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Dems’ Socialism Only a Few Steps from Soviet Style Fascism

Where the Democrats are Trying to Take Us

by Steve McCann  at American Thinker:


After watching the first two Democratic Party presidential debates last week, it has become crystal clear that there are embedded in this nation’s body politic prospective oligarchs who are overwhelming threats to the future of the nation.  The Democratic Party and its puppet masters are unquestionably a clear and present danger to the United States

The primary threat to this nation is not Donald Trump nor his supporters but an evolving autocratic oligarchy made up of the hierarchy of American Left, which includes elements of the political class, the mainstream media, the education establishment and, most recently, the titans of Silicon Valley.  Over the past 25 years, while the bulk of the Republican Party and the hierarchy of the conservative movement  myopically extended the hand of friendship, this cabal has been overwhelmingly successful in their stealth takeover of the Democratic Party, which is now the vehicle being utilized to manipulate the “unenlightened and inferior” masses with utopian promises and empty rhetoric.

They are doing so by promoting a so-called benevolent and just central government (i.e. socialism) dominated in perpetuity by the “enlightened” while promoting their brand of socialism and obliterating any opposition.  Additionally, their evolving position on abortion and euthanasia reflects the mindset that deems virtually all human beings as mere pawns of the state.

The common mindset of all those determined to seize power in perpetuity, either by force of arms or the ballot box, is a profound contempt for the dignity and sanctity of human life.  This is a philosophical necessity in order to view the bulk of the populace as inferior and therefore servants and wards of the state to be exploited or restrained for political or economic ends.  Over time, this mentality inevitably and rapidly descends into the abyss of malevolence and the indiscriminate taking of life.  The first irreversible step in the evolution of this mindset is unfettered abortion at any stage of gestation or immediately after birth as well as the acceptance and promotion of unrestrained government sponsored euthanasia.

Additionally, over the past 90 years virtually all potential oligarchs or tyrants have utilized the following six political stratagems, that do not require armed conflict, in order to permanently obliterate any opposition.  They were first employed by Adolf Hitler and documented by renowned American Psychoanalyst, Dr. Walter C Langer:

  1. Keep the public in a state of constant turmoil.  Pre-identify favored groups by race, economic status, ideology or religion and through constant repetition by allies in the media and entertainment cabal, establish that any perceived disadvantage within those assemblages is solely the fault of another pre-identified and isolated group, particularly Jews, traditional Christians and the capitalists.
  2. Never concede that there may be some good in your political enemy.  State loudly and often that they are a permanent adversary because they are determined to oppress the favored groups identified in 1) above as well as being racist, avaricious, treasonous etc. (i.e. the worst people on earth).  Thus, abrogation of their free speech privileges, their right to own firearms and to freely assemble is not only acceptable but a necessity.
  3. Never miss an opportunity to repeatedly and loudly blame one’s political enemy for anything that goes wrong regardless of how inane or unreasonable.  Thus, faux crises must be orchestrated as often as possible in order to blame the other side.  Further, any natural disaster or any aggressive action by a foreign adversary must also be attributed to one’s political adversary.
  4. Never acknowledge or divulge that your side is at fault or wrong regardless of the situation or issue.
  5. Never, under any circumstances, leave room for civil discourse regarding alternative societal or governmental policies by proclaiming that those promoting any alternative have a hidden treasonous agenda.  Continually maintain the assertion as being irrefutable that a central government, in the hands of the enlightened, can resolve any issue and make life better.
  6. Finally, always utilize the ultimate tactic in promoting dogma or denigrating one’s opponent: The Big Lie.  People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if it is repeated frequently enough, people will sooner or later accept it as the truth.  The fabricated dire consequences of so-called climate change; the contrived narrative of Donald Trump colluding with Russia; the myth of rampant white nationalism and the illusion that this is a virulently racist nation are recent examples of this stratagem.

Even the least politically involved Americans can see that over the past two decades, the hierarchy of the American Left and its appendages as well as many elected officials in the Democratic Party have been shamelessly utilizing all these tactics.

Further, this clique, in their disdain for human life is not only exploiting gullible and ill-educated armies of illegal immigrants as pawns in an attempt to create a new and reliable voting bloc and rend the fabric of the nation; they are also unabashedly in favor of unfettered abortion at any stage of gestation, upon birth or shortly thereafter, and have also begun promoting unrestrained euthanasia.

As confirmed by all 24 candidates presently running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination singing out of the same hymn book, this potential oligarchy, in order to assume power in perpetuity, is continuing its attempt to hoodwink the electorate with deceptive and unrealizable utopian promises straight out of the Marxian Socialist playbook.

Hence, the American Left, and its political arm– the Democratic Party– is the ideological and spiritual offspring of the callous authoritarians that ran roughshod throughout the twentieth century.  The American Left may not harbor the murderous and tyrannical urges of many of those despots but their determination to control all the levers of power is no different.  Over the past century, Socialism, regardless of its many names and faces, is a contrived Ponzi scheme utilized by those with either megalomaniacal or ruthless inclinations in order to permanently insert themselves at the helm of a nation’s ruling structure.

During the more than two years of his presidency, Donald Trump has not employed these self-serving tactics, he is unabashedly a promoter of pro-life causes and he has been a champion of liberty and capitalism.  As someone who has firsthand experience with the tyranny of Nazism or National Socialism, I can say with confidence that Donald Trump is the antithesis of a potential despot and that the vast bulk of those who support him are patriots and the polar opposite of Fascist sympathizers.

Because of the unique structure of checks and balances set out in the Constitution, this nation can only function with two major political parties.  One of these, the Democratic Party, as these dreadful debates reinforced, is now controlled by authoritarian oligarchs.  Never in its 243-year history has the United States faced such a stark political contrast or threat to its founding principles.

Unless and until the Democratic Party permanently rids itself of those in the thrall of socialism and afflicted with megalomania or is discarded on the ash heap of history, the American people, and in particular many elected Republicans and the myopic self-serving Never Trump faction in the hierarchy of the conservative movement, must understand that there is no option other than Donald Trump in 2020 and a vibrant combative conservative pro- American or nationalist movement for the foreseeable future.



Time to Get to Know Soviet Socialist Bernie Sanders Better


by  Steven Hayward   at  PowerLine:

We at Power Line are not categorically opposed to recycling. So I repair to an old post from the last election cycle in 2016. Back then Bernie Sanders got a lot of buzz over this ad featuring Simon & Garfunkel’s “America,” though as a lot of people at the time remarked, it looked more like scenes from Burlington, Vermont, the morning of a Phish concert:

My first thought on viewing it again is that Bernie has visibly aged in the short two-plus years since this video.

But the real point is that in this age of super-charged and reborn progressivism, this spot really needs a progressive rock backdrop, which I was only too happy to provide:

I really think Bernie should go with this version now. If he wants to be honest.

Soviet Censorship by Lefties at Associated Press?!!

Big tech test-marketing censorship of Trump

by Thomas Lifson  at  American Thinker:By Thomas Lifson


It looks as though the nation’s largest news-gathering organization, the Associated Press, is test-marketing the public’s reaction to Big Tech actively suppressing President Trump’s ability to reach voters directly.  Given the shocking revelations of the Project Veritas recordings of Google executives and their memos, and Twitter’s banning of conservatives, it is not paranoid to worry about Big Tech trying to define Trump and conservatives as “hate speech”…”because that’s how Trump won,” and limiting his ability to be heard.

Photo credit: author.

The AP’s toe in the water, written by Barbara Ortutay, is datelined San Francisco and titled, “Politicians’ tweets could get slapped with warning labels.”  It begins:

Presidents and other world leaders and political figures who use Twitter to threaten or abuse others could find their tweets slapped with warning labels.

The new policy , announced by the company on Thursday, comes amid complaints from activists and others that President Donald Trump has gotten a free pass from Twitter to post hateful messages and attack his enemies in ways they say could lead to violence.

From now on, a tweet that Twitter deems to involve matters of public interest, but which violates the service’s rules, will be obscured by a warning explaining the violation.

We’re already in Orwell territory here, describing outright censorship (something that is “obscured” cannot be seen and is therefore “censored” despite AP’s avoidance of that ugly reality) as a “warning label.”

The entire article is biased, quoting the far-left smear group SPLC (“It’s a step in the right direction”), but this passage takes the cake for pure denial of reality:

The new stance could fuel additional Trumpian ire toward social media. The president routinely complains, without evidence, that social media sites are biased against him and other conservatives.



More on the Left’s Foreigner Invasion of America to Secure Its Fascist State!


…in tonight’s debate, President Trump has been tweeting about Australia’s policies with regard to illegal immigration. Australia has published a series of brochures intended to discourage attempts at illegal entry, like this one:

At some point, it would be nice to say that the U.S. government has “introduced the toughest border protection measures ever,” but it is hard to say how that might come about.

Meanwhile, it would be great if we could enact Canada’s immigration laws. Failing that, I would happily settle for Mexico’s. Or at a minimum, we should enforce our own. Currently, the U.S. is suffering from a double whammy: we have inadequate immigration laws, but the laws we have are not being enforced, due to massive lawlessness by American liberals. We have a long way to go before we can approach the rational approach to immigration that is taken by Australia, Canada, Mexico, and many other countries. We can start by reinvigorating the rule of law.

Article by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine!

But Lefties Google, Amazon, and Such GOPers Are All Killers of American Small Shops!


by Steven Hayward  at PowerLine:

Some days—actually most days now that I think about it—the left hands you an easy win. Take the case of Book Culture, a four-location independent bookseller in New York City. Book Culture enjoys a reputation as a progressive bookstore, a certified outlet for all the literary needs of the wokerati. Trouble is, Book Culture is about to go under.

Why? I’ll let them explain it:

“Our four stores are in danger of closing soon and we need financial assistance or investment on an interim basis to help us find our footing. This is true in spite of the fact that business has been good and we are widely supported and appreciated,” [owner Chris Doeblin] wrote. “In the last 30 months the payroll costs for Book Culture have risen by 50% and it has been difficult to adapt quickly enough. We have now made the structural changes to our company and the cuts that will allow us to move ahead profitably once we find the financial resources we need.”

Now, why might their payroll costs have risen by 50 percent? What could possible explain this. It’s a complete mystery. Oh, wait. . .

Doeblin blamed payroll cost increases on the city’s minimum wage raise, which he says increased hourly wages for his employees “from $10 to $15.25 since December 2016” and forced him to initiate layoffs and reorganizing.

But but but—I was told minimum wage hikes would have no effect on businesses! You mean mandated higher payroll costs might make some businesses unviable? And how could a progressive outfit like Book Culture have had a clear conscience about paying a miserable $10 an hour before the mandate?

What remedy does Book Culture propose? A free labor market perhaps? Silly me. Of course you know the answer: government subsidies.

Doeblin explained to Gothamist what he believes the business needs to survive, and his larger ambitions to try to help other small businesses stay alive in an ever-changing city: “I think we need at least $500K in a term loan but I hope to find $750K to a $1M,” he said. “I would like the city to immediately [guarantee] such a loan and then embark on a serious plan to improve the odds of small business in New York. I would like to be on that panel too, because there is a lack of creative optimistic thinking and action.”

Here’s a serious plan: turn a profit, or close up.



Dems’ Habit of Forever Wasting Our American Money

Blunders by Democrats and Capitol Police Enabled What Prosecutors Call the ‘Largest Data Theft in Senate History’

by   at the Stream:                     (Article sent by Mark Waldeland.)

A rogue Democratic aide stole a massive trove of political data and used it to harm Republicans by “doxxing” them in what prosecutors call the “largest data theft in Senate history.”

The theft was made possible, and could have been much worse, because of myriad blunders by the Capitol Police and multiple Democratic congresswomen.

DCNF - small

Jackson Cosko was sentenced Wednesday to four years in prison. Prosecutors called his offense an “extraordinary” and “vicious” crime where the ex-Democratic aide stole a senator’s data, mined it for blackmail material and then published the home addresses and phone numbers of Republican senators during the 2018 hearings for now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Even after the computer administrator was caught in the act and arrested for spying on a senator’s office using his advanced technical skills, Capitol Police didn’t check the USB ports of nearby computers. Six different computers within steps of where he was arrested in the Senate had keylogger devices in them that continued to capture and beam private information over WiFi. They were only exposed through a confession.

Police the got a search warrant on his home, but missed critical evidence because they didn’t check the oven.

Toxic individuals were repeatedly passed among government offices apparently without anyone performing a background check or calling for job references. And despite lamentations from Democrats about the DNC hack, there was seemingly little concern about technology and data security.

Capitol Police Missed Key Evidence

After Cosko was arrested for posting Republicans’ private information online during the Kavanaugh hearings and breaking into New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan’s office late at night to steal the data, Capitol Police missed key evidence.

“The Capitol Police, when they executed the search warrant on his home, they missed what we consider the most significant tranche of data. And we told the Capitol Police to go back and check the oven,” defense attorney Brian Stolarz said in court Wednesday, highlighting the extent of Cosko’s cooperation with police after being caught.

Even though Hassan and the police knew Cosko used his computer knowledge to pilfer data from the office, no one in the Senate appears to have done a thorough sweep of the office’s electronics. The Senate continued to be spied on even after his arrest because officials never checked the USB ports of computers in her office, where keylogging devices were beaming back every keystroke over WiFi.

“He told them about the keyloggers. If he didn’t, they’d still be there,” Cosko’s lawyer said in court.

To this day, police haven’t been able to figure out how to detect the keyloggers from their signal, and it is hard to rule out that they aren’t still elsewhere on the Capitol complex.

Hassan Hired a Felon Into the Office’s Most Sensitive Role

Before any of this trouble began, Cosko already had felony run-ins with the law attributed to drug addiction. Nonetheless, Hassan hired him as computer systems administrator, which prosecutors said gave him the “keys to the electronic kingdom … the sysadmin becomes the ultimate insider threat.” She hired him in early 2017, the same time period during which a different scandal involving congressional IT aides abusing their positions was breaking in the House.

Hassan fired Cosko in May 2018 because of a different issue that pre-dated the hack. Hassan spokesman Aaron Jacobs did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s questions about that incident. Cosko hatched a plan to steal the office’s data and use it to extort Hassan into giving him a good reference, according to prosecutors, out of fear for future job security in Washington.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Hired Him Despite Having Just Been Fired

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas gave him an unpaid position, apparently without calling Hassan’s office as a reference check. The idea of a 27-year-old man who was working in a specialized role in the upper chamber suddenly taking an unpaid “internship” in the lower chamber didn’t seem to set off red flags for Jackson Lee.

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During this time period, Cosko stole Hassan’s data with the intent of blackmailing his Democrat former employer, but his own partisan bias overwhelmed him as he watched the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh from his office in the House, court documents show. Some of the data he stole included Republican senators’ home addresses and phone numbers.

Using his House computer in Jackson Lee’s office, he doxxed Republicans who were voting on the confirmation by posting their private information to Wikipedia in order to intimidate them.

Cosko is the son of a millionaire real estate developer who was the head of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and who has ties to California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He previously served in the offices of Feinstein and California Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Feinstein was the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee hearing the nomination, and played a critical role in shepherding sexual harassment allegations against Kavanaugh. Jackson Lee attracted national attention during the hearings by slipping a mysterious envelope to the lawyer of Kavanaugh’s accuser on television.

During this period, Cosko was addicted to drugs and alcohol so badly that “the probation office indicated they’re surprised he wasn’t dead,” Judge Thomas Hogan said.

Cosko’s attorney said “it was legendary, and not in a good way. The worst I’ve ever seen.”

This behavior did not seem to stand out in Jackson Lee’s congressional office. Multiple studies have named Jackson Lee’s office the most dysfunctional on Capitol Hill. Jackson Lee spokeswoman Robin Chand did not respond to TheDCNF’s questions.

His Accomplice Gets a Job for a Congresswoman’s Office

Cosko knew how to operate Hassan’s computer systems, but since he was fired, he didn’t physically have access. Prosecutors said Cosko gave rent money to another Hassan staffer, Samantha DeForest-Davis, in exchange for her key. They allege Davis was aware he was using it for late-night break-ins to steal data, and that she saw some of the data.

During one of these break-ins Oct. 2, 2018, Cosko was caught in the act by another Hassan staffer and fled, later emailing the witness that he had private emails, texts, and even health information about senators’ children he would publish unless the witness kept quiet, according to a statement of facts Cosko agreed to as part of his plea deal.

The statement said Cosko asked Davis to go into the crime scene, wipe his fingerprints off the computers, and restart the computers to destroy evidence. Prosecutors said Deforest-Davis texted: “So I was able to wipe down the keys and mouse but [a witness] was coming so I could [not] do the other thing … sorry I couldn’t do everything.”

Cosko was arrested Oct. 3, 2018, and lied to police in two interviews before eventually agreeing to cooperate and implicating Deforest-Davis, prosecutors said in court Wednesday. As a result, she was fired from the Senate Dec. 19, 2018, according to payroll records.

On Jan. 18, a case against her became visible in online federal court records, titled USA v. Deforest-Davis, and was one of the first results to come up when her name was searched on Google.

Eight days later, Rep. Abigail Spanberger, a Virginia Democrat, hired Deforest-Davis anyway. Spanberger, a former CIA agent, apparently did not detect Deforest-Davis’s history. Spanberger’s spokesman Connor Joseph did not respond to a request to explain whether the congresswoman’s office called anyone in the Senate to get a job reference and why her central Virginia constituents should trust that her office safeguards their personal data.

Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki did not respond to a request to explain why it did not alert Spanberger that the House’s newest pending hire was a suspect in an ongoing criminal investigation.

Spanberger is a member of the House’s foreign affairs committee, which deals with information of interest to America’s adversaries.

DeForest-Davis abruptly departed the payroll after working from only Jan. 30 to Feb. 11, according to pay records.

According to a fundraising campaign she posted online, DeForest-Davis is set to begin yet another government job as a Milwaukee Public Schools teacher through Teach for America, which did not respond to a question about whether it did any reference checks, and if so, who gave her a reference.

Luke Rosiak is the author of the new book Obstruction of Justice: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democratsabout a computer hack on the House of Representatives.


(Note to remember:   Sheila Jackson is the same Lefty Dem who not too many years ago after American withdrawal from the Vietnam War,  congratulated the wisdom of America to create two peace-loving new nations, NORTH VIETNAM AND SOUTH VIETNAM.)

Lying Dems Turning Fascist….Will They Reach Their Communist Goal?

The Democrats’ Presidential Field and Communism


Everything that America stands for is being opposed by the resurgence of communism with its profound hatred of private property as the root of alienation and exploitation in society.  Inequality and the injustice that is believed to flow out of that inequality of ownership is, for the communist mentality, the starting point for a radical critique of American society, indeed of Western Civilization.  The left rejects belief in and gratitude for the fact that the U.S. rose out of the British rights framework which is inherently capitalistic. The liberty enshrined in our leading documents and law is closely justified by its support of private property as an inalienable right and by Christian values derived from a 2000 year old abiding faith in the God of the Bible and in Christ His Son.  Communism, by contrast, arose out of a Germanic cultural and dialectical mindset that was atheistic, so we are not surprised that communism should be so repulsive to our citizens.

In American politics we have many contenders for the Democrat Presidential nomination using deceptive rubrics such as Democratic Socialism, Green New Deal, Black Lives Matter (remember Stokely Carmichael in the sixties with the clenched fist “power to the people”?), progressivism, and even liberalism in a way wholly different from classical liberalism.   Bernie Sanders self-labels as a Democratic Socialist, but has participated in the Democratic caucus in the Senate, and is now a leading contender for the Democrat Party nomination for President.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez self-labels as a Socialist but was elected to Congress as a Democrat.  Just as these socialists are comfortable working in Washington DC as Democrats, we see that communists are comfortable with referring to themselves as socialists. An entire section of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) website is entitled “Bill of Rights [of] Socialism.” If socialists can be Democrats, and communists can be socialists, then we can entertain the possibility some or many of the Democrats and socialists are communists.

Further, has any reporter asked them, “Are you a communist? And if not, how do your views differ from those of communism?” They do not ask these questions because the questions themselves would be seen as a form of disparagement.

The fact that there are some differences among the Democratic candidates is not evidence in itself that they do not deserve to be stigmatized.  Historically, there were and are differences among different factions of communists.  The Mensheviks were violently opposed to the Bolsheviks.  Leon Trotsky had to flee the USSR because of his opposition to Joseph Stalin.  Here are some of the programs and policies listed by Rich Noyes that are being advocated by the Democratic Party primary candidates.  These positions extend the reach of the federal government and trample on the notion of right to one’s property, which trampling brings about a curtailment of individual liberty:

[1] ‘free’ health care, [2] ‘free’ child care, [3] ‘free’ college, [4] massive forgiveness of student loans, [5] reparations for the descendants of slaves, [6]  doubling the federal minimum wage, [7] tearing down existing barriers on the U.S.-Mexican border,[8] refusing to appoint any pro-life judges,[9] increasing the Supreme Court to 15 members and [10] eliminating the Electoral College.

Additionally, lurking in the background are infanticide (none have condemned New York’s latest and extreme law allowing abortion up to the point of delivery), confiscation by the feds of all privately owned firearms, and giving voting rights for non-citizens living within the borders of the USA, plus lowering of the voting age to 16.

Of the above list of items, number 1-5 appear explicitly in the extensive, bulleted platform of the Socialist Party 2018-2019.  The Socialist Platform also would lower the voting age to 15.

Yet, behind the Democrats, the Socialists, and the Communists is the overarching goal of the federal takeover of the means of production as advocated by communist founders Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, not merely enacting a list of reforms.  As the Socialists explicitly state,

We call for social ownership and democratic control of productive resources [that is, ownership of the means of production]….  Although reforms will not in themselves bring about socialism, the fight for them will advance the cause by demonstrating the inherent limitations and injustice of the capitalist system.”

Thus, the socialists admit upfront in their preamble that although they are calling for a myriad of “reforms,” their goal is not first and foremost to bring reform but to inculcate in the public a sense of the injustice of the capitalist system.

As we approach the Fourth of July, we must acknowledge not only that we overthrew the British enemy for the sake of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Now it behooves us to overthrow the fifth column enemy within by the Democratic Party which seeks by verbal duplicity and nuance to pretend that it is not linked profoundly with socialist and communist aspirations, and that this linkage would pull us away from our sovereignty and the values of Western Civilization.

We reject communism as an ideology, theory, lifestyle…whatever anyone chooses to call it.  By what stretch of their ignoble imaginations have they come to describe America — even though it be flawed — as the land of exploitation rather than the land of opportunity when so many millions have voted with their lives to come here (black, white, and yellow, so-called) to improve their lot in life?

This writer calls on all communists/socialists/Democrats to repent of their devastatingly negative thinking/ideology, to come to their senses, and to appreciate the on-the-ground positive contribution of capitalism, democracy, and republicanism which include ways to redress grievances, albeit not perfectly. What a pathetic and paltry ideology is communism!  They must give up their Sanders-like rhetoric of superiority as though they hold the moral high ground. All candidates must denounce socialism and communism, and be pressed to do so by the news media.   The stench of their atheistic and class/race/sex bilge floats from the smokestacks of their consciousness.  Let us instead breathe in the clean air of truth as we fight against collectivism in our fight to uphold a Second Declaration of Independence by repudiating the Democrat Party.