Savannah Guthrie’s “Today” show interview with Nicholas Sandmann, the Kentucky high school student featured in a controversial video, did not go over well with viewers.

They knocked her and the program for giving the teen a platform and conducting a “softball interview.”

The Covington Catholic High School student showed his support for President Donald Trump wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat next to Native American elder Nathan Phillips in Washington D.C.

A viral 3-minute, 44-second clip showed the teenagers – several donning MAGA caps – surrounding Phillips. The clip drew widespread condemnation and prompted the school and the Diocese of Covington to issue an apology.

However, after the longer version of the incidentsurfaced, the rush to judge the teenagers, who were in the nation’s capital for the anti-abortion March for Life, is coming under attack. The fuller video would seem to assign more blame for the encounter on a group of four or five Black Hebrew Israelites.

Twitter users were outraged as NBC’s morning show tweeted clips of Guthrie’s interview Wednesday.

“@SavannahGuthrie and @TODAYshow I have been a loyal viewer for the past 2 decades,” shared a user. “I remember watching your coverage of the twin towers on that fateful day in September. But no more. Not after the sham that was this interview.”

“Savannah Guthrie owes America an apology,” another declared.



“As far as standing there, I had every right to do so. My position is that I was not disrespectful to Mr. Phillips. I respect him. I’d like to talk to him…But I can’t say that I’m sorry for listening to him and standing there.” Nick Sandmann on if he owes anyone an apology

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Savannah Guthrie owes America an apology.