• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Pants on Fire, Hillary

The following Hillary ditty will help lighten your day….thanks to Arlene and Bruce Taber “collective” agency:



Are Feminists the Cause of the Rise of Leftist Fascism in America?

I am in my 80s.  The America I was born into was a JudeoChristian nation.   It was also stumbling through the Great Depression.   People whether urban or rural, Negro or white, rich or poor, Americans went to CHURCH on Sunday.

Its males went to work, usually the other  six days a week.  Their wives stayed home to take care of Motherhood.  In my neighborhood Jews refused to join neighborhood gatherings, although always invited.   I was seven years old when Pearl Harbor was attacked.   Throughout the war I was the neighborhood delivery postal boy  for all invitations to  of our twice a year neighborhood outdoor gatherings.    Many, if not most of the small delicatessen shops, the community’s  major drug store, the movie theater,  and a women’s clothing shop were all owned and managed by Jewish neighbors of a larger, wealthier section of our neighborhood, whose children went to the same elementary school, K-8, as I did.   They attended Hebrew School every Tuesday afternoon, and were the only minority group within the neighborhood.

As today, about 70% of Jews voted Democrat….always….no wavering and were usually quite public about their choices.   Christians in the community considered voting very private.  It would be impolite, apparently, to snoop into something so private in one’s life.

Neighbors in the suburb where I have lived for forty three years, and prefer living because of garden space and  love of landscaping,  are all private one from  another…..

Women were real mothers and women in the 1940s until the first  sexual and cultural rebellion and killings began  in the late 1960s, when Bill Ayers first became our country’s  famous anarchist-leftist   bomber, a professor at Illinois State University,  and a close neighbor and eventually good  friend and mentor of our notorious America hater, Barack Hussein Obama .

Generally  unmarried women vote and play leftist these days.  They tend to appear at college to learn the hates of  the Gloria Steinems and worse.     Fewer women now become mothers.   Lots of women are feminists….fanatic ones at that.   They lead the national demand that boys must be made less male, and girls more male in order to prove their is only a single sex.

The human female animal isn’t  born  a natural killer for the survival of the species, to defend and continue her  kind… The killer instinct is born in the human male to be civilized,  by  knowing  what to learn, to be driven to explore,  to understand his surroundings, to be  interested,    to be curious, build, to find and expand his space in life……to protect his off spring and his mate…..again, BY NATURE!

Normal Mothers, real Mothers of sons, who care for  and raise them, know exactly what I am describing.

Nearly no Mothers attend today’s American university from Harvard to Sinkhole Tech.   Today, feminists and feminazis  do!   At last they can become complete  feminists whose feelings and moods will ultimately define,  dominate and/or determine “Truth” and its consequences.

Be sure to learn all you can about the disappearance of learning knowledge at your local feminized schools, colleges, universities, throughout the nation’s Democrat Party and its control of newsprint and television news coverage  these days of  Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Roddham Clinton, her husband, and Elizabeth Warren residue.    Read further below…..”Sex and Solidarity”.


Do Any Americans under Age 65 Know Anything “Shakespeare”?

Shakespeare and our House of Cards

by S. J. Masson                (Article sent by Mark Waldeland.)

“The other day in my class on Hamlet I drew attention to a point I have needed to make consistently about the importance of consistency and integrity.

It related to the integrity of Shakespeare as a dramatist. Shakespeare’s integrity has allowed his reputation to endure the flights of fashion for over four hundred years.  He was not simply ‘true to himself’, as Polonius would instruct Hamlet.  He was true to an unchanging reality.

Shakespeare’s plays continue to teach and to please because human nature is unchanging.  For, as Dr. Johnson put it in his Preface, ‘Nothing can please many, and please long, but just representations of general nature.’

Shakespeare is not merely a great technician of language, or a keen analyst of human psychology.  He did not ‘invent’ humanity, as Harold Bloom would have it, and would find no praise in the suggestion he had.  He would summarily reject Scottish philosopher David Hume’s ‘fact-value distinction’ – that we cannot derive statements about what ought to be from what is – as a variety of sophistry.

Shakespeare was a moral realist.

When his Hamlet declares ‘there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so’, he is not assenting to Hume’s skepticism, or to the nihilism of power politics.  Hamlet is condemning the moral and cultural relativism that has corrupted the judgment of his disloyal friends Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern.

Arising from the morality play tradition of medieval theatre, Shakespeare recognized it as his duty not only to delight his audience, but to inculcate moral truth.  This moral truth was woven into the entire cosmos, the ‘general nature’ Johnson justly notes Shakespeare justly represents.

If the idea strikes us as old-fashioned today, it is only because Shakespeare acknowledges what we have perversely been schooled to ignore.  It is what all the great books teach and common sense has ever observed.

He also recognized what some would have us now reject.  We do not self-identify our nature or construct our morality.  It is in fact human nature to imitate.  Were that not so, no one would go to a teacher, since teaching itself would be impossible.

The artist’s capacity to dramatize truth for others therefore burdens him with special responsibility.  What is rewarded and what is punished on stage must comport with fundamental justice.

For ‘all the world’s a stage’. Life imitates art, and art imitates life.

Nowhere is this standard of justice more important to uphold than in depicting humanity’s perverse predilection towards self-contraction, self-abasement, and ruin.  It seems that it is human nature to be ‘unnatural’ to itself.  Sin makes it possible to deceive, mislead, and even break all bonds of due obligation to God and man.

Shakespeare’s great villains are object lessons

Machiavellian politics of the sort exemplified in House of Cards – virtue-signalling in order to achieve power – is condemned by Shakespeare in the rise and fall of his tragic villains.  In this, he differs from the TV series, because for all their superficial similarity to Shakespeare’s villains, Frank and Claire Underwood’s perfidity continues.  But in Shakespeare’s plays, those who practice such moral relativism do not flourish long, and often fall to the very vices they condemn.

Observing this aspect of Shakespeare’s work doesn’t only afford us a clear commentary on the conduct of today’s politicians, or the acting community.

It also has a corollary in education. When teachers refuse to fail students who clearly fail to make the grade, or reward them for being activists for the ‘right causes’, they do them no kindness.  It isn’t only because they aren’t insisting they master the basics.  They are punishing them by revealing that their own authority – and thus society’s – is unrelated to their moral integrity.  And in their rewards they are thus taught to believe in belief, not in the truth.

There is a reckoning to be had for this subjectivism.  As G.K. Chesterton put it, ‘The terrible danger at the heart of our society is that the tests are giving way. We are altering, not the evils, but the standards of good by which alone evils can be detected and defined.’

Should we wonder then when we read that student ‘social justice warriors’ are now turning upon the postmodern educators that have led them to imbibe in cultural relativism?

They have learned their lesson.  If there is no morality, there is only unjust authority.

They needn’t believe in that.  In the name of the equality, they want power.

The better way is the way of integrity.  But that depends on our moral realism.  As Charles Colson once put it, ‘leaders do not lead through their own example of virtue and character cannot inspire sacrifice for the common good.’

A Time When America Was More Beautiful!

Will the Era of Obama and Hillary Corruption Truly Come to an END?


I wrote the following article here March 15, 2010, seven and a half years ago, a year into   the ERA OF OBAMA AND HILLARY CORRUPTION when white became  black, bad replaced  good, thieving and lying became  rich, and our America was suddenly made  evil, using the Democrat Party, the nation’s press and news centers, but most of all, our schools, as their nuclear weapons to create their Oceania of “1984”.

They preached feminism, black racism, leftism  as their weapons in the nation’s schools and universities to stir up their  hate of  a God-fearing  free and open American society where women can  be female, and men can be male and Truth be sought, protected  and practiced again  in a free society where Donald J. Trump can be President.   Was “1984” coming to our American shores?

Please read the following article of years ago,  “CIVILIZATIONS ARE NOT MURDERED.  THEY COMMIT SUICIDE!”

“One of the best ways to measure a culture in decline is to examine its contemporary art.   How do society’s “expressionists” express.  Where along the continuum from the sewer and  vile to the rich and uplifting do “artists” make their observations, imprints and money?   What and who are valued?

Painting, music, lyrics, scripts, scenery, sculpture, day to day language, whatever the people see, interpret, value, and purchase.   What is considered civil?  Inspiring?  Thoughtful?

Art is simply a reflection of what is learned from the schooling of ones young.  What is valued is what will be taught and expected to be valued in the future.   Who does the teaching?

I believe  America’s  “being”  is in decline…..collapse…..is in free fall…..and one often wonders if  the slide is beyond repair…..Who is doing the teaching?

Those who have studied the history of civilizations know the absolute truth  of Arnold Toynbee’s  “Great civilizations are not murdered.  They commit suicide”

Civilization’s  illnesses,  including those with symptoms of suicide, can best be exposed on the couch of its art.   How is the cultural soul expressed in sound, sight and mind?

Is America wavering  on the ledge of hope, or is it falling into  the stench of the pit of rot?   The battle is between traditional values of decency,  justice, and personal responsibility and those devoted to a New Order, in  general, and the collective, the Marxist Democrats led by Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama has in no way caused the rot and consequent stench.  He is its student and he fosters what he has learned.  He and his Marxist friends in their Ivory Towers from whence he came,  and their Leftwing assaults on  JudeoChristian teachings, supported by the amorality driving Big Business all overwhelming  modern life.  They evolved from people doing “good works” as much as the vile.

Judge for yourselves, citizens of America.  Stop by your museums and galleries.  Open your magazines, review the pictures and writings;  go to the theaters both cinema and stage.  What is valued in the cultural expression?   Where and what are the billboards of its soul?   Why?

How does the art identify good of the culture from the bad?  Or doesn’t it bother?  Should it bother?   Who is honored?  Who is honorable?  What is honor?   What is taught?

Whom do the society’s judges  find guilty?   Why?  What do the teachers teach which might determine guilt?  What stories do they tell in the classroom, on television, in the movie houses and in the newspapers?  What is valued?

Are honesty, integrity,  personal responsibility, search for truth,  and concern for ones fellow man constantly integrated into the being of the culture?

Or is the high of  culture free at last, excited and mesmerized  by the drives  of the groin for pleasure and profit, politics and religion?

You answer!  What do we teach our children?   How are our children formed by what they see, and hear, and by whom they are taught to see and hear….Who and what lead them into the better life?

What is the better life?

Who teaches the young…..the STATE or the CITIZEN FAMILY?

Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, and the 200 Fems “dancing” with Harvey Weinstein World

I have had very little sympathy for feminist whining about “sex for advancement” arrangements these  past 50 years of expanding  feminism and its feminazi extremes since the American slut-for-fun  revolution of the late 1960s.      Feminists demand  special rights.  Government must take care of them.  They demand to be man’s equal in every way, claiming anything short of this ‘equalness’ is slavery…..or something close.

Feminized America has done everything it can to feminize its males since those 1960s.  It is a socialist extreme wanting to be made ‘equal’, a new weapon in America to create a society of  government deemed  supreme equality dictated by an Obamaling-like  led elite Democrat Party to  rid deplorables and such male workers from the culture, from existence.

Feminists of all shapes, colors, sexes, and sizes write a lot of books these days.   As the “feminist rights for  sex” revolution of the 1960 expanded, females began to wear less and less cloth with tighter and tighter hugging of their female  parts on public  beaches and at university as their ‘freedoms’ to be man’s equal or even “superior” as some of the wilder, colder profess.

Hanoi Jane Fonda claimed she became a victim of Harvey Weinstein 40 or 50 years ago….she recently remembered.

Nearly a hundred of these feminist animals have claimed to be Weinstein victims……”but, we’re too….” what? too nervous to report their sufferings to authorities immediately after the assault?  Was it really an assault?  Was there playtime, too?  If these feminists  are man’s equal on all fronts,  as so many feminized claim,  why did they allow themselves to remain in silence for years, while on their way to popular success and the money which went with it?

I happen to have known the Gretchen Carlson family years before her victory at the Miss America Pageant.   Gretchen’s two brothers played competitive tennis as did my younger son.  Her mother followed her brothers matches regularly, but her drive in life was to make her Gretchen special…..that was evident by deed and conversation.  Money was no object…..and the family was classically fine Christian in its breeding.

I spent a full hour at CSpan yesterday watching Gretchen preach and be interviewed by another feminist frothing in anger about male sexual behavior.   She is apparently a feminist now.  She had been at Fox and had issues with boss,  Roger Ailes, advances….eight or so years ago.   Ailes has recently died but   had been forced to leave his slot at Fox due to other charges of  misdeeds  with women.

Feminized Gretchen has written a book:  “BE FIERCE:  STOP HARASSMENT AND TAKE YOUR POWER BACK”…..she wows!

Why did  these ‘victims’, including Gretchen,  not go to authorities immediately after  their  “ordeals”?   If they did and stories ignored, why then didn’t they press charges?

The human being is an animal, a thinking animal.   The human female animal is NOT a carbon copy of the human male…not even close.   She is a very different human animal generally  in goals, habits, learnings, feelings, and behavior.

She is not born to be a killer, nor a sexual predator.  She is born an enticer, a charmer, to be a mother and protected by a human male….at least until the rise of the butch ‘nasty’ generation.

But, she is also born ditsy, emotion driven, confused genetically  by feelings often dominating rather  than seeking truth and its strength so vital in the drive to problem solve.

Please do read the saga below:

Megyn Kelly: I Complained About Bill O’Reilly’s Behavior

“The abuse of women, the shaming of them, the threatening, the retaliation. It has to stop.”


WARNING: Loving Our President Donald Trump is CONTAGIOUS!

I fell into the Love Trump disease early evening on August 6, 2015.

I had followed the Donald for years via newspaper articles.  I was aware of his disastrous first divorce from Ivana.  I knew about his attachment to his father, his remarkable athletic skills while in college, and that he didn’t drink.   He had been very close to an older brother who became an alcoholic and wound up killing himself.   I knew he was very, very quick of mind and an excellent problem solver.

Megan Kelly had already made a round of sweet questions for the GOP establishment candidates.  Despite my awareness of the power of the  Donald, at that point I never thought him presidential.  Nor did I find any of his fellow GOP contestants winsome to face Crooked Hillary…..even as crooked as she was and still is.

I am guessing that the vast majority of those in the Fox audience that  evening of his Rosie O’Donnell remark, never dreamed he would become the 45th President of our United States of America.    That evening, I thought he could beat frump Hillary with his personality, ambition, ego, experience,  knowledge, and his keen humor.   I did think the Republican establishment would be too staid and wussy, too arrogant, too controlling  to nominate this Donald.

Could you imagine another Bush in the White House?

Donald Trump won his election fair and square primarily because of his remarkable talents! ….and Reince Priebus!……and Kellyanne Conway.

Please read the following article from the American Thinker regarding another covert who discovered the remarkable talents of this outstanding American President.