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The Ditzier Among the Dems Continue Their Fascist War Against Freedom Loving Americans

Dems’ Rejection of Mueller’s Exoneration of Trump Endangers our Republic

by Karin McQuillan   at American Thinker:


Old pols like Pelosi and Schumer and Biden surely knew the accusations that President Trump was a traitor, working hand in glove with Putin, were absurd and unfounded.  In throwing their lot in with those accusing Donald Trump of being a traitor, they betrayed their country, their voters, the rule of law, and the foundations of our republican form of government.

Their rejection of the Mueller exoneration was fore-ordained.  They cannot and will not return to normal politics.

The information that the Russia collusion investigation was based on Team Hillary’s oppo research was soon known.  We quickly learned that Comey hid that vital information from the FISA court.  We learned that the Obama DOJ and intelligence agencies went beyond eavesdropping, to blatant entrapment efforts.   Revelations on the dirty work of Susan Rice, Clapper and Brennan, Rosenstein, followed swiftly.

Mark Levin, in a must-see take-down of Mueller on Fox and Friends, asks “How can you talk about Russia interfering in our election and ignore the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the DNC, and the senior level FBI that’s been wiped out by their own conduct? How in the world can you do that and not interview Barack Obama and Susan Rice and all the rest of them?”

Levin’s question, of course, answers itself:  the entire Resistance and Mueller investigation has been a cover-up for Barack Obama’s role in the under-handed campaign to take down President Trump with dirty tricks.

Any person of ordinary intelligence could see that spying on Trump and pretending he was a traitor was a multi-faceted project of the Obama administration.  The leaks purporting to tag Trump as a traitor are a very crude, very wide trail leading straight to Obama’s highest appointees.

That is not to underestimate the power of self-delusion.  Some Democrat politicians, the Democrat media, and masses of Democrat voters were true hysterics.  They sincerely believed the deplorables had elected a Putin stooge.  Mass hysteria is a real and dangerous phenomenon.  It has been abused throughout history by unscrupulous demagogues to gain power and destroy the innocent.

Why did the Democrats do it?  A sufficient answer is one word: Obama.  Obama must be protected at all costs, even if the cost is the rule of law, fair elections, democracy itself.  We saw this play out over and over during Obama’s two terms.  His fellow Dems never uttered a word of correction, and the press worked over-time to cover up one illegal action after another, of this worst of American presidents.  The use of the IRS to silence the rising mass movement of Tea Party political opponents was an abuse of federal power to turn an election that presaged the Russian frame-up of Trump.  Obama, like other Marxists, believes his side must win.  The goal of social justice justifies every injustice.

But this is not all about Obama.  Obama set it off, but then all he had to do is keep out of sight.  Every single Democrat who led the Russian witch-hunt gained status, power, money, and fame.  The foot soldiers had fun.  The fellow travelers won safety from attack by their peers.  They did it for themselves.  This includes journalists, politicians, celebrities, academics.  It also includes ordinary Democrats, willing to follow their leaders into the moral abyss because they were willing to pay any price to undo their electoral defeat.  They sold their souls to the devil to win power they had lost at the ballot box.  They were not willing to wait four years and try again.

Democrat leaders in DC and the press did it because power corrupts.  Obama’s crooked frame up of Trump carried the irresistible promise of permanent power to sleazy politicians.   For journalists, the inept and transparent attempt to frame President Trump was bringing personal fame and fortune.

It is easy to go with hypocrisy and tell yourself you are fighting for truth when you are lying and lynching.  It is the rare person cynical enough to admit their own corruption.  They were never confronted with a mirror as long as they stayed within the world of their equally corrupt peers.    With a payoff of real power, real money and real fame, people of weak character will easily choose to believe their bull doesn’t stink.

At first, Democrats were dreaming of breaking President Trump’s spirit and hounding him out of office, without having to prove a thing.  They underestimated President Trump’s strength of character.

Some were aiming for impeachment.  Others were content with hounding, harassing and hobbling his administration by investigating him non-stop — first by Comey, then Mueller, now by power-hungry members of Congress.

The Democrats’ party from top to bottom has been running wild on the promised revelations of the Mueller report.  Mueller and his team of Democrat partisans, supported by the propaganda press, strung out the accusations for two long years.  There is no question they threw the 2018 mid-terms to the Democrats.

Mueller tried his hardest, but he came up with zero on Russia collusion.  He came up with zero on obstruction of justice and could not recommend prosecution.  So instead, he in effect recommended Congressional persecution.

Mueller set the witch-hunt spinning again with 200 pages of innuendo and the extra-legal declaration that his team could not ‘exonerate’ the President of wanting at times to scuttle the investigation.  It’s appears a weak reed, but the whole partisan witch-hunt had no more substance from the very start.  It’s worked rather well for them so far.

If the Democrat leadership had an ounce of patriotic or civic virtue in their veins, they would announce publicly that the accusations that our sitting President is a traitor with Russia – the most serious accusation against a President in American history – were blessedly proven utterly baseless.  They would allow their Republican opponent to play out his presidential term normally, blocking his legislative efforts with their votes and filibusters, fighting his ideas and actions in the press, and hoping to win voters to their superior leaders and platform.

Their fundamental problem is they don’t have superior leaders or ideas.  They have increasingly weird, radical leaders who appeal only to a slice of the electorate.  Their candidates have gone all-in on open borders, highly unpopular with even their own voters.  It’s hard to find any politico who thinks banning cars, legalizing infanticide, insisting there are more than two sexes, or ending freedom of speech and religion are winning policies outside of Democrat elitist circles.

The Democrats’ one proven strategy – it works very well indeed with their voters — is the emotional manipulation of their voters into identity groups united by hating Trump and his voters.  They need to paint Trump as a racist and traitor, his supporters are all-round bigots, and excite envy and resentment of white privilege.  Malice to the highest degree follows naturally.

The Democrats’ emotional high and the electoral success that follows, explain why Democrats cannot drop the radical partisanship that President Obama fed to the party.  They are hooked on identity politics’ hate, as strongly as an addict to his opioids.

They can’t return to the normal levels of political lying that enables the center to hold.  They don’t want a center to the country.  They don’t want respectful and honest competition.  They are undercutting the norms that have sustained our republican system for our entire history.

American individualism, unity, and optimism are in the way and must be destroyed.

Democrats rode to victory in the House in 2018 on the Mueller investigation.  They still need the demonization of Trump as a traitor and rejection of America as a country of haters.  It is their only ticket to ride to the White House.  They are not going to give it up.



When Did Fascists Come to Own Middlebury College?


by Scott Johnson  at  PowerLine:

Over the weekend Steve called out Middlebury College as another college that deserves to die when it canceled a planned public lecture by the Polish philosopher Ryszard Legutko. Legutko was the editor of Solidarity’s official journal of philosophy and, since Poland overcame its Communist subjection, he has served at the highest levels of Polish government as well as in the EU’s European Parliament. He is also the author, as Carl Eric Scott put it in NR, of “the challenging book The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies.

Steve found Middlebury the perfect example of a place yielding to the totalitarian temptation: “Supposedly it was the threat of violent protests like those that shut down Charles Murray’s appearance at Middlebury two years ago that led the administration to cancel Legutko’s talk, but a clarifying email shows that the real reason the administration offered is even more cowardly.” Steve quoted the email to reveal the depth of the administration’s cowardice.

However, this was not the end of the story. Middlebury professor Matthew Dickinson said he’d allow Legutko to appear stealthily in his class if all his students approved on a secret ballot. All nine students voted yes. When word circulated on social media, the audience grew to 45 students.

Shades of Solidarity! I wish I could have been there. As Steve suggests, the Middlebury story provides a case study in the phenomena dissected in Legutko’s book.

As it happens, Adrian Vermeule has just published a brilliant review of the book in First Things under the title “Liturgy of liberalism.” Toward the end of Professor Vermeule’s summary of Legutko’s argument, he writes:

Liberalism needs an enemy to maintain its sacramental dynamism. It can never rest in calm waters, basking in the day of victory; it is essential that at any given moment there should be a new battle to be fought. The good liberal should always be able to say, “We have made progress, but there is still much to do.” This is why the triumph of same-sex marriage actually happened too suddenly and too completely. Something else was needed to animate liberalism, and transgenderism has quickly filled the gap, defining new forces of reaction and thus enabling new iterations and celebrations of the Festival. And if endorsement and approval of self-described “gender identity” becomes a widely shared legal and social norm, a new frontier will be opened, and some new issue will move to the top of the public agenda, something that now seems utterly outlandish and is guaranteed to provoke fresh opposition from the cruel forces of reaction—polygamy, perhaps, or mandatory vegetarianism.

Read the whole thing here.

(Note from ghr:  I happened to received my Master’s Degree  from Middlebury College over 50 years ago.   It was a three year summer program.  All of the classes were given in Russian.  Students all, had to speak Russian at all times while on campus.

Our instructors were Classical Russians, not Soviet ones which seems to have invaded the schools during the Obama years.   Many were off-spring of the countless “White Russian” Orthodox refugees who fled the Fascist Soviet Revolution and its wars in the early 1920s  winding up in Manchuria….Mukden, if I remember correctly, most winding up in San Francisco.

They had to flee, families and all, to escape the champion human killer  of them all, Mao Tse Dung in his battles to conquer China when his  gangs invaded Manchuria in 1949.   Most of them settled in the San Francisco area.

I had studied Russian and Soviet Studies at the University of Minnesota in the early 1950s.   After my army stint I got a summer scholarship to ‘rehabilitate’  my Russian at San Francisco State College where I was introduced to this  exceedingly well educated, elegant, aristocratic, knowledge-driven and polite group of people I had, have ever met….all speaking classical  gorgeous Russian! ……and when needed, gorgeous English with a upper class accent and wordings.

Fussy folk were they!  They were intolerant, impatient when it came to  how their students were going to  pronounce every word.  It better be their  Russian…or else!   I wanted to please them, so I spoke  as I was told.

It came to be handy….not merely because I was going to teach Russian for twelve years, but because I was to be IN the USSR on two occasions, 1966 and again in 1990 a few years before the Soviet citizen prison system of life fell to today’s  second or third rate.

Most of the  summer instructors I had at Middlebury College were folks of the same character,  blood and demands of these classical Russians who settled in San Francisco so many years ago.  Visiting the 1966 Soviet Union was one of the greatest experiences of my life.   The nation required Russian citizens to speak only  Russian in public, or else!

None of these classical Russians then teaching Russian 50 years ago at Middlebury were Communists, Socialists, or Feminazis  of the  kind  we find in this Soviet Middlebury of today.

Isn’t that what happens when a fascistic, feminized culture and its teachings no longer have any interest in seeking TRUTH!?)




“Bernie Sanders An Old Stalinist If There Ever Was One!”


by Scott Johnson  at PowerLine:

The Spring issue of the Claremont Review of Books has not yet gone to press, but it will feature an interview with the incomparable Norman Podhoretz that has been posted online here for subscribers and circulated by the editors in samizdat. The interview is great. Rush Limbaugh flagged it in a segment posted here. Mr. Ace plucked some juicy morsels in a post here at Ace of Spades. The CRB’s idea in posting the interview is, of course, to entice recalcitrant readers to give up $19.95 and subscribe. Here is NP on the ascendant left in the Democratic Party:

Well, some of them say they’re pro-socialism, but most of them don’t know what they’re talking about. They ought to visit a British hospital or a Canadian hospital once in a while to see what Medicare for All comes down to. They don’t know what they’re for.

I mean, the interesting thing about this whole leftist movement that started in the ’60s is how different it is from the Left of the ’30s. The Left of the ’30s had a positive alternative in mind—what they thought was positive—namely, the Soviet Union. So America was bad; Soviet Union, good. Turn America into the Soviet Union and everything is fine.

The Left of the ’60s knew that the Soviet Union was flawed because its crimes that had been exposed, so they never had a well-defined alternative. One day it was Castro, the next day Mao, the next day Zimbabwe, I mean, they kept shifting—as long as it wasn’t America. Their real passion was to destroy America and the assumption was that anything that came out of those ruins would be better than the existing evil. That was the mentality—there was never an alternative and there still isn’t.

So Bernie Sanders, who honeymooned in the Soviet Union—I mean, I don’t know him personally, but I have relatives who resemble him; I know him in my bones—and he’s an old Stalinist if there ever was one. Things have gone so haywire, he was able to revive the totally discredited idea of socialism, and others were so ignorant that they picked it up.

As for attitudes toward America, I believe that Howard Zinn’s relentlessly anti-American People’s History of the United States sells something like 200,000 copies a year, and it’s a main text for the study of American History in the high schools and in kindergarten. So, we have miseducated a whole generation, two generations by now, about almost everything.


The Dem’s Wave of Political Correct Fascism Now Sweeping Across America



by John Hinderaker at PowerLine:

We live in a world that is almost too stupid for words. Here is the latest: the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers have stopped playing Kate Smith’s iconic recording of “God Bless America.” Why? Because Smith recorded a couple of other songs, during the 1930s, that some liberals now consider objectionable. The Washington Post takes this idiocy seriously:

The voice of singer Kate Smith is rapidly disappearing from the world of professional sports. The New York Yankees reportedly confirmed Thursday that they were no longer playing Smith’s version of “God Bless America” during the seventh inning of home games, after the team learned of a Depression-era song she’d recorded that raised questions of possible racism. The Philadelphia Flyers followed suit Friday, distancing themselves from Smith by taking her famed rendition of “God Bless America” out of their playlist and covering a bronze statue of the singer near their arena as they investigate the matter.

Years ago, Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” was the Flyers’ good luck charm. Hence the statue of her, which has been weirdly covered:

The Yankees have been playing Smith’s “God Bless America” since 2001, but no longer. What’s the problem? Smith recorded a song in 1931 called “That’s Why Darkies Were Born.” Is that a racist song? Apparently not, since the Communist black activist Paul Robeson also recorded it. Here are the lyrics:

Someone had to pick the cotton
Someone had to plant the corn,
Someone had to slave and be able to sing
That’s why darkies were born.
Someone had to laugh at trouble
Though he was tired and worn,
Had to be contented with any old thing
That’s why darkies were born.

How racist can you get?

The whole controversy is, obviously, idiotic. Even if it were true that Kate Smith recorded a “racist” song by the standards of 80 years later–the other “questionable” song was part of a 1933 movie–that is an absurd reason to ban “God Bless America.” Who cares what other songs Smith sang?

The real objection, I think, is not to Kate Smith. It is to both God and America. Any time liberals can suppress references to either or both, they try to do so.




God Bless America? No, Please Don’t!



Note:  I, ghr, was almost eleven when World War II finally came to an end.  I couldn’t read books, but I could read newspaper articles, maps, cutlines, encyclopedias, National Geographics from 1920s to 1940, and any news items that covered the war or history.   I had two cousins from the  German part of my mother’s family in the Navy on the Japanese front.   Both survived the War.

During the war I heard Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” on radio every day as I recall.    Often at the movies on Sundays this Kate Smith  recording would be played before the main movie immediately after Wartime Movietone News had shown the slaughters at Guadalcanal in the Pacific and/or the boot of Italy.   Mother made certain I had a nickel available for the cause….The movie itself cost a dime….which  was only five cents short of a vital loaf of bread I used to buy at Mrs. Sandy’s Bakery in St. Paul’s Highland Village…..Certain foods, especially meats and  gasoline were heavily rationed.

My dad had bought a second hand 1941 Plymouth four door in September that year…replacing a 1936 four door Ford sedan with shades on the back side windows.  The Plymouth sat in the garage throughout the war.

No one was fat in those days.  The fattest person I ever saw during the war was Kate Smith when she sang our Nation’s song “God Bless America” prelude to the movie!



Dems Working Overtime to Hide Their Crimes and Misdemeanors!


by John Hinderaker  at  PowerLine:

To say that it has been a tough week for the Democratic Party is an understatement. Yesterday Mitch McConnell obliged grandstanding Democrats by bringing the Green New Deal resolution up for a vote in the Senate. The Democrats regarded this as a dirty trick, evidently because they do not intend their policy proposals to be taken seriously.

The Senate vote was 57-0 against the Green New Deal. Almost all Senate Democrats voted “present,” taking a leaf from the Obama playbook. The six senators who are running for president–Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand–all co-sponsored the Green New Deal resolution, yet all voted “present.” All Republican senators voted against the resolution, joined by Democrats Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, Doug Jones and Angus King.

The Democrats are coming in for a lot of well-deserved ridicule. Fir example:

Stephen Miller


I don’t know how I’m supposed to tell my 8 year old Minerva that Democrats today had a chance to save our planet and her future. And now instead her future will be drinking motor oil.

Ronna McDaniel


Booker compared the Green New Deal to fighting the Nazis.

Gillibrand compared it to the moon landing.

Harris called it “sound & important.”

Klobuchar called it “aspirational.”

But given the chance to vote on it, they all courageously voted: “Present!”https://www.gop.com/2020-democrats-courageously-vote-present 

2020 Democrats courageously vote “present”

When given the opportunity to vote for the “Green New Deal,” Democrats courageously voted “present.”

Yesterday’s vote reminds one of when the Senate voted 95-0 against the original anti-global warming measure, the Kyoto protocol. Al Gore famously was among those who voted no.

Was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, principal author of the bill to kill the cows, ban air travel and abolish the automobile, outraged by her fellow Democrats’ failure of will? Of course not. She is as much a phony as the rest of them. She denounced the Senate’s holding a vote on her resolution as “a disgrace.”

There are several serious problems with global warming alarmism. One of them is the disconnect between the problem, as described by alarmists, and their proposed solutions. That is, if you believe the models’ projections, the measures they support will do virtually nothing to avert catastrophic warming. If you believe the models, the Green New Deal doesn’t go anywhere near far enough. If the models are right (they aren’t, they absurdly overstate the importance of CO2, as has been proved by observation) the United States could cease to exist and it wouldn’t make much difference. In order to save the Earth–if the alarmists’ models are correct–something must be done about India and China, where hundreds of coal-fired power plants are now under construction.

If the Democrats really believed that climate change is an existential threat to the planet, they would advocate invading China and India in order to destroy their power plants (and, I suppose, murder their cows and force them to stop driving cars). Or perhaps the coal-fired plants could merely be bombed from the air. But the Democrats don’t advocate these measures. Climate change alarmism is a joke. It exists only for purposes of domestic politics, and as an excuse to feather the nests of “green” entrepreneurs who support the Democratic Party.


Corrupt Dem Fascists Fail to Disrupt 2016 Election, But They Will Continue Their War Against the USA!

The vast attempt to undo the 2016 election has failed

History moves on. The NeverTrumpers cannot

by Roger Kimball  at Specator:

Well, I am going to miss the full-bore SWAT-team raids at dawn against aging political factota like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. It was really very courteous of CNN to have been parked outside the homes of those hapless victims so that television audiences all across the country could all be edified by these exhibitions of the coercive arm of state power in action. Mr Mueller could just have had one of his 17 Obama-and-Hillary supporting prosecutors ring up the latest mark and ask him to pop down to headquarters. But that would not have been as dramatic, as expensive, or as cruel.

All good things come to an end, however, and yesterday, after 674 days, the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, G-Man extraordinaire, finally came to an end when he filed his long-awaited report with the Attorney General, William Barr.

As for what’s in the report, I know exactly as much as you, Rachel Maddow, Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper, and their brethren in the Fourth Estate, that is, nothing at all.

Nor is it at all certain that we will ever know all that much that’s in the report. Since the law prohibits the dissemination of potentially damaging information about people who were investigated but not charged with a crime, there are bound to be large sections of the report that will remain forever under lock and key, especially now that James Comey and Andrew McCabe are not in the FBI to leak them.

All we really know at this point pertains not the the contents of the report per se but rather to the future action of the Special Counsel. There will be no more indictments.

How that announcement must have stung the NeverTrump fraternity. Here they were, huddled around Bill Kristol’s Twitter feed for the last two-plus years, praying, predicting, posturing that very soon now, any day in fact, Robert Mueller would descend into their midst, the deus ex machina through whose instrumentality they were to be delivered at long last from the nightmare of Donald Trump and his unacceptable record of robust economic growth, hundreds of constitutionally-minded judicial appointments, rising wages, historically low unemployment, a more rational and business-friendly regulatory environment, deeper ties with Israel, a revitalized military, and serious attention to our immigration crisis and the growing threat of an increasing militant China. Yes, it’s been a bad couple of years for the NeverTrumpers.

And even though Robert Mueller has hung up his spurs, their travails are not yet at an end. Mr Mueller indicted a slew of individuals and three Russian companies. He extracted seven guilty pleas from various people close, or formerly close, to President Trump, from the shyster Michael Cohen, at one time Trump’s personal lawyer, to Michael Flynn, briefly the President’s National Security Adviser before he was set up by the FBI and ruined financially by the-process-is-the-punishment legal fees.

The really splendid thing about Mueller’s indictments, though, is that not one of them pertains to the ostensible subject of his investigation, to wit: possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians to steal the 2016 election.

The question is, however, what comes next? Last May in these virtual pages, writing about the efforts of Devin Nunes, then Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, to get to the bottom of the skullduggery that instigated the Mueller investigation, I wrote that

‘What is being exposed is the biggest political scandal in the history of the United States: the effort by highly placed — exactly how highly placed we still do not know — members of one administration to mobilize the intelligence services and police power of the state to spy upon and destroy first the candidacy and then, when that didn’t work, the administration of a political rival.’

John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, John McCain, Christopher Steele, Glenn Simpson, and others did their best to undo the results of the 2016 election. The Mueller investigation was their not-so-secret weapon upon which vast hopes rested.

It has, unfortunately for them, been increasingly clear for some time that Robert Mueller was coming up empty-handed, at least on the main task, which was to unseat the President. Hence the newly energized efforts by Rep. Jerold Nadler and others to construct an ‘insurance policy’ in the form of impeachable offenses that might be brought against the president should, horrible dictu, Robert Mueller’s efforts at decapitation fail. As I wrote here a few weeks ago, ‘no one not named Bill Kristol now thinks that Mueller’s expensive, long-running entertainment will issue in any actionable charges against the president.’ Nevertheless, Nadler and his colleagues have opened a sweeping corruption probe in a desperate search for compromising tidbits from Donald Trump’s past business dealings that could plausibly form the basis for articles of impeachment.

It’s a fool’s errand. That chapter is closed. There may be a few backwards glances as the story moves forward, but moving forward it is, and not in a direction that the NeverTrump fraternity and the anti-Trump coven in the media and the government will like. Here we are just a day after Mueller pushed his report over the transom at Main Justice and we’re getting headlines like this: ‘As Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges.” That story begins:

‘We now have strong evidence that retired British spy Christopher Steele began his quest in what ultimately became the infamous Russia collusion dossier with a series of conversations with top Justice Department official Bruce Ohr between December 2015 and February 2016 about securing evidence against Manafort.

‘We know the FBI set up shop in the U.S. embassy in Kiev to assist its Ukraine–Manafort inquiry . . . while using Steele as an informant at the start of its Russia probe. And we know Clinton’s campaign was using a law firm to pay an opposition research firm for Steele’s work in an effort to stop Trump from winning the presidency, at the same time Steele was aiding the FBI.’

Uh oh. And there is a lot more where this came from.

Schadenfreude is an unlovely emotion, one it behooves us to renounce, especially in the midst of Lent. But I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of it abroad in the coming weeks and months as the beady eyes of the FBI swivel away from Donald Trump onto those who have spent the last two and a half years trying to destroy him.




Eric Bolling: ‘Last Night I Came Face To Face With True Evil’

“Something awful happened to me last night,” Eric Bolling said on his Blaze TV show. He continued, “Last night I was sitting with some friends at the Trump hotel in DC. Among several others, Hayden Williams from Berkeley was at our table. I was chatting with Hayden…him telling the story about being walloped on campus by a thug just because he was wearing a MAGA hat. I barely noticed what was about to happen.”

“A guy who appeared to be talking on a cell phone walked by our table and turned toward us and said ‘Eric Bolling’s son killed himself because he was embarrassed by his dad.’”

Before describing what happened next, a little backstory. Bolling was a Fox News host until late 2017 when the Huffington Post published a story accusing him of sexual harassment. Bolling denied the allegations and sued the author of the story, but about a month later, he parted ways with Fox News. That was September 8, 2017. Later that evening, Bolling learned that his teenaged son, Eric Chase Bolling had died from an accidental overdose after taking a Xanax tablet laced with Fentanyl. He and his wife were both devastated by the news. Since then, Bolling has spoken repeatedly about the opioid crisis and been involved with public events trying to raise awareness about the danger it represents.

So after this passing person made his ugly comment, Bolling got up and followed him outside. He admits he was belligerent and angry. He yelled at the man and filmed the interaction. The man who’d made the comment just kept walking but soon Bolling was approached by a second man who was filming with his cell phone. In the video below you can tell Bolling is obviously distraught and keeps saying “My son is dead.” The 2nd man just kept filming with a smile on his face, like it was all a big joke.

If Bolling knows who the two men were, he doesn’t say but he’s certain the attack was prompted by politics. At the end of this segment, Bolling concludes, “It’s an evil world out there. I’ve been exposed to way too many hateful comments on social media and in the media, but last night I came face to face with true evil, over politics folks. Have we all lost our collective minds?”

“We’re all human beings here and some things are just off limits,” he added.

He’s absolutely right. There aren’t many hard and fast rules in politics that both sides observe but one of the few that does is this: Don’t bring the kids into it. And if that’s true in general it should be true 100 times over when you’re talking about a deceased child. No one should ever go there.

In the clip below Bolling has blurred the faces of the two men to avoid making them targets. That’s probably a good idea given how people are likely to feel about this but I hope these two do face some consequences in their personal lives. They should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Below that clip is a Fox News segment from 2017 about the death of Bolling’s son.