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Donald Plots to Trump Minnesota! Is It Doable?

Minnesota Dreamin’: Trump Stakes Claim On State With Longest Dem Winning Streak

by Ed Morrissey  at HotAir:

Can Donald Trump strike gold in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? The president will lead a rally in Duluth later this evening, the first Trump rally in a state he lost since the 2016 election. He didn’t lose by much, though, coming within 45,000 votes of Hillary Clinton in a state that last went Republican when Richard Nixon ran for re-election nearly fifty years ago. Politico reports that Trump thinks he made a mistake for not trying harder in Minnesota two years ago:

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The last Republican presidential candidate to win Minnesota was Richard Nixon nearly a half century ago, sweeping the famously populist state on his way to one of the largest landslides in U.S. history.

Now, President Donald Trump, who finished fewer than 45,000 votes behind Hillary Clinton in Minnesota despite a threadbare effort that saw him visit the state only once, is intent on mining an urban-rural divide to capture the state in 2020.

It’s an ambitious expansion of the electoral map but Trump last summer confided to aides and state GOP officials in an Oval Office meeting that he regretted not campaigning more aggressively in Minnesota, suggesting he would have won had he held a second rally there. In the months since, Republicans have come to see the state Democratic Party’s increasing embrace of liberal candidates and policies as an opening for them to attract voters from rural, outstate districts who may be pro-union, and support abortion or gun rights.

Er, maaaaybe. Minnesota has fewer Electoral College votes than Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, so it’s easy to chalk up Team Trump’s prioritization as simply a pragmatic calculation. (Besides which, it worked.) Between Minnesota and Wisconsin, the latter was much more likely to flip. Given the limited amount of time and resources, and the fact that Hillary Clinton inexplicably paid more attention to Minnesota than Wisconsin, he made the right choice.

Can Trump win Minnesota in 2020? I wouldn’t necessarily bet against it, but let’s remember the confluence of circumstances that brought him within 1.5 points of victory in 2016. Hillary Clinton was a uniquely poor campaigner, one who not only focused nearly entirely on her own entitlement to the job but also went out of her way to insult millions of voters. On top of that, rather than learn from Barack Obama’s groundbreaking grassroots campaigns, she ended up running the Mitt Romney 30,000-foot messaging strategy and ignored any data outside their own constructs.

It’s possible that Democrats could find a worse candidate, or an equally bad one, to run against Trump in 2020. I wouldn’t bet against that either, but the odds aren’t terribly good for that outcome. If Democrats run a reasonably competent candidate that doesn’t go out of his/her way to insult people outside the urban-core power base of their party, then Minnesota might be a long shot — and for that matter, so might Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It becomes a matter of prioritization again, and it seems foolish to bet on a state that hasn’t elected a Republican to statewide office in a dozen years.

That may be what Trump hopes to change by coming to Duluth, however. Either that or he’s here to make sure one Republican doesn’t get the chance:

Trump celebrated on Twitter last week after South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford, who repeatedly criticized the president, lost a Republican primary. Trump took another dig at Sanford Tuesday night during a closed-door meeting with House Republicans, eliciting boos from some in the room, several in attendance said.

A similar script is materializing in Minnesota’s race to replace outgoing Gov. Mark Dayton. Few Republicans have criticized Trump more strongly than former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who is seeking his old job.

In 2016, Pawlenty said Trump was “unsound, uninformed, unhinged and unfit to be president of the United States” in the days after a recording of the presidential candidate making vulgar comments about women surfaced. After launching his campaign in April, Pawlenty said he still voted for Trump in 2016 and supports the president’s policies.

Jeff Johnson, the state GOP’s endorsed candidate for governor, has been stronger in his support of the president. He and his allies have portrayed himself as more in tune with the party’s base and say Pawlenty — who holds a huge fundraising advantage — should be disqualified for his criticism of Trump.

Johnson plans to attend the rally. Having fallen far behind Pawlenty on fundraising, he certainly would love a boost from the president, although he told the AP that he doesn’t expect it. If Trump still bears a grudge, there’s a very good chance we’ll hear about it at the rally tonight, and that could shake up the gubernatorial race.

Otherwise, though, Trump will mainly talk about Stauber, perhaps also about Dave Hughes in MN-07, and his trade and energy policies:

Trump’s visit was billed as a chance for him to talk about the local impacts of his trade policies. It’s the Republican’s first visit to Minnesota since he was elected; in addition to the rally, he is scheduled to talk with a small group of miners, steel workers and local politicians, including Eighth Congressional District candidate Pete Stauber, in a roundtable setting. …

But even before Trump’s arrival, Stauber was capitalizing on the visit as a way to bolster financial support.

“Have you chipped in to support our campaign and show President Trump we can turn the 8th District red? He’s going to ask how fundraising is going when he sees me, and I want to be able to say you’re standing with us,” Stauber said in a fundraising e-mail sent to supporters Tuesday.

The other big question will be whether Trump will make it over one state to the west in support of Kevin Cramer’s bid to unseat Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota’s Senate race. That one is there for the winning, except that Trump seems to be taking it easy on a very vulnerable Democratic incumbent. Trump won’t visit North Dakota on this trip, and Cramer has to be wondering just when the man who recruited him will bring the rally show to his own back yard.


Venezuela and The Eternal Collapse of the Socialist State

“Socialism is that fascist  state of government in which all sexes of the population are uniformly programmed to be equally feminized to be taken care of by  circles of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the New York Times, and Washington Post superiors.”  ghr


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

We have chronicled the accelerating destruction of Venezuela, once one of the world’s more prosperous countries, by socialism. The most recent news from that country is chilling:

* According to Gallup, Venezuela is now the least safe place the world, having tumbled below Afghanistan in the rankings. Only 17% of Venezuelans say they feel safe walking alone at night.

* Polio has re-emerged in Venezuela, 30 years after it was declared extinct there. The country’s health care system is verging on non-existent, as hospitals not only have run out of medicines, in some instances they don’t even have running water.

* Venezuela is said to have more proven oil reserves than any other country, but its socialist government can’t keep the petroleum flowing, as pretty much everyone who is competent enough to do so has left the country. As a result, Venezuela’s oil exports are heading toward zero.

* Having frustrated the creation of wealth, Venezuela’s socialists have done what they thought was the next best thing–they created a lot of currency. With an inflation rate now at 24,600%, that currency is essentially worthless. So scavenging for food in dumpsters is more profitable than working for useless bolivars.

* How can Venezuela’s socialist government possibly stay in power in the midst of such disaster? The headlines give us a clue: Accounts of brutal torture further isolate Venezuela.Also, Held Incommunicado for Tweeting in Venezuela.

Most American news outlets treat the fact that Venezuela has suffered under socialism for decades as a coincidence, but still–you would think that no news organization would try to sugar-coat the horrible reality of that country. But you would be wrong. One news outlet, Havana’s Prensa Latina, is carrying on as though the socialist paradise is just around the corner: Venezuela Investing More in Public Health.

The Venezuelan government is increasingly investing in the public health system with rehabilitating Integral Diagnostic Centers (CDI), opening 303 operating rooms and activating governmental pharmaceutical laboratories.

Despite the economic and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. government, the European Union and Washington regional allies, the Ministry of Health of Venezuela restored 38 of 48 CDI, Health Minister Luis Lopez said.

Prensa Latina is reporting from a galaxy far, far away. The galaxy where, any day now, when the wreckers and saboteurs have finally been exterminated, socialism will work.



“Climate Change” is today’s left wing god. Advertisers Get Well Paid!


by John Hinderaker  at PowerLine:

Liberals often claim to be proponents of evidence-based policy, but when it comes to climate change, that formula has been reversed. This is from the Science and Environmental Policy Project’s The Week That Was:

Australian Don Aitkin, former Chairman of Australia’s National Capital Authority and former Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Canberra, comments on “The unfolding saga of Peter Ridd.” Professor Ridd is a “well-published academic whose fields of research include coastal oceanography, reef systems and peer review, has been for ten years the Head of the School of Physics at James Cook University (JCU).” He was disciplined for drawing attention to what he considered “exaggerations in the way fellow academics at his university were describing the condition of the Great Barrier Reef.” …

Aitkin writes:

But it is a problem, and a rapidly growing one, in areas of research where what is actually the case is contested vigorously by others. An eye has to be kept on the source of the money going to higher education research, which in our country is overwhelmingly the Australian Government. In 2014, not quite four billion dollars was available within the higher education system for research, all of it from the Commonwealth. In addition universities made another billion or thereabouts from consultancy and research for other funders. That is a lot of money. As the last Chairman of the Australian Research Grants Committee in 1987 I had a little over $30 million to parcel out. The engine has been most effective.

In the last forty years governments have become interested in universities’ finding academic support for what they are proposing or have in place. We are in an era of “policy-based evidence”. We are also in an era of a particular political correctness, where it is very difficult indeed to get funds for research if the purpose of the research seems antithetical to current government policy. “Curiosity-directed research” now comes with some serious barriers. Nowhere is this situation clearer than in the case of research on the Great Barrier Reef, in which Professor Ridd has been involved. A bucket-load of money has been devoted to “the Reef”, and another half-billion was forecast in the recent Budget, some of which will doubtless go the James Cook University, the Australian Institute of Marine Science and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. The Reef, as is frequently said, is an Australian “icon”. An icon is a religious object. Professor Ridd is a scientist, not a priest.

But climate science is a religion. Worse, it is a religion that is also big business.





Acceptance by Congress is the final act in the process of being admitted as a state. A bill for the admission of Minnesota into the Union was submitted to Congress in December of 1857.

The bill for admission encountered several obstacles. The Minnesota bill was coupled with the bill for the admission of Kansas. It was customary to admit states in pairs to preserve the balance of power in Congress:  a state that permitted slavery would be linked with a state that prohibited slavery. Minnesota was to be a free state, Kansas a slave state. The proposal to admit Kansas was made under its fraudulent Lecompton constitution. The fraud in the adoption of the Kansas constitution was so glaring that admission under it was abandoned, delaying the Minnesota bill for several months. Minnesota’s bill also met with general opposition from congressmen from southern slave states.

On May 11, 1858, the bill for the admission of Minnesota was passed by Congress and approved by President James Buchanan. However, word of its passage did not reach St. Paul until almost two weeks later. Minnesota had no telegraph lines or railroads, so a telegram was sent to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and carried up the Mississippi River to St. Paul by steamboat. On May 24, 1858, the state officers took their oaths of office and Minnesota’s state government began to function.

This ended the long trek toward statehood, which had seen the area of the state of Minnesota under four nations: France, Spain, Great Britain and the United States, and under nine territories: Northwest, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota.

The above information is from the State of Minnesota.

I learned  the date of our state’s birthday  in 1942 when I was in the third grade taught by one of the best-in-every-way  school teachers there ever could be,  Mrs. Lucille Jaeger……filled  with knowledge and patience with a special  ability to share both so skillfully with the 40 children in that classroom.   No classmate ever disrupted…..only Brian Humphrey, as I remember, who through up his breakfast all over his desk one morning.   He didn’t have much say in the matter.

Throughout my K through 8th grade at Horace Mann Grade school of St. Paul, Minnesota, school never closed a day of teaching  untowardly, come weather or plague.  Winters were colder then.

We sang God Bless America on Mondays…We pledged allegiance to the flag every day of school…..it was wartime.  Most of my schoolmate fathers had already been sent off to some front or ship.   My dad was 41, and therefore too old to even sign up….However, he became our neigborhood air raid warden leader that Spring of 1942….also the first year of our neighborhood double-lot  Victory Garden, the one  I was chosen to manage.    (I loved being there especially harvesting or dive bombing cucumber beetles with insect poisons.)

I believe Mrs. Jaeger’s husband was killed in battle during the war…….on the Japanese front at Guadalcanal, as I recall.

Polar Bear Troubles and Global Warming’s Barack youknowwho!

Former President Barack Hussein Obama was not an outdoor man……despite his golf escapes from Washington.   Nor was he churched in any way……Truth was often missing from his vocabulary.   He didn’t like non-partisan learned citizen America.

So for terror votes to strengthen his money bags, he turned to propagandize and  sell Global Warming…..that Warming white man Americans (with the exception of leftist Jews who financed him)  had caused  in their alleged  historic drive for power and greed.

Polar bears were disappearing from the Earth’s seas” the Leftists advertised!  There was not enough  ice left  upon which they  could sit, sun, and have fun!   “Damn those Americans” these Obamalings felt, spoke, taught, and wrote!


by John Hinderaker   at PowerLine:

Polar bears have become an icon of the global warming movement. The theory is that global warming reduces the volume of Arctic sea ice, which in turn impacts polar bear habitat. Notwithstanding the fact that polar bears have survived through multiple ice ages and warm periods, and in recent years polar bear populations have grown rather than shrinking, the Left finds it convenient to use them for political purposes.

Polar Bear Science is a web site run by Susan Crockford, one of the world’s leading experts on polar bears, with over 35 years of experience and many scientific publications. Recently, she was viciously attacked in the New York Times (where else) by leftists who were outraged that she pointed out the fact, based on published data, that climate alarmists’ predictions about polar bear populations have not come true.

At Polar Bear Science, polar bear specialist Mitchell Taylor writes about scientific accountability in the degraded era in which we live. Who is Dr. Taylor?

Dr. Mitch Taylor was a member of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group (PBSG) as a polar bear scientist representing Canada for 28 years (1981-2008) but in 2009 he was booted out by chairman Andrew Derocher for his skeptical views on human-caused global warming. The group then changed their rules on membership to justify their actions.

Dr. Taylor writes:

It has become a lot more difficult to talk about polar bears since they became an icon for climate change as a cause.
The new model [Regehr et al. 2016] guarantees that polar bears will decline by decoupling the model’s population projections from climate model forecasts of sea ice conditions….

[Footnote: By de-coupling I meant that Regehr’s model [Regehr et al. 2016] has no input from the GCMs [General Circulation Models] for sea ice dynamics. If you suddenly reduced CO2 levels somehow, the GCMs would respond by predicting an increase in sea ice. Regehr’s model uses a simple regression fit to sea ice decline as measured since the satellite record began in 1979. As you know, sea ice declined faster than the GCMs predicted. So the PBSG has have given up on the climate models and now they just use the historical slope to project continued sea ice decline forward. In other words, their current argument for up-listing polar bears due to anthropogenic global warming is now entirely independent of atmospheric CO2 levels. It seems the PBSG agrees that climate models are not predictive with respect to sea ice which was their central argument for up-listing them in the first place.

As practiced by the alarmists, climate “science” has no integrity.

There are two ways to get a scientific consensus. One is to present the data and the analysis in a manner that is so persuasive that everyone is convinced. The other way is to exclude or marginalize anyone who does not agree. This occurs so commonly now that it has become an accepted practice. The practice of science has become secondary to governments, NGOs, journals, and scientists who feel that the ends justify the means.

The response to Susan’s work is politically motivated, not an argument against her conclusions. The journal’s response to this article and to her complaint was also political. Sadly, BioScience is not a credible scientific journal anymore. We have fake news and fake science.

Fake science is a good description for pretty much all global warming alarmism.


Miners in the Dictatorship of Global Warming Canada Find 110 Million Year Old Dinosaur

Now folks, Canada is to the North of our Minnesota in case you have forgotten.  The confused majority population voting  there endures  a loonier, far more leftist and intolerant government from the Atlantic to the Pacific than our Minnesota’s motherland.   And they worship the Al Gore global warming commandment that American invention and industry over the past century are responsible for the disappearance of breathable air throughout the world.

Shame on Abraham Lincoln.

Doomsday is just around the corner……yet….

Sixty five million years ago Saskatchewan, North and South Dakota were nesting and hunting grounds for Tyrannus Rex and countless other dinosaurs eating each other up and fertilizing Mother Earth.    Suddenly back  then some damned piece of rock  “flew in”  from outer space diving to its “death”  in the Gulf of Mexico and ruined everything, well 90% of everything living on Earth  at the time.    Global warming disappeared for quite awhile.

Had I lived about fifteen million years ago here in the Twin City, Minnesota area where I write, eat, landscape garden, and sleep, no astronaut or kin from outer space could have found me or anyone else in our 2,000,000 population community.   We would all be buried or doing our shopping under 500 feet or more of ice…..so Thank God for Global Warming!!

In Canada, MINERS, not MAIDENS stumbled across something unexpected recently.  Please read further to see what they found:


America’s Fraud of the Century? Hillary? Barack?…..or Global Warming Al?

It’s April 15, 2018 today in Goopher State Minnesota.  Flaky Dems run the show here.

They, like 95% of America’s religiously devoted lefties, are indoor people.  Their Jewish brands don’t mix with  any   “outdoor working” white American men people.

They consider such animals (such as I)  failures, ignorant,  know-nothing Christians, Trumpies,  married with too many children;  subhumans who look and sweat like farmers  and   wear outdoor clothing whether plumbers or landscapers, electricians or snow removers, home builders or janitors, they all look like bums, obviously uncolleged,  the lowest of lows, unworthy of voting rights, citizenship, even conversation…..who know nothing about making real money, ….too dumb, too racist and sexist to vote for queen Hillary for President.

These Jewish  lefties are Al Gore fans, devoted religious  believers of Gore Global Warming from California to the Lake of the Woods to Florida and beyond across the seas.  He, also a lefty, is a successful multimillionaire made one,  preaching the leftist religion  “global warming”  wealthy indoor lefties thrill about….air conditioning forever!

Outdoor looking and/or working white males  still exist in Minnesota.    I was born in 1934 and began working outdoors in 1942.  Our Minnesota part of the Earth had colder and longer winters then.    Snow  still covered the state each April.   Ten, twelve-inch snows even fell in early May from time to time.   About fifty years ago the blessing of a mild global warming seemed to be coming our Twin City way.   Thirty five degrees below zero in winter began to disappear.   One could grow okra in ones back yard if one was pleased to do so.   Wider varieties of tomatoes, perennials, conifers, shrubs, even some beautiful Japanese maples arrived for planting in the southern half of the state…….along which came the worst garden pest in the world, the Japanese Beetle, finding  its way from Chicago to Minneapolis-St. Paul…..unless a colder winter dictated otherwise.

The Powerline article below was written by knowledgeable, very honest, reliable conservative man, John Hinderaker who lives in our Twin City land.   He is aware of the grand fraud of them all, the leftist politician, Al Gore-Barack Obama  sell that American capitalism is the principal  cause of the end of life on our Earth just around the corner  due to whiteman  made, Global Warming!

(Twelve thousand years ago our Minnesota was entering the last years of the last glacial age….about 500 feet or more under ice!  Democrats and other leftists don’t believe that, however.   They value  false news and fascism studies  over  learnings  in geology, climatology, geography, geomorphology,  astronomy, and such.    Until 65,000,000 million years ago Tyrannus rex and kin were running around the jungles of the Dakotas where ferns grew over 100 feet tall.   Do you know how that environment came to an end?   Politician Al Gore apparently doesn’t.

Winter in Minnesota 2018, it turns out, is making another  liar of liar lefty, global warming millionaire Al Gore.  It is Sunday, April 15, with around 25 inches of snow drop since April fools day here in the Twin Cities.   Our April this year is freezing and then some!

Please read the following article by Powerline’s John Hinderaker about the Al Gore Effect coming to Minnesota: