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Courageous Fan Waves Her Trump 2020 Flag!

The Frightened Old Woman with Her Trump 2020 Flag

By Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker:


Scouting a location to shoot a promotional video for my Trump Train 2020 song, my wife Mary and I spotted a lovely home with a huge Trump 2020 flag waving in the breeze on a flagpole. After knocking on the front door and introducing myself, I assured the elderly white homeowner that we would not show her address in our video.

Still, she declined our request to allow Mary to shoot video of me with her Trump 2020 flag in the background. She was terrified of being persecuted by Trump haters. It is outrageous that citizens are afraid to publicly express support for the president of the United States. The atrocious reality is Democrats and fake news media continue to instigate hate and violence against Trump voters.

Folks, we are in the process of losing our country right now, not somewhere down the road. Democrats are aggressively repealing your constitutional right to free speech. New York City will fine you $250,000 for saying “illegal alien.”

The only thing standing between Democrats and fake news media implementing their insane job-killing, anti-American, socialistic, and anti-Christian agenda nationwide is Donald J. Trump in the White House.

Fake News Media and Democrats’ hate-driven obsession with removing Trump from office is so over-the-top that it has literally become an episode of the “Twilight Zone.” Irrefutable proof that Trump did not pressure the Ukraine president to interfere in our election is being ignored. Democrats are moving forward with impeaching Trump based solely on Adam Schiff’s easily proven lies about what Trump said to the president of Ukraine.

Democrats have put all their eggs to win the presidency in 2020 into their Impeach-Trump basket. Their game plan is to sell voters their absurd lie that Trump is so corrupt that they had to impeach him.

The truth is that Trump has done nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, Trump is determined to restore power, as written in the Constitution, to We the People. He has built an unprecedented long list of remarkable achievements for America.  If Trump is not reelected, Democrats will begin reversing his achievements, repealing your individual liberties, and abandoning Trump’s America first agenda.

This is why my Trump Train 2020 song is so important. It is not just an ordinary nice song. I sincerely believe it was divinely inspired for such a crucial time as this. My Trump Train 2020 song will inspire, encourage, and embolden you. The song lets people know the great things Trump has done and is doing to save and restore our beloved country. Keeping his promises, Trump truly is making America great again.

Here is a bit of insider info about the recording session of the Trump Train 2020 song. My music producer and I had trouble finding Maryland singers and a recording studio willing to record a song supportive of Trump. We eventually found a recording studio. Singers from various states responded to my clarion call. We had singers black and white, old and young. Fourteen-year-old Justice, whose mom brought her all the way to Maryland from Florida, did a great job belting out her solo line, “Can you hear the whistle sound!” I love this kid.

After our awesome recording session which felt like a family reunion, the owner of the recording studio emailed me. He raved about how much fun he had and how it was a pleasure working with such a great group of nice people. Clearly, we Trump supporters were not the deplorable racist haters characterized by fake news media and Democrats.

Patriots, I cannot express upon you how important it is that we counter fake news media and Democrats’ relentless 24/7 flooding the airwaves with lies designed to deceive, intimidate, and dispirit Trump and his supporters. To win in 2020, Democrats and fake news media hope to destroy Trump’s character in the minds of a majority of voters.

It is infuriating that Democrats’ resistance to Trump has become so deranged that the elderly white woman with the Trump 2020 flag was afraid to risk her home being seen in my video.

I shot my one-minute promotional video for the Trump Train 2020 song at the beautiful Potomac river in West Virginia.

To be reelected, president Trump desperately needs and truly appreciates the support of everyone who loves America.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American




Socialism’s black  President,  Barack Hussein Obama,  was the most racist American President since Democrat Woodrow Wilson.

America is now enjoying the result of his CORRUPT  antiAmerican administration, including the “Kaepernick Method”,  to expand its current Communist Revolution, the one now exercised and led  by the Charles Schumer-Nancy Pelosi Leftist Democrat Party, the New York Times, Washington Post, PBS, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, MOST OF FOX NEWS and MUCH OF FOX BUSINESS…… and bred by  nearly every contemporary American university from coast to coast.

The American Democrat Party has encased the American Black Citizen and Family in its political and economic cages without pause since before the  WAR BETWEEN THE STATES, 1861 – 1865.   Barack Hussein Obama’s biography has never been allowed to become public.   Leftists would sell the idea as WHITE RACISM at the New York Times, PBC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, MOST OF FOX NEWS AND MUCH OF FOX BUSINESS.

THE OBAMA PARTY began using the Kaepernick Method as propaganda  about a year ago.  Obama’s BLACKS AND FRIENDS of all colors, sexes, shapes and sizes, apparently even the many skilled   who are paid millions  to play professional football for today’s American public entertainment, have been cowed to advertise Communist programmed propaganda against  the most free, the most tolerant, democratic nation ever devised by mankind.  “Be ugly where ever and when ever possible”…is the Obama racist antiAmerican strategy…..from blocking roads, beating up conservative students and speakers at university ,  reporting untruths on television news (including Fox’s magnate international  business folks who hate the American in  President Donald J. Trump….and be ugly especially on Sundays, when once upon a time, even when I was young,  nearly every American spent time for GOD AND FAMILY.

That yesterday’s Sunday  is about dead.   Big Business’ Professional Football has become  today’s American  ‘god’ of  life, whose worship of body overwhelms worship for mind, being,  and TRUTH.  This god worship has spread to Monday’s and Thursdays as well, when in season.   Leftists who run the country’s news,  prefer to  perform the “Kaepernick Method” for their racist  propaganda on holy days.

Our American President Donald Trump recently announced his American unhappiness with this leftist, black racist, “Kaepernick Method” disorder.  “Keep politics out of America’s sports world!” he responded, hoping the professional football folks might wake their Kaepernicks up.

Yesterday’s football Sunday became very black indeed.   Some Kaepernick footballers sat on their fannies while their American National Anthem was heard….Others disappeared from public view.  In Chicago where the Pittsburgh Steelers failed to play well yesterday , only one Steeler   broke team racism by  not only respecting the flag, but, as if in solo, sang the National Anthem remarkable emotionally with the fans.  I believe he had an Italian name.

My son and I have had Viking season tickets for twenty years.  I did not go to the home game yesterday.  I refused to watch the game on television yesterday.   I worked in my gardened grounds instead, very happily….And I was happy the Vikings had won.    Until yesterday, I used to be a devoted fan of the New England Patriots despite their political left wing miasma geographically.   Its owner, a good American,  was mouthy critical of President Trump’s very American view about separating this foul Obamaling era marriage of leftist politics with American sports….. marriages Communists forever perform when Communists are on the march.

I’ve been in Obamaland’s one party dictatorship  socialist dream, the Soviet Union twice, in 1966 and again in 1990 when its national imprisonment began to shake.  I spoke Russian fluently then….what a blessing!   But the traditional American family, especially in today’s  Black American community, the one with a responsible Godfearing mother and  father with children  has pretty much disappeared since then……along with the knowledge and spirit so desperately needed in a civilized society.


These males do exist today…..and so many are blacker than I am in  color.    I have been aware of Kevin Jackson for years and used to carry his commentary at this venue.   There’s David Webb and others found at Fox.   Thomas Sowell was a public intellectual Saint for years, but rarely read.

Kevin appeared this morning at Fox Business, as I was watching.  I am not surprised that he sees what I see in  Our Donald.   Fox Business is often less Foxy Left than Fox News, the ‘fair and balanced’ sales sold  by New York and/or Washington DC people, the ones still in shock that Our Donald gathered 306 Electoral College votes last November.

Kevin was surrounded by photo the standard Fox Business Neil Cavuto types…an antiTrumpee business Charlie who further despised Our Donald for opposing ‘freedom’ of rebellious political speech by the football Marxist revolutionaries pre-game time, a Sabrina, a gal of typical ditsy feminist utterance  on the matter of blacks and friends expressing themselves politically before they earn their keep on the football field……and staid, programmed business Fox guy, Cavuto who has some ‘business’  axe to grind regarding Our Donald.

Until Our Donald became President last January, Fox News was a wonderful center in introducing bright, articulate, intelligent, honest Americans of blackish tint all of whom made me very, very proud to be an American in this our God’s year, 2017.

Follow them folks.   They are vital in our All-American efforts to make America Great Again!!

(Correction:   Memory erred regarding the family name of the courageous Steeler American patriot mentioned above.   His family name was of a Romance language other than Italian…..He, Alejandro Villanueva,  has more of a Hispanic family name.)




Gray Matter Fascism at the New York Times

It is highly unlikely Frank Bruni is a stupid New York Times employee.  He does, however, have a lot of company at the New York Times, that is a host of people who hate TRUTH and therefore exude stupidity!   They are Leftists, nearly all…..and as Dennis Prager reports, Leftists have no value regarding TRUTH….ONLY LEFTISM, A RELIGION OF THE GODLESS.    Mr. Bruni, another  Leftist “Cripple” at the New York Times  writes fascistically:

Ben Carson’s Gray Matter

by Frank Bruni at the New York Times:

“I need Ben Carson in my head.

In my hippocampus, to be exact.

According to Carson, the human brain stores a perfect, indelible record of everything that it has seen, heard and done, and if he just drilled a hole through my skull and planted electrodes in the right region, bingo! I’d have access to the whole wondrous trove.

Drill, baby, drill. I need the access. As things stand now, I lose 45 minutes every week to the retrieval of forgotten passwords, and I recently got three-quarters of the way through a mystery before realizing that I knew whodunit, how he dun it and why he dun it. I’d already read the book.

Carson, our brand-new housing secretary, made an introductory, supposedly inspirational speech to federal employees this week, and while this kind of thing normally doesn’t wind up in the news, there’s nothing normal about Carson.

During the speech, he went on the tangent about the brain that I just described, and while, granted, he’s a renowned neurosurgeon and I’m an expert on little more than semicolons, I do question his assertion that with proper cerebral stimulation, someone can “recite back to you verbatim a book they read 60 years ago.” Maybe “Green Eggs and Ham.” But “The Mill on the Floss”?

Several of Carson’s fellow brain experts scoffed at this claim, though there was much louder scoffing at a subsequent stretch of his remarks that described America as a magnet for dreamers who arrived with “all of their earthly belongings in their two hands, not knowing what this country held for them.”

“There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder, for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters, might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”



  yet, please continue reading the New York Time diatribe:

“Sometimes Twitter goes berserk because it’s Twitter, other times because it should. “Their dream?” tweeted the movie director Ava DuVernay. “Not be kidnapped, tortured, raped.”

I was transfixed by “even longer, even harder, for less.” Not to be a stickler, but that doesn’t quite cover the distance between the sweatshop and the plantation.

On ABC’s talk show “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg recalled previous odd statements by Carson, noting that “the man who thought the pyramids were built for grain silos” and who “called the Big Bang theory ridiculous” was back with “a brand-new epic.”

“Were the slaves really thinking about the American dream?” she asked. “No, because they were thinking, ‘What the hell just happened?’ ” It’s a thought I myself have had after listening to Carson.

Carson is the only African-American in Trump’s cabinet, and he’s a great lesson — for the left as well as the right — that sensitivity is a function of sensibility, not merely of complexion or membership in a given identity group.


“There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder, for less,” Ben Carson told Housing and Urban Development employees on Monday in remarks that prompted puzzlement and outrage. CreditSusan Walsh/Associated Press

A black person can bumble into racially hurtful comments. A female executive can turn a blind eye to sexism in the ranks below her. A gay person can ignore or indulge homophobia. Diversity increases the odds that an organization sees the world more acutely, accurately and empathetically. But it’s not the end of the effort, and it’s no guarantee.

Carson rose from hardship to acclaim and riches. He performed awe-inspiring surgeries. He also suggested that prison causes homosexuality, which he separately likened to bestiality, and that Planned Parenthood aimed, through abortions, to limit the black population. He compared Obamacare to slavery.

He’s a riveting jumble and an important reminder that brilliance and competence along one axis hardly ensures brilliance or even coherence along another. Although we like to tag people as geniuses or fools — it’s a stark, easy taxonomy — they’re more complicated and compartmentalized than that.

Carson is enraptured by what people can be made to remember. I’m fascinated by what they choose to forget. Just before Trump nominated Carson to be housing secretary, one of Carson’s principal campaign advisers said that the good doctor knew far too little about the federal government to work in it. Trump decided to pay that no heed.

During the campaign, Trump said that incidents of aggression in Carson’s youth revealed a “pathological temper” and lumped him together with pedophiles, explaining: “You don’t cure a child molester. There’s no cure for it. Pathological — there’s no cure for that.”

But Carson shrugged that off when Trump came around with a glitzy job offer. It was all water under the hippocampus.

In his speech on Monday, Carson said, “There is nothing in this universe that even begins to compare with the human brain and what it is capable of.” He got that much right, and how.”

What, besides deceit and supreme ugliness, does the New York Time bring America these days?   As Dennis Prager reminds us all, “Ugliness and deceit is what the Left eternally provides.”

If Mr. Bruni were honest and forthright, he would provide a list of Leftism’s victims…..Joseph Stalin’s 25,000,000, Pol Pot’s 5,000,000, and Mao’s 60,000,000 murdered, victims of Leftist ideology…..without even mentioning its slaughters in  Eastern Europe.

PowerLine: A Big Night for Republicans


by John Hinderaker   at  PowerLine:

Day two of the Republican convention was a success. The first speaker I saw was Tiffany Trump. I read somewhere that Tiffany was the weak link in the family, I guess because she is Marla Maples’ daughter. In fact, she was great–a 22-year-old (or so) graduate of Penn, she was cool as a cucumber, and her speech was terrific. My wife, whose emotional intelligence is superior to mine, pointed out that Tiffany told the sorts of personal anecdotes that warm peoples’ attitudes toward Donald, and that Melania didn’t. It was a remarkable performance by an intelligent and poised young Republican.

She was followed by Chris Christie. Christie has taken a fair amount of abuse lately, but he is a formidable guy. Let me put it this way: for four decades, I was a litigator. I spent years of my life in court, tried over 100 jury cases, took thousands of depositions and argued hundreds if not thousands of motions. And I would not have liked to go up against Chris Christie. He is very, very good.

Christie put Hillary Clinton on trial. Maybe there was a teleprompter somewhere, but Christie wasn’t using it. He was on a roll, indicting Hillary for one failure, disaster or lie after another. The convention audience pronounced her guilty, bringing to mind the old Doonesbury cartoon:

A Big Night For Republicans

Unlike Sleaze Obama and Hillary, Our Donald Trump Will Free America from Fascism!

“Fascism” is presently the ‘fragrance of intolerance and dictatorsip’ popular among the left, its press and its realm of feminists, black racists, atheists and other foreigners indoctrinating our young at leftist propaganda stations throughout the nation now and for the past generation…. Eight years of “Heil Sleaze Obama”…..and now the odor of  Crooked Hillary!    How many millions of illegal immigrants will be voting for ‘her’ corruption  this November?

The stench from the carcass of  our today’s  lifeless  democracy is the smell that arises  from the death of  a people’s knowledge.

However, there hopefully may  be a renovation movement with a builder, OUR DONALD TRUMP  this time for something ‘entirely different’ from stench and deceit.

Please read on:

4 Major Objections To Donald Trump That Fail The Smell Test

Dennis Prager, Despite His Own Stench, Will Vote For Our Donald!

I have been a devoted radio  fan of Dennis Prager since October, 2004 when I first heard his voice describing the empty suited, presidential candidate of the Left,  John F. Kerry.

Dennis’ vocabulary exposing his vast knowledge describing this phony Democrat sans suit plus an emotion which came from both heart and body was worth some kind of a world championship medal.

No one I have ever known has so matched my thinking, political, social, religious, cultural than this Dennis Prager……..until the arrival of guess who???

Our Donald……

Not that I hadn’t thought ill of our Donald over the 30 or more years I have known the man via television and newsprint.   His culture, religion,  language,  and wealth were certainly not mine, yet  I only had read about him in papers and knew he performed occasionally on television.

I actually prefer the company of the fellow artist- laborers in our landscape garden company.    They are as talented in their outdoor field of art, construction,  and creativity  as Dennis and his talk-alikes  are in their  indoor field of political  cultural persuasion  and preachment….but I can’t imagine Dennis and associates could really understand  the meaning of my statement.   Nor would decent Jonah Goldberg, and the other conservatives on Dennis’ hate Trump list.  These are indoor preachers,  teams teeming  in today’s  indoor culture who  make their fortunes telling listeners how to live, think, and vote.

They claim to be the real conservative.   They have despised Mr. Trump, almost brain-dead since the man entered the  2016 presidential contest as a Republican.

Mr. Trump didn’t match Pragerpeople standards…… These snob superior GOP railed  over this flamboyant, in ones face business man, who as it turns out, likes to tell things as he actually sees and feels about them.   But, the elite shouted, “He’s not even a conservative”….and “He doesn’t even have a foreign policy”…..and worse, Mr. Trump mouthed in public  what he (and countless others) saw in Fiorina’s new  face….plastic rather than character.   How modern!

It turned out there was something terribly plastic about almost all of the 17 or so Republican candidates vying for the White House life.   Only our Donald was pricelessly different, actually unique.   I especially noticed that on the evening of August 6, when arrogant Fox gal,  Megyn Kelly,  introduced herself to our Donald attacking him to advance her own reputation as a feminist ‘tough’ quoting from comments made about some women he’s known in the past.

Dennis never interviewed our Donald on his radio show.      Never to shame his own self esteem, our Dennis,  now that Mr. Trump is the winning GOP candidate to face dame Hillary, although still   ‘despises’ our Donald, but despises him  less than he despises Mrs. Clinton’s leftist fascists he so correctly describes as tyrants coming to roost if Mr. Trump doesn’t win in November.

I do confess, I have come to love our Donald with all his faults Dennis snarls about, even more than the respect I have had all  these twelve years of knowing our Dennis.  My country’s future is in Mr. Trump’s mind and hands.  That does please me very much!

From that very August 6th evening when assaulted by feminist Kelly our Donald first answered “Only Rosie O’Donnell” referring to remarks about mouth-ugly  women,  I knew this guy was not  just another boring GOP automaton mouthing words with more words loser.   He was a business man, a builder not a political hack, a real guy American who reeked personality and seemed as profoundly pissed at what has become of the country’s business, beliefs,  and ignorance as I was.

I loved his language and tone……at last someone is poking holes into the leftist wall of political correctness.  I love his tempo,  humor, his personality.  He’s winsome!!

And he is NOT a hack politician, but a conservative business man who knows what he wants…..TO MAKE AMERICA  GREAT AGAIN!!  Where can I sign up!

Poor, lonely, misguided, isolated, indoorman, Dennis Prager…..hasn’t a clue, yet!

It might conversion painful, but he’ll get there when the real battle begins.

The following Prager confession is about the best Dennis  can do at present, to write something less nasty, less bigoted  than his daily assaults on our Donald almost to this very day.

Well, as the old saying goes:  “Halitosis is better than no breath at all!”

A Response to My Conservative #NeverTrump Friends

Dennis Prager

5/24/2016 12:01:00 AM – Dennis Prager

When you differ from people you admire, you have to question yourself. After all, what is the purpose of admiring people if they aren’t capable of influencing you?

So, I have had to challenge my position — stated since the outset of the Republican presidential debates — that if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, I will vote for him over Hillary Clinton, or any Democrat for that matter.

I devoted many hours of radio and many columns to criticizing Trump. His virtually assured nomination has therefore caused me grief as an American, a Republican and a conservative. That his character defects, gaps in knowledge on some important issues, and lack of identifiably conservative principles came to mean little to so many Republican voters is quite troubling. (Though, I might add, it is even more troubling that virtually all Democrats ignore the even worse character of Hillary Clinton, as well as the idiotic socialist ideas of Sen. Bernie Sanders.)

#NeverTrump conservatives, such as (in alphabetical order) Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, Ben Shapiro, Bret Stephens and George Will are not merely people I admire — they are friends and colleagues. Goldberg, Stephens and Will have made multiple videos for Prager University, which receive millions of views. Shapiro and I have spent Shabbat together. I have had the privilege of writing for Kristol’s The Weekly Standard and having him on my show many times. And I have enthusiastically promoted their books. These individuals are special to me not only as thinkers, but as people.

However, in the final analysis, I do not find their arguments compelling.

Take the “conscience” argument that one can sleep with a clear conscience by not voting for Trump. I don’t find it compelling because it means that your conscience is clear after making it possible for Clinton or any other Democrat to win.

In fact, the “conscience” argument is so weak that Goldberg — to his credit — published a column two days ago titled “Sorry, I Still Won’t Ever Vote for Trump.” He wrote, “If the election were a perfect tie, and the vote fell to me and me alone, I’d probably vote for none other than Donald Trump.”

Shouldn’t all Americans vote as if their vote were the deciding vote? Including those whose votes “don’t count” because they live in states that are so left-wing they would still vote Democrat if Vladimir Lenin headed the Democratic ticket?

The choice this November is tragic. As it often happens in life, this choice is between bad and worse, not bad and good.

But America has made that choice before. When forced to choose between bad and worse, we supported Joseph Stalin against Adolf Hitler, and we supported right-wing authoritarians against Communist totalitarians.

It seems to me that the #NeverTrump conservatives want to remain morally pure. I understand that temptation. I am tempted, too. But if you wish to vanquish the bad, it is not possible — at least not on this side of the afterlife — to remain pure.

The most moving interview of my 33 years in radio was with Irene Opdyke, a Polish Catholic woman. Opdyke became the mistress of a married Nazi officer in order to save the lives of 12 Jews. She hid them in the cellar of the officer’s house in Warsaw. There were some Christians who called my show to say that Opdyke’s actions were wrong, that she had in fact sinned because she knowingly committed a mortal sin. In their view, she compromised Catholic/Christian doctrine.

In my view — and, I believe, the view of most Catholics and other Christians — she brought glory to her God and her faith. Why? Because (SET ITAL) circumstances almost always determine what is moral (END ITAL), even for religious people like myself who believe in moral absolutes. That’s why the act of dropping atom bombs on Japan was moral. The circumstances (ending a war that would otherwise continue taking millions of lives) made moral what under other circumstances would be immoral.

In the 2016 presidential race, I am not interested in moral purity. I am interested in defeating the left and its party, the Democratic Party. The notion (expressed by virtually every #NeverTrump advocate) that we can live with another four years of a Democratic president is, forgive me, mind-boggling. To that end, with at least one, and probably multiple, additional leftists on the Supreme Court, a Republican presidential victory in 2020 would mean little. All the left needs is the judicial branch, especially the Supreme Court. Left-wing judges pass so many left-wing laws that they render those who control Congress, and even the White House, almost irrelevant.

Here, then, are nine reasons (there are more) why a conservative should prefer a Trump presidency to a Democrat presidency:

–Prevent a left-wing Supreme Court.

–Increase the defense budget.

–Repeal, or at least modify, the Dodd-Frank act.

–Prevent Washington, D.C. from becoming a state and giving the Democrats another two permanent senators.

–Repeal Obamacare.

–Curtail illegal immigration, a goal that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with xenophobia or nativism (just look at Western Europe).

–Reduce job-killing regulations on large and small businesses.

–Lower the corporate income tax and bring back hundreds of billions of offshore dollars to the United States.

–Continue fracking, which the left, in its science-rejecting hysteria, opposes.

For these reasons, I, unlike my friends, could not live with my conscience if I voted to help the America-destroying left win the presidency in any way.

I just don’t understand how anyone who understands the threat the left and the Democrats pose on America will refuse to vote for the only person who can stop them.


The Dishonesty of our Ranting God, Dennis Prager

On this Friday morning Dennis Prager  spent the  first hour of his radio show ranting.  He hates Donald Trump.  After the fifty minutes or so of its noise, Dennis finished his Hitlerian sermon with “God knows who’s right.”

In Dennis’ world, Dennis Prager is God, therefore Dennis Prager is always right on his radio show….and so his hating of our Donald is part of his life’s worship.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have  the machinery to  record God Dennis’ rant.   Dennis speaks very rapidly when he is angry.   When he’s angry with Hillarians, he spews Truth with clarity and evidence, for there is so much evidence to discuss.    When Dennis’ pudding seems to bear something new and foreign, Dennis tends  to speak very, very rapidly and spews untruths about the unknown,  especially when  fantasy  ranting about our Donald these days.

Is our Dennis a liar when he gets emotional and spews lies and verbal axes   so emotionally  at Republican for President, candidate, Donald Trump?     Or is just a product  of upset?

I happen to love our Donald…and out Dennis.    Donald  is the most refreshing presidential candidate breathing  “real-American air” to have come across our coast-to-coast once democratic United States since  my post puberty lifetime, early eighth  grade,  St. Paul, Minnesota in  1947.    Looking back since that time my favorite candidates who became  presidents are Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy,  and Ronald Reagan.    Most of the rest of the presidential candidates since  that time period   are  Marco Rubios and Ted Cruzes or better.

What, Dennis,  have the Marco Rubios and Ted Cruzes ever done in adult life but play politics and learn the language, games,  and  deceits of that world?

What,  Dennis, have you  done in earnings throughout  your  adult life except  to ‘propagandize’?    Office to flight to home, to office to radio to propagandize  to home, to flight to propagandize to home?….and speak , speak, speak and write to change minds?

What, Dennis, have you EVER built with your own  brain AND hands?  What, do you know about such human adult animals….nearly ALL males….who do  build with their brains AND hands?…YOU, RADIO Man….another social intolerant  Joseph  Goebbels of today’s antiTrump snobby, Republican Party elite establishment?

This morning, Radio Dennis winced at “the coarsening of America….It’s becoming a real issue”.   Dennis implies Donald Trump is inventing and advancing the nation’s coarsening movement, or at least advances its cause when in yesternight’s  GOP ‘debates’  our Donald responded to Marco Rubios attack upon Trump masculinity.

Our Dennis was so outraged at the Trump defense statement he opened his morning’s program with five minutes of  Dennis wailing over the  Trumpism.   I kept waiting for the  vulgar wording, but their wasn’t one.   Dennis preferred to introduce the unusual word for public  gab”genitalia” to his radio show not only once in complaint about Donald, but twice to emphasize  his version of how, why,   evangelical Christians should be outraged for voting for our Donald and vote for his…..well…..today’s Cruz.

Dennis cannot understand how on EARTH Christian Evangelicals have been voting for our Donald…May God Bless Them for doing so!  Our Dennis says he  knows so many of them…..especially the ones who line up supporting Israel….May God Bless Them for doing so!

“IT’S ALL EMOTION”….Dennis RANTED emotionally!  “THERE IS NO THOUGHT!!”   Dennis really shouts, without  Dennis thought.

Dennis, is as I am,  upset with GOP Establishment’s Marco Rubio….a fine young man who speaks well as a politician and comes from a family with a classic beautiful family story all Americans should be proud of.   Marco had  drifted from the righteous and was advised to  ‘dirt’ on Donald…..in public, no less…not once but twice.   Dennis, upset with GOP- preferred Marco, is now persuaded the Ted Cruz GOP way.

Dennis considers the liar Ted with the evangelical Ted.   He makes no mention of  Cruz’s radio, television, and stump clever  slimy language pretending, morphing   who he thinks  our Donald is to get himself the most votes.  I do find Cruz bright, determined, hard working, yet greasy, like Burt Lancaster as Elmer Gantry……and greasy not only referring to his sleaze thrown at Trump, but unreliable politically  in general….simply more clever about who he is than others, and a loner.

Dennis identifies with these politicians.   They make their money politicking, selling thoughts, ideas, the reasons mostly  why I have listened to Dennis’s radio sales since October, 2004.

How,  fellow citizens,   would you like your own personal life smeared the way this  GOP gang does to Donald  in its  efforts to bury him?   Dennis, have you ever  listened to your own recordings of your radio performances falsely smearing him?  Is Mr. Trump really a racist who hooks up with the KKK behind American lines?

Dennis either deceives us or he doesn’t really know,  yet  avers with God-Dennis certainty that our Donald cannot defeat the American Lady Macbeth Hillary in November:

“Trump is receiving ONLY 35% of the Republican presidential primary vote”.   And, the greatest horror for all America, “Cannot defeat Hillary”… Dennis asserts.   He suggests none of these  votes will drift to our Donald.

Has Dennis ever invited a true proTrump pro to chat about candidate Donald’s ‘goods’ and ‘bests’?   Has our Dennis ever invited Donald to his radio show for a chat?

Dennis!    Nowhere in the Federal Constitution does it state a candidate for the presidency of the United States HAS TO BE A TRAINED POLITICIAN!”…..nor that he or she has to be a member of a political party!

I see the same Donald J. Trump that you see, Dennis!    Nearly everyone sees the same body, hears the same Trump words.  Many have children who with their parents watched last  evening’s battle and didn’t hear anything vulgar at all….I am a generation older than you and am personally far better aware than you (my opinion)  about the collapse of JudeoChristian standards  of classical Biblical values.    Its cancers metasticized exponentially  in  the mid 1960s and were only somewhat  controlled during the Reagan years.    Were you about a Brooklyn 3 years old then?

What about your words. today’s words, Dennis, you, not cursing, but foully describing our Donald and the millions of us who see in him….EMOTIONALLY:

A great personality, far more immediately winsome  than yours and any Republican’s or Democrat’s  I have come across in the past 65 years of American life.

Not like you and your fellow GOP and Hillarian politicos who harp and carp for a living, he has built things, here, there and elsewhere.  THERE ARE CAUSES AND RESULTS FROM HIS BUILDING THINGS.  things you  and your world of  observers seem to be  too blind and/or nasty politically  to take note.   Have you ever put even a minute of imagination into what DONALD TRUMP HAS LEARNED, EXPERIENCED and ACTUALLY HAS RESULTS TO SHOW HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS beyond the world of political propaganda.

Have you indoor people,  your radio propaganda world ever personally resurrected a dead nearly semi-sized truck placing into  its  huge shell  all of its   mechanical contents  needed for its second life, correctly interconnected and placed to make eventually its motor purr….often with used parts, no less…..and  now usable for our company’s  five or more years of safe service and  delivery.

If I would have spent all of my life teaching high school social studies and Russian, I,  then an indoor person selling learnings and ideas,  couldn’t  imagine such a fete :   Three guys in their early thirties  did  that very truck resurrection for our landscape company this past winter season.  We couldn’t afford a new one.  They were certain they could resurrect ours which  had finally died after fifteen years of heavy duty.  They are Donald Trump guys.   They and the  rest of  the company as well with no urging from me at all.  They have never voted before….”What for?” …..until,  on their own, they discovered Donald Trump.

Your isolation from these folks is at the foundation of your bigotry toward them and hence, your bigotry toward a Donald Trump.

Please replay your first hour of the Dennis Prager Show of this morning.   Be me, a profoundly devoted Donald and Dennis Prager man.   Think of the damage YOUR BIGOTRY TOWARD DONALD, YOUR BIGOTRY TOWARD US TRUMP FANS already  have caused our Party and Our Nation!!!!!   How my, our Republican Party AND YOU have treated citizen Donald, a builder, not a propagandist by trade from the very moment of his entry in the race!

There is more to your evil to be written about this topic, Dennis, but I am wearing out now.   I am well enough educated and alert, Dennis, to know evil can be done without intent.   The problem is you indoor people evil in this Donald Trump case, especially those raised in Brooklyn type neighborhoods have become so detached from real reeling  America, you think and blab judgingly in your narrow and arrogant universe, because you live and work so indoors,  so separately from today’s  real American workers.

The Republican Dictatorship Class Last Gasp


It is a given in our today’s United States of America  culture, its educational, political, communication, black racist,   unmarried feminist and global warming industries even some religious industries have become nasty intolerant  ONE PARTY LEFTWING DICTATORSHIPS.   Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are its products.

The last hope of anything intellectually free and democratic American  had fallen into conservative hands….freedom of speech, religion, right to bare arms to defend ones self, the ability to think and learn, even the  rememberance  of  classical virtues and values became decidedly  Republican remnants from better days.

But those conservative hands  never quite made it to the brains of the hard corps conservative Republican Eastern class establishments and their colonies here in the American hinterlands  when a certain well known American Donald Trump appeared on their doorstep   as a candidate for the top political office in the land.

THIS GOP  ESTABLISHMENT ESTABLISHED THE RULES OF THEIR GAME SELECTING THEIR CANDIDATE TO BECOME OUR 45TH AMERICAN PRESIDENT.   This GOP establishment has had a rich past of selecting losing candidates for this office.    This year they selected a Jeb Bush……a loser from day one….and Marco Rubio, a boy replacement of  intelligence, articulation, and winsome family story, but without any accomplishment beyond politicking, and  not particularly trustworthy  in his political core, as time began to tell.  He could and became  easily bought to obey GOP rules of political engagement.

They smeared and smeared Donald…..Ridiculed Donald, entrapped Donald….But,  the top GOP haven’t yet gotten  rid of the Donald.

There was enough of an American conscience remaining from their  GOP parents’ and religious teachings   predating their  college years when they were taught  feminist, atheistic, and socialist indoctrinations, and more recently black racism  of the new  Hillary-Sanders American way which  must have persuaded GOP powers to accept the Donald as a fellow conservative candidate this past summer.  What else could they do?

After all, the nation is becoming a typical 20th century Socialist dictatorship.  Its  Obamaling Democrats degrade the economy enough to require the majority  of the population to depend on government checks for either  not working or working for government only…..whereby they, the  Socialist  Democrats will  forever dictate  the ups and downs of American  urban black and white plantation life.

In the meantime Donald Trump, playing by the GOP rules began to fail fading away into the American political graveyard.  He kept showing up.   He became winsome.

Month after month GOP folks and their usual financiers spent tens, twenties of millions of dollars to secure their ONE GOP ONE……Month after month, there came the Donald not costing them a dime for his efforts winning…..and tomorrow its March already…..the month of tough decision…….Donald Trump is on the doorstep of winning the Republican Party’s nomination whether the GOP hierarchy likes it or not…..achieved the democratic way…..!

God Bless Him!

Those  of us GOP conservatives for Donald Trump have been told we aren’t conservative at all….We’re saboteurs of the WISE PUNDITS OF THE TALKING, WRITING  INDOOR EAST!    And so, they have “saboteured”   in  every way to rid us of the talents of Our Donald to “Make America Great Again.”……(the Donald wants to end illegal immigration….the Donald wants to tackle the $20,000,000,000,000 national debt, TO REBUILD our corporations, our manufacturing, what’s left of them.

“How dare American  workers vote for GOP  Trump!!” …. the William Kristols, John Hinderakers, Dennis Pragers, Michael Medveds,  Paul Ryans,  Mitch McConnells,  and dozens and dozens of the same brain but with different names repeat….THE ONLY CONSERVATIVES WHO REALLY KNOW WHO A CONSERVATIVE REALLY IS US, the INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED….REALLY!!!!!”

I wonder if Dennis Prager, my favorite among the GOP establishment conservatives listed  above, ever invited Donald for a chat or two on his weekly radio show?  I’d bet not.

What a disappointment!

I wonder if Donald will select Ben Carson as his running mate.


So, This is the Crew attempting to Topple Trump

So, how are  the armies at  Fox, RNC, Patriot Radio,  and the Big Business Big Wig moneyed who blaspheme and finance  against our  Donald Trump doing  following the “debate” performances on lefty ABC television this evening?    Have they buried the Donald yet?

Who from this crowd of the conservatives thus far  ‘chosen’  performed  well on stage this evening in New Hampshire?    America vitally  needs  an bright, energetic, rebuilder  President at this juncture of our nation’s deeply troubled life.

Where  are we conservatives now  in our selection process for the next president of our still beloved country after tonight’s New Hampshire performance?  Among those chosen to run….

I love my Donald more and more.  Awkward often, arrogant often, circularly verbal often, petty when disturbed, insulted, or otherwise bruised fairly or unfairly, by far he is the most profoundly loving of his country than the whole crew on stage tonight with the exception of Ben Carson.   His words may not ‘work’ right, but most of us not programmed to demean him, don’t really care much about that.

Donald Trump is American to his core and has no angst worrying about political correctness habits to express it in his own tongue, the one which resonates with both guy and gal Americans outside the political powerhouses who prefer his opponents.

Yes, his negatives among many voters are high…..but they were a helluva lot higher among us conservatives  five months ago.   This is one sharp hombre-American, the sharpest of the all on that stage this evening.

Three governors, Bush, Kasich, and Christie, it was reported at MSNBC, CNN, and Fox..as if all in unison,  were the winners tonight….”They know how to govern”, it is claimed….but why are they so lowly appreciated on the presidential totem pole?

Jeb Bush…MOMMY’S BOY Jeb.   Awkward, gangly, boring, poor tongued, no particular kind of cause guy…except what might be popular to beef up his vote….. but  good public service guy of patrician family with wealth, good neighbor type guy, except his house would be 20 private acres away from my house and garden if he were my neighbor.

Go home, Jeb.   You’ll save your big business backers their $40,000,000 you’ll cost them after the $40,000,000 you have already cost them to back your lost cause.

Go home, John Kasich, take your unwinsome snarl home with you.  You are winning in Ohio?  Good for you and Ohioans….but go home where you are liked.

Go home, Chris Christie….or maybe roll home might be quicker and more comfortable.   You’ve turned ugly…and you are a lawyer….go home and find some clients back in Jersey.

For some time I have wondered why I haven’t come to like Ted Cruz.   I think it is his tongue and the face around it.  In Iowa he sold Christianity with it.   He is very clever, talented with his tongue and the arms and hand that go with it.  But he is another bore.   Talk, talk, talk and what have I heard more than words which bathe is tongue rather than his country.   He isn’t well like by the Senate establishment, but that is a plus in my view.  He isn’t winsome.  There is something missing.  He wants the big job….why? I wonder.   For his love of country?

I don’t think saving his country is  primary in his soul, so let’s send him back home to represent Texas in the Senate…..Donald will need him there!

And then there is Ben Carson who is so rarely asked a question no matter who  the moderator might be, conservative, leftist, or feminist-Hillary.   I don’t want him to go home…..Republicans, the nation  need his JudeoChristian soul where ever and whenever.

And then, tonight’s big time loser, the pundits, both left and right declared….Marco Rubio.    Yes, he sure does look young.  Yes, he certainly seems like a wonderful human being….and a very articulate one…an American with a wonderful family story to tell…a candidate who,  since the Donald appeared on stage, has pepped up his speech and style to present more energy.  He had a bad night being picked on by the loser governors tonight.   Mr. Rubio will recover….but hopefully will wind up as Donald’s Veep running mate.  (Or Herman Cain, perhaps)…..

Rubio is the primary pick of the GOP, it seems to me, and by far the number one on the Fox wish list….especially on  butchess, Megyn Kelly’s feminized  wish list.

I love the Donald for being the Donald in our era of left wing propaganda, intolerance, and political correctness, the man how smells its stench and has the guts, if not the appropriate organization of politically correct verbage  to say so…..and we all know the Donald is too arrogant to fail on a job he is responsible for.

Donald and his energy will win in November with a Republican House and Senate, elected by American voters of all sexes, colors, shapes and sizes…..unless the  Charles Krauthammers, Dennis Pragers, all  the folks at Fox,  the Bill Kristols,  the folks at National Review somehow continue to abuse him, picking on his yesterdays for not being a lawyer-politician all of his life like those who wheel and deal to bury America under its $20,000,000,000,000 debt and dying in the mud of politics as usual.

Carly was missed tonight.   Shame on all those who selected her to miss the stage….There seemed to be plenty of room on the stage via my television screen.   Despite her plastic face, she’s bright, very well with tongue, both in content and speed….I just don’t know how popular she might become  among the millions of feminists who vote Hillary  by body without brain.   Do most of the feminized have brains that can  think?

Who might know?

Go Donald.  Our country needs you!  ghr

IOWA: Let the 2016 Presidential Election Begin


Republican results:    Donald Trump 23.4%;  Marco Rubio  22.1%;  Ted Cruz 21%;  Ben Carson 9.2%  and the rest, especially Jeb Bush,  out to lunch eating a  hot dog  earned.

After ending  eleven  hours of watching the folks at Fox Cable television, the usual family,  Megyn Kelly, Chris Stirewalt, Tucker Carlson, Steve Hayes, Howie Kurtz, and a host of other similar   clones of these decent American conservatives of Empire Fox who have wished to  dump my  Trump as a Republican, I feel I know enough about today’s Minnesota neighbor Iowa and what I have learned from these hours of today’s and yesterday’s  Fox reporting I offer the above  guess as the results of today’s   round ONE  of our ever so important  presidential election this  AD 2016.

Donald will barely eke out a victory over Marco Rubio who will edge out controversial Ted Cruz, with Ben Carson slipping a bit from earlier reports.

Fox folks have been critical of the Trump ground game in Iowa.   It turns out he doesn’t have one.   By ground game they refer to the hundreds of volunteers  the campaign  paid organizers can collect and rely on to do the footwork,  to identify their voters and maybe voters  and get those people  out to vote today.

Donald, having no such cadre, will  surely pay a price for not having any.

I also believe that our conservative Ted Cruz, as bright and articulate as he is, as competitive as he is, how precise, hard working,  and devoted as  he is in selling his brand of conservatism, it all  doesn’t add to much after all is said and done.   His performances,  along with his passion he most depends on, in the end isn’t all that winsome and enticing to return our country to its democratic path base upon personal responsibility.   He doesn’t come out of his show as a hero.

Our Donald comes out of his show as a hero, because he means what he says regardless of how he says it.  Like him or not, he’s been a builder, not a lawyer,  all of his adult life.

Marco Rubio is winsome, winsome to look at and  listen to,  for he articulates well usually  without slurs and edges in his melody and appears to be honest.   He can talk rapidly without losing message.    No one has a more American, more  romantic story to tell about his family and its history.  Further, it is he, Marco Rubio,  not Ted Cruz, the Republican establishment and its devoted and needed  communications outlet, Fox really prefer to lead America  in  2017.

But no one matches our angry alpha male, Donald Trump.

Former GOP House Leader, Newt Gingrich, joined the Fox corps and was  interviewed to help Fox folks  measure this Donald, helping them   understand why this very unpolished,  unGOP figure from a long public past, an apolitical  creature of noise and temper,  a loud mouth  from New York City, yet well known in the building and entertainment industries,  could be running, in their view, as a conservative Republican.

Fox and Republican army have  thought only of Trump of his  past.   They fail to listen, much less believe, what today’s Donald is screaming about,  not yet realizing he’s  actually talking and true-believing   CONSERVATIVE, and means every word of it…..He’s  perhaps even rediscovered his God, his Church if not by name and past talk, by the  DISGUST he has been brewing  for the damage this leftist Democrat, foreigner Barack Hussein Obama has caused Trump’s beloved America.

Isn’t this conversion what devoted Republicans want other Americans to do?

Although Fox folks have looked at the Donald as awkward, crude, a loud mouth,  a so-called conservative, an  enemy interfering with their conservative  plans,  since the uncalled for, nasty attack of Trump  by butched up Megyn Kelly with  her first question to  the Donald  during the  first Republican debate on August 6, 2015 leading to his boycott of last week’s gathering of contenders,  their crews  have been very fair ‘and balanced’ toward the Donald.   Nearly the entire  crew still finds him foreign, but they do recognize that THERE IS SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL, VERY NATURAL, A  GIFT POLITICALLY  INEXPERIENCED   DONALD TRUMP   BRINGS TO THIS GREAT AMERICAN POLITICAL  CONTEST OF 2016.

Newt Gingrich  came up with the perfect description….”Trump is so INTUITIVE”, politically,  he shines over everyone around him.

Several of the Republican Iowans interviewed by the Fox folks insisted, as I once had seven months ago, they would never vote for the Donald.     “Too Liberal”  ….A few  angrily opposed him for using  the word bimbo in public.  “Insulting to all women” was the reason given.

Democrat results:    Hillary 49%;  Sanders 48%  and the Governor  2%….nobody got the rest.