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Fascism Reeks at the New York Times! Truth Has No Meaning!!

COULTER: Here’s Why The New York Times Must Die

by  Ann Coulter, Political Commentator at Daily Caller:

Even before The New York Times launched its “All Slavery, All the Time” project, no one could accuse that paper of skimping on its race coverage, particularly stories about black males killed by white(ish) police officers.

Here’s one you haven’t heard about. I happened upon it by sheer accident.

Antwon Rose II was a 17-year-old boy shot by an East Pittsburgh police officer in June 2018 after he bolted from a jitney car that had been stopped by the officer. The Times published about a half-dozen stories on Antwon Rose — or as the Times calls him, “Antwon, who was unarmed.”

After the officer was acquitted on all charges in March of this year, the Times ran an article by Adeel Hassan on the verdict.

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Here’s what you would learn from the Times:

— Antwon was unarmed.

17-Year-Old Sentenced To Life In Prison ForRunning Over Baltimore Police Officer

Antwon “was in his high school’s honors program.”

Antwon “played basketball and the saxophone.”

Antwon “volunteered for a local charity.”

— In 2016, Antwon wrote a poem titled, “I Am Not What You Think!” which included these lines:

I see mothers bury their sons
I want my Mom to never feel that pain.

— A policeman stopped the gold Chevy Cruze Antwon “was riding in” because it “matched the description” of a car “involved” in a drive-by shooting minutes earlier.

— The jury consisted of nine whites and three African Americans.

If you read the Times piece, all you would know is that an honor student who loved his mom … was KILLED for the crime of riding in a car similar to one that had just been used in a crime.

Wow. Just wow.

Here are some of the facts the Times left out:

— The gold Chevy Cruze Antwon fled did not merely “match the description of” a car used in a drive-by shooting: It was the car used in the drive-by shooting, as proved by surveillance video posted online days after the shooting and shown to the jury.

— The video shows 13 shots being fired from the back seat of that exact car, with — according to the prosecutor — Antwon riding in the front seat.

— The backseat passenger, Zaijuan Hester, later pleaded guilty to the drive-by shooting.

— One of the victims of the drive-by shooting told police it was Antwon who shot him. “The beef was between me and him,” William Ross told a Pennsylvania State Police officer. “That car came by, he shot me, I ran to the store.”

— The jitney driver told police that, right before the shooting started, he heard the backseat passenger ask, “Is that him?”

— The gun used in the drive-by was recovered in the back seat of the car.

— A stolen gun was found under Antwon’s seat, an empty magazine in Antwon’s pants pocket, and there was gunpowder residue on Antwon’s hands.

— The car stopped by the officer was riddled with bullet holes.

— The jury that unanimously acquitted the officer was led by an African American foreman, who stoutly defended the verdict.

None of that made it into the Times story on the trial’s conclusion.

I’m glad that Antwon did charity work, but isn’t it rather more important that he had participated in a drive-by shooting of two other black guys 13 minutes before being stopped by a police officer?

That’s not conjecture or speculation. Hassan wasn’t writing about the case the day after the shooting. These are facts that were presented in court and copiously reported by the local media — even in the British press.

Normal Person to The New York Times: Why did you say the car “matched the description” of the car used in a drive-by shooting — but not say that it WAS the car used in the drive-by shooting?

NYT: I’m sorry, who are you and do you have a press pass?

Normal Person: You didn’t mention that a stolen gun was found under Antwon’s seat and a matching cartridge in Antwon’s pocket???

NYT: We only have so much space and I needed room for Antwon’s poem.

Normal Person: You didn’t have space to say that gun residue was found on Antwon’s hands?

NYT: I could have run more of the poem. It was a good poem.

Normal Person: Or that one of the victims of the drive-by said Antwon was the one who shot him?

NYT: The officer didn’t know that.

Normal Person: Did the officer know about Antwon’s A.P. classes? It goes to the likelihood of his behavior being perceived as threatening. The officer could certainly see that the car’s back window had been shot out.

NYT: You’re a white supremacist and white nationalist and, yes, I know they’re different, but you’re both.

There’s no reason to think this isn’t standard operating procedure at the Times. The editors can’t say, OK, OK, that one got past us!

The Times has told wild lies about the racist shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri (false), the racist arrest of Freddie Grey in Baltimore (false), the racist shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida (false), the racist gang-rape of a black stripper by a Duke lacrosse team (false) and so on.

Antwon Rose’s shooting wasn’t even a flood-the-zone, hair-on-fire story. But the Times lied about it, too.

This is a newspaper that cannot be trusted on anything touching on race. They’re liars and ideologues, not reporters and editors.

Ann Coulter is a syndicated columnist and lawyer.


Will Hillary’s Fascists at the FBI Finally Confront Their Crimes?

10 declassified Russia collusion revelations that could rock Washington this fall

It was in September 2018 that President Trump told my Hill.TV colleague Buck Sexton and me that he would order the release of all classified documents showing what the FBI, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other U.S. intelligence agencies may have done wrong in the Russia probe.

About the same time, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, under then-Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), voted unanimously to send 53 nonpublic transcripts of witnesses in its Russia review to the director of national intelligence (DNI) for declassification. The transcripts were officially delivered in November.

Now, nearly a year later, neither release has happened.

To put that into perspective, it took just a couple of months in 2004 to declassify the final report on the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks after a presidential commission finished its work, which contained some of the nation’s most secretive intelligence revelations.

But the long wait for transparency may soon end.

The foot-dragging inside the intelligence community (IC) that occurred under now-departed DNI Dan Coats and his deputy, Sue Gordon, could halt abruptly. That’s particularly true if Trump appoints a new IC sheriff, such as former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the current ambassador to the Netherlands, or longtime national security expert Fred Fleitz.

Likewise, the president has an opportunity to speed up and organize the release of declassified information by simply creating an Office of Transparency and Accountability inside his own White House, run by a staffer empowered at the level of a formal assistant to the president. That would prevent intelligence agencies from continuing their game of public keep-away.

Nunes, who helped to unravel the Russia collusion farce, has identified five buckets of information he’d like to see released. One of those buckets, the FBI’s interview reports on Bruce Ohr’s cooperation, was released last week — not through a Trump declassification order but, rather, through litigation brought by Judicial Watch, and with heavy redactions.

My reporting, including interviews with four dozen U.S. officials over the last several months, actually identifies a much larger collection of documents — about a dozen all together — that, when declassified, would show more completely how a routine counterintelligence probe was hijacked to turn the most awesome spy powers in America against a presidential nominee in what was essentially a political dirty trick orchestrated by Democrats.

Here are the documents that have the greatest chance of rocking Washington, if declassified:

1.)   Christopher Steele’s confidential human source reports at the FBI. These documents, known in bureau parlance as 1023 reports, show exactly what transpired each time Steele and his FBI handlers met in the summer and fall of 2016 to discuss his anti-Trump dossier. The big reveal, my sources say, could be the first evidence that the FBI shared sensitive information with Steele, such as the existence of the classified Crossfire Hurricane operation targeting the Trump campaign. It would be a huge discovery if the FBI fed Trump-Russia intel to Steele in the midst of an election, especially when his ultimate opposition-research client was Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The FBI has released only one or two of these reports under Freedom of Information Act lawsuits and they were 100 percent redacted. The American public deserves better.

2.)   The 53 House Intel interviews. House Intelligence interviewed many key players in the Russia probe and asked the DNI to declassify those interviews nearly a year ago, after sending the transcripts for review last November. There are several big reveals, I’m told, including the first evidence that a lawyer tied to the Democratic National Committee had Russia-related contacts at the CIA.

3.)   The Stefan Halper documents. It has been widely reported that European-based American academic Stefan Halper and a young assistant, Azra Turk, worked as FBI sources. We know for sure that one or both had contact with targeted Trump aides like Carter Page and George Papadopoulos at the end of the election. My sources tell me there may be other documents showing Halper continued working his way to the top of Trump’s transition and administration, eventually reaching senior advisers like Peter Navarro inside the White House in summer 2017. These documents would show what intelligence agencies worked with Halper, who directed his activity, how much he was paid and how long his contacts with Trump officials were directed by the U.S. government’s Russia probe.

4.)   The October 2016 FBI email chain. This is a key document identified by Rep. Nunes and his investigators. My sources say it will show exactly what concerns the FBI knew about and discussed with DOJ about using Steele’s dossier and other evidence to support a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant targeting the Trump campaign in October 2016. If those concerns weren’t shared with FISA judges who approved the warrant, there could be major repercussions.

5.)   Page/Papadopoulos exculpatory statements. Another of Nunes’s five buckets, these documents purport to show what the two Trump aides were recorded telling undercover assets or captured in intercepts insisting on their innocence. Papadopoulos told me he told an FBI undercover source in September 2016 that the Trump campaign was not trying to obtain hacked Clinton documents from Russia and considered doing so to be treason. If he made that statement with the FBI monitoring, and it was not disclosed to the FISA court, it could be another case of FBI or DOJ misconduct.

6.)   The ‘Gang of Eight’ briefing materials. These were a series of classified briefings and briefing books the FBI and DOJ provided key leaders in Congress in the summer of 2018 that identify shortcomings in the Russia collusion narrative. Of all the documents congressional leaders were shown, this is most frequently cited to me in private as having changed the minds of lawmakers who weren’t initially convinced of FISA abuses or FBI irregularities.

7.)   The Steele spreadsheet. I wrote recently that the FBI kept a spreadsheet on the accuracy and reliability of every claim in the Steele dossier. According to my sources, it showed as much as 90 percent of the claims could not be corroborated, were debunked or turned out to be open-source internet rumors. Given Steele’s own effort to leak intel in his dossier to the media before Election Day, the public deserves to see the FBI’s final analysis of his credibility. A document I reviewed recently showed the FBI described Steele’s information as only “minimally corroborated” and the bureau’s confidence in him as “medium.”

8.)   The Steele interview. It has been reported, and confirmed, that the DOJ’s inspector general interviewed the former British intelligence operative for as long as 16 hours about his contacts with the FBI while working with Clinton’s opposition research firm, Fusion GPS. It is clear from documents already forced into the public view by lawsuits that Steele admitted in the fall of 2016 that he was desperate to defeat Trump, had a political deadline to make his dirt public, was working for the DNC/Clinton campaign and was leaking to the news media. If he told that to the FBI and it wasn’t disclosed to the FISA court, there could be serious repercussions.

9.)   The redacted sections of the third FISA renewal application. This was the last of four FISA warrants targeting the Trump campaign; it was renewed in June 2017 after special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe had started and signed by then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. It is the one FISA application that House Republicans have repeatedly asked to be released, and I’m told the big reveal in the currently redacted sections of the application is that it contained both misleading information and evidence of intrusive tactics used by the U.S. government to infiltrate Trump’s orbit.

10.)  Records of allies’ assistance. Multiple sources have said a handful of U.S. allies overseas — possibly Great Britain, Australia and Italy — were asked to assist FBI efforts to check on Trump connections to Russia. Members of Congress have searched recently for some key contact documents with British intelligence. My sources say these documents might help explain Attorney General William Barr’s recent comments that “the use of foreign intelligence capabilities and counterintelligence capabilities against an American political campaign, to me, is unprecedented and it’s a serious red line that’s been crossed.”

John Solomon is an award-winning investigative journalist whose work over the years has exposed U.S. and FBI intelligence failures before the Sept. 11 attacks, federal scientists’ misuse of foster children and veterans in drug experiments, and numerous cases of political corruption. He is an investigative columnist and executive vice president for video at The Hill. Follow him on Twitter @jsolomonReports.


Fascists Have “NO TIME FOR TRUTH”!

Fake News About Jewish Support for Rashida Tlaib

by T. R. Clancy   at  American Thinker:


In a textbook case of burying the lede, the Detroit News on Saturday reported that Representative Rashida Tlaib was “surrounded… Friday evening during Shabbat” by Jewish supporters “in the wake of her refusal to visit Israel under restrictions imposed by that country’s government.”  It took 14 paragraphs for the News to mention that Tlaib’s supporters, JVP Action (Jewish Voice for Peace), “openly supports BDS, which is fairly marginal in the Jewish institutional world, and is widely seen as anti-Israel in that world.”  In other words, BDS supporters show their support for another BDS supporter.  Nothing to see here.

Nor is it just the “Jewish institutional world,” whatever that is, that sees JVP Action as anti-Israel.  Anyone who visits their website can see that for themselves.  Their webpage calls the founding of the State of Israel by the Arabic propaganda term, “Nakba,” (“the catastrophe”), with its “false implication of hapless victimhood” of Palestinians forced to flee as a result of the Arabs’ 1948 “war of extermination” against Israel. JVP Action believes Israel exists on “stolen land.”

This echoes Tlaib’s views exactly.  Before Israel put the kibosh on their Let’s Make Mischief Tour, both she and Ilhan Omar were referring to their destination as “Palestine.”  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted their itinerary “did not request to meet any Israeli officials, either from the government or the opposition.”  Also, the trip was sponsored by the terrorist-supporting group Mifta, who have spread the Jewish blood libel and published anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda.  It was obvious to Netanyahu that “the sole purpose of their visit is to harm Israel and increase incitement against it.”

At Friday’s event, Tlaib, in her sappy way, thanked her supporters “for not politicizing what has happened to me because I’m still a granddaughter.”  But the whole idea behind Friday’s political rally was to politicize her non-visit to grandma’s house.  Reuben Telushkin, the organizer of JVP’s Friday’s rally, says he’s dismayed at how criticism of Tlaib “glosses over the fact that this is a person who is trying to see a family member and do their job.”  JVP’s government affairs manager, Beth Miller, dials it right up to eleven, feigning outrage “that the Israeli government would hold a Member of Congress’s family hostage unless she agrees to censor herself.”  For the record, no one has reported any of the congresswoman’s family members being held hostage by the Israeli government.

The fact is, Tlaib loves to use her grandmothers as political shivs.  Months ago, she was blaming her deceased paternal grandmother for her coarse “impeach “the motherf**cker” outburst against President Trump, saying it was “probably exactly how my grandmother, if she was alive, would say it.”  She’s been using her still-living maternal grandmother in the West Bank, who reportedly hasn’t had a visit from Tlaib in 13 years, as a general stand-in for the plight of the Palestinian people.  Already last January she was announcing plans to visit the West Bank “in an effort to ‘humanize’ Palestinians, including a stop in the tiny farming village where her maternal grandmother still lives.”  And if Tlaib’s stop means a chance to shoot some campaign video footage of herself —  tiny farming village as a backdrop, wrapped in the Palestinian flag — what of it?  As Reuben Telushkin pointed out, she’d just be doing her job as a member of the U.S.  Congress, where she’s “a voice” for the Palestinian people.

Tlaib has said she only wants her grandmother “to live her last years with some sort of human dignity.”  But Tlaib is committed to the idea that for Palestinian dignity to exist, the State of Israel cannot exist, an outcome Tlaib proposes to achieve through a one-state solution that leaves Palestinians in control.

She’s also said this this trip may have been her last opportunity to see her grandmother, which highlights how childish and unreasonable she’s been not to accept Israel’s offer, and simply abide by the condition to not engage in anti-Israel activities for a few days.  As Tiana Lowe puts it at the Washington Examiner, even that was too much once “Tlaib remembered that she hates the only Jewish state on Earth more than she loves grandma.”

Tlaib’s behavior only reinforces the perception of the Palestinian character as intolerant, incapable of compromise, and lacking all self-control when it comes to Israel — traits that, until amended, disqualify them from possessing a neighboring state of their own.



Dishonesty is a Lefty Fascist Talent. It Constricts Knowledge, Thought, Speech.

“Today’s world of communication in our USA, is overwhelmingly  in the hands of Leftists, ones of a more fascist kind.    They are very rich owning Amazon, the Washington Post, the New York Times,  CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, PBS, ABC, Bloomberg, etc….. nearly all of our American colleges and universities from coast to coast……countless schools selling lies about Christians being racists and primitive, Hillary’s deplorables,  farmers and city folks  who still work for a living…….

These rich leftists are interested in world order, the fascist kind they can rule over their masses!    But, the Obama Era for our Fascist  Future was stalled, interrupted by a New York businessman who still loves his country probably more than his structural successes.

Deceit is the Leftist Fascists’ primary weapon!  Billionaire Bezos’ Washington Post apparently sells it for profit, power, and politics.

Even Fox which advertises being “Fair and Balanced” sells lefty bags of lies, in their efforts to be “equal”…..yet knowing its a lie, in order to advance their coffers, their POWER!”  ghr

Please read the following article by John Hinderaker  at  PowerLine:



Last week a reporter from the Washington Post, Rebecca Tan, emailed Katherine Kersten, a well-known journalist who works for my organization, Center of the American Experiment, asking to interview Katherine for an article she was writing. Per our usual practice, our communications director, Katie Fulkerson, called Ms. Tan to see what it was all about.

According to our recording of the conversation, Tan said that she was writing an article about local governments across the country who are taking on “racial equity initiatives.” Tan said that she already had submitted “a final draft to my editor” but was trying to “add a couple of perspectives before we move forward with it.” In other words, she had written her article and now was looking for a contrary view after the fact.

Katherine Kersten has written extensively on the baleful effects of race quotas in school discipline. We have seen such effects here in the Twin Cities: in one infamous case, a St. Paul public school teacher was attacked in his classroom by a young man who should have been suspended, and suffered traumatic brain damage as a result of the beating he sustained. Such instances, of which there have been many, if mostly not so severe, have understandably been of concern to Twin Cities residents. Kathy’s longest piece on this subject was published in City Journal.

Katie Fulkerson told Rebecca Tan that Katherine Kersten was not available for an interview, but provided this statement by Kathy:

In the St. Paul public schools, racial discipline quotas and an anti-suspension behavior modification program led to a dramatic increase in student violence. In 2015, a veteran teacher was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury after being choked and body-slammed by a student. Teachers told the local newspaper the constant threats and chaos they experience made them fearful for their safety. Administrators must discipline violent students, or they jeopardize the environment that makes learning possible for every other student. Race shouldn’t be a factor at all in those decisions.

Tan completely ignored that statement, as well as Kathy’s writing on the subject generally. She produced an article for the Post (available to subscribers only) that is now popping up in newspapers around the country. A version that appeared in Beaumont, Texas is embedded:

The article is general and anodyne: it consists mostly of descriptions of cities that have enacted “equity” policies, and acknowledges that such policies have usually not come to much. Along the way, it drops in this reference to Katherine Kersten:

Equity efforts have also sparked explicit backlash in some places, including Minnesota, where conservative writer Katherine Kersten wrote that a push to investigate biases in student discipline records will bring “increased violence” to classrooms. The state education commissioner called Kersten’s arguments “flat-out racist.”

This is a lie. Kathy has never written that “a push to investigate biases in student discipline records will bring ‘increased violence’ to classrooms.” She has written that imposition of race quotas in student discipline, resulting in students who should have been suspended roving the halls of public schools, has resulted in “increased violence”–a statement that is 100% correct.

When our Communications Director saw the Post piece with its attack on Kathy as a “racist,” she fired off a heated response to reporter Tan and her editors:


I demand an immediate correction to the news story here in which you took my colleague’s statement below completely out of context. Worse, you asked Minnesota’s education commissioner to comment on the out-of-context statement, which led her to call my colleague racist.

Here’s your paragraph:

Equity efforts have also sparked explicit backlash in some places, including Minnesota, where conservative writer Katherine Kersten wrote that a push to investigate biases in student discipline records will bring “increased violence” to classrooms. The state education commissioner called Kersten’s arguments “flat-out racist.”

Here’s Kersten’s statement:

In the St. Paul public schools, racial discipline quotas and an anti-suspension behavior modification program led to a dramatic increase in student violence. In 2015, a veteran teacher was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury after being choked and body-slammed by a student. Teachers told the local newspaper the constant threats and chaos they experience made them fearful for their safety. Administrators must discipline violent students, or they jeopardize the environment that makes learning possible for every other student. Race shouldn’t be a factor at all in those decisions.

Kersten said nothing about “a push to investigate biases” and whether or not that would be a bad thing. She referred to a specific policy in a specific school that had already been implemented and reported on the effect of that policy.

Kersten did NOT say such a push to investigate biases would “bring increased violence” to classrooms. Again, she referred to a specific policy in a specific school and provided examples showing that the policy led to increased violence.

Kersten provided a very specific example and you not only left out important context to her comments, but recklessly broadened them.

You quoted Kersten incorrectly. Nowhere in the statement, or in the piece she wrote previously, does she say the phrase “increased violence.”

You left out the point Kersten was making, which is that “violent students jeopardize the environment that makes learning possible for every other student. Race shouldn’t be a factor at all in those decisions.”

This is horrible, biased reporting.

Again, I demand an immediate correction, or take the reference to Kersten out of the story altogether.

That is a very good email, especially considering that Katie was on vacation today. She later talked at length with one of the Post’s editors, who expressed the view that, because Kersten once used the phrase “increased violence” in an article, the quote was appropriate.

This is profoundly stupid, but consistent with what we expect from low-grade rags like the Post. Kathy did indeed use the phrase “increased violence,” but it was in reference to race quotas in school discipline, not “a push to investigate biases.” In fact, Rebecca Tan’s article has nothing to do with racial quotas in school discipline, and never mentions such quotas or the effects thereof. So importing Kathy’s “increased violence” phrase is utterly indefensible. It is as though I wrote, years ago, that “Afghanistan is experiencing increased violence,” and the Post wrote, “John Hinderaker wrote that electing Democrats leads to ‘increased violence.’”

So the bottom line is that the Washington Post reached out to Katherine Kersten for a comment on its article. They got a comment, but didn’t print a word of it. Instead, the Post took a whopping two words from a column Kathy wrote a year and a half ago, on a topic that was not the subject of the Post’s article. To add insult to injury, it added a quote from a far-left activist who called Kathy a “flat-out racist.”

I would say the Post’s reporting is a flat-out lie. I think Kathy may have a good lawsuit for defamation, given the Post’s blatant misreporting of her words. At a minimum, the Post owes her a correction. I will write to the Post’s “fact checker,” Glenn Kessler, and demand a fact check and an apology.

Mostly, though, this incident is a good reminder of why no one takes far-left “news” outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times seriously. They lie. Consistently, every day.


The Washington Post Lies About a Conservative Journalist

Remember Crooked Hillary? Her Grease Advanced to Another Obama Mode!


by John Hinderaker   at PowerLine:

On Wednesday, senators released the transcript of an interview with an investigator for the Intelligence Community Inspector General that included new revelations about Hillary Clinton’s illegal, off-the-books email system. The Daily Caller headlines: “Clinton IT Aide Who Defied Subpoena Says He Created A Cryptic Gmail Account And Sent It Nearly All Of Hillary’s Emails.”

I won’t attempt an exhaustive summary; for the details, which remain obscure, follow the link. These strike me as the highlights:

* Metadata for Clinton’s emails indicate that copies of all of them (with possibly four exceptions) were sent to “CarterHeavyIndustries@gmail.com.” This raises the possibility that Hillary’s 30,000 or so missing emails may still exist and be recoverable, but that strikes me as unlikely. More probably, whoever controlled that email account deleted them long ago.

* The guy who set up this fictitious email account is a crook:

The FBI says that the suspicious Gmail address was set up by an IT aide, Paul Combetta, who worked for a company that managed Clinton’s server. Combetta is the same IT aide who used BleachBit to permanently erase copies of Clinton’s emails after they were subpoenaed by the House, misled the FBI about it, and was given immunity from prosecution, all while asking for basic computing advice on Reddit.

Combetta refused to cooperate with the Department of Justice Inspector General and with the authors of the Senate report about his use of the cryptic email address. He previously pleaded the Fifth before Congress in September 2016 about his deletion of emails.

* The Intelligence Community Inspector General investigator who discovered the Carter Heavy Industries destination was Frank Rucker. It was his interview transcript that was released on Wednesday. Rucker thought the Carter Heavy Industries finding was potentially important, and passed it on to Peter Strzok, the FBI official who headed up the Hillary Clinton email investigation and–with a great deal more enthusiasm–the Trump/Russia hoax. “Strzok seemed uninterested and did not ask any followup questions,” according to Rucker. Well, of course not. From Strzok’s perspective, this was just one more damn thing he would have to cover up.

* The FBI as a whole, not just Strzok, was uncooperative, so ICIG did some research on its own:

Frustrated by the FBI’s attitude to a possible national security issue, ICIG McCullough and Rucker, the ICIG investigator, did basic research that found that a company with a similar name, Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Machinery Co., was based in Shandong, China, according to the Senate report. Shandong is a province that houses multiple schools where Chinese hackers allegedly study and infiltrate Western systems.

Is that coincidence significant? Probably not. The crook Combetta set up the Carter Heavy Industries Gmail account. There is no reason to think he was acting on behalf of the Chinese government, and if he were, he would have no reason to give the email account a name that would tie it to China.

That’s enough for now. We may never learn all the details of Hillary’s email frolic, but we probably don’t need to. What we know for sure is bad enough: she ignored statutes and State Department rules by creating a technically incompetent off-the-books email system that was easily vulnerable to penetration by foreign powers. She did this in order to evade the Freedom of Information Act and to keep secret matters relating to her job duties that the American people were entitled by law to know (and perhaps other things as well).

In the Obama administration, Clinton was no outlier. Other senior Obama officials did the same or similar things–Obama’s EPA head conducted official business using a private email account in the name of her dog–and President Obama himself was well aware of Hillary’s improper conduct. He emailed Hillary at her “secret” email address using an alias. The rank incompetence on display here is stunning.


More Clinton Email Funny Business

Hillary’s Anti-American Uranium Sales To Russia Make Big Noise!

Disturbing nuclear reports from Russia, a scare for Alaska … and Hillary Clinton’s uranium sales to Russia

by Monica Showalter   at  American Thinker


Two disturbing reports of nuclear explosions have been coming down hard from Russia.

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge reports:

Is Russia in the process of covering up a nuclear accident after a confirmed spike in radiation levels in the aftermath of a reported rocket engine explosion at a northern testing facility Thursday? Authorities confirmed the accident involved an “isotope power source for a liquid-fuelled rocket engine”.

Russia’s state nuclear agency has said five of its staff members were killed at a military testing site in northern Russia, reportedly when the liquid propellant rocket engine exploded during tests on a sea platform. Some reports say it may have involved a top secret weapon that was part of Moscow’s hypersonic arsenal. Russia is pursuing hypersonic missiles as a nuclear deterrent, as Putin himself has recently verbalized.

Other staff were being treated for serious burns after the accident; however, as Reuters reported, there’s a run on iodine (used to reduce the effects of radiation exposure) in the northern port cities of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk, near where the mystery accident occurred.

That was just one accident. An earlier one occurred a few days earlier at an arms depot:

Thursday’s mystery incident came two days after 16,500 people fled their homes when a separate immensely powerful series of blasts rocked an arms depot in Siberia, which had been caught in dramatic footage.

It’s tempting to look at this story as a local one, a story of the old Russian failure to be transparent in nuclear matters, something the Soviets were guilty of during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986 and in theit terrible nuclear accidents in Siberia and Kazakhstan. Don’t these guys ever learn? Does everything have to be a secret when the fallout is raining down on the citizens? It’s sad.

But actually, it’s something perhaps more disturbing: The accidents may be a sign of a let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may, balls-to-the-wall, reckless nuclear weapons expansion. Haste makes waste. And who the heck is threatening them, why do they need to do this? Why this nuclear expansion? This news comes not long after President Trump cancelled a nuclear weapons treaty with Russia because the Russians had ceased observing its agreements. Obviously, some kind of buildup seems to be the story. When buildups go fast, accidents happen. And that may well affect us, raising questions again about Hillary Clinton’s sales of uranium to the Russians back when she was Secretary of State during the Obama administration.

Note that in the Durden report, the Russians say the accident happened on a sea platform.

Sea platform? Like, sea warfare?

What a coincidence – the Russians just happen to have set up a floating nuclear plant that is scaring Alaska. Look at this KTUU local news report out of Anchorage, Alaska, done by the Associated Press the other, which hasn’t made the news in the Lower 48 yet:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A Russia-designed floating nuclear power plant has begun its journey through the Arctic this month causing concerns in Alaska.

Alaska Public Media reports that the 472-foot barge launched in St. Petersburg, Russia and will continue along the coast to the Bering Strait separating Alaska.

Russia officials say the plan is to dock the world’s first floating nuclear power plant at Pevek, Russia about 1,250 miles from Anchorage, Alaska.

Alaska advocates say they are concerned about potential radiation the barge could produce in the northwest region.

It is indeed scary, given that Russia is having nuclear accidents on its own territory. One doesn’t quite see the same delicateness of sensibility toward Alaska’s green priorities from the Russians as the greenies of Alaska might require. The other thing is, maybe the Russians wanted this to seem like a threat. If so, they succeeded.

Here’s a third thing that’s inevitably going to be raised from this: Was this Russian nuclear buildup and the new emerging threats coming to Alaska aided by all that uranium Hillary Clinton made available to them and their Kazakh allies, back when the uranium sales were approved? What became known as the Uranium One scandal involved 20% of the U.S. uranium supply approved for sale to Russia and its allies. While it’s true that U.S. uranium is not for export, there are ways of getting around export controls, and commodities can be quite fungible, which is why the export controls are there in the first place. Clinton sat on a board that signed off on the whole thing. Even if the aim wasn’t to get hold of uranium itself (Kazakhstan has oodles of it, they probably don’t “need” America’s), it’s also possible that the aim was to keep the U.S. from developing its nuclear capabilities in counterweight to a Russian rush toward more nukes, a plan to buy the assets and sit on them.

The news is sketchy for now, and the dots are not completely connected, but you can bet the CIA and National Security Agency are looking at this, and they should. The public though, should also be made aware that Russia is moving with some kind of breakneck speed to develop nukes, they’re making a mess, and they’re scaring Alaska now. Hillary Clinton’s uranium sales to the Russians during her term as Secretary of State might just have something to do with this very bad trajectory.



Socialist Rulers Dictating What and How Much Food Their Citizens Consume?


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Through human history, the basic standard of well-being has been the ability to afford an adequate diet, especially one that includes animal protein. But, in classic first world style, some German politicians have decided that Germans eat “too much” meat. Hence a campaign to raise taxes on meat: “Green tax on sausages a step too far for Germans.”

Germany has raised the prospect of imposing a hefty tax on meat to encourage carnivores to cut down on their consumption.

This week MPs from the ruling parties flirted with abolishing meat’s special status in the tax system and nearly trebling the levy on each product to 19 per cent.

A 19 percent tax on meat!

Alongside staples such as bread, milk and coffee, Germany levies only a 7 per cent VAT rate on meat products, while charging 19 per cent VAT on baby food, restaurant meals and mineral water.

Earlier this week MPs floated the idea of moving meat into the more expensive category, in effect indicating that it is more of a luxury than an indispensable foodstuff.

I think most of us would agree that meat is indispensable. Most Germans apparently agree:

The meat tax was abandoned yesterday as the leaders of the mainstream parties fretted that it could become politically toxic and difficult to administer in Germany’s highly devolved federal structure.

The fundamental question, of course, is: what right do politicians and bureaucrats have to tell the rest of us we are eating “too much” meat, so that the price should be inflated via taxation?


Germans Rebel Against Tax on Meat