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So the Feinstein’s Fascist Assault upon Judge Kavanaugh is Mistaken Identity?


by Paul Mirengoff  at PowerLine:

Yesterday, word circulated in certain quarters of the D.C. legal/public policy community that the assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh may be a case of mistaken identity. In other words, the incident happened, but the perpetrator wasn’t Kavanaugh.

In the version I heard, the assault was committed by a guy who attended the Landon School, not Georgetown Prep where Kavanaugh was a student. Landon and Georgetown Prep are both elite prep schools in the prosperous Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Having no idea whether this information is reliable, I wrote nothing about it. I was struck, however, by this tweet by Ed Whelan from last night:

By one week from today, I expect that Judge Kavanaugh will have been clearly vindicated on this matter. Specifically, I expect that compelling evidence will show his categorical denial to be truthful. There will be no cloud over him.

I’ve known Ed for years and have read “Bench Memos” regularly since its inception. He’s a pretty cautious guy, and not prone to wishful thinking. Thus, I was surprised by the boldness of his tweet.

The conventional wisdom among Kavanaugh’s supporters is that this a case of “he said, she said” and that the alleged episode occurred so long ago that evidence doesn’t exist conclusively to prove or disprove Ms. Ford’s allegation. But here was Ed predicting that compelling evidence would vindicate Kavanaugh.

Is Ed basing this prediction on a more detailed and better sourced version of the “mistaken identity” narrative I had picked up? His subsequent tweets suggest to me that he is.

Then, this morning, Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post wrote a column about how mistaken identity is not uncommon in cases like these. Was this column prompted by buzz that the Kavanaugh case is, indeed, one of mistaken identity?

Finally, there is this post by Ramesh Ponnuru. He cites Parker’s column and suggests that Kavanaugh “may be confident that new evidence will emerge that strongly tends to vindicate him.”

I still don’t have an opinion on whether the Kavanaugh case is one of mistaken identity. That’s a possibility, but it’s also possible that the incident didn’t occur at all or in anything like the way Ford describes. And it’s possible that Ford has gotten it right and is telling the truth.

However, some publicly known facts tend to support the mistaken identity theory. I’m thinking of (1) Ford’s failure to remember such details as where the alleged attack took place, (2) Sen. Feinstein’s seeming unwillingness to treat Ford’s story as tight enough to push forward with for months, (3) Ford’s reluctance to testify publicly (or maybe even privately) before the Judiciary Committee, (4) the reported absence of Kavanaugh’s name in the notes of the psychologist with whom she discussed the alleged incident some years back, and (5) Patrick J. Smyth’s denial of Ford’s claim that he was at the party where the assault allegedly took place.

Lack of clarity by Ford about who really attacked her would tend to explain all of the above. I emphasize, however, that such lack of clarity is not the only possible explanation.

For now, let’s just say of the mistaken identity theory: Developing. Maybe.



Note from ghr:   Civilized folks should never forget that the human female animal, whether Ford or Feinstein, is born DITSY!  Although a generalization, she doesn’t give a damn about honesty or the freedoms our American Forefathers dreamed about when they “invented” the human animal’s most civilized laws of order and freedom ever “afforded” Earth’s human animal.

The human female animal craves security….the more fascistic the better, more content, the less challenging, the best!

Two and two don’t mean four to this human female animal when she slips into  her world governed by  feelings swelling her brain.

The human female is born incurious by God’s nature.

As we all know, the human male animal is born to be a killer….the animal within us all!   God is male by human design, reality, and purpose…..THE HUMAN MALE BY INSTINCT SEEKS TRUTH, REALITY, PURPOSE, FOR THE HE, NOT THE SHE IS THE HUMAN PROTECTOR.   SHE IS THE HUMAN ‘MAKER’.

Today’s American feminists are saboteurs of truth and reality…..Dianne Feinstein and Ms. Ford, and the female ditsies in Congress are brainless…..KNOWING NOT THE DAMAGE THEY DO BY ‘THINKING’ AND ‘GOVERNING’, MOUTHING BY EMOTION RATHER THAN KNOWLEDGE!  Their emotings, NOT THEIR INTEREST IN KNOWLEDGE AND SEEKING TRUTH,  run the American Liberal Arts world in college these days.

Unfortunately, the  Jeff Flakes and Ben Sasses join these mechanical fascists of the male and female left….in order to feel good and win the female vote rather than seek and speak Truth.

Sleazy Dianne Feinstein’s sneaky  assault on Judge Kavanaugh should send her to JAIL, if our society were civilized by knowledge rather than feminist hysteria!!!!

American Traitor, Jeff Flake!


by John Hinderaker at PowerLine:

“Traitor” is normally considered a harsh word, but it is the only printable thing I have called “Republican” Senator Jeff Flake since he announced, a few hours ago, that he is “not comfortable voting yes” on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. His concern is the ridiculously stale allegation by Democrat professor Christine Ford that Kavanaugh groped her and tried to kiss her at a party when they were both high school students more than 30 years ago. You might reasonably think this is a joke. Unfortunately not.

Kavanaugh unequivocally denies Ford’s allegation, and the only witness to the event (per Ford), Mark Judge, says “It’s just absolutely nuts. I never saw Brett act that way.” I think Ms. Ford is pretty obviously lying (don’t get me started on the friendly “lie detector test” that the Washington Post says she passed), or, on the most charitable explanation, possibly has Brett Kavanaugh confused with someone else.

In any event, the idea that a 30 to 40 year old story of this sort–He tried to kiss me! He lay on top of me!–that has never been heard before, can derail the nomination of a man who by all accounts, including those of political adversaries, is of the most sterling possible character, is ridiculous.

Despite the feebleness of Ford’s complaint, it is easy to understand why the Democrats are clinging to it like a life raft. But what could possibly prompt Jeff Flake, who ran for office and was elected as a Republican, to join in their attempt to block one of the most superbly qualified jurists ever appointed to the Court? There is only one answer: his insane hatred for President Trump.

Flake is a never-Trumper. Like a number of others for whom I once had considerable respect, Flake has elevated his hatred for our president over every principle of politics and public policy. He would rather subvert his own allegedly conservative principles than allow President Trump to exercise his constitutional powers as president. Words can hardly express how contemptible this is.

Flake is a member of the Judiciary Committee, so Kavanaugh’s appointment cannot proceed to the Senate floor without his vote. (It goes without saying that there is no Democrat on the committee who will follow his or her conscience rather than the Schumer party line.) Flake has resigned from the Senate effective the end of this term, so this could be his parting shot against the party and the principles he claimed to represent. He is not yet a party-switcher like Jim Jeffords–remember him? He was briefly celebrated–but he might as well be. Rarely have I witnessed anything so disgusting in the world of politics.

Jeff Flake should be ashamed of himself. One can only hope that he sees the light between now and Thursday, when the Judiciary Committee vote is scheduled to be held.



(Note:   Flake has been a flaky creep throughout his Washington political  posturing.   No one should be surprised for there are countless “Republicans in the  Senate and House pretending  to be conservative, God-fearing Americans……Paul Ryan, a leader!  Today’s Democrat leadership has  become fascistic, enemies of America being constitutional American.  They, from Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff,  as habitual  loony  liars, deviates, Truth-hater contemporary fascists  ala “1984” to 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton! )

9-08-2016: “Our Donald Is The Most Exciting, The Most American, The Most Successful Builder to Reach The White House”

The Article titled above was written two months before “Our Donald” was duly elected the 45th President of these United States that evening of November 8.  Its content is reprinted below!!!    Think of the Leftist evil created, perpetuated by President Barack Hussein Obama’s tenure promising to change our America forever……  the nation’s present FASCISTIC DEMOCRAT PARTY, its PRESS from coast to coast, its FBI, its SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES, its TELEVISION NEWS, its HOLLYWOOD ENTERTAINMENT, its FEMINIST FANATICS!


“September 8, 2016:  At a week or two from my 82nd birthday, today’s beautiful Twin City weather has permitted me to return to my landscape gardening labors, a major love of my life.

I have come to love OUR DONALD TRUMP at the same level I have come to  respect OUR DENNIS PRAGER since I first discovered him on radio twelve years ago.  No two men have so reinvigorated my  hope for America’s civilized future, now under assault from vicious leftist political animals led by Barack Hussein Obama and Crooked Hillary.

I had an opportunity to tune in to Dennis’ second hour radio ‘lesson’ this Minnesota AM.

Dennis was defending his recent support for my candidate for the White House, Donald J. Trump.  The narrow of mind have been angry at  Our Dennis for his turn to Our Donald…..as I knew he would when Our Dennis cooled down from his purity heights of last winter.

I wrote the following article last February when Our Dennis was angrily and loudly blaspheming Our Donald, when emotion overcame Dennis’ interest in truth and logic.

“These are difficult times in our America.   Assaults on our traditional values based upon JudeoChristianity are under attack from all fronts, at home and abroad.

The last refuge for our  America, its goals, its duties, its values based upon our Biblical lessons from the  past, is our Republican Party today…..and, until recently,  preachers like our Dennis, as if lone wolves howling melodies from deep in our Minnesota forests, have kept  the  light of civilized  human life lit.

Dennis is Jewish, a conservative one, making him a very rare creature in this community  since his college years, as I remember from his preachings  when  I first met his speaking on radio in  October,  2004.

Raising this point is not intended to be a put down statement to anyone…..as today’s Media Matters’ atheistic Jews would pick up as a weapon to destroy me (and Donald Trump) if I (or he,) became  a noted conservative running for political office.

Dennis has become, and will continue to be,  part of my family in my continuing old age.   I respect him, but no one is perfect, and our Dennis has been very ‘unperfect’  for his war of hate against  Our Donald.

As I used to remind my senior high school students, “Whatever I say or write is a matter of MY opinion”.

Donald Trump seems to have  arrived not into Dennis’s  inquisitive brain, but onto Dennis’ nose….so close to his eye he can’t see things profoundly  Donald,  and therefore has no clue regarding who this, “Our” Donald is, where he really comes from, what he really thinks, what he really is driving at, what his goals are, but instead  sees nothing    good, absorbing only  countless Donald  faults…..and there are a lot of them which irritate even us, his  best allies.

Dennis’ sin is a human sin so common in us all.   Our tolerance for matters new in our life’s experience become  more firmly grounded in us as we age.   By Nature we aging  males  wonder more and more  about life’s  whispers of  wisdom and life’s  purpose beyond our  cemented  securities held tight by the   brick and mortar of experience.

For thirty five years I have known this Donald Trump through television and the press…who he was, what he seemed to be, what he did in life, and how he did it according to pages from the press and sites on television.  This Trump was a New Yorker to boot.

I wanted no part from him.   I was totally today’s  “Dennis Prager” regarding our Donald…. until this mid-to-late summer past when I began to realize this Trump is truly serious about competing  as a Republican to become America’s president in 2017.

The Republicans were offering a Jeb Bush, God forbid, the dull, awkward Republican one, the  brother of nice guy but also awkward functionary,  limited Republican, not very conservative USA president, GW;    Ted Cruz, a boring talkie-talkie functionary who had a great reputation as a debater;    the boy, nice guy, functionary Republican guy,  Senator Rubio, with a terrific family story to tell America, but jobless after his Senate stint was over;  and some  awkward, grumpy Republican guy governor from Ohio.  Boring!!!

And then there was chubby,  Obama-hugging prosecuting attorney,  New Jersey guy.

All functionaries…..nothing new or thrilling about that list…..SO I LOOKED UP OUR DONALD THROUGH THE INTERNET, just to see where he might fit,  fully prepared by prejudice to discover  countless reasons I should despise him as an American, as a Republican, as our 45th President of the United States.

To be brief I loved what I read…..(Despite noticing America might have her first lady in the White House who might  appear a bit bimboish,  my prejudice, folks).

I found out the Donald was very well liked by those who work for him, deal with him.  He  had children unspoiled who learned from their father to work for a living,  that he was a builder and even a successful tv celebrity , far from my tastes in  life, and that his first wife recently  wrote an article exceedingly  favorably about this guy as a human being.

Religiously….Our Donald claims he’s a Presbyterian.  He announced it so.    I’m guessing he doesn’t really know how screwball most Presbytries  are these days…atheists, Israel haters, leftists’ churches to go to practice feminism and points leftier.

By God, if he’s found God again, go to it, Donald!

Dear Dennis and other such anti-Trump RNC bigots….Donald Trump is and has never been a politician in his life!   He has not practiced  its habits, the smooth  or  the sleazy.

Dear Dennis an other such anti-Trump RNC  bigots…..  Donald Trump, a builder, a natural  gambler in business,  has had ups and downs in life…..many of them….and he bounces back a winner.

Today, our America needs a winner!!!!

No one can match him in personality  or in ways he can botch up a sentence, especially when he is roused.   And, above all…..Dennis,  Donald Trump is a practicing conservative in business  who has had to take chances in the  world in which he’s worked and starred.   You smear him, as do your fellow establishment Republicans for pressing eminent domain expansion for one of his countless business projects, this one in Atlantic City as one of Trump’s cruelties.   He was “picking” on a 74 year old gal who lived in a house Trump’s company wanted for a parking lot.

How unAmerican!    Fine, Dennis.  All other RNC Republicans are safe from such a case as this…..What has any of them, Marco, Ted, Jeb,  Kasich, Rand Paul,  even charming Michael Huckabee ever built?   What have they ever done outside of lawyering and playing politics or selling words?

I have been shunning you,  Dennis, on radio recently, for I do not want to lose faith in you  as an honest broker you’ve  always been…before our Donald issue.   I, out of curiosity today, turned to your  Radio Show  near the end of the second hour….

A very articulate, bright but nervous guy, well speaking  guy of twenty-some years of military life  guy…who, like me,  LOVES our Donald for his conservative life, for his guts, for his in-your-face every day Americanisms…..regardless how awkward he might articulate them from time to time…and for his CONSERVATISM!

But, Our Dennis didn’t hear his caller AT ALL….

Dennis, like Ted Cruz, is a champion debater. Unless a celebrity, Dennis, by habit, although he tries to be polite,   treats callers as students, lower class  than radio class professionals…..

He politely listened to this eloquent ex-military guy….both of them making me proud of the Americans they both are.  And then Dennis asked,  “Don’t you care when Trump said  George W. Bush lied about  Iraq possessing  weapons of mass destruction”…..and  another similar Trumpism as well, which I couldn’t take note of  fast enough….. Military-hero man inferred “NO”……(As my answer would have been, for the statement was made in a moment of heat)  and went on to list more solid, mindful  items why he became a Trumpy….but Dennis had to conclude the discussion….

……..and re-established himself very high on his Dennis Prager morality throne  saying that he, DENNIS PRAGER DID CARE ABOUT COMMENTS LIKE OUR DONALD MAKES FROM TIME TO TIME.

Dennis felt good.  He had won his debate……but remained totally unaware of why so many of us, including  probably the majority of males who still support both Rubio and Cruz, will vote for DONALD TRUMP whenever we have the chance.

They cannot speak Prager words, for these men and their wives are not debaters or radio show hosts.   Some, perhaps many have never voted Republican before…GOD FORBID!!!! Dennis….. I,  who have been active as a Republican in my continuing 36 years of voting only Republican in every contested election, am NOW  deemed unconservative, and therefore an outcast this coming March 1, 2016 when I arrive to vote for Donald Trump in the primary  as my man for the 2017 White House.

Dennis wimps about Our Donald’s verbage as it is in his profession to do.   Yes, our Donald has spoken and done things LIBERAL in his business past.   But, Dennis, Donald hasn’t had your or even my ‘verbage’ life.   He has been a businessman with other talents needed for success.   He’s very quick minded which seems to interfere occasionally with his verbage sources.

I hope our Donald  guy snubs automaton  Republicans,  AND the  liberal press and the rest of its American empire, AND REFUSES TO HAND OVER HIS INCOME TAXES FROM  HIS PAST….as an invasion of his American privacy that it is.

I hold my breath every time Donald opens his mouth when he’s teed off.   He is NOT a politician or a debater like you, Dennis.   He is a builder, a business man, who seems also to like the entertainment industry….What is so unAmerican about that?

He doesn’t  have your training of smooth-talk language!  I wish he did!    Nor do you at times, Dennis, when you lose it….actually the times I often  LOVE YOU MOST!….because you scream like you think it is, and have the guts to let loose!   Trump  blow ups, such as the one about GW and weapons of mass destruction are products of his temper perhaps from some prejudice he heard from the past instead of swearing at his opponent.  Some times we are not at our best as you truly are, when we lose our cool.   That Donald  was for the War  or against the War in Iraq are  probably both TRUE,  but arrive again  from his verbal past.   Why are we conservatives  telling folks he lied?

From Trump’s very entry into this political race he has met conservative enemies at all fronts…ALL FRONTS.  His entry has stirred more interest, conversation, action, do, what not to do, yes, no, why, who said,  and so on….in my lifetime of being engrossed following America’s presidential elections since the beginning of my awareness  in 1948,  Truman vs. Dewey.

Good Luck, Dennis and Donald!!  I hope you can come to know each other well!   You both will be elevated by the experience, I’m sure!

NOTE:   Dennis!   Has our Donald ever  turned down an invitation to speak with you during your show?   Has he been invited?”

Dennis spent much of his middle radio hour defending himself to his regular conservative listeners for now  teaming  with Trump….much of it pejorative dictated by  politeness rather  intellect.  (Dennis, Our Donald is and was by far,  the best of all seventeen GOP wannabees last  February!    All of those wannabees are far better Americans far better qualified to lead America to a better future than the famous Ugliest  of Americans, the so very crooked, the lying  Hillary Roddham Clinton, wife of that lying William Jefferson Clinton….”ah never had sex with that woman….Miss Lewinsky”.)”


Google Powerhouse “Sneaked” For Hillary in 2016!


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

I’ve written several times about the fact that the Left has outsourced censorship to the giant tech firms of Silicon Valley. Given that much political debate now takes place on social media, generally thought of as a public space, it is a handy way around the First Amendment. But the role of the giant tech companies goes beyond suppressing conservative voices, to include promoting liberalism and the Democratic Party.

The tech companies all take the same position as the Democratic Party press: sure, we’re all liberals here, but it doesn’t affect what we do! In our business lives, we are scrupulously neutral.

No one has bought that line with regard to the liberal media in a long time, and there is no reason to believe it with regard to Silicon Valley, either. The latest evidence comes from a leaked Google email that found its way onto the Tucker Carlson show last night:

A Google executive’s leaked email reveals efforts to increase Latino turnout prior to the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the executive’s “surprise” at Donald Trump’s performance among Latino voters.

The 675-word email, first obtained exclusively by Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was written by the tech giant’s former head of multicultural marketing and details a range of efforts to increase Latino turnout, including the support of a partner organization that helped to drive voters to the polls.

The full text of the email may be online somewhere, but I haven’t seen it, so I have to rely on the Fox summary.

“We worked very hard. Many people did. We pushed to get out the Latino vote with our features, our partners, and our voices. We kept our Googley efforts non-partisan and followed our company’s protocols for the elections strategy,” the email begins. “We emphasized our mission to give Latinos access to information so they can make an informed decision at the polls, and we feel very grateful for all the support to do this important work.”

At the end of the email, the author wrote that Latino Googlers are “probably hurting right now” and that the election results are “tough to handle now that we know not all of us were against this.”

The Google executive acknowledges that Latinos, long considered the “sleeping giant” of American politics thanks to the country’s rapidly shifting demographics, did vote in record-breaking numbers and turned out early—but a significant percentage supported Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

“Ultimately, after all was said and one [sic], the Latino community did come out to vote, and completely surprised us. We never anticipated that 29% of Latinos would vote for Trump. No one did,” the executive wrote.

The only reasonable interpretation is that Google tried to help Hillary win the election, in part through this initiative, but fell short.

Google distanced itself from the memo with the usual rationale:

A Google spokesperson previously told Fox News: “The views expressed in this email are the employee’s personal political views and are not representative of any official stance from the company. Google’s elections efforts—both in 2016 and leading up to this year’s midterms—have been entirely nonpartisan.

Right. What to do about the liberal (often, far-left) bent of the tech giants, several of which are monopoly platforms, is a big question. Break them up under the antitrust laws? Turn them into regulated utilities like the water company? Found competing conservative/moderate platforms? That is a big topic to which we will return many times in the months and years to come.



Creep Mueller and His 12 Lefty Disciples Still Hunting for Trump Dump WITHOUT Success!


by Scott Johnson  at  PowerLIne:

Andrew McCarthy’s weekly NR column poses this pointed question: “For precisely what federal crimes is the president of the United States under investigation by a special counsel appointed by the Justice Department?” He observes: “It is intolerable that, after more than two years of digging — the 16-month Mueller probe having been preceded by the blatantly suspect labors of the Obama Justice Department and FBI — we still do not have an answer to that simple question.” Pursuing at length a point he has made before, McCarthy demonstrates that this isn’t how it’s supposed work. He postulates that the Steele Dossier features prominently in the answer.

McCarthy demonstrates that the improprieties and anomalies inherent in the Mueller probe are profound and varied. We have grown accustomed to them. We now take them for granted. McCarthy asks “the Republican-controlled Congress” to get answers if not to do something about it. Even if we know that is an impossible dream we should understand this isn’t how it’s supposed to be and do whatever we can to light a fire.



Have Swedes Had Enough of “Tatar Invasions”?


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

That is what observers expect from tomorrow’s election, anyway: “Far-right poised for big wins in Sweden election.”

The anti-immigration far-right is expected to soar in Sweden’s September 9 general election, capitalising on voter discontent as Swedes punish traditional parties over immigration, integration and health care.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven’s Social Democrats, who have dominated Swedish politics since the 1930s, will remain the biggest party in the country but likely with a record low score, polls suggest.

The far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) are heading to make the most gains and come in a close second, followed by the conservative Moderates.

Bloomberg has a heartwarming headline: “Panic Grips Swedish Establishment Facing an Election Beating.” It is nearly impossible to get objective reporting from Europe where immigration is concerned:

The birthplace of Ikea flat packs and Volvo cars is starting to look just as vulnerable to the populist movement as Italy, Hungary and the U.S.

A bastion of welfare and equality, Sweden faces an election on Sunday that could be its most tumultuous in a century. As in other democracies across the world, the establishment is being challenged on multiple fronts.

Yes, for good reasons.

For a country that prides itself on stability and is seen as a model for social democracy across the world, the development is hard to grasp. But voters are now flocking to a party that was born of Sweden’s neo-Nazi, white supremacist movement.

Oh, please. This is the sort of brain-dead reporting that portrays all concerns about mass immigration as “far right.” Swedes who don’t like the direction in which their country is going are not “neo-Nazis” or “white supremacists.”

The established parties are pulling out all the stops in an effort to maintain the status quo. The Moderates are promising tax cuts and the Social Democrats are offering families an extra week off work. Both want increased spending on healthcare and education. They also pledging to crack down on crime and further restrict immigration, allowing the Sweden Democrats to set the debate.

So the established parties are catering to the neo-Nazis and white supremacists? Or are they acknowledging that skepticism of mass Islamic immigration is legitimate?

The nationalist groundswell has coincided with a record inflow of migrants and refugees. About 600,000 people flooded into the nation of 10 million over the past five years, straining public coffers and offsetting a broader drop in unemployment.

That corresponds to an influx of over 19 million immigrants, almost all Middle Eastern, into the United States. It is remarkable that anyone can be surprised that such a massive demographic change will create problems and resistance. But the liberal press is doggedly and deliberately obtuse.

We will comment further when Sweden’s returns are in.



But, What about that John McCain, the First Class Jerk?

Media Obituaries Didn’t Give Us ‘The Full McCain’

by John Fund at National Review:

The sugary praise, often from former critics, does his memory no favors.

The past week has featured so much extravagant praise of John McCain that Jill Abramson, the former editor of the New York Times, had to admit “McCain would cringe over some of the glowing tributes pouring in.”

Take this example from The New Yorker:

In death, McCain had finally become one with the country that was the object of his deepest faith, and any praise lavished on him, during the funeral proceedings or at any point afterward, would redound to the greater glory of America.

Yes, of course, John McCain was an American hero. But his sudden elevation to superhero status demonstrates one reason so many Americans view the media and the political establishment with skepticism. Many must have wondered whether they were getting the “real McCain” story or being fed a thinly veiled political message. As Joe Concha of The Hill newspaper asked,

If the senator had gotten along with Trump, perhaps voted for the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare that he so famously shot down with one vote change at the 11th hour, hadn’t publicly called Trump “disgraceful,” would we see this level of reverence?

Many commenters rightly criticized President Trump’s churlishness toward John McCain. But when it was revealed that Sarah Palin, his 2008 vice-presidential running mate — who has never said a negative word about McCain and indeed expressed only gratitude toward him — was being excluded from his funeral and memorial services, the same pundits were silent. Noticing the public rebuke of Palin would have interrupted the narrative of John McCain as an example of what’s best and noble in our politics.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post led the parade of puffery earlier this year when he declared McCain “the single greatest political leader of our time.” He followed up this week by declaring that McCain “never forgot that political opponents are not his enemies, and that there are things more important than winning elections.”

Even those who view McCain in iconic terms would find that statement preposterous. The media loved McCain’s being accessible at their beck and call, his willingness to leak about his Senate colleagues, and his apostasy on key GOP positions ranging from campaign-finance reform to global warming and Obamacare. His failings were forgiven by the media during his 2000 presidential campaign, during which political columnist Joe Klein described him as “a man on a white horse attempting to traverse a muddy field.”

During the 2000 Republican presidential convention in Philadelphia, I went to a tony restaurant to attend a reception. By accident, I stumbled into a room chock-full of top-shelf media types: Dan Rather of CBS, the late Peter Jennings of ABC, Tom Brokaw of NBC, Arthur Sulzberger of the New York Times. After a few minutes, I realized I was at the wrong event. It was a birthday party for John McCain. I recall telling Peter Jennings that it was a strange party for a politician to have. As far as I could tell, there were no family members present, no donors, no party officials. In a deadpan tone, Jennings told me: “Well, this is really the first meeting of John McCain’s next precinct-organizing committee.”

But when McCain ran a more conventionally conservative campaign in 2008, competing with the media’s new heartthrob, Barack Obama, the pundits turned on him with a vengeance. According to the Pew Research Center, between the Republican National Convention’s close on September 4 and the final presidential debate on October 15, McCain’s media coverage was negative over positive by a 4-to-1 ratio.

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd complained that McCain had “turned on his former base, the news media.” He now had feet of clay: “Even some of McCain’s former aides are disturbed by the 73-year-old’s hostile, vindictive, sarcastic persona.”