “turn-out.”

Blast as “election denialists,” “insurrectionists,” and “democracy destroyers” anyone who objects to these radical ballot changes, neither passed by the U.S. Congress nor by state legislators. Weaponize the FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice.

Fifth, redefine crime as one rich man’s crime, another poor man’s necessity.

Let those who need “things” exercise their entitlement to them. Rewrite or ignore laws to exempt the oppressed who take, or do what they want as atonement for past systemic racism and oppression.

Six, junk the ossified idea of a melting pot and multiracial society united by common American values and ideals. Instead, identify individuals by their superficial appearance. Seek to be a victim and monetize your claims against perceived victimizers. Call anyone a “racist” who resists.

Encourage each tribe, defined by common race, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation affinities, to band together to oppose the monolithic “white privilege” majority. Encourage social and tribal tensions. Racially discriminate to end discrimination.

Greenlight statue toppling, name changing, boycotting, cancel culturing, ostracizing, and Trotskyizing. Erase the past, control the present, and create a new American person for the future.

Seven, render the United States just one of many nations abroad. Abandon Afghanistan in shame. Leave behind thousands of loyal Afghan allies, billions of dollars in equipment, a billion-dollar embassy, and the largest air base in central Asia. Appease the theocracy to reenter the Iran nuclear deal.

Beg enemies like Venezuela, Russia, and Iran to pump more oil when it is politically expedient for us to have abundant supplies — oil that we have in abundance but won’t produce. Discourage friends like Guinea from producing more energy and cancel allies’ energy projects like the EastMed pipeline.

Trash but then beg Saudi Arabia to pump more oil right before the midterms for domestic political advantage.

Eight, neuter the First Amendment. Enlist Silicon Valley monopolies to silence unwanted free speech while using Big Tech’s mega profits to warp elections. Declare free expression “hate speech.” Criminalize contrarian social media.

Nine, demonize half the country as semi-fascists, un-Americans, insurrectionists, and even potential domestic terrorists. Try to change inconvenient ancient rules: seek to pack the court, end the filibuster, junk the Electoral College, and bring in two more states.

Twice impeach a president who tried to stand in your way. Try him when he is an emeritus president and private citizen. Raid his home. Seek to indict a future rival to the current president.

Ten, never mention the origins of the COVID-19 virus. Never blame China for the release of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Exempt investigations of U.S. health officials who subsidized Chinese gain-of-function research. Ignore the Bill of Rights to mandate vaccinations, mask wearing, and quarantines.

We have done all of the above. It would be hard to imagine any planned agenda to destroy America that would have been as injurious as what we already suffered the last two years.

(C)2022 Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and the author, most recently, of The Case for Trump. You can reach him by e-mailing author@victorhanson.com.

“Producing a child in the United States has many perks…”

December 1, 2022

Chinese communists decry California’s commoditization of children

By Olivia Murray at American Thinker:

The Chinese communist government has a long rap sheet when it comes time to human rights abuses. Its agents have perpetuated forced abortions, physically restraining mothers (often in labor) while dismembering their unborn; they have performed live dissections to harvest organs; and they have methodically imprisoned and tortured political and spiritual dissidents.

Yet, even these people, who are guilty of the most heinous acts against their fellow man, can recognize what California Democrats cannot; but what can we expect with pro-pedophile and pro-death politicians like Gavin Newsom and Scott Weiner leading the charge? (By now, it’s likely we’ve all seen the news that the Golden State released more than 7,000 pedophiles back onto the streets after the offenders served less than a year in prison.)

In a report from El American, California is now the new Republic of Gilead from Margaret Atwood’s best-selling dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale — given its geographical proximity to China and its subhuman politics, the state has quickly become an “international hot spot for commercial surrogacy.” (In the fictional Gilead, the female handmaids are valued for one thing, and that is their womb.)

According to the report:

Since around 2013, wealthy Chinese nationals have shifted away from traditional birth tourism, whereby a pregnant Chinese woman comes to the United States with the intention of having her baby born here. Instead, they have increasingly relied on American surrogates to bear their children.


Producing a child in the United States has many perks. At birth, children gain and maintain full U.S. citizenship, birth certificates and social security numbers, access to education, and a path for their biological parents to receive a green card….

With birth tourism, a pregnant woman must obtain a visa, travel to the U.S. to give birth, and find an agency to house and help secure the necessary paperwork before returning to China. The process can take months.

Now, however, a Chinese couple or individual can simply work with a U.S. based agency to send their reproductive material… to an IVF lab and implant it in a hired surrogate to produce a viable pregnancy. All without ever leaving China.

Some of these agencies even advertise their services as a “cheaper alternative” to a visa.

This rent-a-womb arrangement is beyond unethical for many reasons, but of course, California politicians see no issue — no surprise there though, they’re categorically known by one of their most recognized traits, cognitive dissonance. The same leftists unhinged for abortion and feminazism, screeching about women being more than just a “birthing vessel,” have yet to denounce this gruesome, for-profit scheme of dehumanization, which sees women actually being treated as birthing vessels.

The practice is so vile, even the communists criticize it. According to the aforementioned article, “Beijing officially recognizes [commercial surrogacy] as a form of dehumanizing birth colonialism” and earlier this year, publicly condemned a famous Chinese actress for her use of the service.

I actually find myself agreeing with a communist on something — California Democrats are despicable, and in this instance, they’re more egregious offenders against humanity than members of the Chinese Communist Party. Let that sink in.