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    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
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Better Business with China by President Trump!

Trump Makes Real Progress with China While Dems Play Impeachment

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Vice Premier Liu He in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The press conference, live on television, from the Oval Office concluding this round of China trade negotiations was one of the more fascinating events of recent years. Spin, real, or a combination, the love-fest between President Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, both characterizing this first phase of their deal as not just an economic agreement but an important step forward for world peace, was one of those rare inspirational moments. Could human life really be that way?

It’s easy to be skeptical–and probably wise with Turkey running roughshod through Syria at this very moment–but we can all be grateful for the possibility that things could be different.

The Democrats, of course, were having none of it. Trump, the first president in decades to negotiate seriously with China, to confront them in any way, must be impeached! Chuck Schumer, obviously panicked the public might realize that something of importance was actually being done by a government official (rather than endlessly investigating their opponents for illusory crimes), immediately took to Twitter with a warning before any details were released.

It’s rather a miracle, actually, that Trump was able to negotiate anything with so many domestic enemies out to get him 24/7. It couldn’t be more obvious that most Democrats and their media shills would rather Trump not succeed with China (or anything) if that meant his reelection. Forget the prosperity and peace of the nearly two billion citizens of both countries, not to mention the rest of the world, linked inextricably as they are to the two largest economies. Orange Man must go. Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned into a pathology more severe than paranoid schizophrenia. It’s as if whenever Trump appears the entire Beltway and media have a psychotic break.

Far more interesting than these new “nattering nabobs of negativism” is the question of how we actually do deal with China. Trump, or any American leader, has to walk a tightrope. We all know the evil side of the Chinese regime (well, except for some NBA players and coaches). But it’s the most populous country in the world and, even though it brutally oppresses its minorities, not to mention the democracy protestors, many views, submerged as they may be, exist among its people, even among the Communist Party leadership. (Look up Lin Biao, if you don’t believe me.) Xi is the maximum leader for life–until he isn’t.

It’s incumbent on us to find the better, more moderate parts of the regime and subtly encourage them (forming economic ties that work is one way) while still making sure that as Americans we see and sympathize with the cause of the democracy demonstrators. Thus far, Trump has done a rather accomplished job of this for a “diplomatic amateur,” letting his sharp criticism of the brainless, pandering comments of NBA managers Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich–their absurd and stunningly ignorant claims of human rights equivalency between the USA and Communist China–make clear his feelings about the protestors in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the president publicly praises depots like Xi and Kim, much to the consternation of the CNNs of the world. It’s a strategy, obviously. It’s not clear the extent to which it will work. But if it does even some of the time, it’s miles ahead of what his predecessors ever did.



Arrogant, big mouth, cocky, Foxy, antiPresident Trump, Phil Cavuto,  seems to be one of the Fox News  fascistics who froth at their joy mouth to eliminate our American 45th President from the nation’s White House as soon as possible.

Is President Trump  too American for the business folks at Fox News?   Perhaps he can’t be controlled for he LOVES HIS COUNTRY JUST AS I And  MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CHRISTIANS DO!!!   He is not bought or otherwise controlled by BUSINESS, BIG OR INTERNATIONAL.  Is that what makes so many mouths of Fox “News” reporters and reviewers like Cavuto to cheat, distort, so often complain and/or squeal against the President at news hours?  Is it instruction from station leftists or personal?

Or is the American population under age 50 so uneducated, so obtuse to American existence at home and abroad, so drugged, Godless,  and lost in life bearing  no brains clear enough to handle learning right from wrong,  those vitally  important matters of civilized human existence?

Did or did not President Donald J. Trump, while talking on the phone with the President of the Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelensky,  utter any word or words wondering about  a serious rumor  that a flaky American Vice President’s son, a young man of many serious background issues, carped millions of dollars out of  Ukraine pockets to score a bit of  fuel business for the weak nation nearly crushed by papa Russia?

So what?    Major corruption was in the air.   How did millions of dollars wind up in the pocket of  Vice President’s troubled son?

Dem fascists wouldn’t hear of something so possibly TRUE.  These fascists and fascistics, almost fascists) are programmed to assault before, during, or/and, after such news…THEY OWN OUR PRESS!

Ancient American MILLIONAIRE, Biddy Pelosi, with countless fascist and fascistic Dem friends and allies, immediately turned to their press and television command worlds.  These fascistics  OWN parts of  the Wall Street Journal, and, outside of radio, nearly every  newspaper and television news communication apparatus in our American world.

If TRUTH had any value in today’s American lines of knowledge, business, and communication,  Democrat candidate for the Leftist American Presidency, Ditsy Vice President Joseph Biden should be confronted by law for possible corruption charges,  NOT TO LIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE.



These Pelosi fascists of our day who own news television and America’s newsprint from the Atlantic to the Pacific dictate the news that  President Trump has committed a serious crime, one for impeachment and removal from office.   That is the way the fascist Left in power makes truth and knowledge disappear!  Enough noise must overwhelm their own leftist corruptions so their evil can never be reported,  exposed.

I fell in love with Donald becoming our American President,  I think it was August 6, 2015 at Fox center, when the Republican National Committee was plotting to get rid of Mr. Trump as its GOP Candidate for the Presidency……Fox’s Megyn Kelly plotting to get rid of him asap as a presidential GOP candidate listed a few difficulties he had had with some women in the news….asking him if this was the way he viewed all women, never asking any difficult responses from  any of Fox-approved Republicans.

Donald answered, “No, only Rosie O’Donnell.”   My love for Trump began.  My love for functional, staid Republicans diminished.   I have loved and admired Donald ever since!

I am 85.   Somewhere in my 50s  when Donald Trump was happily married to his first wife, well before his Hollywood business jaunt and its episodes I was captured by  a two hour television program about his life.   His was a totally different world from my very modest life teaching  high school Social Studies and Russian in Minneapolis or later on, garden landscaping after being fired by telling Truths about school system to the public.

In the television review Donald Trump  spoke highly of his dad and mom and his opportunities…..had attended two private schools, the second one, according to his dad,  for more discipline in learnings!

Did you know Donald Trump was a gifted athlete in a number of sports.   If I remember the television biography  correctly, when he graduated college, he was offered a contract by the New York Yankees….what else?   HE TURNED THE OFFER DOWN TO WORK FOR HIS DAD IN THE BUILDING BUSINESS.

I was aware Mr. Trump lost his close older brother to alcoholism….according to the biography…..apparently a  main reason our President abstains.

My own dad was Republican.  He was an athlete and a pharmacist.  I married a Democrat in 1957 and remained one until Ronald Reagan.   I did like President John F. Kennedy very much, but no one else in his peculiar family.

Hillary was, is purely evil.   And so are the censoring big business and racist  fascists and fascistics who have taken over today’s once honorable American Democratic Party.

Will 45th American President,  Donald J. Trump,  overcome the Rise of our American fascists and fascistics now dominating American education, communication, and political worlds?

Obviously we cannot know the future.  But, with the rise of our new leaders,  Donald J. Trump and our Dennis Prager spreading knowledge, freedoms, and exposing Truth, WE AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM HAVE A GOOD CHANCE!  ghr


President Trump: Future Belongs to PATRIOTS, NOT GLOBALISTS!!

President Trump’s Speech to the United Nations,  September 24, 2019

Trump says future belongs to “patriots,” not “globalists,” in U.N. General Assembly speech

President Trump’s third address to the United Nations General Assembly was an unmistakably nationalist one, with the president reiterating the theme of his foreign policy doctrine, that all nations should be looking inward and considering their own interests first.

In a sober, scripted speech Tuesday, he focused more on criticizing other nations that he believes treat the U.S. unfairly than on uniting nations around principles of democracy and humanity.

The president hit on each of his favorite themes — unfair trade, imbalanced defense spending, illegal immigration, and socialism — reading from the teleprompter in a somewhat subdued manner.

“The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots,” Mr. Trump said in one of the defining quotes of his more than 30-minute speech.

He singled out Iran for criticism, saying that the country deserves a government that cares about jobs for its people and for decreasing poverty. Mr. Trump said that after four decades of failure, it’s time for Iran’s leaders to stop threatening other countries and build up their own country.

But he followed up his critique with words of peace, stating that the U.S. is ready to embrace friendship with those who seek it, and it “has never believed in permanent enemies.”

“America knows that while anyone can make war, only the most courageous can seek peace,” he said.

His address came amid heightened instability in the Middle East, following the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities that the U.S. believes was carried out by Iran.

Mr. Trump also listed his complaints against China, including its “massive market barriers,” product dumping practices and forced technology transfers. He railed against the World Trade Organization for failing to compel China to liberalize its economy and called for “drastic change” to the international trade system. The second-largest economy in the world, he said, should not be allowed to declare itself a developing country at the expense of others.



Why is Leftist Fascism Becoming So POWERFUL in Britain and among Our Schumer-Nadler-Pelosi-New York Times Dems?

It is likely 99.5% of our today’s American female population under age 50  has no clue when the American Civil War began, no interest in knowledge, no love for truth, are lonely,  and mindlessly  vote ‘Democrat Left’ and mob politically…..Let’s recognize them children of Woodstock ‘parents’ and schooling America,  where our human female began her today’s  journey to become more animal than civil, more male than mother,  more vulgar than honest,  more fascist than learned, more rioter than worker,  fatter and louder at university,  often unmarried and VOTE FASCISTIC!.
It was Nikolai Lenin, not Adolf Hitler who gave birth to today’s fascist world the one now invading like cancerous tumors running wild on our current soulless American Dem Party led in Congress by  Chuck Schumer and ditsy-ritsy Nancy Pelosi, and their fascistic left hordes at CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, ABC,  at Google and such, and even at Fox selling fascism in their ‘fair and balanced’, sugar to make more money.
Fox is not an American born institution…..Was it born via Australia?   It’s still foreign owned by those who own the Wall Street Journal….the business folks who hate President Donald J. Trump’s re-Americanizing  of our Red-White-and Blue business and culture.
How dare he!   What right does he have to believe in the American dream of our American male founders to seek Truth, Justice, and Freedom!!
Money, Power via  Evil is not a JudeoChristian value, folks.
(I came across the following article, but lost the source and the name of  its author.   Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be struggling against both left and right…..so save MOTHER ENGLAND!   Fascism is always a cancer in the world….
Why in America have our once ‘honorable’ Democratic Party, and about a quarter  of our present  Republican Party, the TRUMP HATERS both, become so devious, so corrupt and evil as to plot and  to sabotage against  their nations’  traditional devotion  to attain and expand  freedom,  honesty, and prosperity for its citizens?
…and then there is today’s United Kingdom:

—A few thoughts while I sit in the forest—

I have mixed feelings about the Brits, they were in on the fake dossier to destroy Trump, and no one can convince me otherwise. Christopher Steele, though a retired British spy, was still one of the “jolly good ol’ boys” in the British intelligence community; they all knew what was going on.

Given to intrigue the Brits and Russians have always played the field to hedge their bets. It was quite clear the Brits’ hard-drinking ex-PM Theresa May, who favored Hillary Clinton, was very disappointed with Trump’s victory. Ms. May turned out to be a political embarrassment for the British Parliament and their Queen. The simpleton Mrs. May left nothing of diplomatic value for the UK.

We know Hillary Clinton and the “DNC” paid for the fake anti-Trump dossier from Rosatom’s $145MM donation to the crooked Clinton Foundation. This was the Kremlin’s investment to purchase Hillary’s presidency (where is the bulk of her clandestine emails, eh?). Moreover, it’s likely the Brits’ MI6 and the GRU were active participants in the Hillary/Obama treachery.

But having failed to get Hillary elected, Putin directed his mole Barack Obama to activate ‘Plan B’ (the pre-fabricated Christopher Steele dossier) to invalidate Trump’s victory.

And now Obama, again directed by the Kremlin, has his ‘dirty deeds’ operative Ben Rhodes and others interfering in Israel’s electoral process, again to derail Bibi Netanyahu (Trump’s ally). In fact, Iran has the Kremlin’s support for its invasion of Israel through Northern Syria.

Furthermore, it is well known that Obama has been supporting the Mullahs in Tehran in their efforts to destroy Israel. Remember the $150B Obama transferred to Tehran? Obama has never been a friend of the Jewish nation. What’s more sickening is that he has a network of anti-Israel American Jews carrying out his orders on the ground in Israel.

Why in God’s name would a Jew want to destroy Israel? We know the Islamist Barack Obama wants to destroy Israel. But Jews joining him?

Growing up I often heard my papa ask: will the Jews in the end destroy Israel? It looks that way, papa; we could again be slaves in another Babylon.

What’s U.S.’s Sour Puss Crowd, Bill Kristol, Max Boot, George Will up to These Days…… CNN’S FASCISM?

NeverTrump Nitwits Should Just Go Away


Instead of admitting they were wrong about President Donald Trump, the #NeverTrump nitwit brigade is doubling down on stupid. Is it simply that they are too stubborn to acknowledge that despite their misgivings during campaign season, Trump is turning out to be the president they have been writing, lecturing, and think-tanking about for their entire careers?

Or are they bitter because they are now on the outside looking in, relegated to interviews with journalistic lightweights like Brian Stelter at CNN or Chris Hayes at MSNBC rather than appearing on Fox News opinion shows with much higher ratings and appeal?

Many of the names are familiar to longtime conservatives. What’s new in the past few years is the vitriol directed at Trump and his supporters

Max Boot said, “Donald Trump is the worst person ever to be president.” George Will called Trump, “A sad, embarrassing wreck of a man.” Steve Schmidt, who ran McCain’s losing presidential campaign said, “I left the Republican Party. Now I want Democrats to take over.”

These former “conservatives” — actually in name only — would have happily campaigned for a Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, even gladly serving in those administrations if invited. Yet along comes someone whom they never interviewed for their now failing newsletters or magazines, a guy not from their world, with his own ideas, formed without the assistance of the slick tongues and the policy institutes of the #NeverTrumpers.

And here he is, a president instituting as conservative an agenda as any Republican has done since Reagan. A strong military to keeping America out of foreign entanglements. Tax cuts and reduced regulations to promoting America and creating more job opportunities than there are people to even fill those jobs. From conservative judicial selections to a strong pro-life stance, Trump is doing what the #NeverTrumpers have been wishing for during their entire careers.

Despite getting what they have always wanted, #NeverTrumpers have done a complete 180, embracing Democrats and their socialist agenda, completely contrary to their lifelong beliefs. Are their egos so fragile that they can’t stand the fact that one of their chosen establishment Republicans wasn’t elected? Or were their so-called conservative principles built on a foundation of sand, convenient when a Bush was in the White House, but inconvenient now with a President Trump, as changeable as one’s hairstyle?

One such example is Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. That might explain his disdain for Trump who is not following the open borders globalist playbook of the CFR. Boot recently wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post, one of many newspapers eager to publish the rantings of any former Republicans who now want to bash President Trump.


Mr. Boot wrote, “I will vote for any Democratic nominee, even Warren or Sanders, despite my profound disagreement with their far-left agendas.” That makes perfect sense. How better to implement a conservative agenda than by electing a far-left socialist? Just look at Venezuela or Cuba. By electing communists, they turned those countries into Galt’s Gulch, the mythical paradise in Atlas Shrugged. Didn’t they?

Boot is triggered by the same things upsetting to CNN, like Trump calling himself the “chosen one”, when in reality he was joking about being the only president choosing to take on China. Or Trump skipping the G7 meeting on climate change, due to having more important meetings to attend. Boot had 14 total beefs with Trump, ending with his new life mission, “Saving U.S. democracy from a mad king matters more than the specific policies of his successor.”

If Trump was truly a mad king, Boot and most of the media would be in reeducation camps in recently conquered Greenland, not free to whinge and complain about the uncouth meanie in the White House.

Bill Kristol is another version of Max Boot. Kristol is the founder and editor of the Weekly Standard, which recently failed under his born-again #NeverTrumpism. Kristol wants Joe Walsh to primary Trump. When I heard that name, I thought of the Eagles guitarist. If any rock and roll guitarist were to run for president, I’d prefer Ted Nugent or Joe Perry. But that won’t stop Kristol on his fool’s errand. In 2016 his chosen ones were David French and Evan McMullin. Who are they? Exactly.


CNBC recently interviewed Kristol, who reported having conversations with another Trump-hater Anthony Scaramucci about finding a GOP replacement for Trump on the 2020 ticket. Good luck. Trump enjoys 88 percent support of Republican voters according to Gallup, meaning that the real number is likely much higher.

Have fun with a primary challenge. Any challenger would have a tough time even surpassing Jeb Bush’s anemic three delegates, at a cost of $50 million per delegate. Hopefully most of that money was donated by the #NeverTrumper brigade.

I wonder how much support Boot, Kristol, or George Will enjoy within the Republican party? Not to run for president, but enough support to listen to a sentence out of their mouths rather than hitting the television mute button.

Congress has its own share of  #NeverTrumpers. Mitt Romney has replaced Sen. John McCain or Sen. Jeff Flake, or both. Fortunately, some of the more notable #NeverTrumpers in Congress have moved on to other realms or pursuits, from the two aforementioned to Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Mike Coffman, among others.

Have the #NeverTrumpers thought beyond 2024 when Donald Trump is replaced, hopefully by another Republican? Will they all flock back to the GOP if Trump’s wingman Mike Pence is the nominee? Or Mike Pompeo?

That would destroy the illusion of credibility they might bring to the 2024 election, pulling another political 180 just a few years after their first flip-flop. Or will they remain Democrat, supporting Kamala, Cory, Beto, or Pete in 2024 along with their far-left agendas?

Republicans have long memories since, as the old saying goes, elephants never forget. #NeverTrumpers have shot themselves in the foot as serious thinkers or policy analysts. They made an abrupt about-face due to the loudmouth guy with orange hair who has no interest in the opinions and ideas of the establishment Republican smart set. The same GOPers who played almost as big a part in creating the messes America faces as the Democrats did.

If only those #NeverTrump nitwits would just go away. Or at least shut up.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a Denver based physician, freelance writer and occasional radio talk show host whose pieces have appeared in American Thinker, Daily Caller, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedInTwitter, and QuodVerum.



Dennis Prager’s Statement to the U.S. Senate Exposing the Enemies of Freethinking in America, GOOGLE AND YOU TUBE AND TWITTER AND FACEBOOK!

Statement by Dennis Prager to Senate Committee — July 16, 2019
It is an honor to be invited to speak in the United States Senate. But I wish I were not so
honored. Because the subject of this hearing—Google and YouTube’s (and for that matter
Twitter and Facebook’s) suppression of internet content on ideological grounds—threatens the
future of America more than any external enemy.
In fact, never in American history has there been as strong a threat to freedom of speech
as there is today.
Before addressing this, however, I think it important that you know a bit about me and the
organization I co-founded, Prager University, PragerU as it often referred to.
I was born in Brooklyn NY. My late father, Max Prager, was a CPA and an Orthodox Jew
who volunteered to serve in the US Navy at the start of World War II. My father’s senior class
thesis at the City College of New York was on anti-Semitism in America. Yet, despite his keen
awareness of the subject, he believed that Jews living in America were the luckiest Jews to have
ever lived outside of Israel.
He was right. Having taught Jewish history at Brooklyn College, written a book on
antisemitism, and fought Jew-hatred my whole life, I thank God for living in America.
It breaks my heart that a vast number of young Americans have not only not been taught
how lucky they are to be Americans but have been taught either how unlucky they are or how
ashamed they should be.
It breaks my heart for them because contempt for one’s country leaves a terrible hole in
one’s soul and because ungrateful people always become unhappy and angry people.
And it breaks my heart for America, because no good country can survive when its people
have contempt for it.
I have been communicating this appreciation of America for 35 years as a radio talk show
host, the last 20 in national syndication with the Salem Radio Network, an organization that is a
blessing in American life. One reason I started PragerU was to communicate America’s moral
purpose and moral achievements both to young Americans and to young people around the
world. With a billion views a year, and with more than half of the viewers under age of 35,
PragerU has achieved some success.
My philosophy of life is easily summarized: God wants us to be good. Period. God without
goodness is fanaticism and goodness without God will not long endure. Everything I and
PragerU do emanates from belief in the importance of being a good person. That some label us
extreme or “haters” only reflects on the character and the broken moral compass of those
making such accusations. They are the haters and extremists.
PragerU releases a five-minute video every week. Our presenters include three former
prime-ministers, four Pulitzer-Prize winners, liberals, conservatives, gays, blacks, Latinos,
atheists, believers, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and professors and scientists from MIT, Harvard,
Stanford and a dozen other universities.
Do you think the secretary-general of NATO, or the former prime-ministers of Norway,
Canada, and Spain, or the late Charles Krauthammer, or Philip Hamburger, distinguished
professor of law at Columbia Law School, would make a video for an extreme or hate-filled site?
The idea is not only preposterous; it is a smear.
Yet, Google, which owns YouTube has restricted access to 56 of our 320 five-minute videos
and to other videos we produce. “Restricted” means that families that have a filter to avoid
pornography and violence cannot see that video. It also means that no school or library can
show that video.
Google has even restricted access to a video on the Ten Commandments. Yes, the Ten
We have repeatedly asked Google why our videos are restricted. No explanation is ever
But, of course, we know why. Because they come from a conservative perspective.
Liberals and conservatives differ on many issues. But they have always agreed that free
speech must be preserved. While the left has never supported free speech, liberals always
have. I therefore appeal to liberals to join us in fighting on behalf of America’s crowning glory –
free speech. Otherwise, I promise you, one day you will say, “first they came after
conservatives, and I said nothing, and then they came after me. And there was no one left to
speak up for me.”
Thank you

The Night I Fell in Love with Our Donald Trump to Become Our American President….8-6-15

Candace Owens, of Prager University, Keynote Speaker at Annual Dinner of Center of the American Experiment


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Last Saturday evening, Candace Owens delivered the keynote address at the Annual Dinner of Center of the American Experiment. The Annual Dinner is a distinguished event; speakers have included such luminaries as Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev and the first President Bush, along with leading conservative commentators. Candace is probably our youngest Annual Dinner speaker by more than 20 years.

It was a great event, with a crowd of close to 1,000.

Candace was her usual spellbinding self. As always, she didn’t deliver a canned speech, but moved seamlessly from one story or piece of analysis to another, reading the audience and improvising as she went. It is rare to see anyone with such an easy rapport with an audience, which gave her a rapturous reception.

I won’t try to summarize Candace’s speech, but the Center’s Communications Director tweeted some quotes as it went along. Here are some samples:

Center of the American Experiment@MNThinkTank

“In order to be a leftist you have to wake up every day and say, what’s wrong today and who can I blame?” –@RealCandaceO

Center of the American Experiment@MNThinkTank

“The biggest problem facing black America is absentee fathers. And now feminists have created a term called ‘toxic masculinity.’” –@RealCandaceO

Center of the American Experiment@MNThinkTank

“I always ask myself: Why does progressivism lead to regressive results? Did you know there are black-only dorms in the South because apparently black people need safe spaces from white people? We’re taking about self-imposed segregation.” –@RealCandaceO

The Minneapolis Star Tribune covered our event and quoted me, along with several African-Americans who attended the dinner. The Star Tribune story isn’t bad, but it focuses more on other blacks’ reactions to Owens than on her message.

At the end of Candace’s speech, I asked her some questions and we had a little dialogue, after which we finished with questions from the audience. Here, someone seems to have said something funny, but I don’t remember what.

Offstage, Candace was delightful, as she was when she appeared at a lunch forum for us a year ago. Her popularity is remarkable for someone who burst on the scene so recently. Saturday night, around 400 people had their pictures taken with her–300 who had VIP tickets, and 100 students who got selfies on their own phones. Her patience and infectious good humor are commendable. On a personal note, we also enjoyed meeting Candace’s British fiance, who proposed to her two weeks after they met. Who can blame him?

Owens has departed amicably from Turning Point USA and is focusing on her own Blexitcampaign. She also has a show on Prager University, which from what I have seen is excellent.

It was a wonderful evening, including the 12-year-old who sang the National Anthem beautifully and Senator Rudy Boschwitz, who delivered the invocation. And I took 17 minutes for a Power Point presentation about the Center’s accomplishments of the past 12 months–for me, probably the most fun 17 minutes of the year.



Our President Trump at Home at the National Association of Relators’ Convention

Full Replay: President Trump Addresses National Association Of Realtors Convention


President Donald Trump will speak at the National Association of Realtor’s annual legislative meetings and expo on Friday.



The Human Female Animal Is NOT Born to Become a Problem Solver…..And then there was Margaret Thatcher, 40 Years Ago!


by Steven Hayward   at PowerLine:

Today is the 40th anniversary of the election of Margaret Thatcher as the first female prime minister of Great Britain—a precursor of the election the following year of Ronald Reagan.

Before her arrival many people thought England’s long, slow postwar decline was irreversible.  “Britain is becoming a third world country . . . an offshore industrial slum,” Economist magazine correspondent Robert Moss wrote in 1977. Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw recall in their book The Commanding Heights of the episode when Thatcher visited the Conservative party’s research department after she became party leader, where she found a party staffer writing a paper on how the Tory party should adopt a “middle way” between left and right. Thatcher erupted.  “She was not interested in refurbishing Harold Macmillan,” Yergin and Stanislaw recount. “Instead, she reached into her brief case and pulled out a book.  It was [Friedrich] Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty.  She held it up for all to see.  ‘This,’ she said sternly, ‘is what we believe.’  She slammed it down on the table and then proceeded to deliver a monologue on the ills of the British economy.”

If the the feminist and identify politics left were sincere about their demands for “diversity” and female representation at the summits of power, Thatcher would be one of their patron saints. Certainly she was not averse to feminist sentiments, such as her famous early (1965) comment that “If you want a speech made you should ask a man, but if you want something done you should ask a woman.” But of course the feminist/diversicrat left is really interested in leftism, not “diversity.” I recall that back in the 1980s feminists would refer to Thatcher (also Jeane Kirkpatrick, then our UN ambassador) as “female impersonators.”

The Adam Smith Institute in London has this nice recollection of Thatcher’s top ten achievements in office, among which my favorite is Number 10:

By taking a firm stand against Soviet aggression and expansionism, and supporting President Reagan by deploying US missiles to counter Soviet missile deployment, she was instrumental in bringing the Cold War to its end in victory for the West and freedom for those who had suffered under Communist dictatorships.

Just now, with our socialist moment in American politics, it is worth recalling her fabulous smackdown of socialism in the House of Commons (Memo to: President Trump—take notes on this):

And in contrast to the current female prime minister of Britain, I think we know how she would handle Brexit: