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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Isn’t Our Trump Wonderful! Spectacular! The Emerald Coast Rally!

American Freedom’s Lonely Hero, Donald J. Trump and His Foes at Fox

There is a pretense, a falsehood, a poisoning spread throughout  the American dream today,   that America’s  Fox News industry is the last source, the last vestige of traditional freedom-loving,  Truth seeking, JudeoChristian oriented folk, the core believers of liberty and justice America for all.

What a lie!

Truth does expose Fox News is  NOT a visual and/or aural  copy of  the leftist feminized fascists ruling  PBS, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, the Jewish New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and their control of print communication from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Fox News is Big Business news.  New York news.  These are NOT outdoor people, working American men people, Donald J. Trump people.   These are  Washington D.C. political propaganda  news carbon-copy people filled with indoor  bigots, folks  who, like Karl Rove, get fatter and fatter around the jowls the longer they dine in their cloisters, selling yesterday’s politics sold by yesterday’s establishments….city folk in politics  who have never really worked in  an honest world of living.

Then there are America’s first class fascist-minded folk, honesty and  freedom’s enemies: the   Leftists living and their dead,  the Dianne Feinsteins, Alan Dershowitzes, Charles Schumers, Adam Schiffs, David Frums, Carl Bernsteins, Betty Friedans,  Andrea Dworkins, Harvey Weiners, Jeff Greenfields, Chris Wallaces,  Bill Kristols,  Howard Kurtzes, the Gloria Steinems,  etc, and etc………and 65% of the rest of  habitual leftist-voting televised Jews in America throughout my lifetime who would support Joseph Stalin over Ronald Reagan in a habit heart beat if the opportunity arose today or yesterday or in 1980, or 1950 if he (or even she) had the title Democrat Party attached to a ballot or  photo.

These and other countless such habitual  fascists and/or other  JudeoChristian saboteurs,  do have their competitors, however…..my favorite of all Americans……especially  those of whatever Israel blood they still  possess, who even dare to announce  ever so hushfully, that they voted,  or will vote, for our Donald….Our full-blooded American Donald who adores our America for its freedom time ideals……who, when needed, bothers to give Big Business at Fox and the Wall Street Journal a spanking for its greed  when corrupting in  America for bigger World profits.

Think of the courage a then  Donald Trump Jewish voter must have possessed, or who  by now has developed thinking akin to conservative Donald’s thoughts, feelings, problem solvings,  must expose in writings,  or ever discuss, confide openly  such thoughtful  ideas among  their intolerant fascist kinfolk!



That NewMan in Washington Again!


Dubya on the Circuit Selling Dubya Brain Matter

Dubya’s selling the idea that two to tens of millions of illegal foreigners have a United Nation’s right to settle in their nests as soon as possible here in ……in……on Dubya land in Texas?

NOT QUITE! THEY’LL CROWD AND INCREASE  VIOLENCE IN  AN AMERICA FAR AWAY WHERE HONEST, LEGAL AMERICANS STRUGGLE TO  LIVE AND PROSPER IN OBAMALAND.   Dreamy Dubya hasn’t thought that far into Earth’s day to look at a book beyond its cover.   Dubya is one of several  well meaning  Bushes….none of them  evil minded  allies  of  current-day college-trained  fascists, such as the black racist Obamaling,  Barack the trained America Hater from Hawaii!

None of the Bushes as wealthy as they all are/were, including New Jersey’s Prescott Bush of my young life memory,  ever preached and plotted to cripple America as a religion taught to Barack Hussein Obama by black racist preacher, Jeremiah Wright of  Obama’s Chicago.

It is possible   none of the known Bushes have ever inappropriately mouthed evil against either good or evil,   not  even for a minute or two, certainly when compared the natural EVIL MINDED AND MOUTHED CHAMPIONS OF AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY, HILLARY CLINTON,  BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!

How about the read about Dubya below?


Poor Dubya, out on the big-dollar lecture circuit, and absolutely nothing to say

by Monica Showalter   at American Thinker:

..”The Associated Press is trying to make hay out of a non-issue, highlighting that former President George W. Bush is somehow at odds with the Trump administration over the issue of Russian election meddling.

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Former President George W. Bush said on Thursday that “there’s pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled” in the 2016 American presidential election, forcefully rebutting fellow Republican Donald Trump’s denials of Moscow trying to affect the vote.

While never mentioning President Trump by name, Bush appeared to be pushing back on Trump’s attempts to have warmer relations with Russia, as well as his comments on immigration.

Actually, none of this describes reality. Did he really forcefully push? AP gave no evidence of that in its story. Meanwhile, Trump, via his United Nations ambassador, Nikki Haley, and others, has condemned in downright overharsh terms the Russian electoral meddling problem. What’s more, relations with Russia are the frostiest they’ve ever been, as the full shutdown of the Russian consulates in San Francisco and elsewhere – as well as the word of my own Russian sources – would suggest. There’s no daylight on the issue, so score nothing on the ignorant and ideologically motivated Associated Press piece.

Actually, it sounds like the AP was trying to make news out of a lot of non-news. The subject at hand was George W. Bush’s speaking engagement in Abu Dhabi, which was put on by the Milken Institute. Though I suspect he was paid well to attend this event, which was dubbed ‘A Conversation with George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States.‘ I couldn’t find any evidence of quid pro quo, the delayed bribery of high-paid speeches that made his father as well as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama so famous in their post-presidencies. The Milken Institute is reputable and so far as I can tell, there wasn’t any. The AP didn’t have any news there.

But there was real news in that event. It was how old and tired Dubya looked and how little he had to say. Milken obviously paid a lot for nothing, given that Bush had nothing new to say, except perhaps the knowledge that Bush hadn’t grown any in his post-presidency. Every single thing Bush said in fact was some trope he said earlier. Nothing revealed a scintilla of new thinking in him after the nightmare of the Obama years and the resulting ascent of President Trump. Nothing. Like the Bourbons, he’s learnt nothing and forgotten nothing.

“There’s pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled,” Bush said at a talk in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. “Whether they affected the outcome is another question.”

File under Captain Obvious.

Speaking of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Bush called him “zero-sum.”

“He’s got a chip on his shoulder,” Bush said of Putin. “The reason he does is because of the demise of the Soviet Union troubles him. Therefore, much of his moves (are) to regain Soviet hegemony.”

Something that came out decades ago when Putin lamented the demise of the Soviet Union. No perspective on what Putin (who suppressed any celebration of the 1917 Russian revolution) might think today. Bush wouldn’t have any idea about it.

Putin “is pushing, constantly pushing, probing weaknesses,” the former president said. “That’s why NATO is very important.”

The old Rumsfeld trop about weakness provocative, plus the unquestioning loyalty to multilateral institutions, never mind that most of NATO never bothers fulfilling the money aspect of its obligations. Too easy to dump them on us. More history passing Bush by.

Bush also criticized Trump’s decision to scrap a program implemented by former President Barack Obama’s administration that allows young immigrants living in the U.S. illegally who were brought here as children to remain in America.

“America’s their home,” the 43rd American president said. “They’ve got to get it fixed.”

Got to get it fixed? Fix what? The broken law, the broken border, or the problems it’s created for those who fail to follow the law? Remember how Bush couldn’t articulate his views and as a result got nothing done?

Bush also criticized Trump’s decision to scrap a program implemented by former President Barack Obama’s administration that allows young immigrants living in the U.S. illegally who were brought here as children to remain in America.

“America’s their home,” the 43rd American president said. “They’ve got to get it fixed.”

Bush acknowledged that he tried to overhaul America’s “broken” immigration system, but failed.

“There are people willing to do jobs that Americans won’t do,” he said. “Americans don’t want to pick cotton at 105 degrees (Fahrenheit), but there are people who want put food on their family’s tables and are willing to do that. We ought to say thank you and welcome them.”

Absolutely mummified view of illegals, romantically imagining they are all lettuce pickers who want to put food on their tables. Does he know about the people in factories who displace low-wage African Americans? The many-degreed DREAMers who get free rides through college while American kids carry tens of thousands in debt? Does he mean the charmers who murdered Kate Steinle and now the Indiana Colts football player, continuously coming back after deportation? Does he even know that the proposed reforms on the table all include provisions for the agricultural workers, whose work indeed is valuable? If every illegal were a lettuce picker, we would not see the mass opposition we now see to illegal immigration and an unguarded border. But all of that is too complext for Dubya, who is old, tired and out of ideas.

He’s just busy collecting speaker fees, and saying nothing…..”


Sure Feels Good Being An American Again! Thank You President Trump!


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

“Tonight’s State of the Union speech was a triumph for President Trump. The speech was excellent, and Trump knew it cold and delivered it effectively.

The president began with a recitation of his administration’s achievements that was truly impressive. Trump emphasized, appropriately, the remarkable gains our economy has made in just one year.

The president’s reception by most in the House chamber was rapturous, which must have been an eye-opener for some who watched. For the Democrats, the optics were very bad. They ostentatiously refused to stand or even applaud, even in response to the least controversial passages in Trump’s speech. One of the most striking visuals was of the Democrats’ Black Caucus refusing to stand for, or even applaud, the lowest African-American unemployment rate in history.

If I were an African-American viewing the proceedings, I would wonder: whose side are they on?

Equally dismal was when almost all the Democrats refused to stand in response to Trump’s statement that we should all rise for the National Anthem. Here, and repeatedly through the evening, the Democrats were playing to a very small audience. Their audience probably got even smaller when they were seen fiddling with their cell phones.

Immigration was naturally a significant topic. Trump began, shrewdly, by emphasizing security and the vicious MS-13 gang, which largely hushed the illegal immigrants who had been invited into the chamber by Democrats. Perhaps the speech’s most controversial moment was when Trump said that his compromise immigration proposal includes eventual citizenship–not just legalization–for nearly two million illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as minors.

Troubling as that may be for many conservatives, the sight of Cory Booker and other Democrats sitting stone-faced when the president said we need a merit-based immigration system was a forceful reminder of how bad the alternative to the Trump administration is.

On foreign policy, President Trump was appropriately strong. Throughout the speech, he talked about guests who were heroic in various ways. This has become a tradition, but I don’t think I have seen it done more effectively than Trump did it tonight. The final guest was a North Korean escapee who waved his crutches to the cheering crowd. I think even the Democrats may have been on their feet for that one.

All in all, it was a terrific night for the good guys. Trump’s performance tonight was a reminder that his predecessor was not a very good public speaker. He never succeeded in stirring an audience as Trump did tonight. The Democrats can only hope that not a lot of swing voters were watching.”


NFL World Joins Atheist Fascist Left Denouncing America’s Respect for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness


Mark Waldeland sent the following Stars and Stripes article:

NFL rejects Super Bowl ad from veterans group that asks players to stand during anthem

by Nikki Wentling  at Stars and Stripes:

The National Football League rejected an advertisement for its official Super Bowl LII programs that urged players and people who attend the game to stand during the national anthem, according to American Veterans, the organization that submitted the ad.

Omitted from the programs was a full-page ad picturing the American flag, saluting soldiers and the words “Please Stand,” referring to the movement of NFL players protesting racial inequality and injustice by kneeling during the performance of the national anthem before the start of games.

Outcry over the protests surged last fall when President Donald Trump criticized the NFL for allowing it to continue. In October, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL owners decided the league wouldn’t penalize players for kneeling.

Joe Chenelly, the national director of American Veterans, known as AMVETS, said Monday that the group was “surprised and disappointed” when the NFL told him Friday the league had rejected the ad.

“The NFL said it does not want to take a position on that,” Chenelly said. “Really, by not letting us run an ad, we think they are taking a position.”

Super Bowl LII programs began printing Monday, following the NFC and AFC championship games Sunday night. The New England Patriots will compete against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl on Feb. 4.

NFL Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy said in a statement that official Super Bowl programs aren’t a place for political messaging.

Please continue reading below:


Remembering the Heroes Who Have Died for the American Dream

A Seat at the Table: Honoring Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice

The missing man table

Missing man table recognizes servicemen and veterans
He spent more years in the Army than he did out of it. Richard Weik was just 17-years-old when he enlisted. He served his country for 29 years and nine months, retiring a command sergeant major, the highest rank an enlisted soldier can achieve.
That’s more than a quarter of a century of training, experience, and the beauty and burden that comes with military service, especially in war time. Weik commanded hundreds of paratroopers in the 173rd Airborne Brigade, with two combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Richard Weik serving in Afghanistan

He’s now the president of a major military and police equipment supply company in Columbus, Georgia. Those deployments and his Army career are in his past, but one thing is with him every day: the soldiers he lost. He calls them brothers.
“I was first sergeant in Iraq and sergeant major in Afghanistan, and in those positions, you are kind of like the father of the battalion,” Weik says. “When you lose one, it’s like losing a family member.”
The 173rd is a small brigade – and it lost many. According to the 173rd Airborne Brigade National Memorial Foundation, 91 soldiers from that Brigade died in Afghanistan and Iraq. Weik has been to many hospital rooms, to too many funerals.
“You form a tight bond with these soldiers because you do hard things together fighting the enemy, and all of a sudden they are gone,” he says. “You come back, and their wives are still there, their kids are still there playing in the front yard – and you just think about them all the time.” He recites the dates his close friends died the way the rest of us remember birthdays.
The month, the day, the year, the location. “They’re not here. It’s devastating.” In rememberance, soldiers like Weik wear black bracelets for the fallen. The bands list the names, units, and killed-in-action dates for each of
Memorial bracelets for each of Weik’s fallen soldiers

“I have a sword in my man cave with about 21 bracelets on it for soldiers killed in combat and about 10 bracelets for people who were killed in accidents or took their own lives,” Weik says. “You never stop thinking about the ones who are gone.”

A Veteran Sets the Table for Memorial Day

Nearly 300 miles away in Florida, another veteran takes an opportunity to remember the fallen, like the ones on Weik’s bracelets and so many more.

“You never stop thinking about the ones who are gone.”

Retired Navy Commander Marinus Storm operates a Chick-fil-A restaurant in the heart of Jacksonville. He says his restaurant gives him the perfect opportunity every Memorial Day to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice with a special display. And Storm isn’t the only Chick-fil-A franchise owner who honors military service members at their restaurant – military appreciation events and memorials happen at restaurants across the country, but one in particular holds special meaning.
The Missing Man Table inside the Chick-fil-A at Woodlawn Square in Marietta, GA
“It’s a tradition in military services when you have a formal celebration to have a table for those who didn’t make it back,” Storm says. “It’s called a Remembrance Table, a Fallen Soldier Table – it’s called a lot of different things.”

The Meaning Behind the Remembrance Table

The National League of POW-MIA Families calls it a Missing Man Table. Typically, it is part of a ceremony where someone reads a script explaining the meaning of every item at the table. Among the symbolic items: a white tablecloth for the purity of the service members’ motives in serving their nation, a pinch of salt for the tears their families shed and an empty chair that will never be filled.
That ceremony has been modified to a static display, and many Chick-fil-A franchise owners around the country are setting them up as a thank you to troops who have given their lives in service to our county.
“People have always been touched by it, especially veterans and the generation that has children in the armed forces now,” Storm says.
He’s set up the table for most of the major holidays since he opened the store in late 2004, but Memorial Day is especially poignant.
“Memorial Day is a somber holiday – it’s really about the fallen. The current or recent service members who come into our restaurant are really affected by this,” Storm says.
Storm is proud to honor the legacy of service members killed in action. He also sees it as a chance to remind the public that Gold Star Families, those who have lost service members in action, must live with an empty seat at their tables every day.
“There’s no doubt this is an opportunity to teach people, specifically those who don’t have any connection to the military, about hte sacrifices our service members make and that hose losses last,” he says.
At the Woodlawn Square Chick-fil-A in Marietta, GA, Marketing Manager Chelsea Blackstock sets up her store’s Missing Man Table. Last year was the first time the restaurant took part in the tradition.
“The response is pretty incredible”, she says. “It touches people.”
Blackstock says she was especially moved by something a customer added to the display.
“One day, an article showed up on the table. It was a newspaper story about a local veteran who had been missing in action since Vietnam,” she says.
That service member is one of more than 1,600 troops still missing from the Vietnam War.
Ann Mills-Griffiths, Chairman of the Board for The National League of POW-MIA Families says it gives her pride to see restaurant companies like Chick-fil-A set up Missing Man tables.
“It shows the military service members and families that people care,” she says. “And it’s a wonderful education, especially for children and young adults, to learn more about what patriotism and commitment really mean.”
Command Sergeant Major Weik agrees.
“We don’t have a draft anymore, so we have a lot of people who are far removed from the devastation of war,” Weik says.
“They can see that empty table and know that there’s someone who is no longer here because he or she volunteered to put himself between them and the wolf at the gate. And that soldier’s family: their spouse, their kids, their parents have to go on. That empty spot is permanent. We live it every day.”
It’s an unrelenting memory and a substantial load to bear.
“When you truly don’t know if orders you’ve given your guys will result in them never being able to see their kids or be at the Thanksgiving table, it weighs heavy on you. So if that Missing Man table can educate people who go to Chick-fil-A, then I think it’s fantastic,” he says.

Commemorating Memorial Day

As for Weik’s holiday plans, he will do what he does every Memorial Day: visit the 173rd Airborne Memorial site at Fort Benning. He’ll look at the names on the stones and again thank them for making the ultimate sacrifice.
He hopes others will take a moment out of their day to remember as well.
“I think on the Fourth of July, you should celebrate and shoot fireworks. But I also think you should read the Declaration of Independence to remember what it’s all about,” Weik says. “And on Memorial Day, when you have a day off and you’re grilling your steaks and you’re surrounded by everything that you’ve got, just take the time to think about that 19-year-old kid or that 30-year-old sergeant or that 40-year-old sergeant major who stood up and said I’m going to take care of this so you can have all that.”

Creating a Missing Man Table at Home

If you would like to set up a modified Missing Man Table in your home this Memorial Day, here are the instructions from the National League of POW-MIA Families. This is the full ceremony, but a spokesperson from the organization says it can easily be modified to one place setting at a standard table using the items mentioned.
California gal, Lisa Rich, sent the above article.