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“if Cruz and the attorneys general impugned by the California State Bar speak out, the corrupt press may not have any choice but to report on the ridiculous theories underlying the disciplinary attacks on Eastman”.

California Would Disbar Ted Cruz And 18 Attorneys General If It Could

BY: MARGOT CLEVELAND at the Federalist:

JANUARY 27, 2023

Ted Cruz bros out with Donald Trump

This is what happens when state bars use disciplinary proceedings to conduct lawfare against political opponents. 

Author Margot Cleveland profile


Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and the attorneys general from 17 additional states should all be disbarred, according to the reasoning of the disciplinary complaint the State Bar of California filed Thursday against former Trump campaign attorney John Eastman. That detail is one of many buried in the 35-page, 11-count disciplinary complaint made public yesterday in the latest lawfare attack on attorneys who deigned to represent Donald Trump. 

State Bar of California’s Chief Trial Counsel George Cardona announced on Thursday the filing of disciplinary charges against Eastman, allegedly arising from Eastman’s engagement “in a course of conduct to plan, promote, and assist then-President Trump in executing a strategy, unsupported by facts or law, to overturn the legitimate results of the 2020 presidential election by obstructing the count of electoral votes of certain states.” The press release announcing the disciplinary charges further claimed that Eastman “made false and misleading statements regarding purported election fraud,” that provoked a crowd into assaulting and breaching the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The 11 charges against Eastman prove troubling throughout, with the State Bar of California proposing to discipline Eastman for presenting legal analyses to his client, Trump, and for speaking publicly on his views about the election, with the bar even attempting to hold Eastman responsible any violence that occurred on Jan. 6. The disciplinary complaint also misrepresents numerous arguments Eastman and others made concerning the 2020 election, falsely equating claims of violations of election law with fraud.

But it is count two of the disciplinary complaint, charging Eastman with “seeking to mislead a court,” that exposes the California State Bar as a kangaroo court.

“On or about December 7, 2020, the State of Texas filed a Motion for Leave to File Bill of Complaint in the United States Supreme Court, initiating the lawsuit Texas v. Pennsylvania,” begins count two of the complaint against Eastman. The complaint then explains that in that lawsuit, Texas argued the defendant states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin “usurp[ed] their legislatures’ authority and unconstitutionally revised their States’ election statutes.” As a remedy, Texas sought an order from the Supreme Court to “enjoin the use of unlawful election results without review and ratification by the Defendant States’ legislatures and remand to the Defendant States’ respective legislatures to appoint Presidential Electors in a manner consistent with the Electors Clause.”

Eastman, on behalf of then-President Trump, sought to intervene in the Texas v. Pennsylvania case, and in that motion, Eastman “expressly adopted the allegations contained in the Motion for Leave to File Bill of Complaint filed by Texas.” In adopting the allegations Texas made, Eastman, according to the California State Bar, “misl[ed] the Supreme Court by an artifice or false statement of fact or law,” in violation of California’s “Business and Professions Code” that governs attorneys’ conduct in the Golden State.

Under the California State Bar’s reasoning, then, Texas’ attorney general who filed the motion likewise “misled” the U.S. Supreme Court, as did the attorneys general of the 17 other states that supported Texas’ motion for leave to file a bill of complaint. So too would have Sen. Ted Cruz, had the Supreme Court agreed to hear the motion, as he had agreed to argue the case on Trump’s behalf in that circumstance. 

While count two represents but one of the 11 distinct charges levied against Eastman, it most clearly exposes the logical conclusion reached when state bars use disciplinary proceedings to conduct lawfare against political opponents. 

To date, the bars have limited themselves to targeting just a few attorneys working for Trump, with the D.C. Bar pursuing Rudy Giuliani and Jeff Clark, in addition to the California State Bar’s attack on Eastman. But there is no limiting principle to prevent the bars in other states from pursuing any politician with a law license who happens to represent the wrong person. 

That is an extremely dangerous precedent, which is why tomorrow at a press conference called by Eastman’s legal team, some big legal names will condemn the move. The hastily called conference is expected to bring together former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III and John Yoo, a current professor of law at the University of California-Berkley, former general counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, and former deputy assistant attorney general. Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and former California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown, among others, are also expected at the conference.

Whether the legacy media will cover Eastman’s detailed response to the State Bar of California’s disciplinary complaint or bother to report on his press conference remains to be seen. But if Cruz and the attorneys general impugned by the California State Bar speak out, the corrupt press may not have any choice but to report on the ridiculous theories underlying the disciplinary attacks on Eastman.

Margot Cleveland is The Federalist’s senior legal correspondent. She is also a contributor to National Review Online, the Washington Examiner, Aleteia, and Townhall.com, and has been published in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Cleveland is a lawyer and a graduate of the Notre Dame Law School, where she earned the Hoynes Prize—the law school’s highest honor.

George Soros THE EVIL! Fascist Dem Known For His Communist Drives

Top Soros Director is Frequent Guest at Biden White House

By Eric Lendrum at American Greatness:

January 27, 2023

One of the highest-ranking executives with George Soros’ far-left Open Society Foundation (OSF) has been revealed to have close access to the Biden White House, according to newly-released records.

As reported by Fox News, the executive director of OSF U.S., Tom Perriello, has made numerous visits to the White House for private meetings and public events over the last two years. Perriello also sits on the board of Governing for Impact, and is part of Soros’ inner circle.

From May 2021 to September 2022, Perriello’s name appears 13 different times in the White House visitors’ logs; September is the most recent month from the logs that is available to the public. Of those 13 appearances, three different days had multiple appointments within the same day.

“Open Society is dedicated to advancing inclusive democracy and prosperity, and human rights, in the United States and around the world,” an OSF spokesman said in a statement. “Our leadership, like our grantees, actively advocate with policymakers to advance these goals, and that includes engaging with policymakers from both parties. Tom also has taken meetings on behalf of Open Society and in his personal capacity as a former Member of Congress.”

The logs do not detail who visitors specifically meet with, but they may include the names of the White House officials who book the appointments and greet the guests upon their arrival. One person who greeted Perriello at one of the meetings was Jordan Finkelstein, the chief of staff to Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to Biden. Others include race and ethnicity policy adviser Richard Figueroa, chief of staff for political strategy and outreach Rachel Chiu, and executive secretary of the National Security Council Yohannes Abraham.

In addition to Perreillo, other key figures in Soros’ inner circle have had increased access to the White House since Biden took power. Among them is Soros’ son Alex, the chair of OSF, who has made several visits to the Biden White House, including two separate meetings with Biden’s outgoing chief of staff Ron Klain.

Soros, a far-left European billionaire, has spent years building up numerous political organizations and nonprofit groups with the explicit intent of spreading radical left-wing ideas across the world, particularly targeting the United States. Groups like OSF and others promote far-left ideas such as open borders and the idea of global warming. Since Biden took office, Soros and his groups have worked closely with the administration to craft specific policy proposals that would lead to “transformative governance,” according to a statement from Perreillo’s Governing for Impact.


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About Eric Lendrum

Eric Lendrum graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was the Secretary of the College Republicans and the founding chairman of the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter. He has interned for Young America’s Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, and the White House, and has worked for numerous campaigns including the 2018 re-election o

“Trump’s recovery began on January 9, when news broke that classified documents had been found months earlier at a D.C. office…”

How Donald Trump’s 2024 Campaign Bounced Back

Column: The former president’s chances, once dim, are brightening

Getty Images

Matthew Continetti at Washington Free Beacon:

January 27, 2023

Donald Trump spent the final months of 2022 reeling from electoral setbacks and media disasters. Many of his high-profile endorsements in the midterm elections flopped. His attacks on popular GOP governors in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and Georgia did little damage to their reputations. His 2024 campaign launch was a snooze. His infamous and inexcusable dinner at Mar-a-Lago with high-profile anti-Semites put him on the political fringe. By the end of last year, Trump appeared to be fading from the national conversation. His chances of winning the Republican nomination seemed to dim.

Now those chances are brightening. Trump continues to dominate in polls of Republicans. He’s drawn even with President Biden in head-to-head matchups. He lobbied successfully for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) to become speaker of the House of Representatives. His loyalists on the House Judiciary, Oversight, and Weaponization of the Federal Government committees will be sure to advance his interests. He’s plotting his return to Facebook, Instagram, and possibly Twitter, and his connection with the Republican base remains strong.

Most important of all, Trump’s rivals in both the Democratic and Republican parties are repeating the mistakes they made in the run-up to the 2016 election. The Democrats assume that there is no way for Trump to become president, while Republicans believe he will fade from the scene. Their failure to learn from history has made it possible not only for Trump to win the GOP nomination for the third straight time, but to pull another inside straight in the Electoral College and return to the White House. For decades, Trump has said that the political class is corrupt, insular, and incompetent, and that Republican leaders lack guts. Washington is doing its best to prove him right.

Trump’s recovery began on January 9, when news broke that classified documents had been found months earlier at a D.C. office President Biden used from 2017 to 2019. Biden, who had called Trump irresponsible and worse when the FBI recovered classified material from Mar-a-Lago last summer, was exposed as a hypocrite. Attorney General Merrick Garland came under intense pressure to appoint a special counsel for Biden, since he already had appointed one to investigate Trump for mishandling classified information and for subverting the last presidential election.

Garland relented on January 12 and tapped U.S. Attorney Robert Hur to lead the inquiry. On January 20, the FBI searched Biden’s Wilmington, Del., residence (though not his home in Rehoboth Beach) and unearthed more secret papers. A few days later, former vice president Mike Pence disclosed that classified documents had been found at his house, too.

This chaotic and ridiculous situation is a boon for Trump. Politically, there is no way Garland can indict the sole declared candidate for the presidency in 2024 while exonerating Biden, who’s expected to announce his own reelection campaign soon. If Garland were to do so, Trump would portray himself, reasonably, as the victim of a double standard. Biden’s boneheaded handling of the documents also reinforces one of Trump’s core beliefs: Everyone in politics behaves corruptly, but he alone does so without pretense.

Trump still must worry about separate inquiries, in D.C. and Atlanta, into his conduct after losing the 2020 election. The fight with the National Archives over his papers is a sideshow. If anything, it’s Biden who ought to be concerned. The president’s changing statements on the subject, and the drip-drip-drip of stories about the material in his possession, raise additional doubts about his honesty and competence.

House Republicans plan to scrutinize the Biden family’s influence-peddling business. They are desperate to find a connection between Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell and the government intelligence in Joe Biden’s garage. Democrats with long memories remember how Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information dogged her in 2016. They don’t want to go through that mess again.

They may not have a choice. Whether it’s the document drama or the looming presidential campaign, history seems to be following a path it traveled once before. Not only has Trump frozen the GOP field, with potential challengers not expected to announce their candidacies for months, if ever. Trump also benefits from the same dynamics that helped him in 2016: His opponents think he will just disappear, a multi-candidate primary gives him an edge, and no Republican wants to attack him directly.

Recently, a few high-profile Republicans have predicted that Trump won’t be the GOP nominee. These prognosticators share certain traits: None of them thought Trump would win in 2016, they said Republicans would win big in 2022 (yes, I did too), and they no longer hold elected office precisely because of the changes Trump made to their party. Trump inspires a form of wishful thinking among certain groups of people, a collective illusion that, despite all evidence to the contrary, someday his behavior will change, and he will be content playing golf. Well, it won’t, and he’s not. The way to thwart Trump is for voters to choose someone else.

That outcome is less likely in a multi-candidate race. In 2016 the non-Trump vote divided three ways among Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) and then-governor John Kasich (R., Ohio). The fracture allowed Trump to capitalize on the winner-take-all structure of GOP primaries and win significant contests, and eventually the nomination, with a plurality of votes. The same thing is happening in polls today. As Nathaniel Rakich observes at FiveThirtyEight, when pollsters offer Republicans several choices, Trump wins by a huge margin. But, in head-to-head matchups with Florida governor Ron DeSantis, Trump tends to lose.

At this writing, DeSantis presents the biggest obstacle for Trump. He sits atop the field in state-level polls of New Hampshire and South Carolina. He’s a proven winner and fundraiser who knows when to pick high-profile cultural battles that endear him to conservatives and the MAGA crew. His crusade against wokeness is a way to unify the party behind a tough and competent executive who hasn’t alienated suburban independents in his home state. If nominated, he’d represent a rising generation for change against an 81-year-old incumbent who has been in politics for half a century.

Naturally, other Republicans have begun to attack DeSantis. That’s to be expected. No one is entitled to a party’s nomination, politics ain’t beanbag, and running for president ought to be, and is, an arduous task. Potential GOP candidates are probing for weaknesses in DeSantis’s stance on abortion, his hardball tactics with big business, his national appeal, and his personal demeanor. Notice, though, whom these Republicans are not criticizing. His initials are DJT.

As happened seven years ago, Republicans are avoiding Trump either because they believe he will pack up and go home or because they are afraid of incurring his wrath and the animosity of his most devoted supporters. They are falling back into formation as a circular firing squad that hurts everybody but the former president.

The presidential campaign is just beginning. No one knows what lies ahead. The Trump rebound may soon pass and won’t come again. There’s a sleeper candidate or two out there who will make this race interesting.

For now, though, Democrats and Republicans are gambling that they can behave in 2024 just like they did in 2016, but produce a different result.

‘the Canadian people would be better off if their government “representatives” took a pay cut!’

January 29, 2023

Canadian deputy prime minister says the American middle class needs a pay cut

By Eric Utter at American Thinker:

Chrystia Freeland, the ironically named Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and WEF devotee, has decreed that the American middle class “needs a pay cut.”

Ms. Freeland, you see, is irked that the American middle class makes “ten times” as much money as other nations’ middle classes.

Trudeau’s underling, apparently citing an unnamed American acquaintance, said: “We demand a higher paycheck than the rest of the world, so if you’re going to demand ten times the paycheck, you need to deliver ten times the value.”

A couple of questions need to be answered at this point.

First off, why has the American middle class made so much more than other country’s middle classes? It is because it has been astronomically more productive than other country’s middle classes—or lower or upper classes for that matter. In fact, a case could be made that the American middle class has carried the nation—and much of the world– on its collective back for a very long time now.

Secondly, who the hell is Ms. Freeland to dictate what another nation’s people should make? Ms. Tyrannical Busybody seems a bit jealous actually, no? And is using her umbrage to hide that fact.

 In truth, the Canadian people would be better off if their government “representatives” took a pay cut! And the world would be better off if all those attending the WEF took a pay cut…and had ego-reduction surgery, to boot!

Sadly, the American middle class is taking a pay cut…via Biden-caused hyperinflation, rising taxes (in part to pay for benefits to illegal aliens), and shrinking retirement funds. (Also, life expectancy for members of the middle class is dropping.)

Prime Minister Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Freeland are quite the duo. In AOC parlance, they should educate themselves or shut the hell up.

The American middle class has enough problems dealing with President Biden and Vice President Harris.

Handel’s Magnificent MESSIAH!

Messiah (HWV 56) is an English-language oratorio composed in 1741 by George Frideric Handel. The text was compiled from the King James Bible and the Coverdale Psalter by Charles Jennens. It was first performed in Dublin on 13 April 1742 and received its London premiere nearly a year later. After an initially modest public reception, the oratorio gained in popularity, eventually