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Champ Con-Artist Climateman Millionaire Al Gore Grunts His Con-Artistry in the New York Times

THE CLIMATE CRISIS IS THE BATTLE OF OUR TIME, AND WE CAN WIN….by Al Gore through the Left Wing New York Times:

Things take longer to happen than you think they will, but then they happen much faster than you thought they could.

The destructive impacts of the climate crisis are now following the trajectory of that economics maxim as horrors long predicted by scientists are becoming realities.

More destructive Category 5 hurricanes are developing, monster fires ignite and burn on every continent but Antarctica, ice is melting in large amounts there and in Greenland, and accelerating sea-level rise now threatens low-lying cities and island nations.

Tropical diseases are spreading to higher latitudes. Cities face drinking water shortages. The ocean is becoming warmer and more acidic, destroying coral reefs and endangering fish populations that provide vital protein consumed by about a billion people.

Worsening droughts and biblical deluges are reducing food production and displacing millions of people. Record-high temperatures threaten to render areas of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, North Africa and South Asia uninhabitable. Growing migrations of climate refugees are destabilizing nations. A sixth great extinction could extinguish half the living species on earth.

Finally people are recognizing that the climate is changing, and the consequences are worsening much faster than most thought was possible. A record 72 percent of Americans polled say that the weather is growing more extreme. And yet every day we still emit more than 140 million tons of global warming pollution worldwide into the thin shell of atmosphere surrounding the earth, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I often echo the point made by the climate scientist James Hansen: The accumulation of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases — some of which will envelope the planet for hundreds and possibly thousands of years — is now trapping as much extra energy daily as 500,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs would release every 24 hours.

This is the crisis we face.

Now we need to ask ourselves: Are we really helpless and unwilling to respond to the gravest threat faced by civilization? Is it time, as some have begun to counsel, to despair, surrender and focus on “adapting” to the progressive loss of the conditions that have supported the flourishing of humanity? Are we really moral cowards, easily manipulated into lethargic complacency by the huge continuing effort to deceive us into ignoring what we see with our own eyes?

More damage and losses are inevitable, no matter what we do, because carbon dioxide remains for so long in the atmosphere. So we will have to do our best to adapt to unwelcome changes. But we still retain the ability to avoid truly catastrophic, civilization-ending consequences if we act quickly.

This is our generation’s life-or-death challenge. It is Thermopylae, Agincourt, Trafalgar, Lexington and Concord, Dunkirk, Pearl Harbor, the Battle of the Bulge, Midway and Sept. 11. At moments of such crisis, the United States and the world have to be mobilized, and before we can be mobilized, we have to be inspired to believe the battle can be won. Is it really too much to ask now that politicians summon the courage to do what most all of them already know is necessary?

We have the technology we need. That economic maxim about slow-fast phenomena, first articulated by the M.I.T. economist Rudiger Dornbusch and known as Dornbusch’s Law, also explains the tsunami of technological and economic change that has given us tools to sharply reduce global warming pollution much faster than we thought was possible only a short time ago. For example, according to the research group Bloomberg New Energy Finance, as recently as 2014 — a year before the Paris climate agreement was reached — electricity from solar and wind was cheaper than new coal and gas plants in probably 1 percent of the world. Today, only five years later, solar and wind provide the cheapest sources of new electricity in two-thirds of the world. Within five more years, these sources are expected to provide the cheapest new electricity in the entire world. And in 10 years, solar and wind electricity will be cheaper nearly everywhere than the electricity that existing fossil fuel plants will be able to provide.

This transition is already unfolding in the largest economies. Consider the progress made by the world’s top four emitters of greenhouse gases. Last year, solar and wind represented 88 percent of the new electricity capacity installed in the 28 nations of the European Union, 65 percent in India, 53 percent in China and 49 percent in the United States.

This year, several American utilities have announced plans to close existing natural gas and coal generating plants — some with decades of useful life remaining — to replace their output with cheaper electricity from wind and solar farms connected to ever-cheaper battery storage. As the chief executive officer of the Northern Indiana Public Service Company said recently, “The surprise was how dramatically the renewables and storage proposals beat natural gas.” He added, “I couldn’t have predicted this five years ago.”

Today, the fastest-growing occupation in the United States is solar installer, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it has exceeded average job growth sixfold in the last five years. The second-fastest growing job: wind turbine service technician.

In Australia, a high-tech entrepreneur, Mike Cannon-Brookes, is reportedly planning to sell renewable electricity generated in the Northern Territories to South Asian cities over a long-distance undersea cable. Globally, close to 200 of the world’s largest companies have announced commitments to use 100 percent renewable energy, and several have already reached that goal. A growing number of cities, states and provinces have pledged to do the same.

The number of electric vehicles on the road has increased by 450 percent in the past four years, and several automobile manufacturers are shifting research and development spending away from internal combustion vehicles, because the cost-reduction curve for E. V.s is expected to soon drop “the cost of the vehicle”: https://thinkprogress.org/electric-vehicles-cheaper-gasoline-cars-e4c86bd2aebe/ well below comparable gasoline and diesel models’. Over half of all buses in the world will be electric within the next five years, a majority in China, according to some market experts. At least 16 nations have set targets to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles.

More broadly, the evidence now indicates that we are in the early stages of a sustainability revolution that will achieve the magnitude of the Industrial Revolution and the speed of the Digital Revolution, made possible by new digital tools. To pick one example, Google has reduced the amount of electricity required to cool its enormous server farms by 40 percent using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. No new hardware was required. Sustainable alternatives to existing methods of industrial production are being pursued by more and more companies.

A farmer-led regenerative agriculture revolution that is also underway avoids plowing and focuses on building soil health by sequestering carbon dioxide in the ground, making the land more fertile. The farmers are using rotational grazing and planting trees and diverse cover crops to enrich soil and protect against erosion.

And so far, the best available technology for pulling carbon dioxide from the air is something called a tree. That’s why many nations are starting ambitious tree planting efforts. Ethiopia recently planted 353 million trees in 12 hours, nearly double the goal of 200 million. Scientists calculate that we have enough available land worldwide to plant between one trillion and one and a half trillion trees. To protect our vast but dwindling forests, new satellites and digital tools can now monitor deforestation virtually tree by tree, so corporations will know if the products they buy were grown on razed or burned forestland.

Yet for all this promise, here is another hard truth: All of these efforts together will not be enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions sufficiently without significant policy changes. And right now, we don’t have the right policies because the wrong policymakers are in charge. We need to end the mammoth taxpayer-funded subsidies that encourage the continued burning of fossil fuels. We need to place a direct or indirect price on carbon pollution to encourage the use of cheaper, sustainable alternatives that are already out there. New laws and regulations may be needed as well to encourage innovation and force more rapid reductions in emissions.

The political reconfiguration we have desperately needed has been excruciatingly slow in coming, but we now seem to be at an inflection point, when political change begins to unroll more rapidly than we thought was possible. It’s Dornbusch’s Law, brought to politics.

The people, in their true function as the sovereign power, are quickly understanding the truth of this crisis, and they are the ones who must act, especially because the president is not on speaking terms with the truth and seems well beyond the reach of reason.

This will require a ferocious attack on the complacency, complicity, duplicity and mendacity of those in Congress who have paid for their careers by surrendering their votes and judgment to powerful special interests that are sacrificing the planet for their greed. To address the climate crisis, we must address the democracy crisis so that the people themselves can reclaim control of their destiny.

As has often been the case in successful political revolutions, young people have taken up the gauntlet with inspiring passion. Greta Thunberg has stirred millions as the school strike movement she began in Sweden spread to many countries. The Sunrise Movement, the Extinction Rebellion, Zero Hour and other youth-led movements are gathering momentum daily. On Friday, hundreds of thousands of people around the world marched and gathered to call to action on climate change. Employees of many corporations are aggressively demanding that their employers take action to help save the climate balance.

The “Blue Wave” that gave Democrats control of the House in last year’s midterm elections was fueled in part by concern about climate. The Green New Deal, introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts, ties solutions to the climate crisis to environmental justice and a “just transition” that will create millions of well-paying jobs. This effort has won support from many Americans, just as the nuclear freeze movement of the early 1980s attracted wide approval and helped pave the way for an arms control agreement between President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, the leader of the Soviet Union.

Virtually all of this year’s Democratic presidential candidates are making the climate a top priority. Many have released impressive and detailed plans that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. A CNN poll in April found that the climate crisis was the No. 1 concern of Democrats who are registered to vote. Another recent poll showed that a record 79 percent of American adults and 86 percent of teenagers believe, finally, that the climate crisis is caused by human activity, and, even more significantly, so do 60 percent of Republicans. Americans’ disapproval of President Trump’s approach to the climate was higher, at 67 percent, than on any other issue.

College Republicans at dozens of schools have called on the Republican National Committee to support a carbon tax and have loudly warned the party that it will forfeit support from younger voters if it does not. Another recent poll shows that 67 percent of millennial Republican voters say their party needs to do more on climate.

Next year’s election is the crucial test of the nation’s commitment to addressing this crisis, and it is worth remembering that on the day after the 2020 election, the terms of the Paris climate accord will permit the United States to withdraw from it. We cannot allow that to happen. Political will is a renewable resource and must be summoned in this fight. The American people are sovereign, and I am hopeful that they are preparing to issue a command on the climate to those who purport to represent them: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”



Note:   That the Earth’s climate may be warming up a tiny bit in my lifetime seems to be a possibility.   However, Dem Al Gore seems to be a STAR  CON-ARTIST  in his salesmanship which has made him so wealthy.

Has he informed his vulnerable unaware American public that Earth’s history is noted for countless Climate Changes truly catastrophic regarding the existence of life at any level?   Has he reminded the American public that just 12,000 years ago the location of our today’s  Minnesota’s Duluth was covered with about 1,000 feet of glacial iced?   There weren’t any white males running around starting fires for the warmth of it either.

How about 65,000,000 years ago when our Sun was covered up nearly forever thereafter by  debris.   Would Al Gore blame the dinosaurs for inhaling too much oxygen?

Does Democrat Al Gore, the con-artist,  blame the English for the Baltic Sea  freeze ups a few centuries ago?   Even Google reports the following:

“Winter Is Coming: Europe’s Deep Freeze of 1709
6 days ago – Anonymous 18th-century painting from the Castello Sforzesco, Milan … Dawn broke the next morning on a continent that had frozen over from Italy … During the worst winter in 500 years, extreme cold followed by food shortages … The Baltic Sea was solid for four whole months, and travelers were reported ……”
Would today’s phony Senate Democrats be selling GLOBAL WARMING as a greedy  conservative American Republican  contest to destroy mankind for profit?
YES….OF COURSE, THEY WOULD AND DO!!    Al Gore and the rest of the Dem’s leadership gang rely on ignorance to advance their fascistic governance of our America!

Fascist Dem’s Town Hall Trillion Dollar Plus Drive “to Cure” Climate Change!


by  John Hinderaker   at PowerLine:

Last night the Democratic presidential candidates and CNN held a “town hall” on climate change. I saw somewhere that it was scheduled to last for seven hours. Is that possible? One wonders what ratings it got–even lower than CNN’s usual dismal totals, I suspect.

Of course, it probably took seven hours for the candidates to list all the things they intend to ban. Our friends at Grabien put together this helpful compendium:

In other words, say goodbye to freedom and prosperity. I wonder how many voters have any idea how radical the Democratic Party has become.

(Please click below for the  full article!  It is essential voting Americans recognize the loonies now in control of our fascist Democrat Party……these today’s vacuous experts, the wise leftist seers of tomorrow’s boiling  America in the boiling  Earth because of white man’s  discoveries, inventions and leadership.  There isn’t a brain among these Dems offering knowledge, truth, facts about Mother Earth’s history of global warming and cooling.  They rely on moods, noise, feelings, the stupid conglomeration of today’s  know nothings, graduates of the American universities,  now directing CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times,  and Google goons and all the rest of these lefty fasistics who have such vile contempt against hard working Americans less arrogant than they are….Think, absorb, study the noise constantly emanating  from Vermont creep, Senator Bernie Sanders, the Communist lover who celebrated his marriage in USSR’s MOSCOW!)

Ban Everything!



by Glenn H. Ray:

The first university learning degree I received was in 1956 with a major in Geography and minor in Russian.    I was exploring.   Grades had meaning then.   I wanted to study the world and learn a foreign language.   Russian was an easy choice for me….nothing to do with ancestry.  It had to do with my and my country’s  future.  The fascist, terrifying USSR was then the powerful enemy of our American way.

My instructors, solid professors, were all male and all phD’s….NO funky graduate students who could barely speak English, and no easy gradings for leftists as in our ‘modern’ era.    Tuition cost me only $30 per quarter.

We undergraduates were often told at the beginning of each  class instruction to look to the front, to the back and to both sides and then yourself because in two years three of you today’s  students will no longer be at the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts.   They told the Truth as it turned out.

To get this first college degree I had to study climatology,  geology,  geomorphology,  astronomy, as well as geography of the world’s continents and their countries which truly fascinated me.

No longer did I have to cheat about reading novels in those English classes.   I suffer a dyslexia, (not yet ‘invented’ then, so I had no clue)…. I couldn’t, can’t,  make anything out of  reading real novels.    I have those  remarkable visual skills I was born with, instead.

It was the content of novels.    I’d buy the classic comics such as Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities, zip through them, enjoy them enough to search out and then read accurately  in the actual novel the most exciting sections of the novel.    Anything by William Thackeray, and such, was  too dull, to distant visually from the mind or whatever,  to remember or  grasp anything.  Mentally, I couldn’t connect  every time I’d try to read a novel.

I have a personal library in my old age of a couple thousand books, mostly  texts,  histories,  biographies,  “1984”, reality stuff including nineteenth century readings like McGuffey readers.   Here, my memory was solid.   I loved sharing these  learnings, so my first career became teaching high schoolers…….

I learned something about the disappearance of the dinosaurs those 65 million years ago…..you remember, those huge creatures running around America’s Dakota’s, eating those fern trees and the tonnage of the Brontosaurs, the ones especially  tasty to Tyrannosaurus Rex…..

……and the more recent stuff including  the glacial periods of tens of thousands of years ago…..like the last one  in northern Minnesota around Duluth before Lake Superior was born with the melting of thousands of feet of glacial ice!!!

THANK GOD FOR THAT GLOBAL WARMING OR WE HUMANS WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ABLE TO LIVE HERE….but our today’s lefty Democrat Party doesn’t give a damn about TRUTH!.   They don’t seem to be interested in knowledge either.

Neither were the Soviets, folks.

Please continue reading below regarding Truth instead of today’s Politics regarding “Global Warming”:

No U.S. Warming Since 2005

The Selling of Global Warming!

Is White Man Responsible for The World’s Greatest Fraud in History?


The Reports of Iceland’s Glacial Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

by Anthony Watts  at  American Thinker:


The media is abuzz over the first icy “casualty” of climate change: a small glacier in Iceland named Okjökull, also known as “OK.”

The claim, made in a press release from Rice University, is OK became the first glacier in Iceland to lose its glacial status because of global warming. According to the press release, “This will be the first monument to a glacier lost to climate change anywhere in the world.”

Of course, the fearmongers do not say why the glacier has stopped growing. Instead, they simply invoke the new universal boogeyman of “climate change” as the reason. And then they tell us about the movie, website, and hiking opportunities to witness the death of a glacier.

For the record, OK is still around, even though it hasn’t grown since roughly 2003. But here comes the interesting part. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, “Ok is a lava shield volcano in west-central Iceland, to the west of Langjökull.”

As the U.S. Geological Survey noted, OK is actually an icecap on top of a volcano — located on a volcanically active Iceland. Yes, OK is slowly disappearing, but it is completely disingenuous to say climate change is without any doubt the main reason for OK’s demise.

Even if we assume there’s no heat from the volcano, what else could be causing OK’s ice loss? To answer that question, you need to understand how glaciers work. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC):

“A glacier forms when snow accumulates over time, turns to ice, and begins to flow outwards and downwards under the pressure of its own weight… Glacier retreat, melt, and ablation result from increasing temperature, evaporation, and wind scouring. Ablation is a natural and seasonal part of glacier life. As long as snow accumulation equals or is greater than melt and ablation, a glacier will remain in balance or even grow. Once winter snowfall decreases, or summer melt increases, the glacier will begin to retreat.”

If snow is not added, glaciers don’t grow, and they naturally lose ice due to sublimation, ablation, and melt. I don’t think these people pushing OK’s death fully understand glaciers. The process of ice loss in a high-latitude glacier is mainly due to three things, with temperature coming in last.

  1. Calving into the sea (not applicable on this glacier since it is landlocked).
  2. Ice loss through sublimation (evaporation directly to the atmosphere) or ablation (wind scouring).
  3. In some cases, melting due to elevated temperature (yet to be proven about this glacier).

Al Gore, in his movie An Inconvenient Truth, made the mistake of blaming ice loss at Mt. Kilimanjaro on “global warming.” But inconveniently for Gore, the ice loss was entirely the result of there being a lack of precipitation, thus allowing the ice to sublimate.

In Iceland, glaciers are dependent on precipitation. And changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation could easily explain the change in precipitation. In a recent story from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, scientists were “shocked” to find the previously shrinking Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland growing again.

“At first we didn’t believe it. We had pretty much assumed that Jakobshavn would just keep going on as it had over the last 20 years,” said Ala Khazendar of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

“The researchers suspect the cold water was set in motion by a climate pattern called the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), which causes the northern Atlantic Ocean to switch slowly between warm and cold every five to 20 years.”

Besides natural cycles, there is a man-made element to consider: carbon soot from the industrial revolution. NSIDC says:

“Over 90 percent of the measured alpine glaciers in the world are retreating, in almost every major glaciated region. The causes of this widespread retreat are varied, but the underlying primary causes are a warming climate and the effects of increased soot and dust in areas of higher agricultural and industrial activity.”

Although some warming may be involved, and precipitation pattern shifts due to changes in ocean currents can easily explain the lack of snowfall, there’s also the fact that OK’s ice is collecting soot, and that darker soot is absorbing more sunlight, thus warming the glacier.

Glaciers have been expanding and shrinking for millennia. In the case of the OK glacier, it may not have even existed a few hundred years ago, according to a study by the U.S. Geological Survey, which concluded, referring to the 13th to 15th century, “OK may not have had a glacier at this time because of the preceding warmer period.”

Given that we didn’t have gas-guzzling SUVs to drive back then, and global population was a tiny fraction of what it is now, I can’t get too excited about activists who claim OK’s ice reduction is due to our current use of life-improving and life-saving conventional energy sources.

Finally, how long will that memorial plaque last? Just look at what recently happened at Glacier National Park, where they had to remove plaques indicating they expected the glaciers to be gone due to climate change by 2020. And what if “OK” starts growing again? Will it become Iceland’s first zombie glacier?

Anthony Watts (awatts@heartland.org) is a senior fellow of The Heartland Institute.



PS from ghr:    Today’s American neofeminized fascist Democrat Party crowd competing to rule  our nation’s Presidency is  being  featured on fascist CNN.

The  Dem dogma of these candidates dictates that white man, particularly the  American one,  has caused the recent heating  of the oceans, New York City, California, the Alps and elsewhere where ever lefty folks stir.   Leftists throughout America constantly spill out their beans that Mother Earth is about to melt into oblivion if America doesn’t choose them to rule our Nation and then the  World politically.  It’s their most threatening  tool when selling their current propaganda.

Today’s Dem feminizers are not, and never will be interested in Truths, especially  the most important ones.   They forever “feel” rather than think!

Knowing something about planet Earth used to be considered important in American schools before the rise of the Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren hordes.   Massachusetts hasn’t been always Massachusetts.  California hasn’t always been open door California.   Her Democrats galloping to rule our America don’t seem to know that either.  But, they all sell white man, his Christians, Conservatives, and Inventors created global warming.

Please do today’s American  humanity, what’s left of it,  a favor.   Look up the geography of America’s Dakotas of 66,000,000 years ago and describe its animal and plant environment.   If that figure has too many zeros for you Dems to bother,  research to discover the climate and animal life around where Duluth, Minnesota now sits, 12,000 to 20,000 and more years ago!


How Cold Was Duluth, MN 12,000 Years Ago?


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Francis Menton sticks it to the global warming lobby, good and hard:

If you follow closely the subject of hypothesized human-caused global warming, you probably regularly experience, as I do, a strong sense of cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, you read dozens of pieces from seemingly authoritative media sources, as well as from important political officeholders, declaring that the causal relationship between human CO2 emissions and rapidly rising global temperatures is definitive….

On the other hand, you studied the scientific method back in high school, and you can’t help asking yourself the basic questions that that method entails:

* What is the falsifiable hypothesis that is claimed to have been empirically validated? You can’t find it!

* What was the null hypothesis, and what about the data caused the null hypothesis to be rejected? You can’t find that either!

* Where can you get access to the methodology (computer code) and the full data set that was used in the hypothesis validation process; and are those sufficient to fully replicate the results? You can’t find these things either!

* You learn that there have been major after-the-fact adjustments to the principal data sets that are used to claim rapidly warming global temperatures and to justify press releases claiming that a given year or month was the “hottest ever.” You look to see if you can find details supporting the data alterations, and you learn that such details are not available, as if they are some kind of top secret from the Soviet Union.

This is not science, obviously. There is much more at the link, but I will close with this:

Since about 2007, there has been a notable counter-theory to the hypothesis of human-caused global warming. The counter-theory is that fluctuations in world temperatures over the past several decades have been caused more by fluctuations in the cloud cover of the earth than by increases in greenhouse gases like CO2. This counter-theory is often called the “Svensmark hypothesis,” after Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark, who proposed it.
I have no position on whether this hypothesis is “right.” However, prior to the collection of data, it is a plausible hypothesis — equally as plausible as the hypothesis that increasing temperatures are mainly caused by human-emitted greenhouse gases. Accepting the human-caused warming hypothesis as proved requires rejecting the alternative Svensmark hypothesis (as well as all other plausible null hypotheses; but let’s stick with Svensmark for now).

Which brings us to the Povrovsky and Kauppinen, et al., papers. Povrovsky did something that somebody should have long since done by now, which is to collect month-by-month satellite cloud-cover data for the earth for the period 1983-2009, and plot it on a graph, and then compare that graph to the month-by-month temperature graphs. What is the correlation of the two?

It turns out to be exceptionally close:

This is from the article by Povlovsky and Kauppinen:

The IPCC climate sensitivity is about one order of magnitude too high, because a strong negative feedback of the clouds is missing in climate models. If we pay attention to the fact that only a small part of the increased CO2 concentration is anthropogenic, we have to recognize that the anthropogenic climate change does not exist in practice. The major part of the extra CO2 is emitted from oceans [6], according to Henry‘s law. The low clouds practically control the global average temperature. During the last hundred years the temperature is increased about 0.1°C because of CO2. The human contribution was about 0.01°C. We have proven that the GCM-models used in IPCC report AR5 cannot compute correctly the natural component included in the observed global temperature.

The debate over global temperature trends rages on numerous levels, and the alarmists are getting the worst of it pretty much everywhere. Actual science is winning over “climate science.”


The Fake Science of Global Warming

Comment:  Ignorance…..that is, the lack of truthful knowledge, is a serious disease in America these days.   Feminists of all sexes, shapes, and sizes rule the schools.  “Feelings” replace the classical male drive to solve problems.

The best human solving of problems, after all, arises from seeking knowledge to discover Truth better.

The female of the human animal used to produce and care for human offspring.   The human male animal used to build, provide shelter, substance, and protection.   He was born to be curious…..to invent…..to wonder.

Today’s America including our Minnesota, has to survive Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerold Nadler, the SQUAD,  and countless other today’s  fascistic Democrats who have NO TIME OR INTEREST TO SEEK, DISCOVER, OR EMPLOY TRUTH.


I was taught to be a traditional Godfearing  male American primarily by Church, country, and  old maid public school teachers between 1939 and  1952.    We were taught to seek knowledge and Truth then.

Today’s America is becoming  programmed by fascistics,   countless professors, Democrats, and allies at universities and the press to believe white man has caused much sin, especially Global Warming through his politics and inventions.   More and more people are killed annually  by our weather warmed by too many Western white male inventions.

Fascists have never had any  interest in knowledge and Truth.

Our Earth has endured Global Warming in its past…..If it weren’t for Global Warming,  Minnesota would’t exist!

Mark Twain visited Duluth, Minnesota once…..and remarked later in life:  “THE COLDEST WINTER I EVER SPENT WAS SUMMER IN DULUTH!”  But that wasn’t twelve thousand years ago….

What was  Duluth, Minnesota’s  vegetative environment environment  twelve thousand years ago?   Feminazis don’t care about Truth.   They care about feelings!  They won’t look it up…..WILL YOU?

Total Eclipse of the Sun Crossing Northern Argentina

I live and work  in my half acre of garden  paradise.  Every visit, every hour of “work” is a pleasure….actually a drug I’ve been hooked on since I was principle manager of our neighborhood’s Victory Garden beginning in 1942.

Somewhere between 1942 and 1945, the primary years of our American involvement in World War II, I became aware of the event of the total eclipse of the Sun.  Not that there was at that time any actual arrival of such an eclipse either in Minnesota or anywhere in these United States.   It could have been Biblical in its arrival into my mind.   I only remember when laboring and pretending to  play games weeding or killing potato beetles  in the Victory Garden I managed at my age going on eight years old,  I was already aware the Sun might  some day be covered by the moon for awhile as the moon travels across the sky.  I think I learned so in Sunday Bible School.

I had to wait till June, 1976, when the Sun while shining across St. Paul and Minneapolis early one morning,  its radiance would be completely blocked for a period of time by the moon.   If so strange things might occur on Mother Earth with in the blocked radiance.

This event was to occur around 6:30AM on this one and only Saturday June morning in a lifetime.

I  and some friends of mine were graduating from the University of Minnesota that very June the very next week.  Total eclipses of the Sun were more into my line of graduation study than any of the half dozen of sleepy heads I had coaxed into awakening that 5:30AM to travel and meet at some hillside overlooking a broad eastern slope with downtown St. Paul on the far left,  guessing in amateur language what we were supposed to enjoy, experience, remember, or hate!

We waited.  We waited some more and then remarks, buy no threats yet…..”THIS BETTER BE GOOD, GLENN!!!    We waited some more…..and then it began…..on  the upper left?!?

We had to protect our eyes.  I used sunglasses covered with photo print tint.

It took five more minutes before all of us saw that beginning of the blockage on the  left of the Sun was indeed the curve of the Moon.

Silence reigned for nearly an hour!   When the Total Eclipse arrived,  our Earth in view fell under a profound shadow stirring  cool wind  and noisy plants.  Some four legged dogs howled.   We two leggeds stood stunned.

Clouds and rain were forecast for that morning.

Rain is not in the forecast among those in San Juan, Argentina.  Nor is it throughout the path across the North of that country.   Take the time…..Take the travel…..There is nothing to sell except BEING THERE and EXPERIENCING an Earth maximum personally!!

Biden “Brain” at Work Overtime!

Biden: If You Think You Can’t Work With The Other Side, You Might As Well Start A Physical Revolution

by Allahpundit  at  HotAir:

Literally every liberal and conservative activist watching this clip is thinking, “Time for a revolution then, I guess.”

Biden has given variations of this answer repeatedly over the last month, insisting that bipartisanship in Washington is still possible, all conventional wisdom to the contrary notwithstanding. I … kind of think he believes it. It’s the sort of thing he would say even if he didn’t believe it since he’s counting on centrists to be his base and centrists love hearing well-meaning claptrap about reaching across the aisle. But after decades of writing legislation in the Senate and buddying up to Republicans to do it in a past era, he may really believe that his dealmaking prowess and friendly relationships with the GOP on the Hill make him the man to end the new era of fierce of negative hyperpartisanship.

His former boss famously believed this too. Win reelection, Obama thought in 2012, and the Republican resistance would crack and finally get down to the hard business of compromising with him on policy. He did win reelection — but the GOP dug in and won a Senate majority in 2014 which they have yet to relinquish. I bet Trump believes the same thing about 2020. Democrats won the midterms and are confident about their chances next year, so they’re waiting him out on major policy deals right now. But once he’s safely reelected and Pelosi realizes he’s the only game in town until 2024, she’ll come around.

She won’t. Activist organizing and partisan media cocooning on both sides in the Internet age are irresistible forces.

I think Biden’s going to get shredded for this at the debates. There are all sorts of policy issues he can and will be challenged on, but policy is complicated. His apparent belief that Republicans are basically good at heart and want to compromise is, by contrast, very easy for the average left-wing voter to grasp and verrrrrry likely to elicit a strong reaction. “You can shame people to do things the right way,” he insists at the very end of his answer here, ignoring the fact that the very first commandment in the modern Democratic creed is that Republicans are shameless.

The smart answer here, which he should have given, happens also to be the truth: The filibuster is not long for this world regardless of how the 2020 elections turn out. Elizabeth Warren gave that answer at this same event this afternoon, in fact, not long after Biden spoke.

It’s a mortal lock that the filibuster will be scrapped if either party ends up with total control of government next year. Each side has been frustrated legislatively for too long by the 60-vote rule. It must and will change.

I wonder if it might change even if government stays divided. What I mean is that right now seems like an opportune moment for both sides to agree to nuke the rule, sparing themselves from having to take sole responsibility down the road for a raw power grab aimed at ramming their agenda through. Odds are good that the House will stay Democratic and that the Senate will remain Republican on Election Day next year, with the presidency a question mark. As such, with Pelosi enjoying currently veto power over Republican legislation, the stakes are relatively low for Democrats in scrapping the filibuster. If they agreed to do so and then electoral fortunes shifted their way next year, they’d be in position to retake government and enact ambitious programs with the filibuster already long gone by the time they’re sworn in. Same goes, of course, for the GOP if Trump is reelected and they reclaim the House majority.

If Biden were wise, he’d push that idea now. “I believe in bipartisanship,” he might say, “but bipartisanship shouldn’t demand supermajority thresholds. As president, I can bring together majorities in the House and Senate. Let’s move America forward by moving past the filibuster.” Instead Warren’s going to end up saying that at the debates. And it’ll be a big hit when she does.

Exit question: What planet is Uncle Joe on here when he insists that Obama had no time to explain ObamaCare? He explained it for literally six years, bro. His “explanation” was the 2013 lie of the year!

Biden: If you think you can’t work with the other side, you might as well start a physical revolution

Truth IS, Earth’s Climate IS ALWAYS CHANGING!


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the fact that Lake Superior and other Great Lakes were nearing record high levels this year. Which was bad, of course–flooding and so on. Was it due to climate change? Perhaps. But just a few years ago–in 2013–the Great Lakes were low. That, too, was bad, and as the headlines linked in my prior post indicate, that definitely was due to climate change.

Now the Washington Post reports: “The Great Lakes are overflowing with record amounts of water.”

The effects of this high water have been wide-reaching. Beaches have shrunk, while water has inundated docks and destroyed roads.
A combination of major winter snowfalls…

Due to global warming?

…and excessive rainfall are primary drivers for this year’s high water.

The Post has a relatively long memory, for a newspaper, so it recalls that just a few years ago, climate change was causing the Great Lakes to dry up. Most of us, if our theory was so decisively refuted by nature, would preserve a discreet silence. But global warming obsessives are undeterred. Low water, high water, below average precipitation, above average precipitation–these seemingly disparate phenomena, which have existed forever and which most attribute to natural cycles, have a common cause: climate change!

While experts work to better understand effects of climate change on Great Lakes water levels, they are seeing increased evidence of a new normal characterized by rapid shifts between extreme high and low levels.

“We are undoubtedly observing the effects of a warming climate in the Great Lakes,” wrote Richard Rood, a University of Michigan climate scientist. “We are at the beginning of what’s going to be a number of decades where the climate is going to be changing very fast. During that time, we will have many unexpected weather events, and we need to learn from these events to better prepare for the future.”

Unexpected weather events, like rainfall and a lack of rainfall. First the “undoubted” effect of global warming on the Great Lakes was drought, now it is too much snow and rain. Whatever. The nice thing about “climate change” as a dogma is that the weather is guaranteed to change, so whatever happens is consistent with the theory that continues to bring in the big bucks. As I’ve said before: I will be more impressed with the global warming fanatics if they predict something before it happens.

Meanwhile, is there any truth to the claim that we are experiencing unprecedented swings in Great Lakes water levels? I will reproduce again a chart from the Wall Street Journal showing water levels in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron from 1990 to the present:

That Global Warming Fraud Keeps Growing

Twelve thousand or so years ago, Mother’s Earth of most of Minnesota was several thousand  feet under glacial ice……66,000,000 years ago Tyrannosaurus Rex and kin were running around the hundred foot high ferns in the jungles  of our American Dakotas before a bit of mischief came from outer space and landed in the Gulf of Mexico which changed the Earth forever…..

I suppose one could blame the Rex and their  tree  ferns for allowing their species to disappear so universally, but our more  Goopherland’s ice cover is something different….for nothing ‘flew in’ from outer space to cause Minnesota’s Duluth or even its  Lake Superior to appear ‘from nowhere’ so long ago.

But there WAS an Al Gore….an American political Democrat, a Tennessean raised in a closet who made millions, “billions?”,   selling certain human-caused  Earth-wide weather futures alleging world wide disaster, cruelly caused  by our  white human animal species by inventing   cars, machines,  rockets, and such over the past couple hundred years called “GLOBAL WARMING”.

I am a fan of John Hinderaker of PowerLine.  I think he is from South Dakota.  He’s rational, therefore, a true conservative…..and things have become very, very wet throughout Minnesota this past Winter well into our present Spring:


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

I’m so old, I can remember when global warming caused droughts. Or, put another way, climate change was making the Earth–in particular, the Great Lakes–drier. Thus, as I noted here:

National Geographic: “Climate Change and Variability Drive Low Water Levels on the Great Lakes.”

The National Resources Defense Council: “Climate change is lowering Great Lakes water levels.”

It’s no secret that, partially due to climate change, the water levels in the Great Lakes are getting very low.

The U.N’s IPCC: “[T]he following lake level declines could occur: Lake Superior -0.2 to -0.5 m.”

Dick Durbin: “What we are seeing in global warming is the evaporation of our Great Lakes.”

Minnesota Public Radio:

Scientists at the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [are] studying the interplay between low water levels, shrinking ice cover and warm water temperatures, Gronewold said. They have already concluded that climate change is playing a role in determining Great Lakes water levels.

Those quotes date from 2013, while my post was in 2017, when news reports indicated that Lake Superior was nearing a record high water level. Steve had already pointed out in 2014 that, in “a development that has startled scientists”–notwithstanding, apparently, the claim that the science is settled–Great Lakes water levels were rising rapidly.

What reminds me of this is today’s article in the Wall Street Journal headlined, “High Water Levels on Great Lakes Flood Towns, Shrink Beaches.”

Lakes Erie and Superior are among the Great Lakes expected to reach all-time highs this summer, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. And the levels of Lakes Michigan, Huron and Ontario are well above seasonal averages.
High water levels across the Great Lakes are being driven primarily by persistently wet conditions for the past five to six years, including heavy rains and a large snowpack…


…said Keith Kompoltowicz, chief of watershed hydrology for the Army Corps in Detroit.

Anyone who knows anything about nature knows that it is cyclical. The Journal story includes graphics, including this one showing water levels in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron:

It got wetter in the 1990s: climate change! Then it got drier roughly from 2000 to 2013: more climate change! Then it got wetter again starting in 2014, and it continues to be wet: still more climate change! The case for climate change is irresistible, but we always knew that. The Earth’s climate has been changing for millions of years, and it will continue changing until the Earth or its atmosphere disappears.

Meanwhile, a theory that is consistent with everything, and therefore purportedly explains everything, in reality explains nothing.



The Global Warming Collusion Going the Russky Way?!

Global Warming Going the way of Russia Collusion

by Brian C. Joondeph  at American Thinker:


The last thing we expect mid-spring is snow.  Yet that’s just what we have. As the Weather Channel reports, “It may be late April, but Winter Storm Xyler will make you forget that it is spring in the Midwest this weekend as it is expected to bring some unusually heavy late season snowfall.”

Snow is heading to New York as well, despite the state’s all-out effort to combat global warming by attempting to ban plastic straws and now hot dogs. From the New York Post, “Upstate NY may get up to 3 inches of snow this weekend.”

Across the country in Denver, the weather won’t be much different, as The Denver Channel reports, “Mild through the weekend, cold, rain and snow next week!” What’s going on? I thought the planet was heating up, with melting icecaps, rising sea levels, and less than 12 years before the earth burns to a crisp?

YouTube screen grab

We have been hearing this song and dance for several decades now. The global warming chicken littles keep telling us that snow is a thing of the past and we had better get used to it, along with a warming planet.

In 2000, British newspaper The Independent ran this headline, “Snowfalls are just a thing of the past.” In 2014, The New York Times ran a sequel headline, “The end of snow?”

Yet here we are, at the end of April, planting our gardens and facing snow in much of the country. If this is evidence of global warming, then Bernie Sanders’s popularity is evidence that the Democrat Party has shifted to the right. Good luck selling that.

One important factor always neglected by the climate warriors is the Sun, a ball of fire a million times larger than the Earth, the source of life on Earth, as well as destruction if the fires ever were extinguished, or expanded. If we were a few million miles closer to or further from the Sun, life on Earth would cease to exist. Just look at Venus and Mars, neighboring planets either too hot or too cold, respectively, for life as we know it.

Even the Earth’s tilt toward or away from the Sun is enough to cause our seasons, with large temperature variations and the difference between food production or not. Yet climate warriors ignore the Sun, instead focusing on human activity, driving SUV’s, flying in airplanes, and running our air conditioners.

Sunspots, according to the National Weather Service, “Are areas where the magnetic field is about 2,500 times stronger than Earth’s, much higher than anywhere else on the Sun.” Sunspots are quite large, about the size of the Earth, and are several thousand degrees cooler than the surrounding Sun surface.

Sunspots lead to solar flares, surface explosions which “release as much energy as a billion megatons of TNT.” These flares emit x-rays and magnetic fields which blast the Earth as geomagnetic storms, disrupting power grids and satellites, and warming the Earth.

Sunspots are not random but instead follow an 11-year cycle, from a minimum to a maximum. Sometimes the cycles last longer, for unknown reasons, with a 70-year period of near zero sunspot activity from 1645 to 1715, called the Maunder Minimum, or Little Ice Age. Enough of science class, how is this relevant now?

As reported by the Express, we are now entering one of these 11 year cycles as the Sun enters a solar minimum. As they report,

During a solar maximum, the Sun gives off more heat and is littered with sunspots. Less heat in a solar minimum is due to a decrease in magnetic waves.

Fewer magnetic waves equates to the Sun being slightly cooler, and experts are expecting the solar minimum to deepen even further before it gets warmer.

With less magnetic waves coming from the Sun, cosmic rays find it easier to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere and are more noticeable to scientists.

While cosmic rays have little effect on our planet, one of the reasons scientists monitor them is to see when the Sun has entered a solar minimum.

Now, with cosmic rays at an all-time high, scientists know the Sun is about to enter a prolonged cooling period.

The bottom line is that decreasing sunspot activity translates to a cooling planet, contrary to the doomsday non-scientific pronouncements of Al Gore and Alexandria Occasional-Cortex. Sunspot activity typically follows an 11-year cycle, but as noted above, there may be other perhaps longer cycles as occurred in the 1600s leading to a 70-year mini ice age.

Then there are even longer climatic cycles, with real ice ages occurring every 100,000 years. These glaciations end with a 10,000 year inter-glacial warming period, the current such warming period soon ending, as distinguished scientist S. Fred Singer wrote in American Thinker.

Clearly there are factors at play in climate cycles that we barely understand and certainly cannot control. Some play out in shorter time spans, which we as humans can observe directly. Others are on a far longer and grander scale than human existence, much less our individual life spans, which are merely the blink of an eye by comparison.

Aside from solar activity and sunspots, there are volcanic eruptions emitting more greenhouse gas per eruption than years of worldwide human activity. What other forces are at play? That’s for scientists to discover. Our solar system is a mere speck in the Milky Way Galaxy, which is another speck in the vast universe.

It’s the ultimate in hubris to believe climate revolves solely around human activity. Yet politicians, rather admitting the obvious, that we don’t know far more than we do know, blame an ever-changing climate on everything from flatulent cows to processed meats.

Much like the Russian collusion hoax, the left creates a narrative to fit their agenda, putting conclusions before research and discovery. Instead they would be better served by applying the scientific method of observing, formulating a hypothesis, testing it against observations, modifying and refining the hypothesis, until after extensive testing it accurately predicts future events.

Otherwise it’s just more blather and fear mongering, just as we heard for over two years with Russian collusion fantasies that turned out to be nothing. Just as late April snow, in the eyes of the left, is further evidence of a warming planet.