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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Despite Our Fascist Lefties Who Play Racism In America, UNCLE SAM And HIS Color ARE BECOMING MORE BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER!



M. Stanton Evans, writing way back in 1988:

The Democratic-liberal argument is in effect assuming that, if a malfeasance is committed by a member of a minority group, then it is ipso facto “racist” to say anything about it. By this criterion, only if a crime is perpetrated by a white Anglo-Saxon male can the treatment  of the malefactor be a public issue. . . The charge of racism operates in one direction only—in favor of the liberal-left. What it really means is that, if you oppose the policies of the left, then you are a racist, because the policies of the left are axiomatically for the benefit of blacks. If the policies are actually espoused by a black, so much the better. But it is the policies themselves that count. . .

In other words, to oppose big government or the ACLU, or take any other conservative position, is racist on the face of it. Only by supporting the liberal agenda on these topics can one avoid the taint of bigotry.

This is why the left will never—and can never—give up its race-baiting, even as racial demands keep escalating, like multi-trillion dollar reparations. To paraphrase George Wallace, for the left the primary obsession is with “racism now, racism tomorrow, racism forever.”

(Read more from the great Stan Evans in a certain book I highly recommend.)

“Congress has raised the debt ceiling, though the Pentagon audit shows a loss of $220 billion unaccounted for since an audit in 2017. Where is the money?”

in Action!

17 hours ago·cinnamonjack.wordpress.com

“Americans know that their country is heading in the wrong direction, and Chicago typifies much of what is wrong.”

Where is the Money?

Congress has raised the debt ceiling, though the Pentagon audit shows a loss of $220 billion unaccounted for since an audit in 2017. Where is the money? Ukraine is asking for more of our taxpayer money!

Well, if you haven’t noticed before, this is not unusual. The Pentagon squandered billions in Vietnam alone…add two world wars, the Korean conflict, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and now Ukraine…and we are talking about trillions of US dollars we will never find, even if the audit team came from Heaven. As they say, the devil is in the details [implying that the government’s budget and its allocation of funds for the Pentagon may seem a simple entry on our national budget; but what it really means is that the details in such an enormous budget are so complicated they invariable cause problems difficult to resolve throughout the approval of the budget and the subsequent chain of disbursements, monitoring, and final audit of the allocated and expended funds]. It’s an enormous process requiring armies of contracting officials, accountants, economists, et cetera.

Just remember we are the most powerful nation in the world with much to protect and defend, in addition to a block of friends and allies [in some cases ungrateful]. So, what the Generals want, the Generals get. [Even when a suspected threat to our nation and allies may not be as clear and convincing as it should to raise concern, why not ask for a bit more, just in case, right?].

Though the sums allocated to arm and sustain our armed forces and administrative personnel may be staggering, many politicians on Capitol Hill may know little or zilch about the accounting and legal systems and processes required to approve the certified flow and tiers of expenditures to procure the weapons and services to protect and defend our nation’s interests at home and abroad. To those who have served our country with pride and honor, there isn’t any other power in world history that has given and sacrificed so much in defense of liberty and freedom at home and around the world.

Yet, the pervy WEF billionaires currently in Davos [entertained by costly individual escorts] who have made their fortunes on Wall Street, are plotting [over caviar and champagne] to deny the common man the privilege of creating his own fortune, as they did in a free-market capitalist system. Instead, what they are proposing is just the same old Marxist central-planning absurdity, on a global scale. An open societies madness.

Long live the United States of America, a sovereign Constitutional Republic with liberty and justice for all. A precious land where I, and I, alone can rise from poverty to become a builder of skyscrapers. Just like our 45th President, the Honorable Donald J. Trump.

Warm regards to our dear and courageous patriot in the Tundra, Ghr. May he continue the watch, always counseled, and blessed by our Lord.

Cjack…Sentinel of the Gulf…Thursday, January 19, 2023.

Biden In Trouble?

Tucker Carlson: Permanent Washington Does Not Want Biden To Run Again So They Are Euthanizing His Presidency

Posted By Ian Schwartz at Fox News:

On Date January 20, 2023https://www.youtube.com/embed/MgXq8S02NJc?enablejsapi=1&origin=https:%2F%2Fwww.realclearpolitics.com

TUCKER CARLSON: If you’re a normal person, it’s a pretty weird experience watching Joe Biden’s presidency get euthanized by his own party. On one hand, there’s an undeniable thrill to it. You have to admit that. Biden is the most destructive president in American history. More things have broken under his watch than under any other president.

Joe Biden deserves to be driven from office and disgraced, but for this? Breaking federal classification rules, some of the stupidest and most dishonest laws Congress has ever passed? It’s like arresting El Chapo for expired plates. It’s missing the point, but it looks like that’s what’s going to happen.

It seems like every day, one of Joe Biden’s lawyers shows up with more sheaves of classified documents like a dog who has found another dead chipmunk under the house. This bunch was in his office at Penn, the one paid for by the Communist Party of China. These were found next to his sad, little midlife crisis sports car in a garage in Delaware and so on. You keep waiting for the White House physician to announce another document trove has been discovered after a routine colonoscopy. It could happen because at this point, you know exactly where this story is heading.

Permanent Washington does not want Joe Biden to run for president again. This is how they’re sending that message. Even CNN has decided to become interested in Joe Biden’s misdeeds two years into his presidency. They’re doing segments in how classification laws protect this country from its mortal enemies like Russia. So, you know for certain the order has gone out. Biden is done. What a missed opportunity this is. If you’re looking for crimes that Joe Biden has committed, there is a very long list.

Our country is being invaded. The world is on the brink of nuclear war. American cities have become slums. Our economy is in shambles. Even our airplanes no longer take off on time. It’s a disaster and Joe Biden and his staff have a hand in all of it. In a country with a functioning government, Joe Biden would have been impeached before the first million illegal aliens crossed over our southern border, but no one did anything to stop it. So now they’re arriving at the rate of a quarter-million a month.

GRIFF JENKINS: Customs and Border Protection sources exclusively tell Fox News more than 250,000 migrants were encountered at the border in the month of December, about as many people living in Scottsdale, Arizona, making it the highest month ever on record. In Eagle Pass, Texas, the migrant surge continues. Local Kinney County rancher Pam had a harrowing experience with migrants on her property.

RANCHER: I looked out the back and I could see three illegals walking up to the house. I had gotten a gun, which is an AR-15. I asked them, I said, “Please stop, go away,” and I had the gun in my hands and they just kind of looked at me and kind of smiled and I was like… “Just go away,” and they refused to do so.

JENKINS: They’re on the other side of the glass trying to get in and not backing down?

RANCHER: Not backing down. Even though I have a high-powerful rifle in my arms, they are not backing down. That was scary.

A rifle Joe Biden would like to take away from her. So that, writ large, is the biggest story of our lifetimes. It is the one thing Joe Biden has done that cannot be undone. Our great-grandchildren are going to live with the consequences of this, but you’d never know it from watching most of the news. There is an effective media blackout on Joe Biden’s immigration policies and other downstream effects on America. There are too many strangers pouring in at once and as a result, the country is becoming chaotic. Here’s a rare television news piece on what happened when officials in New York decided to house some of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens in a local hotel.

LAUREN SIMONETTI: An employee there says that migrants have made an absolute mess of the place. You’re standing in front of it. Is that true?

MADISON ALWORTH: Yeah, well, what we’re hearing from that employee is that the hotel is completely overrun. He says, you know, of course, some people just looking for that better life, but as a result, the hotel is a mess and he fears for his safety.

ROW NYC HOTEL EMPLOYEE FELIPE RODRIGUEZ: We don’t have any guests anymore. They sold the entire hotel from the fourth floor to the 28th floor. It’s all migrants. So we got people who are getting drunk, using marijuana. They are punching and beating their wives or their girlfriends. We have teenagers running around wild around the hotel opening the fire exit doors and doing what teenagers do in the stairways and it’s a mess.

“It’s a mess,” he said. Of course, it is. The whole country is a mess because Joe Biden has ignored immigration laws passed by the Congress. That is a crime and it has killed huge numbers of Americans, hundreds of thousands dead from narcotics.

TOM WOLF, FORMER FENTANYL ADDICT: Fentanyl has changed the entire game here in San Francisco. You can’t buy heroin out here anymore. Nobody sells heroin and nobody uses heroin. Everybody has transitioned over to fentanyl. Fentanyl is the most dangerous drug to ever hit the streets in the United States in history.

SIMONETTI: Fentanyl has killed more than 70,000 Americans in 12 months. Here in San Francisco, it’s the dominant drug. It’s responsible for three-quarters of drug overdoses, brazen drug-dealing and rampant drug use in the shadow of city hall. The same city hall, residents say, actively enable the fentanyl crisis.

All of it. Every gram came over an open border. What’s notable as a political matter is that every one of these disasters, the fentanyl epidemic, the chaos and crime in our cities, the invasion underway through Texas, Arizona and California, all of those deeply concerned Americans. We are not guessing at that. Polls show it very clearly.

By contrast, how many voters do you think are lying awake right now worrying that public officials might violate some obscure federal classification law? None, not a single person. No one outside Washington cares or even understands the issue and yet it is classified documents, not our open borders, that the Justice Department is punishing Joe Biden for. Why is that? What’s going on here? Well, it’s simple. Washington is protecting itself. Joe Biden alone is responsible for this crime.

He alone took home classified documents. He didn’t have help in doing that, but allowing the country to be invaded, that’s not something you can do by yourself. So, if Biden were to be taken down for opening the southern border, a lot of other people would go with them. He had a lot of accomplices. Permanent Washington doesn’t want that and ultimately and here’s the point: Permanent Washington is in charge. It’s not the democracy you imagined. We’re seeing that now.

So, if you want to understand, if you really want to understand how the American government actually works at the highest levels, and if you want to know why they don’t teach history anymore, one thing you should know is that the most popular president in American history was Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon. Yet somehow, without a single vote being cast by a single American voter, Richard Nixon was kicked out of office and replaced by the only unelected president in American history. So, we went for the most popular president to a president nobody voted for. Wait a minute, you may ask, why didn’t I know that? Wasn’t Richard Nixon a criminal?

Wasn’t he despised by all decent people? No, he wasn’t. In fact, if any president could claim to be the people’s choice, it was Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon was re-elected in 1972 by the largest margin of the popular vote ever recorded before or since. Nixon got 17 million more votes than his opponent. Less than two years later, he was gone. He was forced to resign and in his place, an obedient servant of the federal agencies called Gerald Ford took over the White House.

How did that happen? Well, it’s a long story, but here are the highlights and they tell you a lot. Richard Nixon believes that elements in the federal bureaucracy were working to undermine the American system of government and had been doing that for a long time. He often said that. He was absolutely right. On June 23, 1972, Nixon met with the then–CIA director, Richard Helms, at the White House. During the conversation, which thankfully was tape-recorded, Nixon suggested he knew “who shot John,” meaning President John F. Kennedy. Nixon further implied that the CIA was directly involved in Kennedy’s assassination, which we now know it was. Helms’s telling response? Total silence, but for Nixon, it didn’t matter because it was already over. Four days before, on June 19, The Washington Post had published the first of many stories about a break-in at the Watergate office building.

Unbeknownst to Nixon and unreported by The Washington Post, four of the five burglars worked for the CIA. The first of many dishonest Watergate stories was written by a 29-year-old metro reporter called Bob Woodward. Who exactly was Bob Woodward? Well, he wasn’t a journalist. Bob Woodward had no background whatsoever in the news business. Instead, Bob Woodward came directly from the classified areas of the federal government. Shortly before Watergate, Woodward was a naval officer at the Pentagon.

He had a top-secret clearance. He worked regularly with the intel agencies. At times, Woodward was even detailed to the Nixon White House, where he interacted with Richard Nixon’s top aides. Soon after leaving the Navy, for reasons that have never been clear, Woodward was hired by the most powerful news outlet in Washington and assigned the biggest story in the country. Just to make it crystal clear what was actually happening, Woodward’s main source for his Watergate series was the deputy director of the FBI, Mark Felt, and Mark Felt ran — and we’re not making this up — the FBI’s COINTELPRO program, which was designed to secretly discredit political actors, the federal agencies wanted to destroy — people like Richard Nixon. And at the same time, those same agencies were also working to take down Nixon’s elected vice president, Spiro Agnew. In the fall of 1973, Agnew was indicted for tax evasion and forced to resign. His replacement was a colorless congressman from Grand Rapids called Gerald Ford.

What was Ford’s qualification for the job? Well, he had served on the Warren Commission, which absolved the CIA of responsibility for President Kennedy’s murder. Nixon was strong-armed into accepting Gerald Ford by Democrats in Congress. “We gave Nixon no choice but Ford,” Speaker of the House Carl Albert later boasted. Eight months later, Gerald Ford of the Warren Commission was the president of the United States. See how that works? So those are the facts, not speculation. All of that actually happened. None of it’s secret. Most of it actually is on Wikipedia, but no mainstream news organization has ever told that story. It’s so obvious, yet it’s intentionally ignored and as a result, permanent Washington remains in charge of our political system.

Unelected lifers in the federal agencies make the biggest decisions in American government and crush anyone who tries to rein them in and in the process, our democracy becomes a joke. Now, you may have noticed that the very first person in the Trump administration the agencies went after was Gen. Michael Flynn. Why Flynn? Because Mike Flynn was a career Army intel officer who ran the Defense Intelligence Agency. In other words, Mike Flynn knew exactly how the system worked, and as a result, he was capable of fighting back. Four days after Donald Trump’s inauguration, the FBI lured Mike Flynn into a meeting without his lawyer, concocted a series of fake crimes and forced him to resign.

So, that’s how things actually work in Washington. Let’s stop lying about it. Joe Biden, meanwhile, whooped like a hyena when the Justice Department destroyed Mike Flynn. So, there is, we have to say, a certain perverse justice in watching something very similar happen to Joe Biden himself six years later. Joe Biden does not deserve our sympathy. He’s being shafted, but don’t weep for him, and yet, the rest of us do deserve a better system, an actual democracy. When people nobody voted for run everything, you are not living in a free country.

OH! That FBI Director Christopher Wray, Dem Protector Of The Lefty Guy!



Has FBI Director Christopher Wray said word one about the supervisory role played by the FBI with Twitter under the old regime? Not to my knowledge. We have sought to highlight it in our Notes on the Twitter Files.

Speaking at the annual World Economic Forum jamboree in Davos yesterday, Wray seemed to allude to the FBI’s supervision of Big Tech:

I think the sophistication of the private sector is improving and, particularly important, the level of collaboration between the private sector and the government, especially the FBI has, I think, made significant strides. Pretty much every technology we could talk about today, we see both great opportunity but great, great dangers in the wrong hands.

“Collaboration” is Wray’s contribution to Newspeak.

Emma-Jo Morris links to the tweeted video below in her Breitbart story on Wray’s remarks. It’s good to have this timely reminder that the FBI needs to be torn down and reconstructed as a law enforcement agency.


“Perhaps there’s hope that Biden’s folly will be thwarted”.

January 20, 2023

Stop the Pandemic Treaty WHO Power Grab

By Janet Levy at American Thinker:

The World Health Organization (WHO) failed to forewarn the world about the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The measures it mandated did not prevent the loss of lives and collapse of economies but helped pharma giants make billions through enforced vaccination. Against all evidence, it gave China a pass on a possible lab leak of the virus.

Now, pursuing its massively funded left-elitist agenda, it wants member countries to surrender sovereignty over healthcare decisions.

Perhaps there’s hope that Biden’s folly will be thwarted. Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21), supported by 15 colleagues in the House, has introduced legislation to prohibit U.S. funding for the WHO. “Funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to the corrupt WHO that serves the CCP,” he says, “is a slap in the face to hardworking American families struggling under record high inflation, and to all those whose lives and livelihoods were ruined and destroyed by the Covid pandemic.”

Straight talk, to which Americans must respond with vigor to avoid the sacrifice of our individual rights, privacy, and freedom. Meanwhile, China – where it all started, where information is censored, and whose citizens don’t know what freedom is – has officially reported 60,000 Covid deaths in the last 35 days. Experts say this could be a tenth of the true figure. Isn’t that reason enough for Americans to rise and thwart the insidious treaty and amendments that threaten to bring upon us a CCP-like world government?

In May this year, the World Health Assembly – WHO’s decision-making body – is set to approve a pandemic treaty and amend the International Health Regulations (IHR). If ratified, these will centralize power in the hands of the WHO, world leaders, and designated stakeholders (read leftist NGOs, pharma companies, and the elite who own and fund them). Under the pretext of managing health emergencies, which they will unilaterally declare, these vested interests will be able to wrest control over nations’ sovereignty and people’s G-d-given rights. It is critical that our citizens know of the Orwellian implications of these measures and entreat senators and representatives to oppose the ratification.

After the pandemic broke out, President Donald Trump had cut American ties with the WHO, blaming it for “mismanaging and covering up the spread” of Covid-19, siding with communist China, and failing to hold the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) responsible for the deaths and economic devastation. It took guts and forcefulness to do that. But Biden reversed that immediately on assuming the presidency, rejoining the WHO, and assigning the discredited Dr. Anthony Fauci to represent the country on its executive committee. Ideologically aligned with the left-elite, Biden is in essence bestowing an American imprimatur on an initiative that is most un-American in spirit and fosters oppression and control.

In a video titled ‘100 Reasons to Exit the WHO,’ author and researcher James Roguski presents a strong basis for rejecting the pandemic treaty and the perilous IHR amendments, documenting the many threats they pose to our sovereignty. The treaty is a legally binding document significantly expanding the role of the WHO. It gives the WHO the central role in prevention, preparedness, and response to future pandemics, enabling it to preside over all healthcare systems and build a ‘pharmaceutical-hospital-emergency-industrial’ (PHEI) complex by directing funds to corporations that profit from pandemics and other public health emergencies. This will be achieved through a public-private-partnership bureaucracy between signatory countries and relevant stakeholders, among them the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI); the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, major funders of GAVI; the Rockefeller Foundation; the Population Council, which advocates population control;  the Clinton Health Access Initiative; the World Bank, which has launched a $1 billion pandemic fund; and – no surprises here – the George Soros Open Society Foundation, with its dangerous pursuit of a world government and the ultimate abdication of individual rights.

The chief ideas in the treaty are geared to achieve ‘open society’ goals. Inherent to the treaty is the concept of ‘One Health,’ to include humans, animals, plants, and other features of the natural environment. It advocates a ‘whole of government’ and ‘whole of society’ approach to handling pandemics. Behind the holistic façade, however, it will create oversight mechanisms to review healthcare systems for treaty compliance, giving government agencies and NGOs the authority to control the lives of the citizens of its 194 member nations.

The IHR amendments constitute the nuts and bolts of implementing global control by dictating to people on one of the most vital aspects of their lives – their health. Currently, the IHR is a non-binding set of rules for public health emergencies. It came into effect in 2007, following the 2002-04 SARS-CoV-1 outbreak. It allowed for collaboration between the WHO and the U.S. on emergencies like the recent pandemic. But the proposed changes give the WHO the exclusive right to declare health emergencies, propose remedies, and demand action. Countries will have to give mandatory access to WHO-designated experts and foreign care workers. Unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats will reign supreme, working under an emergency committee with the power to overrule governments’ policies; member countries will have to surrender autonomy, and their citizens their fundamental freedoms and individual rights.

During designated international emergencies, it’s the WHO that will order medical tests, vaccinations, health certificates, lockdowns, quarantines, and travel restrictions. It will also decide on the manufacture, donation, and distribution of pandemic-response products. It will have the power to control messaging, censor information running contrary to official positions, analyze social media and flag posts as ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation.’ Any barriers to the implementation of what it imposes could be rectified or eliminated.

Amended provisions to the IHR will also enrich Big Pharma, with the WHO having unbridled power to accelerate the approval process for drugs and vaccines, end prohibitions against gain-of-function research, and conduct simulations and biological war games (such as Event 201 and Clade X) whenever it chooses. 

The revisions will also enable the WHO to require contact tracing, review travel information, and refuse entry or departure into all countries. It could mandate health certificates under a global database system, permitting or denying travel, allowing or proscribing purchases, and monitoring adherence to treatments. Complete access to everyone’s digital health records will spell the end of privacy. Any changes to the proposed IHR revisions will be the exclusive province of the WHO, and its director general alone will have the authority to end declared health emergencies.

If this sounds like dystopic global governance, it could well be a reality – achieved through never-ending declaration of emergencies. For the pandemic treaty and the IHR amendments are meant for nothing short of a power grab, a global control of the world’s people and resources. They could usher in an unelected, unaccountable world government, unacceptable to the people of the United States of America.

And if more immediate and pragmatic reasons were needed for stopping the treaty and the IHR amendments, we need look no further than the miserable failure of the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The “two weeks to flatten the curve” stretched into two years without an end in sight. Mandated lockdowns, social distancing, travel restrictions, and masking failed; they only caused economic devastation, isolation, and mental health problems. Alternative treatments were blocked, tests were mandated, and vaccines were rushed through. There’s significant evidence now that the vaccines were unsafe and in fact damaged immune systems.

Perhaps there’s hope that Biden’s folly will be thwarted. Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21), supported by 15 colleagues in the House, has introduced legislation to prohibit U.S. funding for the WHO. “Funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to the corrupt WHO that serves the CCP,” he says, “is a slap in the face to hardworking American families struggling under record high inflation, and to all those whose lives and livelihoods were ruined and destroyed by the Covid pandemic.”

Straight talk, to which Americans must respond with vigor to avoid the sacrifice of our individual rights, privacy, and freedom. Meanwhile, China – where it all started, where information is censored, and whose citizens don’t know what freedom is – has officially reported 60,000 Covid deaths in the last 35 days. Experts say this could be a tenth of the true figure. Isn’t that reason enough for Americans to rise and thwart the insidious treaty and amendments that threaten to bring upon us a CCP-like world government?

“long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns”

January 16, 2023

Too Wet? Too Dry? It’s All Climate Change!

By Brian C. Joondeph at American Thinker:

Climate change, as defined by the United Nations: “Refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, such as through variations in the solar cycle.” That’s actually a good definition.

But not willing to leave well enough alone, the UN goes further, spoiling a simple and straightforward definition with: “But since the 1800s, human activities have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.”

It is amazing that before humans burned fossil fuels two centuries ago, it was only natural cycles that changed the climate, not backyard barbecues, gas stoves, and SUVs. Yet the UN does not explain how previous ice ages developed due to global cooling, followed by melting of mile-thick ice over the upper Midwest due to global warming, multiple times over the Earth’s history, long before there was any significant human activity.

It seems that a changing climate was a thing long before Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, and the UN thought they figured it all out. Not only does the climate change, based on both short- and long-term cycles, but much of it is also unpredictable. According to the Intragovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “The climate system is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.”

Climate change had other names over the years. In the 1970s it was “global cooling” with predictions of a coming ice age. NPR, the guardians of all proper knowledge and thought, first used the term “global warming” in 1989. It doesn’t make sense, at least to most logical people, that the planet can be both warming and cooling on a global scale, outside of normal seasonal variations, so the term “climate change” was popularized to encompass all weather events.

“Climate change” was first mentioned in 1975, but this was a time when climate scientists could not decide if temperatures were rising or falling, attributing sinister causes rather than natural and cyclic warming and cooling trends which have long preceded humans and their activities.

Since then, climate change has engulfed more than temperature, adding weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, droughts, and flooding. It seems that any deviation from a sunny day with temperatures in the mid ’70s with a light breeze is evidence of climate change and Republicans scheming to destroy the planet.

Democrats, the left, and the media have an uncanny ability to balance two contradictory propositions in their minds, believing both can occur simultaneously due to the same cause. It would be like Goldilocks finding all three beds or bowls of porridge just perfect, regardless of whether they were too hot or too cold, too hard or too soft.

The New York Times, in 2014, ran an opinion piece titled, “The end of snow?” predicting the demise of winter sports and the Winter Olympics due to global warming. Eight years later in 2022, the New York Times told us, “How climate change can supercharge snowstorms.”. Or also in 2022 how, “The deadly freeze that swept the United States was extraordinary, but while scientists know that global warming can intensify extreme weather, the effects on winter storm are tricky to untangle.”

Tricky indeed. Climate change causes both not enough and too much snow. How does that work?  But it’s not only snow but water, both not enough and too much, all due to omnipotent climate change.

Let’s look at droughts in California.

According to the California Department of Water Resources,

California is no stranger to drought; it is a recurring feature of our climate. We recently experienced the 5-year event of 2012-2016, and other notable historical droughts included 2007-09, 1987-92, 1976-77, and off-and-on dry conditions spanning more than a decade in the 1920s and 1930s.

Paleoclimate records going back more than 1,000 years show many more significant dry periods. The dry conditions of the 1920s-30s, however, were on a par with the largest 10-year droughts in the much longer paleoclimate record.

Unfortunately, the scientific skill to predict when droughts will occur – which involves being able to forecast precipitation weeks to months ahead – is currently lacking. Improving long-range weather modeling capabilities is an area of much-needed research.

In a nutshell, droughts are nothing new in California, have been far worse in the past, before anyone talked about global warming or climate change, and they are impossible to predict, as the IPCC noted above.

Floods are much the same. The same California agency notes,

 California is prone to potentially devastating impacts of periodic floods. All 58 counties have experienced at least 1 significant flood event in the past 25 years, resulting in loss of life and billions of dollars in damages.

Floods are naturally occurring phenomena in California.

Again, floods are normal and expected. They are nothing new. Here are photos of floods going back 150 years.

But look at media headlines claiming droughts and floods are new and due to climate change rather than natural phenomenon.

From National Geographic last month, “Climate change and California’s drought.” A local ABC News affiliate explained, “California Drought: New research ties specific extreme weather events to climate change.” They went further, “California Drought: How will climate change affect California’s ski industry?”

Drought is due to climate change. Yet at the same time so is flooding.

Last week Vox claimed, “California’s floods reveal a likely climate change symptom: Quick shifts between opposing weather conditions.” Climate pseudo-scientist Ellen DeGeneres unsuccessfully weighed in, “Ellen DeGeneres mocked for video blaming California flooding on climate change.” USA Today at least asked a question, “Are California’s storms normal, or is climate change making them worse?”

It seems all manner of weather is due to climate change, ignoring past far more extreme weather, when the world’s population and activity was much less than today. Perhaps historical perspective is necessary. After all, history didn’t begin when Greta Thunberg or writers at Vox or the New York Times came of age.

The climate has been changing for millennia, since the Earth was formed, and will continue to do so in the future. Most change is due to earth and solar cycles some of which we understand, none of which we can alter or control.

Market Watch reports: “Climate change has cost the government $350 billion” as of 2018 and that number is rising. Yet it’s still snowing in Colorado and both dry and wet in California. We are pissing away money we don’t have, ignoring far more important and fixable problems at home, attempting to fix the unfixable. Government at its finest.

Is this really about “saving the planet” or is the climate movement about money and control, similar to the COVID pandemic, the new homes of communism and tyranny?

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If John Kerry’s lips are moving, you can be pretty sure he is saying something that isn’t true. But miracles happen: at Davos on Tuesday, Kerry blurted out the truth. Maybe because it was on a subject that is close to his heart, money. Legal Insurrection reports:

In his remarks, Kerry also spoke about the task of keeping the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius alive.

“So, how do we get there? Well, the lesson I’ve learned in the last years and I learned it as secretary [of State] and I’ve learned it since, reinforced in spades, is: money, money, money, money, money, money, money. And I’m sorry to say that.”

Here is the video:


Global warming is about power, of course, but it is also about money. And that money isn’t going to you and me. We are on the other end of the deal.

The global warming alarmists are racing against time. With each year that goes by, it becomes increasingly clear that the models on which they base their hysteria are wrong. I posted this chart a week or two ago. Here it is again:


The alarmists are racing against time in another sense as well. As they carry out their alleged transition to wind and solar energy–which can’t happen, the laws of physics don’t permit it–blackouts will become sporadic, then common, then universal. Already, many people have figured out that “climate science” isn’t scientific, at least not as practiced by Kerry and his ilk. When the lights don’t go on, a lot more people will want to look more closely into the “science,” and they won’t like what they find.

So the “money, money, money, money, money, money, money” needs to flow now, and power needs to be seized now, before it is too late.