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The President’s Coming to Lefty Gopherland


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

President Trump is conducting a rally at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis tonight. I wasn’t able to watch, as I was tied up at a dinner event. But my phone blew up with texts telling me that Trump mentioned Scott and Power Line several times in connection with Ilhan Omar, who represents Minneapolis and some nearby suburbs.

Target Center reportedly was packed, with many more outside, for one of Trump’s longer speeches. I’ve heard no reports of violence outside the arena, despite the hostile reception that Trump received from the city’s mayor.

More to come; when I get a clip of the president’s Power Line references, I will add it.

The photo below shows the president with a Minneapolis police officer wearing a “Cops for Trump” shirt. A day or so after Trump’s visit to Minneapolis was announced, the city’s Police Department issued an edict barring officers from wearing uniforms while working security at political events, lest they seem to be endorsing a candidate. The police officers’ union immediately ordered some “Cops for Trump” shirts for officers to wear at tonight’s event:

UPDATED: Crazed left-wingers protested outside Target Center. A local television station reports:

As President Donald Trump’s speech moves close to the 90-minute mark, skirmishes between protesters and Minneapolis Police officers outside Target Center are heating up on this rainy Thursday evening.

A group of protesters were seen on video lighting up a bonfire with what appeared to be Trump-related baseball caps and apparel.

Police are shown extinguishing the fire, and keeping protesters at bay with chemical spray, bicycles and even horses.

There remain large groups of protesters along First Avenue near the Target Center, where Trump finished speaking at 9:30 p.m.

Here is the video. These people are nuts:

FURTHER UPDATE: Compare that ragtag group of nitwits to the cheering throngs who greeted the president as he approached Target Center. I have to say, I am impressed.

A Shout-Out From President Trump [With Multiple Updates]

Note from Glenn:   I thoroughly enjoy  our President Trump’s specialty speeches on television.  If I were twenty  years younger, I would have taken my sons with me  to Target Center to our true and devoted American President, Donald J. Trump tonight.

Democrats hadn’t transformed into their fascistic left then.   Ted Kennedy was truly evil, but, thank God, the murderer  never really made it to the White House.    His brother, JFK,  victim of that Communist murderer,  Lee Harvey Oswald,  was an outstanding America -loving man…..especially in handling that Soviet crisis when that Nikita of the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republic was in the process of arming Cuba with Nukes.

Dems then weren’t  fascistics like   today’s  Nancy Pelosi Dems, from Charlie Schumer to Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler and so on as if in a long, long obedient line.   THEY HAVE NO SENSE OF TRUTH.

One of my sons took his teen-age step son to Target Center this evening.   Minneapolis not long ago was a civilized city downtown.   Fascists weren’t around making noise or threatening citizens yet.   Democrat mayors wouldn’t have threatened to charge the President of the United States $500,000 to dare to show up at Minneapolis’s  Target Center.  But druggies, hoodlums,   University and local college-prepped fascists and the Minneapolis Strib and local television new channels  hadn’t quite dominated the local  fascistic Dem’s  political scene yet.

Relative to two decades ago, our Twin Cities and rural Minnesota have been struggling both economically, morally, religiously, and educationally.   Dems, of the  fascistic and hoodlum  kind especially, have increased in physical numbers.   They include the present fascistic mayor who commanded closing  the city to conservatives.

Until the decade of open borders, including the dictate by  fascistic President Barack Hussein Obama to settle masses of countless foreigners of entirely different cultures to western civilization in Minneapolis….LIKE IT OR NO, Dems never operated as savages in Minnesota …until this evening!   There they were, a couple thousand at least,  playing rioters, threatening and even attacking American conservatives as they gathered to get home.

Fair and “Balanced” Fox had hired leftist guru, Ethan Bearman to describe the content of the event both the Trump  gathering indoors and the riotous threatening actions of the leftist outdoors.   He starred as a Dem fascistic, blaming the speaker, the U.S. President as the cause of well organized  fascistics  threatening along the downtown streets with signs and violence.

He claimed President Trump and his audience were racists…..



When will Americans Begin to Notice the Schiff Fascists Now Destroying Our American Dream to Seek and Honor TRUTH!

Where would we Americans be today without the devotion for truth and freedom exercised by honest Jewish folks such as John Hinderaker and Dennis Prager?

Our American Christian community, may God Bless Them, seems to have retreated into the Roman catacombs again  (for another 500 years?).   At least they still worship the importance of Truth over Evil when  80% of their voters went for  and elected Donald J. Trump to the American Presidency in 2016!!


What makes Evil in a live human animal? ……  THE ABSENCE OF TRUTH AND HUMAN DECENCY, something I learned at Church and in school, kindergarten to college and graduate school when America was still the AMERICAN DREAM!

It isn’t too hard to understand….UNLESS YOU ARE FASCISTS LIKE  ADAM SCHIFF,  NANCY PELOSI, JERRY NADLER,  CHARLES SCHUMER, RICHARD BLUMENTHAL, BERNIE SANDERS, ERIC SWALWELL, MAXINE WATERS, GEORGE SOROS, HOLLYWOOD, AND UNIVERSITIES and other mouths running today’s Fascistic Dem Party absent of traditional American values dreamed and honored.

Fox News is also among this crowd of evil, but probably not by design…., perhaps their STAR animals don’t know the evil they are  nursing when selling  Adam Schiff and crowd.   “Conservative” Fox advertises “fair and balanced”  news….and so,  sells  Schiff FASCIST disorders and lies  as equal to those honest traditional Republicans and Democrats who still honor and strive for Truth and honesty but are too gutless or too uneducated to know or remember how vitally important EXERCISING TRUTH IS IN A FREEDOM LOVING COUNTRY  LIKE AMERICA IN MY LIFETIME  STRUGGLED TO MAINTAIN WHEN IT VALUED THE GUIDE OF GODFEARING JUDEOCHRISTIANITY!

I have never met John Hinderaker, one of my heroes trying to save our traditional American values in our days of Schiff swamp.   He seems to be a very gentle gentleman when evaluating the fascist and fascistic horrors now overwhelming our dreams of America!   Such gentlemen are better than no gentlemen at all.

The human female animal prefers security over freedom.   Fascism whether German, Soviet, Maoist, or Schiff-style doesn’t really seem to matter as long as she feels ‘SECURE’.

Ban All the Red Hats?

Dishonesty is a Lefty Fascist Talent. It Constricts Knowledge, Thought, Speech.

“Today’s world of communication in our USA, is overwhelmingly  in the hands of Leftists, ones of a more fascist kind.    They are very rich owning Amazon, the Washington Post, the New York Times,  CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, PBS, ABC, Bloomberg, etc….. nearly all of our American colleges and universities from coast to coast……countless schools selling lies about Christians being racists and primitive, Hillary’s deplorables,  farmers and city folks  who still work for a living…….

These rich leftists are interested in world order, the fascist kind they can rule over their masses!    But, the Obama Era for our Fascist  Future was stalled, interrupted by a New York businessman who still loves his country probably more than his structural successes.

Deceit is the Leftist Fascists’ primary weapon!  Billionaire Bezos’ Washington Post apparently sells it for profit, power, and politics.

Even Fox which advertises being “Fair and Balanced” sells lefty bags of lies, in their efforts to be “equal”…..yet knowing its a lie, in order to advance their coffers, their POWER!”  ghr

Please read the following article by John Hinderaker  at  PowerLine:



Last week a reporter from the Washington Post, Rebecca Tan, emailed Katherine Kersten, a well-known journalist who works for my organization, Center of the American Experiment, asking to interview Katherine for an article she was writing. Per our usual practice, our communications director, Katie Fulkerson, called Ms. Tan to see what it was all about.

According to our recording of the conversation, Tan said that she was writing an article about local governments across the country who are taking on “racial equity initiatives.” Tan said that she already had submitted “a final draft to my editor” but was trying to “add a couple of perspectives before we move forward with it.” In other words, she had written her article and now was looking for a contrary view after the fact.

Katherine Kersten has written extensively on the baleful effects of race quotas in school discipline. We have seen such effects here in the Twin Cities: in one infamous case, a St. Paul public school teacher was attacked in his classroom by a young man who should have been suspended, and suffered traumatic brain damage as a result of the beating he sustained. Such instances, of which there have been many, if mostly not so severe, have understandably been of concern to Twin Cities residents. Kathy’s longest piece on this subject was published in City Journal.

Katie Fulkerson told Rebecca Tan that Katherine Kersten was not available for an interview, but provided this statement by Kathy:

In the St. Paul public schools, racial discipline quotas and an anti-suspension behavior modification program led to a dramatic increase in student violence. In 2015, a veteran teacher was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury after being choked and body-slammed by a student. Teachers told the local newspaper the constant threats and chaos they experience made them fearful for their safety. Administrators must discipline violent students, or they jeopardize the environment that makes learning possible for every other student. Race shouldn’t be a factor at all in those decisions.

Tan completely ignored that statement, as well as Kathy’s writing on the subject generally. She produced an article for the Post (available to subscribers only) that is now popping up in newspapers around the country. A version that appeared in Beaumont, Texas is embedded:

The article is general and anodyne: it consists mostly of descriptions of cities that have enacted “equity” policies, and acknowledges that such policies have usually not come to much. Along the way, it drops in this reference to Katherine Kersten:

Equity efforts have also sparked explicit backlash in some places, including Minnesota, where conservative writer Katherine Kersten wrote that a push to investigate biases in student discipline records will bring “increased violence” to classrooms. The state education commissioner called Kersten’s arguments “flat-out racist.”

This is a lie. Kathy has never written that “a push to investigate biases in student discipline records will bring ‘increased violence’ to classrooms.” She has written that imposition of race quotas in student discipline, resulting in students who should have been suspended roving the halls of public schools, has resulted in “increased violence”–a statement that is 100% correct.

When our Communications Director saw the Post piece with its attack on Kathy as a “racist,” she fired off a heated response to reporter Tan and her editors:


I demand an immediate correction to the news story here in which you took my colleague’s statement below completely out of context. Worse, you asked Minnesota’s education commissioner to comment on the out-of-context statement, which led her to call my colleague racist.

Here’s your paragraph:

Equity efforts have also sparked explicit backlash in some places, including Minnesota, where conservative writer Katherine Kersten wrote that a push to investigate biases in student discipline records will bring “increased violence” to classrooms. The state education commissioner called Kersten’s arguments “flat-out racist.”

Here’s Kersten’s statement:

In the St. Paul public schools, racial discipline quotas and an anti-suspension behavior modification program led to a dramatic increase in student violence. In 2015, a veteran teacher was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury after being choked and body-slammed by a student. Teachers told the local newspaper the constant threats and chaos they experience made them fearful for their safety. Administrators must discipline violent students, or they jeopardize the environment that makes learning possible for every other student. Race shouldn’t be a factor at all in those decisions.

Kersten said nothing about “a push to investigate biases” and whether or not that would be a bad thing. She referred to a specific policy in a specific school that had already been implemented and reported on the effect of that policy.

Kersten did NOT say such a push to investigate biases would “bring increased violence” to classrooms. Again, she referred to a specific policy in a specific school and provided examples showing that the policy led to increased violence.

Kersten provided a very specific example and you not only left out important context to her comments, but recklessly broadened them.

You quoted Kersten incorrectly. Nowhere in the statement, or in the piece she wrote previously, does she say the phrase “increased violence.”

You left out the point Kersten was making, which is that “violent students jeopardize the environment that makes learning possible for every other student. Race shouldn’t be a factor at all in those decisions.”

This is horrible, biased reporting.

Again, I demand an immediate correction, or take the reference to Kersten out of the story altogether.

That is a very good email, especially considering that Katie was on vacation today. She later talked at length with one of the Post’s editors, who expressed the view that, because Kersten once used the phrase “increased violence” in an article, the quote was appropriate.

This is profoundly stupid, but consistent with what we expect from low-grade rags like the Post. Kathy did indeed use the phrase “increased violence,” but it was in reference to race quotas in school discipline, not “a push to investigate biases.” In fact, Rebecca Tan’s article has nothing to do with racial quotas in school discipline, and never mentions such quotas or the effects thereof. So importing Kathy’s “increased violence” phrase is utterly indefensible. It is as though I wrote, years ago, that “Afghanistan is experiencing increased violence,” and the Post wrote, “John Hinderaker wrote that electing Democrats leads to ‘increased violence.’”

So the bottom line is that the Washington Post reached out to Katherine Kersten for a comment on its article. They got a comment, but didn’t print a word of it. Instead, the Post took a whopping two words from a column Kathy wrote a year and a half ago, on a topic that was not the subject of the Post’s article. To add insult to injury, it added a quote from a far-left activist who called Kathy a “flat-out racist.”

I would say the Post’s reporting is a flat-out lie. I think Kathy may have a good lawsuit for defamation, given the Post’s blatant misreporting of her words. At a minimum, the Post owes her a correction. I will write to the Post’s “fact checker,” Glenn Kessler, and demand a fact check and an apology.

Mostly, though, this incident is a good reminder of why no one takes far-left “news” outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times seriously. They lie. Consistently, every day.


The Washington Post Lies About a Conservative Journalist

Will America’s Lefty Universities, News and Television Press Secure Fascist Dem Victory in 2020?

How We Re-Elect Trump in 2020

By Lloyd Marcus    at   American Thinker:

Democrats, fake news media, and Hollywood are desperate to block Trump’s reelection in 2020. Their problem is that Trump has been awesome for America. Our economy is booming. Blacks, Latinos and women are experiencing unprecedented prosperity as Trump continues to restore power back to We the People. Trump’s swiftly growing list of achievements towards making America great again is extraordinary.

Democrats hope to win the presidency with their usual lies, addicting voters to government dependency, and convincing everyone that they are victims. Therefore, the Democrats’ presidential campaign is built upon falsely branding Trump as a racist white supremacist, promising free everything to everyone without anyone having to work, and criminalizing speaking the truth.

Because Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives spoke the truth that our country is being invaded by illegals, progressives absurdly claim that Limbaugh and conservative media are responsible for the El Paso shooting and must be silenced.

Frustrated over progressive domination of mainstream and social media, patriots have asked, how do we fight back, insuring a Trump victory in 2020?

Brother and sister Americans, we must fight back by using our God-given gifts, talents, ideas, and resources to spread the truth about Trump’s remarkable long list of achievements beneficial to all Americans. We must counter progressive lies. St. Augustine said, “A minority of truth will prevail as long as it is heard.” In other words, despite progressives’ attempts to bully us into silence, we must stand tall and continue spreading truth. This is how we defeat our anti-American enemies within. Do not think whatever you can do is too small or insignificant. Your little becomes much when you place it in the Master’s (God’s) hand.

I am using my gift as a singer/songwriter to fight back by recording my new Trump Train 2020 song. Singers from across the country will gather September 7th in Silver Spring Maryland to sing in the choir. Interested singers may email me at: mr_lloydmarcus@hotmail.com

Hollywood filmmaker Robert Kirk is a patriot brother who is using his gifts, talents and personal funds to fight back. Though as rare as Bigfoot sightings, Robert really is a conservative writer/director Trump supporter in Hollywood. Robert spent $70,000 out of his own pocket to produce an award-winning hilarious promotional episode of his conservative comedy, “Alien Anthropologists.” Film festival audiences laughed hysterically as Robert poked fun and exposed all the bad players of the deep state’s silent coup against Trump’s presidency. “Alien Anthropologists” is a much-needed salvo in the culture war raging in our country.

Because Robert is not taking a salary for writing, producing, and directing the movie, he only needs $500,000 to make “Alien Anthropologists” a full-length feature film. Still, raising funds has been a struggle. Robert will pursue crowd funding, but he still needs investors. Where are the conservative billionaires to fund a movie spreading truth in an ocean of Hollywood’s lying propaganda films?

Why do progressives always have so much funding to spread their lies? When Beto O’Rourke challenged Ted Cruz’s senate seat in Texas, my wife Mary and I flew to Texas to be boots on the ground, campaigning several months for Cruz. I was blown away by the disproportionately high number of O’Rourke TV ads compared to Cruz ads. O’Rourke had $38.1 million in his war-chest to spread lies about Cruz. Cruz only had $4.2 million. By the grace of God, Cruz defeated O’Rourke.

Progressives spend mega-millions releasing a plethora of propaganda movies which rewrite history, demonize American heroes, and poke a finger in the eye of traditions and values which have made America great.

Progressives always find funds to trash Christianity and America. Remember when the National Endowment for the Arts awarded an artist with a $15,000 grant to place a crucifix in a jar of urine? The celebrated blasphemous art piece was titled, “Piss Christ.” A portrait of the Virgin Mary painted in elephant dung sold for $4.6 million.

Meanwhile, Robert struggles to raise a mere $500,000 to produce his acclaimed conservative comedy full-length feature film.

Robert’s promotional episode of “Alien Anthropologists” has won top awards at film festivals including at one of the most respected and longest running, the 51st Annual WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, where his film was awarded their top Special Jury Remi Award for original comedy.

Please view the three-minute trailer for “Alien Anthropologists” or the 25-minute promotional episode.

Folks, Robert really needs your support to make his film for us a reality. If you are interested in participating in making this movie, please contact him.

As I stated, it is imperative that each and every one of us do our part to reelect President Trump by spreading the truth about his remarkable presidency. Be creative. Write books, movies, plays, songs and so on. Those with political skills, use them.

Our airwaves are overflowing with darkness; insidiously evil, hate-generating lies about possibly the greatest president in U.S. History. Every time we spread truth, we are lighting a candle in the darkness. Remember, your little becomes much when you place it in the Master’s (God’s) hand.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American



How Dare a Republican Note Rep. Elijah Cumming’s Incompetence!

President Trump broke the rule to never hold a black politician responsible

by Patricia L. Dickson  at American Thinker:


Democrat Representative Elijah Cummings, along with the members of his party, have been feigning outrage and concern about the living conditions for illegal alien children at the border for over a year. The outright shameful part about his so-called concern is that his own district is in a far worse condition than the detention centers at the border that house non-citizens. In fact, every district run by the members of the Congressional Black Caucus has been neglected for decades.

Continuing to attempt to gain political points against a successful Trump administration, Rep. Cummings not only criticized the living condition at the detention centers, he even attacked the border patrol agents. In the meantime, political commentator and Baltimore County Republican Central Committee member Kimberly Klacik was busy posting videos of the dilapidated rodent infested buildings in Rep, Cummings’s District 7 on Twitter.

President Trump, obviously after seeing the videos, had finally had enough of Cummings’s dishonest bias reports about the living conditions at the border and fired back at him about the terrible conditions in his own district. This sent shockwaves across the liberal media and the Democrat party. How dare he hold a black politician responsible for the condition in his district? No other Republican politician had the backbone to do so out of fear of being called a racist. However, President Trump is not the average Republican that runs and tucks his tail at the fear of being called a racist or any other name that liberals come up with. He is a street brawling counter puncher. You throw the first punch; he punches back hard.

After President Trump blasted Rep. Cummings about the conditions in his district, the black Democrats all in unison played the race card as usual. They even enlisted king race-baiter Rev. Al Sharpton to attack President Trump and call him a racist at a press conference.  Did Sharpton actually believe that Trump would not call him out on their past relationship? President Trump reminded everyone how long he has known him and that Sharpton is and always has been a con man.

The funny thing is, Sharpton has been trying so desperately to hide his past friendly relationship with Trump so that he can claim that Trump has always been a racist and a white supremacist (even though there are many photos of them together all over the internet). What has upset and shocked the black Democrats politicians and leaders is that President Donald J. Trump broke the rule to never ever hold a black politician responsible for the conditions in his or her district.

You certainly must not point out the obvious corruption and question where and how all the tax dollars have been spent over the decades. Besides, the white Democrat politicians could not care less about the plight of poor blacks living in the inner cities. In fact, they came to Rep. Cummings’s defense. Rep Elijah Cummings finally responded to President Trump yesterday with pabulum, ignoring the ptesident repeatedly asking where has all the money gone that has been pumped into Baltimore over the years, suggesting that it has been mismanaged or stolen.

So far, I haven’t heard a peep out of Rep Maxine “impeach 45” Waters either. I am sure that she does not want President Trump to shine the light on her homeless tent city district as well.



The Selling of Global Warming!

Is White Man Responsible for The World’s Greatest Fraud in History?


The Reports of Iceland’s Glacial Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

by Anthony Watts  at  American Thinker:


The media is abuzz over the first icy “casualty” of climate change: a small glacier in Iceland named Okjökull, also known as “OK.”

The claim, made in a press release from Rice University, is OK became the first glacier in Iceland to lose its glacial status because of global warming. According to the press release, “This will be the first monument to a glacier lost to climate change anywhere in the world.”

Of course, the fearmongers do not say why the glacier has stopped growing. Instead, they simply invoke the new universal boogeyman of “climate change” as the reason. And then they tell us about the movie, website, and hiking opportunities to witness the death of a glacier.

For the record, OK is still around, even though it hasn’t grown since roughly 2003. But here comes the interesting part. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, “Ok is a lava shield volcano in west-central Iceland, to the west of Langjökull.”

As the U.S. Geological Survey noted, OK is actually an icecap on top of a volcano — located on a volcanically active Iceland. Yes, OK is slowly disappearing, but it is completely disingenuous to say climate change is without any doubt the main reason for OK’s demise.

Even if we assume there’s no heat from the volcano, what else could be causing OK’s ice loss? To answer that question, you need to understand how glaciers work. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC):

“A glacier forms when snow accumulates over time, turns to ice, and begins to flow outwards and downwards under the pressure of its own weight… Glacier retreat, melt, and ablation result from increasing temperature, evaporation, and wind scouring. Ablation is a natural and seasonal part of glacier life. As long as snow accumulation equals or is greater than melt and ablation, a glacier will remain in balance or even grow. Once winter snowfall decreases, or summer melt increases, the glacier will begin to retreat.”

If snow is not added, glaciers don’t grow, and they naturally lose ice due to sublimation, ablation, and melt. I don’t think these people pushing OK’s death fully understand glaciers. The process of ice loss in a high-latitude glacier is mainly due to three things, with temperature coming in last.

  1. Calving into the sea (not applicable on this glacier since it is landlocked).
  2. Ice loss through sublimation (evaporation directly to the atmosphere) or ablation (wind scouring).
  3. In some cases, melting due to elevated temperature (yet to be proven about this glacier).

Al Gore, in his movie An Inconvenient Truth, made the mistake of blaming ice loss at Mt. Kilimanjaro on “global warming.” But inconveniently for Gore, the ice loss was entirely the result of there being a lack of precipitation, thus allowing the ice to sublimate.

In Iceland, glaciers are dependent on precipitation. And changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation could easily explain the change in precipitation. In a recent story from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, scientists were “shocked” to find the previously shrinking Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland growing again.

“At first we didn’t believe it. We had pretty much assumed that Jakobshavn would just keep going on as it had over the last 20 years,” said Ala Khazendar of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

“The researchers suspect the cold water was set in motion by a climate pattern called the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), which causes the northern Atlantic Ocean to switch slowly between warm and cold every five to 20 years.”

Besides natural cycles, there is a man-made element to consider: carbon soot from the industrial revolution. NSIDC says:

“Over 90 percent of the measured alpine glaciers in the world are retreating, in almost every major glaciated region. The causes of this widespread retreat are varied, but the underlying primary causes are a warming climate and the effects of increased soot and dust in areas of higher agricultural and industrial activity.”

Although some warming may be involved, and precipitation pattern shifts due to changes in ocean currents can easily explain the lack of snowfall, there’s also the fact that OK’s ice is collecting soot, and that darker soot is absorbing more sunlight, thus warming the glacier.

Glaciers have been expanding and shrinking for millennia. In the case of the OK glacier, it may not have even existed a few hundred years ago, according to a study by the U.S. Geological Survey, which concluded, referring to the 13th to 15th century, “OK may not have had a glacier at this time because of the preceding warmer period.”

Given that we didn’t have gas-guzzling SUVs to drive back then, and global population was a tiny fraction of what it is now, I can’t get too excited about activists who claim OK’s ice reduction is due to our current use of life-improving and life-saving conventional energy sources.

Finally, how long will that memorial plaque last? Just look at what recently happened at Glacier National Park, where they had to remove plaques indicating they expected the glaciers to be gone due to climate change by 2020. And what if “OK” starts growing again? Will it become Iceland’s first zombie glacier?

Anthony Watts (awatts@heartland.org) is a senior fellow of The Heartland Institute.



PS from ghr:    Today’s American neofeminized fascist Democrat Party crowd competing to rule  our nation’s Presidency is  being  featured on fascist CNN.

The  Dem dogma of these candidates dictates that white man, particularly the  American one,  has caused the recent heating  of the oceans, New York City, California, the Alps and elsewhere where ever lefty folks stir.   Leftists throughout America constantly spill out their beans that Mother Earth is about to melt into oblivion if America doesn’t choose them to rule our Nation and then the  World politically.  It’s their most threatening  tool when selling their current propaganda.

Today’s Dem feminizers are not, and never will be interested in Truths, especially  the most important ones.   They forever “feel” rather than think!

Knowing something about planet Earth used to be considered important in American schools before the rise of the Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren hordes.   Massachusetts hasn’t been always Massachusetts.  California hasn’t always been open door California.   Her Democrats galloping to rule our America don’t seem to know that either.  But, they all sell white man, his Christians, Conservatives, and Inventors created global warming.

Please do today’s American  humanity, what’s left of it,  a favor.   Look up the geography of America’s Dakotas of 66,000,000 years ago and describe its animal and plant environment.   If that figure has too many zeros for you Dems to bother,  research to discover the climate and animal life around where Duluth, Minnesota now sits, 12,000 to 20,000 and more years ago!


A Note from Yesteryear: Christopher Hitchens vs. President Obama’s Residue!

The title of my  July 16, 2010 article was:  “Christopher Hitchens Stirs Thinking,  Laughter, and Debate, All of Which Eliminate Obama As A Participant”!

Much has happened to our America and the interesting English Mr. Hitchens died  of cancer  a year or two after the article.   Mr. Hitchen’s past illustrated an adult male of knowledge, thought, and entertainment.

Barack Hussein Obama was already President doing his Obama thing,  denigrating the nation he was supposed to lead.   The  Hitchens in the article below  seems to have been a man, a Brit,  of several  generations ago…….not a man of almost our time.    I wrote:

“Christopher Hitchens does  interest me.  I listen in to Hugh Hewitt only when Mark Steyn or Mr. Hitchens are radiating about something.   I have known of Mr. Hitchens for many, many years and was shocked when, some of those years ago, I found out that this man who loves to shock verbally and is very good at it,  shocked me when he supported   George W. Bush for the decision to move against Sadam Hussein.

Mr. Hitchens for years has been radiating against religion, especially Christianity.  Learning from  the following article about his Calvinist blood, I now can understand why.

I am fond of American Christianity with the exception of  a number of sects here or there, such as Jim Wallis’ Red Communist front American  Catholics he likes to parade around as saints.

I am not a believer in the Christian mythology, but I am taken by the beauty of the King James version of the Bible on which I was dutifully raised, and the classic lessons of the passages recorded in the ancient texts as translated into such  exquisitely beautiful language as in this great Shakespearean tome….no longer used by “modern” man.

I could never deny that I am a Christian nevertheless.  It is the religion of the country in which I was born and raised  and have lived for over 75 years.   It was the religion of my Church education and my public school education, of my country’s art until this age of stupidity and vulgarity of the past 50 years.  It was the religion of my country at war and at peace, on Sundays and on the special holidays…..the religion of the traditional Protestant plaintive but sweet  hymns which I have always loved so much.

“Shall We Gather at the River…..What a Friend We Have in Jesus…..Just As I Am…..One Day at a Time…..the Bach, the Handel, and the  American democracy its Christianity created. its early schools, its early universities, its Abraham Lincoln,  its Declarations leading to Independence, and the magnificent creation of the Federal Constitution…….so abused and twisted; contaminated   by the Obama Party of today.

I think I should like Christopher Hitchens though he sounds like a snot of the first order.   I believe our present American president is a snot also, but he has so little in truth to be snotty about.   He blabs so much circular nonsense, I am certain Barack has no clue what he had just said and in what order it was said, for he loves contradicting himself at almost every breath.  Chris Christie would call it his “escape hatch”……so Mr. Obama could never be caught saying a mistake.

Mr. Hitchens is ahead of me.  Mr. Obama is far behind me…….those behind me are the folks I worry about, especially when they command positions where they can cause so much damage to nearly everything and everyone they touch.

I found the following essay about Christopher Hitchens at The New Criterion site.   It is written by Christopher Caldwell which he entitles:   “Two Headed Hitchens”……”

Mr. Caldwell was taken by certain extremes in which Mr. Hitchens has positioned himself.   His introducation leads to what Caldwell calls the Hitchen change …….

” from a Trotskyite supporter of Third World liberation movements into the most eloquent journalistic defender of George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003. While many readers awakened to the elegance of his prose and the power of his arguments, others say they always knew him for a reactionary skunk. Hitchens’s ambiguity has its roots in the upheaval of the England into which he was born in 1949. It is impressive how clearly he sees that.

Hitchens notes that his family belongs to what Orwell called the “insecure and anxious layer of old England.” His mother, whose tragic end takes up much of the first part of the book, insisted the family scrimp to send him to public schools the family couldn’t afford. “If there is going to be an upper class in this country,” she said, “then Christopher is going to be in it.” So Hitchens was trained to join the elite of a culture that, “without my fully realizing it, was very rapidly passing away.” Victory in World War II and the retreat from Empire preoccupied his family. His father, whom he refers to as “the Commander,” was a career naval officer—stolid, yeoman-like, the son of stern Calvinists. Hitchens, whose personal motto is Zola’s Allons travailler! and who writes about 1,000 words a day, is in certain important respects the same kind of person the Commander was. He talks about word games as ways to build intellectual “muscle.” He writes that, as he developed political opinions, “I generally felt myself so much in sympathy with those who had resisted British rule that I thought it better for the Commander and myself to avoid the subject.” But both he and the Commander were at home with—and fascinated by—Empire. In a sense, Hitchens has lived the Commander’s life inside-out.

When one looks at the books that Hitchens says he devoured as a child—John Buchan, C. S. Forester, P. G. Wodehouse, and various teachers of “imperial and military values”—it is surprising that he did not start life as an outright Tory. I know Hitchens slightly, having co-edited a book with him. Having long admired his literary criticism, I found this childhood syllabus the least surprising thing in the memoir. What ought to have alerted leftists that he might not be long for their ranks is that his literary taste never changed. Some of his best essays are on Kipling. His clearest stylistic forebears are Chesterton, Belloc, and Waugh. There are few writers of whom this could be said on the New StatesmanThe Nation, or the other magazines where Hitchens made his name. How did he reconcile the divergence of his political and aesthetic tastes? Twice in this memoir, he opines that “it is always how people think that counts for much more than what they think.” This is a noble attitude—but it is a literary attitude, not a political one. The surprise, perhaps, is that he was drawn to polemics, rather than poetry or novel-writing, although Hitchens believes he lacked the “stuff” for that.

Of course, if he had tried and failed, we might not know it. It was at Oxford that Hitchens became a master of sprezzatura, the art of getting a lot done while appearing to be idling. He was a wit, a bon vivant, a guest at the tables of the snobbiest literary dons, a bisexual, and, as time went on, a formidable drinker. He and Bill Clinton (then a Rhodes scholar) had mutual acquaintances. Hitchens presents himself as distracted by protesting the Vietnam war, and describes the time as having been passed in a blur. “If you are going to sleep with Thatcher’s future ministers and toy with a future president’s lesbian girlfriend,” he writes, “you will not be able to savor it fully at the time and will have to content yourself with recollecting it in some kind of tranquility.” But he cannot have been that distracted. He received a “Kitchener scholarship,” named after the hero of Omdurman and reserved for the sons of naval officers. He used it go to Cuba.

To read Hitchens is to realize how wrong we are to use the words “honesty” and “integrity” as synonyms. Hitchens is honest in the sense that, as best we can tell, he says what he believes without fear. But on page after page, using one metaphor after another, he describes his personality as not whole, not integral. “I use the words ‘double life’ without any shame,” he writes towards the beginning of the book. Somewhat later he notes that he “was drawn to the Janus-faced mode of life” and had acquired “the protective habit of keeping two sets of books.” He notes near the end: “I have a meretricious, want-it-both-ways side.” He believes journalism was the perfect vocation for him, since it “allowed one to become a version of John Bunyan’s ‘Mr. Facing-Both-Ways.’”

Hitchens had a lot of adventures as a foreign correspondent. He met the terrorist Abu Nidal in Iraq in the 1970s. In Argentina, he read to the blind Borges, who in turn recited to him a poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, but disappointed Hitchens by professing his enthusiasm for the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet in neighboring Chile. (“He is a true gentleman,” Borges said. “He was recently kind enough to award me a literary prize.”) Just two years ago, Hitchens was beaten bloody by a gang of toughs for defacing a poster of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party that had a swastika on it.

Once settled in journalism, Hitchens had a hard time figuring out whether he was first a writer or a revolutionary. His approach to politics was itself Janus-faced. He credits the International Socialists, the Trotskyite tendency he joined, with being “in and yet not of the ‘Left’ as it was generally understood,” with belonging to the “revolution within the revolution.” A skeptical kind of Marxism led him to visit Poland in the very earliest days of the Solidarity movement and to make contact with Jacek Kuronï, Adam Michnik, and other leaders. Hitchens had a gift for doubt, and he came to suspect, on that first trip to Havana, that the citizens of Cuba didn’t particularly like their revolution. “Certainly when you have had your European features greeted by little showers of pebbles and dogshit and the taunt ‘Sovietico’ from the street urchins of Havana,” he writes, “you have been granted a glimpse or a hint of that very useful thing, an unscripted public opinion.”

Yet, the political engagements to which Hitchens devoted the bulk of his life are the least interesting things about him. Dissident leftists who saw through Stalinism seem to be the only people in the world who don’t realize that everyone else saw through Stalinism, too. Thus, Hitchens applauds Susan Sontag for urging opposition to Soviet repression in Poland in 1982. He notices in socialist Portugal after the fall of the dictatorship in 1974 that, “behind all the spontaneity and eroticism and generalized ‘festival of the oppressed’ merrymaking, a grim-faced Communist apparat was making preparations for an end to the revels and a serious seizure of the state.” Non-Trotskyites at the time would have considered this an empirical confirmation of common sense.

Hitchens soon began to dissent in a more profound way. Having written against the Argentine dictatorship, he was dismayed to see the alacrity with which his comrades rallied to it once Argentina attacked the British Falkland Islands in 1982, thus placing itself on the “anti-imperialist” side of the ledger. He backed Margaret Thatcher’s decision to send an expeditionary force to take the islands back. “The worst of ‘Thatcherism,’” he writes, “was the rodent slowly stirring in my viscera: the uneasy but unbanishable feeling that on some essential matters she might be right.”

If Hitchens’s impatience with the left was building, the left’s hospitality to him was being withdrawn, too. As the doctrine that “the personal is political” came into vogue, Hitchens registered not so much dissent as disgust: “At the instant I first heard this deadly expression, I knew as one does from the utterance of any sinister bullshit that it was—cliché is arguably forgivable here—very bad news. From now on, it would be enough to be a member of a sex or gender, or epidermal subdivision, or even erotic ‘preference,’ to qualify as a revolutionary.”

One could go further and say that this personal-is-political business is a cease-and-desist order for the irony that Hitchens prizes. Hitchens’s sense of humor, like his literary tastes, has always clashed with his politics. He is delighted by the poet Craig Raine’s idea “that there is a design flaw in the female form, and that the breasts and the buttocks really ought to be on the same side.” Rooting out utterances like these has, for almost a half-century now, been a considerably higher priority for the left than building any sort of socialism. That is what leftism is. In that light, Hitchens’s abandonment of the left was only a matter of time, and it is surprising how long it took. First they came for the Men’s Club, but I said nothing. Then, when they came for the comic novel …

Anti-clericalism of the sort that made his 2007 book God Is Not Great a bestseller is the only thing that still tethers him to what some would consider the left. He calls the Bosnian wars a “Christian destruction of the continent’s oldest Muslim population,” Martin Buber a “pious old hypocrite,” and settlers in the West Bank “Torah-based land thieves.” If this is liberalism, it is of a rather eighteenth-century, Voltairean kind.

Hitchens moved to the America in 1981, drawn by a romantic sense that “the United States [is] at once the most conservative and commercial and the most revolutionary society on Earth.” (A Janus-faced place for Janus-faced people.) It was there that he broke almost all his past alliances. His frequent arguments on behalf of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 are too recent to need recapitulating here. He rehashes them at length—at excessive length for a memoir. They are still so hot in Hitchens’s mind that he is not so much reminiscing as settling scores with ex-allies.

Gore Vidal’s views on September 11 echoed those of “the most dismal, ignorant paranoids,” he writes, and the late Edward Said “could only condemn Islamism if it could somehow be blamed either on Israel or the United States or the West.” It is interesting to discover how close he was to Paul Wolfowitz in the run-up to the war, and there is an affecting chapter on the Daily family of Orange County, California, whose son Mark had volunteered to fight in Iraq and was killed near Mosul. Hitchens contacted the family when a friend sent him Daily’s obituary, including the passage: “Writings by author and columnist Christopher Hitchens on the moral case for war deeply influenced him.”

It is natural that something like that will occasion a good deal of moral self-examination on the part of someone who long professed to desire a Janus-faced existence. That is not the sort of effect one wants to have if one often speaks in a spirit of irony. And in this memoir the irony wanes by the page: “As the Iraq debate became more intense, it became suddenly obvious to me that I couldn’t any longer remain where I was on the political ‘spectrum.’” Nowhere in this book does Hitchens describe himself as a conservative. And yet who said this? “Multiculturalism and multiethnicity … is now one of the disguises for a uniculturalism, based on moral relativism and moral blackmail.” Or this? “I shall never understand how the keepers and trustees of the King James Version threw away such a treasure.” It was not the Commander.”

Comment:  Our American president is not capable of such thoughts.  He is a narrow man narrowly focussed to disrupt the country to his narrowest of visions.  He is a true believer Marxist with a bit of racism thrown in.  He is way too focussed on his pleasure with himself  to do much thinking outside his narrows…….

Mr. Obama, I believe, is a dangerous man.   Mr. Hitchens stirs thinking, laughter, and debate all of which would eliminate Mr. Obama as a participant.

As he did in his younger years, when without power standing in front of men who are ahead of him, Mr. Obama votes  “PRESENT!”

Conclusion:    Examine  today’s Pelosi and the moronic foul Squad rising from  today’s  Obamaling Democrat Party!    Pay attention to the twenty plus Barack Dems  presently spreading their leftist   stench of   political, social, and cultural war of  hate  and disorder in order to destroy present President Donald J. Trump’s remarkable administration !

This is the Democrat Party  President Barack Hussein Obama left, cultivated to fulfill  his dream to create for our America a  leftist fascistic future  and decay,  to become equal to his view of the struggles of  Earth’s third world!

Truth Exposed: Today’s Democrats, NOT TRUMP, Are the Racists!

The Democrats, Not Trump, Are the Racists

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) speaks to media on Capitol Hill

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) speaks to media on Capitol Hill on June 27, 2018. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

It doesn’t take Nostradamus, or even a Coney Island fortune teller, to predict the coming Democratic presidential debates will be filled to overflowing with accusations of racism toward Donald Trump.

Not only that, the candidates will certainly be doing their bests, directly or by innuendo, to tarnish each other with the same ugly brush in an almost always fallacious manner. But when it comes to the real, down-home, George-Wallace-Segregation-Now-Segregation-Forever racial bigotry, it will be Donald Trump by a landslide. To them, POTUS is the big, bad, racist wolf.

This is, will be, and has been from the beginning one of the purest examples of projection since Sigmund Freud described this form of psychological hysteria in The Neuro-Psychoses of Defence (1894).

The Democrats are the true racists. The more they and their press lackeys call others racist, the more racist they are — and the more racism they generate. These days one might as well call the Democratic Party The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Racism.

They do this every day through the promulgation of identity politics, which is no more than segregationism repurposed and given a slick veneer for the 21st century via intersectionality and similar bogus academic nonsense. But it doesn’t end there. It’s a daily, even hourly, assault, the latest occurrence being the uproar over Trump’s characterization in a tweet of Rep. Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore as “violent & filthy.”

Did this have anything to do with Cummings being black? Of course not. But it certainly has to do with Cummings’ own over-the-top characterization of our southern border, which Trump considered radically unfair and purely politically motivated. Tit for tat. We’ve seen that from Trump before and will again. He punches back, sometimes too easily. But color is of no consequence, not even slightly. You could be a card-carrying member of the DAR descended directly from Betsy Ross and Trump would go after you if you went after him.

Nevertheless, it had to be called racism by the real racists — projection again. (This creepy, psychologically-deformed behavior was frequently lampooned by Aristophanes in his plays, long before Freud gave it a name. Molière also had a good time with this hypocrisy in The Miser and The Misanthrope. Only now it’s not a laughing matter.)

And speaking of unfair, exactly what is the condition of Baltimore today? Like most American cities governed for decades by Democrats — from Detroit to now Los Angeles, San Franciso, and Seattle with their ghastly homeless epidemics — the word “miserable” seems appropriate or perhaps “wretched” or “revolting” (but not in the sense of revolutionary; in the sense of “What a revoltin’ development this is” in The Life of Riley).

And is Baltimore safe? US News gives it a poor rating, 3.9/10, stating: “Baltimore’s crime rate is significantly higher than the national rate, with the metro area experiencing its fair share of violent crime – particularly within the city proper.” As for Trump’s accusation of its being “rat-infested,” it ranks eighth nationally hereand ninth here. That’s out of some 35,000 cities in this country. I’m not sure how many of those got surveyed by Orkin, but Baltimore’s results are not exactly auspicious.

The conclusion we are supposed to glean from this, the rule of rules that must be obeyed at all costs, is that whites are always wrong when criticizing blacks. That conception is quite simply mentally deranged. It is sick, completely reactionary politically and inherently racist in and of itself. And yet it is adhered to by the Democratic Party and their media lackeys with an orthodoxy even Opus Dei would envy.

And we are soon going to see it revved up even further. During the coming debates, desperate candidates like Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke are likely to hurl unfounded accusations of racism at Biden and Sanders. (These men have many failings, but racism isn’t one of them.). Kamala Harris will continue her equally unfounded attack on Biden. Pete Buttigieg will try to find some way to deflect racism charges against him by his black constituents back home, possibly by making the most vicious attacks on Trump of all. (Easy enough. His background is Gramscian, so the ends justify the means.). And so it will go. None of this will have anything to do with reality.

Nor will the corresponding attacks for sexism. Speaking of desperation, Kirsten Gillibrand, currently without enough votes to be high school class treasurer, will be going after Biden for his alleged discrimination against women. As herspokesperson said, “Kirsten believes we need to have a broader and more intentional conversation about valuing women in this country and even this primary, and she intends to do so in the coming days. Stay tuned.”

No, thank you. Identity politics gives me hives.

(NOTE TO KIRSTEN: Have you noticed vastly more young women are attending college these days than young men, making the future particularly grim for males? I guess not.)

(FURTHER NOTE: Neo-Neocon has it right.  Trump’s not a”racist.”  He’s a “rattist.”

Roger L. Simon was a civil rights worker in the sixties, donor to the Black Panthers in the seventies (apologies for that one), writer for Richard Pryor in the eighties, and leader of the Writers Guild’s rebuilding South Central libraries after the King riots in the nineties. He is now, he assumes, in the eyes of most Democrats, a racist.


CJack: The DNC Racist Assault On America

The DNC racist assault on America….

The level of obscenities and false accusations launched against our duly elected 45th President, Donald J. Trump cannot go unchallenged. If our nation is to survive it most overcome the moral and spiritual decline brought about under Barack Obama; a man whose ascent to our highest office was celebrated by the ghosts of Sodom & Gomorrah.

Though Obama made clear his rejection of our nation’s founding values and ideals, only a few courageous religious leaders dared to publicly denounce his perverted agenda and treachery. Lamentably most of Conservative America remain in fear of being branded ‘racist’ even as as the nation’s pride and dignity is trampled by black racists, rappers, gays and other fringe elements assaulting on our duly elected government and our academic and religious institutions. This network of Obama radicals continues with impunity to attack our Judeo-Christian foundation and Constitutional order. ‘A nation divided cannot stand forever.’

….An example of fiscal turpitude by the Democrats…

The 94th United States Congress Sessions, First: January 14, 1975—December 19, 1975…Second: January 19, 1976—October 1, 1976.
Senate Majority…Democratic.
House Majority…Democratic.

“In 1975 the Democrat-controlled Congress retrofitted the elevators in the Capitol building to make them automatic; yet the same dimwitted Congress continued to spend the taxpayers’ money to pay salaries of elevator operators to operate the automatic elevators.”

Historically the Democrats have been known to stupidly spend the taxpayers’ money.

Since 1996 the loudmouth, empty-suit Baltimore bully Elijah Cummings (D) has represented Maryland’s 7th district with nothing notable to show. Yet President Trump has been called a racist by the corrupt and incompetent race hustlers Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D) and the NAACP for citing the deplorable social conditions in Elijah Cummings’ district.

We have had enough of the Democrats’ race card. The United States of America is not a racist nation…its white citizenry is not responsible for the social disrepair in the black community. Only a return of black America to its civic pride, self-discipline, adequate education and hard work will solve its social and economic problems. I ask, in fact, why have not the exceedingly wealthy blacks invested in the business development of the black community? Moreover, what has happened to black America’s powerful religious conservatives who defeated Jim Crow and the segregationist democrats in the South? Evidently the Democrats of this 21st century prefer to rule by partisan politics than by bipartisan edict.

The appointment of Robert Mueller as ‘special counsel’ to investigate our duly elected president about a “Trump-Russia collusion” based on a bogus “dossier’ of preposterous lascivious activities funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC has to be the most scandalous incident of dirty politics perpetrated against our nation. Moreover, it should be embarrassing for the black community not to condemn the conspiracy of our first black president Barack Obama and his ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to overturn the legal election of Donald Trump to the White House. Have they failed to accept we are a nation of the people, by the people, for the people, as expressed in our Constitution? Shame on black America for not being color blind.

And let not the hypocrisy of the Democrats not to denounce the racial hatred and anti-American activities of all radical elements and organizations go unchecked. Let those who seek to destroy our forgiving and generous land be rejected by the ballot, or by the force of arms if necessary, to preserve our sacred union of free men and women.

….The Privileged Class…
We have allowed our elected congressional officials to become an incompetent and privileged class self-entitled to excessive benefits and privileges of rank that prevail over their collective responsibility; they have been permitted to function so above the law they have become a a nest of truants bent on increasing the nation’s financial burden on the backs of its taxpayers, the result of their incompetence and malfeasance has been the steady erosion of our founding values and ideals. Freedom requires infinite vigilance for it is neither free nor cheap.

…A Man Lost in Space…
‘Special counsel” Mueller failed to produce evidence of Trump’s misconduct or treason against the nation, but the left wing radicals in cahoots with the garbage-can networks CNN and MSNBC continue to promote the infamous “Steele Dossier” and the DNC preposterous “collusion” charge against our legitimate president.

Hillary Clinton lost the election because she had a long history of lies, corruption and deception. Still the ensuing torrent of irresponsible and malicious accusations Trump continues, tacitly endorsed by Putin’s mole Barack Obama and company; their propaganda aimed to sow mistrust in the integrity of our Constitution, its laws and legal processes.

Congressman Nadler’s show on Capitol Hill was “much ado about nothing.”


…The DNC and Black Racism…

I see the slate of the DNC presidential jackasses as nothing more than an ongoing caravan of ‘useful fools’ coached by the anti-American anarchist Barack Obama whose rhetoric disrespects President Trump and his cabinet. Licensed by our liberal networks and some news organizations, Obama has been empowered to accuse Trump of every sin under the sun; lamentably Conservative America for fear of being branded racist remain silent. So the morally bankrupt Democrats just go on dragging the nation through their acrimonious swamp.

No, America cannot be racist after electing Barack Obama to two terms in the White House. Yet, it’s the only card the black racists have always count on at the poker table. So why should our accidental ex-president Barack Hussein Obama not continue to steer his ‘allies’ against Trump until Conservative America surrenders? It is true the current speaker of the “House” is unable to impose order under the pressure of the ‘squad’ of racists women-of-color in the House, but what of Adam Schiff and other Jewish lawmakers who should have the courage stand up in defense of the Israeli government and Trump’s steadfast support of the Jewish nation? I have no room in my heart for Congressman Adam Schiff and his ilk.


…Sad Sack Mueller Couldn’t Hop Off the Fat Man’s Carousel…

It’s befuddling to see that the celebrated federal “lawman” Robert Mueller never looked into the Russian Atomic Agency’s donation of $145,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation following the Obama administration’s “Uranium One Deal” (signed, sealed and delivered by Hillary Clinton to Vladimir Putin). Instead, Obama’s ‘deep state’ operatives propagated the lie of a Trump-Putin collaboration to steal the election from the unprincipled Hillary Clinton.

…And please don’t forget the $500,000 speaker’s fee paid to Bill Clinton in Moscow by a Russian business group connected with the “Uranium One Deal”…

But the only one who seemingly expected a “Plan B” to contest his win over the prohibitive Hillary was our man Donald Trump who was prepared for the DNC’s no-stops war to invalidate his electoral victory; though the old elephants of the GOP had not a clue of the plot in motion to overthrow the newly elected president.

I tell you, the clown show orchestrated by that fathead Jerrold Nadler must have sunked the gaunt and already confused Robert Mueller III into a mental abyss typical of those suffering the initial symptoms of a progressive memory disconnect. The pitiful Mueller simply could not deliver the winning card the bloated Jerrold was expecting at the hearing. Poor Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and broke into pieces.

So once again the ‘boys’ in the Kremlin were entertained by another circus performance on Capitol Hill; czar Vladimir and emperor Xi smiled, and the Mullahs in Tehran continued to enrich uranium waiting for their messianic Twelfth Imam (the “Hidden Imam” or the Mahdi) to liberate the world from evil. But In Israel, my Jewish brethren anxiously went about their affairs praying and hoping not to be abandoned by Washington knowing full well they can never count on the support of America’s left-wing Jews.

So I say, now is the time for Conservative America to demand a legitimate investigation by the US Senate to expose the unethical activities of Mueller and his team of investigators. High on the Senate’s list should be Mueller’s lead investigator Andrew Weissmann and his pro-Hillary investigators. Mueller’s erratic performance before the House Committee justifies a Senate investigation.

Who was really leading and conducting this symphony of lies against the President? We also must find out who wrote the final report because Sad Sack Mueller was so disoriented he couldn’t hop off the fat man’s carousel.

CJack…Weekend Commentaries…July 29, 2019.

Racism a Democrat Disease?

Racism curling in on itself: 32% of Democrats think it’s racist to disagree with anyone who’s black

by Monica Showalter  at American Thinker:


The Washington Times’ Cheryl Chumley found a poll that tells us a lot about why Democrats, the historic party of racism, think the way they do (non-subscription version here):

In what has to be one of the most interesting polls of the day, Rasmussen Reports finds that “one-in-three Democrats think it’s racism any time a white politician criticizes a politician of color.”

Think what that means.

White politicians can’t say a word against black politicians, Hispanic politicians, Asian politicians — any politician with a skin color that deviates from white — without being accused of racism, according to about a third of Democrats.

Without being guilty of being racist, that is.

That’s just crazy. That’s just speech-stifling, freedom-chilling crazy.

It’s also, as Chumley herself notes later in the piece, actually pretty racist.

See, black people are different from white people in that they’re supposedly these fragile flowers.  They can’t take political give-and-take the way whites can; any disagreement with one of them is evidence of racism in a way it wouldn’t be if the speaker were white.  Same with Hispanics and Asians.

So any disagreement with, say, Maxine Waters, when she spouts something stupid, is the same as putting on the white hooded bed sheet.  Waters, of course, is black, and therefore not only can’t be disagreed with, but she evidently can’t say anything stupid, either.

This is a rather patronizing view of black people or anyone of another race.  It presupposes that such people can’t think.  It presupposes that such people are so delicate that disagreeing with them would be like disagreeing with a two-year-old. Even in Waters’s case, the rest of us know that’s not true.  Waters “thinks” all right — she just thinks wrong.

It also explains why Democrats get so irrational when someone such as, say, Sen. Ted Cruz, or Sen. Marco Rubio, shows up.  In Cruz’s case, the confusion is so intense that they have to manufacture a Latino opponent out of some white guy to return their world to their axis.  And it certainly would explain their irrational reactions to the distinguished black physician and now Cabinet official Dr. Ben Carson, and the much honored black former secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, both of whom, by the way, came from classically underprivileged backgrounds and rose to the top of their fields.  Democrats react to these people like a wet plug in an electric socket.

It’s a third of them, according to the poll, and they really think this.  If they don’t think it, they’re telling it to the pollster, out of a belief that this is the correct view to have.

And there’s plenty of evidence that these patronizing and dehumanizing views exist.  Remember this charming statement of intolerance from “squad” leftist Rep. Ayanna Pressley?

“We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice,” she said. “If you’re worried about being marginalized and stereotyped, please don’t even show up because we need you to represent that voice.”

It illustrates the mentality perfectly.  If you aren’t a black person of a certain black voice, well, then, you aren’t black, and you need to be eliminated.

It’s actually not only racism curling in on itself as Democrats slide further into irrationality and virtue-signaling.  It’s inhuman.