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Obama’s “Fellow Democrat” Waters Roaring to Impeach President Trump….and Mike Pence too, while she’s at it!

Maxine Waters On Pence: After We Impeach Trump, ‘We’ll Get Him, Too’

by John Sexton  at HotAir:

Maxine Waters was receiving an award Saturday and gave a speech in which she offered a progressive audience the kind of red meat they obviously crave, i.e. talk about impeaching Trump and, when that’s done, impeaching Pence as well. From the American Mirror which published a video of the event Sunday:

“They say, ‘Maxine, please don’t say impeachment anymore.’

“And when they say that, I say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment,” she said to applause.

Waters told the crowd she won’t stop with Trump.

“I had a conversation here today with someone asked, ‘Well, what about Pence? If you are able to impeach, Pence will be worse,’” she recollected.

“Well, I said, ‘Look, one at a time.’

“You knock one down, one at a time,” she said.

“You knock one down, and we’ll be ready for Pence. We’ll get him, too,” she vowed.

Waters has been pushing for Trump’s impeachment since before he was even sworn into office, so the idea that she would endorse impeaching Pence now is nothing new.

In addition to the impeachment talk, Waters also re-upped her comments about confronting members of the Trump administration in public. “There are those who said that we lacked civility when I got up and talked about the President’s Cabinet, and I said if you see them anywhere, if you see them at a restaurant, if you see them in a department store, even at a gasoline station, just tell them you’re not welcome here or anywhere,” Waters said. The small crowd cheered as if she was one of their favorite bands playing a hit song.

Waters then said Trump had accused her of threatening his constituents. She joked, “I did not threaten his constituents, his supporters. I do that all the time, but I didn’t do it that time.”

Waters is clearly in her element here. She’s playing up her image as the most outspoken member of the resistance, the one who won’t be silenced by the more pragmatic leadership that worries open talk of impeachment could harm Democrats at the polls. If nothing else, this clip offers insight into what animates the base these days. Here’s the clip:




What if Donald J. Trump, the present 45th President as he IS, had won the Democrat Party nomination this past presidential election cycle and happened to be BLACK?

How  would 90% of today’s American  news columnists, those  same fascistic Leftist  Party quite uneducated  bigoted bulldogs whether newsprint or television now covering our nation’s news about the Presidency in today’s United States of America be reporting if President Trump  happened to be black?

Would today’s Black Racist Eugene Robinson still be a Black Racist?  What about all of those white today’s New York Times, NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, ABC, etc. one party fascistic reporters?  Would their fingers “tone” any different lies and distortions?

Trump Doesn’t Care About Justice — Only Protection

by Eugene Robinson at realclearpolitics:

 There’s a reason why President Trump increasingly sounds like the mob boss in a cliche-ridden gangster film: That’s basically what he is — and he must know how such movies usually end.

On Wednesday morning — a day after his former campaign chairman was convicted of felonies in one federal courthouse and his longtime lawyer pleaded guilty to felonies in another — Trump issued this statement on Twitter:

“I feel very badly for Paul Manafort and his wonderful family. ‘Justice’ took a 12 year old tax case, among other things, applied tremendous pressure on him and, unlike Michael Cohen, he refused to ‘break’ — make up stories in order to get a ‘deal.’ Such respect for a brave man!”

A few days earlier, Trump had referred to John Dean, the White House counsel whose truth-telling was instrumental in Richard Nixon’s downfall, as a “RAT.” And in a Fox News interview broadcast Thursday, he complained at length about defendants who “flip” and inform on higher-ups in exchange for leniency at sentencing: “This whole thing about flipping, they call it, I know all about flipping. For 30, 40 years I have been watching flippers. Everything’s wonderful and then they get 10 years in jail and they flip on whoever the next highest one is or as high as you can go. It almost ought to be outlawed.”

Those are not the words of some two-bit hoodlum who feels the law closing in. They are the words of the president of the United States — who apparently feels the law closing in.

Trump speaks as if the Trump Organization, the Trump campaign and the Trump administration were one long continuing criminal enterprise. The man charged with faithfully executing the nation’s laws paints his own Justice Department as a villain and celebrates criminals who stoically go to prison rather than inform on higher-ups. Nixon talked that way in private, among friends and co-conspirators; Trump just blurts it out. He makes no bones about valuing loyalty over respect for the law.

Manafort, who might have much to tell about contacts between the campaign and the Russians, has been silent thus far. But he was convicted in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, on eight counts of bank and tax fraud, and could receive what amounts to a life sentence for a 69-year-old man. Now he faces another trial, this time in federal court in Washington, on conspiracy and other charges stemming from the influence-peddling work he did for Russia-backed politicians in Ukraine.

The second trial could produce even more jail time — and definitely will generate another crushing pile of legal bills for a man whose finances were shown to be in tatters. After Tuesday’s verdict was read in Alexandria, a statement from Manafort’s defense team said nothing about possible appeals or the looming court proceedings. Instead, it said Manafort was examining his options.

Perhaps that is why Trump is going so far out of his way to praise Manafort’s virtue — and why, when asked if he will grant Manafort a pardon, the president never says a discouraging word.

Cohen, on the other hand, used the occasion of his guilty plea in federal court in Manhattan to directly implicate Trump in two felony crimes. He said Trump directed him to arrange six-figure payments, in the days leading up to the election, to guarantee the silence of Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels — two women who say they had extramarital liaisons with Trump.

Cohen has offered full cooperation to authorities, including special counsel Robert Mueller, and Cohen’s attorney has strongly suggested his client might have evidence bearing on the question of collusion. Perhaps that is why Trump was up at 1 a.m. Thursday, angrily tweeting: “NO COLLUSION — RIGGED WITCH HUNT!”

Look at the people Trump surrounds himself with. So far, four men with high-level roles in his campaign and one with a more junior role have pleaded or been found guilty of federal crimes.

Look at the people who are drawn to him. The first sitting member of Congress to endorse his candidacy, Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., was indicted earlier this month on charges of insider trading. The second sitting member to endorse Trump, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., was indicted Tuesday on charges of illegally using more than $250,000 in campaign funds to underwrite his lavish personal lifestyle.

Responding to criticism from Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared Thursday that the Justice Department “will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.” He must understand by now that Trump doesn’t care about justice. The president wants only protection.


President Trump Challenges Leftist America Haters with Patriotism

President Trump Uses Hate to Bolster Patriotism

by Steve Schiller  at  American Thinker:

We can argue the reasons behind why the left and the mainstream media gassed up the anti-Trump rhetoric train and pulled out of the station almost as soon as Donald Trump descended the escalator at Trump Tower in 2015.  There are many reasons – some legitimate, some conspiracy-esque.  Regardless, the situation exists.

This constant drumbeat of “Damn Trump, Damn Trump, Damn Trump,” day after day, night after night, week after week from a vast majority of news outlets has, to at least a good chunk of the public, engendered an intense hatred for our 45th president.  They hate him.  They hate everything he does, everything he says, everything he signs into law.  They hate.

And Donald Trump knows it.

People will say Donald Trump is not a politician, that he is new to the complicated world of politics.  Historically speaking, that may be true, but Donald Trump plays the political game better than anyone I’ve seen in my lifetime.  It’s driving his opponents crazy.

President Trump sees what he calls the fake news media vilifying his every move day after day.  Unlike politicians in the past – specifically, Republican politicians – he doesn’t cower in a corner; immediately apologize; try to recover; and limp along to a beige, mediocre career.  In fact, he does the opposite.  He punches back.

When he punches back, the left and the media double down on their hysterics, and an interesting phenomenon seems to emerge.  Rationality and sanity – which may have been in short supply to begin with – fly out the window.  Things that would never escape the mouths of pundits, politicians, and newscasters hit the airwaves, and rational sane people can’t help but shake their heads in amazement.

If you’re going to discuss examples of media hysteria, you might as well dive into the deep end.  Let’s look at immigration.  President Trump’s policy on immigration has always been to put Americans first and to keep America secure.  He wants to build a wall, beef up border security, and do away with policies that are less than spectacular when it comes to vetting potential immigrants.  Those policies would allow fewer criminals and illegal drugs to cross the border.  America is safe.  Everyone should be happy.

Instead of applauding President Trump for something that just 20 short years ago Democrat President Bill Clinton advocated for, what did the left and the media do?  They pivoted away from any rational message they once had on the subject and began promoting open borders and sheltering illegal aliens, regardless of how obscene their crimes are, in newly designated sanctuary cities.  To top it off, the left and the media branded the president and anyone who sided with him as a xenophobe and a racist.

What about the kerfuffle with the NFL and kneeling during the National Anthem?  The players decided to do this during the National Anthem, long viewed as a tribute to not only our country, but to those who fought and died to protect the freedoms of our country.  A football game lasts for three-plus hours.  The National Anthem lasts for 90 seconds.  They say it’s not dishonoring the flag, but they continue to do it during the less than 1% of the football broadcast that honors our country.

President Trump, as he is wont to do, weighed in on the issue and chose America over the protesters.  I don’t remember him denigrating the players’ views or their right to protest.  But he did call it disrespectful.

The left and the media, in predictable fashion, disagreed with the president, but when he didn’t back down, the irrationality and the insanity ratcheted up.  Some commentators called President Trump a white supremacist (who doesn’t these days?), and one even suggested that the anthem and the flag itself represent racism.  Those who agreed with the president are even worse than he is.

My final example isn’t even a policy decision.  President Trump decided to use (or rather borrow from Ronald Reagan) the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”  We have seen numerous examples of college students and others having their MAGA hats ripped from their heads.  Some have suffered beatings in the process.

Politicians on the left and their cronies in the media, in their constant denigration of the president, have made fun of and dismissed the MAGA slogan, with some pundits equating it with genocide and white nationalism.  Now Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, has stated that America never was that great to begin with, ignoring the progress that’s been made historically.

What do all these examples (and trust me: there were tons more) have in common?  They communicate to the average everyday American, who works hard and still loves this country, that the left and the media are anti-American.  We want open borders, let everyone in even if they’re criminals, drugs can’t be stopped, disrespecting our National Anthem is okay because it’s racist, and trying to make America great again is a horrible idea and must end.

How could things have gotten this way?  The answer is simple when you think about it.  Donald Trump was savvy enough not only to use the intense hatred directed against him to maneuver the left into these untenable positions, but also to reveal the left’s agenda and methods to the country.  As a whole, America is center-right and still very much patriotic.  We see what the left and the media are doing, and we don’t care for it.

Some experts think a blue wave is coming in November.  Some say it may be a red wave.  If I know this country, I suspect that it will be a red, white, and blue wave.

Fascism’s Rising in America. It Owns Our Nation’s Communication

What If the Fascistic Dems Do Win Midterms?

What to Expect if Democrats Win the Midterms!

by Robert Oscar Lopez at American Thinker:

Would conservatives achieve an easy victory against the left if it came down to civil war?  The question seems less absurd by the day as tensions increase between the right and left.  Many conservative writers seem to think the left would fold quickly and the right would triumph.

One has good reason to doubt that.  Consider basic issues like political bias in universities, or religious integrity.  After decades of exposés and outcries from conservatives over liberal tyranny, universities are as biased as they ever were.  Past cases of anti-conservative persecution (including mine) remain unaddressed.

Meanwhile, in the world of Masterpiece Cakeshop, conservatives celebrate a largely toothless victory at the Supreme Court over a wedding cake for two men.  While a small fortune went to defending a Colorado pastry chef who wouldn’t make a cake for a ceremony approximating a wedding, a dozen states have banned “conversion therapy” in terms so broad that many church ministries will be outlawed.

The LGBT movement is no longer worried about taking over state legislatures to stop religious liberty laws.  Soon they won’t have to do that.  They are gaining in power at the denominational governance level of Christian churches and changing doctrine so religious liberty will not even be an issue.  The religious position itself will be so thoroughly corrupted that no Christians will have “deeply felt” convictions against homosexuality.

I am nowhere near as confident as Kurt Schlichter that the right wing could trounce the left wing in battle.  We can’t even unite to keep Alex Jones on Facebook.  It is true that conservatives have more guns and are probably better street fighters.  But conservatives also cave in large numbers even when their most sacred cows are in danger – such as the First Amendment or Christian principles.  The two latter issues sit at the core of academic bias and debates on sexuality, respectively.  I have the war wounds from both battles and can attest to the repeating scenario: conservatives talk and talk about what they believe and how bad the left is.  Then they give up droves when it comes time to fight.

Take the question of defending the gospel.  We hear constant sermons from Christian preachers that speak of standing by God’s word even in the face of popular criticism.  In anticipation of the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting, I spent months searching for people be willing to sign on to a resolution affirming Christian sexual ethics and supporting churches’ rights to offer counseling in defiance of laws like California’s “stay gay” bill.  Almost sixteen million Americans claim to be Southern Baptists.  I could not find a single person willing to back the resolution.  When I submitted it under my own name, it was killed in committee and never brought to the floor.

Consider, as well, the special election for Alabama’s Senate seat in December 2017.  That may feel like ancient history, but it was less than a year ago.  Doug Jones was a radically pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality Democrat endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, an organization founded by alleged pederast Terry Bean.  Jones defeated Roy Moore, one of the few public servants who stood up for Christian marriage in the face of withering attacks.

The slander campaign against Roy Moore and suspicious timeline of voting returns on Alabama’s election night both offered an occasion for conservatives to contest the election.  Right-wingers abandoned the issue within twenty-four hours of Jones’s suspicious victory.  The election was not contested, which left Trump with a slimmer majority in the Senate: 51 to 49.  That slim advantage all but doomed the chances of conservative favorite Amy Coney Barrett to be nominated to the Supreme Court.  Ironically, at least one supposed conservative, David French, militated viciously against Roy Moore, celebrated his loss to Doug Jones, then attacked Donald Trump for not nominating Amy Coney Barrett.  Did French not see that his efforts to sink Moore left Trump without the votes to get Barrett past the Senate?

We may fantasize that conservatives constitute a massive invincible army against the left.  None of this will help us if nobody is willing to show up for the fight.  The midterm elections this fall could easily hand the Democrats a commanding lead in both the Senate and the House.  We have no real reason to expect that conservatives will gather in large numbers to monitor the voting process for fraud.  The fall surprises full of slander, innuendo, and social media mobbing will follow the pattern we saw in the Roy Moore election, with National Review writers like David French slamming Republican candidates and commentators like Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro playing it safe by virtue-signaling if ominous accusations, no matter how unproven or unlikely, gain traction with the general public.

Prudence calls for us to rally our troops to fight smear campaigns rigorously and to monitor the elections for voting fraud.  But let’s not dream unrealistic dreams.  If the Democrats win both houses of Congress, we should brace ourselves for the following probabilities:

Trump Will Be Impeached but Probably Not Removed from Office

The Obama years spoiled the left.  With amazing speed, they developed an adolescent sense of entitlement, convinced themselves that their own propaganda is “fact,” and believed they would never lose control of the government, culture, schools, churches, military, intelligence, and media.  While the left hates Trump with particular ferocity, any figure associated with the left’s loss of total national power would have provoked a knee-jerk temper tantrum.

Under no conceivable scenario will the left control the House without impeaching Trump.  They hate him with the heat of a thousand suns and defy all appeals to fairness and logic.  The trial in the House will consume the country, bog Trump in red tape, and stall the swamp-draining reforms until the presidential election in 2020.  It will probably be impossible to get 67 senators to vote to remove Trump, but the impeachment in the House will be enough to throw most of Trump’s housecleaning efforts into disarray.

In an impeachment situation, many conservatives will betray us and jump on whatever charges the left manages to articulate against Trump.  Too many on our side lack the willpower to resist coordinated message across major news outlets.  Some within Trump’s circle will also betray him.  The disunity and loss of morale will pose serious dangers to our movement, and we will likely see many federal agencies start to fall under the power of lingering Obama cronies.

Conversion Therapy Will Be Banned Nationally, and a Sexual Police State Will Be Born

California’s extreme “stay gay” bill fulfills the most important aspiration of the LGBT movement.  Marriage, military service, and even anti-discrimination laws all pale in importance beside the acquisition of a captive constituency.  Gays know that homosexual life is not enough to keep large numbers of people locked in their dating pool if they know how easy it is to get out of the gay scene and go straight.  (It is exceedingly easy, by the way.)  They need the world to signal belief of their fantasy that they were born gay.  They need self-questioning men and women to believe that it is more dangerous to get out of the gay lifestyle than it is to stay in it with all its epidemiological and psychological burdens.

While blacks and Latinos provide Democrats with badly needed voting blocs, the gays and Muslims are indispensable sources of money.  A lot of rich people seem to have gay children (like the Gettys or Paul Singer), and Muslims enjoy the supply chain of money from the oil-rich Middle East.  What gays wants, Democrats provide – they’ve been trained like show poodles with all the cash gays have funneled to them over the years.  If the Democrats have enough votes in Congress to ban any defection from the homosexual life anywhere in the United States, they will avail themselves of the power.  Trump is not particularly worried about LGBT issues.  He may feel that evangelicals just care about wedding cake laws and won’t abandon him over conversion therapy.  Chances are, Trump will sign it.

A national law against conversion therapy will create a sexual police state because it will allow the government to monitor a vast range of interactions that fall under “counseling.”  Churches, schools, medical professionals, and even bloggers like me will find themselves increasingly under the threat of lawsuits, loss of licenses, censorship, and social media mobbing unless they guarantee gay adults a steady pipeline of new gay recruits drawn from children and teenagers.  With the massive push by gay groups like the Human Rights Campaign to flood schools and church youth groups with pro-gay propaganda, young people will be bombarded with cues designed to push them to experiment with homosexuality.  As with Hotel California, they will be able to check in, but they will not be able to check out.

The far-ranging effects of such a change will far surpass what one might imagine at first glance.  First, the percentage of future generations that identifies as LGBT will be enormous.  It is already hovering between 16% and 33%, depending on which poll you look at.  This compares with earlier generations in which less than 2% of the population was gay or transgender.  The damage to our already frail fertility rate will necessitate more immigration to make up for drops in births.  The market demand for children by design will fuel more genetic engineering, adoption on demand, and child-trafficking, as millions of couples incapable of reproducing will expect society to give them children.

Worst of all, a system of child sex abuse will develop far worse than anything we have ever seen.  The pro-LGBT educators tend to emphasize “consent” as the main factor determining healthy sex.  With so much pro-gay messaging overwhelming children, many young people will consent to sex under terms that will have the effects of abuse but will not qualify legally as abuse.  The aftereffects of their grooming and coercive initiation into sodomy will not be treatable because of laws criminalizing any counseling that casts homosexuality in a negative light.

Congress Will Pass Open Borders Laws that Trump Will Veto

The deluge of sensational news about families separated at the border this summer reveals that immigration will be an existential issue for the Democrats going forward.  Native-born Latinos like me will not be a reliable voting bloc for the left, so they will need constant infusions of Latin American, Asian, and Middle Eastern immigrants.  Democrats need them to enter the USA, get citizenship, and feel indebted to Democrats for at least one or two generations.  There is no way a Democratic Congress will get sworn in without bill after bill trying to institute open borders and an unconditional pathway to citizenship.

On immigration, Trump will probably veto.  Republicans will probably have enough votes to prevent an override.  But the hype and hysteria over the immigration issue will most likely derail the possibility of a border law, undermine border security, and gin up emotional capital for the 2020 election.  The demonization and demagoguery will reach nuclear levels, and many conservatives will probably crack under pressure and make deadly escalating concessions.  Chances of open borders and mass amnesty will grow.  If a Democrat wins the presidency in 2020 or if a moderate Republican ousts Trump in the primary, the United States will see open borders and amnesty – and the country will be en route to implosion.

Conservatives Will Complain and Roll Over and Do Nothing

I am sorry this prediction is so dire, but we have seen little in recent history to indicate any other outcome if Democrats take the House and Senate.

The point is, we have to hold both houses of Congress, which means we have to get moving immediately.  As I told my Christian friends recently, “yes, God is on the throne.  But we still have to get off our couches and do something.”

Hitlerian Dems Continue to Sell Race Card….Why?

Well, Democrats of the more fascistic variety, how evil have you shrouded yourselves in with these advertisements. these performances of speech, writing, and university teachings, that  Our President, Donald J. Trump is a racist?

Are you leftist moguls worried about rumor that 25% and perhaps more  American citizens of suntanned skin are likely to vote for Our Donald this coming November?

Some of today’s polls report about 25% of the voting black American has a favorable opinion of Our Donald……despite all of the left wing poisons about the President and his victories being spread by CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and the Rinos at Fox…..and the perennial fascists at the New York Times.

Remember Joseph Goebbels?……He ran the Nazi fascist-lie departments of   communications  to eliminate truth and human decency from the Germanic mind through lies and intimidation throughout  the nation’s press, schools,  the post,  the police?  Comey, Strzok,  and Ohr and others of  FBI performed as if they owned their own Gestapp Headquarters for Obama and his Democrats!

Please read the following article at PowerLine:


Why is the American Negro/Black Population Always Plantation Slaves for the Democrat Party?

It’s time to hold Democrats responsible for Chicago’s violence

by Monica Showalter  at  American Thinker:

Most Americans are appalled to read that 63 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, with 10 fatalities.  The numbers are huge, downright massacre-level.  News coverage says Chicago’s hospital and emergency rooms are now crowd scenes.  Here in California, we are appalled at the death toll among firemen and other public workers in California’s massive wildfires, brought about by eco-wackos and their environmental mismanagement, which have killed 7.  In Chicago, seven dead would be a good day.

What’s going on?  All of these attacks are gang-related, according to this report, and are happening in the 6th, 10th, and 11th Districts, all led by Democrats.  What a massive sludge of corruption and thuggery rests behind that.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has retweeted an invaluable article from the January 2012 issue of Chicago magazine about how the city’s famed violence is all the result of gangs and Democrats being in bed with each other, one hand washing the other, and in those very districts named above.  Democratic politicians sidle up to gang leaders for votes and use their thugs as substitutes for their political organizations.  They muscle voters to the polls for the Democrats, and anyone who rebels gets a beating.  Gang leaders in turn make demands of politicians for protection from police and get flows of city funds from these same Democrats, generally as city subcontractors, calling it “jobs for youth” and “second chances” or something.  The left benefits, so it gives the gangs what they want.

Is this a revolting picture?  Obviously, with the stepped up shootings, the Democrats don’t seem to be worrying too much, given that they have the votes and deals they want, so word is out that they aren’t going to do anything.  Meanwhile, the cops have been ordered to stand down because of the political ties of the gangs, and word has gotten out about that, too.  Now the gangs are challenging each other because Democrats have made the power so easy to get.

When is someone going to say something about how the Democrats have created this gang-hell bacchanal of murder, unknown in few places outside Caracas?  This is Democrats’ doing, based on that 2012 report, because Chicago’s politicians are in bed with Chicago’s gangs.  It’s also a worthy topic for a class-action lawsuit, for one.  More important, it’s got to become a campaign issue, not just in Chicago, but everywhere.  Hold them accountable.  Democrats have made their deals with gangs, and this is what has become of the city.