• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Islamist Somali Terror Attack in Ohio

Terror in Ohio: Was Restaurant Targeted In Machete Attack Because of Israeli Owner?




NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON      by A. Barton Hinkle  at reason.com

“Few might remember it now, but there was a time when certain members of George W. Bush’s administration were denounced as traitors. Virginia’s current governor, Terry McAuliffe, was among the denouncers.

Back then—in 2004—McAuliffe headed up the Democratic National Committee. In an Oct. 15 interview on CNN, McAuliffe said Bush adviser Karl Rove had just spent “two and a half hours before a federal grand jury today answering questions about who in the White House committed treason by outing a CIA operative.”

McAuliffe was referring to a scandal known as Plamegate. The backstory is complicated, but it boils down to this: During the run-up to the Iraq War, a fellow named Joseph Wilson wrote an op-ed in The New York Times undermining a key administration claim about Iraq’s quest for weapons of mass destruction. This made the administration most unhappy. Not long afterward, someone told columnist Robert Novak and a few other members of the media that Wilson was married to one Valerie Plame, a CIA employee.

Plame was supposed to be undercover; her role as a CIA operative was classified. True, she was working in Washington at the time, but you still don’t blab about these things. Outrage ensued, and suspicions coalesced around the theory that someone high up in the Bush administration had outed Plame to undermine Wilson’s story. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, an adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, became the chief suspect.

To say this intrigue consumed Washington would be putting it mildly. A special counsel was appointed. Reporters went to jail for not revealing sources. The thing dragged on for years. The news coverage alone bordered on obsessive, for obvious reasons. “Villainous War-Mongering President Violates Sacred Tenets of National Security to Slime Truth-Telling Critic of War” must have been auto-saved on a thousand newsroom computers for easy repetition.

Libby eventually was convicted of lying to the FBI and a couple of other things, but Bush commuted his sentence……..”please continue reading:




“Today would have been Abraham Lincoln’s 207th birthday. He was born February 12, 1809, in Kentucky.

Though Lincoln came from humble beginnings, the self-taught lawyer eventually became the 16th president of the United States in 1861. His legacy of preserving the union lives on today.
Here are five facts about Honest Abe in honor of his birthday:

1.    The Illinois state slogan may be “Land of Lincoln,” but the former president did not move to the state until he was 21-years-old. Lincoln was born in Kentucky, moved to Indiana when he was 7-years-old and later moved to Illinois with his family. He resided there until he became president in 1861, according to the Illinois State Museum.

2. You can thank Lincoln for Thanksgiving as we know it. Sure, the Pilgrims are credited with starting the tradition of Thanksgiving in America. But declaring Thanksgiving Day a formal holiday on the fourth Thursday in November required a pair of presidents— two of the most famous, in fact— Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was Lincoln who issued an 1863 proclamation calling on Americans to “set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next as a day of thanks giving,” partly to celebrate victories in the then-raging Civil War……”

please read on:   http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/02/12/abraham-lincoln-happy-birthday-kentucky-illinois-indiana/80280914/

Marxist Arts Replace LIBERAL ARTS at America’s Universities


Liberal but Not Tolerant on the Nation’s College Campuses,  by Catherine Rampell  at the Washington Post:

“Okay, maybe conservatives are right to freak out about illiberal lefty militancy on college campuses.

Today’s students are indeed both more left wing and more openly hostile to free speech than earlier generations of collegians.

Don’t believe me? There are hard data to prove it.

For 50 years, researchers have surveyed incoming college freshmen about everything from their majors to their worldviews. On Thursday, the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles released the latest iteration of this survey, which included 141,189 full-time, first-year students attending about 200 public and private baccalaureate institutions around the country……”


I’m Not a Dan Henninger Fan. I Prefer Trump!

Twenty five years ago having been detatched from a prestigous, but very meager earnings career, I began a landscape business of my own.

I began landscaping  77 years ago while habitually playing garden art in my neighbor boy’s sandbox.   It became a drug.  When thirteen my,  embarrassed powerfully-willed mother totally absorbed by  anger, yelled out at me from  our home’s side door having seen me arranging my home landscaping  arrangements for  a seven-house neighborhood with a drugstore at one block, shouting,  “Glenn Ray, you’re too old to be playing in a sand box!”

She often angered me those days.  I was living my world, not hers.  I shouted in response,  “I’m not playing in the sand box!  I’m making scenery!”

Despite being the best in that business, that was the last day I ever spent at that sandbox.  But the drive to beautify the outdoors, never left any of my corpuscles.

That shout from my mother reminds me of the noise the Dennis Pragers, Michael Medveds, Karl Roves, Dan Henningers….and the other 99% of the Republican establishment crowd’s screaming, blaspheming Donald Trump, the man from the outdoors of office-imprisoned American life these days.

To be honest,   American Jews have no clue what working outdoors means.   Outdoors is simply  the area which forces them  to penetrate driving from home to their money-making arenas often in big buildings with underground garages.    They were expected to know their place in old Europe where in most corners of life there, they were not aloud to own land, and Christians weren’t allowed to loan money.   Figure out the marriage of the two made long before Columbus ever came close to Florida for yourself.

Most Minnesotans come from farm backgrounds.   They worked the soil.   They fled the soil because of the weight of the work and because farms didn’t need big families anymore.  This happened in my own lifetime.    The farther away  Americans retreat from knowing  life outdoors, the more they transform into  today’s urban swamps of office saleswomen and men selling ideas for profit. …and a few from conscience, knowledge,  and pride.

Good Republican establishment folks  are indoor office people these days.  In politics they tell us how me must think and act to get good Republicans elected to office most importantly to halt the drive of the athiest, feminist and racist socialists to kill  the human spirit and soul,  preferring   government rules and dictate to make us all ONE…..by force…..a natural primary  feminist drive and demand in life too ignorant to notice they aren’t the human male clone.

I have subscribed to the Wall Street Journal for twenty years or so.   I have never been able to afford it.   It is primarily a big business person’s journal  filled with page after page having nothing to do with my life.   I read the front page, the arts pages, and the opinion pages…that’s it.   I shall not be able to resubscribe for financial and political reasons.

Dan,  our man of this article,  has been one of my favorite writers of the Journal’s opinion pages.  Order and content of thought, style, originality, good conservative ideas sharing my view, all excellent.    Karl Rove, old GW Bush good-guy  buddy often expresses GOP establishment lack of dynamics on the same day.

Both have hated even the bad breath that the Donald Trump might be interested in becoming a Republican.  Worse, he might try to ‘buy’ his way into the White House as a Republican….THAT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.    What does Trump know about foreign affairs, housing, what the Slovaks might be up to, how to corral the currency, and live up to the laws of political correctness language.

HOW DARE THE TRUMP EVEN THINK ABOUT CLOSING OUR BORDERLESS BOUNDARIES KEEPING ISLAMISTS  AND OTHER AMERICAN-HATERS OUT….ALL THOSE WONDERFUL PEOPLE WE WANT TO HELP DESTROY OURSELVES.   How dare he not have a plan yet to civilize the uncivilized in our inner cities….those black plantation folks under the suzeraincy of the  corrupt Democrat Party for the past three or four generations….The Party responsible for the break-up of the Black American family.

Dan Henninger has lost me with his antiDonald habits.   In this week’s Thursday article, “Trump Among the Canaries”, he again berates Trump for being Trump, screaming by pen, “he is not a conservative”.   (Donald wants to tighten up our border, rebuild our economy, make America great again, lure American businesses making billions over seas, to come home again to produce their products….and demands that America stop the deterioration of its armed forces…..WHAT IS NOT REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE ABOUT THAT?

Dear Dan…..Donald is in the business of making profits, not buying votes.   This is also traditionally conservative, isn’t it?

“Trump owns personna”, Dan moans.   Hey, guy, personna is a helluva good start for any guy in life, especially one who enjoys collecting  friends.   So few of us have “personna” anymore, we’ve become so feminized,  many guys who go to college don’t even know their sex anymore, much less what their role in life might be.  MAY GOD BLESS DONALD FOR HAVING PERSONNA.     No one else in that Republican horde running for president has.   In China the dictatorship is ordering classes for the male sex to learn how to be male!   Think of the world we live in!   What in God’s name do we drink these days?”   FEMINISM, MARXISM, AND BLACK RACISM….the Democrat Party agenda.

And along comes Donald Trump…..a real live 69 year -old American male, who has made a good fortune outside the world of politics, reporting, teaching,  critiquing, lawyering, editorializing, and drinking.  HOW DARE HE THINK HIMSELF “PRESIDENTIAL”!

(Well, to be truthful, the Donald does have a peculiar way of expressing his English.)

In what political committee has Donald  ever served.  Where has he learned to lie the political way, like Hillary?

“Gotcha”…..right?   the Dan folks seem to enjoy the gotcha games conducted by these Megyn Kelly’s who love to butch up in their turn when throwing ‘gotcha’ stuff at Donald.

Voting for Donald Trump, in the Henninger mind, one more robust than so many conservative Donald complainers, is a sign of America’s collapse, the explosion in the mine.

America has been collapsing morally for decades.    Building wealth overseas by sending its industries overseas for cheaper labor and bigger profits is good for them, but might harm someone at home.    Good for business, not necessarily good for American labor.

America has been in free fall due to the election of an Islamist – Marxist oriented student of  Saul Alinsky  who bullied the nation with nonsense and got away with it because of the color and smile of his skin…..winning over women of all shapes, sexes, colors and sizes and college professors professing the same.

“Donald Trump owns the 35% of the Republican electorate that is hacked off about everything?”….Why not hacked off about today’s USA?   What is there American to be proud about these days?   Hillary lies?  Barry’s feminist government dictated socialism to make us all equally ignorant?  Ted’s  debate skills? Mama’s boy Bush’s Pac Millions? Kasich’s scowl?  Rubio’s sweetness?

Dan Henninger brings racist George Wallace into his article…..representing another era of American anger.

“Ted Cruz especially had better reflect.  Mr. Cruz’s path to the nomination runs through the Southern states, and leans heavily on evocative rhetoric and buzzwords……” true!

Dan suggests  China might  nuke us if Trump raises a tariff as he had said in public recently…..get the public worried about this aggressive American who dares to rebuild the country he loves, the country of his birth and life which has been so good to him.

Dan Henninger and his Republican fellow habits, never mention who the Donald is as a person….his successes in business,  yes,  his three wives,  yes,   his business failures and content, anything to keep the Donald in his place.

Karl Rove has not yet fully adjusted to the Donald movement.   The Wall Street Journal headline to his article appearing just below Henninger’s reads:  GOP INFIGHTERS NEED TO FOCUS ON TRUMP.   The content of the article is very, very fair to Donald and the others, the first time I have noticed.   His pouting is over.   I hope Dan’s pouting will follow soon.

I am Not a Michael Medved Fan…I Prefer Trump

I am a Patriot Radio fan of Dennis Prager.   I discovered Dennis via a long-time fellow conservative friend of the finest human quality around the second week of  October, 2004.

This friend is a successful, talented  easel artist who recognizes beauty when he sees it.

Radio Dennis was working up a sweat discussing the endless failures and con-artistry of a certain JFK liar and plotter pretending to be White House America worthy that autumn.  This ugly, deceitful star of con-artistry is a major minor figure in the deceitful Barack Hussein Obama presidency. I was raised by cliches…  “Handsome is as handsome does” was one of more than a hundred used in my presence by real adults to clarify better the distance between  good and  bad.

From his very first sentence of his radio description of this traitorous JFK of Vietnam criminal fame, our Dennis tried diligently according to his high standards of radio delivery, to begin kind and respectful…..but there was no place from which our Dennis could start.

I am a druggie driven by  that state of ecstasy which  is unleashed, when I see or hear classic exquisite beauty.  It is a male thing.    exploding   the emotions of this   human   releasing  his love for beauty especially  beauty for the ear to hear and  the eye to glory of our  Earth both Nature’s and  those settings classically man-made.

For the one in ten million folks,  who are similarly  entranced and emotionally driven by  noises of spectacular melody  hitting the brain, soul, and body….nearly all of whom are men, think Franz Liszt of over a century ago.  Then think Dennis Prager reaching for something pleasant to say about this JFK creep, John F. Kerry,  trying  to be fair and balanced at the  beginning of  his assessment of this JFK creep,  John F. Kerry, seeking desperately for something good or at least neutral to say….such as his marriage to an exceeding wealthy gal who inherited the Heinz fortune.   Now, think of Franz Liszt’s composition. “Les Preludes”…..only about twelve minutes  long….try the internet if you  have forgotten this masterpiece of climax performance.

While listening, think Dennis trying to keep his gentleman cool, but is failing, dramatically failing as his memory of JFK  evil clogs his soul and tongue until he reaches volcanic heights of human language to purify himself forever more  of any thought of this JFK existence.

He began describing Senator  Kerry as an empty suit beginning with the britches moving skyward to the Senator’s vacant head.  Once the full body was etched a mind….Dennis lost Dennis and told the truth of this JFK reality.

I have been a Dennis Prager fan ever since….even in these times of his dislike, much of it unfair,  for Donald Trump, the candidate I am very, very enthusiastic about to replace the foreigner  Mr. Obama.

At age 81, I still work for a living…..I have to in order to fight my debts, and I am lucky to love what I do, working physically, mentally, and artistically our doors where when there, I feel, think, and dream closer  to my JudeoChristian God.  Man, the inventor, the defender, the discoverer, the builder,  used to be an outdoor animal.

I am not a fan of Michael Medved, a radio preacher of similar politics and background as our Dennis.   Both blaspheme against our American Donald.   Both are indoor  people of talk who use the outdoors to go thither and hither to do more talking.

To be sure our Donald is also an indoor man.  However, his business, especially his mind  takes him outdoors, a world upon which he succeeds or fails. He has experienced both.

Misters Medved and Prager fault our Donald for being weak on foreign policy  issues as if Senator lawyers  and Governor lawyers have something special up their sleeves about foreign policy  beyond their linguistic sleeze required to get good press and retire well paid at age 92 and a half.   What have Republicans done the past ten years in foreign policy good for America?

Donald has dared to say….”We need to protect our borders”…..   “We need to keep Islamic enemies our of our country!”   “We need to rebuild our nation’s economy and stop sending our wealth and jobs to Mexico, China, and elsewhere!”

“We have to make America GREAT again!”…..and his opponents ‘slaughter’ for his outdoor language.

Dennis did Dennis’ best to smear him in tune before the New Hampshire primary.   I heard every fifteen minutes of the rant.    Compared to Prager good, his rant was like two ugly unPrager-like pimples on the Prager body.

No one’s perfect.

Our Donald is NOT an attorney by law, a member of the most dishonest club  of human animals ever created by mankind to maneuver law and bribe to favor or against a client or clients, the goal to  avoid or confound TRUTH.  Donald’s world is business,  a money man’s world, a live or die world, his world uniting the plans of the indoors with building an outdoor world.     DENNIS, MR. MEDVED, and the entire Republican establishment are SILENT about the countless advantages possessed by our Donald UNIQUE TO HIM, and not the monotones of bureaucratic hacks competing for the American presidency.

They are indoor beings.

Our Donald has built an  EMPIRE.  Who among the remaining  Republican six can compete?

Both Dennis and the Medveds deny, ignore the Donald’s abilities, gifts, making that empire…. his talents, the art of business, the  risks, the failures and misfortunes, the successes,  allying themselves  instead with all the other millions upon  millions of gossips  in politics who know nothing about life beyond their desks and conferences  and whatever else  clutters, complicates, destroys honesty, creates wealth and invention, rather than negotiating plots to remain in office and power for life, to increase their incomes, their popularity, their egos….their Hillarys and Obamas.

Those most foul of the Dennis and Michael world smear our Donald regarding the lawfulness of Eminent Domain…..a vital issue among those folks who deal in Donald’s building world.   Who else among the Republican or Democrat armies of bureaucrats worry about Eminent Domain  except for DEVIOUS ATTORNEY’S whose profit and ego are married to success whether from one side or the other.

“No foreign policy plan for the country”, droned Medved.   “Trump has never had to be responsible for…..”, well you fit in any finishing clause that has to do with political intrigue.  “Trump’s a dictator”….yet, if Dennis and Medved, any fair-minded conservatives  had buttered up  the Trump, even to the point  of being fair to him, they might mention instead…”Trump is a born leader!”

Even though Mr. Trump crosses many political roads, his critics especially on the LEFT, emphasize his followers are whites from the lowest levels of American life….because, remember, we work outdoors.

NAME ONE PERSON IN THE REMAINING SIX REPUBLICANS WHO CAN HONESTLY MAKE THAT “BORN LEADER’ CLAIM!   If any  mouth expresses a name other than Donald Trump, please let us know what he or she has achieved!!

Establishment people prefer establishment underling clones like themselves.

Feminists and other Obama liars will offer Hillary.    Why, beyond mouth display, has she ever accomplished beside being a  wife, a victim one at that,  of William Jefferson Clinton?

I work  weekdays in the off winter months.   I don’t have a chance to listen to my hero Dennis every day.  He had many wonderful compliments describing Marco Rubio this morning.   Later he interviewed Gary Kasparov, a true, gutsy hero of today’s world.   Who else would have discovered Gary, much less, introduce him to the American people?

Michael Medved, although a good conservative who means well I’m sure, interviews primarily himself…..which gets stale after a half hour or so.   What he claims often becomes speedily forgotten.

P.S.   If you prefer a five minute piece of  classical music as background to  Dennis’s October, 2004 soul scene of his battle between Truth and untruthful courtesy describing the devious John F. Kerry,  check out Jan Sibelius’ Valse Triste below:



PowerLine Dartmouth Guys Remember the 1960 and 1980 U.S Victories over the Russians in the Olympics

THE FORGOTTEN MIRACLE ON ICE…. by Paul Mirengoff  at PowerLine

“Twenty years before the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team defeated the Russians and won the Gold Medal at the Lake Placid Olympics, our 1960 Olympic hockey accomplished the same feat. As in 1980, the win against the heavily favored Russians occurred in the semifinals. The 1960 team came from 2-1 down to win 3-2 on goals by 145-pound Billy Christian (a relative of John’s oldest daughter’s husband, I think). It then came from behind to defeat Czechoslovakia 9-4 for the gold medal…..”   please read on:


(Glenn’s notes)   Back in the 1950s I did the rankings of the Minnesota state high school hockey teams for the St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press for about a decade.   The state’s high school hockey end of the year tournament began the winter of 1945.   In those day’s Eveleth and Thief River Falls were usually the most powerful teams in the state.

Johnson high school of St. Paul won the state hockey tournament title in 1947, 1955, and 1963 as my aging memory tells me….the first non-iron range school and Thief River Falls winners to do so.

Jack  McCartan was  the star goalie of the 1960 Olympics.   He played at  the  University of Minnesota during his college career.   Before that he was a star goalie  at John   Marshall High School in St. Paul.   There were ten public high schools in St. Paul in those days.  Marshall High School was a habitual loser in hockey  from the beginning to the end of its high school existence.   The hockey team did become a threat in the St. Paul public high school league during the years McCartan played in the nets.   They rarely won, but every opponent had to shoot fifty or more shots per game  at McCartan  to win  usually by a score  1-0 or  2-0.

However, the best of any   adult male hockey game ever played on Earth, occurred on February 20, 1980 with the American upset of the heavily favored Soviet professional hockey team.  Team U.S.A. won 4-3 and eventually the Olympic Title.   Herb Brooks, the team’s head coach had played   his high school hockey at St. Paul’s Johnson, which won the Minnesota State championship in 1955.

He was picked to play in the World Olympics in 1960, but at the very last moment he was dumped from the roster.   Star Harvard player, Bill O’Leary (and also  a star at the Olympics that year), groused about not having  his own brother, an inferior player, play in the games with him.  Coach Jack Riley made the switch at the last moment.

I knew people in the know  those days of the 1980 Olympic games, that the unGodly driven Olympic Hockey Coach Herbert Brooks never forgot that crime.   Those people in the know,  swore without fail,  that no coach could ever have become so  driven  to  make a  team also so driven, to make his own dream come true,  whether the players  liked it or not, to win a major championship….that 1980 Olympic Hockey Championship.

The game is available to watch on the internet.   The game however, was not televised for Minnesota viewers, so my family and I had to listened to it on radio in pain of tension from beginning to end.

Besides Minnesotan, Herb Brooks being head coach of that team…..twelve out of twenty players on that 1980 Olympic roster were hockey Minnesota bred.   I personally knew the dad of  offensive star  that Olympic  year, Mark Johnson.   He was a top hockey coach at a Minneapolis Roosevelt High School for years before becoming head coach at the University of Wisconsin at Madison where his son played.

The Soviets cheated in nearly everything Soviet in those days.   I had a major in Russian Language.   My MA degree in Soviet Studies was taught where speaking and writing Russian was required.

A week before the Olympics that year, three weeks before that Soviet defeat,  the USSR Olympic team had routed Herbie Brooks’ amateur-semi pro Olympic  team, 10-3…and it could have been worse.    The game was played to help the US Olympic team pay for the team’s trip to Lake Placid, New York, the site of the Winter Olympics.


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